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Full text of "The Daily Colonist (1923-10-28)"

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_ — 1 

O O fc OI H f>- 


iob I'rtntinr 
:dilori«l K 
Ed- tor 






- iTSAyiuoun 

Ultlmitum Demands Retire- 
ment of Communists I! Sa> 

finy and Insists on 1 t'deral 
-Military Control in Bavaria 



Tied Regime at Dresden Given 
Twenty-four Hours tp Get 
Out — Language Used to 
Munich More TempenAe 

Bl'.RLi.N, Oct. 27. - Thr 
Ebert-Strescniann grove rn 
mrtit 1..'iav tirr<l tlir 
opening gunii in iti bultlc lor un 
challett(!red authority within thr 

Kedrrat I'lii <if I'.rrMiin -tit-'^, l»y 
dttpatclung ail uluiiiaiuiii to 
Dresden demanding the ininiedi- 
atr rrtirrtiirtit of Dr. '/rigncr's 
t^ocidlisl oiuuiuniht government, 
and nimultaneotialy demanding of 
tl:r r..i\;irian p[overnmcnt the re-^ 
storatKui of the Berlin govern- 
ment's military authority within 
that tta; 

TIM Central novernraent « rom- 
■MMImMmi (» PvmkUr Z*t yn« > r 
tiM tettAr*! mlnlatry a« an < ki.vs 
CvvwMMBt wboM m«rob«rs t>p«niy 
JiMlt«« tf pepuVUlon' of Bittony to 
Hut mm* to My th* axkMlac marUal 
law and th« MOtral fowrBOMnt'a au- 
thority In general, uadar th« Mdatlnc 
ntat« of nmervency. Th« aKJmatum 
V riiiaiiy tcives Zelguw and hla radl- 
...i aMn.-t rnrmbera twenty-four 

Ji ■ • II ri I ■ ■ < •■•mil: 

ployeil III til.' .,tTl : i, :ii!ii.Jiii' iM..!, 

til thr S.IXOII (ill IlMi I I I Il'l > '! I 

ilitloiial I irtiiK, ItM ii .(.' ' 
th« Munlctl Koveriiinriit 1h couctK-il in 
OOWriiarably mllder ti-rmn. liardly 
morCr tlHtll a plain .raqueat that a«n- 
•cml ^ X/MMw. thi maUaoiw Raichs- 
wahr oommandar, and now DioUtor 
voa Kahfa mitttary adjutant, ba with- 
drawn aa haad of tlia todaral troop 
conMnventa aarrUoDod In Bavariu. 
and that thxiM ba rtetorad to tha Jarls- 
<]i<'tii>ri <.r Dr. Oaaalar, IClnlatar e( De- 
f- 11 • i> ! )tla chief of ataff. Oaner.-ii 
vun b«ecKU 

The Communlat balUair ot the 
Reichawehr In Saxony afolanar's 
Minister ot Flnanoa, Beattoher, and 

hin < h\ff of »hp rhanoellory. Brnniller; 

Im ' I 1 1 I . 1 1 ' 1 ! ( ' . ' II I tn ' I II I H I 1 . ,1 >^ 1- ni . >-.i, IM 
(lim tly riiwiiMiiMllile <i>r llvrlin H ilwtor 
n.iiiiil '■II I., S.i\Mn>- ■ pipMi'iii nUia 

r»"il ri-K-iMi'- I'll' 'if I' i-lm-Mn Hotli "f 
th»>-<'- "t;i' in i"' < iit . |icf>i-lii'« fid- 
vo< Atf<l preference fm ' i cd ifi l or" 
afaJnsl wtilta dletaturhhlp aiid prartl- 
eally called upon the (jommunleui 
fthara to arm and lake up phyaleal op- 
yoattlon to tha Ralchawahr. 


Vlirit of 

OoodI for 

\v \SIIINfiTON', 0( I 27. "The 
,,f Ii.i\i'l (',''irj;p to AtTiTl- 

< a M l ' ' li .1 I' f guod fortui'"' 

for both hlH country and our own 
aad for tha cauae of international 
aowwit" praaldant CooUdca aald la a 
lattar raad tealfht at a tflaaar glvan 
fey tha Ora ra a a a Wrltara to tha 
formar BHtlah Pramlar. 

President Coqi)d|re'fl letter wan nd- 
«1re«n»ed to Mark Bulllvan, rhnlrmnn 

..' ■ ll" \.\ I ll-r V, 111 nl k-.llllZ-ll ioM of 
I • »fii.ij"Tin"-n w li . H' r\i',| ,,\iTvi'.ii» 
,,n ! t I'T (>M«i<-, I , ti;i f f X'-' u 1 1 vp'a 

re(rrt iil Ix'Ihk unable In attend the 
dinner, at which Chief Justice Tafi. 
povaral cabinet offloara. matnbara of 
tiM Alptomatlc corpa. aanator* and 
NMUqr •tlMfa promlnant In tha publ'c 
Ufa of tha nation were mieatn. 

"It If n»*»TPMirv f'lr pif to rxpr(^aa 
to von ami >oiir iisNorliitrn of the 
ovrrneaa VVrlirrs," the I'roaidPPt 
wrot*». "'niy r'^jrrfls tli;it It l.i* not pna- 
alblr for ntc to Join you thin "vrnlnj 
at the dlnn»«r yuu are glvInK lo Mr. 
Lloyd oorxe. it would have t>een 
a MOtabla plaaaura to ahara with your 
uHfaailtloA In a trlbato that I know 
y^a wW haartlly aeeord to your lilaa- 
trtoua guaat from ovanaaa. X am 
very eartalR that hia vlatt to Amariea 
ha* been a piece of rood fortVna for 
i.'^ih Iil- ."iiiitiv i.o'i oar own, and 
f'.r tf,<- . . "f iiif''i nattoaal aoeord. 
I'll' 'i; I: '.'IS iin"iit; oa. though " 

haa tiPfi) <ill too tirlef, ha haa roirc'd 
tha appeal for the batter und<r- 
•tandtnv aai«ac tha aatloaa whleh 
anaot ba at tk* baaa of all good ra. 
latlona It ha* baan a flat ttung for 
oar paopla to baeomo battor ar- 

qualatod with thto a»lnr<nt I^adrr in 
cIVlllaation'B atniffttle to miini«in it 

aalf; .' ■ ) I !''l"' h'- will fi ' : w h' I. Ii, 
l*«vr.s ui 1 fc'w iliivH hrrH". h^^ 
■ rif-t In lirUlBlnif hiH n^^•nHngr• to ua 

iiaa not been entirely a vain oaa." 


BBATTLB. Oct. S7— After aua- 
paa4ad oparatlona for more than two 
weelta, on arootint of nnpr^i'^ilrnir^ 

floi'il" • 'l I ' W .».■<( !'■ I 11' ' tl ; . . ti, . 

the gov rrnni' ii' ■ • lr'i |,i frmii S'-w .«rd 
to Kalrbank' v ka. will reauma 
racuiar train schri.iuleii November 1. 
aoeordlna to a cablegraaa raealvad 
ta«ay by UM mllroadl^ aamta. Tha 

LW.W.^i O^vlrtrd 

■^trrvrr, r»\ 7 i itiu in 

4iMrlil W'.ri..-.' ..r .1... w,,,:.! n-rri- 
oaaTtctrd (if rrlminal a>'ndtoalt«m. 
aad a ninth waa aoquitied. In a verdict 
rAumad lata lodafr by a Sapariiir 
OMirt Jary bar*. 

To Visit South America 


Agrees to Inquiry Into Ger 

fnariy's (Capacity to f^ay, 
But 'Stales Points ^he in 
sists Upon ' 

Who In fn vl»H H.iUth Arn<Tl<-» n'tl SortimT 
I' 11 «l.p»rrnl|y I'»M l I" ii"'* K'.vrn 

iii^nt » pliin IK court tti"- intrrmi »n'1 rrirn l 
• lilp of llM Spaalati rsputili' 1 in ih« New 
Wurl<1. Sp«alar<l* In Houtli AinTlta. whuax 
(..;'iiii<-a have b««n Mttlwl <>n that contlnxnt 
' r .1 ranterr put. urn b«lnc KlT*n tka 
I'l iTiirce of Tollas on affairs la Spain br mall. 


"HTFIICyri/i i> iimin <.i{< KJM" TO 
iji; DKi'«m III' 
• — 

Martial .Idventarea of ^^'t \ '^i< ran 
Before Seattle Court — Married 
WIfo In Vtctoala 



REATTLB, OBt - TT.-^^^Wmhim H. 
Itrltten. a«ed S8, 8alf««tylad hyp- 
niiti7.<Ni tiriderroom. and aalf-ooB- 

f» K.M«'.l I'lK ii"!.''' who«*» rjiae was taken 
uii'j.T l.|vi^<. iii''iii i-i Mwnday In 
KecJcral Colin li>;rf, w aji ordered de- 
ported to t'aniida today by Fadaral 
Judge J. Neterer. 

Aftar haarlag tha daetidon Brit- 
ten's attorney anaoanoad ha would 
ronnult hia client tomorrow to da- 
'M' ln. whether he wiabea to earry 
I • ! >. ii! to remain In the UnltOd 
Mir,?, .. Id- Federal Circull CoVt 
uf Appt'iilB In Ban Kranclaco. 

Brittan was arrested In California 
aftar hta aaoond maTrtaga, brought 
back hara by order of hia aaoond wife, 
Mrs. Daisy ICaacock, of fleattla, 
mother of eight children, and tried 
on I rharRB of bigamy. The Jury 
aoiHiiit<>il hlni on a f prhnlrallf y. and 
hi: was thin 'Ift .-^l n*>il t'V thf Inmil- 
ftrntioti < '1 1 ni n 1 1 1 1 11 <■ r ah an iimle- 
alrul'l,- .ilK'ii l"'iii]'^i ir \v..s ilh'Rod 

hp «'i'ipi. I this country in 19i» with- 
out iMHp< ctloa and without paying a 
head tax. 

IfavHed la Tkaorla 

During -the reeaal trial liaM Vltt*^ 

ton tentifled that he had marrlbd 

M IMS l';!i/>i:t )i V\ iil«h. u Spokane 
firh""l "■.11 ti": m .itfl"'" "11 .ItiiK' fi. 

I ■> ■_' J a II ' 1 ! h ,1 I 'ill 'I 1 > X i At ' t IM "I '■ 1 

tho hvrn"n'- infiiipnif o( another 
woman I '■ "larrled Mr* .M "aOg g k la 
Victoria on June It. 1923. 

Judge Natarar la hi* daekden da> 
clared that ha "lia4 found nothing 
to susUln tha plaa that Mrs. Maaoock 
had thrown aboat Mttao a hypaetlo 

Juil»r<» Nrtpr»»r ni.ido the followinR 
IntcrfHtlliK flnillliKyt In »1 isi" ■« i n i; if 
the cHMf": Hrltt«'n waA limn I ■ '• 

land, became a citizen of Canada, antl 
l.i 31 sraara of age. He deserted thr 
British navy in Itll, and want to 
work fdr a ataamship oompaay on 
veaseis plylnff between Victoria and 
Prince Rupert. While on ofla of 
thcH'- Bhips ho l>ecame enamored of 
.Mm .Mp.ii 'k k, and aha Infatuated 
with hi in 

W' upp''«r?i In thp rorord aa a 
"love affair" «>n«up<l. and in .lanu- 
ary, 1917, when hf enliatod in the 
Canadian army, Mrs. Meacock, known 
as his /rlfa. waa allotted half hia aol- 
dler's pay of IIS a month, and an 
additional 111 monthly paM by the 
Canadlaa Oovammant 
^ Saw Kor^ioo 

The ao-oailed "husband" aarved 
two years In the army, went overaaaa^ 
was woaaded In the Ipgs, right arm 
aad haad. Invalided out of tha garv- 

Ice, and about March II, llll, came 

to the United Htatea to atay. On June 

A, Itrittrn married Kli7.ali.'th 

WalNli In .S^'.'kt 1 On .Inno I i>. nine 
daVJi liilcr, liP Wfnt wllh .Mrs .Moa- 
cock ■ \ icturla and vyed her In a 
ehorch there tha following day. 

» BY lADDIt 

Mr. W. 9. T. Maokay, of Vi 

of W ioo ii t Affirar— 
Aaaaftaial Ooof mm 

\ \N« ( )I VKU. on. 27. — W. J T. 
\1;ii k i\ ]\< 1 II th»» X'ani 'iiivdT (Jpnfral 
H capital auffertnK from bullet wounds- 
In the left arm and soalp, and Reggie 
Hope, aged 17, formei\eadila, la held 
by tha Point Orcy pellee to face a 
possible charge of attempt Ins murder 
an the outcome of a lihoofmir affray 
111 the Point (irey Clolf and t'oiintry 
dull ihta evenlnfc, pnllrr stata. 

Hope stated to the ofnrern that It 
waa an attempt on hla part to "get 
even" with the aecratary of tha 
Q r aa a a comMlttae. olalmlag bo hai 
bean uajaatly diaehargad aa eaddle 
by the (Ireen'a ■ailllaij 

Mr. MoK.-iy'M condition la not eon- 

•IdOrOd nerioun. 

Manitoha' H Liquor 

B(Hird MakiH /'rofU 

Wn«INtPaa. Oet. it. — The profit 
on the ftrat month's oparatlona of the 
Manitoba Qovamaiaat. Liquor Control 
(-ommisaion la ag tl mated «i I41.7I9, 
Hxo'ding to a aMMbat of tha ooni- 

Ki 1 I ■ 1 n 

' ' ■ ■ • ' Permit holders 

Ihrnuc'i'!' Ihr provlnrw from 0ap- 

lemix I ' October 33. amOBntoA 
to 11^ wkolaaalo aalao to 
iioenred dru aw Ka aader the aot 
I»1.13». mahkii tha 
tlons tl3».17l. 

The dally re<-»-lptj. ,-i ■ . .i'-- tiling 
about ll.Ot*. the comiutasiuners «ay. j 

Any Cut Must Be Matter for 

AiTooriicnf Among Powers 
—Requires Lvidence ofEn i 
of Passive 'Resistance , 

LONDON, Oct. J7.— iTancc's 
iMtr accepting Great Brit- 

.1111 . 1 n V 1 1 ;it 11 iti til p.Trtici- 
patc 111 a coiiiuiutcc ol cjtpcrt.s 
for re-examination of Germany's 

cipaiits til pav r r[ i' ui s v\ .r^ 
received today at the I'oreign 
Olf ice. The text will not be made 
public, it was S'li'! 

It is understood that the reply sets 
forth three conditions aa aaantlal 
pralimlnartas before Fraaee «an give 
full approval to the oontaraaca. These 
conditions are: 

KIrst — That the commission shall 
oj>erate under tho .h-kLs of the present 
luter-Allled Hi'paratlon.s Coniiiiliiaton. 

tlecond -That the committee shall 
not t>« Invested with authority to re- 
duce the total Indemnity figarao from 
Oarmaay. which Fraaaa regards aa a 
matter for agrasaMat ainoag the 
powers themsslvoa. 

Third — That Oermany must ilre 
rri'T.. < "inplfte and tuit isfactory evl- 
dcni e ,if luT i p.-'-s.ii ion ■>{ jM.-i.slve ro- 
slstao' • 

VVaahtngton Uninfurmed 

WASUUfOTON. OeL 17. — The 
Waahiagtoa government remained un- 
informed today aa to the exact 

f'.'M'nl.i ih.ii 1- t.>';rii' worked out la 
i;uri.|i.' lor an '"ii'imii! niirvey of 
(iermany's 'hi.i.hv to p;i> r'-i'ir.i 
tlunn. No ail'lilioiial adyli'en. formal 
or Informal. < ,imo from I,oniloii or ; 
Paris as to the negotiations for the 
creation of a eommlsalon of experts 
under the Reparatloaa CommlsMon to 
study Qermany's ecoaomle sltaatlon. ' 

Cnoffldal reports that the French 
(losition included a demand that the 
<iii' •!! of 1 "r;ui cf'fl war ilel'iM )" 
<■ Ki'tulii mil i)if> I'nltct S(.iti'8 
in ly f '' 'fi' ;ij'1i''l in .''lit^Ji- !« '" tie 

illMiUxs'il liy lh(» fxpcrls wfre dlB- 
counteil. The Htate Department thus 

far hss rgosiyad only aa .inCpranal 
oittllaa s« the fWaoh replr ta tha 
Brltls|k propooala ■ 

rontlnuad on Page II 

Berlin DcHed by Dictator 

Military |i|. l»l'.r "f H*v»rl«. who <1»n»-« 
UarllB. and virtually kl>loapp«<l ll.»«0 Fed 
traeas la Bavaria, aad fcelds Ibam aa 
a witticiaaal is auda wtth 




Fimooran f 


Pr»-nil< r <>ll»«-r -. K<^ll.strlt>iil ion I'lan, 
«« Auouuniied, Cuim l>uwn 


LJeateaant<Oovamor Walter C. 
NiohoT win addr«at a Houaa com- 
posed of twenty -six Uberala, four- 
teen Conservatt ven. three Indepen- 
denta. two I.Al>or rcrresentatives and 
onn SocUlUt when h.> delivers the 
Speet h from the 'rhrone tomorrow 
ilii'i iio'in 111 I tio 'nx'tiinx of Ih" 
fourtti Bcaalun of the fifteenth 
liament of British < ohimljia. 

The proceedings will commence at 
3 Vclock and probably will last leas 
thaiK4£ hour. The Speech from the 
Throne wlU be moved by Mr. J. B. 
Clesjcihtte, liberal BMmber for Vic- 
toria, and sacondsd by Mrs. Mary 
Bllen Bmtth, Ubatal mombor for 

The chief Innovation in connection 
e'lth the ceremony wUI be the meet- 
ing of tlie I>ifUtenant-fJovernor at the 
main entiMni<* of the I'urllament 
ItiiihlliiKs liy ."-^pfiker- K A. I'iijIhio, 
w h'l will .11 1' 1 II I |ia ny Ills Honor to tho 
i 1 M V ,' Hall. At previous aes- 
.si.m.'i I hf Lieutenant-Governor has 
• I H I' '1 without escort of the Speaker. 

Several mora ' members of the 
Leg i a l a t ura reached Vtetoria yester- 
day and it la expected that all mem- 
bers wlM bf prasant for the opanlag. 
Qm U^ffMI 'crtaiifiir'iMM av^^iat'awga 

to be an oatllna of 
>ntlnued on Page 13 

Judsfment Reserved in 

Case of Mounted Police 

I cniaiidtv, Intornicr aiui Police Sp\ , Mreak 1 )()\vn 
,inJ ( >iitcs,S(*s to rt'iiiiry in ( ('uM Ma^nstrate 
i<cl UbC6 becrci .Si'smmh lor /XppcMiaiice ot "In- 

foiiiici iNuinbcr One" 


1 nine o clock last night, at tlic close of the last long day of a four-day 
tiial. Magistrate Jay reserved judgment tmtil next ^turday in the 

' .i^v W ! ^' .,na r W i'"', .-f i!;, r ..v. Cana- 

diaa Mouotcd i'olice. aad f rank ^crnandci, informer id the pay ol the poUce, 
chaffed willi bdfag m vdtMM pcmtmim of fiflty dm of opium, valued 
at $t.30a 

French Parlui mm f 
Summoned to Meet 


J\KIS. Oct. 17. Crr.i.leal Mil- 
ieraad sigBed a decree ibis a w 
iag re-«aeveniag iIm 
Qtaaiber of Dcptrtias ia 
ssisisa oa Nevvabsr 13. 


Janma OnstonM OMrtaia Beny Re- 
ports That Wet O toda Ponrlng 

JUNEAir, Alaska. Oct. 27.- Re 
ports that liquor has been pourinic 
acroaa tha Alaskan Panhandle Into 
the Yukon are "rldloulotts and with- 
out foaadatlon." statoa U. n. Collector 
of Customs M. McBrfda todiv 

"There 1e no shortage of inni' r in 
the TukoT ! I esent, aa thp (^ivrrn 

ment stori^ iiivp a wnff'' nt amount 
to liuit iirii'; nr^xt .1 : ' he Stated 
"This situation does not offer any In- 
ducement for smnggllng liquor." 

Oovemmont eustoms offlelals at 
.Skaffway, Alasfea, akM stated today 
that "a thorough cheeking or coods 
conalcned to the Tukon territory pre- 
vents »nv ii.)ii..r helnjT whipped under 
the camoiiflaKc marking of 'Canned 
goods' In any large nuantllles." 

The Bkagway officials declared 
there was aa Inoraaae in the amount 


Maif f f^c the Same of 

GinUd for iet Awhile 

i \< : I " I Kdlth Kelly 

Uoulil T» ; : ! h' i t :ii . t • r,) (o uxe tho 

name ' ' i.-.u. ' , • "■■••'■'i for tne 
remainder of her preaent engagement 
at a leadtag PariB Biasla halt The 
oomrt In whM Fraah 3. 0«M W 
aaeking to rast mln , his dtsarsad wtfe 
from using tka aame fbr thsatr<rni 

purpose*! decldeil todag that argii 
mrnl!^ in shauM MOt begin 

'I I, f ! I I r n. t,i., I , 

Mr-" ' !'l •« TiKH '^''mrot 

terminates on Novcmt>er 33. 

The laat day of the protr.acted and 
dMru'<e priKeeiiiiiK^ was plentiful in 
event of the ultra -dramatic legal aort. 
Prank Kernandes broke down ba- 
neatfc the weight of the eroas-exam- 
InaUon of City Proaecutor Harrlaon 
%pd admitted that he had lied to the 
court. A few mtnuten Inter, as the 

court Wa^ atiout to rl.'»r f'lr th<' lunrh- 
eon adjournment, an Information vrafl 
ew.irn t... and Kernander was formally 
rharK'd with perjury. The bail of 
the no< u.«<-.i WM Increased In the sum 
of 11.000. and ha was realanded to ap- 
pear next Saturday, when he will be 
dealt with after the court has pro- 
nounced judgment in the other cAses. 
rvmandcs AdaUla Perjary 
Fernandas involved himself la this 
further trsabU la oonnoeUon with 
his tkiaiBMay as to the mystorlous 
•^aforaier anaiber one,- whose iden 
tity has been so religiously Kuarded by 
the defence Ihrotighoul the trial, on 
the Knoind that to reveal It would t>e 
to ex|>oae hlra to the danger of loaiaa 
hla life. ^ 

r a rn sadaa had told Mr. Ifgrrtsga 
that ha eaoM over on the boat last 
Wedaaaday. the llrat day of the trial, 
with Becles and Smith Me denied 
that they were a> < omp;. no-.l hy "in. 
r.r-ur- ,,„,.' further 

f «rty. including "in- 
former numtter one," had been 
driven out to Beacon HUl Park, to 
the aeane of the caehe of the opium 
ta the eaaa. before the trial opened In 
OOort. Mr. Harrison ronfrontrd I'', r - 
naades with Mr Sohrelber. a tail 
driver of the rity .-jnd asked him If he 
would nuv persist th.Tt ho had not 

t.een ..a... ,„t ,,, p^^ij ^ 

Hrhreiber. Kernandes again denied it. 

Then It waa that tha laterventlon of 
Mr. J. A. Rusaall. who. with Mr. J b 
Pattallo. K C . has acted for the de- 

fOnce of the a< .m*,! men. preclpttaied 
the dleenmniiirr ,ir Kirnandea. Mr. 

' ' ' -o forgot far 

.t moni' til what he had hitherto ro- 
memt>ered In his gf BiStlllua mt 

form^ nnmber oae,** and ta say 
whether or net In Cset that pwmx 
had baea with s i-m aaai on tha beat 
laat Wodaeaday. 

admitted that "informs 
' was on fhe boat h 
broke daara whoa Mr li 

arrUon again 

confronted him with t;,-),r,,i„. j 

< onfesaad that • >~.,i . I 

rourt. He ..n'.,...| h, nformer 

nasibgr o«e »',i'i h.-rr, .irivpg with 
Oanuoued on I'age 7 


Cab I rut Crisis 

In Netherlands 



^Ht HAGUE, Oct. 27.— The 

day is immairi al dM 
liy iIm secead duasber of Parliawat 

yrstrrday "i thr ( .ovriBjnrnl • aav«l 
bill provkding ft>r tt^- iiAstructiun •>! 
a (itrt (or tiw Dull )i \ M< luJirt 

llic Qasea reqaasSed the suaislcn 
la (aoHia is attsa far *a 

Iv'hinoiarul St-paratists Will Not l^;.- Mlowcvi to 
I ( -arry oil riu'ir l .ainpai,i;ii ni ( .oImi'iu^ I c-niloi \ 
hreiu li and Hc'l^k^ian Aiitlioi it Kcpoi t t\i Sym- 
pathetic to Movc'iiu'iit tot independence 


1>.MIS M-:AM>h:U l'll.\l' MAN 

Maw litnk in AnthropologtcaU Uiain 

lia.-* tieen til 

, . ' i ' r II ! .1 ,1 ri- h aei 1 
.Sriill hminlan lii- 

8ANTA BARBARA. Cal.. Oct. 37. — 
All doubt as to the greater age of the 
skulls of the "ti.ini 1. K.riara man" 
uncovered here this week, a.s com- 
pared with the Neanderthal man of 
Caatral Karopa, has ■ Had in 
tha minds of sctentls ' nt: xcava- 
tlon work on Burton Mound, fronting 
the Saata Barbara ocean b aae h . ac- 
cording to J>e. J. P. Harrington, of 
the Smithsonian Tastltute, In a forma: 
statement tonight 

l)r Harrington, who 
rh arK .- ■ r S. . . i h • r n i i : . ' 
lOKlcal work for th 
stitute for several montha. la certain 
that a new link In tha authropologlcal 
chain has been deOnttaly eatabllsbed 
by tha wsa v a tl aa a ot tha last few 

Oldewt Ye« Fonnd 
Further examination of the gorlUa- 
llke skulls unearthed on Hurton 
Mound, he aaaerta. has deflnltaly 
proven that the Saata Barbara autn 
existed In a period fhr aarllar than the 
era of the Neanderthal mmn. Not 
only that, but he poaaaaaad a culture 
which far exceeded that of the 

Artifacts f'lunil In the tin 1|ian 
whirti up the SkuUs .•<ti"Vvcl '>,(■ 

Uanta Hartlara man used luola an l 
implements which, althot^'h cn)de. 
wsffu graatlp la aiaaagg af ^eoa ahp- 
paasd ta hava keaa ilglsnd by the 
Neaadesthal aaaa la tha dawa of tha- 
world's rivtllxatlon. Instruments ra- 
nemhllnj: peel lea, rrude nek- 
hooks and other rellcji encranted In 
the pi"t'r'in(r • a iranrrous Holl point 
almost unmlaiAkably to that conclu 
alaa. Sr. Rarrlagion aald. 


The nkulla of the K.mla ilart>ara 
man were carefully cleaned today in 
order that mure minute Investigation 
might be mail" This lad to tha dis- 
covery that the primitive ovBgr of the 
skeletal remains poassssod a mouth 
larger thaa any of modern or ancient 
times. The mouth of one of the 
Sfcatls waa widely opene.i, if the 
early mm had died in tfreal pain or 
fear The ,1 LhI ;» no- l"-rwicn i he .IIm 
lenile<l Jaws measured nearly seven 
im hes. The aame pronounced supra- 
orbital ridge exlatad In both akuiu 
with the aaaie laok of forahead and 
othar ovidaa s a s of primitive aalatenca. 

Tha thiekaaas of tha akulla la twice 
as great as those of Indians found In 
burial grounds known to b« 1,000 
years old or more The aver.^Ke ihlck- 
neas of each skull la approximately 
three guartsra of aa Ineh. 


Dr. Steimneu < • tiM Have Made Mil- 
Bat Ue Did Not Wish 
> Wash far 

BCRBNECTADT, N. T.. Oct 57 — 

nr. Charles Proteus .melnni' - » 'n. 
died In hi.'^ home here ', '^"iTday 
morning of myomrdltis the "hlgheat 
paid elerlrlral engineer in the, World." 

lef- \ irt'iaiiy no estate. It waa tearaad 
today. His books aad aapera. an 
electrle aatoaoMlo made ta 1113, and 
a ll.ISS Insurance polley. the sa me 
as la IsBued to all veteran emt<i''V'ea 
of the rjeneral Klerlric < ■ . iny 
ap:.arenfly comprise the entire world 

ly ».aith sf the selsatlst aad In 

vent or. 

The man who "made lightning" 
probably ooold have BAda lajittaas 
but apparantty ho never drew a 

salary and when he entered the em- 
ploy of the OeAeral Kle^-lrl' (• .mpany 
a score of yearn '. • ' .i,,,.! ha 
"did not wish to wrk for mone> , ' 

"I do not wish to work for money." 
aald T>r. Stelnmats. "Let me draw It 
as I wtah and If I draw taa maeh ten' 
me. Do aat ag aa a m aaat. if x think 
of nsoaay I win not work as well 
Build me a house. If you wish, and a 
laboratorr That Is all I want." 

A'o/rr/ Juvenile Judge 
Of f>enrer Demand a 

Law Ht Ofieratwe 

I.KN VKtt. Oct ■■' . ! ; ,r,,' 

aoy. jtidge of T>env<i I'lveruie <".,ijrt. 
In a signed stalen --^ ' ;'<«ii^d here to- 
night, announced that he wli| aetab- 
Mili a birth ooatrol clinle la aomee- 
tlaa with Ms aaart If the alty of Den- 

tha oarrying eat of the Maternity 
t4kw. passed br the last T.,«Kisi«iiire 

I'l'llte l.lndsey appeared before ih" 
'•■ointv (tmnd I'lM her" this wek 
. 1 ' . .1 '1 ' ' t i n e f 1 t : , g V r any ' n f " r iti a M o n 
ah'oj' (.h\ xl'i 1 n«i who have performed 
illrRsI r per-j ! ions, declaring he wrmld 
r. "t hreak th« confldaaee o€ waassn 
and gtrl» Who had aaaaa a» Ms aaart 
taU 9i their 


Assert They Have Successfully Established Them- 
selves in North Rhineland and Are in a Position to 
Extend Operations When Time £>eemed Oppor- 
tune — ^Provisional Government Is Or£:anized 

LONDON. Oet. 27. — Eacfaad will view wkk disaparoval any anrmpt 
to »<-l u(i an iiKlrtTndciit K<'veriuncnt by the followers of Joseph 
Mattiies. Rhiocland bearattat leader in the Colofoe area which it 
hcM hf Brfckh forcei, it was stated in aulliorilative circlet today. 

I hr lUiti^ii I .ovemnirnt Irels iliat any 'sue h moveinrni wouKI not only be 
in cootravcntioo of the VertaiUes 1 reaty but wottld interfere with the present 
arderly tad lawful lo od ithaM n the Cologne siea for which thr British army. 

as an <x I upationary fOn c, iiolds ilv-it irs()(»iiM()ir 

COBLEN, Oa 7. — Ihc Rhioeaad Hcixmblic. made strong^ by the 
aplMWal ol the FrrtBeo-Bellftaa aMthoifcit^ is aeotmg its energies to extension 
and ofKaniiation I Ik- inovisional government at ( mI.Icii/. Iia? set w|' a mm 
tsry. of which Joaeph Matthcs is Preautr, although he prefer* lo ba uditd 

Merchants Dine 
Tomorrow aiid 
DUcttss Taxes 

THF merckaaa of Ae city are in- 
\il<''i li- atrrntl iKr 'Iiiiikt jjivrn 
lomorrow evening mt llir Uumiaton 
Molrl under the autfiice* of tKc RclaiJ 
Merdkaau' Atsociahoo. Every Mer- 
chant is laviiad. The diaaer bagiss 
at 6:15 aad will be fallewad by U- 
Jtassss ilissinin»int ol iIm Psrsaaa^ 
Piepsfty Taa. 

Pr<>\ Inlonal Ciovemmeat 
The other portfolloa have been as- 
signed as follows: Ilerr von Metsen, 
Foreign Mlahdar; Herr WaltarhaC 
Mlalster of yiaaaee; Borr Ueblag; 
Minister of the latarlar; Father 
Kramer, Minister of Public Works; 
Herr MiiUer. Mlnlaler of Transp"!t,'« 
Hi'rr Kl'h'r Mlnl-ter of Juotlce and 
Ai-ii ii'iii A h the exception ot 
hailier Kremer, who la a Roman 

cathoUe plast. ths MteMsm art 



If.S iii:Kmv,K CONKiniCnATlOIC 
Ol ii(>iti>i:ii .sMi'(.<.iiiNr. 

Coming I'arloy at < niawa on Pre- 
>n <if l.lqaor KxportS 

Also Uover Nswwtlns 

Herr Wotterhoff haa prepared a 

plan f'T lfii> tasuanci" "f >."iin,| iii"n>-', 
to Ihf rxtfnt "f ''lie t)lllloii gold 
friiiM-M .111,1 I" 1"- fei''ire<1 on a COm- 
piuuted ayatem of mortgages on aa* 
hypoiheoatad rtal 

The repubUean le.'U-rh are hoping !hi- Allies will 'i nnrnt to trunn- 

^ I 'I . ! ti '^ fl r "I n , ■ • I ' i; n 1,; '■ "ii ' N,> ra I 

ways under lh« Versailles Treaty 

WAmnXOTON. Oet 17.— The week 
of NovsmlMr 96 has been agreed upon 

as the date fur i 'i i .v i ronferenoea of 
Canadian and I nii* .l states ofndals 

on Prohibition. 

It waa Indicated today that the oon- 
ferenee would ba broader la seope 
than originally planned. Treasury 

officials desire a disruselon of the 

wh'.l" : 'Ut i'r"l.|<'in 'if am iikkI I n t: . 

and I'l i.aM', 'All! ;ii"ii',»<. :h.ii ttif 

Om 1 1 i.' I 1 i; ' ...(),.■ . ii; I '1 

CotlcH wolilil h«' put in the lint i,f ex- 
traditable crimes. Canadian ofTiclalS 
are believed here to lacllae alaa to 
the view that such a step would re- 
aaB baaefleially * ^' (r^'vert^Boata. 

FtOVin< iai lUgiiLs 

Some ooBoern la expressed here, 
howaaar. as to ths basis upon whlah 
ths Otaadhia Oavamaisat oauM make 

an agreement with the T'nited Statea 
en the Prohibition (jueetlon. Prohi- 

h.tliin In ''anada l»i w.ald to he larK-iv 
'iiider provincial ! !'i«i<lii-» 1 U-- 

( ..1 nad lan <;..■<- r n 1 1 ..i • i . , v«. . . , i 

approach thr hiiIiJi. t fr"m aiiglea of 
International reutiona and boundary 
protaetloa, aad it la hoped that aa 
that baste a satlslaatarr arraagaaadht 

r.\r\ he made 

The ahii> linnor 'iiiention alao may 
come up for di-M-uenion It is no crime 
ir (:;anada for a ahip ot Dominion 
regiatry to clear a Canadlaa port with 
Uqaor for the bat aame 

oMdala hsra baHsea tnsy oan aoa* 
vince Canadian authorttiea that ron- 
tlniiation of that practioa may ulti- 
mate ly raauH la sail 
matlc Langlaa. 

under a saeoad tportcaga la eonatiar* 
Mtiaa g( tha auk af tM.Mjl.tM faM 


Tlic I'i'uplf in th^ tgarnn v»!i<Tr -he 
lieiMitihi ann III- Installed appear to 
have ac<ei ti''l now that 

the French and Belgians have made 
It alsar thai thsy woald aot 
aaao at t atpt t ta tayai tha 
ISts. The dWturbaiitses are therefore 

fawsr Iti r'nii! . r S' vi r il niore towiia 
of secondary impori.ini<< are reported 

to hasa baca occupied. 

DITBBN, Oct. J7. — The Separatists 
in tha North Ithlnelarwl nns tha' ' ' \ 
hsv* aucressf iilly ewtaMi-h'- ! ii' U 

IMiHillon at Alx la ('hii| ' i'f"lil, 

I'. iiin. and other' points U now is 
1 IS 'tile, the leaders assert. tO SStoad 
the llapublloan Uaea wheoevsr saoh 
operations are d ee m ed opportuaa. 

The Beparalisis eaperlally alalm 
progress at Cohlenz. wtiere Joeeph 
Mutthen has heen Inslal ■ 1 — chief 
of the ITovlslonal Uovernnient, It Is 
saaarted that ha has been virtually 
raeognlaad by the InMr-AlUad Rhli 




ta MakcM It <l<-«r l-.sioTieSon ia 
-Mllr Appllesi 



TrtM>pe firf I |Miii Met)- U li>-n 
tacfcfxi Mt Mr« iburg — lUota 

T>OKm)V Oct. t7. — In connection 
m)'h ttie .a '-r-eptsnce In prlriciji)^ of 

rf' trv Miictiefi' 1 1 r • i pf iKa 1 1' for a 
twelve mile ,101' In 1 > , «,,,.(, f , ^ 
contraband it-ri-.r 

erament. It was statoi iodu>. jc 
sirea to make It clear that there to 
no lataaOsa af astaading tha 
isar thrso-asUe Umit 


OTTAWA. OSI. 17.— BrltMl sub- 
jerta arriving at the porta of Halifax 
<i U'lehec with the laieation of 

jerta amving ai \mm pvna vi nsiiuz 

an.) U'lehec With the Miieatlon of 

enterinjr the tTnlted ntatea. t»uf fin.l 
the tnlted Rtale« 1 , . 1 .» "ida i«*. ' 

h-'ive )...i^p rei n m *• i r <i tri f in 

Ck n ad a an '■ r<1 1 - p 

made by ibe Lwpari 
grattaa aad|Oslsalna 

•BltUK. Oot. tT.— ThlvtasB par- 
sons were killed aad a 
In a elaah today at 
t>eiw««en rioters and 

The nob attacked a battaMaa of 
federal t rss ps aad tha tfttpg apsaad 


r>t'«tRKT.DORr, Oet ?t - F" .1 ind 

M ri ■ I. ■ r .' • ' « . . • . . 0 , j.a r. ■ - > 

[•l-lakrii'« 'i-'l I'-'-.i 'rtt' in . ;i.t..,i. t ( li 
the an'' r«|".l'e! '-"01% 

artous town* throughout lite Uuiir. 
TiMra wars maay saaaaKfae in 
•^>me rases, twenty peraori )"nr 
killed and ruteaa wounded at jp» hum 
aad fHra MMitil Daisburg. 


^^il^^i^ 'fhlrd J^^^p ^ 
Pourieaa Chlaamen w»re gathere'l 

-' , 'hi 
rn.'\ Mi'i.* 
th' ll.ii.l 
R I r • t M ■ r >• 

'•(f> ,..,1 
l;i«« rnnf 
ri..'.. .,f 


V t.ef .ri 
[•'■'rni-e« ,Ti 

tien pouca mus dg. led 


tment of Immi- 



I.')Nr>ON. Oct. JT The Pall Mall 
(iaxett* pasaaa eat of existence with 
today's Issaa. Its property, leading 
featurae gad title wUl be abssrhad by 
The riig|a« ■Ipndagt The 
Ml UM. 



• . ' lilef Kry and 

■ 'ided the resort. 

ACeordlng to the pollre r..p..rl t 
fourteen |>r . rie r « werr r-atlghi re 
handeii U; the f si nx I n a ' t . nn of a nu» 
«»rleo(,'.l Karnhiir<K K^">' Th»y »-ere 
reien»»d on t»a 1 1 "f | .'. 0 r-ach to ap- 
pear h*for»' Magiifrai' fay in rity 
poiica court Monday merntng. Bvl» 
dently there was aat a great deal at 
aMMMy hi the g aai a. aa the hwgeet 
-roir aarrtad awaaa i sd ta abaai III. 

TH1? nAn.Y rni nVTgT. VICTORIA.JI.C. SUNDAY. OCTOBER 28. 1023 

Bridge aad Mab Jong Prizes 


Vases, kfamutade Jars, 
Bonbon Dishp«, Ba*- 
keu, Cudlc a ticka, and 
a ckoicc ■dartioB o( 

Cigarette Hotdert and 
Cases, Ash Trays, Wal 
Irts. PcociU, FUalu, 
Key Cmm tmi wmmj 


Mitchell & Duncan, Ltd. 


llan«cla, p<r UK) lbs. T^** CJUTOrt, per 100 lbs. — 

IfanceU, [ .r ton f 12.00 Carrota, per IM — — . 

'ibSr SylvMtor Feed Company 

922. OO 


Srr oiir \\ iinlfms for «omr bflow rost liargjiins in Odd F'ieccs of Heine 
'■old hurniturc. One only of each kiml and price i ut to >rll quickly. You 
av« momt y by b«ying her%. , 


HE btJim YAUi£ 





Rat rormrr t'onntry Fniakly SkfipU. 
rml of I'anclhle KmalUi — l/otidun 
Of^km Carted 






^ 0 


T 11 y. I 1 M 1 T< ■ 

,A«NT I»mAM> w i»i i-ns 
(•r KM-iy MpHaf jrtowMa. 

Rmt 'f Iton.n.fii ''••11.. 
tl.^* p«r aiiisln Tulip., Mriiii<1 • 

MMTk ■Ua«4. Tie 4m.. It »«r l*« t *'^ 
wSnlt^. un lat* l««Ml«« iHiiv* v'rv 
IMM Woorn.: Clar* B«tl. mtt rawt. !» 
«aa, tl 7» P«<- Prl«« •! HMrl*" 

krltnl •«lmon «•< di. . 14 !• j>#r ion 

f'»(fo<ini K't'r'"'nr, v«rv l»rf» »»l!ow 
trump". hr'>«'l iir i tn r"."- ii'ihth »u 
dm . I< l« r*r IM. NarolMnn: Pheuant • 

Ky« orsatM. lea 4ea.. •>■•• v«r .>••. 

Crocoa. .11 <M>IAra, fr*tn tSr Il l* 

LI* 10" 

ni«Mi«t*<i «'»t»i«awa aa4 CaMav 


Accuracy and 
fiff idency 

!.-< characteristic ui our estab- 
lishmeRt. Perfect Utmdry re- 
st i ! • ! ' ' t r ;k 1 1 ■ ' ' - ■ r , 
prompt delivery and low pricci 
rniWe It an economical invest- 

mriu 1 1 ■ i'.' 'uld ]>c )>atr< u; i /di 
l)y every woman \\ho realizes 
that her .own atrength must 
be iftved. 



Sir Edmund Walker 

Head of V nicer sUy 

TORONTO, Oec S«.<-^ «. meethis 
of th« 8«Mte iMld tofilrtit.''8lr 19d- 

;<;'iri,t \v«lk»r. prMfdrnf of fh*- i"«n- 
, a<lhin Hiink rf Cnmnnrr. »,i«< ..>,t- 
\ »<1 t!i 'lif I "h« nrr 1 lornh 1 p ' f 'hi- l nl- 

o«ll'ir will nil f>ie (ihi.. mail*, varoni 

j ihroufh lha daatb of Blr Wiiitam 

TiM apMlHttMnt to Mkleei ts nnai 
ap pp wl ar Uto etoa t iew ta aaptam- 
bw;ef MM- 

lX)NTX»r. Oct. - 

accepUnv ar«at BHtaJn** Imrltatlaa 

to |»*rflrlpale In * ri)mmltt<**> of i-i- 
p^rt^ for "I # \iirniiiliig » .<T iiiaiiy'ii 
capjicllT |o pay I ri>ara I I'liia wujt t >• 
c«lv«d todjiy Ibe rur«l<n oillce. Tb« 

taoM wHI mC be auUto p«Mto yeC 

Relgtam Accrpti* 

IlIU'SSKI^. Oct. i: . Ttt- IlrlKl.m 
I liiv^i n rii«nt ha* aeiit lAiml'ii in.l 

w.ii>hiiigioa lia Mcepuuic* o( Ur«*t 
Hrituiii's altermUlTe yrevoMl fer the 
appoUiUMai ef Ml aATlMTf eeaianto- 
»iea of esperte to IM a»petota« by tke 

inter-Allled Re p a raM e— C e w i nit e et en 

to rxamlnn Into Oerm*ny'« ca.paclty 

for payrneiil. It wan aiinounrtid today 
Anirrlia.i promised riitiy Into 

Kurope«ii uffulra han taunrd vliilMw 
aeUaCaCtloa In nrlgian <;"vernni'-nt 
BIkIM. altlMtlCh doubts ATP expressMl 

te tiM ««l«e ot the pnu:Uoai ra- 
satte of t^e propoeed cenfereaee. 

Krancc KkrpUt«l 
FABIS, Oct, J7. — Tha projoetad m 
tematlopal eaafareaee to detenBtn<< 
oermaaya capacity to pay repara- 
iionn tamporaHly at leaat kaa flaeed 

Ih'- H hln^l ind UepubUo lo tlM ahadO 

a'< thr topi.- of diB<-nB«l«»n. Ae ac- 

i-fp!<-d I'V N' I'oliicare. the p! in for 
the coniereuce meets with no objec- 

ue« bet wHk mmm akaptlatom. 

II ia veneralty wi«aritoo4 la well- 
informed cirelea that the eoafereaee 

wi;i noi u.'Wtiihi*' bafore Decaiobar. 

r .1 . xpi-. trxt that Its work will 
ia»' « iTv htiiH t iuH if It iB !'> nuk" 
a thorougb Uaqulry into the tinam iai 
coadKloa af Oanaaay. 

nivrrsent Frw« OpInJon 

; />Nt>< IN' nrt ;7 - Th'> rditorlRl 
rciinni'-nt m I.Mndun i p,\ pTn 

on the propoaad confn'-nr-. en fpar- 
attoaa to aa far from tmanlmlty is 

the upinlOB 'Te^ardtea Jfranee't eeeu- 
paUoD of the Rvhr'er the Brtttah 
(iovernment'e attttod*' toward* o' 

. upatlon. 

1 lis neirapapers which champion 
France evidently fear thf ronfefncf 
mn.y ease Germfiny's ti'jrden m l tdf, 
inatat that Ora&t Britain mu«t ^< f ! 
by Praaee and Balstum. 

The MoralBS Foat aaya: 
American atUftide to deUchtfnUy 
fi^nk ;iiid Binir'!" Mr. Buahoo Bays: 
iMiK.iind and I rm f '-nn reduea their 
ci.iUM on ',crn^-i'n tui! our rl.iiniB on 
bd'h r>Tiiii" lix' I' ricriiM! .Smuts 
.uul our r.iiM.Hli i ro "irririnn.s do not 
aaeall Mr. llusbea tor thia buaineas- 
llke atUtttde; bet Whea K. Psiaaare 
takaa the eama 'llaee aad pato the 
Kama baiUtr In the deCavIter'a heuaa. 
iir^rrihed almost aa an aaaaaaln. 
An iTKiiiirv wliifh cannot take Into 
roni<idera' • ' •■ 'iu'".^flon "f Inter- 
Allled lndeblrdriei«.s rr\iinot rMilIy 

solve the reparatlonn i.muc. aiihonKh 
It auiy |.oaBUaiy reach aome valoabie 
coneluetone ceneemlnf Oenaany'a 

capacity ' ■ • 

Must lie I ndcratandin^ 

'•The only bedrock for r 
paaee la Sarope," eaya The Dally 
Mall, "to a oleae uadaraUndUur ■ be- 
tween Oreat Britain and IVance. 
Thera is no half-way house between 
friendship and uninu-oi imm f ir Mif-n 

"Th(< probU'iii.s at i.s.-juc ^ay.T I i " 
Times. 'hasp asaumed a rharacr.r 
pravo and menaclna even for 
Kraiic.. heraelf, that the Idem of re- 
turoios to jatematioaat eo-operatloa 
(n aome form mimK nuike aa laeraaa- 

Eat and 
Get Thin 

This >s laraiaa aa eid pbraa. r»<-« a^st. 
k«t l aaaara laaCkads •( rMlaalaa fat have 
mse* l>ila rsvlstaa pnesOU. 

If yon ar* nv.rfat and also averse tn 

phrirlr.i »i>.:inn If jrou .rp llk.wla. foiiil 
rtf th^ i«h * AH'I wtltl wint ifs r^duc. your 
fl» wti ••v.'», i.oti'. la .lo till.: 0« t. 
jrour lU i' • w i ■ Marmola Com- 

nany. 4111 Woo<1w.r<l Arpnu., D.trolt. 

Mioh.) asa siT. him (or asaa w.ra) an* 
■lollar. r«r thi. me4est amooat of mon.y 
Ih. ilruKvtat will pat ro« In <*<• way '>r 
utlafylBS your ambltloa for . n ^r tritn. 
•Ilm flfur.. H. will hand you . nf 
Marmsla Praserlpiioa T»bi»'' i. 'Mi.jv.unMo.i 
la aceordaa.. with th. (amnu. Mamxii. 
PrMorlpttaa). aa« e( which /.lu^iu.i lan. 
artsr s*ak sssal aaa at h.<itim( until yea 

havin to lo«« yesr tti .t.adilr an«l .aallr 

Th^-r-, -f»ntln\M V.b • -'rt''!.-',' un' , Tour 

r ia • h « ^ . ■ l-.i'* M«- , i-f.- 

Mrlpllon TaSI'l* are not only liarn iraa but 

rsAlly bsaaftaiat «• th* fseoral b.aMn^ Toa 
dsa't «o«e staevattea list or w>ak.nlnr 

•tT«rrl«o8 Ju.f t" on .atlas what y" wh- 
loava ri' lo th. athlKtaa, 1> o ■ .< a 
your oM- laM'I faithfully, and w.-.'io'Jt » 
deuh^ 'h«> n»».ky (if.t. wiM >>ul<.|<ly lak. 
unl" '••If wln«« >«v n» kahind It your 
aatoral ssK, aaaily Sl«ta*4 ta flrm iloaa 
— <A«»U 



Wt Art Fannera Selliag Dirtet 

Tt v f)ur4% Rtittrrfat Qtulity 
Miik— tbt kUk that U BklMr 

' Va wcouv bk Iiland ' M 

^ PtODucERs AssociATKm 

930 North Park Street 


^ «-rrsm Th. •t tb. w.ria. 

ing appru! lo many Trench minds. If 
la a hard laak for the Krench (iov«rii 
inr.ii to link up (is policy of laolat^d 
action with the uraant oeoaoalty of 
aaeh a form of o O ope rati on aa to in- 
el«4a. aet ertr Oteat •(flata >«t the 
Vatted fltatea.'* 


IIKIii-rto l'nr«-i>Arieirl Incident In His 
War Serrice Made Kaowa— «heU 
Xmoi Prtvee eC H ia Qv 

liOIfDQK. Oet tt.-~The Prince of 

Walea received a remarkable welcome 
at Dundee yesterday where hs open*d 
t'aird iiall and toured the <ny 'f'f '- 
Priri' (- v^.l^ ^l irti i .1 \ \ the spectacle 

' hr-ctnng and waving flags. 

An intereeting eptoode in the aa- 
written history of the '^ar waa 
divttlced durlaa the Prince of Walea' 
vtott'in Pe mte f |»fday. At tha 
lunrheon flTen ta hto honor by tha 
he Prince reeognlred John Itaid. 
»h< wu.i In charge of the staft of aer- 

va rXn 

Ilia Komi Highness called Reld 
'-■■rr to him and said: 'I think I have 
• n you before ta Fraaee." 
Held. It appeara, while aenrlaK la 

I re Royal Englneera In 1110. waa 

near Ilalleul, when the Prince cane 

along In the e'tifr i .tr v.h.> h tind Jusl 
1«< . n broken down. Jteid lUtd th« 

uid the Priaoe waa ablo if. pro 

1. 1 ed. 

The Prlnott recalled the whole In- 
cident at the lunc>eon, and he told 
r.eld that aome tine after the In- 
cident of th) car breaking down he 
had Jtisf left It. and waa only 
■ar.iH ,1,. :iy t^hcn n shi'll killol th6 
■ liu- r /.I I fnashed the machine 

!t \^■At^ T r .irrow ahave that tim' 
ills Royal Ilighneas remarked lie 
-hook Held by the hand warmly. 


tiirniKii MciImI for HaiiRl'Icr ..f 
bainuci S|M iicrr. W ho Ixiat 
Ufe in Burning BMdll 

VANCOUVER. Oct. JT.— Iteroism 
dlaplayed by the tou flamuel A. 
Spencer, a Waiter of thto oHy, who 
died while reaculng a aumber of pe»- 

sons from burning in the Balmoral 

apartment house fire in Vaaoeuver 
on .iiiTie in. 19:0, has been recog- 
iiu<d i>v the I'arnegi" H»>ro Fund 
Comini.'!aion. according ' .mnounce- 
nient made at Pttmursh today. 
Spencer lost his life wlul.- ruRhinc 
through smoke and flaroea from (Wit 
to flat to warn the oeeapanU or their 
danger. He waa burned to death. 

The eommlaeion, aooordln^ to the 
cittobtinrh annoaneement, haa award- 
ed lu aflver medal for herotom to the 
late Mr. Spencer'a daaahter, In reoog- 
nltlon of her father'e bravery. 

Another Canadian ia Included in 
the IIM. Iris \' M I'ayne. of Peter- 
borough, ont iiftl fifteen years, who 
saved a hov from drowning at Pater- 
borouKli on I>lirii.-irv ^ 1 ? I 

In all thirty «l» s''- ' ».rn <ra 
wre recornied 'iv \Uf ■ 'ot^ i*«ton. 
Eight of th«! li.-rof.i ;o»' thrir llvee. 

and to their dapendento penalons 
ware awaff#M. Ia flea ehoea alivcr 
madkle were awalriet, whito in 
thirty-eao eaaaa the oeeiagtaileB be- 
atowod broaao modala. I a elfht oaoea 
tit.too waa approprlatad for edaoa- 

tlonal piirposas aai llMtt (OT ptlMT 

worthy purposea 

lufolaraou (or Canada 

LOKDOlt. Oot IT.— A Majority of 
the oae theeaand pgawaiira wha 
galled for Q aebe e m4 Meatroai 

aboard tha Dorie yeoterday were eml- 

grantx A party of 100 are In oharga 

of Snlvallon Army Thrrf nr* 

aiKo i.iirtl"* from Continental coun- 


POIJTir.M, « IRIM-.S \t.«>0 OVKIV 

rrcmier Ilaldwin's .\nnouoorment at 
tbc llymonih Tarty Confer • 

UONDOW. f>ot. »T.— The protec 
tiealoi kilo «owa at Ptyrooitth by 
Proasler Baldwin aad by Noriiie 

ChamhTlaln. fhan eilor of the Ex 
ch»^]il< r lui.s m t pnlllH-al i irclee bUKS- 
In*; wnh <•»>■'! »iiif>n( and np*w ii lj.t ion 
tut lo when I h« PremlT tntfndu to 
oound the opinion of the rountry on 
each a raAlcai departure from Ureal 
Britala'a eotabltohed (roe trade poUc> 
Optatoa aa far koMa thad aa eto 
Uon— 4f there to one op thto e«oalle»— 
will be fixed for the early eprtn* oC 
MH before th^ hiids-et Is submitted 
to 1 '.1 r I lu rn »ri I imt- ir.iw.on for th' 
cltolre of this Mni'' m i h.ii i h^ tpudsr^t 
la bound to li« fii utip< pular ori" 

Inaemueh aa it will not. aooordlng to 
Mr. Chamberlata'a roooaC e Uto ie t . 
provide for aay redacUoa ia taaat|ea. 
The government would net bo Mfcely 

to ri"»k faclnir nn e'lfctorate dl.-- 
gruatled by an unpopular budget. 

F nds Vicks 

Good f mr Gnig hs 

Winnipri; Mother TeHi Bs- 
pcHf-nce With Kxter«i| 

Vepofirtng Salve 

7-v. ■i-i'i ^\r^"-t treatmeat for 
ch:' ir<'r. K oiifh.n and CO Ida to aa ap- 
t.n^_fition -r V . k|| oeer thceat aad 

rh«'St at l'*>d'in,» 

Not only WrV* abaoM.' I M. «h 

'he ekia. but ito heallaa vapors nf 
ampher. MeatiMt, Baaelyptus. Tur- 
pentine, eta., are broathei all aicht 
ion« diroe^Mirte^theaflaeief^ tOf 


1 I"! ... roaA too f'T '^i* ''old 
■ -.,,,1,1.., ,.r 1 delta an f"' '-mt l.urna 
and Srtil^« 

Mra. W. aimpoen. of 2ie Arnold 
A nae o, Winnipeg. Ma aM oba. aaya: 
r pat a littto vieka o« the cheat of 
^ne of aiy ehttdrea u oeo if it froaM 

>'» ' any effect on atepplne hla rough 
(• h'- «lwT»y« roughs so mueh when 
ho •tk-m a - ]d Tl • I ouf'" waa 
»1>^p^e<1 r:fht awiT I alao d.fl the 
name wltVi my lUi'- s"' and 'h*- r» 
aulu were the same. I am plaaea d to 
nnd ee a aoOiag to c^ak tfto awfal 
coaah that «q 
and leeoan up thetr 

At all dr'ir •^'^rmn. 
fr*» teet «)»• pac 
.1 ( -> 1«4 M 
Moijireal. P Q 

ThOa a h VIek* Is n«w In ranada f 

i raawrkikii aato in t he 1 a4ea 

1 « - ciivt.) 

Whether the eleetioa ifXXi eomo lo 
pasa at all. however, is for the mo 

ment a questlon'as m I'-'i 1" Ih'' ' !ond.-< 
as is the dat»> for fli" powilj!'- app'-«U 
to the Jiri plf. The g i\, rntn(mt lias 

yet to learn how the new jioIk >• at 
Plymouth will be received i \ '»i^ 

party orfaaiaatione throughout the 
oovatry, aad what hope it haa of get- 
ting the eoppori of ita ooaotttventa. 

The Premier la scheduled to Opesik 

during the comlnsr w<»k nt Swansea 

and Ma n'-h<--<tpr ih'> laifr toiOK the 

home ■ ' I ' fl' ■ -...).- tP-.'. ■OTl.-M! 

and 11 is aasumeU tlia' > <• » i; t ih.> the 

natiea more fully i'' ■ ' ■ -'ifi'i'-iioe 
on theao oooaaiona. lie la aJ«o to 
apeak at dlaafow aoat aM>nth whoa 

< o V. -V. have an opportunity of aonad- 

iiK iiion irT Scotland. 

Kro :,i 'iir- reception accorded these 
illt'1 ir-.. . ml fioni the reports of 
parts I r' i-cni < 1 .irt<>r they plumbed 
aentiiiienl in tht-ir various districts, it 
la auppoaed that the government will 

bo able to Judco the wiadom of goinir 
forward alenr tho now path. Any- 
way the ministry will have a hard 
row to hoe for the whole forcea of 
UberaJI'^m as well a.^ the I,.Ti)or pnrty 
will be .apaini^t it. allh'iujh wli«-itior 
all factions of ttie l>abor clem*-; • 
be found in oppoaiuon is aaid lo be 

lAboc'a Attttado 

The Conservative Morning Poet to- 
.).i> i iinflilMit ;>■ iu«crta that If Ii«bor 
Joins l.iHuen v^lth .Mr. iialdwln on this 
subject, the I^abor party will be spilt. 
But The Dally Herald. I^bor'a ofn- 
cial paper, iwiif the readero that if 
tho Premier peiatote In hto plaa he 
will wreek tho Tory party. 

In view of Premier Baldwln'a 
apeech the I'nionlst oon^arenee at 
Plymoutli agrerfvl riot to >i 
resolution in favor of a return to ef 
fecllve lariff'-- 

A aerify of reeohiUone were earriee 
ealUae oa tho jova r a m a a t to dovtoo 
meana to aaatat aerioaltaro; to proteet 
the righta of trade aaion mleoritiee: 

to tneure that union policies shall 
conform with the legitimate funrtlona 

of tr.'i'l'" uMoirosrn to ifraii! p>- n-ti . ■ i m 
to Widows with chlMien nn 1 lo nl'-T 
the income limit ro>.<r; m i 
age peaaloaere in order to aoaura 
that thrlftp workofe dheeM aot bo 
poaaitaod. doMPdliw Jwt a a in wa 
tloB for l a n e aaotalaod by the 
Loyalist* of Southern Ireland. 

A resolution moved by lAdy Aator 
In favor of rml.ine m hoci ir,ivtng 

The oon('«rrn''e ;fMi».-l v ' ) i f r, i ! 

word (rom tha chairmaa. 8lr Herbert 
Nellde— "Whenerer yea aae a 
dallat'a head, hit It." 


Cepc^SenUer, Veieraa Explorerj^ Witt 


P*»r a 

QtrXBSC. Ooi. it —A i^ew ezpedl 
tloe to the Polar regions will be on 

deriak'Mi In t'"'* ' 'Ojra* of roll Kiirn 

mer by > ap'ain J K Berntsr, who 
has alr.adv mad.- n^ore ffePB MB VeV* 
agex In those regions. 

Although he to vary Qnwt1iin)r ^o 
disoeae tho naattor. it to aiatod that 
Capiela Borator wlO aw — pt to «o 
threeth the aorthwaat paaaaee. A 
aototMi ospodltlea aloe wttl take 
pen l» t he eepega. ^ 

WmWTPWf, Oct IT.— Ifea 18 S 

MrMurray Mo i Ir 1 » 'ir-(3eneral . r^'-n'-'^ 
I ■, North W innipof 

>. \- <• V' • i on 1» " ' \^ » .1 V r «d .1 V ;> • ■ ■ .r '1 
Ing te irTlrix' fli-iir»« iKanf-d dav (■> 
the ratnrntn* officer 1|1» principal 

oppoao a t. Aldermaa A. A. UeeM In- 
dopoadeet Labor. peOed Mil, mn- 
lac hla depeait by twoaty-twe eotoei 

while Paul ni)«)esiik haO Iff. aad 3. 

A Martir 19 Holh Indep.nd 
ant candidates and h" h lo.t their de- 

Extra Style in SuiU 
and Xlvercoats . 

Style at its best stvlr ihc was you like it— 
and style that combines good fabrics witlt 

gixu] workmansfiip. The result is good 
ClutiiCi - iiothiiif.,' more, nothinp less. • 

. Good CioUm 

At thia mn't ihep coat lata ' vvi^ 

SUITS $30 to $50 

OVERCOATS . . $27 to $55 

IJOa Dougtoa St. Wa Can Fit sad Suit Yon 

2 Very Charming Pump 


r?er 'riirni In (»:ir W iitI -w Tr><I.-t\^ 

One u a Very Haodeome Bronze Kid, One-Stiap i'omc < il< T^ni* 

lire!, a very beastifal pvaiv ia^aad. (\(\ 

Spocial value ^ It.UU 

The other a Seari-ColaaM Tmap, in « very rich, soft grev d» t o /v/\ 

shade v.itli the full Spaniel) tierN ^-pc la' Wi' ir <PiL,\j\9 
Don't lail to buy your dAiiuag punipj licic -Outi s a ptoi iug <ii»- 

'Ca r f or 





m^m^^^^^^^^tttWM 1417 Oraad St AfoU. H.way-Mafri, C« . Ltd. Phonal 

Or. Banting KcgreU 

Lo-Worker Overlooked 
In Nobel FriM Awetrd 

HQWtOH. Oct. t- A ' sr. 1 
from Dr. r. O. Bar : k • ..i:..i...n 
phyatelaa, roaoatly. with i 
Macieod. awaraed the v ' -.a 
for mediolne bf '^'"'V..' 
ery of inaulln. doolarod that ha^^i 

h ii r( 
1* horn 

Medical Qfrnusmm 



P I' 

1 e. ause Dr. Cbarlaa H. Bart, 
I,, Bcknowledpee waa eo-dto- 

vkiid I. ' named to the 
] rn'-»a«aes woro made 

, ^e«te,,Uv I- I"- Kll»^ P- 
Joel.ri. .peakloK « ' H.'varH Med- 

ical School. 

-I ascribe to Hesi an ' 'h"' 
in the discovery of Insuii- i>r 
Bantlna'a telegram to ir 
read, "and I am hurt that he * i • 
ackaewledaod. I wUl aharo with htm 
in it alware." . 

Stomach Soffwing 

Dlsapp**" ss If maa-le when Jo- 
Te is used Gas pains aeld stnniai-h. 
eear stemaeh burning and all after 

MUlaa dtotreea rellevod la two mla- 

Cflvnlt 7a«r .wa SSStSS. Itfgae Md gSSU. 

tl« r«abwt«a BMk 


If you do not s»<iniil»tp your 
treuhUs with Ncwtoa you are 
awaiaf aoaietliiag as Vtwtea is 
a real reef deater spaclalisit la 
^dfyslng ree f tr aa W ea. 

' Ha BNllaoional Fee fat SaHMH 

I'honr 7 


560 Yate« Street. Victoria, 
hclt. Gravel an<l Mctai Kool iruub.s 

Rafaoa Wace Oat 

mrmUM. oet. «t.— The Dublta perl 

worKrr« \,\ ., xr,',~ , r if' i., H' yaOe 

( , r,i H V - ,,■.-,) « g 1 . n ' :,: •;>! ng (he 
Hovffnnieni « pr. p ■ thr r 

d lepii t e * 1 ' h I ) o ! r e i, i ; ■ > • r . l •, ^ 
wage reduction of one .hill i.jj a clas. 

When in Doubt Phone 


yf^ f^ffiyi jsidg«ent in our buying, arvl .ire always pre- 

pafvd to aoyply yom with tha clioktit cuu oi the beat mcata. 

L*g% of Local Spring ^fi^ S boukier s of 1x>ca1 O 

MUTTON, lb. 



n. — 

%. ... 





l b. 

Hvrroiv CMOPa. 

n> - . 





Cbotce Picaic Ham, |^ 

Choice Brcakfaat 
• lb. 




8oM with oM>f 



I«p4rie«#- • iU ,r, f»r»«t« i%nr. X , 

ftret halt of thto /ear. ahl pyed t s.l i j 
par aoat ed llMar Mtot aaa<N( ea I ' 

Gu vet nntofit 





' . ssst 

Speifclng off 
Polishing and Finishing 

The SKCKtT of line huish ta SI AIN, \ A 

f AINT. m EMAMBL b to 

Absolutely Dry Wood ami 
a Smooth Surface 

BcMtiftit m4 pcrnuicnt cffccU ctami be Mcored if the iMlcrial b 
tboTMiilily drv. Paint or vanriah wUt not cKbc to meitt woo4. ^ , 
Alt ow ftnuhiDc woodwork b THOKOUGHLY Idln-drnd More bavb* 

M<iater Craftsmca 
•f Wi 

UiiiOD,Gonnasoo Co. 

victoria, B.C 



Developments Cause 
Final Abandonment 
of Straits Project 

After Further Uncertainty and Chan^g About, 
Decision Is Reached to Withdraw Forces From 
Gallipoli— <jeneral Monro's Advice to Retreat Is 


' ' ' II B 1 d C ' 


Store to Let 

On (Hjremment Street, i^^ht on nuin traffic route. Reuooa^le 
rent. Immediate potKMion. Would give lease. A great op- 

jK>rt uii ! t \ 

J, C. Bridgtoan Agent bCK Broughton Sticet 

By Rtvkt Mm. WImUm ■. Ckwvklll. f u« yumt l^rd or (h« AdBira^lty. Itll-KII. 
'^•rrrtchi. im^ la OrMt BrH*la m« Ir«U»« kr Tk* TImm. i^ades. la CMa4* k7 tk« 
N»nk >wi il MM N*vaM»*r AIII«m«. Ib IMU k7 Tka etAtMBM. Caleatt*. I« BMtk 
AMm fegr Tk« Cs»« AfVM. la Aatralaala hy tiM UalM* C«bie 8«rvlc«.) 

Norwich Union Fire 
Insurance Society 


PhoM 39 

Dialrict AgcQta 

Every dodcription of prop*" 

rtv in 

Duncan, V. L 

• Tit rates. 


Xihanmng'mode^ home at South 
Saanich with magnificent view of 
the Inlet; has five acre nf ruUi- 
vated land, or more it desired. 

Good boathig and fishing. Very 
suitable for retired gentleman. 

Trice and terms reasonable, 
hur lull parliculars ,appl> lu 


■1KIKL/. /'^ - AHAMX >\Ml \ ] O/ I H I. DAKDAN LLU.^ 

'"¥"^11 f r vents described iii llic.ia-t iliaptri 1<'<I thrrrtlv to tlic 
I ahaiidontnent oi the eIlt^r|)rl^e against the Uardanellcs, In 
the first place, tlie impending opening of through comninniia 
ti >iis hctwren <>rnian' ,in.| 'I'nrkrv srrmed to offrr to tlir 'I'urks 
tl r |.f<.sprrt of large .siippiic.s ut all kinds and parlitularl^' <>l heavy 
; Mti and ammunition. Our troop.«* on the peninsula, whose positions 
■li'l ,)!!.. u cf an\ l.M.i! '.\ 1 1 ! . ' ■ wal, were f IirrateiicI witli a w 
Krcat uicrcasc in ilic li(».stilc butnbardmcnt. Secondly, t[ic i>aloiiiki 
expedition must become a seHons rival to the THrdanelles. drawing 
iifx'n fhr rvistlru' - 1 re ii '^-t 1 1 a lio,, ,-d army and in tct ( cpting and 
diverting rcinfurccincms and .supplies. Apprehensions of approach- 
ing failure, if not indeed of final disaster, were rife. 

1 did what t rould U^ flfm i],r n.1 t ■ 

vfra« movrmriit In ih* tabinrt and beach 

Furnished House 

to Let 

Drawing-Room, •:"i"iiH: K.h :n. nin;-.- Room, Hall 
ai;i ( '1< i.ik n i< Mil . '> I'.ciii i .< mi MauLs' Room, j i'atii- 
ro'Wii . laiK<" l>ai.cinciil, hot water heating, tennis 
lawn, kitchen garden, orchard, two hundred and fifty 
feet wtter frontage, garage for two cars. Apply for 
aptwintment to inspect premises to 

Box 10&7t Colonist 


I- OR! SI ri;f, r 


Witk full basement— tteam heat. 


Phone 4750 Belmoat Houae 



li.M. Mail 

Oir Specialty 

Furniture Mo^. Cnted 

and Shipped 
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and All 

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md Money 

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inr 2505 506 Fort St 

^PHONC I3il — 



MoioK I. \L>.\Ctl--L€ngih 
ft ; hrim. (> ft; Refsi Engine, i 
'If- irst-clau CMidiliMk Frier 
• -TOO iiul by 


The CamerM 
Lumber Ge. 

^ Limited 

':iu.rt IriiKtli Uo. k nl *!! il'*. ■ [> 
.,,„,« Ill :aiipli!> H'lat'lt, 1 ;«.•.. M^if, 

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B«ildirg Mmrrial of Al 

Prompt I>eUv^ 

Best WeUiistM 


Victoria Fuel Cc^ Ltd. 

120J Broul ftL—PhoM 1377 
A R. Graham B. 11. BrowB 

WmMiI Carpel CkMBg 

The Carpeteria 


Th* Hamilton F^rai h I'i'in*Tr«v 

Oily Adaresr-92i Fort St. 

corr(^^t •xtrava«ftnt p«Miintam. 

None of mr r«e«NnmMitf*Ueu pro> 
<i>jaM • MT affMlT* raaulta. Oar 
I'ollry dtT«rved tnrrcaain«ly from the 
(-onc^ptJoiwi I had formed of thw con- 
durt of th*" war. Only the frar of a 
maMarrr f)ti tho hparh^a and of the 
\<,m of a larjTf pri.pnrtlon of the *rmy 
ii'layfri for a tlni*> Itip rvariialinn nf 
Oallipoll aqd the abandonment of the 
c-nterprtae. Aa a fJrat step, on 
October 11. Lord Kitehener tel«- 
rraphrd to Sir Tan H.ii.illion 

"What in yoii ,,f lli< 
iilil^ li.hfi whwh would b»' i-ti'.i !• 1 •■> 
' ' f r the evacuation of the 

nmjia waa dveldad upon 
uiid carried out In tha nuMt enrvful 
nt&nn*rT No d«eMon ban bam nr- 
rivad at yat on thla t]ue«tlon of 
ovaeuatton, but I f««l i ouirht to have 
your vlewn. In your reply you need 
not conekli^r the poaatble future 

danicfT tn ' \ . Kmptra whloh mlyht 

be thus caiJs«d. ■ 

Sir Ian Hamilton, who had already 
declared evacuation to b« "unthink- 
able." replied on tha Itth that — 

"It would not bo wlae to raekon on 
retUnf out of Oalllpoll with l«aa loaa 
thaii that of hnlf the total force, aa 
well^aa K'ina whirh muat be uaerl to 
th*- la«t. iti.r<-!<, railway plant. hf>rne». 

We mlxht be very lucky and 
Innf oon.xiderably l«« than I have 

(Mr Ian HamfltMi Recalled 

< >n (Htiihor 14 It waa decided to 
i>-<'iill .Sir lati lla/iiilton and to aend 
(Ut In lii.s plar^' (J'-iierul Monro, an 
uffloar who had already commandad 
an army In Franoa and waa deeply 
Imbued with Waatem Ideaa.. Ha he- 
lm fed to that aeheol wheae aompmne 
< onceptlon of rreat war atratevy waa 
UlUInc Oermana." Anjthlnif that 
KillP'l ( Jprrn iii!* w :i« riKht An>tliinK 
that (till MMt U " ' • • iiiinB waa uaeless, 
evf II r ■ m ill i>eople kill them, 

and kill more o( thi m. or terminated 
nielr power to kill ua. To auch 
minda the eapturo of Conataatinople 
waa an Idle trophy, and the deetmc- 
tion nf ^rkey aa a military factor, 
or the rallying of the Balkan fitatea 
to the Allies, mere polillra, which 
every mllll.'try man nhould Imld In 
proper acorn The special itlimk 
o( General Monro waa not known to 
the cabinet. Ilta tnalructlona were 
moreover eseluaively military. U« 
waa to espreae aa opinion whether 
the Oalllpoll Peninsula ahould be 
evacuated, or another attempt made 
to carry It. :in<l on th<' nunit>er of 
troop-n that would h*" required (ll to 
liirrv the penlnHula. iZ) to l.eep the 
Siralta open, and ( 3 ) to take Conntan- 
I nople. No reference waa made 1<> 
any part which might be played by 
the neet In thie eaaentialy amphlb- 
loua operation. Very large maMaa 
of troops were now movlnir from 
I>*r«n<o lo the eaatern theatre, and 
the whole queatlon of their employ- 
ment was left open In these oir- 

Lumatancea Ueneral Monro'a report 
was awaited with the utmost analety, 
Came-. .Saw Capltnlalnd 
There wai< however, no need for 
auapeuse (letieral Monro wa-* ,in 
officer of MWlft Ueclalon. He came, 
he aaw. he capitulated. He reached 
the Dardanelles on October 21; ahd 
already the next day he and his staff 
were diacusaine nollilnc but evacua- 
tion. On tha Itth he landed on the 
peninsula. Without going hayead the 

Ut ORfppe 

Carp«t Cleaning 

T|M Mjm "ir- RearH M«fK«4 

Iko-* ..... . - . , y 

A* ju.r Mic* ' 

laland Window and Carpet 

W. H. 


naiiiiaal at tt pw ant a l eead ea 

p..i»^V»«»#e -■»« py»o»W ta • < f'l ' • ** ■ a •-«■.[,- .r. 

OW Radio Sarvlce 

:ne|, he famiUarlaed himself in 
the spdee of sis hours with the o«n- 
ditloap prevailing on the fifteen-mile 
front o( Ansae, Buvia and Hellea. and 
spoke a few dlncouraicinK worda to 
the principal offlcerx at fach ptdnl 
I'O the I . 1 rn ni H n (If r.M Hiin^- 
moned to mfei him :it their renpertive 
corpa hea<1inj.-iri»r?«. h' put aeparafely 
and in turn a queatlon in the follow- 
ing aense: '*On the suppooltlon that 
you are going to get no more drafta, 
ean you maintain your p osition in 
■pile of the arrival of ef^ong rein- 
foroemenla with heavy guna and 
I'mltl<-«H <;rriii.iii ammunition''" Jle 
thu.-^ ( ollfcted ;i tiumhi-r of dubious 
anawerc. .irmcd with whic h 
turned to imbroa. He 
set foot on the peninsula during the 
tenure of his eommand. Uls chlef- 
of-the-staff. also an enthusiast for 
evacuation, never vl.«iUrd It at all. On 
October SI Qenernl Monro dispatched 
hla telejfram rerotnniendlnK the tot.i! 
e\ar!iatlon of the (JallipoU I'pnlnHul.i 
fli I abandonment of the cam- 

paign. According to bis own etatr- 
menta he contemplated, in addition to 
the ruin of the whole enterpriae, 

uuBfli wa 

iravrr. thither tfWB the I>ar- 

.1 fj.ii! ! do not. however. 

l>r I il'.i (. . f thut :tio rtirii.^. 
, ii 1 p'rtiii 'nil w .t liOi.t 
tKird; I -i nrdrr to drive ti;in 

out a very ttiorough artillery prep- 
n ration is aeoeasary 
munitions aa the ■ 
I e brooght np are 

Me proceeded to dwell apaa the 
iiiiiiceroijii manner In which the 

tar thla the 

t ti' h ! ra! 

• ' e J 

bet 11 wraKriirl Ihrc.Kii Mi 
Wlthdrawels of llie mi. hur BM!ller-». 

particularly tbe huwltzers. on wh.<h 
his whole ayatem depended. In ad- 
dlUoa to the farty-alaa hawltaera aad 
aaaMla g«aa with their aavfMaa of 
ammuomao Withdrawn In May and 
June, he had during August and 
September been f. r.ed t.. i ci> i> ■ 
other twenty one of most \ .\\ ..<f. r 

\ i.\f.'<t.i ■ iiijil K.ins Tlie 
w holt) of Ihc vital InternM-il.Mi - ue- 
feans of the forts eontau • i at this 
time aaly twaatjF mobile howltaera 
aad mortars. Ta eavta tMtSnX von 

"Owing to the transfer «f the eight 
(•inch howitiern and three S.S-laeh 
mnrtarn tberc remained only In 

fortr'ss ly o( high angled gvaa the 

fol low liiK . 

ll) t)n the li^uropean aide: One 
A -inch bowitser battery of four how - 
II Bern. No mortar batteries. 

"(2) On the Aalatle ooast: Three 
6 Inch howitser bat^riea, eaeh of 
four how It/era One 1.4-ineh haw- 
U>cr battery of elx mortars." 


I . i-i » \si III ^l I S. 

WHrpmcJi Arrang<>meMt I'adrr Wblch 

Uernmny Will Consent to t— 

Ing of nrparathma 

WASHI.NOTON. ort 17. — While 
Mr. L.loyd George devoted yaatarday. 
his second day In WaahlagtoB, chiefly 
to pilgrimages to Arllngten National 
Cemetery and Mount Vernon, and te 
call upon the disabled soldiers at 
Walter Kee^ TfoapMal. publl' qiieB- 
tlons did mil esi apr hi.-" ;itlentloii. 

The reparation witunlion in the 
llKht of the laleat development at- 
traded hla interest, and tonight he 
he ><- (4|£nrered with fleoretary Hughea at 
wever again ^fs^ latter's heme for an hour. 

Althongb no statement was made 
concerning the converaatlon. It waa 
aaaumed that the latent phaae of the 
reparatUm quPRtion, a." well other 
nuittera of pul>lic interest wiH?" dl"- 

Al a conference of newspapermen 
he apokn hopefully of the eltuatlon, 
and Indicated that on the basla of 
latest advices from Europe he be- 
lieved a distinct advance had been 
loss of from thirty to forty per cent made towards a solution of the prob- 
Qf tho army. I.e., about forty thousan<^^ /em. Once nn Inveatigatlon In begun 
offlcera and men. This ha waa pre- Into rSermany'a capacity to pay, he 
pared tc accept. Two daya later lo- <le< lared, lie Would be hopeftll Of a 

'let', ern | 
"e ^ Al u .it I ot 
upon I,cird 

left for Kgypi. leaving the coniniand 
of the Dardanellea army temporarily 
In the handa of Qeneral Blrdwood 
KHdmier TtntndesatnMk 

.\fnnro'n telegram of 
fell like a fhunderhidt 
Kltihener. and f^r- the 

moment and under the ahock he had 
risen in all the strength which he 
commanded when he embodied the 

indomitable' core of our nation .i I 

char.i ' ■ ■ 

l/ord KKvticiicr to (•rncral illrtlwiMKl 

"Very secret. 

"Tou know the report sent In by 
Monro. I ahall come out to you; am 
leaving tomorrow night I have neen 
t'aptain Keves, and I believe the 
Admiralty will airree to making naval 
attempt to fon,. th.- piiHsaRe of the 

SlralU. We muat do what we can t.. 
asstot them, and I think that as noon 
as our ships are in the Sea of Mar- 
mora we should sehM the Bulir 
lathmua and hold it so aa to supply 
the navy if the Turks atlll hold out 
"Examine very carefully the beat 
poaltlon for landing near the riiarah 
at the h.M.i ,,f the (;ulf of Xeron. ao we < ould (jet a line a'croaa the 
i ihmuM with nhlps at both aldea. In 
order to find the troopa for this un- 
dertaking we should have to reduce 
the jium bers in the trenchea to the 
loweet possible, and perhapa evacu- 
ate posttlona at Suvla All the beat 
fighting men that could bo apared 
Intludinn sour l»oy« from Ansae and 
every on-- I ca n .sweej, tip In £gypt, 
might lie lomenlrH^ed at Mudroa 

ready for this enterpriae. 

"There will probably be a change 
in the naval eommand, Wemyas beins 
appointed In eommand to carry 
thrdttgh the naval part of the wori^ 

"Aa regards the military cumruand. 
you would have the whole force, and 
ahould carefully aelect your < om- 
rnandrra and troop.s i woiilil eug- 
geat Ma\ide. Fanaltawe, Marahall. 
Peyton, Goodley. Cox. leaving othera 
tc hold the lines. Plsaee work out 
plans tor this, or alternative plans 
aa you may think best. We matt do 
11 right thla time. 

"I abaoliitely refu«e to oigti i.rdern 
for ev.icuatlon, which I think would 
be the gravest disaster and would 
condom a large percentage of our 
men to death or Imprlaonment. 

"Monro will be appointed to the 
command of the Salonlkl force." 

Here was the true Kitchener, Here 
In this flaming telegram — whether 
Pulalr was the be^t place or not • 
vaa the man the Mritlah Kmplre be- 
lieved him to be. In whom mllllona 
act their faith — reaolute, a«lf-reilant, 
creative. lion>haa«tad. 

Ijo^d Itltcbeavr Chaagaa lOodi 

Unhappily the next day; 

November 4 IHli'i, 
"I am comi'iif i . nrranped. 
The more I ihe problem the 

leaa I see my way through, so you 
had better work out very quietly and 
aecretly and scheme for getting the 
traapa aff the penifMala.** 
• • • • 

We may now iince again exercise 

our pri\ilegp of croaainit to the ene- 
niT * linen and of learnina liri» the 
ii«iion wa« \ lewed bv !he renpon- 
iible (ierinan atrthorltlen On the 
v.ime Ortober 31 that General Memro 
«iapatohed his telogram of avg— alien 
to X^ord Kltaheaer. Admiral von 
Vaadam. who, it will be remembere'i 
cemmanded the fortrees of the 
nardanellea and all th« marine d>*- 
fenc^a of the mr!«i<« < r. r^i p l» t erl i« 
d.apateh to the I -> : • t « i r. 

'he even'.* of 'ti' iJuit 7inuiih. 

ihe crr.i- Ji'tack," he wro" 
which we have been sif si ling on 
he land tnmX haa not taken pisc* 
aiace the advMee laaagaratad by the 
r*w landlag en August T north of tn* 
\rlburnu front waa brought in « 
•Tid>itl" \' th«- end nf gepfembe.- 

Nuccesaful outcome. 

There is no necessity of going out- 
.■.Ide the Versailles Treaty In reaching 
a .solution, Mr l.loyd (Jeorge ajiserted, 
.iddlriff that If France denlred to 
keep the queatlon witjiin "the four 
cornern of the treaty." lie aaw no 
objection to Huch a course. 

There would be no substantial dif- 
ference, he explained whether the 
Investigation ifaa conducted by aa tn- 
depeadeat oommlaslon under atUhor- 
ity of the Jteparatlon CommlaaloB so 
long as the Investigating: body was 
composed of busineaanien or ex porta 
of proved ability, who actually repre- 
sent ed the pi.w. r.s and hava the een- 

fldence of the world. 

The moral force of any report pre- 
sented by such a group, ha contended. 
Would give It a momentum that could 
not be succaasfuly realsted. The value 
of a commission of buslneaamen In 
the circumaUnce, he added, would 
be In their political disinterestedness. 
Alao, he said, a businenam.'i n ban a 
way of arriving at a conclusion al- 
most by laatlact. 

LUlililMi tANPr 


Siooil '.ir liui I'M. ■1,1 ^ Ill 

Uruw \ iaiiura lo u.c . Ttux>agh 

VANCOUVEn. Oct. «T.— Advent of 
the day when logRlnR c.impM In Brit 
inh Columbia will be bidding foi 
tourist traffic a.'* hum Inn: ;ind recrea 
tion lodges, is foreshadowed by in 
formation received by the pubUcltv 
bureau that a South Carolina earn 
pany plana to eaUbUsb such a project 
on Smith Bound. It is tbs intent lot, 
of thhi company to open its camp i 
tourists and travelers. 

The announcement of ,,1.1,, 
made by the I'nited Hi.i r^ 1 r. 
resentative of the r«nM( r.i- , 
Railway at New York in Um>. 
the publicity bureau lie writea. 

"An American <'"mi>any Is aboo' 
In begin extensive lumbering opera 
tions pn Smith Sound, B.C. They 
have Inquired regarding elaha or 
camps that may have been erected 
and iaauiled by other lumbartag earn 
paniea In Britlah Columbia. 

"It is their Intention to open the - 
cnmp to tourlata and traveler, v. », . 
may need acrommodatlona Ih- .. 
men are from South Carolina, where, 
they s:a-e, gaoh clabo aad eampa are 

Clears Skia 

Of Pimples 

■ark^i r \' t.op of Ifgri't Cal- 

Cium W^let't m Kidding Face 
of Pimpiea, Boila. Rash, 

ll )• aae af th* w^.n-i.ra ef t)«e hvinaa 
■T«*efn that eertala natarat •l*tn«nia har* 
taRa»«te«a wlthsel <Mil«h ih*e« u >t«eaf 

T>1- bU tfl IB Bfl •■ample TbIi* ft r<%fTi |»l* , l.i„ 
It.ftt in all rr.T»r»rl Bntl pin.plaa blo^'hea. 
rftiih. I»laekh«ft4» *ts-* i« <• • « -^.l m«44j 

f»«d i( with atwft" • ■ . -. i- '« .'>ra aad a 
marvvlaea rkana- '•k<'> p «. . || eaao 
beenmea ani a ath and r*|T*if. riNiSlee Sad 
ntitar H iwlsa— faS* away. The Meed la 
the ^ifi )• par tS aa. tha 
(<.-... .-.1 \^ f y^r^ It v^aeebae 
.,, . p 'sies Is 

vehiciae lacr 

U. ioJormatioa from 4 

a weBrt»»-fMllT |M««t '.I 
•..f- .<.!!. I,.. 

\ .., ir>i ft f '» .1 rM^r aki i n 

V, » • h*-n i#ftw»*'1 w . «-il»" « i'^.^y^^ 

» ft f .. ■ . 

i,.n< a <0 b''! a^«a,°ft 

Wftf«-ft ftef ArnM wrttft f„ 

r A Siaart te. »n ataar; RS<l|r . Mu-alkali, 

JUah,, tar a tree aaaala sa ak a g i. Ude«.> 




All Unubu^ Show liig 

Of llandhuiiic liiipoitcd 

EvClliilLi GoW lib 

Selection Here Will Be 
Satisfactory kl4eed ^ 

They sparkle with Rhinestones and j^leam with 

old ^'old and thr ricli Oriental < ' of 
♦brocadrp, etc. Some are basqued (ir lM>uriant; 
others straight and slim. They are delicately 
trimmed, for their beauty lies in their rich 
.simplicity. The .styles are exchuive Sld~^ 
worthy ol your careful in«.|>rctiun. 

With the social season just com- 
mencing, the choosingf of votir ntw 
Kvcninfij (iown is very important, Bind 
we urge you to view this superb dia» 
play while such a fine ahowmg it 
ready for jrour approval. 

$42.50 lo $120.00 

Silk Hubicry, Glove:>» l^ans 

llair Ornaiiicntb, Ltc. 


As a rulr a'cces.sories either make or mar .in 
evening costume. Our showing oi Silk Hohiery, 
Fans, Gloves, Hair OntamenU, etc., for even- 
ing wear is all that could he ,i(-<>i >d and 
choosing them correctly wiU be an easy 
matter here. 

' Women 's Spun Silk 
Bloomers, $3.75 _Pcr Pair 

Women's Fine Quality Sp%n Silk Bloom- 
ers in shades of flesh and mauve. Made 

with strong reinforced gusset and elastic 
at knees and waist. Ter pair ^.75 

Baiii w 'b ihft Aei .-tiif »f Batuaebip 

This Pipeiess 
Furnace Will 
Save You Money 

A Luld .statement, you say' 
Yes, it is. and if you own a 
"Radio" Victoria-Madt Pipe- 

Irss T'lirn.irr yotl will agree 
With us. Come and sec it ; k>ok 
at it inside and out ; note ^e 

2-piece firebox, making it only 
necessary U> renew tkc bottom 
hali when burnt ouL 


Albion Stove Works 




kk Your iUpur Work ' 

25c! 25c! 25c! 25pl 

Maple Leaf Lamps 

i-uily naranteed and carried in 25, 40 and 60 Watt 
Only : 

of it! 

25cl 25cl 25c{ 25cl 

, Domes, Table L^p»— All on the Bargaio CousUr aad 

Sone at Lett 




, Ratmbll* 
n» CMMUt rrtallB 

«•« Ufcb'iiir 

••iMMlWrc la •rdarlac Vhanif* of •^^' V- 
giv« both 

by Mall 


pa' 1 1 <- » i • I 

Mi4 ttottt^ •■•••^ , J 

TaMiy i«« 

Haif-Taarly f TT 

Quarterly ' *" 

aubarrlplloo r»toa par»bl« lu 

Mrgc m 


( of f»i<- riniii qaestioob bclorc Uir 
>cs4iun uf tiic Liniisb Colombia L«->:i> 
Utare which opent tomorrow will t)*- 
that of RetlUtribution. What we would 
'thi« conorction is that th« 
with thr Mibjcct •boaM ^-c 
4o«ii >' the rarhcst pOMlble 
M> that the Ix-gislatore 
the pMfrf* tti tb< various parts of the 
prwtecc win have full opportunity of 
st«dyiaf its effects while it t* yet 
^miu dliL— inn The hope hu bees 

fxprc^fd a nnmhrr of tinCS thst • 
dcci5iou wili be fcai^licd to reduce the 
•■obcr ol MCfldMrs ia the loc«l Lck » 

\; prrs.rnt the mttpbCT i« 47. 
It IS too many and coMtltlMea one of 
the rcMHM why the fixed charges of 
Kovcrntn- II' ; "«> heavy in a Tiovincc 
With a populaiion of Utile orer half a 
mlHoii taolfc Britiah Cohuabia coui i 

rarry on rqiialK . flffCtiTely aS it does 
now m a I'rovintial •case with 35 
«iembcrs. or. ia other words, a un 
rrfM ' - ' I' I.. 11 of one member lor each 
IS.OUO iKiioos of the popalatioo. The 
ce«t of fwcfMtflt e«tf* 
m pftipartloa« 

l^ialatioa has hMn promised aflcct 
ing the eompletioa of the traas-pro- 
vineial l|ighway and in this con 
after so much discutsion, rcpici<ri:i.* 
tion and preliminary investigation, the 
Goveriimcut oaghl to he prepared to 
•ay definitely what route will be taken 
by the missing Uak «« thto roadway 

It should hr prepared to outline, too. 
when ioostruction will commence , 
what it wilt cost and when the high 
wav will be an accomplished fact. The 
whole matter is one for a business- 
like statement. It ought to be Hfted 
oat of the rut of sectional differences 
of opinion and pot oo the plane of 
what is in the best iatcresU ol the 
Province. Anothef -problnn wbirh 
calls for settlcBwnt is the future of Uic 
Pad lie Great Eastern Railway. In the 
opinion of the people generally the 
time has arrived for a plain sUtemeut 
of policy from the Govsrnmeat, accom 
pattied by full figures affcctef financial 

There is to be new lixalion. but so 
far there is no Mat of any relief for 

the t .1 > ; I ' ' ' 111 .>i.v ilir^'tion. it IS 

upon what wiii be dout m I he matter 
•f relief, that the svccess. of the (orth- 
cominK .session will he weighed in the 
balance in the mmds of the electorate. 
Time and again it has been pointed 
out that it i'' cu rrhiirdrntng taxation 
that is retarding development. That 
is t^giOfling to be rccognixrd every- 
whert, tnd it is r.i'-i'-r m F.nMsh Col- 
umbia than under many other govero- 
ments t^ redUca tai^tlon. 'H^ the 

peor'*- own the natural resourcgs of 
the i'roviuce, or, at least, the vast ma- 
jority of these are still vested in the 

Crown. There are p.-.l.rlr^ which 
frhould be brought lulo i>i*y uj promote 
thek d e te l opafc a nt, Md among these 

the most welconii' wou'd he the re- 
moval of such rcslrKU^e legislatioQ as 
dettfrs capital from IDvesttnenf in the 
Province. The Governrnent would do 
well, in the latter paiucular, to give 
heed to tha coaaseis it has rceciTCd to 

abolish the percnn.Tl property tax, 
which has proved so harrassing. It is 
hoped also that it will s«« fit to cut 
the amusement tax in two, and can- 
vass every other possibility ol relief 
htinf afforded the taxpayer. It is thtt 
considerations mentioned that will 
arouse the most genuine interest of the 
p«ople*in tha progMM of tha session. 

The Government has tnui.h I t • irr .nnd 
, to reclaim and it can do a gicat deal 
in this direction by constractivc efforts 
of Iraji'-lalivr relirF, atui laws tending 
to promote the development of the 
•Mtwral la ao ur c — of BrItUh Colaaibia. 

they actually exist without any par 
luuUr legard tu the devrUn'inerit i ol 
the futore. 1-ur the first time the 
reparation* problcsa is being broaght 
down to a »fri< tly bnsiacM l>aMi. and 
tJaat IS why there is aaccllent hope oi 
a Anal sett kaw wt heing arrived at. pro 

videil d!v»ayi that llierr i an b« jJc 

>iuaie baieguards lo secorc thc^pay 
meats which Ocraaay irtH ha called 

upori til niuVi' 

The iatt itiat the priociple ol a 
financial c o tmiss ioa on rcparttioas has 

been ane^led h> the live iiatiuii^ prui 
cipaily cooccrocd, and by the butted 
States as wdl. Is an earaest that what 

ever rei onuneiidalion.s ari»e out ol ii» 
work will be agreed upon m the mam 
by the goveraasents iawrfvaC Indeed. 

It will rest vjVKiii thr posMhilltv of ^U( h 
agreement 4iut the Luted 6Utcs can 
be persaaded to kad eoatln ae as aid la 

the rehaliiinatioii ni l.inope. Thr Ui k 
oi such aid ha^i bcca oac of llic factor a 
teadtac to a perp e t m t i oa of aasetticd 

condition-,. 1 !i. effect of the d«-<-i^i.r, 
to set a hnanciai coufll<nn to wurW 

«■ amli a fcdidg of ir«M ffary- 

Note and Comment 

Hv H B. D. ♦ 


Esqujiiialt with Its- great waterfront 
and its areas of land »o suitaM i >i 
{hr !(>. atlon of factories always has 
iaL< a and always niust take a lively 
interest in industrial develop < i 
That the interest i> growing was show n 
by tl»e hanqort kivcii on Friday night 
by the Hv>amI <.i Trade of that muni- 
, .i' • l i-' u development was 

tlu auii.c a.i 1 ;iic vliief theme of the 
varioas speakers at the gathering, and 
■ f woiil.l he ^e!!. mdred, and a healthy 
Mgii, It the interest siiowti in this direc- 
tion were to iiii— H the entire com- 
^mnaity ta and contiguous to Victoria. 
Ihis district wants an increase in its 
permanent payroOa to pat an end to 
the exodus of oar yoottt P«^l<^ 
our artisana. It want^ concerted 
effort to briac about this desirable < ud 
It is only hv providing more employ 
■Mat that an> camulaiivc locicase ui 
population can be expected, and it is 
time that this reaJization was en- 
allied in all efforts looking towards 
progress. It is axiomatic that if we 
,1" t.i hold the population we have and 
induce newcomers to settle hefe there 
most he more work provided, y/e have 
the rcsoorees. the workmen are av.i ' 
ahl^ Iwt It remains to iaiacc the r 
ustmsat «f capital hi tednctrial de 

vloptnenf n 

I he (.o-operative spirit which was 
emphasixed in the Esquimalt banquet 
i.s the right one to bring about results. 
It should be consolidated, and applied 
to tangible action. The interests of 
\ 'i iori.1 am! h^r ;i<l''>iiung munici- 
palities arc identical where the ques- 
tioa of indnstrinl expansion is at issue 
It is sinip'v .1 <;'!'- '■ >ti of petting to- 
gether and ascciumi;i^ what arc the 
ideal means to promote development. 
There are movements afoot in the way 
of providing better facilities for tran** 
porta tion, that, when they are brought 

info plav. will a.ssnredly create a fuller 
spirit ot conhdencc in our future.- The 
great traaaportatioo companies of the 
Dominion are prepared to give this 
commumty belter recognition than 
ertr in the past. That is a hopeful 
. The advaatap'- which can be 
taken ot this recogninon is a matter 
for oar pooptc to consider, but it will 
involve harder work in bringing about 
greater production and thus putting 
more money into circulation. The 
whole snbjeet of development in a co- 
operative way is one that ahould be 
pursued through systematic channe l 
The spirit of the people is willing, and 
they look to those well versed ia in- 
dastrial af^ for loadcrth^ and flidd- 




A new iintr and one of hopefulness 
been injected mto the reparations 
proMcm by tha decMon of the United 

States fo he represrritrd .it a confer- 
ence of financial experts which is to 
meet to dtlcws the Isflhc. The Uaited 

St.itr-; hai. -.n far piTari no plediy that 
she will become a partner to the settle 
meat in a peditical sense, but her aid 
» It ta he piven !n d . <r . . mjf, mider tha 
cifwiiiiiccs. what Licriuaajr can pay 
and how ait CM par It The meeting 

of ajipaitt is to he ill th'-'ir'- I'l 
an adviiO^ conference 1 rante, Italy 

and Balklam have agreed to this coarsa. 

gad. d'liil.v thev will .u'"-' ' 

tiM supuiauon advanced by the L lutca 
Slatag thot Him eeolcrcaei wMl ba som- 
to consider reparation* alonr 
that it will not deal with inici 
Aflhd dehts 

Britain hj« htoHRbt ai . M this con 
f crcn c* and in doiug so ha.s spread new 
hope that a litHiiMat of one of the 

^•re.'<»e«.f of Kliropean problems is in 
sight. KcparaUoiis Uom the first should 
hovo haaa ragaadcd as purely a finan- 
. lal i«sw, as an issue whirh could only 
be determined by l.trraany*s cspacity 
to pair oMi »1My'ti'MiHr pomlble 

;i ptoporfioii »i> 'I" dannee 
wrooght IB the Orcat \Sar. A hnancial 
i liBartiliin will diVDree all pditkal 
< onsiderations from it* in westisrafion 
Its mrmbcrs. presumably, will hold 
theif seitrions in Onoany. or at least 

i.iWe full oppo'tii'-i'^ iin r=;'it;a!ipc 

' rryr ' tcsouucs and trade and 

German tmphie.*, in the way of 
gans and military accoutrements cap 
tured in th' "'.rrat \N'ar, may he a 
drug in ^bc market, but lo many they 
still remain symhols of the prowess 

of the .irnii:-.-i -f thf I'mpir-- Many 
cities throughout the Dominion have 
beert donated ietd ptMU, and we 
would venture t« hetfova, tren with 
out full knowledge of the subject, 
that all these have heoa placed on 
prominent sites and are regarded as 
treasured relics of a frc#t era in the 
history of the humah rtec. Some of 
the gtms donated to VutMria have 
heen installed in ptihlic places, hut 
there are two held pieces still lying 
in the corporatioo yard at Garbally 

R I'hrv hiv lam there for a 

long lime, and, seemingly,- no at- 
tempt has been made to find a loca- 
tion for thrin wlierr 'lir .i hc 
viewed by the public on ail occasions. 
1 bat this should he ee is a sign of in- 
difference on t!ir pi't .1. .!■,:! 
Itics. Those guns are trophies which 
shotild be placed oa exhibition, and 
the carelessness of the past In reallz- 
iiu: their importance should be re* 
p.tii' i without delay. 

Political evcaU of extraordinary im- 
portance are demanding the .ittention 
of the wofld today. The situation 

coald not have been moie chaotic h^d 

Germany won the w ai I'lobably it 
would hare bccu much simpler if Ger- 
many had won. The Kaisei ai hi. 
men of blood and iron would have 
doKijiuted the situation completely, 
would have 6xed the poUtical dtvi^i >iu> 
upon all parts of the earth except llie 
coounent of America; and they woold 
bgvt attended to America too in due 
lime Popular will woold not have 
been a factoT ta the matter at all; tbe 
win ui Jaakcrdoon woold havw. pre- 

• • e 

Thr m\i'i''. |.v.\f !' directs the 
ailair* ol the woild dcttccd that Ger- 
many shoafd not eoeceed in her scheme 

fl ivu'l'l d.inri,.(tM.t^ 'It'.- *..rr'-s t' r 

sought tu doiiiiiialc have been b' dt 
tared, the great empire that was to be 
the instriir, rut of domination has fallen, 
and the republic that succeeded it also 
ii In daager of disaohnioa. 

• • • 

As a maucr of fact, there never was 
anything in eoasmon between Prussia, 

the ceiiir,,! -'ite nf the German Em- 
pire, and a uiajoiiiy of the German 
minor states. The Prussian Luthersn 
) rt nf!\ difTcrent in tcmj^ament 
iiom his Catholic neighbors ia the 
southern and other parts of the coun- 
try The monarchy, based upon force 
and strengthened by the power of pos- 
sible <ntnre eonqaeat. was the one thing 
that held ili-' people of Germany to- 
gether. When the monarchy fell into 
the hands of feeble schemers of over- 
weening ambitions and attempted to 
carry out an impossible programme of* 
aggrandisemeat, it simply toppled over. 
But in the process of dissolution it set 

ttle whole of Europe by the ears. 

• • • 

Hence the political chaos on the con- 
tinent today. No one can predict with 
certainty what the ultimate rcsuh will 
be, nor can estimate approximately the 
nature, the character and the propor- 
tions of future political division*. The 
mapmaker may as well rest from his 
labors uatil Eorope settles down and 
decides to wallc in the paths of peace. 

Spiral training and experience are 

iir essary for a people who decide to 
rt up and be governed by democratic 
in-stitutions. The C.eirii.u! : i. I '-vcr 
had such training and know nothing 
whatever about such institutions. They 
have been accustomed to having their 
political courses mapped out for them 
by despotic authority. When that 
authority, appalled by the conaeqocnces 
of its own acts, at a time of crisis 
threw up its tail and fled, the Germans 
found themselves in a political wihler 
ness. There they have been wandering 
and floundering ever since, Icaderless 
and helpless. The form of socialism 
which succeeded the monarchy appar- 
ently holds out no hope for them. 

• • • 

The Royalists thoroughly under- 
stand the hiplc N tatc of mind of the 
German people. Jii their own pecu- 
liarly tccblc way they are tremend- 
ously active. Princess Herminc, wife 
of the former Kmpcror, is their prin- 
cipal agcnL She is ambitious, and 
certainly more caoable than her exiled 
consort. She see* visions of the rc- 
cstablishmcnt of a throne in Prussia, 
with a title of queen, if not of empress, 
bcckotung Iicr. The late heir to the 
throne also hopes that something will 
l>e thrown «p oat of the present tur- 
moil that may prove to hii advantage. 
Such visions may not be as wild as 
practical minds seem to believe. In 
the present state of Germany almost 
anything may happen. Order of an 
tmcapected character may develop from 

sach chaotic political conditions. 

• • • 

Put Germany is not the only coun- 
try which is experiencing a form of 
revolution. Conditions in Great Britain 
today are not th- same as they were 
before tlie ^ar. Probably they never 
can be the same again. The Industrial 
balance of .ill the world has been up- 
set. Markets upon which British nianu- 
fael«f«r» depended for thdr prosperity 

have h<rn swept away. Other mar- 
kets have been scaled by fiscal ordin- 

Poems Thai Endure 

tTbtwiattnc aU tha ekalaa tkmt Ms 

TU* hida.n aoui .f harmany. 

luhn MUtaa. 

- Thi- HSHtHMtM 

TUrt tetirr* w«U Mkliiic out iota tka aaat — 

Oul lnl« ibc wcjil a« the aun wanl dowti , 
Xadi Umh^i al Ua vtmiaa tkat loved him th< 

Sri<I ihr t hiUlrrn »too»l ' 
.( Ill' 

ftfT mtu lautc work. aa<l wci 
An t nj«-tc . lilUa ta mu%, aa 
Tb<'i:«rri ttit karbar bar ba 

I hrr* .a r U(> iu the 
And inmiiml Ut" lajnpa 

Jb4 ia*r 1 •utot 'I iba 

• t U • »t owrr. 

And Uic ■-tu. k it 
ao4 ttrowu , 

Bat mm mm 
Tbough atMW W 

And the harbv ksr ba 

Itctilm tLrm 
■B moat wMf, 


fia lattar ta tba aaisar < 
•var tiM ya^ar at^a 


ntm ronwm Uy a«)t 

ti>t \»"m- I ara 

Par wan lauat . 

And tha aoaaar Itis 

Ab(1 cwkI br« ta 


Uttia Btor^ra br a Ofwat 


Avplrtn Not a llablt-KorTuliig Drue 
Kir III View vf I hf lliji! a 
dr>ifi searti ' tiaa t><-rii c-niciucmi: "i" 
(It I luu lit 'VUf 1 >.» I . V l.ll>rris. l>ally 
Mail a.ii(l uilirr l>iiii<l>.ii ne WH 1m' r 9 
1)11 aii'l a.lKjul CHlol>«r 9. aiiJ lliat 
1 he V ictorlA Tlm«s o( yeatrrday 
Ciib) baa given promlneao* to iheac 
artlclM under a baadtnc "J^Vlrln Jac 
Maiiae Brttlali Peaters WerfP^'; may 
I tfiisisai'apea yeisr UatfMsqp to eut- 
that this qaeotloB haa bean agitated 
hateoe ^nd aa long ego aa NatMasber 
IS. i»2i. The rtisnnaoamirsi journal 
ot T.x)ndon, BSaghMSg. reported a 
»aer)i I'.v I'ro^OBOr H Dtion. 

pTr.h . M It , ijf Cambrldae i nivi-rdiiy, 

(Ifllvrrcd .»! ... cVriiliiK liit-eliuK <Jf 
Itic I ' III 1. - i; ' 11 ."-..ML-ly nf', 
(!l .! . • II . I :, VI !, ' 'i h'- B.i ,'1 1 

"Aapirln wua no more a habll-foiiii 

iac dra« than oaator oU." 

-I tern deelroaa oC tMam rrefe«or 
DIsaa's sUtemeat tiM wldent pabUalty 
beeause the article In The Ttnwa 
oloaea with the remark that "tha 
•.i-splrin iiahlf bldn fair to take its 
place with iho nil8iis»> of such dnigs 
B 1 1 ' I 1 1 n • r ; 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 

r o M I N ( . TO fflM 

Tli<' ni.i'i vsli.. k.«ii« up with the 
It . . II .! ■ r| 1.^. i.verleH In al't'.Hii 
m the Uiid. He known all ubow 
bacclU, microbes and all tli< u. 
newly-fottnd foes to mankind, n-^ 
reads the papers and heada aU the 
warnings that lead to longavlty and 
isafefy to mind and limb. He etepped 
a friend on Main Htreft yeaterday 
who WHS huryinpr to the poetoffi' ' , 
anil Bald excitedly: 

' Walt a iiiinutp, Hrown. l)o you 
ever hilo \ ngrr iiall«? ' 

"X think BO— no, 1 don't know: ex- 
cuse me, pleaae. I've get to catch 
that ear.", 

"Hold on. man: greaft •aodaeea 

alive, you doa't know what daager 
you are In. If a sharp partlelo of the 

nail Rot.s into > our lungs, laf l a a s m a t lon 
I.s bound to nt-i In. and finally lacera- 
tion, cdiniuinptlon, hemorrhage, fit.s. 
O'lnia, tubereulOBljH and death. Tlunk 
of It! And by the way, a new bat lUus 
has been dlsrovered In water in whtct\ 
rosee have been left standing that la 
very fataL I want to warn you. L a 
you know that—" 

"Say. old man. Fas oraeh obliged, 
but this letter — •* 

'"What 1h a letter compared with 
your life? There nro 10,000,000 anl- 
maleulao in a spoonful of ordinary 
hydrant w;it. r, there are 2,000 dif- 
ferent vartetlCM known. Do yOO eVOT 
put salt In your beer?" 

"I don't know; X really tantt go. 
I— ^ 

"Don't hold BM reeponslMe for 

your life. I'm trying to save H. "Why, 
my heavens, man, It's nothing but a 

miracle that we live a single day. Tn 
overy kIiih.s of be«T there Is an In- 
1 In Itr.slmal <|Uiiiitilv uf liy d ri x h lur i<: 
acid. Halt If a chl'irido of nodium, 
and the union rrlr;i.H<-«i the chlorine. 
Yon are drlpklng chlorine gas every 
day of your Ufe. Paase. before It Is 
too late." 

"I don't dHnk beer." 

"But you breathe through your 
mouth when you are asleep. I>0 you 
know vihai (i".>.x-.' Krlngs on an- 
tfin.i pe' turiH and hronchltla. Are you 
di'tfrinint'd i>> h't your IgnorsAce 
curry you to your grave? 1'hlnk of 
your wlfo and children! 1 >o you k' >•» 

that the oommon house fly carrie.n 
4e,e0* microbes on his feet, ami < nii 
convey cholera, typhoid fever, diph- 
theria, pyaemia, and—'* 

"Dang your microbes, rre got Jttat 
threo minutes to catch that malL Bo 
lonr " 

"Walt a minute. Dr. Pasteur 
say.s that — " 

Hilt the victim Ron". 

Ten minutes lat'r im- Urnior of 
new dieooverles was knocked down by 
a wagon wbUe trying to ereas the 
street, reading about a new niter, and 
was oarrled hoase' by sympathlalng 

PhaymaceaUeal ▲aa'a of B.C. 
P.O. Boa letl, Victoria. B.C Oc- 
tober It. itai. 

sir. — The public have had the ln« 

dividual vol^i'. anil the votes and pro- 

II ret I IIK'-' I'f 't' ii.M'lul A 111 h I V of 
I 111- I 'f • t-N ; . ■ , I n I !i ' i T . Ii ,1 1 l\,l il.'«'.im 
for .■ ■■rni .l,(v- t^i.-' M Ikm" : « iin-- • l.i.-*.' 
of \ ■ .t . . Ii I . • V • r . .1 1 (■ r II i i V ,t V 1 1 '. il 
\'S ! a nt I ■ u 111' >iu.-.i • . ii.iitii > I'.'- 
\^>\r■:^ (if pre.."il)i t eru .s 'I lu.i i.s a recent 
N"<' taken just prior to the laeeUiag L 
of the Henerul AaBcmbl> In Junejaat: 

Asrainst Union 1 

For delay . ..... t 

For Union 4f 

Total .......... . (1 

^^'bat a speeta^: In the whole 
church only ono preebytery agalnet 
union. Ot the forty-nine for union, 
twenty were ttnanlasaus. -the 
der averaged well over two to 
Imagine for a moment If these figures 
were reversed, what would be said oC 
unionists clumorinK for union with 
only on«» prf .sl)y fry in favor of It; they 
would hi told to abl<li' hy tho ma- 
jority, or Ji^rhaips K^'ntly rrrnlnd»»d 
that they rei|ulrf<1 to f 1 1^ < n ir^ 

The anti-unlonlsts fall to appre- 
hend two things, ilrst, that union la 
practically an accomplished fact; 
second, that It is the greatest eccles- 
iastical aorement since the Reforasa- 
tlon. and ee r e g a r ded hy the heal 
mlnda m Ohitstandom. 

«16 Bsquimalt Rood. VIofeaela Went 
Oct. 27, 1I2S. 

By iheWay— 

tCapyrightj^^m^ Nar^r^marleaa 


» ' reRime is p ;i r •.. im. ■iiic .n « 
la the rxcrcuc Ot the Spmt ot huuian 

ity. It seat a relief shifl* to the 

■ irt'^injVr s'lfT'-r'"- • ' '»pan ''iit its 

representative aboard demanded the 
right to dlstrlkfite dw> goods so that 

Ictafians. lie uj^niy began making 
CoMMnlst tpcechca aad « i^Milt 
the haihor ■■strr of 
the shir to iMf* port. 

Protection for local indastries is the 
order of the day everywhere Hritish 
sUtesmea, therefore, have reached the 
conchislon that new marfccts orast be 

found and the home inarVct.s pmtict'-d 
if their industrial institutions arc Jo sur- 
vive. Premier Qaldwin has made an 
impoitatit atitiounrement on that mat- 
ter, and that announcement will cause 
a tremendoos pcditical uproar. The 
;,iii.ipl<" of free trade has been at- 
tacked in Its only remaining world ^ 
stronghold. Bat there to a fact to hd^^ 

considered that is mOTe gtobborn .ind 
(Dore important thaa any abstract 
principle, and that fact is that there 

is not a nation m •h'- world that 

not adopted the principle of protection 
for its products against the products 
I : (• I'ritain. Even the d'-i alh- in- 
dependent doadnions of Great Britain 
haw adopted policy. In the ca^e 

of (".r' I'.rit.iiti. therefore, thi- appears 
to be a matter of industrial lite as 

MONO the curloeitlee of tho aal« 
mill kinffdom are tranaparont 
animals. In ordinary opa<juo ani- 
mals tha color mArkin»r» ;u-« sym- 
metrical <>'\ tioih sldoe of 
CoriMttiss the body, but this la not 
•/yfsisMl tho oaae with trannpnrent 
JOMdesi «^hs- When looked at from 
on*» Bid* these oels appear 
to h.Tyo -i-von large M-iek spots ar- 
lanKed at nearly rf-frulnr intervals 
along the irnglh of th»>1r bodW, 
closer sxamlnatlon showis thai in 
each case thrae spots are on the left 
aide and Cour on the right aide. 

They are irtegalarty ep aoe d . but In 
mich .1 manner that on looking 
tiu-ough the body aU sovsn appear in 

Mfurttime Pmdmem 

RBNTTtLLB, lUL. Get H^-Vhe 
I Scot la Krnit OrSWeC^ ^taOMla* 

mmo the )-Vuit Hhipper^ AsBOfllatlon. 

•'• I "parf m'^'if of immlrraM'^n of 

thr M.irttitn-- fU>» r<1 nf Tricl , -.I »h.. 
A • 1 1 r>. . ' '. , V. . f fr ■»■. t- ' - 
. « ^l li ,1 I I r ,1,1,. r ^^ 1 n t' ' I [ n i \ I 1 1 ' r 

Inc th,»t prr f r rr 111-- hr c;%rn p .- 

^ pre serv»e an« dried frott m the MMi 

a a a 

But there is a matter ol tremeadous 

,1 H - ^ • the Bmpire involved in 

the U>ld and scnsatiOBal announcement 
of Premier Bakhrin. The hoods that 

■ y\r 5^t.'."- • overseas 
posscaaions have repeatedly been de- 
scribed as merely iiin i lmia m i This 

nr\«, i-ti'r. ■> r--r... , f\,>ar to 3 'vstem 
that will unite the hmpue upon s 
profitable and persmnent basis. Prefer 

r- •ia' •■!'<' » ■' ' r'mpire, wliiih 
hither lo has been mote oi an idea than 
a reality. My hecMW • 
fact ^ 

The peopla of th» I oHrd giafs 

paid t«.eM.*t*-t«e leg aatomo 

TO OMEinB Jti 

From liiain. and Ilp-i. have flowed 

Th" words which lift the mind 
Abovf th" IptcI of the dualy roadt 

Trodden by vain naanklad. 
The paths of Oreed, Of Bett, o( Ba«l- 
less TolU 

Lead to the auirt whe«<t.jeoiM, of men 

Kaoh other In the dreaJfitl war for 


F*or lust of ria. e. for Money and for 


Careless of who may fall, U they but 
reaah tMr aim. 

K''<-p clear for oa 
or Liove, Insed !• 
By those fair 
The th<- 
Show what Ues 




Beds, Springs 

If yuii liavr an extra l>edroom to furnisii here is a 
.splendid opportunity for you to purchase a bed. 
spriflgr mattra^ very congHcraMy bek>w the 
ordin.irv price. Because this is a deanimp sale 
ol oddiaeiita we adviaa aarlj aeiectieo. 

unnoted, aa arc 

gaerdrop ta the lowly 


The beauty and the 

know n — coa co aled— 
Hidden .tilsyai 


mFii . : tst Ba im. at 

x^" great ICaatT Mom. 

Maintain the old Of^ek Faith; 

B»t forlti. In alt you writa. 
Beauty of l-'orm, of Spirit, and of 

Thus shall our Inner sl»ht — 
T>lr*cted to the treasures at our hand, 
riodlag the pleasant flacee of 

l-lmplre I>rflUny 

.sir, - It was \ery pleading nnd 
rpfro«hinK lo read your reference In 
Tuesday mornlnR'a Ijmif th' a;.:!! i 
tion Rolng on In (;ri . i i t.i n. iht; 
United States and Canada fur the re- 
writing of hlatory. 

A renalaaanoe of the Brttieh people 
seems to be on the way— a kind of 
bono c-onilng to bone, as Bseklel says 
(.17 ch-ip ). We see thia In th<> move- 
ment to ilcvi-lop our ' V" Utr\tn^f, 
via., tho British V^np' i.thiMtMn 
the creut econon ' • • ; i. ■ r 
Kmpire Premiers and. not least, by 
the searching anosr lata oar origin 
and early history. 

All thla ia very timely « we are oeer 
going to stand up on our own feet and 
eprout a baekbone. World rehabtllta- 
Uon is pecilIUrly our own u .rk uti.J 
can only cunio .-ihout thrnich >j- Th'^ 
M iiefii iiui inay )<< n.-k<-.i \'. > ■ 'I 'i» 
answer l.", thii \ye have \irrn rliowen 
by the AlmlRhty and Omniscient <Jod. 
the tfupreme Bular and liavlour of the 
world; and. agala, there ia no' other 
nation capable or deetrona to do iC 

This Is Just where eorreet teaehlna 
of liinfMry In necessary in order that 
we in 1 V know our true oricln. heeanae 
1 1 ; !i '.1 • . s. KTMl t 1m r ■ ' I u ii t . 
1' n li ll'l T-tund this »P j-flAll 

' x'ltly apprepiiite uur t,-L.-<k and also 
lie destiny: that of a i>riaee and 
Uuler with Ood. and tbe deuht an^j 
fear that olec the wheels of finance 
and oomnserelal activity will dis- 
appear. * 

We are a little envious of the prr„ 

perit> rif the I'nlf'Ml St.i' ii '. '"tr 
stalenmf^ii kow t<iw to \\ i-iiirifc- ' 'i a 
little more thmi ( for Why Is 

this? 81mply that tho 
people have accurately slsed up their 
herKage and eommenetirately de- 
vsloped It. Coaeeqaently they are a 
rich and powerful nation. 

Do we realise that our Inheritanee 
Is ten times that of tho I'nited HtaleaT 
Of croirsi w o don't h v T'<^' ai|."e 

non.«cn«'', «)!!■ h ifll*' \in t'l.,- w nf 
mongrels, emanfitlnjc froni ti.\lf-nake.t 
aatages and barbarlo Teutons, neither 
of which Is eorreet: and that WS hav 
no ootlook bther tlian in eomoMa to 
other nations, agttnst whleh X plaes 
the statement of Moses, ths man r 
Ood, as recorded tn T>eut. rxxH. n. ani 
ZZXlll, 1 3 to 1 

• . When t^o M '.-t IliK'i divul."! 'o 
the nations tli-lr lnh<«rlt;i ni>' vfU-n 

he separated ihs sons of Adam, he 
set the bounds of tbe people accord- 
ing to the aamdsr of the ehiidrea of 

13. And of Joseph he oaM. Wmsi i 

of the T>ord he his land, for the pre 

rlous '!i !<;:•. 'it li'-i\>Ti for tlo' <1»>w. 
ari'l for th'-' d'-'-p that rourhelh 

It And Tor 1 h" i>r«Tlo.M friiifa 
bri'U>-,lit t rth l>y the ^iin, mol for I h# 
precious things put forth by tho 

II. Aad lor the ehlaf thtaia ol the 
aaeleat nsoantalna. and far the pre- 

eloos things of the laattnr hlllK 

II. And for the pr»«r|nua thlnsa of 
til*' esjrth and fulneea Mi^r'^.f find r .r 
•h.' po. mI will nf him 'hn' .lw»i( in ''lo 

ii'^.-id of .foffiih. and upon the top "^f 
the head of him that WOO gipWated 
from his brethreo. 

IT. His glory is Uke the trstliog of 
his bntloek. aad hie 
horns of nnleema: with 

push the petrpls to tiM OBds of ths 
•srth. and Ihe^ nr" thS iOn tbOOOands 
of Kphrn'ro ., - he^ SrS thO tfeOsi 
aaada of Manssseb. 

White Enamel ^ron Bed, 
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0 io. sire; woven-wire spring 
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We r»rV MoT*' iinfl 

1 1 OHM- hold raraltara 

Th* Homo S(a<f1o Ottrrm Vrfrj 
la la* tr— Hua a/ ItMuilfal ItoMaa 

Ukewfse tha dlalm that Aaeoatine 
of the sth eeatnry esubllshed Christi- 
anity In Britain. The story of Joseph 

of \rirn-tOi'-i 1' )'e<T>r1. bu' 
every authority supportf it. only craas 
atapidity and wilful iKnoranrr' d> ny 1' 
Ths troth ia tlmt Joseph not <mlj 
brought the Oospel of the Kingdom 
(which ie the narrative of the 
rovenant with His disp er se d pootds). 
hill ihr.oich tiio 'laughter Anna. 
In ■•' i^ir \'i;c:"i Marv. rsf shll'«h'-'l 

• ; ; f - • I I ' ' tl . ! 1.1 \ ol l>- ■ . 11' ' ■ ■ f 

wh"iii came our lUcsaed l.^ri3 » in 
UrltaJn. she (Anns) marrylrr in-o 

the Royal Uooeo of SUurla, .w banco 
oome the Tudero #ho aaeoMod the 

throne of England. aUhBhnty W ha 

merged Into ths tTUMSI eeOttO-Ciira 

bran< li who ascrnderl th»! same throne 

in ilo- per. on ii( .I.inifH I of w^iom 
(I '11. ,r ] Truant mt\'r''ii:n lord II M. 
(..■,,r^-' V n rol 'hi- i « fii)fll "'1 ' b " 

(Ir I i.i I .1 ' 1 < ' ri ■ : '■■<(, ' ii< I'-.ti K •'(, 

and Uedaemer of Israel, to the Jews 
(LOm port of tbe House of Jodah) who 
rejected Hla kingship: 'therefore say 
T unto you. the Khigdom Of OOd Shall 

h< '.ik"ii f'.on > OU and given to a 

n il ion tirink-insr forth the fruits 
thi»r<-or ■ 1' or I In > fi. ui this nn-juwk« 
Hftfr Him "VS will iM.i »hi» 
■nan to r^lgn ovor uj> ' , loit H*' rjLll'rt 

Uls tea servanu (tan trn>es) and said 
uaeo themt *'Ooe«iiy, tin I eoase^* 

I.'-t uiK Kft to work and develop the 
Kinicnom and take to heart the words 
of thP Lord. 

In righteoosaess shalt thou be 
estahllahed: thou shalt be far from 

Be keener fnr the sensing of Ideala, 

(Btt gown on paper, by your seelns 

bra) n > 

bringing us Touth. and -i 

Joy aaala. 

• — Kthet acyniutir. 
Vielerls. B.C.. Oat If, 19^ 

and from terrsr; f«r II ahall aot 

III ir 'ho^. 

lo- hwi I t>n^v ■K«IJ unroll' tcnth-r 

o.^mitoT !-o' Ii'' h : -w wh-»ru'v*r 

ahali gather logelher against lhe« 
Shan fan far thy ealM. 

I'..- hold, I have created th 
that Moweth the ooals In the Are. 

fhaf t.riiitrffh for'h an Inafrnm^nt for 
h'o work an'l 1 ti.iv- <-rf:iti><1 tho 

Jsri wAiion llial i" f'lrmr.l airalnut 
flisr »h.ill prosper, iml fv^ry tondii* 
that shall rise against thee in Ju iit 
msnt thea rtialt eondeosa. This is t hn 
hTitagps ef dm gsrooaig ed IIm lizard, 
an'l their rlgfitsOOBneea Is ef me^ aaltli 

'h- !-'T.l 

' k ya the Ixxrd while he mar t>« 

fo„,oi oaii ye apea htm wMIe fee is 

l^l * ha wl'-k'-'l foraaka hl« war «n<l 
Ifes garigbtsoua man hla thonshis. 

and let Mm rotom nnto the i>ordj^aad 
he w«l have 
our Ood. ffer ho 


rti my thoagMo pot your 

An Up-fo-Date 

Optical Service . 

X(y equipment for the test- 
ing of eyes aad flrhMHne of 
leases is complete to the 
aoaUlest detail — my skifl u 
Touched for by diploma.<< anH 
hundreds of setisftcd patrons 
- -my charges are dk J r|| 
I ra^iiiiitilf . t r om V «a3U 


' >oe. St. itttt 

are yotir ways my 

Lro < 



■.»-r as. UTJ> 

rar iha Kaat i •»al- Th* •t«am»r Sir Jam»« l«««arla«. '"•r*. Os#*« T»»t»r 

»' swraam el I sfeisea tesise esisisi* er a asas* f«s* v.nfttrno aa<i »ar sarta. 
a faa Msna isis'i huststa. a fair fSilgat. SSS a«> ui i ,«.iMoa.r« Amanc 
• r,-p* xn s».r.i «. nMixa Mr. W Mil if . Otts SoO fMSOy. Mta OssesIL Ufa. Metm"*. 
..,„ M..- • >i..,',<^ r*a<i«. JssMo itaseen a.*Bc Msrw. J. wmmn, K LUMa Tn* 

,( mi, I r.inri on ThStsdar. 

1'- xii atlak- Mr aaS tl" • ■ - ' ^" ' - 

I ' . . I. Mill inia Mr Pmcan K> r>i. n, .aa.oii»rr, *«rh a4 M«Uaiiaiiah Hi. Uttnfy, 

. oasfal at ateilakMlah, 





S§kBa^gain$ an 




Ladies' Dorothy Dodd Boots 


All ShteM in This Lot 

Maynard's Shoe Store 

Where Most People Tr a i( 


th« price for our FeedSp becaus* the extra value it there. 

Vktorfal Company, Umtlod (Hofb Aim) 

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S T (") (■ K IS 

i ! iM 1'! !:!"(■ 


booksellers Stotion««'*-^' 

1109 Government Street. 


Ftr Miir Re e«ui|, firm and Wiokfr Ohiir 
lifMiC* i(iktlSi £10. 

WorkfluoMWp marMtccd. Charges reasonable Oaly IMiabicd 

c,,,i,i:^, , 1 -...^,1 

Theu Red 

Sa4-6 Johnson Str^-' 

Cross Workshop 

I'll- !!r 


Vancouver Island. B. C. 

An idmX c«witir h«ma bMMifally ■ltaaU4 hf tk* MS, 

•f mrf eomtort with rxrvlUnt cookir 

TmnU and Oolf all the jmkr r e— d. Oood 

Brldf* Mtd D— €ta)^^(^B«w hsidw m d Imt) tor lb* «*«aiiin. flpTnidid klndarfirUn 

tan. a. p. Oatar, Mai 

Aalr the One Who Bum It 


Please ! 

Queitibtt-r-Is that 'Walker'a'?* 

Order — "Send up another ton — 
the same as last time, please." 

Repeat orders are what eoant. Give 
the pitblk service with vmlne sad you 



Oltfttt Cesl Dealers to B. C. 
ftS5 Fort PhoM a667 


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teries now in 'fork 

Sun Electric Co. 

1306 DuugUa 6ueet, next to Bceiuve. 

The Jones 

Baby Carriage Store 

Snap— Invalfd Chairs 


1234 OoTcnuacnt WL Pbonc ^006 




Tl- Krai f )|cl 

I '.nglish Kind 

The Tea 


MiM M. tV«»Mrl<la' 

rhMM 4SM 

<. mr. IHmI»i MiS 
Vtmm mnmtm 

W. CRAIQ. Bui.u.^K.INE RD. 

"Our Owe Brand" and "Petr- 
leaa" Butter 

NKW YORK. 0«t. t7.<— Richard A. 
FBrr«Ilr. widely known N>w York 
newspaperman, and until hln rptlr<>- 
nient In 1917 «n rx*riitlvn In the 
WilllAm Kandnlph llnarnt orRantza- 
tlon^. (1I<'<1 miil.WTilv la*t nlifht In hl« 
apartni«ntn rmm Mfart (lla«>n(i«>. He 
65 ><>arii old 

Re9i9 WUk Peo, 

Of ( anada to Um 
UmUfmx TermUmU 

HAUFAX. Oct. tT—Thst there 
WM lUtla poaalblUty of the Halifax 
termlaals baloe used to Its f vilest ca- 
pacity unless th» i>ropl<» <>f Canada 
■•irnlfy their approvRl of it by wndInK 
trafflc In thl» "llr^oflon waa Imprpsard 
upon the Halifax Board of Tradn yen- 
tcrdnv »iy 8lr Henry Thornton, presi- 
dent of the Canadian Natlc^l RaU- 

Cloi^ed-Up? Here's Quiek Aid 

I J M >rf I 


1 lounx i«iw '■ <! ' '<»ljp()tiaa. 
K<>r nil >(Mi krxi« >. m ■ b s t Ur 
remedvl IV; Dc^t t^ntc yoa aie 
oloKged op trv Dr. CaldwelTs IsM 
Uve SvTvp fVpnn, « kaxaUve aee> 
merfuily used for 30 yean, tht 

""-ii i.»ieUv6 Syrap FepaiD. tm- 
like Ummki phyMos SMh Sa cak' 
"oendy cathartka," I 
Ppwdara, is a simple 
im n iM i i iJ ii J oT EffyRtiHi 
with tasty 

i waierv 


Si. J i >. \ B.. fomd LazatKe 
Synui ( v,,^ii, most hrsieiWal. asid 
J. W. hmith no StmthoBAi Av. 
^r.. Haaultoii <>nt >mf% It ia tlwt 
'"^i remedy tw hiw »-\ »t TTir 

ll»t '.f <>i\tcrrtmt\t\ slui ! of I >r ' il.) 

» -It » I -I • - 1 <i|< !•-(»..., 

.(I. -.w^ !vl itiiiliull 

If'ormuia us fc' 

Oat xvmim a boWts et a 
store, the ooat bel^ ksa tliaa a 
omt a doae. Take a i^lbaaftil at 
tioM far a r«w aiehta mmI w* 
giiHraaiee that tite mnal rhmnic 
oamUpet>»i «>!! t.. .tr , 

lifVf<H. im rr-illlH* .-Ml: 

;iSi irtiJK ts iTHCTr ii-'i to art. - 
Urn t Iwn •* 

lioweN T ijilk' « ^ 

■ ir«ie4 and in ilmt , Z 4, 
k<"*f> the bo*""'" "•«'• 
Jariy ev«> pr. 

Tlrfe Rem wl y Ciuwanteed 

'•"■Tsiely proven 

that H o.ii-«tji>n',f«l |>nntntl M only 
7r» pa- omt r/Tk w>nt It idows 
up tnekes vou doU Mad ksv. 
{.tiiaUvR .Symp ISprik Im 

lay you do not bave eaoL, 

Inwel moveaMBt. Take h. guar- 
fnr oonatkatkB. torpid 


-— . — — lack of 

tUB. A spoanful at the flnt 1 

or BBiSe wU kill a mlH uvembrkt. 
Hair tha dhDcoU of wiolv^ 


Local Grocery Firm Entmains Its Employees 


WM m 

H. O. MIOwHAM & i^uMl AN ^ :5 61 Afh AT BANQUET 

af CsMMce ResM. Fellawiat Jiaaar a dwa 
la 4s wmlbu^Tak 

— rhete kr Simi 



.Mt. StaneUad Arrivra Home 
lasHertloii of M<|uor Cuntflal 
MrttuxlH In I'last 

"\'lcIoria anil \'anrouver Isluntl are 
Ix-iriK looked upon aa the Sumtner 
playsround place* of Canada," ata.tad 
Police Commiasioner Walter B. Btana- 
land, last tOaht. who. with ' If ra. 
g taeal a it d haa returnad from an ex- 
tensive vMt at Saatern Canada and 
United State* point*. "I 
in Winnlpetr, Montreal. Toronto, New 
York and in other cillos. who when 
they heard I came from VIctorfa had 
Kood things to nay reffardlnir yIbIU 
''ii^y had made hera. Wa are reeatv- 
ins splendid advarttalne from every- 
body who haa vlsttad our city and 
from what I learned on my trip. Vic- 
toria and the Island are In a fair way 
to beoome 'one of the most popular 
playKTOunds on the American conti- 
nent " 

Commissioner Stun* land went Raift 
primarily for the purpose of securing 
information on methods used by the 
varloua provlnoea In deaUn* with the 
liquor question. He has returned, he 
said, with a plan which he believes 
will prove e#re-i;\.- in r.-movlnif the 
objectionable f.-iimt-^ connerted with 
liquor trafflc In Itrltlsh Columbia, and 
he intend.-* nrranglnp a conference 
uitli the Attorney-tJeneral for the 
purpose of preaentinar his scheme and 
If possible asalatlns in the formulation 
of soma new aethoda of control. 

Whan in Montreal, he made an ex- 
tensive aurvey of methods of govern- 
ment control 6t liquor there. He alno 
eecurod inform.-itlon from the police 
departments which proved that <Jue- 
hec Province In facing the same Bltua- 
tion as liritlsh Columbia In reapeot to 
the operation of bear eluba and blind - 
pie raaorta. 

Whlla vlalUnff In New York city, 
aa th* eueata of Commisaioner 
Knrteht. Mr. and Mra. Staneland at- 
tended the flrn Of tha world aarlas 
haiocball games. 

A fortner Victoria haneball player. 
Ceorge Kelly, first baseman, waa re- 
Hponalble for wirTnlng the flriit game 
for the Ulanta. Mr. Staneland said. 

lie also had confereneea with Chief 
Belanear, of Montreal, and leadlne 
offlotalB In Toronto. ' Mr. and Mr». 
Staneland were at the Mr.unt Ttoyai 
Hotel. Montreal, when Moyd c.eorKe 
and hie wife and d.iiijrhtcr wer e ih< i.' 
In Montreal, he saw a number of \ m - 
toria boy,,, Including Art IxjwIh. who 
Is a yllo,.^s football star. Aubrey 
.loiicH .jri l Art a Mcaill rufby 
halfback. They are all known aa 
suooeasfnl atudontiv 


PRUDHOMME— The death took 
place yesterday morning at the family 
residence. 7:1 VVll.Mon Htreet. of 
Joseph I 'ruil hoiiuiie. a^ed til veHra. 
born In St. I'hllonietie. Quebec, and jl 
resident of this cltv fur the pa»t four 
years. Tli«- decc;i.s<'(i \n survived by 
his widow, one daughter, Mrs. J. H. 
I.,anglols. of this city; two suns. 
Messrs. C. H. Frudhumme. of Van- 
couver, U.C.. and K. I... Prudhomme, 
of Ban Pranelaoo; alao a alater, Mrs. 
D. Rochon, of Mt. Newton, and two 
sistora in Montreal. The funeral will 
take place tomorrow, the eortese 
leavlns the Sands Funeral Chapel at 
8:50 o'clock, and ten minutes later 
requiem high mass will be sung by 
F'ather A. M. Wood and the remains 
■will be laid to request at Hose Uay 
cemetery. (No flowers, by request). 

CHAW— The death took plaee on 
Friday at the ChlnoM Hoapltal of 
tm Yuen Chaw, aced 1% yean, born 
In C!hliu and s wident aC-tbto cUy 

when they Will be conveyed to the 
realdenoe, whence th* funeral will 
tak* plaee at I o'doafc, preweeding 
te Holy Trinity Choreh. where eer- 
vlee wUIHm ooaduoted at X:lt. In- 
terment win take place at Patrlola 
Bay eemetery. 

ri;-\KHON The funeral of the ).i!e 
j Mr IMward l'<'arH/>n took place yeM- 
I lerday aftef riooii at 1 40 frotii the 
U. C. Funeral Chapel, proceeding to 
Ht. John's Church, where service waa 
held at 3:45 by the Rev. F. A. P. 
Chadwick, in the presence of a large 
number of friends. The choir was In 
attendance and the ffSth Psalm and 
hymna "Juat Aa I Am" and "Nearer. 
My Oed. to Thee" were sung. The 
foUowine acted aa pallt>earers: 
Meaara. K. W. Clarke. W. Triokey. O. 
I). Hawkins. J. Townsley K Rogers 
and J. I'ottlnger. The remains ware 
forwarded by last evening's boat to 
Vancouver for cremation, v 

for the paat SI years; late reeldence, 
S21 riaeard Street. The funeral 
will take place tomorrow at 1 1 o'clock 
from the Sands Funeral Chapel, and 
interment will be BUIde In tiM 
Chinese cemeteiT. 

LITTLE — The funeral of the late 
Mrs. Ellen Uttle, who paaaed away 
at the Royal Jubilee Hoapltal laat 
Friday, will take plaee tomorrow af- 
ternoon. The caaket will be removed 
at 1 o'clock from the Sands Funeral 
Chapel to the Salvation Army Citadel, 
Broad street, where servlce.>« will te 
coiid ucled ,it 2 4.. o'< lock by (■oni- 
J inandarK Hod. tin.. It. und the reinalna 
will lie laid 1, ,,t UoHN Hay cein- 
• r\ I I.e.- iMed waa born in this city 
> ' I for the past thirty years 
she lia.1 been an active member of 
the Halvatlon Arm^. She la aurvived 
by four daushtera, one eon. two 
brothera and one aleter. 

mm mmm 

Condemn Action of Council In HoM- 
Ins bprclal VcHe Next Montll 
«• Hewer Bylane 

ObJecUon on two counts was lev- 
elled at the Saanlch Council at the 
meeting held Friday evenln>f in Tllll 
cum Itehool by rat. pavers of Wards 
Two and Heten CoiimI.i, Table dincus- 
Hioii or. iir red and ili. i,,.ral opin- 
ion seemed to be ihit Saanlch muni- 
cipality had had no right to enter Into 
an agreement with the city of Vic- 
toria to pay a portion of the eoM of 
the Northwcet Sewer without flrst se- 
ourlnc ratiflcatlon from the electors 
of the municipality objection wa.« 
also taken to the a<llon of the c.iun 
cll In deci.thig to h.ild a j.peclal vote 
on the by law on November 17. The 
meeting felt that the question could 
bave been put to the electors at the 
regular municipal election te be held 
next Jappery. thereby aaTlng expense 

The fodawlna reaotutlon was adopt- 

"Whereas it la stated that the 
Municipality of SaanUb .,wp« the city 
of Victoria the sum of $6:1 000, and 
whereas no evideiu iias been pro- 
duced at uny time by any agreement 
or by bylaw endorsed by the electors 
of Saanlch. that the municipality 
owe* the debt, or was a party to the 
eeatraetliMi of any mich obligation, 
therefore It is resolved that before 
any vote is taken, a lommlttee he up. 
pointed with a view of having a Jfiinf 
meeting with u <'oinmlttee of the 
Haanich <ouncil. the Central Rate- 
payers' Association of .^aanlch, and 
the Victoria city Council, to Invoatl- 
sate all agreement* and bylawe ratl- 
flad by the ele^rate of Saanlch. And 
alao that the submission of any bylaw 
to the electors of Saanlch be deferred 
until the municipal election neitajan- 
u«r> m order that any liability may 
In the meantime be fully settled In a 
entlaCaeiory manner.** 

New VJS, Ambtusador 

WiU Be Welcomed 

LONI>O.N. Oct. 17 RIographlcal 
detalla Of Frank B. Kellogg, aa dis- 
playeg by tN* prsaa. Indicate a friend - 
ty reeep U e n for him when he becomes 

Pnlted Mates i^mhas^ador Ids trust - 
bnsting actlMilen arr recalled under 
prominent headlines ami several pf 

the paper* use his portrait 

The roof of Weetmiaeter Hall la Ml' 
^B^^eeted by 

(;UKA\'i;.S — Service over the re- 
main.i of the late JoMi'ph lireives will 
be conducted on .Motulay :ifternoon at 
Z o'cUK'k in the chapel of the M. C. 
Funeral Company Interment will 
tak*/plaea at Ross May eemetery. 

BALCOM— The funeral of the lata 
Captain Jones Baloom, who paMed 
away laat Friday at the realdenee of 
his brother. CapUin R. Baleom, of 
14 OS BUnahard Street, wilt Uke plaee 
tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock from 
the Band* Funeral Chapel. Dr. T. W. 
Butler will officiate and Interment 
will be made at Ross Bay «emetery 
The late Captain Halcom was born in 
Sheet Anchor, ,V H.. in 182&, and had 
been .1 resident of this city for the 
past eighteen years, and Is survived 
i.y three daughtera. tbre* brotbers 

and two si.Vers. 

MoKPAT The death oeourrod 

early yesterday momlng of Robert 
Moffat, aged fifteen yearn, eldest son 
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moffat, of 1 1 6 

4>nUrlo Street. He was born in Vic- 
orla. The remains arc resting at the 
B. C. Funeral Chapel, where service 
will be held on Monday afternoon at 
S:SO. Interment will b« nwde at 
KoBS P.ay cemetery. 

I.«>\K- There passed away at the 
family residence at Patricia Bay on 
Friday evening. Robert Daniel liOve, 
aged forty years. He was born In 
Hampton. Scotland, and had l>een a 
resident of Victoria for the past 
twelve years. He I* eurvived by his 
widow and one son at Sidney: also 
his mother and father, Mr and Mrs. 
John |x>Ye, In Scotland. The remains 
will repose at the M c l- nnerni Com- 
pany's chapel until Monday at noon, 



Take Saha to Wash Kidneys if 

Back I ins You or 
Blad der Bo thera 

Fluah yeur kldaeys by drinking a 
quart of water each day. also take 
salts occa.«lonHtly. says a noted au- 
thority, who tells lis that too much 
rich fo.„| forms acids which almost 
paralyze the kidneys In tbeir eCtorts 
to expel it' from the blood. They be- 
come slogglsli and weaken; then y*u 
may snffer with a dull misery In the 
kidney region, sharp pains in the 
hack or sick headache, dixxineas. your 
slomsch sours, tongue to < ,.,ieii. and 
when the weatKVr is bad you have 
rheumatic twinges The urine gets 
cloudy, full of sediment, the channels 
often get sore and Irrljated, obliging 
you to seek relief two or three times 
during the night. 

To help neutralise thsae Irrltatlas 
add*, to help eleanse the kidneys and 
fluah off the body's iirlfw.un «aate. 
get four ounces »>f Jad Ssli.'. from any 
pharmacy here, lake ^ ta hiespoonf ul 
In n glass of water before breakfast 
for a few days, and vour kidneys may 
tlien act fine. This famotia salta M 
made from the arid of gi^^sg and 
lomon miee, eomblne>d with Itthia. 
and haa bean need for years to help 
flush andtftlnNllale rluggUh kidneys; 
also to nentrallae the arid* In the sys- 
t<iii 'o they no l'.n«er irritate, thua 
< fteii reliving I, . • • , . iTeskn^s*. 

Jad Salts Is In. cannot In- 

ture ana makes a delightful *g*f»*a 
cent lltbta*wnt*r dtMB. By att aMan* 
have yaer p by MHa w aaaaitoe yaw 
bMMye at leaM twiee a year. (Adrt.) 

PENALTY PHU< I >« r\<.l l<> BE 
l.MI'OSKO ON l lllH.SU.\^ 

CUy Tr eaaar c r Uivee Advaatase of 
Baying at Least Pordoa oC 
- - I«ey 

A warning to taxpayers that ^\'ed 
nesday WAs the ftiml d.iy for tb. 
pa>ment of current taxes prior lo ih.- 
ImiMisltlon of the eljcbt iier cent sur- 
chirge was Issued by City Treaswrer 
Edwin C. Smith yesterday. 

"On the flrst day of November, 
which Is Thursday." said Mr. Shiith. 
"the penalty of eight per cent will g<i 
on unpaid 1923 taxes I woujd like 
to remind taxpayers that if they are 
unable to pay the full ainMimt of their 
current laie.«i, it l.s to their advantage 
to P'ly a part If at all possible as the 
penalty percentage is only impoeed on 
the, unpaid portj}on. The taxee are 
coming In well, but It la impossible to 
say yet how the total will compare 
with last year." 

U. IITIlilUij 
IN »_[,\lilIjITS 

Captnrra Tbc Dally Mall Cup at the 
ManctacMtcr (VNnpctitlon— Cana- 

I.<».M><).S-. Oct. 27.— The Canadian 
.Mcintosh Red apple is the champion 
dessert apple In the British Empire, 
so the Judges at the ImperUl Fruit 
Show, which opened In Maneheeter 
yeeterday. adjudfad. ao far as the 
Maneheeter exhibition U concerned, 
at aay rate. 

They also decided that Cox rtrange 
Pippins, from Mrltish C'.lumbia, on 
the whole, are the best of the sixteen 
• xtiibll.M from overseas, and winners, 
therefore, of The Dally Mall's flfty- 

gnlneaa cap. 

IX)NDON, Oct. 27. — Canadian 
bacon won flret prhM at the National 
Farmers* Dairy Show th London to- 

In the elaaa for colonial bacon, 
where all tbe Dominions exhibited! 
the Canadian baeon won first prise, 
going to Ounna. Ltd.. TeroetO. 


Mr. W. n. Weathy. lamdarape Arohl- 
la 'Alkiag t'p RraUcacc 

Mr W H We,ih> of the firm of 
Westby A s<.n. who are well knOWn 
cn the coast for having designed and 
rr.rrled out soma- of the largeat and 
most widely krf^own example* of 
laadaoape areblteeture In RrlUsh Co- 
lumbia and tn Ba*tem Canada, has 
purehaaed a realdenee at KIk I.jkke. 
which he will make the base of his 
operations on the Taclfic coast. 

Mr. Westby has made a lifetime's 
study of the profession of garden 
srchitecture, and ha was eonneetad 
for a num)>er of year* with TlMtoaa 
Mawsoe * Sena, the eMiaeat city 
planning espert. 

Mr. Mawson. who is at present en- 
gaged In the re de<iignlng of Athens. 
I'.Jlreece i. the rec^nljed authority 
ot modern time* on all subject* p*r- 
tatnlac to l andaesps areMteetete. 


I F'robatea and administration* issued 
during the week include the follow- 
ing estates Ann .I.Tne lluckler. who 
died at Victoria on 'Ktot,er 1. I»I3, 
estate t2,eR2. I..<>uiaa Currall, who 
died at Victoria on September 'ji, 
eetst* 117.100; Jane Janee. who died 
at Vlctarla on November t1, ItlS. 
saute Mary Irwin Haebloy. 

of Waaa i i i la. dying at Honolula on 
Oetabar t«. lOto. eetat* fS.aM: Mil 
ton Bdsaan. who died at Maple Bay 

on Joly la. e«tate t*.&Ii7. Andrew 
Thorn, who died at Victoria on July 
10 e*','- tl %<\ Haniiiel Rabert 

Roberts, ni o died ui \°lrincia on No 
vember ' ■< '»-' estate $l,410; and 
Kffl* Jean llalllda\. who diad St 

Victoria on Kepiember IS. If SI, 
eatate ralaed at 

BELFAST, Oet. «9.~-TIm hem 
strtke among palNleat prts«nor« 
Irela n d ha* spread to vm»T Hw 

IkTs T>rr r»r»^.rted amoMg fhta 
•f prisoners in the H«if«*| |an4. 


LxclU6LVC Mode 6 ill 

Afternoon Gowns and 

Dinner Gowns 

Almost daily new Gowns for day 
time or evening: wear are arriving 
at this store, offering the tliscrimin 

^tinj.; woTiian a ohoict^ i>f the newest 
and siiiaru st nioUcs iroill the fore- 
most (Ie>ii4 lUTs. 

I'.spcnally interest iiii; arc the new 
.itlernoon gowns ami dindicr 
^owns of crepe de Chine, betdM 
K'eorgctte. Canton and satin*ftced 

Canton. .\n excellent assortment 
of liulit and <laik shades is pro- 
vided. 1 'rices from ♦ 

^35 10 $75 


728-730 TalM 


Leaky Roots 

• ' ' II'' Gll.i T .ir' rrr' 


»n4 Ejisart MMfart 1302 Wh.rt S>». 

*B»nl« lor HarrvtCn AspKaltum Mhlagl— aad R—dy tUoOag 


Stewart has the 
lowest cut prices on 
tirst qtiality Rubber* in 

the ■ 

...76<> Women s #A.OO 
Footholds. 0O# 


The Shoe Msa 1321 Deoslss tt 


Salt and Pepper _ 
Sets, with sterling ! 
silver mounts. A '^c selection te 

1 , ( . ... N . , 

$ 1 ..">() $ 1 


Order jiint a siiirIc ton of Coal. 
»nd wc have added you to our list 
a( well- warmed sad sstisiied 
pstrons. ' 
T on know otir te Irphoae naaibsr. 

J. ftlBglMHI & Co., LU. 

Pembcrton Hlock. 
lOM -Brand ft PtoM M? 


Aflotkr liiuoiicited 

As to the WarM-Fsnacd KNABE 
Piano (for whirh we src exclativr 
Vancouver T«lsnd ref>re<rntitfve») 

Grace Wood Jess mi 

Thu ladv who will U!ie the KNAf'.l 
at the Kmprc«.» Hotel on Moinl.n 
cventng. Oct. J9. *av» **It po«*'^ - 
all de«ired piano virtues and ansur- 
ua*»ed •(ushty of TK h m t m, Js p lfc Sad 
brilliaiKv of tons." 

Willis Pianos 


Why Not Try 

Cajcv % 65< Hl«nd Itmf 

Ma Airaaca la Prira Yat 


'-n th» 'ntermSHHii 
L^rne Sn4 


This Nrw Kvrrr.ifly Flash- 
light has an aluminum case, 
takes standard Eveready Bat«« 

Irrifs. is sinipir iti construc- 
lion and opcratiun flC^p 
and coaca only 03C 

Lar^'er size costs 

' What Your Boy Wints. 

Murphy Electric 


S Fort tt. 



wii.i. GO \ 

IAS] KAY \l ] 





It is gotakg jowr waj toroorrow 

Thomas Pliml^, Ltd. 

VKtorU. B.C. 


KIjATIun to many 

'Ttm Ol m Shkrt" f^allj Hi— r«l«Ml 

Bran - Shorts - Wheat 


* $1.65 

Bran. tOIMt. Mck 


Shorts. lOi^-lb v»ck 
• lor 

Fine Local 

lOO n.5 for 

#1 .OO I tin, lOf 



Puritan fhiWi 


611 Vtort 

Solid L«ithcr 


648 YATES nil -l><»f Hl»n 

CP.n. SocUI Ota*— Th* w—klr 

mlllUry flva hundred cam*, under 
the Ruaptce* of the C P R. Club, takes 
piece Tuenday evening In tha private 


749 Y«tM 

.rnii at Ihr- lOniiTew Hotel 

- ,-. K 1 : i- •■ Riven tt» 

pruiee and anyone »nJoyiriK nuiet 
game, amid pleajwnt curri)undliiK» 
wltb no bustle or crowdlns, should be 
praaaat M Tuaadar •vwias. Play 
cottmapeaa at »:iO. 


Tl;*' roBalte of the aecond monthly 
, ..iT,l.»titii.n of the Victoria C.olf Club 
,irc ua follow": 

Name (irosa il'cap Net 

)dajor Barton 

Caraw Martin 

J. D. Virtu* 

A H. Ford 

w. P. D. P*mb*rton 

A 1 Coward 

1 H 

\\ < r.>,ift 

C K. WlUon 

A. O. Beasley 

Judc* LAmpoMB ■ . 
C. W. PansaMUl ... 

Walter Parry 

IT P. Johnson .... 
I A. MacCallum . . 

There were 2 5 pnlrlew. 

Akureyrt, the second largest city in 

Iceland, has an*rv*tte th*«trteal 













• • 














1 4 



1 1 








• « 










}*(-iliaps lii<- « liou rst lliin),^ alx)Ut tli* i ) & A 
iVaclicai Front is tfic vest of pliable daslic which 
■o wmif Mid M cirectly daspv before ladng. at the 

cmtl% ol the bodjr— MVcr rrnokr*!. always true. Brforr 

vo\! «tnrt trt In. r vow know thnt foi thr «1»V \hr cnr^rX Will «t*y 
where it belong* and ncYer ride up to spoil jroui perfect comfort 

•■d phat or dMmii«« iIm Haw af yoar fcodk 

Oaee eta«ped. Ute UHn* »n Um hooka ttt a»*«kU daalfla Is «a« 


On* of thr sH«w plaaas ef tiM «lty 
turinr th* past /week has' baan the 

Nrw Mrttiixl I-Aundo . whrr«" 1 1" 
■ I "it^ ha\f txf'ii (ijifri fur \lBllor-< i' 
mi rpi 1 tn- ! n V 1 1 ,il I o II i>f !hn rnaiias'' 
Itieiil I'l iin|'<-i't ili>- riKxIcrii 1 1 1 «•! ho<l . 
0t l.tuiid'-rinic i loifi«« llundmln of 
pa*pl* have taken advaatac* ot tii* 
oCar aatty a»d tlM kMwUda* «ala*4 
aas kaan aomathlaa ot » mf IMInn to 
many patrons, who, content to accept 

t h <• 1 1 (J 1 » 1 n . 1 1)1 h m f r i>ni I M f 1 n h i 1 1 u 

Iliiii tin. I h.i'\ li ' ol»-a of itiK Intro, 

pr I '( .'0j«.*n ItiroiJicM wtilc'ti '*i.'V 

On h'rlday t to- .!.il!v stifiiin of vIrIIi.ik 

» it^ aucmentrd l>v nearly fitrtii liun 

dred pupils ot the ViUoria Uiglt 


Tha waak has b*«n a busy eaa for 
Mr. T>. 1). McLean, manaser, and his 

I'^ Mr K W. Meadt>w8. and 
.ii". I'll- HtatT of nearly Mixty •■rn- 

('0'\<>'.M h I'fo however. <'iit»-r«'il 

liUi) Ihi- hiurlt I'f the Ol r.i.' aiol 

' uurteously .not i)»tiftitl> aonwrn-fl 
th* laaumcrable questions directe<i h' 
tlMm. Aa a reward for their extrn 
•arvlM, tliey were the gaeata of the 
manacement at a theatre party at the 

Royal Victoria on Krl.l . . • MTun;- 

To say th« vHitnrs wti- •<uro'-|^«>d 
at Ihf nwthods ijs''<l in Uv l.iT'> ^^'I1 
lljhtrd t » <i Btorv (n h-k bulldlriK w h . r c 
t'rlRht fucpd whit, >Ireased gir'-" i 'n' 
men work under pleasant conditions 
with an absanes ot th* heated steam 
soaked atmosphere, usually assoei- 
ated with a laundry. Is statlnr a fact 

Frum the rfcelving department 
where Iho final ."lortliiK and patklnif 
In <I<>ne, the visitors were full of ad 

Mill .ttlon. 

«aome ot the outataadtaa (eaturen 
eanalnv surprise were that It takes 

twenty-two different departments to 

turn out H collar ready to wear. A 
shirt pjiBSPs throiiifh twenty-threk 
ilopari nieiit.M Yet a shirt can be re- 
. f 1 > Mid f 
in l&Vfc minutes. 


A ohancr has boen announced 
In the d»lr of the Kiinual polU-e 
prepnijllon* for which ai e 
now ennmUiS t tie attention of the 
f ilrrKft « orimiHler at • Ity head- 
•luarteis The l>all wtll be given 
on thr nlshf i>t Thumlay, N.iveni- 
l»er ZZ. aiol nift on Knday. N.. 
vember tui prevtuualy an 

nouaoed. Tbe preparations air>'ady 
made lasttr* tlM puccea* or a 
faaaUsa whlalk ha* o( rec^m 
/aaia asawna tke oatsiaadlas 
sMlal avw* tt tha Wlatar asaasr. 

speaker Here Today 

^ o't 



o'clock last niffht the city trs de 
n«ent was called to SS07 Qo swerth 

I' la.! (i.ikUiKlK where fire had iitart 
.-.I III "nt- ot the }>edrwoma. The dani- 

• sMalM. a ■aitfaaa b s ia a de> 

.St I < ly ..,1 

To atoet Monday— The special pom* 
mlttee aamed by tha Oty OoanctI to 
make a reaommaadattoa rcsardlnc 

the'ltninv of the pealtlea of elty wir- 
ing inspectur did not meet yesterday 
owing to the pressure of other bual 
ness. but will get together on Moa-l.iy. 

l ulverMli) I .nK-iLslon ,\Kw>< lttUi»ii 
All merafb«jre of tbe Commute* of the 
Uaiverslty Bstaaslon Association are 
now ahls to furnish memfiaiEShlp 
cards, and for gaaernl fanveaieaea an 
extra large aoaihar. hara been taken 
by Miss ■tewart, aad caa b* aeanred 
at ths CUy Ubrary. 

Prerlaelal OttW Work 
vaaaataa Uwls ta 

mas roENTAix 


The facilities of the New Method 

I.Aundry are unexcelled. As the 
clothes are dcUv.ered from the wagons 
they are aeparated In bins, the bed 
linen la one, the table Unen In an- 
other and ao on. 

ned linen Is waahed aeparatety 
from .ill othf-r flothes. It Roea Into 
revoIvltiK drums of hot water with 
the purest of < hiiiped soap, .iiid jrooa 
through eiKht dlfft-rcnt waterH before 
It IB turned Into great drying baslna 
revolving at 1,400 rsTolutlons per 

Every bit of moisture is drawn 
from the clothes without squeesing 
or wringing. Wool.s. flnnnels • and 
blankets receive the .spenal attention 
of being washed in chipped ivory 
soap. No chloride of lime Is used In 
bleaching. Ground rocksalt. treated 
with eleetrlelty, aenraii the purpoee. 
and la aiisolutely harmless to the 


The Kreat mangle through which 
the clothes pasH 1.'* no b-s.^i than" 110 
Inchea long, and the grf.U rollers are 
nil thickly padded bo that everything 
which passes through is protected 
against harm. 

Shirts aad eoUan ar* handled ex- 
peditiously and efllolently. despite 
th.' number ' ; ^ f»Hf< Oiio loa- 
chlni' irons < uff-; Iti one motion, 

another thi> neck hand, another the 
bosom and ho on. until the pro- 
cean of placing the cardbo.ard and 
folding It Is done by a girl at another 
machine. Collars. U was noted, are 
Ironed perfectly flat, after which they 
pass through a machine to moisten 
Mic aeam befor.- they are doubled, 
eliminating > n .).:,..e of rough 

Finest 1 tttirlcs Handled 
Prom two or thrb* handred pairs 

of curtains pass through the laundry 
II week, and the care taken of these 

fUniKv articles Is shown by the fact 
th.i" the . iirtalna are measured and 
the Tiirtchinc I'M accordingly. 

But the nat Iron Is not completely 
superseded. Dainty dresses and silk 
goods still receive the sttantioa of the 
hand-workers, who carefully handle 
the frntl goods and plainly take a 
pride 111 turning them out so that 
none of their lieiiiits im inliired. 

^ome Idea of the i iijc to which 
laundry work haw d- ' < lopf,! he 
gathered from the fact that the 
I.Aun4ry Owners National Aasoclation 
la formed mainly for the perfection 
of method* and spreading the latest 
Information among Its members. At 
the ronvenilon at Detroit last year 
there were meml)era present from all 
over the United Stat'-* ^''d Canada 
iiid some from Kni.- > A school 

la also maintained for teaching 
students ths art at laaainrta* la all 
its branchea. 

Although th* speelal lactation 
wck ci(<s< >i \eaierday, Mr. McLean 
has a standing Invitation to any one 
to Inspact tbe ptauit. 

Glo>vc» Made Hrrv — in har very 
Interesting display of hfune-crafts In 
connection with the annual exhibition 
of the Island Arte and Crafu Club 
now la progreas at the Mudaon's Bay 
Company. Mrs. Deala Harria ts show- 
ing a pair of chamois gloves made by 
t victoria neediewoaMa from gktaa 

»ho h 5he boui;hf. 

.sjutriic li 1 l>aj The recent tag 
day held by ili" Siini-'i Memorial 
Health Centre In tho Municipality of 
Suanlch, resulted In a total of 
W»0.»0. The aaaalch Memor ial 
Cehtf* WMi*t 10 sljll Ml Ttr 
thanks and appreciation to the preaa. 
p.trons, taggers and all others for 
the asslstaaoe gtvea aad doaaOoas 


.\ppcan ii foi Kiiiiiiiik-^ t^lub — At 
the bamiuet given ilo- Raquimalt 
Board of Trade on Friday, October 
it, Mra. H. P. Hodgea. president of 
the Women's Canadian Club, was 
pirasent as a representative appointed 
by the Kumtuks Club. As the gath- 
ering was organised as a mseting ot 
businessmen and women, only eervlo* 
cinba were Invited to send "^delegates 

l.o). >aM. c -One of the most 
enj( •'.s.sful danccH ever 

put on l.> I I.I .s; Andrew's and Cale-' 
donlan Society look place In the 
K. ot P. Hall oft Friday evening, 
when ever SOO oouplea engaged In 
dancing with great spirit to the 
strains of KIndler'a Orchestra. Great 
credit i.H due to I'reMldcnt Ogllvie iind 
his offlct.iM (or the efficient Way in 
Which they conducted the eve^ - 

Two Appllrants lairrvlewed-^Two 
applicants for ths poslUen of city 
oomptroller met the Plaano* Com- 
mittee of tho City Council yeaterday, 
these beUiK the last ot the favored 
six to do s.. ()rif was from Torkton, 
SaaUatcli.-wan. and the Other from 
Revelstohe Th.- <omniltte<' in not In 
a position to make u recommendation 
to the Council, and Mayor Hayward 
said hMt night that he did aot knew 
whether it would he bar Moaday 
night's mooting. 

Mlty Fou' 1.11, .if \i»n»ou\«r I'r.v 
vlnclal glrLs' work secretary for ih«- 
Canadian Girls In Training, is In 
victorte and wtll speak thia meroint; 
ut Weeley Methodist Churoh. and t ' 
the Oirls' Department ot the Can 
tennlal Methodist Church In the 
jt/rernoon ()n»- of 1h.- fc. ituren of h. :' 
I lir.-.Miii t \I.M! !.. the city w.i.s th.- .•^up 
l"-! in.-.-l:ri^ ,d la«t \\'c<1 n f« 1 .. \ 

cviMinK at the V.W.C..\. for Icid.i- 
of 'teen-age work. The mee;;ni< wa.'- 
well attended, and a very Inspiring 
address was 'given Xir Miss Poantain. 
Several leaders preseat oa that occa- 
sion registered their C.a.I.T. groups 
with the board. 

On Thursday Miss Fountain was 
at ChemalnuH and I.^Kly^m Ith at two 
very well atim.;. 1 in..^'inga. 

CommmnUU Lead 

In Urban CefUres 

MOSCOW. Oct. 27. Though the 
Communists continue in the majority 
In the city and factory Sovieta. as the 
result ot sloctlons jqat held , the rural 
Soviets In the Moeeow dUarlec dSbw 
the non-party members to be In a tre- 
mendous majority. From 646 rural 
Soviets. 8 4 Communlttta, 48 Voung 
Communists and 2,894 non-party 
members were elected. 


Mfteoroiog lot iim.r. Vietsrta. B.C., at i 
p.m., Octobar t7. )>23. 

Tke barometer ramalSa abnormallr 
fivrr Northrrn nrlimii Columbia aii'l tli« 
Yukon Kin., w^athir prevail* iii til* 
Hactfic iilopfl. tfnow Is (slllOf In HaBk&l- 
ciMwea ead MeeileSa. 









Store Held fp— According to a r<'- 
Iiort l«>dKed wltli the police depart- 
ment yesterday by Cim Kook Yuen, a 
Chinaman, about 7:30 o'clock Friday 
night a white man entered a store on 
Lower Oovemment Street, oeeupled 
by Ho Took, and when the latter went 
to serve him, the white man drew a 
gun from his pocket and told him to 
hand fiver his cash Ho Yo< k rm lo 
the rear of the store, and, liirriinn. 
saw the while man lean o\er the 
counter and extract five dollars in 
bills from the c.i.Hh register. The 
police have a description of tbe al- 
leged robber and are lavostlgaUag. 

North Carolina 'Is 
more than |8,KfO,### 
negro education. 

year on 

What Scribbler Have You? 

bluUcn' ' ! !i I . '1 1 H> '1 1 f r!ir i'tr.-. nc r i-r ■ ■ ■ 


In IncrcT^iii.: inaiititics. Th^v have Irarnrd through cxpen- 
r re f that I h f '.r 

Made in H C KxrrriRe BiMiks, Scribblers, Tablets. Etc 
sr<: I'f a hiuiicr i^uaiit^ and "t mure generous quantity in 
^p»f tlMM I mpor t d d b raaJI can o#cr. 

aSMim DAVIDSON & WR1(;H1, LTD. ' 

Manufacturers oi School Supplies 



OoBfaaloa la Nasnas — Dispatches 
received during the past three weeks 

telling of shortages In the municipal 
.iccouiit.s iif ll.illfax, N' S . mentioned 
ii.itiie.H of otficiai.i In (■i>nnectioii with 
( riminal procedure ^ which the 
nanu' ">f J i' \\aii< i.i wan (juoted us 
former ae. ■■ . ,,r (he ho.iril of 
hetilth. OOP . f the officials Involved. 
The name nlioiild have read J. A. 
Walters, owing to the mistake, Vic- 
torians havA been asaoelating one of 
the ottlelala Involved with Mr. J. C. 
Wattaci, formerly of thki oity. who 
was well known hero In labor elsoles. 
There le no eonaaOtion between the 
two, as the tiorroet spelling of the 
asms ot the oftlelsl in queatlon 

Look Young! Bri 

Natural Color, 

Back Its 

(-., garden ssge brewed Into a 
heavy l- 'i ^^ ith milphiir added, will 
turn gra ^ xtri-aked and failo.i hil- 

befcuttfully dark and luxuriant. Just 
a fsw app W oatloas win prove a reve- 
tatloa it yodr hair la fadlag. atreaked 
or gray. MUlag th* Sag* Tea aad 

Sulphur recipe at home, though, la 

t rf>?lh1»<»"ni'' An easier way Is fn r«>t 

11 i , < ,t ; i • ' f ' ' ' ' « ^^l< - ■- >< i ' v ■ i ')•'•• i ■ 

( . .Ill IM I : i r. rl , ' ,i I i IK « ' ... • ! \ 

for uae Th'" ■ i ■ l ' v 

Improved by the addition o( other in- 

Whil* wiMPr. graTi Coded halr>B aot 
sinful, we alt deatre to rotate aar 

youthful «ppe«rsn< " and attiaatlva* 

neas Mv datk-ninK vf>nr hslr Wfth 

\ .- ' 'i ■ " If" •> ' d : ; ' . 1 1, tl n r i . .n i i • - 1 1 ri ■ ! 
no one .an tell hecaus«- O .l.-"-- ««> 
H^tUfslJy. siievenlv V>.ii ) .«' d." ;.eTi 

a apooge or soft brush with ii and 
dtaw tM* thwagh year hair, tahiag 
one amatt otraad at a tUas: by morn- 
ing all gvay hkirs have d t aa p ps a red. 

.f. i af'T another apptlcatlon or two, 
your hair becomee beaatlfuily dark. 


Cedar Hill TVnnla <'luh A ['rocrr. 
sive ROO p.irly k;ri/iil\ ••iijoyed hy 
the memliers and frten.i ..f the Cedar 
Hill Tennis Club on Thursday eveiting 
laet In th* ParUh Hall, aad waa wall 
attended. The tollawtat the 
priae winners: First lady. Mrs. 
Dtaher; flrst gentlenaan._ Mr. R 
Petch: sealed ntimherw, Mrs Hartnell 
and Mr ('• H«! i . n-j. > l.t Mon, MIfw 
PhtllvM Knapp .iiol M. v II I'arker 
l-MT n<»t Thursda •■ 'Tins ai k 1 
sharp, military 600 is acheduled. The 
club will hold a maaqnerade dance 
In the Parish |laU oa Prldar evaalag. 
Novemher S. fMai 9 to I. Oaard's 
orchestra will provide the muale. 
Tickets may be obtained from mem- 
t>^ra of the committee A bus will 
leave the Owl Drag Store, corner ot 

doukIus aad Johaooa fliroot at l:M 


('lovrTrtalc BdhOOl Coiic-n \ 
record attendanes enjoyed rr\d»y 
night's eoaeert at the Cloverdalo 
School given under tho a a o pi oss of 
the Clovordalo Parent -Teachers' 
\ ••■>. latlon. The recitation of little 
.M Rva Ornmm. a toipll <■>! Mtaa 

I . I rt f u , . !»-,.- ' • < ,■ : I 

I I ns 1 a ."I I 'If* ; . ,-...).. f r f> . r * i. .» 
event w 1 1 i 

purchase of the 
library of tho ss 
hall tor tho 

Miriam and 


Vancouver . . . 
K amluuP* 
Princ* Hupart 


Dawson. Y T 
('■Isary. Alts 
\VinnlprK M 
Portlaii.l. 'T.- 
San Fr.>nrla. .1 
Reattl*. Wash 
Pentlctoa • ■ • 

N*l»"n »7 

Kioil" St 

rrmil.r.x.k IJ 

Kdmonlon. Alta !• 

Prlnc. Albert. S..,.^^.^^.^.... »« 

Mavlmum ' 

MlnlMiuiii • 


Minimum i.n iho grmmn 

Brlstit ■un«hlnr. I lioum (.« ii.lnul' 
(irorr,.! ■■ni.- f ' ' •■ >.--il'-- t«i^ 











. . ' 4J 

lineoUrto Wastolng CouapouiMl, per- 
fect for cleansing silk. Phoao ItllTt. 

llitllowo en 

Orchenlra caO 
I>hone 6i60. 

■apply the 



Batter— Insist on the best freeh 
made local Salt Spring Island Cream- 
ery. Kow roUlUng at COe lb. 

PIckllac TIatr fi 11 kinds of tre«i. 
spices at Stlnsons X4mlted, Mow 

They like the Scrvi<'r- T)ie i air- 
field District like the hourly delivery 
eervtoo from Stlnsons l^lmitcd. 

56c. 96c. 


Harold Bimpooa Co., Gov 

Street Market. 

Uummagc Sale, Christ Church Ca- 
thedral school room. Wednesday. ()< 
tober 31. 10;30 a.m. Contributions 
iFvKod. Phoae lOII. 

Mirivfwitf Boaaa Kboo^AH aabjeots 
taken by asperleaood tetlcher. Ages 
6 to If. Por partieulars phone 
PrlaelpaL •4 HR. 

Notlo«* to HouHr\»l*c»— I..ant . .< r 
B.C. Italian prunes Just arrived. Order 
at once from year g rsss f and avoid 

Xha ffepahir Aaditorlam Cabiwet, 
Chamber of CoMuaoroe BalMttas; U 

r,'- A ' i'<"i for the oeaaoa. aad oporat- 
Ins r.*',y Saturday ovealag. 

Ml s<iri'> of llTTialrn trt Dolls — 
Stringing. Knamelllng. Heads, "Wigs, 
Eyes, etc. Ilrlng your dolls In be- 
fore the rush starts Itarber's Toy 
Store aad Doll HosplUl, Douglaa St . 
near Madaea's Bay Stars. 

saperflaoas Balv paraMaoatfy ie 

,,,,,w> i Moles successfully removed: 

...nitific. antiseptic, safe. abeotute 

,'1," i;i'aran"''d '. ■ , i • ^ pra.Mcal 
«.ii>«-rirtioA. Miss liaornaa iceriUi 

caiad i-oodea 

tt IVIaeh 


Out SVin snd Itching 
Helped Over Night 

Per aaslghtir okta smptlons. rash 
or blotches oa fhoo. aask. anas or 

i.odv v*»u do not have to dalt for re- 
1 rf from torture or embarfaasment. 
d-. iarea a noted SkIn speeisllal Ap- 
ply a little Mentho •^■i phti' s" 1 M 

rroveraont sh - - - • ' 

Ileraiias of its germ d'str e ying 

properties, aethlag has ever been 
f .und to taho tho #laoo o{ this sul- 
phur pdopasatloa. Tho aisanoat. 
apply it healing beglna. Only th< 

»h . have had unslshtly skin troubU 

. .ri 1* now the d-lia»V ■ Vt"'.- 

Sulphur brtnga Kv.. it ' 

la dried rich! 

small Jar ot tiuwlea MentM< 

Ipatlaa tsnr* - IHfr- Dot a small Jar ot Kuwtea Mentn< 
wm iai^a/' fxoai aay good draostst and 
T UkaaMiaMaik ^Advt.) 

Woild it. .ok r..r ttae 
lool and a new foot- 
Tlio toliowltis 
leas (daot)— ] 
May Lstrts: rfdiatloa— 

I h^1ll« 'WinUms: soag (omrtett*> 
' Misses Mlram and Phyllis W 
iiama. snd Mar « ! < e.-||||^ i ..* 
piaao * due- I ' M . 
eoa; seag— Miss tJhaw 
Miso ava Csoaa: plane 
Anstin Volgt: Kgpptlaa 
Kargarot WUI** 


A CaijMliii 

Built by 

-The Console Modol Gerhard 

■ Hciiit /inin l*h(wv>;.rraph. in 
( 'i ih III i.i! design, is tho niosi 
bcauuiul instrunicnt of its 

' kind that you can buy. Its 
exceptionally high-grade fin- 
ish is a detail that never 
to arousr .idinir.ition, for it is 
the s:tnic iiiiisli i!i;it i -, imparted 
lo ilie tauiuus Cviiiaid lieintz- 
man pianos. 

Buy no plioiiogi .iph until you 
see the Gerhard Heintzman at 
|165.06— on easy terms. 

Fletcher Bros< 

Tlctorla I4do 

Wctldni CiM^'f tariMt Ifaaic Room: 

Is a science — Consult tis for 
Tour new installation ^-^ if yoti 
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Woolens have their "pr* uh ir it irs " Woolens — vour I)lanket9. 
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it is presrr;!ir'l l.s tin- I ..i ii n^ 1 1 . ■ > v\ i 1 . ' N.iSi'Ui.ii \ imImii 

"Prtparc bath bj ruanuic into washer ten inches ot water in 
iasids erKiM^- Adjast Ui i iptata r s tP H> isgfsss FAi nil irf t . 

Add neutral t<i>*i> and run waaher until Budi are formed Place 
woolens m washer and run hiucn nunuus. Remove woolcna 
by ■ pint line basktt (to witlidnw watsr) aad spte fsf oMa i 

'• after full speed is obtained I)i»<.har({c suds from waikflTt 
run tn iieah waur ot saoac temperature aa used ior saii (l 
thsnBooMtsr) ; rsplMa tpsotaw la iMs katfi. asd Ttaas oa 

rTuimtcs I'la. r wtudens m spinning basket, and run fnr two 
mmutes alter speed is obtamcd. Dtj at ordinary room tcm 

(Waolna shoiM wm k« dried at Wgh ttavmrn.)'* 

Why cliaf to work, worry and naccrtaiatyf Yaar laaadress can 

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rrsiilfitiK from long stinK I" i v|.<tis 

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Aiinrha ■ i lnwiit i rsnn Ma u > •• 
T\»-ttf (JllkxTt, th« grea' 1 ■ . li 

artlsi o( song and mUnlcry. Is Matin me 
Oraos Weoa Joss, who arrtvod la t>>e 
city jTMiordar aftameoa from 
I attlo, aaa was aaMaa ths aaaisaee 

at the Ladles' Musical Club bonaflt 
concert St Mrs. Duncan Campb«ir8 In 

Madame Jeu in knun ii at an ioi< ' 
prater of folk sona. But this d<<<n 
not hint tbo raac* of'hor artistry, and. 

to iutfc* kjr tho atowlas approelatloiM 
which havo appsarsd la Tho Musical 
Courier and eihhr Journals and peri- 

(xiimifl. triT* la a really K' eiit plaasure 
In siof r<ir those wh" patronise the 

pr i>>;r ,1 in in»- whirh dtie i■^ icivr In 

iiii'rrow nl»tht ii t th" pr lull 
riiurti Thi'^ rfriiil v«ni opni ihf 
LAdles' Musical Club season, and will 

bs opsa to tHo pabUe aa wdl ss to 


DeUshts AadlMwe at 
BcMflt Recttal of UkUes' MaHeal 
Club — pleaMnc Proem auM 

A ttiiiritfibl»« object dl»COV«r*«il' a 
icreiit iirtiHli- [" .i .-mill .ludl'TKe 
KSlheruU yesterday afternoon ^ii Mr«. 
L>. K, CampbsU's. Linden Avenue. 

Mrs. I'aeksBhapi, a ptaniato who has 
still to bo hsard la her right sphere, 
vta^ coaoort alatlbrau abavod the 
Ubsratlty eharaetsrtsUo of ssest real 

gSBlVS by appearing at the Ladles' 
VaSiSal Club ben«flt proKramme for 

a member nf Ihi' profcsnlmi In I tu' 
city who liiitt r.'illi'n upon u rifort u niite 
days owInK to illii'-.-*-* 

MrH. l'.ick»'nli.iin, who brln^a an 
arilntlc Influence which Victoria 
ahould not bo slow to appreciate, 
couples a phenomenal tschniqus with 
originality of interpretation and an 
eloquence In her art which proved 
qiiltn br« it h taking. There will be 
further occiiKlon, it Is confidently 
hoped, to (oiiirnt'iit on her Hrt iM rt - 
latiPK to iirr r><*rforir\ance of Honi>- of 
lh<' Kr^.it mawlern. Her blguest thing 
yesterday was Usst's Twretfih Uhnp- 
sody. of which she gave & truly noble 
Interpretstion, anuaaat and convlno- 
Int- Ike alao played two ClMpln num- 
bers, laeludlng the big so-called 
"Revetatlonary Btude." Rhe was re- 
relved tumultuously even by the xmnll 
Hudlenoe possible in ibn rlrrum- 

Tbo programrm^ was (leltf^htfiil 
throughout. .Mr^^ Duncan Campb'll. 
contralto, Rave two charming num- 
ben, songs by Schubert and Schu- 
mann, which she' Interpreted very 
artistically. Miss raulfno nill, the 
viollnhit of the nfternopn, and who 
w.Ts sccompuMed'hy Mrs. 8chweng«rs. 
nhowed K"fd terhnl'|i|o .mil Mplrlterf 
Hlylf In hrr two iniml>ern, one of 
which vv.jw an en<-or»'. Hnd Mr. Arthur 
ftore, barltiine. delighted the audience 

with three songa. Miss Beatrice Mac- 
donald charmed the audience with 
b'T soprano solo. Miss Margaret 
I I itiipbell, who acted as accompanist 
fur Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Oore, 
showed much reflnement and sym- 

Aftfr llif proKr-itMOi'' :Uf k;ii<'stK r»- 
I ' i ' 1 . ri 1 n K I ' ■■ 'T 1 1 ■ ' leu. 

;klr». V\ I. WiUoii and Mrn. I mbach 
pourinK. Mrs. Kr«nch and Mrs. Cam- 
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Iloftpltal Korrloe— nev. F. A. P. 
Chadwick will conduct divine worship 
in the Hun Room of the T. B. Hospital 
thla afternoon at I o'clock. 

Halo of Work A walo of work 
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\\>Bley Churcb, corner .Mrl'hiTBon 
Avenue, in the afternoon and evening 
of Wedneaday. November SI. 

G.A.CV. Meeting — A general meet- 
Jbk of the members of the r;rand 
Army of United Veleran.n will )'r )i«>ld 

In Ih' orK.nilzal ion heail', . :r • i h, 
1 .l 1 9 Government Htreel, tomorrow at 

8; to p.m. 

IOvanK<'ltr.i It S<Tfiors Alexander 
M'inii.'- 111. "I IsK 1 ■ ■ n .1 1 y evllncpli^' 
»A : 1 1 p I I .1 1 ti I V* I . . I . .1 .1 '. til t li*- I ;,i pi ■ ' 
I itlMT iiaclf, I'jirflcld l{".it '' I ' li' 
ter Street. His subjec t ,. .' i 
mill be, "Is Ood the Ureal l Am, or 
the Orsat I Wast" There will also 
be a tarry roeetlag on Monday at S 
p.m.. and evangelistic and divlae 
ill' u ::i'>etings on Tharaday and 


p ni 


OoBtlaaad freas Pas* l 

lira It 1 1 MorllnK The Vlc- 
tori.i flralth Centre In holding a meet- 
ing on Monday evenliiR at 8 o'clock 
at the residence of Mrs. Tennant. SSt 
Superior Street. All interested ars re- 
qucstdd to attend. 

Prairie Cinb — After a eucceasful 
paat season the Prairie Club will be- 
gin the present years artlvlilen on 
November 1, f'nmniodious room") h.ive 
t««>en (lei-ure.l m Ihi Helmon' 
and the annual meeting for roorgan- 
isatlon will |>e held Moaday svealng. 

Catlicdral Sunday Hrhool — An af 
ternoon session of Christ Church 
Cathodfal Sunday School at 2:3o 
o'clock unil bo hmB today, in addition 
to morning saasionB at 10 and 1 1 Th^ 
aftsrnoon school has been arranged 
for those who pmfer thin period to 
the morning. and to enable more 
children to be received and taught In 

th*^ ("iitbr .Irii : S-iiwl 1 . ^, 

.Margurcl Jcnkliif* I'.-T.A. — The 

Margaret Jenkins Parent-Teachcrs' 
Association will open the season on 
Tuesdsy next. October tt. with a 
danos and card party. Mr. A. 8. Den- 
ny is the maater of ceremonies for 
danrInK, and be has secureii thi. »erv 
Iren nf Mintirn KlndUr and ll'^lker to 
provid*' Ihr ni'>."it> I'h' -l ij'. m were 
very populur last year and proved a 
.sn< lul xnd flnsnclAl success. Mr. 
WhIte'NhSs been appointed convener of 
the caild committee and will have 
charia af tha card room for the ssa- 
son. Prises will be given for the 
highest score, so everyone is assured 
of a good game. Hefreahments Will 
\.r nerved. I>anrlni( and carSS Will 
I commence at S:SO o'clock. 

UNLESS you see the name *'Btyer" on tablets, ytw 
are not fettiac Aspirin at all 

Accept only an ••unbrokm paokafe" of "Bayer Tablets of 

^ pi-i i ■■ uhirh contain'; direction^, i ' ^ <;r w rV^i^ ,,,,( 
yh^i,u >lurin| 22 >'Mr-, ,-in.l p-'-v,',] .,it,; ]■ „ ui-IUoas tot 

C>>lvl> iic.i.! !. lie Rfu^muti 

1 1 * n H T 1 1 • 1, I- r 

\)m-, Krtt r-. f i »nA UK) I)ni;jjri»t« 
I !• lin«wa that Aaplrla 

mairafaetsrs^ !• assist ts* esklte sniaisi Iwlls t leaa fke Tahi*i« n»r«* i 
Mtt be siaai'«e« wttb their gsMtsT trade ■aih.^die^wirer Cfees." 

ae*tlra<-l4Mi*r "f Sail. > iii-«t Id WhIU It w lin«wa that Aaplrla 

himself and the other accused nut to 
the park last Wfdneeday by Scbrelbcr. 
He said that ko bad told the Uss in 
order to pretest his follow avr and 


This w;ui not the lant of the ubiquit- 
ous and absent "informer number 
one." When Sccles had given hl.n eyi- 
dence, defence counsel asked the 

oourl ,ter s sr mi ii t hw to produce "ta- 
former number one" at a secret ses- 

sion. Mr. M. A. Macdonald, appearing 

in behalf of the Dominion Minister of 
Juhtioe. added bin weight to the argu- 
nif-nt thai t.. proilij. . tlu- in. in in open 
J court would lif li' cxiiowi- him to the 
Trevf-nRc of the Chinexc .ind otlifrn 
whom he had betrayed, and that tb*-! > 
would be a likelihood of murd< 
The maa was valuable to the country, 
said Mr. Maodoaald. by reaaon of his 
work In the suppression of the drug 
traffic. Mr. Macdonsid said that the 
l»omlnlon department of Justice and 
Atlorney-tieneral Mannon were In 
support of the secret Beaalon . Mir' 
and counsel thought that some weight 
should be given to their wishes. 
I><i Not Want l»rc)w T^err 
MaKUJtrale Jay nald that micht 
be «o. but the resptm.sllillily w is 
his. The court wa.i not lmt)ret»«ed 
iflth the srgument that a secret ses- 
sion would be In the public Interest. 
It mIcht be In the Intereet of the In- 
former, but that was a different thing. 
Would counsel suggest alao that the 
press should be excluded? Counsel 
for the defence intimated that they 
ill.l r . '.v irii 'he prena prenenl at the 
propoiscil .lecret aeaslon Magistrate 
Jay refused the applicailon, and de- 
fence counsel closed their case. 

Pernandex. who waa under cross- 
esamlnatlon when the trial was re- 
sumed yeeterday aiomlng. was pressed 
by Mr. Harrlaon aa to his movements 
last Wednesday, the first morning of 
the trial. Kernander denied that he 
madf a trip lo neacon Hill Pa^k with 
,1 1,1 II ( 'h I n I tn ,1 II \\f,\r:uK k"!'! - rirnnicd 
glasNe-t .Mr. .\I iclona 1. 1 Interyened 
when Mr. Harrison avk. <l if informer 
number one" was a tall Chinaman, 
wearing gold-rimmed glassea. , 

Mr. Macdonald — We have had a 
little diseufslon about this, and I sug- 
K'-ot that my friend should not give 
any description. 

.Mr. Harrlnon <>t). loil I'l nay 
that this Is "informer Tuiriihei- on»- ' 

This line of exa m i n,i I Ion waH aban- 
doned, and Fernandex went on to tell 
how Keclea had seen some men 
erawliqg across the road and Into the 
bush as the pair were leavirg Beacon 
Hill Park with the suitcass full of 
opium. Kernsndex had not seen these 
men hln 

An I'.xtiiiiuE .'M'coo 

A dramatic moment came when the 
prosecutor confronted Kernandes with 
n man named Hchrelber. snd asked 
the wllnes.f If he would Htlll persist 
thai ho liad not tieen <lri\en in 
.Sitirctb'r'< car to Heai on ijill laxt 
Wedneaday. I'Vrnandez persisted ifi 
his denial. H'- hhIiI .iUo that he and 
other accused had not been accom- 
panied to Victoria last Wednesday by 
"Informer number one." 

Per the beneSt of Mr. Russell, Per- 
naadas described Ah Pst. Ah Pat 
was short, dark and stout. Then he 
told Mr. Ilussell that "informer num- 
ber onr" had come to Victoria last 
Wednesday with himself, aad ■eelsa 
and Smith. 

"Do you realise that you have Hod 
to this court?" said Mr. Harrlsaa. 

Peraaades broke down. "I was 
trying to protect him. that's all," be 


.'^chrelber was brought forward 
again "l>n ynu ntill ilcny that thlS 
man drove ynii tit ths park?" de- 
manded the prosecutor. 

"Yes. hs drove me." eoafbsssd Per- 
ns ndes. 

"Then vou lied sgsln?" 

"Hsve It that wsy if you llks," 
whimpered the stool pigeon. 

"That's all I want from you." said 
Mr. Harrison; "perhaps you msy dis- 
eovor wh . • 

>:ories IVJU Mis Storr 

Prank W. Veeles. the third end 
prinrlpsi member of the accused trio, 
sdmilted the auhstanllal truth of the 
story told of Ihoir nonrmcnts by wit- 
nesses for the prosecution. If they 
had been followed a little more 

''A Mass of Sores 
— No Steep- 
Unhappy Days'* 

wrttM Mr« Ormag* Bsrvev. af nannile. 
Qofher R R. 1. "I Sect«f«4 Willi 
tor* anlll tlM gnl Cf Msy. tben I BO< a 

b«««i« of n. *T nwrt uv fur 

OCT BinT»'S ' •'••^ '••1' ■ ..ri. 
••Ml !••»• . . . . 

Wbr not •#« il Kaif • ImtlU irill rvlier* four 

m» Ar»( SniiU win «Knv rMBlt« or T^mr mtmn 

k iti-k.... .)«f>i in Mm iMtant. II. Se a 


rii i: !■< >rri..AK 

Y AT l-.S > 1 Rl'l '1 




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Oef anil 

( \ilM 

closely, he said, the proeecutlon would 
have a belter story to teH. They 
would have seen Ah Kat and • In- 
former nomber one" in the park 

ElCCles' explanation of tlie dlnappear- 
anee ot the mysterious Ah Fat wan 
that he was so roashly and incon- 
Hiderately treated upon his arrest that 
be was unable to ret In touch with 

Informer number one." and this re- 
Mulleil In Ah Kat j/ettlr.K away, and, 
an far as he kn« w. out of the country. 

The Hlory of their trip to \ li tori.i. 
as given by Kcrh's. waH hu tiMta ni i.i I ly 
the some as that Rworn to by .Smith 
and Fernandez. They had h.ul woid 
from Union Bay. In a letter lo "In- 
former numl>er one" from another 
conndentlal Chinese agent, thai 
opium roulil be purchased there. 
i;c , l« - \s i« to proviilf IL'.OOO and 
■'nunibH oiif • lo provide 11.000, 

Kccles K«t $4.00" from a fri'iid for 
purposen of inve«l nifiil IN- would 
not care lo mention hi.-* n iim- in inuri. 
contflderlna the nort of newHpap.r 
publlcKy they were getlinK. Fernan- 
dez was to be taken along us pur- 
rhawer The arrangement was to be 
till! ■ iiiniiber one" would be en- 
IruMtf^d with tho jmrchase money, but 
no money wan to !<.■ Klven lo Ihe 
vendor. They were going to arrest the 
vendor When the aeoond aellTery was 

" WW r one" Asmkn 

In rrofx-exanilnntion, FJccIes said he 
brouRht .1 Chinaman over wUh him 
from V.tnioiiver lar<l W'-ilnnjiilrty. the 
first mornlnc -.f 1 1" ""I '1 H" w"« 
brought over III show lb. in .i pl.K' m 
the pari* where druc'^ hail "ur<- b-rn 
left. This was ••|nform< r luimber 
one." He had told Fernandez noi to 
disclose that this man had Pome with 
Uiem He had nol. however, told 
ivrnandes tn perjure himself In court. 

AxU'il why be had not taken the 
s.ii k from liie i-..p-' lO. rle.H H.Tid he 
dill ri. ' fhlnk i- » i- . \ iiL-nrr II'- 
IhouKht the (.'hinarneii wi re waKhliit; 
the place. 

The witness had uho.i I-' "oo ..f 
funds m his own poeeession f r iIuh 
Job. The funds were trust funds. A 
friend of his had given him M.*S« tor 
Investment. He Bsed this money 
after Herceant Mundy had retused lo 

let hlln b I v«- I h' money 

The re.ifiin k'lven by Kci-ief for not 
dl^closInK hl»< mlMjiion t.. HerKemi 
Jones, of yiftoria. wa.< thai he bad 
wet Iwen given instructions to do ko. 
and ke did aot think there was any 
need of It. 

f Kccles' evidence Mr. 

UiiiNeii ..ppheii to the magistrate that 
lir wiMilil brir informer number one" 
Id iini'T.i Tliey wanted Ibe e\|- 
f\,ni < 'f I'li-^ mm, but ib'V iliil niil 
want to endanger his life. Mr. Pal 
tullo quoted leaal pre«e4ent (or such 
a course. 

KmMm to Ah rat 

.\1;iel»>tral'- lay pointed out that 
"Informer niimbir one" w:is known to 

Ah Kat. .Ml K.ii mn^! know, wher- 
ever he w:i!> thai w.i." If 'be «lorj 
of Ih* defence wiiH inir Ibal ' n- 

former number one " was a man wlio 
Intended to betray bim. If there was 
any dana^r to "ln(arm*r number one" 
II was not likely to be Increased by 
111* (xibllc appeir.-.nee In efnirl 

Mr Mar.lonalil lnterpo«ted lo ssy 
th»t At'orre\ <;eneral .\l;inNon u a ■< 
wlllloK tnai the l.ilormer nlioiili1 tn- 
heard In camera, and a.* l he m*n waw 
valuable In the nuppren^ltm of the 
drug trafllc. It was In the public In- 
terest that lie ahould not tM exposed 
to danger. 

Mr Harrison opposed Ihe applica- 
tion. The law aimed only at protect- 
I,.., ih«' M 11 1*- t, .1 ii'l in.ii' \».i« 

no filalutory ■ijihorlt\ lo i' •< 
Informer In prlva''- Tber»- 
» rase in Kngland whi're ,< 
was permitted lo come masked Into 
rnurt: and If the defence was willing 
the preaseatlon would provide means 
to protect the Ideatky at tbe w Ha ses. 

Magletrale Jajr aal4 that It was a 
Kre«t prtastela mt Brillnli criminal 
procedure taai Iflals sImniHI be is 

open; and It was not wUh 
that principle that the court nbouid 
adjourn to some secret place to hear 
thla evidence. 

Cuurt llcfufM'a Request 
"If I were to accede to thla re- 
quest," asked the lourt. 'do rouiinel 
for the defence propose that the press 
be excluded?" 

Messrs. Pattullo and Kusaell were 
prompt and unanimous In their re> 
fusal to have press repreeentatlvee at 
the proponed secret seasion. The ma- reMiiiis loniii I.I' given to the 
newspapers .i fi er w.i nl.-', suggested Mr. 

" I ilii tmt see my w;i\ In do tbiM," 
aaid Ibi' mM(,-i.'<t rate, finnlly 

"We must bow to that deeL-iion." 
said Mr. Russell; "and in that case 
we have to aay that that concludes 
the case tor the defence." 

The court adjourned at • o'clock in 
the evening, and arranged to alt after 
dinner. In order that the trial might 
be conrluded. 

A leiiKtby speech for Ihe defence 
by Mr. llUK.iell op< tieil the evenlOK"" 
procefdlng.". (■l>UIl^^el cbarKcil iii.ii. 
City I'rtisecutor Harrlnon bad co 
deavorcd to try n<il only the accused 
on the specific charges; but to ir> 
them and other members of tbc 
mounted police on suspicions and in- 
sinuations. The court had been tmed 
for ihs purpose of the commlsRlon of 
Inquiry Into the mounted police work, 
which was to be b> I 1. ti 

Mr. RosHCll to thi- i ourt 

The long trial had confused the 
Issues, said Mr. Russell. There had 
been a smoke barrage. The trial had 
been conducted as if It were poaslble 
to Ket liiformi'm of high chsracter in 
the work of MupI>rcs^lnK the drug 
iraffl*-. Th'- fill WiiH It v,:in 
rMTeasary lo empl<>\ a-* iislnti- .ind 
treacherous tiielhods In the ilcteriion 
of dope vendors as were eniployect 
>ty those vendors themselves. i:nun.Hel 
could not say that the accused, Ker- 
nandes, was a high type of man. He 
had made a slip in court, and It 
might lie necessary that the court 
should de;il with him later In that 
matter Hut. KUKge.-.ted .\lt Uunsetl, 
the court Wdiilil nol be unduly b.inl 
on 11 mn n w ho after :i||, h,(i| i-rn il 
in an attempt to lie loyal to a fellnw 



a.'^ weii as all your 
finest fu inltaw 
will caia ia eharai 
as the years roll oa 
^•41 ffiven proper 
care. These vala- 

poss t i iWS 
•aB far tiM ooa al 


ilrf'cniisble pol* 
tst) ''pe, tally ma<Sa 
f r just socll 
>• aatifal 

farea. GaBsa • 1 i>* 

The evidence showed, lii«lHieil > i uri- 
sei, that Brrflth and i:ccie.s h . ! 
to Victoria on the Insiractluns of 
their superior offloers. 

• Mr. ralSallO Is Ilcarti 

Mr. Pattullo asked the court to 
dismiss the charges of two 
things particularly In ihe evidence 
for the defence. Bcoles had begged 
to be allowed, at the time of his 
arrest, to keep an appointment later 
in the evening. That appointment wan 
to meet, and to entrap, the Chinaman 
who wan supplying the drugs. It was 
impos-ible for a guilty man to lake 
j<ijcli .1 !■ .Mti.iii In Hiicli nil i rioTgency. 
And, secondly, the evidence a« to the 
opium ' pipes, which were brought 
over In the course of duty, broke 
down the case of the proeeeutlon. 
Once It was shown that the men were 
here on duty, all the facts were con- 
si,Hteiit with innocence. 

Mr, Psttullo conrluded by naylnir 
th.-»t the Crown prosecutor had acted 
improperly In swearing an Informa- 
tion for perjury aaalnst Pernandex 
during the trial. It was done to In- 
fluenos the court. Ceanael was satis- 
fied that It would not laflaeiies the 


I'llv ProHecut f>r llarrleon e.iid be 
resented the charge that he »;i.«i 
persecuting the mourited police. No 
one was aeeking to drive the mounted 
police from the. Province. What he 
was doing, and what tt was his duty 
to do. wa<< to rid a hssYiet of eggs of 
three or 

V\aA tmjiwu .Mlakui 

Quoting from Sergeant Mundy's 
report to Ottawa, to the effect thst 
since the charges asslnst Rmlth and 
Kc( icH were laid the drug nqnad had 
i i'aHed operiil lon.s Mr MiirriKoii ashed 
why that iilonilil lia\< |.i cn ili.iie'' Tti<- 
report Mhf>wed that Ottawa bad l>»>cn 
told thai the case could not safe I) be 
allowed te come to trial. The accused. 
If guilty, aecording to the report, 
could be dIaelpUafd bjr their own 
force. Charges were to be laM aaalnst 
Customs Officer Nnrris if hs refused 
to withdrsw the rhargew. 

If ibi.M wire 1" In hIIovwiiI. ankeil 
.Mr llHrrlMon. wtuil wf-re the i mirlK 
111 be used for' Tlii « 1 1 iieioif,^ fur 

the proeecutlon in the casc had been 
clear and aftrset In their statesients. 
What had been the evMenee for the 
defence? Vemandes had uttered a 
perjury as black ss was ever uttered 
In a eourlrooni; and If he, ih<- 
pr I isei II 1 1 .r b;i<l tiol xworn an Infor- 
mation iiKain,"ii him, il would hsve 
been the (lMt> of sfimeime elae In do 
It. The proseruior submitted that 
the court would not believe a wera 
Kernandes had said. ^ 

Htory OaHMl PrrpoeMwoas 
The story of ibr ;ii I lined wss pre- 
posterotto. said Mr. Harrison. 'They 
warned the court to believe that tbe 
myeteiioue Ah Pat had left opium 
worth ll.SM out tn the park, with 
no protection, st the mercy of the 
crows. Ah Pat hsd not got the 
money If he had got the mine> || 
would be 1 different ^tor>. Wher«- 
was Ah Kat ' Tliere had l>e» n n war 
rant sworn for Ah Fsl Krr|e« had 
the warrant He hsd not tried tn 

eaecuu It. Munay had taMtrwetea hiai 
not to us* tt. 

' I suggest." concledeii Mr. Harri- 
son, "that here w«a the smoke 

rf en This wn* ■ ntraw man, 

• luffed Into s Straw vijrrsnl. Ths 
l>ad Mr Kal le large, and no one 
cares about It I* thai the action of 
honest men"* Why did not these men 
tell aergeant Jenee what the traiMe 
was? Then thay try te threw mad 
St Sergeant Jones; and the reumn 
they do It la bec a ase Hervuro ton.-. 
Is an honeet man I aak ^ w Honor 

( O r (I n V 1. ( • )\». »#■ ■,,rr- St, n I ' »nt loll 

iihi-^ ^' ' .iiieaed d^atm 

• r . . ( M » WW hns been misled 

ex pan* rrport an4a ta pa^ 
tact theee aesuaed. " 

**Thli sharge la a rmry 
•aid Mi^MMate Jay "TIm trial 
lastea Mllp i^aya. MaiV 

have been put Into evidence. I do 
not think that I should be doing my 
duty to tha aoouaed and to the public 
if I did not review the endenee. ) 
will reserve my JudflaieBt vnttl nest 

Saturday " 


Tomorrow AIn'jht 

WEU, An Nt T«bl«t 

(■ v«c*tabl* I tak.D at 

nifhl wtl! h.lp Ka.p rou •'..l. br 
loalag aoS ■tran(<li»;. ing r'>'<r di 

Olips off Ih* Old Block 

NtJUHIOaa Uttia Ms 

O ee I S WS tbe rmlsr Smsl MfaSa 

of tbe 

seas la 


Isg r sS l seta. Ums esaSy 

Vkterta Os«l Drag Co^ IM, 


Tha UahrcTMl WattboMd** > 

lln( ht)ni>e«fblc 
Under Any 


Lamatco is made of three 
1.4 vers (if cross grained col- 
li mi wood veneer cemented to- 
gether with our special water- 
proof glue knd iKitented hot- 

phitr j)rocr«;<; 

Lainatco will not peel or come 
.ipart when exposed to moU- 
tiirr Soak it in water or ^'i ' 
tt the boilittg test and be con- 

Laniatco is Milijrctcd to 300 
i|r>;rrcs of heat throtighout ii 
drying }ir<K:c»s. it will not 
split, cheek 6r pull away from 
ihr iiAiU in dry hot at- 

There ran Itr no harm la 
having your dealer dsntOQ- 
sisaM these potats. 

Sold by 

B. O. Prior ft Co,« Ud. 

Wa. N. CNaU Co. (Vklocte) 


Victoria. V, r 

^.1 t V •• ' .1 ■ .i ■ f i >. V 



^ New VVcitmint.ter, H C, ^ 


' is^ ni^-i:» a rozr; I'.i 

0m Univarsal Wallboard** 




Social Events 

• \ • • ■ 

on Thtiniday •«v^nlri^- mi of ilf- 

Irh'f il iihow. I - r .hurmiiiK upt ik^ 

fill Klf" III .iTi'i ipMloMi iif llfl .1 i> 

pr . 1,1 1- (il tin 111,1 /riUKf .M ' iliult-M 

•iii»Tov , i>f tliu- • 1' n"» ..f 

I'l.rl ,->n.l t II ■ Til' 1 .).• 

flmiii.iTi v».i.~) litiU ai ihi- li'iim- • f 
Mrf W T lJrld(C. where a novel 
metbod of pr«Mnt«tlon JMd b««n pra- 
j« f <i la tlM form of an umbroU* 
taauflilljr 4 ae« rat a< l« eolora mum—' 
tiva of tha Hal|ow«*aB aaatea mn4 
humg abova a chair Into vhleh tha 
vaMMPMtlac brS4«-to-bo wan enticed.' 
At a clven alcaal the ahowt r t'-w md 
marrlly waa the avanOic; p >•<•<<>, i in 
axamlning the gift*. : ■ i ► itM»i« 
fnii»l<- »n'l r^f r»»ehm«TH» Ami ■!« t tionv 

» t . : .■ n . . ' i-.-I ttW-il t .1 ! h- . ■ .-m 

ri « Il ; < '1 M I - ^ < . ,1.- 1 ti • |.| A • r •• ' >i • 
f' ' 1 lirwl iif Mr :i n.l Mr- i i n. i 

Mr. .lilt Mm M.i: 'dr. an^ Mr*. 

SwMt^ns th« Stomaob 

file Honor tiM IJ«1li*MMi-0«T- 
I haa yraeloualy conaastcd to 

1 patron of the Jubiioa Hoa- 
1 at(pi for Ita now b«IUI> 

lliK fUlii) 

I li< orKaii'-tat p.n ot the cmi ■ 
pHlKii U wrll under >ray. lunl 
Within th. Ur t fi W diV" th»- coin- 
mlttae hua upened Milchell Ac 
DttBcaa'* former premleea in the 
Cantral BulVains aa bead«u«rtarK 



r.i <nit 'I'll! in All 


'.rw Sio<k Nrw Prices — RlRhl 

In NiHp ()•.•, 11 Hnnir Town 


Rug Shop 

705 I' OK r ST. 
J he Uld HdiabU — Here btncc 

Bridare. Mf»- B.nclui. Mi- M.-rriH. ihe 
MlfKiea t?ole. Jkne.-<. Ur.mii. It|rd. 
KridKe, Cicero. 0>baon. Cameron. 
Tillia. Roberta, Crowther, Pa«et. Mc- 
Kay. Prtdaaux. Olaaapool, Ttaoinpaoa. 
Morria. Drewltt. and tbo MoMra. 

Kiimimun. Woolcocfc and Campion. 

• • • 

KHKaxermnnt .\nnoanrrd 

M .M \Vfl)»t<T. i.f 340 Beckley 
\ .. ' .. ,1 n mm ni fH lh<' i-niffiBeinent Of 

| . t M. ini;f.t ilaii'-'ht.r. Kvelyn, tO Mr, 
I i.m ilii Sh.irp. yoiinKeat non 
,,r 11. x .111. I .Mr- .1 ."^h.irp. c.f this 
• ity. The will iMidt place 
. irly la ^lovmii.. 

• • • 

■pealr< !■ Vamjouvt-r 

Rav. J. W. Saanby, B A.. u.u.. of the 
.Jumea Bay MethodMt Church, ia tha 
prln< Ipiil Bpealter today at the Croaby 
Church, Vancouver. Hla pulpit here 
u bates aupplfd by Bay. J. Bbarp. 


St. Ifartin'a ftocial Cuild — St. Mar- 
I in n Borial Otitid, Qbod Avantto, ia 
I'oldinK a Hallowa'an Jkirty on Oct. 
3 1 at K p.m. Thara wiil ba fortune 
tfllins and all aorta of samaa. Re- 

freab m a a ta will ba rnvm^. 

• ■ • 

Runday Serrlcea — Divine aenrlcea at 
»t. Aidant Hreehyteriaa Church. 
.Mount Tolnile. today, will be aa 


Oriental Cream 

for H^> run lu* brou^t Joy and Hsprl 
ne^ft t'l rnAnr wuoicn in the air*t<r 
buMiiy It h«s rcadcrad te tlMsm. lU 
MTvic* H iMw aw i Kto d le that these 
who fvouij hAJBMmiM Ukcfr rijmpivKkia 
•ftth tha<r [Vutk.ulBr hKmW n< hmitr can 
rfoMlsl^ bMladvuiUa* Now niMtlta 


ik«la» well aa WHITS 


''Our Own Brand 
Butter Won't Keep 




The nc»"'"<' :j(')'ri>t<. h Su iin I i 1 1 ' 'f :i i< . 
able lant\' l)K<-tnl tor niRn liKtitin^; 
ami fm t iry lif^htUiK an ) wtirre v, 
bn»t"''i 11 alwve 1' ' I ii'iarv; nl""' 
rr«,i.!r-r'iBi i|i"p (onlii, rtc , Made Wlth- 
r li! H in '.-.jrn \S, 2S, 50 WaM !■ 

^ cj^ai, ireatad aad dal^to glaMk 


. fio.-i 1 1> a. Ill .s^rvlie» 

n ,1 I.. '..-Ill ,1'ii Hra.l Mull a' 

7 ii.iii. AJid 8unda> Inml ui p i" 

• • • 

Oatirt Trftwmrti. A-u.* .— T»ie um- 
at dmrt /ntmwnk. A.O.r.. will bold 
a maatlns oa Friday for tetUatlaa of 
naw nnombara, sanoral bii a la Mi aad 
to eomplata plana for tSb baaaar an 
Novambar 7. Mambava ara aakad to 

itiadly raura flakbad artielaa. 

• • • 

Court Maple l^euf. A.O.F. — Tha 
Indies of Ci.iiri .Maple I>eaf. A. O F . 
;irp lioliliiur a 'rrand iriasiiiier.i •! • 
ilaiii - "ill .\<>\ ♦•III li<i 13 ill llif ("liJiii 
lifr of I 'mil HUM if 1 ml 1 1 1 >r 1 11 III ii/.iril'.. 
HI 1 hi-.«l : .1 Ills til >-ii engaged. ,\ (,""i<l 
lonilxil I .inU prize* are being ' n 
for the <ilfferunt coatumen. Tlckem 
ran be ulitalned from Hawkina & 
Ilayward'R two atoraa, alao from any 
of tba committee. A dainty aupper 

will be aarvad durias tba avanlnf. 

• • • 

Lddlaa' Chair Praetlea — Prof. J. D. 
Toara'a Ijidtaa Choir met for ita 
weakly practice on Monday roornlnc- 
It waa decided to hold the flrat of a 
aeriea of conr»'rt.H at the T. B. Ward 
Jubilee Iloapital on .November '.'O, ooii 
Hlntlnn <'( k1''i'«. p.irl MonK"" ■■' " !•■< "'i' 
xiilo"" I.', till iii. riil><-r> Il h.i -1 Im imi 
fouuil ill .■Lsiifv 1.1 -1 ,!■• .1 lirK''' 
|»lai'«- I. .J r 1 h . .1 r.s.i U. lUere i.4 al 

reii(:> 1 \\.,i\Lun h.nt of ladleii anxlouH 
to Join, ind the < holr will meat at the 
new premiaes. Room S, Surray Black. 
Vutea Ktreet. on Novambar I, at I 
o'clock. Further'' partletilara aaa ba 
had by phoninr 4>«<L. 

• • • 

Poppy Tar Day— Ladioa or orsan- 
Izationa willins to aaalat tha Armia* 

ti«e Period Committee by Belling pop- 
plM en Saturday. November 10. are 
aaked to kindly communicate with 
either of the Joint c-onvener*: Mrn. 
Murdoch. 9)2 I>our!.im .Street. or 
Mrs. Crocker. 1190 Kori mreet, aa 
enrly aM poasihle. Namea mailed ta 
Uoi>t. Macnicol, hooarary aaeratary, 
P o. Box No. 1. VieUrta. vULfanta 
attantloiK L«at yaar the ladiea who 
■aalatad In tha aale of i>oppies did 
excellent service, and it In hoped to 
have aa many of them again thia 
.vaar aa la poeaible. 


The resumption of thd MeBridc 
Social Club card toumamenta aad 
dancea haa boon ehaarfully welcomed 
by ita many frlenda. and the fecund 

entertainment of the aeries will be 
held (111 TiiesdiiN pvening next In Ifar- 
liiony Hall, l-'url .Slreel. It In the tn- 
l«'Mtii)n uf till. I iini 111 It I «>o In charge lo 
iiuid tiieac nociuIm every Tueaday dur- 
ii'K the Winter, and to ihaat tba ra« 
riuiremaaU of tha mtmibara and tbalr 
Kueata, more room and tablea are 
bains arransed for. New tab1e.<«. m .\ 
carda. extra prisaa. iip-fo the nilnut. 
dance nui.ilc nil aUK" -.1 I urclientru 
and a valualde tomlmli i.i , will ot- 
trai l I l:irKcr nuinh<M of < < i testanl.s 
tliHii wua preaenl at the laat aocial. 
l-'or the flrat table, valuable caah 
prizea ara oflCared. whllat aeveral 
novelty prlaaa ara olTerad to playen 
who are out of luck. Thoae attend- 
Ins are requeated to make a nota ot 
the fact that tha samaa wllLatart at 

4:30 prompt ^ 

Support-* Ix-asuc «>f Natiuaa 

WINNIPBO. Oct. ST.— Paliowlns a 
lucid, oomprehenalve and Impaaaloaad 
addrem by Sir Oeorae Foater on the 

alm.'«. operation and achtevemerit« of 
the l.cuKwo of Nallon.v. a Wlnnipen 
liranch of tip- I.'.ibuo of .\'.i(jona So- 
ciety of I '.ma da w.i.s formed here 

We Are Now Showing 

A lark.''- \aricty in Style* woods in 

"Ya Olda Firme' 

Heintimaii Piano 

We should be pleated to hara 
yoa inapect these i n rt n is mm and 
make a selection. 
We tell them on very reasonable 


Cataloiriie and ferm^ by mail on 

HMBtzman & Co., LiaiM 

1113 OovanMMSt It 




Mr- It. s. I>M>. i>ronUaent in .\ctlvi- 
iht, (>r Vlttoria Women, Will 
Kealdo In VaMxmTCr 

When Buying Lamp Bulbs for 

Outdoor Signs, for Drop Cords 
for the Factory 

and all placi rre the conditions sre more than 
ordinarily .trying, specify 


and you will then cxprrirnce real lamp service — lung 
life combined with effii u tu > and economy. The name'^ 
"Laco* i» your jfuar^ntrc. We carry the tisnal si/cs in 
stock, and remember: "The He»t la The Chcapciit in The 


35 O COOK M. 
A ah««>« Mil wSI mm m «a 


i'lMncs 21' w^q. Central Bldg. 


Victoria Nivaarlaa, Ltd. 

"Mora HMt Par Mtar" 


T from us and set "■ore 
with less coal." 

Richard Hall 

& Sons 

Oovcrnmcnl Street 

The at>8ence of Mra. R. 8. Day, who 
left ye.sterday for Vancouver where 
ahe will reKidc in future, indeOnltely. 
rtlll Iw Ui-eiilv fell ill and phil- 
.infliropii cin les iif N'ictorla. Il wnn 
iti 1891 that Airs. Day acconipanted 
her late hualhind to thii ■ itv. and 
durinc her Ions raaldenc*) here a|ir 
haj thransh her faithful work and 
exceptional ablMtiea. attained a very 
hlirh position of enteem amonff her 
fellow «orkcrv in pli 1 l.i n I h ropii- or- 
aaniaat mn.x. and haj» .i wide circle of 
frlenda whi> will regret her at>aencp 
from thia city very ainceraly. Mra. 
i>a/ will take up her residence with 
her daushtar, Mlaa Totla Day, in tba 
r' xldenre of h»r son. Mr. W. Day. 
Shaudhnesay Hei»ht«. She hopea 
H\r.ti(uallv to return to Victoria 
where her inipre«t<i have been mo 
widely divei-BlfJed. and where her 
work will live in the memory af all 
her frlenda and aaaociates. 

Mra. Day waa a valued member of 
niai)> ornanizatioiis and i hl^f amonic 
lifr many Interenln «.ih thi»t of the 
1.1)1 .il Coiwiril of Woiin'ii .She held 
the irealdency of the Victoria brani-h 
from the year H07 to 1»12. and waa 
nprovlnclal vlca-prealdent from 1191 
to 1*tt. and asaln from Itll to l»lt. 
In 1909 Mrx. Day raprsBsntod tha 
riiivince at the li^lernatlonal Council 
held In Toronto, when nnc member 
from each of the nine i>ro\lncc.H waa 
present. Mra. Day attended thJ* in- 
augural meetlns of the L,ocal Council 
of Victoria and Vancouver Inland 
which took placa en Novambar S. 

It wa.s in her i aparit\ ai provincial 
vlce-prealdent of the Coun- 
cil Of Women of Canada that .VI r«. 
' >ny edited the women'a edition of 
' h9 Daily Colontat, publlahad on 
Haturday. Nof«ml>er •. IMI, whan 
phe waa aaalated by tha moat praml- 

nent women worker of the Coaat Who 
• 'llled Bpeclal d e p.T r t ri' en t.<« 

Throiiirh the effurta of Mr.^. I).'\\ 
the Victoria Women'a Ciuh man 
formsd In 1*11, whan aha waa elected 
chairman of tha oommlttaa tasather 
with Mrs. C. C. Mlehanar and Mra. 
Anarus Rmlth. In 1*12 Mrs. Day rep- 
reaented tha I.O.D.B. at tha flrat 

meetins of tha Ovaraaaa Clab In thia 


< m AuRuat 4. Itl4, Mra. Day waa one 
of the flrat women In thia city to 
volunteer for work, and waa one of 
the charter mambary and praaldant of 
the Patrotle Serrlaa CammUtaa of the 
Municipal Chapter, l.O.D.S. Undsr 
the pr»«i<lencv of Mm. Day the com- 
mittee <-,iir|ed on most v.ilualde work 
for aeveral yearn, until 1819. In rec- 
ojrnitlon of her work ahe wna pre- 
aentad with the Order of Merit aa a 
• mambar of tha oommlttaa. Durinc 
tha yaara tha oommlttaa waa In aalat- 
ence Mra. Day nerar fbllad In bar 

duties entailed In the work of vlsitlna 
the wiv"" ind famlllea of men aerv- 
Inn 1. • and at Chriwtmaa ahe 

wa" oil! orKantaern of the 

rhildren> 'rnaa trees and t»an- 

tomimea fur famlllea of the aoldtem 
and aallors aarvlns their coantry. 

Tha Carenatlon Day Cbaptar, with 
a msmbarahip of l4.eM ebtldran 
owed much to the work and eneray 
of Mra. Hay who waa recent of the 
orxanlXAStlon whl< h waa formed to 
flttiniciv celehratf ( 'orofia i u,n Day. 
•lun'- 2?. 1»n. when rooo children 
cnnflned to the pupila uf public 
schoola were oonnactad In an arsanl- 
saUaa whieb llakad tba ablldraa of 
the British Kmpira In a eloas band of 
patriotism. In connection with the 
Coronation Day eelebratlona Mra 
I )a ■ «laKi-<l ri in i c f1 . ■ • 'V . ' ' ■ 

Cruill*" of Kmiiir'* w 'h >> i,'',, a 
.N'ation> Strrna'h 1 o - i, • 'w \K-.>' 

■ ' Itfc Children," »h. ii won conaiJer- 
)de ncKioa and adn. r uion. 
Mra. Day Carmad tha NaaC-ot-Kla 
Aaaofllatlan oa Novambar I. IfelT. and 

nrtid aa praaldent of the nrsanlsatlon 

f r Yxm next two yeam after which 

» ' . .V »H ►lOl t »<1 to , I . .1 ,, ' . I : I . « 1 . t. I 

for 1 \f»r and lh«'ii <)>•• pr*" 

dency ar«ln In Ma> 1 1 H Mr« I >» v 

nrsaalaed the dors* carnival, an Im 
masao andertaklns. wbaa over |S,oen 
waa nattad for tba arar msmarlai 
fund. Sha alao e aa v as d a maas maat- 

Inc for the Victory I>nan campaign at 
I the Royal Victoria Theatre when the 
«peakerii in,!itd...l ,V ' \V M N-M «nr1 
.VIra. Ralph Smith, of \ ani nuvr 

Durtna the paat week Mra. Day haa 
bean tKf saaat ot honor at aavaral 
funellana bald ta erdar thai mambera 
or orsantsations In which she hn- 
baea aaaoctatad mlsht aaaarob|« to tm 
iMf Ibrtwal^ 

that ahe will return to Victoria a«^aln. 
The Ladiea' Aid of the church of (iiir 
I ' d, Reformed Kpiacopal. held a ton 
iaat week at the home or Mra. 
Laundy. Beach. Drive, when Mra. Day 
wa^ preaentedMwitb a beautiful bou- 
quet of flowara. Tba raoma w«f% 
charmlnsly arraasad with flowers, 
and • musical prosramme waa ren- 
dered, the aololata beinr Mra. Oland 
Mra. K. rfhandley. Mrn. Hamlet and 
Mlaa IXiruth.v 1 >ea n The hutjttuet wa.n 
preeented to Mra. Day by Mra. J. I). 
Helmcke'i. u member for many years 
uloacly aaoociatad with tha Ladias' 

A handsoma leather 1 1.. .1 

hoiiqii^l of flowers wa.i pren.nled to 
.^1r^. Day hy membera uf the Uuild of 
Health on Thursday evcnins. acoom* 
pan led hy a apoacb in which tba Work 
of Mra. Day waa auloslaad. 


Dancb la Aid of 
o« W< 

VumA Win Tako 

' y 

Kverythlng in in readlnMMs for the 
hi(C ilance which im teinn i,p;,| in the 
Armory on Wcdn<'sda\ cvenlnjt In aid 
of the KIrenien'a itand fund. The 

< o,,>i,i!tt,.,. reporta that tba tiekata ara 

Kuinc foat. 

Tba catarins will ba undsr tba 
manasamaat of Tisha * Wheeler, 
whils Zala's fifteen -place orcheatra 
will supply the followlns dance hita: 
Walts. "A Perfect Klaa": fox trot, 
"Crylos for You"; ona-atap, Uei... 
fox trot. "I'eanuf.V; waltz. 'I Am 
Drifting Hack to Dreamland". fox 
trot. "I'.liif Hoosicr Mlues": one-aiop. 
"I'h. Hurold ■. w.iltr., - If Winter 
Comes"; achotilache. "What's Your 



Stunning Evening G 

whkk will givr t licit 



the enviable distinction 
of beiog the best dresaed WdiMB 
ali|b« afMil 



fos trot. "MarahaU": walu. 
Shannon Moon"; oaa-atep, 
fox trot. • Yea. We Have No 

^ iltz, "Htony Tiroke la No 
l>«ii.l' . fox trot, "Apple 
home waits. T.ood Niaht." 

NIXaON, B.C., Oct. SC.— rtra at 

mldnlaht Wadnsaday daatrersd tha 
houae of James Rmlth and Blair H. 
Carter, at Sl-oan <" ivlth all the ef- 
ferta. the occu^<»l.^^ I .ivipg a narrow 

Oaa^ aaML 


in two m 


aaar burning atomaeh. an 
with la-Va. Drug 

Standing! for 
Butternut Bread 

Fine gfrainr'l, tcm;.' 111',: - ' ' >wn crust, and 

alwav* tir:<..t:>i''. j;. 1 . I • ati at JTOUT gf^Cdr's. 
ui phuiic Rcniue <& Taylor — /OA. * 

Month-End Special 





We Vast MX 'liffcrent mo'irls .'f thc^e \vrll-kn'>\vn i'H< -< .{ryapba, with prkds fBttglof irom 
S7U to $180, on which, until October iUt, we are accepting 


€%t% Cash — the balance to \r -[irra*! f.\er a prrioH of twelve 
month* and paid in weekly or monthly inatalmcnts, as 
you prefer. 

Our business is purely and sifliivly Phonoxraphs — we have spccialucd in them esd can givt you tha 

best of adaka 
dpop aa a Maa 

Ml Yale«i 
^clow Douglas 

tha ditercnt makes. CosM is aad let as taflc il avdr ar tf «m sf the «itr» 
arill ke smM jraa fre*. 



Below Dougiaa 



To Match Your Gown 

Si> rcinarkAbiy wide >• thr r^gr wi !>h^cft iii tin* dtkulajr of 
«rj(l Nrcklet* that you can ra»ilv matdl My ^tmtt Ot 
I'lacs a#c very rrafton«l»l«, too. Iroiri 



"At U»€ Sijc ol th< Bi( (. IlkU" 
* * " "l y S«r—» 

The Girl ai the Corner ApartaBent 





WINNIFTO. dJrt. IT. — A eonmt'm 

jurv ; : 1 vt-Mt iga t Ihk tin- '.iH' ^ ' 1 1 - ot I ti i; 
nf Conatable Nuriuan lenke, uf tha 
it.r M P . laat nictic i«t«ra«4 a v«r* 
(J. it ivf ,1 < iJ»-jiili. anJ eionor- 

dted CunaUable J«mM ToMks. whoM 
fCYolver Mplodcd wblto h* WM at* 
tompttac ts anta»4 It. 


DOI^l AS (. JOMS' Cs SI S MiLl OU',\'<d, 

PAINT, $4.45 GAL. 

<>nr> of Canada'a hlfhaat graUe 
paJnle, ref IS !>$. for $i.4k per gal- 
I'Ti Sluarta. reff. tlii, for tl.2(; 
I'dn h Haint, half f*Uan. r«g. |3 90. 
tor 9Z.Z§, quarts, raf, fl-M. for 
9tMt D«|rUctot WhH» .fiM>, »lat«. 
r0g. 91.U. tor 7a«i liaK »>at. 
*0c, for 40c: quartwr pint. r*«. Sic | 

for 2&<'. R. A BlUfM**,^ Ctkt, 
lmn mod •loluM»ft. 

Wcatmlnater Hall la tha 
(•fVMt bulltflnir In th« world 


MWiBH; clficifiilt M only 
mm fml' B o uii i h e d can 
be, are the dMBMKi of 

the hour. 


111 d NfM Y urK ji(Mitiueiii alie tuut 

i»tirr.i>-,i from mm. oti lMr •m* 

l-r f rit-IJtlf J 

ii«by AJUaHii iMt gar aaA Mv- 

oloua trl«ad. 

QwtlB am9. Ml MtM frlMki •€ 


I M I h la 

Mltrray Sl«-\^»rt t.r whum < 'JTBtlUA 
Id working a* u ^.i ■ ,1 . ru i>ti<- 

Mm Watotond. fM. iKl and rich 
client of BUwart, wiiu laaM a fancy 
to CrnlbU. 

VMM JiiWMli. trimt, •CKamir'a. 

For this man had mado bar loar 

ti ..r^ th.ui u iii-r.- -(after all. any 
piuiti Kijl > i»<nii^thlnK, any 

\\f\,f III Ihi- wa\ .if Vkuki IjuI Ih 

ha«l mad« her lua« her •«*e«-ihru.i i 
tawBll.^ VMB't Mm t* t»lt hlni 

Qiaiitla wa 

liM« VP tlM 


howoTsr, and 
prattjr accu- 

I wdt» a 

I'd aaver 

r»1 make 

g\\-r u 

Uai w ' I 


it tb« reJil^ man-tized 
tonfeior Mwwho 

are not over-«trong- 
Take SCOTT S! 

lillll — A <1iaii.'<- for Itabf 

TIIH: girl h llpM ffll .M>iM 
"Are you In earii»-M '" 
"Why, ot oourae l am: Coma, 
don't ba foolMil'* He rosa avddanl). 
and OMUto a moya aa Uioiiili to slip 
a eaMlaaa arm 'abovt*har ««lat. ' 

r.ut the ft— 
irui. I that. 

V lui're i>ii ' h" 
l.-..-!" Y'Mi >,,u ; 

Iriuil'- IlK- i>>,'~'' Ml" 

jt>i> and — and 1 1 

Har voica 
broka nnaxpact- 

"Raby, you all- 
ly kid! Why. whafa 
t h. riiiilirr ■■■ He 
iiifiituMl ,1 luiie <if 

r ( 1 1 ] . • I 1 1 I n t 1 1 t h 

Mill (1. I ^l iio."s I pf ii ..I 

"Oh, n o th I n c'. | 

Oalr th* ganaral 

MAY cnmm rottaaaaaa at lUal" 
She Htared dfaarily at htm with taar 
filled eyaa. 


I 'In-, r up <uy ' hlM ' I( 
, ...,.) Um,K. iiiK > "U'lK k' H. 
hjk<,r a ilrpn-MliiK i"n'ii.-nt 
I lir ii'.rii t;\ rouiiil, ari.t n.i' 
fur iiiie ijf lli'iii' 

A flaah cam« intu ihe 

"Wall. .1 daa't »lva a fl»! But 
what'a this about tha movla niM»7" 
• Ha wanta to aaa you. Ha aajrathat. 

to beKin with, hell giro you a amall 

put! .. n -xl:«' f.r alx dayB Or BO. 

Tlia! !■ bf- 'luv ■ work In two 

w<*t k(< >'>u u ii(1<-i ^' ••■I'l .iinl ixili.pM 
inurt- Uf a like 1., l. iv. > ■•' 

>oti tontcht." 

"Would ha. Jnd.e.r- ine., why 

dlda't iroa brlac bUn aiung ami 
Ruby tinl bar rad-geld haad. 

-Recauae ha lao't tt— tOk liolf-paat 

,. ,;!,! ,, rio< k I thoacM r* 

41' I Kt-t you uiid MIm Cynthia to 

rof-t hiMi at :i t 11 . I, ..UK.- .1' t'ii r 
past flghl. I ve gol iti"« i..i-^«»-'<' f 'r 
a box," 

Ha fluns hla cigaraite into the rir>- 
"Cyatbia woa't ba homa tni mxru 
Irg.- anatrarod Raby quickly, and 
Aunt Kllen— blawi har daar old haart 

h .n )?.."« out to a church aoelalfor 
;ii, h -u, or two. 80 I'm alona. and 
>.,u '•«i> I atay hara, b acatwa •f">Mra. 

UruiMly " ^ 

fiunif hla haad back and 
laashad baartUy. 

**aa 'tlteatfh altbar of ua eared for 
Un, OffMgyt Doa't ba fooUah^" 






Whitney Compelled 

to Unload 

After assembling the dainticstand most fashional K a ortmcnt of Gifts for f h i tmas in 
our business career of thirtv-one years, we arc suddenly coinpc lk\1 to convert it iiit<> n-^h 
ininu diately— Cash at Any Cost. We are now forced to place before the public oui entire 
stock of . 

Dimonds, Jewelry, Witches, Clocks, Silverware, Richly Cut Gliss, Parisian French Ivory 

Cuoti Pirasok, llBkrcllu, Fmy China and Novciiics, Eic. 


Worth of Brand New Stock Offered to the Public 
at a Discount of 25%, 33 % and 

Off Our Net Prices 

Men High Gradr GeiMTa WltcIlM, J30 QO 

Men's High-Grade Geneva 14k Watches, 111. 
175.00. Stle Price ji #U I a 1 9 

La(1ie<<' High-Grade Geneva 14k Drmitt TA 

Wat. hes. 's^P ]'rur «P«)f.DU 

Ladies Hi^b-Grade Geneva Gold-FiUed ^OO Cik 

WatcbM, $30Xn. Salt Price #Ma«>U 

Men's SoUd OoU Waleli Chaiaa. $30yOO. ^oo r H 

Men's Filled Gold Watch Chains, ;j>lU.UO. ^'T r/\ 

Sale Price ^...^..a^ „ ^ • e«HI 

Cut Glass Water J«f tad Six TumbWrt, or 

Cu(-G1«M Water jug and Six 1 umbUrs, ^ J AA 

^$^06. ^le Prwt : 3>4.UU 

French Irwy Badraom hanfm* $15X10. ^| | or 

<A\r I'tM. ^11. 

French ivory Bedroom Lamps, ;JilO.(X). ^'J r A 

Sale Price $I.DU 

French Ivory Toilet Sets, « onsistini; i>f ^| r AA 

French Ivory Bedroom Clocks. i>f<xA). 0/» aa 

Sale Price - „ )O.UU 

Fr«Kh l^rvrj Vel ^ T lea d ftmtA Biwii. ^7 r A 

French Ivory Velvet- L»ned Jewel Boxes, ^r 

$3.00. Sale Price ^aJ. / 0 

Mmi's SoUd QoM C«ff Links, fiaoo. t1 1 

JteJtt PviCt — aoaa aa laaa «aoaaoa»aaoa*— — a < a ■ •«aao ■ ■ ■■^aaaaai^* w«« A A 

Men's SoUd Gold Cuff Links, |7^. 

Men 8 Gold- Filled Culi Links, >J.UO. 
Sale Price 


Whitney's Imported Parisian Pearl Neck- ^AC AA 
teess, $60X30. Sale Price -^tUoUV 

Whitney's Imported Parisin Fisrl Nack- 'Jt 

r»( es. $<J.(X1. Sale Trier ^V. I O 

Whitney's SoUtaire EHamond Rings. $100.00. ^TfC AA 
Sale Price — ^...T. VaW 

Whitney's SoUtsire Diatnond Rincs. $50.00 r A 

Sale Price -WlaOU 

Sterling Silver Cigarette Cases, plain and ^1 Q 'JC 

.■•■r.tsrd; $25 <)0 S.ilr Pru r «P I O . I D 

Sterling Silver Cigarette Cases, plain and ^1 1 or 

engraved ; $15.00. Sale Price #1 1 omsI 

Ftn:lisli Stlvcr-Pkrtad Cigarette Cases, plain 4^7 r A 

<i craved : $10.fX^ '"^ <• ^I.JU 

English Silver-Plated Cigaielte Cases, plain ^O yr 
and engraved ; $.S.0O. Sale Price • D 

Tea Service, 4-pieccs, Rogers' Heirk>om CO 7 7C 

Plate ; $125JX). Sale Price #9«la I O 

Tea Service. 3 pieces, Enclish plate, $30.00 4^22 50 

8 Day Maiiogany Drawmg-Koom Clocks, ^1 Q '7(1 

$25.^ Sale Price ^1 Oa 1 9 

Se-Honr Mahocmy 

Sale Price 


ll.ivm^' [M-snl Mill a 'm! I't honor, wf thrrriotr rvrltirlt^ .ill (ontr.irt ^'x^ds. These i>rirc"? Will last while 
the guucl.s Conic tai and secure iirst cliuicc. A small deposit will hold aify article until Christmas 



DIAMOND Ml:.KCilAMS. JliVVliLiikS Ai\D blLV liKbMl 1 HS 



Is Medallist Entertain 

Mlt>H KUtlt. Mcl.lHAV 
A C«aa4tan .locutloolal. who I. tu glT* a 
prucramiii. at lh» Klr«( H«i>im Ohurch 
B.St Tburaday pvrr. i.^ vt M. 1 uh.n baa 
won a gold tnt-ilnl r, <i . j: .oi,«ry con- haJd ta Wlamt>e«. ^ud ti.r nilu aa .u 
tarta t aa r aMjr ka aaaaiaaa la ka sraper 
H aaa t tly 

"I oarat" aal4 Rubjr aaoxpactadly. 
riaiaa ta kar faat, aad shovia* a da- 
srea at apirK, "So you's battar so at 
onoa. But I win admit that I'd Uko 
tu moat tlil» 

"Tfp'a a (O ' i ■ tl l| I :;' Hi (.jMi-ntin, 

' - ■ '. .ll'<.. 1 , > ,, , .,1 l. , ■ . ,,, • 
itiiiiK--* I'll. iKii. .M 1 'I otiruij , and 
V e'li go ,,,it .11,(1 hitva a blta of aup- 
l>er aomawbare, for I'm atarvlnc. " 
I Ha had hopad that tha ovanlns meal 
misbt ba Vrovldad for him ia tha llt- 
tla flat, but that waa evidently not tu 
be.) "And. for tho love of Mike. 
ch»er tip Ix^oaiise I told Gugs«n- 
helrii' , w<M». a i<*al 'live wire,' 

uiid wi V. ^'ot to meet htm>at l:SO, 
ami >. u vf got to 'make a Mt' With 
hlni, ana don't forfet lU" 
• a a a 

Violat Jarroid waa a seheatlaa sin. 
and a ravansaful ona. 

Fortunately for har — but parhapn 
unfortunately for her eompottton In 
lov. vioiat'a appaanuMo bettat li*r 

line character. 

For Inatanre, with the correct *x- 
i>reaalon on it. that little face of hers 
ould look extremely awaat and lo- 
«w»t, 11 anted ttat tha OManrar 
Udn't dalva too deep and waa con- 
unt with auperflcl«IUir.i 

Tha much-traveled and really 

never' littlo Co«at VoroiU had read 

liT well. 

Hut then, aa he himself declared, 
ho waa a i>alntar of aoula, rather 
than a mere palatar of laeas. 

▲ad to tha oatslda world. Violet 
neamad a nlea. pratty. almple little 
Kin. with a fund of Rood aplrits that 
wa.s oddly and rathir effertivriv orii- 
binoil with a plaintive ap|>«'il for pr.. 
i'<-ij(in on the part of every male 

1 t li.i t I .iriif along. 

Men. on the whole, are very cred- 
^^UB, Where a pratty woman la eon 
rarnad. if aha ta rood to look at. 
'knowa tha ropaa' and masana to en- 
tertain them, then ahe la votad, ao 
( tally, a fcrcni RucceM. 

If there In money in the backRTOUnd 
-and thifl waa true In Violel'a eaaa 
—a Rood deal eaa bo. ovarlookod in 
lota of waya! 

On tha nisht of tha mtUUry ball, 
when CSynthla Brant waa ahlninc Ilka 
a lovaly planet with far too aaany 
catellitaa about It, Violat waa "dla- 
Krtintled" and annoyed. 

Ht'furo ( yiitlila'H advent. 8he really 
had h;id hopoa of Murray Ktew.'irt. 
Me wiiH "different." of couri4.\ but 
time and peraevaranca could work 

Margaret Wakaland. wj> to now. 
ad bean ao uaaful and ao vary 
helpful " Ma ran ret had money and 
orlal poaltlon. hut In lota of ways 
she woji an Impulsive fool, thought 
Violet, In ih»' calm, cool and de- 
tached mMiirn r In Which that youna 
woman invariably analysed hor 
: rienda. 

That laward eeo|Mas was a sraat 

aaat to Mtar'^elat. thoagh the 
<4uallty waa aoaroely levabla. And It 
waa lucky that few o( har mala ad- 
niirera guoasad She was tha 

of it 

Tncaday — V lolct 


Mr. .Mian TVdlork MnnlfoxtH Intorewt 

In Ml- ' '1,1 1 rl.-,,.1, \I, It, ill.,. V 
\%i l)'-li r. I)j >.<'iidliiu .■-» l<"«-|lou 

Mr Ail Ml I'ollQcIr. the Knsliali 
a<t"r who haa ma^e nurh .in out- 
stiiiidlng auccean In the Stataa alnoa 

"ing hadly crlpped In the war. haa 
"lit Mr. BuUook-Wabatar soma playa 

>r future dramalofueo. Oa the 
cover of "A Bill of Dlvoreomont," he 
wroU: "Mr Dear Billy: This la the 
t eet play I know. A. P. " mlcht 
•i ld that the aucceaa of iho piny wan 
Inimenaely Inrreaned l>y Mr Pollork'^ 
wonderful artlnfi: nf th<" nh^ll-ahocke.i 
t ■ , 

Ai f«r t'.-irk 1" VI r I'oppl* of Tp- 
plet.'n" MeMni ^ a '.in I'ollfx k and I.. 
Htillock- Webeier were on tour to- 
Rether. playing the brothers I'oppl" 
In that popular mualeal eomady, and 
I' waa a letter of eonsvatalatlon on 
Mr. PoUooh's raoaat aaeeeHes that 
beoosbt thla reply. 

Mra. Oar Ooddard will take tha 
dlffloult part of Margaret, and Mr. 
)(. Edgelow will read rolloek'n 
part of Hillary. The reat of the ra^t 
In a* follows: He*ter I'.-ilrti'^: t Mm 
T K Clark. f^,^, !■> , - f i,i Mr. 
i^'-rti,^, Haaaett \t lirui«iiil. Kit 
I i tirr-, Mr. A " > M.-rhllllpe. I'^ 
1 '1 ' Thorpe I '.. I i, tile; Orn . 

i< Mr. Bullock- Webaier: and 
— chriatopher Faoiplufey. Mr. 
ii. w. Hawett. 


|!>qillmatt I \ y » \ M.. 

Held Jkjtjojrable h^ynmlat^ «• li'rtSay 

Tha oponlns monthly soelal avanlnc 
vhlrh will b« rlvan on tha laat Kri 

' v of ear-h month, tinder the aiia- of the I'nttrrl Stv .< e I..oda<'. 
N' :4. A 1 \ A vt I'.^qnlnialt. 
waa held In the M^nx n,. t.-ill l-rliUy 
The event took the fori?) r>r a 
rraaalva Me. followed by a done- 
The drive aiartod paaettwlly at > 
o'eloek. wtth fevrteoa taMea ooen- 
piad and reathiesS eatu IS oviorir. 
w h >> n the aeep waa eleanS Car ' t 

ii'K iruMita hevlnir lner*aji...i i v 

• n 1. 

'1,1 ( 


Handsome Fur- 
Trimmed Coats 

The new I'.U ;tre part icniarlv invitinp, fash- 
ioned ui beamiiul .soli tabrics, richly fur trimmed, 
versatile in styling and graceful of line; they are 
individual expressions of smartness. We com- 
mend them to yottr good taste and judgment. 

One Modd of Brown 

MarvcIIa has hloiisr ri 
feet at hack, full loose 
sleeves, wrap-over front, 
.' , ' < s . ,)f Alaska 


.\ii attractive .Motiel of 
Hrown (leruna, has shawl 
collar and cuffs of Isa- 
l)ella fox. .straight plain 
hack with loose full 
sleeves: fastetis at the 
I ' irge cabochon 

Another Model of Mar- 

vrlla IS in fawn sliadr 
With gudet sides, laced 
and interlaced, wrap-over 
tie-at-thr si, I,- rfTrrt with 
Australian fox collar — 

A fourth model is of Grey 

(lerona. in wrap-over 
style ; the sleeves are at- 
tached to side of coat in 
bat-wing style, has a 

larpp collar ;( i ' of 
grey cross fu.\ ifiliOO. 

Slippers for Hallowe'en 

l'"x(Hii'^ite efft'it-; in new Silvft Cloth and Satin 
Slii'pers It If c\ t iling wear. Black and colored suede, 
in man^ pretty combinations, is proving popular. 
We invite your inspection. 

Month-End Specials for 

londay and Tuesday 

White Satin Strap Pumps, 
■with hand-ttirned soles and 
■Louis heds, sll 



Rlack Satin Ming Toy 
Pumps, with broca<le Knr k 
and Spanish heel, r A 
Special Value, at ^0»OV 

Patent or Black Kid Strap 
Pmnps, ^Srlth Babv h<m\n 

! ^ ' ' , prettv ( n- .-t I, 
pattern; all sizes 50 


White or Black Satin Opera 

Pumps, with Jtintnr l otn 


Ballet Slippers tor wear. with Pierott costumes, '^r 
^1.50, ^2.00 and _ #4oM 

Slippers and ilosiery Dyed Any Stiade 


tombola prlae winner*. Prnt. h.iif (.,n 
eoal, donated by Painter Broa , Mra 
D. Hodaett; aeooad. Jolat of baaf, 
donated by ArtlMr Teans. K. O. 

Stewart; third. M-lb. SOOk Of flOVr. 

donated by tha Paoplo'a Market. A. 

rameron A Jolly evenlars entertain - 

riK-t t r.ime ) <-> « (-t>>«<> with the ulnir 

Tha social avenlnsa for ih»« hiii»ii,-e 


Phona 766 

wttl bo br UMitatton 

of tha aaai 


Mr. Sampaon prr»ved an 
aaS piMaInc maater of 

A NufrituMit Dirt for All Atfes. 
Kerp I loriirlt B Always on I land 
Uuick Luach ; lioma or Offws^ 


'l,nKr>ON. f»rt 17. -»l<m. O P. 
firaham. r'anadlan Mlnlatar of PmII- 
wayx Hn'1 < Anala. mada tha pr»e»-Ma 

Ti'.r )• »'iit erd ;i * f"' 'h*. tn*m^^'*r^, '.r 'ma 
I ' ' ' > .< I A 11 1 on i ".,;■'.•>«;: 
• t-.. . I ,>., ..., ,r.. Hir Art (lar 

fv ■ ' - K ft t.»,nc from tha 

canadUin ufficera who eaJoyeS tMm 
ai tM slab ta 

rapidly erowinf J ewi s h popniatloa of 
Mat r aal. Q u a b s a . Is planned ter 


r ! Th <• fi Mr.)'- 

wan Ki'ppiled l.v M'n" 

f-.r th'- I 

Ifa !;»■> ■ f'.iir ple<« un he«» r*. whKti | 

reaaivod numaroua applaaao«aad en 

tho prla* 
M laa 

1. Mr. W. H 

Mr* Hardy. 
Phillip., third 
In.U Mr. (.^-H h.e. third (etntteman, 
J. Addlaoa; conaolailaa, F. J, Moal; 

winnora ta tiM <tt*e: 

Brown : Si' el tm 

M*«.1''-> «er..nd lady 
• econd gentlemnn, W 

A.11 Packed Up and Nowliare to Go 

i»iv. tk. i>«ii«-.n a<«.*«. r*«r •raar a»a tkay wtn aMaa tSOt fwieOlaak We b««e Me 
a^gan aMraea satMiae la ut« mttr. akwi fm aaeaaaata cM4a aad panMal Sataastaea 
will aaae faa Mt eaaa «o«M rao baaa fiaaS a renMUMut > iM. Sapaaaaa mwm 




Sewarcu flHio4B9 
Cmwcoqr IdMHb 
Offiea PiMMSt 
ISSS asMl tm 

rrtf- n^Tt.Y rOf>>Vlfnr VfTTORIA. TIC SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28. 1923 



.Greenshiits Defeat 
Veterans' Club and 
Retain Top Berth 

Victoria Wrsfs Swurr Four Tallies, While Their 
Opponents Are Unable to Break Through Deience ( hu e 

— Rough i actics Are Retorted to by Pkycn on Both 


Victoria WttU 4 

Son* of EoffUnd — 

Veterans .... 




North Wards 2 

















.... 3 




















Junior Diriaioa 

Hiffli School 

Oak lands 

Victoria Wests 

























THK Victoria West Club retainetl its place at the head of the 
Victoria and District Soccer League yesterday, by defeating 
the Veterans' eleven by 4 goals to nil at Royal Athletic Park. 
Thf S^.ns of England, by virtue of their 2-1 victory over lisquiniait, 
jumped on to even terms for second place with the Veterans, while 
the Moose, who trimmed the North Wards by 7-2, are now locattd 

in third place. - — 

Th^ numf iitiirt#Kl twelve mlnuK'n 
]at«, riwliiK to th'> t.iril^ :irrl\al of "H'- 

of the Weiitr*' i laytTH The V\ puts 
•llOW*tf.Up thf iiiuHt nggreHlve al Die 
■Urt, tMtlac I-e«mlng In the f\r«l 
f«w rnlantM. bat tMir flrat fmI try 
for a »o»l w«nt ov«r tli« b*r. The 
ball trav«l*d backwards and forwarda 
for fully flfteon mlnutM. 

Tb^ Wo'^in tented I^emlnj but h« 
1. .r*Ml , At thp other end. tb« 
Vela forward.s spoiled a Rood chanOO 
to •core by beln» off«lilt> The »am« 
was bolnf ovonly contested, neither 
•Ms shdwlnf np stroiur la (roat of the 


While (. laying golf at the Col- 
wooj (;()lf und Country Club on 
Krid/.y. Mr. K. Nation, aoconj- 
panled l«y Sir H'rank Uarniird, Mr. 
Percy Crlddle ond (Jeneral Kuhm. 
holed out from the fifth tee. 
which Is a distancs of 120 yards. 
Mr. Nation la, therefors. now a 
msnbsr of th« Bols-In-Ons Club. 


Barton Flays Wrtl 

XhS VstSrana raplalu placeil a 

bsauty In front <>f iiohert*. which 
was not aoosptsd. Burton w.-m play- 
la* a nn« sajns at back, but the for- 
wards laeksd that •omblaaUon nece«- 
«ary to iiecure soals. Thirteen 
minuted from half-tlm* tha WssU se- 
cured .1 » ..rner whlch WSS 80 l>«aUtl- 

fully place. 1 that L^omlns could only 
JUKt reach it. consS^WaaUjT ttp»lB« ths 
ball Into the net. 

rirtt blood for w< ,tr tba score re- 
malallia 1-* WP to half-tlms, althouKh 
tbs WaaU wsrs harfng ths beat of the 
arsument when the whtatle blew. Ths 
^Veta had mlseed several »ood chancss, 
on one or. ado, i liavlnK only the «Ob1- 
keeper to h.Ht, l-ut th<' forward line 
ull mlmtcl the I...I1 In Koal nioulh. 
When half-time arrived the more 
was in favor of the Wentji, 

In ths ssoond half of the game 
.ena trsnsfsrt*! Hood to bark, 
tiinit CummlnBs outslds-rifht. with 
Hnnjolfson In th« centre. H«»ou wun 
not very happy at back and changed 
places with Ord Thl« ...em-d to 
•tsady ths dsfen> e noine > 

WrKtn Ilavc Bmrt of U 
The WeHt^ were asaln having ths 
hen: of ih<' arifuni. nl. al^o the threat- 
ene«l free-for-nlH were RettlnR 
dlaVUStlnsly too frequent for the 
nioasurs of ths same an<l the 
Kpsctators sad the rsfsree n.^d a 
Hplendid opportunity of purlfyinc the 
game hy glvln« marching orders to 
the violent winners of g'v>d »port. 

After thirteen mInuteK play In the 
second hair m. or.d oKaln hy »i 

S mistake on the (..^rt of the opp-.i-lng 
goalksspsr mlcJii.UmK the hnll. Thl..» 
was follewed by another tally to the 
WMts, tbs laltsr clsarly autplaylnc 
thsJr opponents. . ^ ^ • 

riarkaon made a slngle-nandsd si- 
f,„t to iila.-lng the hall In hard 
an I true, hui the Wests' goalkeeper 
wa« th- re t.i iir< vent a acore. I^eeni- 
mt waa again l)en ■ - hi- own goal 
by a spl#'ndld eh 

csatra. Ctarhson. Merneid and cum- 
mlnca all triod to brsak ths Wesu 
defence, but could not vst past same, 
and the game ended 4-0 In favar of 
til* Orasnahi'' ^ 
Veta Chop .\ita< 
The Vsta" forwards wars aaytliinv* 
bu happy, and It Is unfortonais thst 
ever\ game ihey have played they 
liMV. h.i.l 1 ■ ili-wige and chop the 
atlU(k. and apparently with poor re- 

Ths gams was not as good to wai.-h 
IS provloua gamsa pUyed thia .vear. 
^1 u Is vary aaCortuaats tb^t 
geaanned pisysrs shauld bs aHowod to 
nhow auch dla«rae«if«l sshlblUons of 
poo- aporiemanshlp. The sooner the 
referees determine, with the aupport 
of the aaaoclatlon. to auprej,* joh h 

^la^Btlng eihlblflona of lenu..-. I'le 

saonsr the game will iMcome the muni 
popular of outdoor aports as evl- 
d*iMiad by tiM gratvHac pa^ulartty of 
aoeoar all avor tha mttrUt* playlns 

Tbe teama lltied UP as followa: 
^ . « 1 e.-mlng. goal, Mrynjolf; 
gon *J><1 Hnitoo, baoka, Uoe, owena 
f^^pt^ln), (ircl, Merfleid Roberta, 
Clarfeaaa, Cummlacs and Hood. 

irila lliaadlar SborTatt, Baker, 
Wala. T l ii w ss. P ap fc s s i. Wwemtt, 
Ifaleabr. Podan. Mttbr m4 W ad dlna - 

Keferee (> KwsH 

mi mi (iiviis 



Com. -I w 1 1 Ml. -,r II, ..1 , r „„,n — 
K('.->ult III Ooiilii I mil iho 

Klaal Hhbttic 

Challenge for tup 

• A \ hK, Oai. J7 The return 

of tierald I'attSrSOn 1 lnlern«f|r,n«l 

tsnals competUlona i- .ii. .'.- i 
tiM ahallsaca of Australia for the 
1IS4 Davla Cap Is aasarsd. according 
to a lattar fraas tka AttsCmMlaa 
nls sUr Juat ra«^sd hera. 
Tbr preaenf" f \'-,f > <-Tn,,r- together 

trallan team, wiii seriously threaten 
UNllad lUIss sapsaSMIV >* Davis 
Mspatlttt" ^ 

Tw.> seconds of bsd luck prsvantad 
the lilaqulmslt soccsritss from carry- 
ing away a drawn yams with ths 
craok iSons of IBnfland tsam in thslr 
leavas ftxturs at Baaeoif mil Park 
ysstsrday. Ths boys from across the 
Ooraa put up a first riaaa argument 
and forced the Hona to the limit ff>r 
the ftjil i>erl..d of time. The final 
count wax two taala to ons for tha 

K n g II .s h rn e n 

The break of tlie g.mie. will, h gave 
the .Solid vl« t.>ry. resulted in the first 
of their (wo goal!" The ahot was 
place. I by Houthern. of the Hons, at 
the Ksqulmalt net. NIcholn blocked 
I he anui, uut the ball in twisting and 
hopping sway from him rolled bs- 
twssn the posts. It was tough luck, 
as ths attempt was not a difficult 
one and It looked as though ths 
Kaquimstt goalie would have no dif- 
ficulty In taking rare of II 

The one-goal lea. I fjile.l t,, ,Hn- 
coui .ige I lie i':.s.julinall pl.iyer* how- 
ever, and they I'liniaxed a cont I niioiia 
Hilaik on the .Sonn' territory by 
an e^iuillzer liefore ths Whistle 
for half iiioe The goal was wall 

Jiliiced by J. Watt. 

Kecond Half 

There was very litils to chooao ba- 
twern the two teams In ths ssoond 
frame. Both sidss playsd stiff gamea 
and play altamatsd from end to end 
with neither team having much ad- 
vantage. Raquimalt uncovered a lot 
of snfppy combination work. whi. h 
time after time put the Hona' la.^i line 
ot deferi, .. In ilungi r .Southern wh> 
n oreil ih'- .Sons' coiintei In th.- firat 
hilf l':. ked the game awa> near the 
finlah when he tried from forty feet 
out. The ahot was a beauty and gave 
Nichola no chance to aave, ths ball 
sagging the twine. 

The line-ups were ss follows: 

Bona of England — Ooal. Hethering- 
tan; baaha. Tuekwall and Church; 
half backs, Harwood. Tupman and 
Crslghton; forwards. Shanks, Swan. 
Southern. Kelr and Rmlth. 

Ksqulmalt <;oai .\i.-holK: ha. 
Watt and ( •arml.-hael . h ,if t>ack.a, 
U.>laton. .lonea and .Sher w...>.| ; for- 
wardfi, \\!\ti. Krakine. Warren, Vsn- 
dall and Krampton 

r . f. I ■ \ ' . ■; 



Th.- .'-laanlrh Thiatles < limbsd to ths 
t.ip of the .lunlor Soccer l.<eagus yes- 
terday by dsfaating tha High School 
boys by tw« goals to ons. whtia Oak- 
lands aad Vletorla Wsat risvons 
batllad to a draw. Th« former cnn- 
tsst was playad at Cantral Park, ref- 
erred by UabNaa, aad proved t.> he 
a warm taaala, WlU ths Thistles 
emerging «n tlM aad Of ths 


At Heacon Hill I'ark. the WeatS 
'iWIiri.l-. rievena played .in In- 
hut neither aide waa 
I !ie atruggle. Both 

K .eir lo^s talllas In 

pening half, while daring tha 
latter portion of tbs gaasa tha tsaaaa 
battlad farlaaaly la aa Htmtt ta 
braak tha Us. h«t wltB«i« asail. 
Pirregr C: 


t . . 
I he 

Simtm 9i UJS. 5ter 

IfEW YORK. 0«?t fT 
dscialaa had r>e*-n rejirhe.l 

StStUS of Wr.1 Molia H 
t'niled .State* tenni* *fnr m 
» \ i>nme to h* Ineligible to 
r 'he Cnlted States In thS 

next year. Mra. MaUary 
for her aatirs cavalry. ~ 

Vo deilnlta 
.Mai lory, 
ho Is said 

Wssts, 4: Vs t a ra afc f. 
ajp.K.. 2: Boqalaiatt. 1. 
yoose, 7: North Wards, S. 
-Thistlsa. 2: High School. 1. 
Oafclanda. \ i > ' a Wast. 1. 


\Nu.nd.nrB. 0, J.ii 


oak Uuj 
A.A., S. 

Oak Bay Waa la g a i 

AJL, t. « 

Brantwood Collaca. 14; NoraMi 

School. 4. 

I, *'r I o- h * \ I* 

Owr Nil. filt lU t nlu-<l — 
'cat Iliim IK>Mms 

LONDON. Oct. ST.— Tha grsate^<l 
aurprlse for many a day In Kngllsh 
League f out ball was effected today 
whsB Praaton North End aoqulred 
thair first victory in twelve gamea \^^ 
atfmiatatariBg on Cardiff City theu 
first dsfsat la exactly ths same num 
bar of eontasts. A soora of three 
goals to ena In favor of North End 
broke Cardlfrs rscord, and thus the 
leaders of the league succnmt>ed to 
the tall-ender«. 

Rqually ss atartUng was the win of 
Burnley ovsr Shsfftsld United. Burn- 
ley had kept company with Preston 
St the bottom of the league standing. 

up into fourth position from ths top. 
Their defeat today sends them down 

tu seventh place. 

Out of the eleven first divlalon 
game.<<, eight horn.- teams were vlc- 
torloun, two mut.'hea were drawn, 
while to L.lverpool went ths distinc- 
tion of being the one club to win 
awa;r from home. Newcastle broka 
their losing streak by defeating Mld- 
dleaburu by a one-gnal inargln, 3-11. 

Aaton \'llla .n.iigc.l their fall of 
l:iHt week at the han.Jti of U'cMt 
wich by taking the latter Into camp 
t.i the tune of four goals to nothing, 
ths largest scors of the day. 

Among ths Important rngagementa. 
West Ham changed the acoreleas 
d raw of 1 w.M'k auo In the game with 
Chelst ^aln. 

ix-cUs C lUubs to Top 
In ths Seeond Division Lseda Unit- 
ed acquired the leadership from South 
Shields by defeating Portsvale. The 

blSK' I lull s Hi-..ri' was run up by 
j the WfdnisUay against Nelaon, five 
goals to nil being registsred. 

The struggls bstween Rangers and 
Celtic in the Scottish League ended 

In a acoreleaa draw. 

In the ten Kanies played north of 
the Tweed, no |e«« than forty goals 
wero recorded, and of these nine 
were acorCd in the game between 
l>undee and Hibernians. A victory 
by seven goials to two waa Dundee's 
over their old rivals. Partlck Thlatles. 
mnners-up to the Rangers In the 
league table, who succumbed to 
Hearts of MIdlothlsn. At the other 
enil of the t.tble, Airdrios went Clyde- 
bank into the cellar |>osi(lon by 3 
to S. 

KiNrtMi Leagoe— First DIvlskm 
Arssnal S. Bolton W. 0. 
Aston Villa 4, West Bromleh S. 
Hurnley Sheffield U. 0. 
Kverlon ^. Notts County 0. 
Miidderafleld Town 1. Hlrnimghain 0 
.Mancheater City ^. Hlackhurn U. I. 
.Newcaatle I'nlte.l M i.ld leahoro 1". 
Nott'i Kfire"!! 0. Liverpool I. 
l'real..n .N !•: .t . i 'ardiff i ' 1 
Tottenham 11. 1. Uunderland 1. 
Waat Ham 2. Chelsea •. 

Nrr^md i>lvialon 
Uarnale\ :!, l/< i. e.«ier (,"ily 1. 
HradTord citv i> < 'rystal Palace 1. 
Hury 2, oldh.ini A. I. 
t'oventry Illa.k|i.«.>| 1 
l>crby <'oiint.\' I. S.nith i iiiplon 0. 
Kulham 1, Hrlatol C. 1 
I,eeda V . 3, I'ort Vale 0. 
The Wednesday &, Nelson 0. 
South Shields 1, Cispton Orient 1, 
Stockport Co. I. Manchester I'. S. 
Htoke 1. Hull City 0 

Third IH»iMt<»ii — Nofilicm section 
Accrlngton 0. AahingTon I. 
Harrow Cheaterfleld 0. 
Darlington 1, Doncaster 1. 
rirlmsby Town 0, New Brighton 0. 
Halifax Town 3, Walsall «. 
Hanlspool U. 0. Durham City 0. 
IJneoln city 1, Tranmsre R. 1 
Rechdsie 0, Wrexham A. 
Kotherhsm 1. Houthport 1. 
Crew Alei 0. Wiganboro 2. 
Wolverhampton W. 2. Bradford 0. 
Third IM V laion — Hoatbem Seotkm 
Brentford 3, Southend United 1. 
RrMol Rovers •. Portsmouth I. 
Rxeter City 0. Brighton snd If. l 
1/Uton Town 1. Aberdare 0. 
Merthyr Town 3. Watford 1. 
Mllwall 4. nournemniith V. 2. 
Newport County 2. t'.llllngharTi 1 
Norwich rharllon A - 

Queen's I'ark I; Northampton 
Heading I. Hwlndon Town 0. 
Swansetv Town 1, Plymouth \. 0. 
Nroulsh iMgar— »1rat IMvhdaa 
Aberdeen 3. Motherwell 1, 
Airdrie 3. < Iydehank ? 
• ■lyde a. Third I-nnftik 1 
I'lindee 7. lllberlana t . 
Ilamlllon A. 4. Mort.xi 1 
>iearta _ I 'art irk Th'^tle I 
Kllmarn.'ck '. h't Mirren 0. 
•Jueen'a I'ark 4 K.ilkirk 2. 
lUUh Rovers 4, Ayr U. 1. 
Raasara a. Celtle 

Hrrrmrt Olrlalon 

Alloa I. 8t l.ih'i«'one o 
Baihgaie - * >ih 1 

ltone«s I. ("owil' "^.Tlh I, 

I 'II nih.« rion .1. I'M to.- I libs. S. 
Dunfermline 1. Armadals 2. 
rorfar 0, K.ast Klfe I. 
Johnstone I. King's Park S. 
LochsaUy U. », Bresbam I. 
0t. Bamarda I. Vala af Lavan 1 
Stsahoaae Mtalr I, AIMaa Bovara I. 

Irtah I/n^Mg 
1. infield 2. Barn 1. ' 
Cllftonvnie Newry 
I.Ame 1. nientotiin •.* 
DtatUlery 1. Olenavon I. 
1. Qasaa'g islisl S. 



The profeeaorslilp !■ JSWaalkmi in 
Oermany hss been gilBfeMfead la tha 


Breaks Pole Vaulting Record 


or Hamilton, sow a atadeat st tha Usivaraltr et Teroste. whs trek* the ObaadlMi »s1e 

vBuitina reoord at tha latereollaglata athlatle meat at tha tTatraralty Stadium. Tereato. 
un KrtJay, October 1*. HIa rvcord waa II faat, 7 Inehaa. tha prevlosa raaord being It faat. 
( Inchm, In IfOt, by Ed. Archibald, in a fi>rinrr Olrmpic trial. TtltS alSS breaks the Inter 

opilaglatt racord. Ua will auv rssraaaai Caaada at Um m\ Olxiaalc. Tka pictars ahowa 

him mailing tha rooord jsmp. 

Can Frcderickson 
Make New Record 
In Coast Loop? 

Many Fans Believe TKat Gmgais' Popular Centre Star 
Will Break Mark of 54PoinU, Which Is Held by Befiiie 
Morris and Himself, During Winter Months — Lester 

Patrick Signs ThompiOD 

c /^^AN Frank Frederickson, the P.C.H.A. star of the pond, and 

I the crack ccntre-icc man of Lester Patrick's (.'otit^ars, Jieat 

^■"^ during tlie next lew montlLS, his own performance of last 
year and establish a new record for scoring honors in the leagfue?" 
is tlir c|ties(i<)n tl\at fans arr askin;,' thciiisel vrs, tinw (hat tlie liockev 
season is al)out to commence and the big c^tre player will be shortly 
seen flitting about on the frozen surface ano^leading vigorous attacks 
on tlic dciCncc of \'ictnria\s foes. 

l''rank l-'rederlcki'on'B phenomenal 
work last acuaon waa to a large de- 
gree rssponslbis for the local puck- 
chasers getting into the flnahi In tha 
Coant I..«ague i^ce, and almoat over- 
taklnK the Vancouver Maroons, who 
HU.ceded 'n neiurlnR the laiirela, 
on;> In lose tliem lo Ottawa hiler in 
th M. .Mil, mil ureii.i I'"<> w i.s the 
aenaalUm of the loop at;ain laal \<ar, 
surprising even hla most ardent ad 
mirsra and playing a brand of hookey 
that has nsvcr before been witnessed 
by cnthuslaats in thta part of tha 

And one of the out^lamlinc f.a 
lures of the Cougars' prlae dunnK the 
last Ihrso years, for he hss been play- 
ing In this circuit, and with the Vic 
tor la sextette, for that length of time, 
haa been hN Itureaae in the number 
of points In the sforlnR tSblea that he 
haa been aurc< «<-.f iil in ohtninintr ii I 
the expenae of the oppoTtinR Ro.altend- 
era. I.^at n. av.m h<' rr.,i, lie.l hi.'i 
highest mark, and tied with Bernle 
.Morris, Seattle star, who has this year 
been traded to Calgary Tigers, for 
the re. onl In aroring In the P.f.H.A.. 
each ; ' ■ h.iLCiiii,' r.4 i..i;nt?<. 
.Morris Doom Trick in '17 

TIernle Morris away back In I SI 7 
ran thrnurh the aenaon ahd had r>4 
point.x t ) hi.« . redii when the Winter 
aporf h.1.1 'tkI'mI 1 I. imlll la-t \ear 
no one In the leaRlie ha<1 .»u. .^ee,|e,l in 

rearhlnR that flaure. altlx.iiKh ilie 
puckrhasera were keen to overtake 
Hemle'B total. Kreddle stepped out 
Winter and while not besting 
.1 1 1 is' performance. inansg,ed to 
(Ir.iw lip even with him. The query 
th:. t ri.iw i.roaent.M itvelf to the Coaat 
tin. I • ■ . lit tniMlaata ia whether or not 
Franii cm Ko one better thin season 
and eatabiiah a new rocord for sear- 
ing |>o|nt.« 

The former K.ilrons' haa 
pr'i\<d his w..rth in profejwion.T I coin 
p.TTiy. .ind hia pla> itiR on the Co.iaf 
ha.i been noticed and followed with 
Interest throuahoul the hockey realm. 
In the l>3«-'2l sesson. the first in 
which he played with the Cou«ara, 
Kreddle serrnred XS goals and i: as- 
alsis totalling tS polnta. while he 
Bi>ent 3 minutes on the fence. In the 
foll.«wlMK >eHr. he baSRed I .'> ifonla 
nnd 10 a<<.«Nta and wna In the penalty 
ben. h "\ ininutea during Ih.- «eq^on. 
Las', Winter, Krsnk arabbed talliea 
snd IS ssslsta. making hls^totsl S4 
polrts. whlla he spent SS minutes on 
the sideline*. What will hla teUI ha 
thIa year? 

Durlns the three seasona that he 

ha« hern with the Virtorla <rew, 
Kredenr k "-n II h.T^ been ..n t h fenre 
for 44 miriulee, or .in a\er,ia«- nf b.-ilT 

a minute per game. Thia showa what 
a valuabls maa Frank la ea tha lee. 
and hs haa saoeeeded sieaytloaany 
wetl In staying on the pond ai!atleany 
all of ihr time of the msti^haa in 
whifh he hss l»een plavlns HS has 

proved to he the pivot of I hr Cougsrs* 
team, and it l» r... •.m-ill wonder that 
Letter I'airlik 1 ^ happy when 

Freddie's stgnsd contract raaefied Its 
Way to his •m m a fasr day* ago. 

Shln'-« In Sin M(in (.nmr- 
When I- re.l ■• i i k Hon fir^t ram» here, 

sewn-msn hockey waa In vnffue. 
rraak was brought «p en the sis- 
man atyla, and R waa not rnitn ths 

tatter rules wars put Into elTeet In 
ths Pacldc Coast Heckay Association 


do. He has proved ron.Muslvely by 
his ezcellsnt record that he Is ons of 
ths graateat puekehasers that the 
8port has ever produced, snd the local 
fan 4 can congratulate thomaelves 
tha'. this city haa each a piayar as 
Krank Krederlekson atrhing to up- 
hold Its honor In the popular Winter 

I'Tsnk Is a keen student of hockey, 
a good-living athlete, and seeks to 
dlsrover the weaknssass of his op- 
ponents. His experience last year In 

playing. aRalnat the playera In the 
ITalrle I.,eaKlie proved valij.ihle to 
him, and with a belter Knowledire of 
the (actica and at-yle . f ih.- Western 
Csnada and Ooaat lei^-u.-n' rspre- 
sentstives. Freddie ahouid even per- 
form in better fashion, if such is pos- 
aibl'. he li.-m done in the paat. 

The artin.ial rink al Winnipeu haa 
alrrad\ opeiif .!. .-in.l Kr.T n 1% haa not 
loet any time in geninK out on the 
pond and atreirhing his legs. He has 
been skating about and limbering up 
during the past week, and writaa that 
he is ready to start right In with the 
Cougars when they hold their open- 
ing uorkoiii al the looat ai%aa on 

.Monday, Noveinl>er 6. 

To Try DM TnaagsHas 

I.rater T'afrii k la llnlnp up num- 
ber of you nareter"! who will he ahle to 
ft. -I on thr II a^ reserves when the 
regulars K.i off for a rest and the 
Btrer.irili < f the team will not be Im- 
paired. He picked up Harold Hart, 
of Wsybpm, Sask., during the past 
week, while his Istest addition to the 
Cougars' ranks la a ynung fellow by 
the n.irne of Caraon Thompson .«f 
Okotoka, Alberta. Me In a forward, 
nineteen yeara of age, husky and is 
anxious to break into the pro sport. 
Lester plans securing several more 
voung puekehasers. and will give 
thtfm a thorough try-out. Thaas that 
make the grade will l>e carried by the 
lorat club durlna the season. 

.Torko Anderaon. who showed up 
well Isat year, will seek a rsigvlar 
place on the Cougars' liite-ap thbi 
Winter. Jorko will alae have Hsrt, 
Thompson. Clem Trihey. of Montreal, 
an.l Bill Hpeck. of ralsarv. to contend 
with in the fiKht for poaitlona .llmm> 
\Vil><in I'r rHet ;r l< won , Harry Meeklnff 
and Pllm llnlderson arf^ the other 
membera <>f the (•<iiia;irK' stronghold, 
and the only twe who nave not yet 
come ta terms are Hae Powler, goalie, 
and Clem Loaghlin. defenee player 
Word from thon will likely b* along 



kl M. nTON. Oet. ?T — The Ed 
monton r';rada retained their title of 
world'a /adiea' baskatbsll chamflans 
last aiffht when they defeated -Che 
Wsrren (Ohio) K a tl o»a i l^impa a 
aeennd time t»y a soars of I7 to is 

Th, a^-ore «f both gaaM* - •» • «' 
"I ;i. their favor. The '.rad. a- , i h 
.. (T-iir, ,. , ..r their aeitjton'a pla^lnf 
»itti a \f,-,.ri\ of ?n consecutive wtna. 
Their opponenta Incisded I/oadon. 

Ont,, Toronto, cievsland aad Ohli 
als H ors. Ths Orads have''* tO eamyOtS St th< 

(>i>mpi< uports te Part* aast Sam 

R. Hobkirk Captures 
Caddies' Golf Cmwn 
On Oak Bay Course 

.Sucre. -.sful C ompctilor Wins Championshi[), \{U x Tn ing 
Witfi I fiornas in [• irsl Round Strvf l^rynjol fs.m I las 

Low Gross buueoi 79 — 1 hirty-six C addics iakei^ailig& 

Intereiting Gmtest 

Rll^'I'.klKK the Caddies' (o.lf I'liampionship at tlie 
^\ ictona " .tilt Cliib links yesterday inorninjf. after a tic with 
Ed. Thonia> in tKc first round. Steve Hrynjolfson, last 
year's winner, had low ^ros^Sacore of 7^i. v, l.ilr T.I Thmnas came 
next with 87. Some good scores were made, and spicndni weather 
aided in making tlie competition a complete stieccaa. The matchea 
were witnessed bv a nnmhrr <.t ». i 'i i lasis, who thorou^jhly 

rnjoyed the contests, and secured i>lca.->uic irom witnessing the 
entiiiisiastic manner in which the caodim t»srtid|»ted the cham- 
pionship pames. ' 

Due to the generoHity aii.l altentloii 
"f th.' Ill .■ Ill l>fi M (t>.>t!i l.idlea anil gen ,ind otflcialM, this Salijrdu\ 
1 I " K .iiand out in the nietnury <j' 
I heat- lads as a great day, perbapa 
the graateat ddr In their goiaag /n- 
parieaea so far. Under the supar- 
vtsion of Phil Taylor, the caddies had 

tho rlghl-of .1 , 

links .lurliu: i I • 

\ .'t I !i. . Pa K 1 
1 • ' I " 1 1 1 >; a 1 1 1 1 < ■ a I i r 1 1 .1 f K . 1 »»• . . I 

n|> and KOI away from Ihu tlral let- 
like veterans. 

Tha rivalry amongst ths youngatsrs 
as to tha proapects of each candidate 
whose shots have been under .ibaer 
I vatlon for the fi>\\ we. )<•-■ waa 
kc.Tici Ih.iii 111 any ..f ih- , m,: ...ul 
iiaitieiiis ,111.1 iiiaii> ai.xi.ujN iiiijuirlea 
were 111. 111.- of eHcli other as tbsy 
passed and repa ss ed on ths fairways. 
It is also hiatad that the preaaaoa ot 
tha lady marfcara tended . te keep 
wlthla bounds the ovar-enthualaatla 

A nc fur l^'lrsC Ftoea 

When tha acofda ware all la it was 

fmraa tfeat~1RtBr Hobkirk and Ed. 
Thomas wars tied for first place, each 

having .1 net score of 7 5. Aa it waw 
neceasary for them to play another 
elfhtaen holr.s, their hundlcap.s were 
such that Thomas waa forced to al- 
low Hobkirk eighteen atrokes, and 
though tbe youagatar made a great 
eSk>rt. he eould only gala seventeen 
atrokea on Hobkirk. who thus won 
the championship by one stroke. 

^:<! rii irnaa Is :i son of t'* 
Thoiiui-s. I i-St year ritv <■ ha n i p i . i r . 
evidently a chip -r Mi. .,,.| m... r 

Steve (Cy) Urynjoifaoii turned In 
the lowest grosa acore. a Tt, and 
played from aeratch. Next In order 
were Bd. Thomas, 17; H. (Pat) Bryn- 
Jolfson. "Bud" Fisher. tS; R. 

Stranlx, 96; n Morrison, tS; Stoney 
Bzton, 99; ^ i . I>. iiiuin 

Duff) Diimehl '.t ..11.1 I Delehanli, 

J. (Ooofy) liughca. .Mutt charle- 
bols and Nsllls Nelson failed to get 
into tha moaey, but Kugh MdCaaale 
sank a thtoty-faet patt an tha faavth 
that made the game worth whUa at 
lesst for him. 

i;v' i ol Taylor faile.I t.i reallxe 
the K .' it ki'lf the boya were rat)ahle 
i f he predicted ,i net ar.ire of HO 

would win, apd there were nine under 

thfai mark. 

' PIsy With (;ood nabs 
Kor one i^ame at least, the In.H ha. I 
Kood cluba, aa they had the .-holoe of 
the members' full equipment, and 
there wsra plaaty of good balls alaa 
in svidenoa. 

Mrs. Jaak Rithot. who seorad for 
Hobkirk snd Thomas, gamsly want 
round with them for the play-off. 

Not the least Important feature to 
crown .-i perfect day waw the table 
t-pread under the trfp • ' i • head .■>' 
which rested a giant freeaer of ice 

CTsaw. to whlc^i tha la4a SM f«M J«a- 


For the eacetlent arraagementa and 

rlrfck-IIke handling of the event, 
thanka are due phU Taylor and the 

club aeri I'f r Ua. 

\ Cmlllablr Mcorc ^ 

Bd. Thomaa, flrat roaad — 

Out 6i77STSIS 4t 

la 3 4 4 • t 4 4 I • tS 


Hecond round - 

Out 6 S 


7 « 

% 4 

4 4 47 

In •«•..* 4 S 


• S 

i 4 

f • 4* 



of t'onloat 

The results of 


rompet it ion 


low : 


a roes 



R. Hobkirk ... 


a * • • 



Kd. Thomaa 

s s a * 




Rill Fisher . . . 

• • • s 




.1 Healey 




T! S'Ir ir. !x . . . 


1 tt 


1 on 


1 ■.' 

7 « 

.M .. ' >• '-ii/.ie . 









A. Kogsrs .... 





J. Bzton 


• • a ■ 



O. Marbensla . 


a e s e 







R. Morrison . . 




.1 Delehsnly . . 




I> llandsll ... 


* * • • 




< l^lndaay . . . 


I t 1 



U< d I'etera . . . 


1 ? 


.1. Bowcott .f. 




J. CharlsbolB . 

s e • • 




A. cnark 

■ • • • 



• • 

J. Rogers 

• • • • 




w'. Diefceaaan . 



W. Kelson . . . . 



C. Forbew 



K. HImpaon . . . 



'1 '< 

mil Thomaa 

1 ?4 

' r. 

Frank Thomas 




A. Florenee . . . 

• • • a 




». carver 

• a e • 





s « s s . 




Kd MHahali .. 





Kd T^wis . . . . 




y Miimphre- 

I » 1 

t « 

1 1 X 

»i .VIacKenr.le . 

1 4 • 


1 1 4 

.1 II UK hex . . . . 

1 40 


1 It 

J. Csmpbell . . . 

Dl4 tMm In emrA 

m Hi 

The radd • ■ 

lhanha M- 



f r 

kindly d ■ -. • ■ E 

» ery 


• ma 

cup, also the foilowmg named ladies 
rnd gaatleman for asa lf l h a Uwa the 
othec wK9f90w y'lssa^ 

Mf*. A. O. Mfihank. Uft. Jack 
XMhat. flMMter n H Ramard. 

Meaara. O. T>. B«uton. V. V Miitcharf. 
n : r >a'int A <' f! ; , .. .-i- f ■ .1 
i.a,! A T 'io»«rd, J HafV » H 
Marshall « Mllbenk. v i 

Palmer, flias. Todd. W- C. Todd, n 
Wilson. ' 

Tbe aaddia* also w|gll la chaak th* 
followtav ssiad MMb Car tlMlr aa 
9e la *as n Bg far thaw 
MVS. ramr. Ufa. LMHsaa. Mrs I'hu- 

Mrs. Plarea. Mra. B. Wllaon. Mlgg 
MaHoB Wllaon. Mff*. Howell. Mra. 
Moore, Mra. Smith. Mra. Ooward, Mrs. 
I Ulihet, Mrs. Waghorn. Mrs. Col. 

I J. I.-.- M 1«B Mi^- .liadVH Ir- 

IV. ng. .Mra. i;..y.i Mr V\ alter Tarry 
alaa kladly aaaiated with the aoaHag. 


MMM \m 

liOItDoN so.rii.sli »• \sii,Y TSJI- 

Abcravoa iv.xjrca Ninth V 
tahiagnw HIgJi Sdhool Klrve« 

LONDON, Oct. 37. — Black heath 
brought Cardiff to the metrnpolla this 
afternoon and sent the Welahnien 
away rejoicing with a 1 S to K win 
added to their re.-of'i I he I>ondon 
club haa au.-i'uml.e.l ■. » . to 
from the prln. ipullty thin neason 
both defeata tiave been decisive, 

I.X)ndon Scottiah reaume.i their vic- 
torious career, interrupted laat flatUT- 
day by Blackbaath, when thar lafasd 
an easy win over Old Alls(rana by 4 
to 3. while Riehmoad, who had given 
little promlae so far. stacked up u 
aeoond beating against Catnhri.igs 

In the Welah I'nion, Aberavon ac- 
quired III. I ninth ... iiM.'i 1) 1 ; V .. win bv 
trimniinj; I'enartii hanUaomeiy. New- 

p-"< iiefeatad A h aroora ky a asriaw 

inai K I n 

The haitle of titans In the Rugby 
ITnlon thia afternoon took plaoe north 
of the border, while OlasgOW High- 

Held tasted thslr flrat dsfsat at tha 
hands of Hartot'a College. Four 
poinu to thraa ■»«• tha Hlirii 
their defeat. 

Olaagow Aeademieals. who had run 
up ths hitherto slmoat unheard of 
total of 338 points In seven Kame.-, 
Sdded another 45 to that amount at 
the expenae of IMmburKh A.-ademl- 
cala. A lirht K'aiiie between (ilasKow 
rnlv. iviiv :,ri,| .--lewart N I'olleire ended 
In a point leati !• .« The results fol- 

KnRliah i;BfcHI 
RIack heath. N ; Cardiff, It. 
I.ondon HcotUah. 31; p|d AUsgaaa 

Harlsqulns. 3; Ouy** Hospital, r 
Old Marehant Tailors, 3: old niuea. 

I'nlveralty, 11; Rich- 


mond, 18. 

Bristol. 11: I>.ndon Irlah, 3. 
«'oventry, 1 I.ondon Ws|sh. 12 
Rath, 1« Mrlstof. 4, 

Mirkenhead Park, ft; Uvofpool 

T nlver«.|ty, ;< ' 
ItirinlnKham, i ; Bradford. •. 

I -iv mouth. 1 1 ; Rseter. S. 
i « i.e«ter, 0; Nuneaton, d. 
Manchester, 20; UyerpOol. I. 
Northanjpton, 17; Bsdtord. S. 

■aSlJS^ t 1 > 

Welsh 1'nlnn 

POntyPOOl. f) tfri-lp, r. I ( 

CYoss Keya. • \i ,, , ,|,^ 

Abera\ r»n I 4 ' • nartli, •. 

■^•^muii rnlon 

Kdinhiirich A < a.lemloals, 3; OlaSgOW 
Academlcaia. |( 

^ wataoniana, 14; Royal High achoal, 
oiasgow liisk Bthoai, S; Hart*. 

tonlans, 4. 

uiaaBow Ualvandty. St 
S. ^ 
Coant r f^lMHBplaMllly 

Northumberland, 23; ('^eshlre. 
''umberlan.l I.- iMjrham o 
I )ev.>n 1 (;'.,,,,..,,, 1 



I "M'ON- ^ mn\rh of In- 

lernalu.n..| Interest will Uke , p)aO« 
nexi Th.iradsy sfternoon at Rugby, 
when the oantamiry of Xttgby football 
win be obaervad. A team aelerted 
from England snd Wstes win nieet 
tsam asleeted from Rcotlsnd snd Ire- 
land, and s match of oaeoptioaal 
brilllanos Is anticipated. 

The annnuncemenl that there will 
be only 2 000 tickets svsilsbis for tbd 

general public has alrssdy taasad 
some hesrtbttrnlag. for thers are 
more than Mn times that number wh« 
ars keenly aasious to seeure thi 
pasteboards and havs reasnnahls 
claim on aceh 

Bofne r>f tbr ltiifrb> men hn\f b'er| 
inf'med i .-. hol,| lb;.t aiLh „ tin, a 

oii^h! t.. ha\e been flxed for a Hatur- 
i -iv «i Tv.K»,.nbam. and not at RMg« 

I > on a Thuraday. Aa a maoey-mak. 
"K proposition there can he no quse- 

Hon as te whlrfc waald hold the fleid. 

but senlimaac for onMi. rains the 

day. ft Is one hundred year« ainca 

the nrst league Rugby match was 




-VI- »-,.|,r. 

\ AvrofVKn Oct ?T 

' Vanrr.uver knocked on' > , r 

M..T of Calif ornls. In tha fourth 
r XI nd of s scheduled tsn-roond beat 
hers tonight. Thay foaght at catch* 
W4«ghts af a h ew t 1t4 pminds. 

Is th« semi-wlnd-up. Jim Trary, 
heavyweight ehamplon ,» Ana'rata 

waa Sl»en the de i- 
Welah ..f Hremerton w 
tolled" "f hard flsbt nif 

■ f at I 

The Shirty Collar anc| 
Tie Shop, Ltd. 

MetroraBs H«IS! Mil, tif Tataa ft 

Will m f(i|.;re Y,r limn 



Fill your pipe with 



im MiujMG cMAnrns 



Oak Bay Wcimifrprr, arul Jariif^s 
Bay Athletic Men B.ittk r, 
Fast Sen 10 1 Rugby Cq^ile&t 
at Willows 


•11 o«r«r Um world. 

Aftar y«i Imnai tm walk, you wondered what tport 
wwlaMMMwIlH, Ahmymim ' 



J|[|y|j][[j f^awy — d— w —d you 

iiiMfwd riMskat* wafti. JWuH WoncUr how you 
w«r« coatMt with "h-t ihaliac." Fy*" •^""J^ 

,,•> I very di<fi<ult fqpiwt fl>««ay 
nnH wtmt la very impoi tllBt. UlC ntB^ • 

«k.n'e«. m^ — » ■ - ----- 

(--( ■ t>«ir of fh« faOMMM STAIW 
li.^n.l" I ifure Sk»tc» 1 

Ni.lK r in the ilKiii ration llbOV«. tho 
-nd KeeJ pUte. with m>w lc*rh in frOBt Of bM* 
«U> the KientifuBlly corT«<-t racbua OT OM 

^i n^JiM i tro«nd. mitd MMp^Md by 

The STARR M'FG CO. umitid 


CJucMiap r-iinlc I'umps. in shades 
ol bobolink >)i l<'K ( alim liro*ii. 
Chokt of »^<cl». Re»l 

valoM at „ •T.S« and M.O# 



63J Yates Suett 


lioral Poiiater Aqaatk; §octo«y'i 
l-^nctloii In KikH' UmU on IVo> 



i'aste and Liquid Form 


At ;i iiieetlnK "f 111' . t nt 

roninill f »»e (if ttif KIKh Aiiiuleur 
HwlmmitiK Club held recently. It waa 
decided to hold the next club dance 
on Wadnaaiay rvanln*. November 7. 
Tha dka HUt WaUar , Biilldlnc, ha* 
acaln baan ea en fad, and Oaorga 
Oxard haa promlaed to be on h«ad 
with hia tbr»e-plec« orehaatra, which 
Kivpfl an aftnuranoa Of tiM TaiT baat in 

Ullliro muKlc. 

Tho rommltte<' ^»■r\ <~iithimia«f |r 

over the eucceaa < r t^n laat club 
daaea, which prn\p<] t.> ba oaa of tha 
moat aaieyal>la (ttnotUmi avar M«Ced 
by tha •iHhi'uara, and ara 4atar- 
inlned to kaap th<> future afCaln up 

to th* wim* hirh "fnndanl. 

rians rr ) A IV to introduce 
aeveral tiovpl icituroH, and thoaa vHo 
attend will 1w aaaiifid 9t * f«l1 coad 


The Klka Swimminv *°luh rinnfen 
nro tncreaalng In popularity, and con- 
Moqtiently in attendance, and anyone 
^vlabiac to attand who ia not niraady 

• n tha ainh'a aMlMmr Hal. ahovld 
phona tha aaofatary, J. Rtawnrt, 411 

>r MISL. and InviUtiona wttl ba 


ilanillton Tltfi-rK Ki-tnlii .S«-»-*>iid lla*-*- 
-<^u<-« ir» Win I ji-.v \ I'lory Ovrr 
Mi<iilli l-trn-fn ni Klnsatou 

TORONTO. Oet. ST.— Arvonauta 
eama from bahlod In tha laat qnarter 
to doi»« tha Tlaltinc Ottawa* In tho 
Bis I>*ilir teture here today 7 to 2. 
IfontmU Oauteaaed 

MO)MTIl|UU Oet. IT.— Hamilton 
Tlvera, retained aaoond |»lMa In th>» 
BIc Four Rugby L<eacue whan they 
defeated the Montrf-al AAA hero 

te«air. 8 < 

Ontario Men Win 
XIMGBTON. oet. IT.— Qeeana Uni- 
▼oraltjr won the interrellerlate fame 
a«elaflt MrOtll bore tMa afternoon bv 

Hard i ouglil <>an)c 
WINNIPBO. Oct. 37.— ManltobH 
Univcralty rapreaaatatraa defeated the 
Saakatehewaa BUlwaita. 14 to 1«. in 

a bitterly fou«bt lnter>unlTera)ty Rug- 
by nzture here thia afternoon. The 

game was har.l (■ ■uKht thrOUH>i' 'it, 
but Ihp .Vlanlt<):>i •tu.lontfi maoaKeil 
to hold 11 f ■, if .i : • '\\f flnlsh, 
though the vU/Cura ahuweit determi 
nation right up to the final whiatle. 


The initial gamea In the tfunday 
School BaaketbaU League will be 
plnyed on Wedneeday eirenlnc. Novem- 
ber 7, when eiffht teama will partici- 
pate In the opening competi* w\ 
matches thin leaaon will b<> i>:.i>' 'i in 
the Tradex Hall. Urea 1 «'t • .■• i imciala 
anil mHrnhprs i.f th.- ,i niia t ion af 
»>M 1 fill h 1 : 1- ov^i ill'' .H»'»«on M |)roa- 
i e< t«. anri b^llpve that the friendly 
rivalry exlatiny betwten the thirty* 
nve cluba in the laecue will be pro- 
ductive of many iatareattng eonteeta. 

Tha achedula of tha 8.8. LMgtie. 
from Norcfnber T until Wedneaday, 

L'eceriibpr 19. is a.s fclloWa: 

\V'>dn''Bil.i> N(>veriiL)c-r 7 — Senior 
(JlrlH, Christ ( tnirch \h Metropolitan; 
Iriterniertiatf A. .I;iine.>» Hay v«. Kal- 
conn. Senior Men, Klrst I'reabyterlana 
va. Metropolitana; Intermediate Qlrla, 
Bxcelaior va. St. John'a. 

Satnrdny. Novemher !• — 8enler 
Olria, ridella va. 8t. Andraw'a: Inter* 
mediata A, Ad&naca va. Centennialii: 
H»nlor Men, On-We-gnes va. J.iinos 
I 'a y H 

Wfdneaflnj , November 14 — H«'nlor 
Glrla, 8t. John's va. Live Wlren; In- 
termediate B, Centeta va. Falconai In- 
termediate A. 0«-we<«ofa Va. at. 

Saturday. November IT — Inter* 
mediate Glrla. Blue 8treaka va. Har- 
mony; Senior Glrla. Fldelln va. Chriat 

< hurch. Intermedlatt! H. o.ikl^itxla vn. 
Mrtropolltuna; Senior Men. Metropoli- 
i.inH VI. Jamea Baya. 

Wednesday, November 21 — inter 
mediate B, Beimonta va. Oreya; Intrr- 
medllate A. Falcone va. St. Andraw'a; 
Senior ICen, Ftrat l*ra«bytarlana Va. 

Saturday. November 24 — Intermedi- 
ate Olrln. Metropolitana va. Wide- 
awakes; S#>nior ClrU. Sit. .Jo'in'" \ x 
M et ropol ;i an» , lnterine«liai ' it M- 
ti'orji va Chrlat fhurch; IntPmieUlate 
\, St. Mary'a va .lames Baya. 

Wedaaaday, November SI — Intar- 
medlau Olria, ■neelglors m AyleiM: 
Intermedtata B. St. John'a wl 
Mark'a: Senior Men, Jamee Baya va. 
rirat Preabyteriana. 

S.itiirdnv Iiecenibpr l Int*»rm»ill 
M ' . I . ■ . ]'.' If Sir.. « WUl." - 

iiwak*"*. .^.•r,i..r (ilrla, l-iv wires va. 
8t. Anrlrew'a; Intermediate B, Faloena 
%«. Oaklanda; Intannedlate A. Oa>va* 


Average Man 

J^CC^ £xerci*«. Recreation. Fricnd- 
iMpb MaaSl Stiraulua. Moral Rein- 
iSSyM Bl. a nd Opportunity lor Par. 

The Y.M.CA. 

nt> tr»-datf fanlitien for ti^pplying 
tbr«r wan(«. * 
Aak lor partinilari today 

Sign Up — Start In. 



Neither Fifteen Had Marked 
Superiority Over Other in 
Game — Oarsmen Will Be 
Strengthened Next Week 

|.1 lit 1 1. t.ou !■! Il l ' t. . » > i. 11 I I,- 1 

between there iwj :e«Li»a wlii. be a 

mil KIU^ handleJ th<> whMla w'thi 
his «.uato*,»ry itoo 1 jiidciiient, ani 
thf 1"umii liiied up t 

J H .\ Hoa.1 Jol.i^-<.], I wr 

threes, 'imiy K.iy Simr ai t M imy 
f'vr rnjd'li- 1 ;t , iT^r . .J 1 , Iw.w - .\l (' 
I.<-.«ii and M. Mlllari, forwaiiU 1 ii« \ : ■• 

McKay. Miller. Joboaoo. Uravelin 
:ind Tr«v1e. • 

Okk M*.\ Wanderer*- Ollmer, Wll- 
Uo, Oo. 'vl*. H-. (Jrubb, .^ewftr; Ad*»m» 
Parker Wiiima-i Mat 
(''ulpn\an. Alien, John dl>«ixN. ituia > 

rhriatv. --Bhelk" Minai uK Bria 





<oi;< u.iy Wand. 

. .2 





.1 K A A 

. . 1 










, 0 












Brentwood Qel.. 






Oak Bay W)Mtf. 






i ■ B> A* A« • • • • 






Normal 8iO>ool ■ 

. .2 





History r«-p. tUMl it,«. ;f at the Wll- 
liiWM <U\1 vdt.rilay :i f i 'T ii" on . when 
til'- (t<ik Hay Wantlerert* held the 
J I! A A , Barnard Cup holdera for 
the paBt three yeara. to a acoreleea 
tie In the aeoond game of tha Senior 
City Rugby Football Leacna. Fol- 
lowing their habit of the paat thrie 
yeara. tho Oararoen tailed to Win the 
first game of the aeaaon: and they 
falle.i fur the sanif rt-.i-'on as alwaya 
Ix fore, namely, th..' \ wre not In 
KooJ phy«l>al trui- • > It wis the 
old lilt Hini'. of lack of practue all 
over m?air\ 

Breni»uud won a decialve victory 
over Normal School yeaterday In the 
intermediate aaetion by a 14*4 eeere. 
while Oak Bay Wanderera and J.B. 
A.A. flfteena battled to a l*«ll draw. 

Wand*ren> have been tratnla^ 
re^'uKiTiv , i.| faithfully for the paat 
monti, i h. ir forwards are always 
(in t i>* t>Mii wtierever \' may go On 
the field of play h'-r what they lack 
In experience and knowledge of foot- 
bail taptlca and atrategy they com- 
penaate by 

New Suits 
for School 

( >vl(l I'atitn and Jciscys 
Caps and Uadcrwour 

Arthur Holmes 

1314 Broad St (Near Yattt) 

Wedneeday, Daeembat i-— tnt«r* 
mediate Olrla. Metropolitana va. St 

John'a. Intermediate B, Grey* va 
John'a. Intermediate A, Centennials 
\n .St .Mary's; InterflBOd^M* ^, flt 
Mark'a \n Helmonts. 

Haliird".v. Oeeember * Intermedi- 
ate UlrlB. Axloma va. Blue Btreaka; 
Senior Glrla. St. Andrew'a va. 8t. 
John'a; Intannedlate 41, Ohrlat Church 
vt. (iometi: IntermedUUe A, On-we- 
go«e va. James Baya.. 

Wedneadiy, I>eremHer 1? Senior 

f ;l !■ .-f't «» «•• >i" • • « I ' W ! rr-n. 

I ni er MM fi 1 14 1 « H, Metropolitana va. 

veteoro interModlata A, Ai8S>a> va. 

Si Andrew'a 

.tatiirdiiy. Deeembar II — IMennadl- 
ate Olrhk llftrmony va. St. John'a 
•enlor <Nna. Metropolitana va. Ff. 
delta; Ii|Unnedaite B. St. John'a va. 

fteimontx: Senior Men. On-we-goea va. 

\\ r.,1 n "-'111 • ! x-ceni I'f. r I !t Inter 
m».tlal» lii'l^ !•.!« ik'« \ • Kxi'et- 

alora ; intermediate B. 8t. Mark'a vs. 
0 > fi ; Intermediate B. Chriat Chareh 
vn. Oakland*- InUrmaiWa A. 
va. Oh- 


0\K II^V \\ \M>I HI Its \M» HV\S 
l..>(.V<.l. IN h'l M-. N« ICM* 

Brentwood C'ullcgo Hanibitw Nomaal 
Fifteen by 84-4, «a« 

Tti. 1 . 1 i ir. ,)'<■,! .,nt an Inipoalng 
trriiv i-r \>'(>Trin-! und .star^ r>f former 
v-arw •^\i\r. ),y iide, with \ .!i ; : i --t o 

Henny MarMlilan and Uon -Mai - 
1 « an Hut all the experience In the 
^ >rld ia of Uttla uae to a forward 
who can't keep up to the ball, or to 
a three-quarter who l^ao Intent on 
iiretting hIa wind that ha faltara In 
the all-Important matter of aaeurln* 
the pl«-fikln Aa a conjutquence, moat 
of 'h' : ' r ' ' ' i<*M prov»d to In- falae. 
Th'- f.i I'd I., trim the Wnnder- 
r-ti » ri"-ti ne-i* iml il l.sp.i t c h . hut 

rath'-i found themaelvea at tlme^ 
hard presaad to ' Sa H i i d thalT own 
goal line. 

Neither aide aan be aald to have 
manlfeeted any marked auperlorlty In 
general play. The ball waa Mat aa 
often in the Wanderers' twenty-flva 
aa In lh»* Hay'H danifer zone. The 
Wanil' ir-r f ,rwar>irt outweighed the 
Oarsmen B I'm k. Iml M\'-v failed to 
aecur^ the ball from ; I •■ - Mm more 
often. They were, however, un- 
doubtedly maatera of the situation In 
any iooae ■enim. On tha other hand, 
the -Whnderer three-quartara only 
ataved one paaalns run In. the whole 
game. They aeemed to fconflna their 
efforts to watching; Cecil Hay, Cana- 
dian nprlntln^r champion, on the Baya' 
riftht wlriK nil. I the fleet Klllot Totty 
on the nther Hide of the line 

The Bays' threes k"^ av, w five or 
six times to paaalnir run.s that brought 
the crowd to its toes in e.xcitement. 
But eaeh time, though tha groand 
waa In eaeellent condition, either a 
paaa waa fumbled or the oppoaing 
threes smothered the attack at the 

h'»M and Intcrt-r'tlng 

It waa a Caat gamd. and an Inter* 
eatlnir one from tha apecta*ora' 

Htandpolnt. There were many thrllla 
to enliven tin- thouaand or ^o ruKger 
fan-* who inarUi-d the aide llne.^ 
TtiTe wan miji-h fin'- punting; fri>nl 
liona JohnH-oi K ' Adams and Ileo 
(loodacre. ' • iHy, too, some- 
one would hug the ball to his cheat 
and uaespectedly atreak' away for the 
enemy goal line to be tackled when a 
try aaemed Inevitable. Wenman. for 
example, had an excellent chanca to 
score fr>r the Wanderers In the aec- 
II. I h.tif whi-ii hi- got nway with tHe 
(..Kxt^.n MoiH-v at his Hide, and only 
ilo- r •■•!■ .iil'l 1 M'' ri\il fMll-h-iik iti 
fr'-"' f t,;ni H'WH. hoWeVri. tarklej 
hi! * . ; i. . iind threw him Into 
touch before he could paaa the ball. 

Boaa Johnaon, who haa ictually 
been heard to remark that he la 
"getting too old to play football," put 
<M 1 wonderful game at fuM back 
r- r the baya, aaring the Oartmen'a 
line time after time with hl>, «uro 
tarkllnir and lengthy klrklnn; Moss 
Sn^ 'he enviable knark of extrailinif 
the liist inrh out of every one of hln 

•leka to tou< h At tlBiaa It aaeaffs of 
aheor wlgardry. 

Kan Adama played an excellent de- 
fbaalee CMn* 'or ^« Wanderera* 
Iweaklng «S many of the Baya* bach- 
field attaeka with entire sueceea. Gil- 
mer, at full back for the aame aide, 
fumbled 1..1.1IV aeveral times, l.ut .•»!- 
wave ^\,n^lAU'^<^ to reio\<-. \.rf. ,n\ 
.1 lit II, (J r w dime I 1 . . V 

and tJregTi and .lohn *- 1 w<re tlo- 
eutatanding rn'-tniier^ i.f the Wander- 
ara* pack, the three of them being in 
the van of almoat every atuek, al- 
waya on tiM hall, dribbling when 
drlbbUns the gaaaor and heelinc 
when BaallBt «m the haat thing to 


lV>h TratU «;l>lnr^ 

Bob Travis pat ap perhaps the l>est 
irame of his football career yeaterday. 
He waa eaally the piek of the Baya* 
peek. Oboereof* ware heard to re* 
mark that It waa obvtoua that Rob. 
at leeat. had f^rewom smoking John 

Johnaon was n-v».r Iwhind 
him ■<' ni^v "<- f Klin" N'eilher 

» 1 -s • r-t»;> M ir nr l.<iU Vl.-i'rae. 

un'ii I, ' ' ■.» ■ ' to-hed hia ahoulder 
and '.^ reMMi fTaaa the 

but dldn t. 

•ay«r threes were too clooaly 
and altl< l a t% aaarked ta paraaH of 
any a pa at aa al ar phktr. Oodi Ray 
fiJlod to enjoy a solitary reaper- :)M. 
eha1le« af oeenrklng hla dirriing 

M.tti Vl»*-lr>n»« L'<"'i«' nmno^*T nf 
■h<' iiarim'-i »t;i'»r1 i''-. the ir.ime 
■ 1, •! hiK I •■• 1 Hi wI 1 , I "LI ■ . •.>v 
■»| r Bt h»ned ne«t Hi'.|r.)i-. ■' 'r.t 

hr.[>e« matertallae. and If the \v» 
d-rrra continue to maintain their 
t tiJt, lihlhl— tartlMr teoi* 

One of the hardest faigllt gamM 

yet played In the Intermediate rviKhy 
aeries Wa-i v , r .-.iMi-d at the itik H.iy 
grounds >i-ic.-r.ii\ whefi Uu- i i v A 
met t h'-ir 1.1 ! 1 . V ,1 s ■ ii ,■ I i,iK I '. ly 
Wandert-r-t. tin- m-ii.- i-n.l i k m •> 
draw. Itelng; three a.! l,.iih aide 
aoored a try. Both attempts at goal 
failed. Both teama WON th trat- 
claag ahape and aa a reavlt aa aasel- 
l*nt ashlMUon was given. 

MMaUwotxl v.-^. Normal 
Brentwood College laced the Nor- 
mal School boya at Brentwood' yaa- 
Urday afternoon, the final aaore 
being S4-4 In favor of the home team. 
The Vlaltors were completely oUl- 
claaaed, although they put up a big 
fl(-ti! 111.1 |il.i\eil hard. Their chief 
we.iKri' s^ » 1% 111 their three ijuarter 
lliH- i !.. . K'- lioya hav- inui h 

!><-it< r i;. I frunuent opportuni 
lii-N I,. |irai tice than the Normal men, 
and tbua they were In better condi- 
tion for the fight. The score at half- 
time waa nine polnta to nil. Grant, 
of the College fifteen, waa the brtght 
star of the centeat. virtue of their 
win the Brentwood boya are now 
."Mitin^ tka iMarmaiilala Rashy 



GAlTAI?r l\ i:s- < itt IS! R WIN8 

H^TH %WA'» I '^l HI I s 

l-lvr S< Hltl' < rati I nrth in Kace 
From •^'Minii t ir\ lo \ Ictorlu — 
\'J«tii4int An> b^tertainod 

With a blind man at the wheel, the 
cabin crulaer Mary dashed Into the 
Inner Harbor yesterday jusi hi f. re 

B:l» p.m.. winner of thia year .s an 
rual Hathaway cup ra< e from Seattle 
to V k-forlt It \v,i« a fine victory for 
( ipi,. I; I'-K.,, i,,K the well-known 
S'-aitle yin htatiian, who is without 
the uMe of his sight, and hearty were 
the oongratulationa ahowerea upon 
him by T|etorla and Seattle power- 
boat men aa ha and hia crew flnUhed 
their apapdy trip at the Grand Trunk 

1-nve boats In all the ,|uintette hail- 
ing froii. -• 11. jin entirety, en- 
gaged in itie race Althotych she waa 
third only In order of arf-ival. being 
PQBcedad into port by Captain Jamea 
Olbeon'a Murtol. aad by the Sovereign, 
owned by CapUln John Graham, 
rear-admiral of the Seattle Tacht 
Club, the Mary made the fantest time 
and won thi- mp. it waa a handicap 
race and ih.- Htart from Seattle waa 

not al m 11 1 tH n ''. lua. 

The oth.-r two craft which partici- 
pated were Mr. Quent William's Kay 
Dee and the Soeja. owned by Captain 
Jamae Orlffltha admiral of tha paelfle 
International fleet. 

The order of tlnlahlng. with tlmea 
of arrival, wna «s ff)llowa; First, 
Mary S IS l.T p m., ee< ond. Kay Dee, 
B .■?4 4H, third, Kovprelgn, 0:14.50, 
fourth. Sueja, r.:r)().24; fifth, Muriel, 
4:56.27. The HnUhln^ line waa off 
the Grand Trunk piers. 

Members of the Roylt Victoria 
Tacht Club were at the wharf to wit- 
ncas the (Inlah. and entertained the 
Peaftle men later in the evening The 
K. iMi.l . r.ift remained In the hattmr 
overnight and will return to their 
heMie.port today. 


• ■ Ml!. 

•ill I i» 



UATCIIWAY is built on the " no 
button " principle. The tsmotM 
"Overisp" docs away wHh all 
bottons and their hoihcr, adtJs nistcti- 
ally lo comiort, gives a greater sense 
of ease and freedom, and is blessed by 
sisters, wItm and motbers. 

Ilatihway caiv neither hint!, hunch or 
pull, it holds gently to the body with a 
anug embrace. Gomes ia seven warm 

\\'intcr wcijjhts, costs no more than 
Other niakea, yet is cheaper to launder, 

more durable, more praoUoal, and 

much nicrc cnni fonahle than aay Other 

umlt i wear > el made. 

WtX)DS Li'NUl.KWI VR i;i>. U«.i««^. U)RONTO 

kwtn tm «U 

iMia I o ii «i laer 

/•aHe«. th9T*S*rm W9 «tm 
p<f«f- impmrtial mtMc» Ht 
tha firctton of ih» right 
m m l m r imi for Wintrr u-rm. 

Wm ha** pr»i>air,i .lit In* 

Itrmttint hiilm JoUt»r tm- 
plmhtini u hy 4 i § m*m$ 
tn»n ttml dijfrrwnt matur- 

i^h If Mil/ m(J^/tf v«'it 

r f htr riglif '.j(>fl. 'tw 
WiniWT Miaar. Muil m toril 

mm mmd luk fm FoUi^t- 
rowr empy wW ho i 


mi H 




YorVsliire cap — Kri-ond Tioaad 
liudderafleld. IS; iiallf&x. S. 
Hull. If; Runalet. T. 
Kalghley. 1; X>ewabury, I. 
Hull Kingston. 7; Battley, II. 

I.sinr»#iliir<- I II]! — S't oiid Itonnd 
at. Helens K^os. il. Kocbdale, fOi 

Warrington. 6, idnea, 64. 
St. Helens, 6; fiwinton, a. 
OMham, 11; Wlgan. I. 

"Hte Rugby LieagM 

Ttrnml'^y. 3: I.ieeds. T 
s . ' f r .1 n \\' 1 ' . 1 1 i.;hfleM. .'■ 
I I at Ik'I N' i.iie, i;r.oighton itang- 
er«i. ? 

Bradford. I> Wfkefleld. S. 


Millfons Using this Imntos Combing 0mm— 

few Cents Buys Jar an^ Drugstore— Not Sticky, Smelly 


Keeps Hair 


l-;\en at ubhiirTi. nniulv or fhnm- 
fiooed hair stays coinbeii all day In 
any style you like. "Hair Crooni" ia 
a dignified eomblag cream which 
gleea that natural gloaa and well- 
groomed effect to your hai r t h a t 
final toaeh to good dreaa hath la 
buaiaaaa aad oa a a al al 

Greaseleaa, stalnleeae "Halr-Oi 
doea net ahow on the hair beoauae it 
is abaorbod by the aealp. therefore 
your hair remains so soft aad pllatfia 

and ao natanU .thai no ana aan poa* 
aibly laU ydb «»< it. Mai siMiy or 

anMltir. lAltn.} 


lA^i-^fTW I'll, rlir-.iiirli It 
Willi «>ill} V < 11 rim I r- 

ItMl 11., I., t. , . 

Owinr lo (he fli t that only aaven 
of the North Ward men tamed up, 
the matoh between that team aad the 
Moose elsTen at the Victoria Waal 
grounds yesterday afternoon preyed 
a flKle and the apectators who turned 
out did not aee the sort of game thai 

la likely to feflp aaaaar alaas la Via- 


Credit Is due thoee of the Wards 
who did partieipau for the hard work 
thar put In and the oahlbNIaa thoy 
provided In the face of tha haadtaap 
caueed by the abaenoe of their 
matea. Tha aaore of tho 

i ' A ' i A ^ ! . T Oci. J7. — The 
K r - ' ' Ku Klnx Klan of 
Anierlia hIII hold a national conven- 
l^lon at Talaa, Okie., within the next 
Ninety daya. the Aaaoeiated 
learned tonbrht. 

Dangerous coUi 


alone can dear the paaeagea. The 
npiwf issli a i on the rhrw p«aaea off 
aooathe threat mint ' r>t'1 ?• gone 
Oet e bottle from yovur dnigg^ 
torlay .IScMits. it VfllMSlN ' 

Soan't LininMBt— Mb 


"Old English" 
Pale Ale 

A full V'odied, tine tUvorcd 
tie that will comptre lo 

quality with any of the 

laiii'His imported ales, and 
at nnich \ci>^ coi>t tu the 


Al Ail LfOiHntmtnl Vtndort 

This adverti'-cnirnt i-. n"t puMi-'ie-t - r .i.'tpl v-r^l hy f1>e I iqti'ir 

Control Board or by Uic Uovcmmcnt ot Bnttoh Loiutnbia. 


OLOSMOBILE 4 Door Sedin 


We \V i!' Take \ t ar in fart f4ymeTit 




■^liis advertisement is not 
1 1 shed or displayed by 
the i<icjUor Control Hoard 
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crnment of Brit- 
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long time, and this offer will be witbdrawn on Wednta ■ 

day, Octoher '1st 

By the AVu. Hoover^ we mean our latest model with 
in trn distinct practical improvements which make it 
• ' ti ii ( leaner for the home ever produced. 
1 ins IS the machine you can obtain on a payment of 
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Hamiltoa, Onurio. 

14 ^* 


a Mum**" m I^JlM/f m U Ct^mm 

B.C Btoetric ICniiwBjr Cow, Umhed HudiOB't Bey Ca 


>f the In- 
x' l nmont 

ouirht to 

Itut thrr« !yr* thr*"' ""trlr^ 
duatrt-i i t r 1 1 i'k, In > 'l.i ii 

L.(kbOI ^ > ■( . '(,,'«> In 'ho I , 
■lllC. Mil. 1 I"., ■ 

^4*. 1 h' «.«o\ »>r»i ni • ' 

1ms. It hfts not doi> • 
lMCV«.eeii«. Nor ar« thp Indamrtallata 
ftlmnvlMa. Th«y haw not done all 
iftay oweki te hava 4mm. it ih% xht— 
nMi^* of tlM lne«alrtel tftaacto w*r«> 

' n< tflV^th^r Inatoad nf pullinK 
;; »1lr«»rtlrtni», th« whol* n» - 

A Ml. I iiulrkU XnVr- h^«rt of 
.in. I I'MII <« 1 1 h 'h<" < I o\ <> r n T "n • 
I n .1 u "I f ^ ' I".. • 1 rwl I ' I '■ < 
union* I'liring the Wiir nn • ' » - ' 
|»w!l»'1 )ov«(MV, U^«>mplo\ I. . . • 

yroaiAin Is aa 0l«at a p«rll »* th« 
war. \V« MMMt a*l«* It or ^rtaiv 
Wlir> ('*'■*• cannot w» all mU !«• 
7— LtmOuii lAUl^ 


PRIXOXS Ml KM s \l»\l .Miut. 

r'r<itv iTinceM Marat la ortan 
i«n«r,i by har fHaii4s In Parte abaat 
an advaatara tlMU kafall har f««*ntly 
at Nlea. wb«r» aha manairan a r^n- 
tanrant for r ,,, r^fuK- ' 

Manila Mrth i.,., ;.. fhi> rf«j<i.iutani 

*a« nnothrr fro,] . . o i '-H by loral 
wof k I r.irni^n an<l I l.r (iroprlvtor uaftil 
I., .i.lmirr ihr iTinr.-Kw aa ahtf ar«nl 
ubout h*r rharltabia work, havlas 
not tha allehiaai Ida* «f tear Mantlty. 
Ona eajr ha IntradMad aimaaK ta g|M 
I*ilMuaaa, aaylnv that h« admlrad hor 
• n,l appreciated « m"., wh.. workoH 
•o well aa ah* <1l.1 m.l t.. iiwr 

bui proml«.*(l lo think ih* maMer 
over, and look ai«pa to lat tha raa- 
tauratetir know tba UMti 
l!Wa Vraaltly. 

Romance of the **Pony Expre^ 
of Early California 

By MRb. i. W. 1\JWU-L. One of the horty Nu»et» 


nrew'irks aud lorrhMKhl paraJr* 

Tha tima had Indaad l>aaa raduoad 
frum twenty daya ta Cam. Wkat a 
I tilrnnnal U ata w si l lo 
teyat Tal. aa r wt«l« thaaa 
■Ixtjr-taraa jraara aftar- 
totey** payar aawinaanaa la 
'aw aad il»»la worda, that mm alr- 


■ f 

< .1 li fi.r n 1,1 III r <■• <• r; • ' \ 
ll •■ f d.- V . II I 1, i » , I I I , ' I ■ h . 1 I ^ . - 
(.•■r . . r t h ■ A TTi • I . . .1 ti I 1 1 ! ■ . 1 1 
h. r iif-uplr X" <l tilK'i i 
ilui-i.tMin, Indeed, far m r«i ..f ili.t 

uaualiy aeeompanyins the perfunctory 
iraaturaa of "many bapiQr raUwaiT' aad j 
> toaat to Mr ba«Uli. 

With a Jojreuaaaaa kora of tha aplrit 
<>r tha acMiSan. Anr VYanclaco In 
pfirtl(>iilar eutaboiia haraalf In ■ 
kiileldeiiroptc' review of her colorful 
P isi Oelvlnir Into that wealth of ro- 
'.< in.. ;in<l pic* iirfMij in-netw of epIn'Ml** 
.1 1.1 1 »-i1 wlih luT ro'incer daya, «li' 
.li>» 11(1. .n ..III. ..f tlu'ir niijHt Ktrlk 
.riK f>.lliir.\.< III ,1 ll I )r II I tl »C il ftt-).!.! of 
• h .1 t.hl i[ !.l UK lllKTfSt . !.. lltllt;tlt 

iHii 'iiily Uiowf rhftxen li\ l*.il< In l>»' 
HcXnrn and participants lii mii' h -nr- 
rinif arenpf!. but all who havr v*<>r- 
hhipped at the ahrlaea of thoae fclfted 
writars. Brat Harta and Mark Twain, 
whoaa taJaa of- tba ArgonauU have 
>>«'en in v aa t ad with saeh fasolBatlon 
and glamor. 

The iiwakenlngr events tnetdantal to 
I he <u<aumptlon of a new allaslance. 
as well iui to I hi' allalnnu'nt of atate- 
hoiwl ,-in.I ttio (liMcoverv of pold — that 
l irili-l.iN ilciwry r.f thr K'><lr>- -have all 
lie. II i< •-n.i'ti'it Ml .1 1 .1 ' ll- tiibleauz. 
or .iMi>n. .ilii .1 -.pi i> r.l on KorK»'ouM 
floaLR. whil.' th. .-,1. \ of the wpec- 
tncular Pony Hxprcs**. In tta ruah from 
MlMouri to the aeu. hati been moat^ 
vividly reau^ractad In an actual repeti- 
tion of Its monorabla perfornuuica. 
What aould ba mora movtnc la tha 
appaal to tlM ImaglnatloaT 

■uraljr. bo must bo a ooaaal. If aot 
an •■aamlc, celebrant who can pic- 
ture Callfornta'R birth with otbar than 
a {col<>- > her mouth. 

Admitttdon as a §t«M 

Tba first admission ealobratloii. of 
which I waa aa oya^wttassab was a 
baautlfal and stataly spaetaelo. and 
It may not be unlntaraatiar It I sboaM 
recall name of tha memorlaa of those 
advrnturoua days. 

The gold dlBcovery had lured a 
inlxfil and motley crowil to the new 
(jiii'f* of th»» <;ol(len Kl»>«>c»' Thin 
nutwood of hiiuiana>. 111.- nul.i.ini 
and jetsam of all thf w.o |.| .swarin- 
InK to the land of trt-is it. hrouKtit 
In their wake an era of confusion iiml 
iawlcaanaaa, alt>elt tempered with a 
rouffh-and-ready chivalry thft sadly 
needed thoaa prudapt aad asfacvard- 
inv Inatltutiona. al^ajs aasodatad 
with dTlc protoctlon aad aood srov- 
ernment. It waa, tharafora. with 
tumultuous vraatlnir snd even genuine 
rcii.-f, the steamer OrcR.'n w.i.m 
acclaimed aa she entered the i..-.t 
Hay of San h l anciMco in ()ctoher 
IS.'iO. with her liunlinK f1>iri(,' .iiid th.- 
siKtiiil aloft from Wa.ihln>;l. n ih.i; a 
new State had been born, iiimIIkt 
FCem added to ( olutiibla's diadem, and 
that henceforth California was to 
■dntUlata aa tha thlrty-flrst star In 
the daap blua firmaasant of tho Union 


What a oUmas it waa! All buaiaass 
waa stispendod as the good naws 
npread. Our achoola were closed, an 
we hastened to Teleirraph llill and 

("larkc'H Tolnt for a fleeting Klitiii'^e 
of tyie weli-otiie harblnffer an she lay 
in thf iifliti>c. while a .IcnMf ir.ivsd 
hlacki-in-il the hlllH from their cre<<tn 
to the beach <lunM boomed, bonfires 
blazed at nlK^)'. proce-wlonH formed, 
and the bands phiy.-.l, while all manl- 
fented their unbounded joy. Allr am 
I writtne? All, axcept thosa lords of 
a formor dar. that stiU Uvod l)i our 
midst, jrot bow hauehtr aad provd. so 
erect and handsoma did thoae Cas> 
tilllans look on thair aally oaparlsoaad 
charters, their faces shadowed with a 
tlncre of sadness as a realization of the 
(lay's slsnHlcance, burning deep Into 
their Hoiilfl, told them their prei-ioim 
.Mia ('allfornl;i h.Til p.iH«ied forever 
from their hands and that to a new 
race of alert m ; < i»foroun men had 
been entrusted the task nf creating 
another "land of the free and a new 
home of the brave." I can hoar thalr 
almost plaintlva shouta of . "jbdioa! 
Adois!" as thay wblrlad away in a 
cloud of dust. 

Btaeos rushed tha naws to all in- 
tsrior towns, whara flaffs floated 
proudly from thO poles in every plaza, 
and riKht royally did the cltlsehs cele- 
brate the birth of tha statoly first- 
born of the Paciflc. 

Xbe Fowy Bsptvas 

The ravtval. duria* tha faaUval, of 
the Pony Bspraas In Us fiyinar courae 
from St. Joaaph to the Coaat must. 
Indeed, have awakened memories of 
the frallant ezploILM aii<l daring advaa« 
turea of thone plct m ••f>.| u.- ki,.i,.o- "f 
tha plains. Rufr.tlo liiii md.I Kit ('ar- 
son, who dally courted death or dis- 
,-u<trr in resrions Infeated with hostile 
Indi.inN and ttandits l>ent on plunder; 
.and was It not more than an ordinary 
touch of human aantlmant which, 
durtne this rapotltlon. proraptod a 
halt by tha wayaldo at Liookoat Moun- 
tain, wboro Buffalo BUI aloopa. that 
tbo ridor nUcbt lay a wroatb oa bla 

Mefora the Pony days th. mnil was 

brouKht to the Coast on MtJiKe..< that 
hirtihered alonfc on a .slower route to 
AnRelPH over the old Santa I'V 
tr ill. m..Ht of It covering the identical 
watuli-rl iitTM >'f <'or..iia<lo In his fruit- 
less sear, h f..r i h.- f.ible.l cltiea of 

i'lbola, with their Jeweled palacaa and 
mansions studded with tarquolae. 
How tho old staas. rattUne aad eraak- 
inir. and heraldad by tha horn's toot 
•oholaa from ovary blllalda. would 
dash by oar boma. la a mamory of 
childhood wbleb so tlmo «aa ob« 

In what reverential aw.' was h>>M 
its manager. Hen llolladny a man of 
prodlffioun enerK> ve rily !i monan h 
In the land Mark Tw.iin has ' »,»■ 
•<lot\ of ,1 party of Amerli . ^ 
the Holy I,«nd, when the ituide Uaa 
polntliiK to the supposed site of MoMB* 
tomb aad eztollln« the acblovomanta 
of tha aian who lad tha cblMroa of 
laraal ovar tha laa-mll^ daaort be- 
twaan Bgypt and tbo Promlasd Land, 
occupylae the apace of forty yeara, 
when a youna Callfornlan inter- 
rupted with — 

Say. Hen Holladay would have 
hroiittht tbom a cr oos >ln forty ajfitu 

boors'" y 

i 1-. a»k».ird staae. 

howevri. had played its pJirt. Its 

novelty and its thrillinit escapades can 
b« known only to those who mado 
the vanture. It had hrooeht tba van 
of tbal eraad army of pla a ssrs who 
found on tbo a*Mon sboros of tba 
rartnc traaawrsa tbat the drsaaw of 
t'ortaa or Ftaaaro aover pirturod avaa 
In tha land of Montesuma or tbo 
Incan. hot Us tadlous journey nf 
iw.-ntv dsyj! necessitated a more rapid 
Irinjii' for 'he- ntalls. snd »o thf f'.»ny 
)".\ nr"*!.- f» . ' Txelved. with II" ilm 
t.. < 111 ' ■ in lao Ah with nil 

In nnv I ■ 1 , ,r>. -..ok time tn Imprnaa 

the people, aJ< well ,t • .,r '-« with 

IIS virtoea: bat ev i ob- 

ataclaa were aarmopnted, and a new 
trail blaa«>d froas Bt. Joospll to naora- 
anaato la this <*<sto«« aad aavol sor- 

What bravery aad oaiiraBa anl 
matod tba rldar: no asattar tbo tlm- 

of day or nlcht hia watdl eaaae on 
whether in sturm or auashlna. moon 
llabt or inky darkneas; whetlin h - 
rourse lay throuKli r<-»fions of i,. ,i. . 

'hone .swtriiiinK ' I ii,,i, :.. ...i- 
.•»a\.i<.-^ )\f .ilv».i>- i.. I. iil> 
and h. l;ke th<- wind to hin lit»t 
Stop wt.i. iiie fresh and impatient 
"'••'I i» the tranafer of rider 

aii.i mail bus. taklnv but the twln- 
kling of an eye, and aaray flaw the 
eacer pair, taktac tbolr part la the 
pl«turaa«ua pro c sa al sBt ooatlnupuaiy 
in motion froat Mlsasuri to tha sea. 
forty flylna waat and forty flyina east 
Thaaa man had nbstaelaa to oontand 
with and problems to solve, dlfterent 
from those fu»ln)r th. tosii . nn. i of 
today • They di.lnl <i:i)v\ m .,,ii..u's 

tb<v foijpht r.-dwkins .,,,.1 viil.l •■r,- 'i l iliilii I vworr> over iti. 
K.i^iol.i iii'Pl> or (MiKine lioiibie 

they sv*,ioi .swollen rlyera and rode at 
nlKhi amid the perlla of gloomy 
Korgre and lonely waate of plains 
Torhaps thin axplains Tfhf tho ooni 
pany, In lu advartlasnMBt saafclns 
ridara. aaked for thooa "wllUna to rlak 
death dally: orphans pratarred. " And 
indeed tba toll waa paid. Some ridera 
were poated an "mlsslnK. " and once, 
long afterwards, a pony was found in 
a deaolate spot, with the mail baRM 
still tied to lis bared and bleaching 


The Mrst Pony to Anrtve 
, It seems but yesterd.iy that the first 
pony arrived in .Sac raiii. nto wh.r. 
wii.s living at the time, in April, 186n 
Nt w.s of Its ii.prourh was hailed with 
the enthusiasm. The lejrls 
latur.- i.ljourned and attended In n 
body to welcome the rldar. At last, 
aomeona shotttod. "Hare ha eomoal" 
Bvery aya waa atralned aa a spock 
appoarad on tha brown of tha hill. 
In a aaoead or vm^ it luntwaa a 
horaa and rldar. rising and faning, 
sweeping nearer and nearer, irrowlnff 
more and more distinct All were on 
tiptoe of eTiiM>n, when the . i.ii 
ter of hoof h«alH heKan to sound 
faintly amid the roar of the crowd 

One ..f (ii> coiiipaiiionH flippantly 
ahouted ('.tn.- to lunch"' Lunch, 
indeed! What was lunch compared 
to the thrill of touching the darvc 
pony, out of breath, and fiaekod with 
foam, an he reached hla goal on K 
Straot. What a baro the rider aeemed! 
A daahlng fallow, draaaad in Spanish 
regalia edged with red. a sally -rib- 
boned sombrero, and his aaddle en- 
riched with silver. How proud he 
looked as fi.- received the acclaim of 
th. (rowd.s, whose plaudits filled the 
air' W.< Kirls hardly spoke, almply 
wavhiK our band k crchlefH in the thrill 
of cxi itetnoni AiihouKh Sacramsnto 
was the oincial terminus Of tha Pony 
£:3ERress, when the rider rttshad the 
mall to tha Ban FYanclaco ateamor. the 
crowd In lU wild snthuatasm bundled 
him aboard, pony and nil, and ha was 
in Ban Fraaolsco < ^ inij^ht. 

Tnaiaalic un Daty 
In paaslair I may mention that tha 
mall ateamor waa the (then palatial) 
Yosemite. afterwards brought to Vic- 
toria by Captain John Irving to m-rve 
many yeara of unefulnesa in these 

That night In Kan Francisco revelry 
held sway: champagne flowed like 
wator. and tba^lght was ablaaa with 

plana has Jwat' dottvarod tbo snail 
from "Now Tork ta Baa rraaatooo la 

;:• hours!*' 

The KSxpirM V..1S oi.ii til ,'i I ifd for 
iiearl\ two vf.iis flnall) tmwian I's 
!i,«l .11 ^.j'lrlol.*! vvhrli n 
w.i.s I ii!i'-.| ]ii 1 ,1 ll f . . ' nl« ^ tilsto'\ te 
vt'tfliii^' ' • .,.lv»'ii' iif 1 lit- t»veiland 
1 •■ 1.-H r M (I h no. I it\.- .'.-ittral Pa< Ifli 

Crarutpu baofs thm tratn fo 
Prufi^md by'^Otut Krimoftmn 

' w a \ 

Thus passed oa« o( tba asoat novel 
eatorprioaa tbo wartd ba a as w kaowa. 

Tba Caatral Pacific bad loag been 
tha dream of alt Cabforalaaa, and the 
chief of the dreamera was a l>rllllant 
young engineer of Bacramanto, Theo- 
dore ^udah. who set out to ooaaaar 
the snow-rrowned Hierras. with tbslr 
iur\iiiK .■•n^..:ls .in.) tOWOftPB OlIflB 
1 liAf to' U II.' f-. > V* »■ 1 1 

Till in.iin ,iti.| f..!'l. ..|,Hi if, ll.-.-.' t ti - |...lh n. r.- tin. lii swill 
aMide by hi.s k'o I.. . lUMInK faith 

and the loyuli\ of hi.i buckera, l<eiand 
Stanford, Huntingdon. Hopklna aad 
Crocker, all of Haeramaato. 
- Rallmad P tfroa a Monntalas 

Tbos,- ^,.( rt! ^.-niiri. I , ..f trr.iriM. 
w <■ r •■ M . 1 tn I Ti I I , |i . i . . . I , i . . I i l \ • 
I ■ I'S ■ . I ■., . ; ll . ,|.- f \ ! Ii:: • ■ •■ ^ . . 1 . h 
iMK .le.-.TI, rii.-t II, .i.ii;r.-.', '(..rri Ih. 
I'^ast , the I 11,1.11 l\i. .fl. o. jir .S,,lt 

lAke, in 18CI — aj) imperiahabie moow- 
ment, truly, to tha vialoa aad OP- 
glBoorlae wlaardry of Tboadoro Jadah. 
who. by tbo way. was aa aaelf of oar 
wall-kaown and aatoomod roaidont, 
Mrs. K. Q. Tlltoa. 

After this retrospoct one raallass 
how marvelous and atrlking are the 
changea that crow. I one « s(>an of life 

In •«> short a iiiu.' Ih.- fr<-e life of 
the ]. !,. I I. . I, , . s ,, ,ii,w,t,,-,) v\ h 1 1.- I h. 
fr..|ll.■•I^ ||.. i,,n^, 1 ti,, ;o it,,' . h.-l-t , 

hal |.-.| t h.- p. . I . . > ml riK K.i 1 1 
u i>s . ..v. r th. and broad field?- 

. f wh.?.ii iuK'iv replace thoae arid 
w astes where, anifflnf tba taiW of the 
aaga-ladon air. tbo buBblo and ants- 
lopa roamod. 

Alrplaaaa aoar ovor tbo alsapr toaar- 
vaUoaa as ftbo oaoa-fiaroo rodskin 
gasas aloft in mats and atoUd wonder 
»»ant. aad thajaagic radio floods th. 
evening air lattJi aong and story aa the 
coyote aUntta to tha rtwfiowa aad the 


What wouM ti. .\r(c<)nauts think 
and .io if they i^-imi lo the 

^. . 11. 1 of old and , r .. .1 afrsah 

iti.-ir treajiu re trails I'-itiapa tO- 
.lay M turmoil an. I ...nfualon WOOld 

su pall on their raatlaas souls that thsy 
would sooa ombark on tbolr awaiting 
"Argo" and. taylag thalr course to 
wards tbo sinking sun, sail throuRh 
tho laat golden gate of all to theii 
homo of eternal sunahine, where, list 
ening for the faint tinkle of the mis- 
sion bells In the land they loved so 
wall, they could forever rlrsam Of 

"The days of old. 

The days of (job) 

The days of '49. " 


As Young as he Feels 

Thia in said to bfi IhB «B fif tha 

Young Man. 

Iti a sense that is trua. But the 
real explanation Li that ntrwadays 
tii«r« are so many men who, 
aoconiinjf to the cxileiular, ar« 
j^^'getting on," hut who in spirit, and 
"ntneas" ars just as young aa th«y 
were twaU^ or thirty yeaSB figaw 

Are fOB ana ef tbaaa? 

If Bot, Ik^ jFMr health ttal^ at 
faaH. PnteUy tmn ooo caoaa or 
your internal system is not 
functioning tus it sliouM. Impuri 
tlra collect in your Ixxif, p.ii.^ 
wast* matter tiiat should ho ex [>elles»] 
vitiate.s your hlood, producing tho 
"oeJiiiif of tin^lnwoa and d 

I that raalM yoB eU 


Kru««-iwii .S,»l;,s will ullc u\\ thi». 
A tiny, tuiitei. ..-H d. t.ii.tii €".e.ry 
raorniinj' in yi i;r cup of cu.'^fee or 
tea, will rest rt> >uur liver and 
kidneys to tJicir proiier artj\it>. 
liddioK yoor systam of ail Inunuitias 
aB4 agadinf new, reCraahae Uaai 
aomlBC throvffh yourvaiaa. 

KrvaaMn aoata X^wn thiee ta 
sixte<>n times laaB par doae than 
"fixiy" drir\ks, aad is fkr moro 
efficient. Hctnn '" talte the 

litUe dai!) il. se Dial wnl (five you 
liack your cm- ry- ^ om will f«^el 
many years youngor beforo you 

y, 4fiyfi eMib 

r«t«»la«« in Ctigm 

or Tea 

VmX ma mo«b la T'mT 
Umitmtt OBO as wfll Ua 
oa a 10 CM* plaaa ITs 

tka fiBis dsfis iNfi 

Good Health for Half a Cent a Day 

<>rmt Brtialn'n Burdens 
In their contemplation of the suf- 
ferings of Kurope, It woulil I .• w . : .f 
the Amerlciin peoplj. woul.l jtlve some 
n to the case of <; Itrltain, 

the only nation in the war on tha vic- 
torious side that ia today aorloiialy tai 
dlatraas. There la notblng tbat wa 
can do about tt, unlaas In an boar of 
anllghtonmoat wo should lower our 

tariff wall— which ought never to 
have been raised to iim i.r.-s..Mi :,,riy 
height — to the advuii.iK-- of both 
Hrii.iin and Atncr!. i .md of the 
American farmer i;r.';ii llrlt.iin is 
prot>ably the most ii.-,iviiy mx^d 
.leouatry in the world. Thua lndt|atryM' 

Jiving aalti ^ tiyt^yo B auXXar iiom 
spxaaalOBf MfiAMlMfit ev fiMMMMB 

Uverl ^ 
Kraaehen Salts ■honld be year 

safe^r^iril H. iiics ( U-ansinjt th« 
hody i f iinpui ilie^, ^i:c^tl ^ , Hur-ely, 
and paifiie->.sl > , thev jn.: .■^■hs a w.m. 
derful power of K'i'K 
\Ualily U» lt»e countless millions of 
cell.t of which every hody is coti.- 
posed. Flesh, hl.wHi, bone, briiin, ami 

nerro ar* all made up of ceils, aiul 
every eau t e< pU ee ana or mora of 
your syanm doee aot tba Bvmere«a eonatitMata^ 
from vour food th« eoiraet Kniaehen Salts for Ha hoafthy rBb 

proportions of these essential life T^e bottle rotifslns ^M .! 

Tht ingradiaata of Kraaebaa SalU 
aia naeessary for healthy 1Mb Year 

body must, of necessity, obtAiti 
thoaa ingredionts from aomewiiere 
or yoa could not live. Normally 
year ayatam .abooki axtract these 
vftal aalta froBi yowr food — Bieat, 

hread, fruit, v etretahle";, milk, ejfjrH. 
and so on; hut whrn, owing to 
impaired diKeJitloii, errors of diet. 

•varwork, and worry, anxtety, se^ 
IMM BMBy ether 

Is sorely burdened, and there Is littls 

or no : M . 1 . J . ri 1 •• n t !■' s'.ir; 11. ■« or lo 
espand old industries. The Uritlsh 
dObt Is enormous — and the people are 
bolBg taxod to pay It. aad are paying 
that part of It dao to thia oountry. 
There are said to ba at laaat 
men unemploysd In Baglaad. Bar- 
dened and suffering as shs Is, K la to 
the everlasting credit of Orest Britain 
that she promptly acknowle.iKe.i h, r 
debt to thia country, arranged to pay i 

for It, aad ta perlas M.— indiaaapeUs * 


Arrangementa have been made fo» 

.Mondny evening at I o'clock for tha 
lisual periodical inspection of olothinc 
and equipment of No. t Company, 
lltb Dlvtslonar Train. C.A.B.C.. ao 
that mon may brfng tbolr alotblng 
and equipment to company baadquar- 
ters one drill night and ll will ha 
marked and returned to them the fol- 
lowinK Monday ll is re(]uested that 
nil rnnks will assist In cnmpletlaf Ibia 
inspection aa aoon aa poaaibls. 

Stapk$ ] 
l^lfa I 






JVdthing satifies 
like a good Ogi 








n '1 f ' ! iMi l«i Ion. •>> far 


MUMrMr •( tlM SWM««1(MM 

b^Mrv coald utAch » aUpulAtion 

i>rii,«>nK In th« debt <|4iMitloo and 

■II!! »•»(>.•( Am#-rl<.-tii (i j.r 1 1< t pat toa In »H« [ir • . i.<.^i»-.l U\ V W "f thf 

rnt>''»l«vil .)ff:. xt a ! <■ meiitn hy ."-^' i 
rclaxy ilugUea ihiil lti« WMtilJkSloik 

eeald aet ntterli sajr 

of those dabta. 
Debt RrrnndtaC 
\' ' f u- riiiiH ' . 1- ' -t ; ■ , * wiia laid 
by Mr. iiu«b«i. In hu reply to Lord 
•B tk« dMlr* of th« Amsrt- 
WtmnmmA to «m1 1b 'aU teir- 
wllk tk« AIIM »Mrm ta ar* 
raaslnc for tha^ rwfundlnv of tlialr 
debtB to the Unitnd RUtes. la that 

"li m«jr be added Ibal Utc im it> 
IWbmeat aT aowatf ^^iMMMie ron.t 
tMoa la Borope. ttaa aarloaa ra4ucUon 
of mUttarz o«tlai« aa« tho '•aaioa- 
atration of a dJaiKtalthm of B ^i t ipaa B 
yoepiM to work toff«tlier to a«M«v« 
tlia aims ix^arr; and Justice, will 
not fall ffi >iAVf ih< ir proper inflomce 
Lipcii Aiii-r,. Ill h .ijKht and piirpn'"'' 
in conaecuon with ituch adjturtnirnta. " 

01aao lUiko alatad puffoaa of creattaic 
the •z»on eommlfflon. aa vlTaa in 
the pablliriMd International conro- 
avondeaea, ta to recommend a fliiAs- 
ela) plan for iiettlf:ro«nt of thf repara- 
tloaa pr»iM< III on iiA MiTtLi, it has 
bean aeucriUly a».iuirii'"l that a repr«- 
aeatatlve American fmajiclrr would 
ba tododod in wbatercr group of 
AmarlnaM aiajr ba nai a d lo tHa 
•Maovy oommli||^oii. 

V. %. Nofliteea vrnkaowa 

If adtaUllatratlon offi. u . ai 
ready coilBldeMng the namca of 
AmericAB fiaaaeleni ta that connec- 
tlaa, thay Mtiiro beeo earaful mot to 
dlwHaae tlia^fafst. It wyi acaln 
vtronaly rmpbaalaed, huweVir, that 
whoever ml«ht h* named af(d Wliat- 
• vpr «hr mrtho.l of th«lr aetual ap- 
pointment, ihf-y would rrproaant the 
JiKlnmrnt of tiK V\ aj^hlnnton admin- 
latrallon as tl^e Americana beat Ittied 

In iorao'4«artan It la aa»oalo«4hat 

«aeb nation eonc i a r—d wtll ba voVfO- 
eentpd by several mea, oaeb of lntar« 

•nationjii reputation In aomo particular 
«1lvi f th« eronomic ftrld. In 

thax rvrrit. it la roaarded an probable 
that an Amerlean induatrlallti. a man 
with praottoal Worltlnir ItnowlodKc of 
■uah an ioMMI^aa the str«l industry, 
ba MMaOtad. Blno* the Ruhr 
ftlmoM wMnr upw Aa Oor- 
aioot IndoatfTi thootM has 
tamed to the btr flduraa amenc 
American ntoel men an possible Ameri- 
can membern of the commlSBlon. 
although, aitaln. th»>r»> In notMnK to 
Indicate that ttio admlniatralton has 
ftrei) thouitht to relative qoalifloa- 
tlon<« of ladividuals aa jrat. 

I-AUIH. Oct. JT.— Tba rraaeh »ov- 

rrnin< nt !« nwnltlnf the dncMoa Of 
tho Hrltl-h (iiblnet on tho propoaeJ 
examination of (;crmany':^ (^apar-lty 
for the pRvmf^iit uf ri parai lonn. whl'-h 
to to be plated in the hanilH of a rom- 
mlsalon of experts under tho pupe.t- 
Vtalon of tba Reparations Commiseton. 
It la undaratood that Premier Poin- 
care'a aeoepUaaa of tho British 
prepoaltlon was in poraoaaea of a 
varbai acreament roaaMd wliaa tha 
Britixb i'rinio Ministao Itaalor Bald- 
win, waji In I'arle. 

Of tiM altamatlra propoalt l a — % 
ooafMOaoo of planlpotoatlarloa and a 
oenfaraaaa of avparta «ad«r the 
authortt/ of tha RaparaUoaa. Coai- 
mision — M. Polneare eheaa tho axpart 
comiiilKSlon becauj"^ It was wlthla tha 
framework of the Treaty of Versailles. 
He made no regorvatlona other than 
that the InveBtlgatlon ouaht to be 
made under the control of the Rep- 
aratlons Commission, which under 
tho traaXy la tba only o rg oal wi iidod 
to treat sueh faaattoaik 

All the negottatlooa laaila« to tho 
preaent situation were TarboU or 
carried on by what is called in 
<) iplotiiai y "verbal notem." Hence, 
Uiero arc no text*. To keep the ■pro- 
cedure within the VcrsallleB Treaty 
wan, accordina to a hlRh authority of 
the Forelan Office, the chief aim of 
M. Polacara la Ma rapljr to tha Brltlah 

Count at. Aulalro, the FraiMh am- 
bassador at Lioodon, arrlrad In Parta 
thto afternoon and had a loaf can- 
ferenee with the Premier raspacUw; 
the manner In whl< h the French 
government's nocepuince of \ht 
BHttoh propo.^il. .loilvered by the 

ambaawder yeatarday, was received 
fey tba BHtlah ailalstars. M. Potn 
care laft for ■amplvar to apend the 
waek-oad ImmadlaUty aftar tho am- 

uie aama aituAUuo is true at Aix-ta 

The Repobll 
anirrs of their safety at 

I fig I., ihr e«i«l»iUhm«nt of a French 
r.utirU I'oet >" one of the rvxins of th« 

O^^ot tho ati-boofea •nooostered 


by tba No 

commander-in-chlaf, Varr Mtaei . 

wli.i waa taken a» he waa pasetni: the 
• .ige of the town- The Itepubllcaii* 
(breataa |P 

AIX Uk CHAnHM Oat. H. 
rourteen ertaalMllaM ot 

:.i tlrij[ all the politloal 

ao 1 rfji»toua ■ocletles havo addraaaed 

il ; M,te«t to !ti« Iya»ue of Natlorn 
uK«l(isl the reainie here by th. Hepar 

atlata tta«ar L<ao Daciier 

Tbo ilgMra of tko 

aad death ar« 
faaa. all buelnea»ts 

Uvea ot thoiif*iols i f 
itaatly cndaoaercd. 

The military leaders talK apoaly of 
plans to storm th-^ town halls of 
Neusa, (Jladbach. nnd ofhrr places, in- 
rludinif Diisseldnrf They predict 
that tha Rspubltoan colors wUi l>e 
]iotsta4 mr tM BatfeMa at DMibarg 

Jn DWan, which Is In the liVenoh 
BOao, the BepnrntlstH have "due In" no 

thOrOUR^li'' 1 ti I ' 'ti'lr .idr-. !i..lli.\f. 
all dangei '■' ■' 1 lorinr^ « 

Biant Is pnnf^'^d " l-' . ontetnleil lh»t 



t' vulvio of 

i:i l ISONCnv.aoell 
known Na«a SsMia 

f.mjr, writfi 

H«»« xmm>i M I N * R r: - 
UNIMtN"! m mv fc.^m. 
tli»'t t •id ImmW 

on tk« ■Mr^«i< I fimA *|m* 

all km*. 

nl wmanAi Abs il H • p S M r«i«ii i K 

I wuU Mt ha *NiIm»» 
I I k tarn ki^h 



BERLIN. Oct. 2T.^-|iaJor Boch 
ruker if-ader of the Qosaoesaafui 
.N.,!i, r,,, rm.-^. h n: Ku<'«trin la«i 
nior.ili. t..!-. l..<i. tourol fulily l>y 
court-martial an.l n«"rit»:nced to t »• n 
year*' «jo»<fioem<-"nt in * lortreM. 

MaJar^Haitwr. bla o s o aa* in com 
mand. raoalvad tbMy n at ba* im 
prisonhient. Tho otb aOi 0< ifco^l xir 
teen ai'cused #era gtoas aMMaooes 
ranalnr from three te>olsM Aanths. 

BERLIN. Get. tT. — 4b Otftci- 
statement isaued totay daalaroa that 

Dr. Von Kahr, the Bavarian dictator, 
exceeded his powers in rafbslnE to 
negotiate ihc i:a\arlan qussti i - w ' h 
the Central HIb postnori 

is only tern. H'*^ .-.t*! i-m'-nt 

points out, and iio iight to aegotlate 
lies la tba handn of t||o BMWIan 
(9%'ernment as a whole. 

Dr. Von Kahr had said that he 
would reject all nenol latlons with the 
present aovernni<"i ' ■ ' tha Raleh. 


OBvoo^a Mdlatrlbutlon pUn 
•loaa oat yaatarday. althouah 
Uboni monabora of tho aaoooa suted 
last nivbt that tbara waa a apod deal 
of conjectura la tha veport. /oat irluit 
the plan la Ilka whan tha Hooaa Is 
through with It romalna to ba Odan 
TTie Oliver plan, as prsasntad, has 
already drawn hostile fire und»r 
Cover of the i .tiif-us «nil mrmb'T^ of 
fli.- 1 ipr,,! ' 1 . . n fiay th'-y h:;vr fomi'l 
g, :■: '..' riff, which Vklll he t>r.Mi»hl 

to the aiieoUoo of the Uouae al the 
dm opportoalty. 

i<:souiniato miastaotod 

S^me time a»o, when Mr. It. II. 
1 Conservative raembar for 

1. ji.iiimII, was iMultlnc trouble for 
tli<> (Jovernmenl. It waa intimated 
thiit Mr. I'oolcy mlnht waVr 
morninR and find him*' : 
constituency. Under the kukk-" ' 

distribution plan, the onl> 

ency In the whola of British « olum 
bU that la achadalad for elimination 
is that of Mr. roolay.' Tha ooaoUtu- 
eaey of BMialaMlt doiaa baok to the 
bavlnalac of rapfoaoataltra gooorr 
rnont pm Vaaooovor la)a«4 aatf ^ 
BrItMa Calamhla. Tho ■»hd mm| icy 
ha« alwaya oxlstad. 

AlthouKh nominally AMrtori.i will 
not suffer becauro ihc city ri^tu.-.n 
four member*, tha boundaries of i' 
constituency are i,nl;irged under i ' 
Bucsested scheme of the Kremi 
Whloh would make the urban part.s 

Of Baqaliaalt and oak iiay a pan of 
Vietorla. Oowtehan district, which 
haa a wwbtr orlfo eonalatstaly votes 
with the Oovornmoat, will abaorb the 
rural part of Bmiolmalt 

New Coast DistHct 

Nanaimo, the ridlnj; of Hor^ Wil- 
liam Sloan, remains unchanged. The 
Comos dlatrtot, whloh la ladapandent. 
will ba apUt up batwoott tha laUnd 
aad a haor dlatrlot to bo kaowa n s 
tho Ooaat. ninnlng aloag tho ooa>^' 
Inetndlng Powall River and tha ter- 
ritory aaath of Prince Itapart. ^h n 
part of that city's sou 'hern tributary 
country. Albernl. the sLvmpinn 
fround of Major U. .1 liurde, inde- 
pendent, will be left alone. 

Vancouver will relali) lt<i nix mem- 
bers. South Vancouver, which has 
baan under-rapraaanted for some 
yaara, will caaUhuo with only ane 
mambor. If tha pmn goes through the 
Uouaa. but tho ..oonotltaancy will be 
reduced by addUig a portion to liich- 
iiT orl. A new constituency, to be 
known as Point Oray. will ba created 
to give Greater Vancouver additional 
strength. North Vancouver will lose 
a portion of Us territory to l.lllooet. 

NOW Wastminater wUI remain un- 

Thsra will b« no ellhaga In Atlln. 
Columbia, Cranbrook, ChilUwaok, 
Delta. Dawdney, F>rnie. glmllkaraeen. 
The Island" Vetaon, and only « minor 

Boundary Seata OoaMaod 

Tho,ohM ehangaa will oo|ai ta tha 
■authorn Interim whara OOfanltpod 
and Grand Forlca ar» oombload' Into 
one eeiMtltuaney. Kasio and Moc^an 
are also to bo aonvblned into ona eon- 
etituency. ' itdigtaad and Trail are 

A new constltiienry of Kootenay 
U tu (>e r«rve<l imt ..f :h<> olj district 
of Trull , • i(1<" of th.- 1 itv proper. A 
small part of North okanajran In 
addad to Barolatoke. Kamio,.pn will 
also give up a aaiall part to Jtaval. 

In tha aarth a how aoaadtaoaoy of 
Paaea, ambraalag tha paaco Rlvwr 
oouatyy, hi e r aa t o^ iVOr thia aaw 
rldlag a, daoaa polla will be taken 
flow INct Oaa f o. 

A allOO of tha waotom part of 
Omlneea will be taken oft aa« aidsd 
to Prtnce Rupert 

irlbno lf< ,t\<i-n0^y l>v Home pollni 

fo iJilooei. wtUie UUooet will get 
Hume twaaqr poflo tttm wo g th Ths* 


Sx^rfff fff fillip and 

i*a§$r aims iirmoik 


' Vl n fl li ■ • ; . ! Ill 

' : ■ r «* ft ^ r ffl ■ * ■! ' ' It f 

r I he pulp aad paper ex- 

to tha 

▼ASMrmrrn. »»■ 


l«r report < 
I'uper Ann< 
total value 
porta from 
waa »1 1.71 MM. of 
••d.Md worth 
fttataa. It 
t1 I7f.4»« frnm tha «a«a) ef tha ps*- 

■'"US r--,or:': f:-:< »n ! fV-renJMI •f 
J, tnj S«« /..T»f ,SM»pf ..TTi ^"-T . l>1t F.». 
r-fr!j» of piiip iron<1 for H«p««««tlMW 
"•■•rn- 113 1i« r-orflfi, »-<lo»»i tlJTV" 
; • agstnii! •« liJ rnr(i.K valligA gA 

l»'4.4U la ttepiaaibar. ItSI. • • 
KaffT tha hrat-aiaa 1 1 imbi o^-«i» 

j ear exp«rta of itnip and i««n*»r w«w» 
^-alu•a at '^lat.tat.TIi. aaminst fta.- 

! tut ihr- pr»r1fM,n r. In.. 

I lovieaae oX about. i» pec ocata 


charge for 



We want 
you to be 

satisfied with 

your pui chase 

'"Send Forward by Express All Suits and 
Overcoats on Order With You' 

Thcbc arc ilic insmjctions sent to all our M»na(«cturcr» — Ttew is an important 
factor with u» just now— Expreia brings us the goods wiili a saving of nearK 
three weelts. KomAf they are tambUog in on us and luvc been fjaced on sale tor 
' Tonday sellmg. 

English-Made WmI 

Taffeta Shirts 


Refulir S? 50 

CtaiMi ffiit a. 

ic men who know the corr f' -^t 
111 wearing these finely-woven, 
high-grade Shirtd will apprecigtr 
the vahic of the offering. These 
i-^c made by one of 1 nplan l - 

St niftkers. Reg. ^ J OC 
^ .5a Qoeinf Price— ^aOi) 


en's Hats 


New iiiuaiicd Folta. 

10 94.00. Sale Prica 

Bniahed and Plain Felta, all g 
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Our Bast Velotirs, latest 

shades. Regular |10,00| Sale *0. J J 


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Madr tiv thr brst makers only — Tookr. 
Arrow, horaythe and RcgaJ. ^r'<~ =1' 
RTotip of shifts. Rcgulgr to $2.00 Q C ^ 

fitlc Price *J<J\^ 

Shirts with soft double caff«,k ii' 
of pattern-; .md fa.Ht colOTl. <t'} 1 C 
Keg. to $J <>0 ^i-t J J 


Shlrta of extra aoality, »el«cted jiattr' 
and tine materials. Mf lO 


%A .SO. Sale Price 

Silk Shirta, also Popliai, in 

Reg. to HW. € i /I C 

Sale Price - <PJe^%l 

Men's Underwear 

Ihirto iid Bitvm 

Stanfiald*8 A.C^ fine rUstir rib. wool 
mixture, a good weight for thi 
Closing Price. Per ^ 1 M S 

garment «P1.0U 

Stanfield's Red Label, heavv ril< 
the rlRht garment for thr man 
rold weather. Clo^ng Price, 
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Big Bi^ Coati of Plaid- 
Back OxAm, foft and 
wann, and yet not too 

Closing Prices 

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Tigai^rand, heu 
100 per cent wool 
Per garment 

llofkio Slrirts aad Drawn. 
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English Hoathtr Socks 

shades, 3 pairs ^| 

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HmUmt Socks, of extra 


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Pair ..... « 

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heather shades. Pair « ».)C 

Sak Liate and SUk Pibra 

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good colors ^O.ivl 

Pine Sweater Coata, no cellar, f t 
ing under eoat Srwal || 7^ 

Wooi iiwaatais, m biown. grey OC 

aad WTT. oMdhai wtigki _ #^a09 
Haavy Jumbo Kait 


ilsi^:^^ Cr..:4.^ SOk Llala and SUk Pttra Mr - K 

union %^|llt6 Soeki. Reg.to7Sc Pair..4jC i>aic Prka 

-*ttr», pnll-OTcr stv'- >' Li 

' ^'^ $4.95 

No. 3200 Fine rlaitir rib. na 
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Stanfield's A.C. I mr elastic 
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An excellent garmtBt for th 
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rib. wool 



Flannelettes . and 

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Peiits Woot-Liiieii 


In t.Tn capr, aNo and prry 
mocha ; some with strap. ' 
toned wrist. Qoainf ^ | Ar 
Prices «U6 aad #ioSlU 

k Ntw ShipMit if 

Meo's Socks 


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5hadr^ ; a bphendid »orW if von 

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iinm wcifrht. Tery aoft foot 

hades. v^u.»^ii|; 



INanc Botaujy Wool Sox, a beaut; 
fnOy aabt^ wmrm socft. <^^^r% nire 
jara ki mmtlfm weighi, 

Spsdal Group of Men's and Youqg 

Ntoii's Suits 

1*1 MfMy Aw IHJI ti IMJil Msi Mm «^ 

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J. N. Harvey, Ltd. 

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Motor fiiHiUoto 

Wool-Lined, Astrachan Rarks. one 
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irt Cloaiaf Sftlc, i r 

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Like sUk with tviee the wear. Plain 

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Reg. to $6.50. Sale ^.Oal 

English fiabaNiie 

Heal Lofl4iMp4Vite Oamaentn 
fhat we cas leMMMnd yon t' r 

Mvle and ocrrkc, filled thront^h 
out they make a %\Arn'\\A sfih'y 

prmcat lor all C«Mi oUol imI* 


^^.Ifci^^ ^Ijfci^^i.. ^^J^t^^^ 


r Tr i'TiimB' TSBniiany ri 



Flags and Players 

— ^ — — ■• - - — ^ — r 

Gone Are the Days " 
Of Slapstick Comedy 

Harold Lloyd Has Pioneered the Way to Comedies 
That Have Set a High Plane for Funny Films— 
"Why Worry" Is Latest Picture Showing 
Dominion Theatre This Week 

W'IKN a sheik sees a grirl he waim. lie takes her! When a- 
comedian sees a j::ajj he want<, he takrs u ' ( )n Hin prin 
ciple the motion picture comcily lia^ «lc\elopc«l mucc tlic 
"••-iiitiiii;,'. ( »nc comedian threw a lemon meringue pie. It spfAshed! 
IVoplc lai!^,'hc.| ' S'p another comedian did likewise, and iahother 
and anotlin .in. I .m, .tlu-r. ... 

I- I III ii t>p«>aranr« 
' ■' ' '' ' ny-hcartrd hk the 

' rii u ,,( III. liD.JLurrlwr. but tn reality 
na anft and yinldlnf a« a aofa cuahton. 
I'*oplc lAUchad to M* It r«>b«<ind 
from aoma aetor'a head, m tiM eth»r 
cvmadUinn in.)d<> nome eoilapslkio 
brieka and om iikrwlan. ^' 

Bomcnnr d«>\ oioix-.l thi' ^,-\l^llnsr 
hrauly or rnth»»r nhr drvflnprd h^r- 
^«■lf .itui .-<.riir(,n»« broUKht h«>r before 
I irrMi I and noon OVPry laufh 
mill in )'..n.v»o..d had th«> motto 
over the door; -What la tun wlth- 
©•t a eattoT"- 

Such waa the caae with the Komir 
Kop, th« aklddini; aiitnmoblla, \he 
niow-crank rhanr. tho hottomlem 
trunk that Piponi'i" 0\f fnnitlxo to 
\lfW, the iruiiiy \ .i r i 1 1 ; . . n m i.f fh« 
ntiiffod <iiili lir-giniiliiK wirli th<' 
poUceriiai! - l. and iill Ih.- othrr 

-■aca. brrukaMAy propfl and alapatlcka 
•Ruatlonn Invented. 

AoMave OMtaci Ait 
Crltlea hava pointed oat that oaly 

In comedy haa tha motion ploturo 
achieved n ditiilnot ort. While tha 
reat of ilw induntry npema to be pro- 
KiTMliiK r.ith«-r hIowIv. tlio movlnff 

I'l'tur riird>' li.iw d«'V»«l<>|)ed llnown 

peruMaritlPH, Ita own way of telllntf 
a ator>-, ita own way of putting over 
Itr idaaa and aocompanylnc tham with 

Tha trand today la away from tiM 
alapatlck. Blapatlck. with ita eaally 

Imitated gt^gm, Whirh nrr Imltitr-.t l>\ 
half-a-doxen other rnrnlrs an Hoon 
ono dlHpl.i>H .1 new KaK' .Spprtatorn 
laugh the rir«t flni.> the comedian 
atepa on a ladder and all the runga 
fall out. but when anothar eomadlan, 
Md avary comodtan tharaaftor. do^ 
tha aama It fta alUy and monotonous. 

Tho eomady with a altuatlon la the 
n*weat form of film antertalrimfnt 
It dependa on none of th«» old ^lap 
Ftick hcikiim. It tellii a ntnrv .is w <■ 1 1 
HUHLaiiied t)flcn brtter — than tho 
feature picture, and the fun lien in 

bumoroua. lifa-llka altuatluna tba^ are 
funny bacavM thay ara ao Huataa and* 

Harold Lloyd'a Introdu'etlon of thiR 
type of eomady In "Crandma'a Hoy" 
created a aennatlon aniooK ixihli. and 
rrltirn who were wfarv of tho urt - 
'«>ni I ki)o<'k-Vni down l>[)fi i>( 

f.irii. 1. 1. .yd di-tprnilncd to keei> 

< i.nipdy at thie hi ;h pUne, and In 
Why Worry?" ahowlng at tha 

dominion Thaatra thia waak. hla' faat 
pictora for Hal Roach and hitf nawaat 
Pathaeomady. he doea ao. but In a 
littla different manner than in 
"Orahdma'a Hoy" and "Saffrty l,^1^t • 
"^^^ly worry '" in a ntrtilght farro. 
H ran (w )ikf>n«^d hf>pt i,i < fr high 
«la.«.s iimsi' oonied\, wiih itx slight 
1> ov.Tdrawn plot, y-t wtlli the 

< har.irlf-in kopt virtually Iruo to life 
and trua to the atmoaphara In which 
thay ara aat. The story la an advaatur- 
ous affair In which tha daeaptlvely 
qulat-appoarlnc Harold Is In the storm 

eoatra of a revolution a nturv of 

Routh American lntriKH'' "uru an liich- 
iir.l MardliiK I ' 1 ^ I-- I II 1 . • Kenry de- 
IiKhtPd in l,l..vil < raniB jt with laugh- 
jil.lo nituaiioiij.. All of which are Inex- 
tricably a part of the plot, and to kaap 
a sustained plot morlaa aad Mil 
maintain a staccato lauah affact 
an aehlavamaat worthy of any 

Trapper ConTlctrtl 
NHL80N. B.C.. Oct. O. 
Davis, a Qoat Creek trapper, wh^ or- 
dered two prospectora, Oaaraa BattI 
and Louis OuUmet from a cabinet ' 
In which they were cooklna. two 
weeks ago, his gun being discharged 
during the altercation, was today con- 
victed here by Judge .J. A. Vorln of 
fil.'.oiinK with Intent tf> do nrlfvoiin 
iM.itiiy harm. yhe Judge released 
I nvin on suspended sentence. All 
I ho parties ara from tha Crastoa 

Tttr 8ormi 
< apliol Kuprrt of Henlxau. 

Ma K KlaJne Haamarateln. 
Colambla— "Boemlag of Womea," 
starring Uoiiel Barryaiora aad 

\ ' rti ii I ; 1 1 fx- ti 

tiaruid Uoyd In "Why 


V\ - . r ■ s ■• 

flojral — Uoaalaa MacLMa and 
lf#dca Bellamy In "Tha Hot- 

Tbc btago 

'Girl or tha Ftylna X." 
-"Tho Bchpol forSean- 

lal." remm»ncfng Wednesday. 

Il<.»«l 1 m1k 1".. : ■> ; M I < |'''1 l-"irr ' 
for ihrie A<^y», comiiienciDg on 
WedBieday. > 


"Tl»«- .S4-h(Md t.r ^.aiidiil Ulll Bc 

Off r flag ai i'Im«Iioiim< Theatre 
ri.K «.-,u 

Lovera of the best in Knallah litera- 
ture have a treat in store for them 
thi.n week at the IMayhoiiHo in "The 
School for Bcandal." Mr. Compton 
promised this play early la tha aaaaon. 
and quite a lively latefeat waa dla- 
played In Ita production. After the 
popularity of "She fttoops' to Con- 
quer." which attracted crowded 

houaea. "The School for .Scandal." a 
yet more popular old comedy, nhould 
be certain of turniriK ihr people away. 
Th' pT'i ! n-in ts receiving rareful 
,in< tiihin .i.s fii .n< ener>, coatumej>. etc.. 
and patron.n will find theraaelvea in 
a genuine 18th century atmoaphere. 
U Is needless to dwell on tha irlt and 
humor of tha brilliant British 

Mr Compton will Tn- (h<' t'tiirl.^' I. If ■•n-i,l.-.| fi I. IS' w.-fk" 

M,it(i!;i- 1,1. 1> [t-aalf will hi- taken 
I. Mis. CPKKy IHjndaa, whllat Mi. 
Meri>ert l.«Blie. will play Sir Peter 
Teazle. Mr. Bruce Bredin haa the 
ro/e of Joseph Surface. Mlaa Aanes 
Burton, and Ifiag Unrala Macfarlane 
will be seen as Mrs. Candour and 
I.Ady Sneerwell; whilat Mr. William 
Marehall lia.n the two part.n of ( rad- 
tree and Mr>nen. Minn Winifred 
Magulre will play Maria, and .Mr 
Ceorge iJurhani haa the charactern of 
.Snake and farelesn Mr. Arthur 
I'egKP-WllllB return.s to the-etage as 
Hlr Oliver Surface, and Mry Oibson 
(iunn will play Old Rowley. Massra 
George Fenton and* Wilfrid HIU will 
be air Toby and 8lr Harry Bumper 
reapaatlvely. whilst Mf. A. McPhllllpa 
will make his first appearance ,it tho 
Playhouse an Sir nenjamin I!i. kl)ite. 


t unfilf>.i lacldf-iil-i l ,»< r l^tliiii-<l 
OtDVdcfl Into " I lie lioiloMOC** at 

Thomas II I r,. .■ h i i i. . .| a 
winner and i.i . ..I ■ .1 ,, ■ !m i i i . r i r. h -i 
lllni \ emh ■ i f ("1, 1 1 1 ,i 
AdMptf-d fr.irn ih« al^ae piny of thO 

name name in which Willie Collier 
acored bia greateot succeaSi the pic- 
ture Is f novel combination of hllarli 

OU^ comedy ami t<-n.><f drama. 

The witty lifi.n of the pl.iy which 
wfin .Hiich fii<llr.n.-< laUKhtrr from au 
dl' rices throughout tho country have 
ber„ retained In sparkling 8ub-tltl«8. 
The absurd altuatlona In which a 
horAe-fearing yachtaman flnda him- 
self when he becomi<a the accfde n t ;i 1 
hero of a runaway and in miHtaki n 
for n famoiia nleeplech.i.ii- il.l. r . r 
the name name have been developed 

on the .n. r. i n with iho agpartMai of 
lb master ahowinati. 

Just by way of good measure. Ince 
has filmed a steeplechase which 
couldn't be Included in the stape 
pla\, and l« a thrilling; ai hi«>\ enicnl 
of darinK ridliiK .md ."pectacular pho- 
toRiaphy. It look ;i month and 
200.000 lellulnid feet to catch the 
hurdling homea and their riders In 
action rapid enough to satisfy tha 

Many Ijanghn 

Kroiii Legmnig to end "Tho llot- 
fcntot" I..1 crowded with laughs. 
Sam s Introdtrctlon lo Peggy Kalrfaz. 
with whom he promptly falls In love, 
in one of the funniest Incidentn ever 
screened. The horae-faarlnK yai hti*- 
in m haK Jimt nhakcn* handn with her 
when her rnii.H a wax. Ham 
JumpB on the run nins- hoa rd of his 
automobile to pursue h^. When the 
car hlt« a rut he la thrown Into tho 
air and llghta en tha back of a rider- 
lees horse that haa been pIunirijKt 
along In mad fright l.eHlde the auio 

My aheerent ac ident the terrified 
yachtaman on the equally tarrlfied 
horse manages to pull ths jrlrl from 
her mount before ha himself la 
thrown violently over an embank- 
ment and crowned with a flying 
horseahoa from the violently pawing 
horse that %as just run away. 

Mm Otfphi 

Alter this ahmird s'-i-ni- which 
everyone hejieve.M ha.s I'fn a brli- 

li.iiii resi inv .Sam 1-^ i for a 

fanu^us Hteeplechaae rld«'r of hia same 
name. Hia struggles to e^^trtoatp him- 
self from a situation as embarraaslng 
aa It la daacerous. Ui view of the 
fact that he can't ride at all, make 
Sam's life miserable from that time 
on. In tlie etui he either h.i.i to .i,l 
mlt hini.ielf a coward to the girl he 


Who Play* ikc Title Role in the Faswat CoSMdy, "The Moitrnioi iKr I r.t«M ANmc- 
, lion at the Royal Theatre Taaerrow, Tuesday and Saturday 

lover or ride the wild Hottentot In a 
breakneck ateeplechaae. 

"The Hottentot" in the sort «f .i 
picture that la aure to appeal to 
every member of the family. Ita 
comedy is brilliant and ijrbolesome 
from start to flnlah. There Is a 
H^rong love Interent and a iim.aahing 
climaK in the magniflcent Hleeplc- 

Madge Bellamy, recently starred in 
Hau<3r«B TetornfOr's "Lorna Doone," 
la at her winsome best as the viva- 
cious little sportgwoman for whom 

gam overcomes fear. Douglan .VI ac- 
I.enn. aa the horse-fearing >acht«- 
min .1 nd l;a\rnon(l ll.itto.i , .. Swift, 
the cocentrlc butler, have worked out 
"Tha Houentot" will be shown at 
clever characterlaatlons that are good 
for a laugh every time they appear 
^ the siTCfTi 

th« Koyal Theatre Monday, Tueaday 
and BatuHlny 'oaly. 



'Knrmlcs of Women" 
Week Rrpletc WHb 


.lohn Hopkins Univerally haa Juet 
opeped Ita ilrst dormitory for ata- 

One of tha most artlatto aad tavlah 
production* yet made by CoamopeU- 
tan Prodaetiana la lu film vamlon of 

^■lcente Hlancn Ibaner.s latest novel. 
"Knemiea of Women." which will bo 
Bcreened for three days at the Co- 
liimbla Theatre, beflnnlns tomorrow. 
Cdemopolitan has made eva^ effort 
to make "Bnemiea of Women^ one of 
the most beautiful pictures ever made. 
It Ih being dlstritnited by Coldwyn- 
t'osmopolltan. The action of the pic- 
ture lakes i>laco In Monte Carlo, In 
Nice, Paris and in Ruasla. In order 
I., h.iv.' 111.- loiat ioii.s entirely accu- 
rate, the .•ntii.' . Ill ip.iny waa sent to 
Kurope and .sp. i i in .M.«hs In Monte 
Carlo, Nice and i'arla. 


■Hui>ert "f ll< iilrjtii." vhnilnj; nt 

l4i|»MA>t l itin Wc<4k. lit .scaaou B 

Maay husa seta war* ■ » o f <l t»* 

>^ phatadfama. "Jlupert of Hant- 
i.'u." which in scheduled to open at 
the Capitol Theatre tomorrow, and 

of llie«o thi' repreaenlatlon of one ol 
l-.ui oi.c'.i tno.<i iii.tfii l ai tiedrals was 
l.y fur the Inrge.n li meaaured al- 
most 317 fert in h'nuili and covered 

the entire width at the (aasaaa state 
r'c on the United atudio lolU 

On thia.aet the King of Ruriunia 
(played by Uert I.ytell) was wedded 

to the I'rinc CSS i 1 1\ I rrpret cd 

li\ Kl.iin. H.i Tiiiiiersiteiri I and the 
■ I \\ .1 > < i.nduclrd with .ill the 

proverii..i; rrsal pomp and apl^ndor. 
To make hure of uncuracy In the«e 
■oanes, the affair was carried out in 
exact accordance with one of Kii- 
rope's royal marriaaas. and the ofll- 
dial reporta of this ceremony were 

used an IcKt books. Practically every 
extr.i III the Vlclnil\- rr.riiited 
for thc.-te Krrnf!<. ami 'i . -i-i'ii ! 
efti < I of th< «< many linndri d plu.^clH 
In full rosiiime and mllKary regalia 
make* one of the most Impressive 
■tohts of the picture. 

This Is only one of the many fea- 
tures that make "Rupert of Hent*" 111.- otitntandlng picture of the 
ftcaM'ii The mory. which came from 
the fi ll, (leii ..f Sir .\tilhoiiy Hope, 
rii.i^ ill. 11(5 vilhoul r<lai"kenliig of in- 
I' I' I Ih.- TI 11 ni hcrlesn Ihounand^ 

who have read and loved it know. 
The members of the o at saveral of 
whom played In the staa* version of 
"Rupert" — need no Introduction lo 
the motion picture public. A glanco 
at the names — Klalne llammersleln. 
Merl I,yi''ll l,i« <"iii|.\, i l.iii.- \Slnd- 
■s'.r llol.iit Itnsworlh. ll^.tni Waah- 

Imh M .Mi l»aw. .Mil. h. U l«ewl>, 

Adolpbo Mrnjou, KImu Lincoln, ir- 
▼Ina damming*. Josephine Orowell, 
Nlcel De Brulller aad Uertrude Aatur 
—Is ample proof of the truth of the 
statement of Mvro^ .ind \ |. - 
tor Heeriiiaii I bey aiM»emliled the 

preateHt i aM in screen hlatory for 

thM production. 

Till) i>liott>Kraphy is excellent, and 
over 1109,000 of tUfhtlng eiiutpmmil 
waa uaed In lllunUnailna the blii **ta 
and street neenee. In fact, "Rupert 
of lientaau" actually coat so clo^ to 
$r>00,040 to prMluce thst It could 
hardly be called an exagaeratlon it 
s.'i it the ftaal toul of avar kaM a 



.Monday ni^hl will he MusIc LOTenf 
NlRht at the K<i\al and a largo or 
chestra has been on/caKcil |.i rrml- r 
the orcheatral numbers selected. Thit 
week's numbers ara wall proportioned, 
being both classical and llaht A 
glanea at the programme to l>e ren- 
dered will mole , the 
patrons that a good *><■',< . ^..n hat 
hee., arranged. 

Ow r'iire — "Zainp.l" Hernl ! 

^ AiiioureuFie" K MerniT 

liUermezzo^— "Coquette" . . .Barthelemy 
Intermeiao — "In a Canoe". Samecnlk 
Intarm— o "M>rtonetta" Aradt 




starting Tomorrow 

A story that it takes no lirain cajoling to rrmember as,thc work 
of Sir .\mIiony Hope. an«l al-o .i-, ilu- sr<|ucl to Tlir Prisoner of 
/enda. The old-tinirrs will all rcni'-nihrr the .stage \crsion of 
Rupert of Hentzau in which that pnncc of actor». James K. 
Hackett. made one of the jnost pronounced hits of hia long and 
.snrcrs.<sfnl^rrcr There were alto numerous stock c<MPpailie^ 
v\hich earned this play to every corner of the glob«. 

Capitol Conedy, "M't Flirt 

NiWs Topics 

A-King, a Uueen a Knave and a Won- 
derfully Kumantic Lover 

Sir Anthony Hope's 


Celebrated Romance 


Added Attractions 

Viola Wasterlain 


Percy Burraston 



Portrayijpl by the Crratest All-Celc hnrx dist Kxcr Abbcuiblcd 

for.a Single Pruductiou, including; 




1 \\& entire produ^ i n inJer the personal supervision of 



1l ;f 


.25c aad 35c 




\ ■ 

■ ' aagaaefegsg ' ii ■tesgaegg=egB=fag 



DAMF ( 1 AR\ r^n T 
NuMBhii 7 «i4 • 


. _ Tb« orlclQal Third I>MilOB.J2JLr. 
■■iii^alMi^ Xkvm kaown aa the 

"Orlir*''*!*." *nd who toured Canada 
taat aaMon with their brllUant .rerua, 
*1PM1 a^W^k** wm aWNW tor* st tha 

Royal \'l<tr.rii Th*atro wi-w WMnea- 
day, Thuraday and Friday eveolnsa. 
vtth thair l^tisst •ii4 fraataat ■raateai 
i^M. *mpld Fire," wtOi all tba old 
tavorttaa who hav* delighted looal 
MdlMMM 00 eftaa to the paat. These 
' Inctada the fifteen former members 
•C the Original I>i)nib' ll orKan ijia( Ion 
•ad two new entertainers of note. 

There are twenty>flve brilliant new 
«nimb«r% eonpiialny orarrthlBg frotn 
Jaao to Ucht opora, and the pro 
graanM toctadoo tho flnaat otAieortod 
work OT«r effwod hr thlo famooo 
eeinpany. Jlmmle Oooda, with hta 
original line of darkey humor ia 
funnier than he waa In "Kull o" Pep." 
Bob Andemon and Tp<1 t:harter, of 
course. excel iri their dpllghtful 
hnraor, while the famous quartette 
with Bill Tennent, Bertram Lanscly, 
Tom Toaa* and Jorry Brajrford. 
•felao asoro brllUaat thaa oror la 

"• Fenwick and Alan Murray, all 
f favorlties and aM rontrlbntor^ to the 
; potpourri of g ' i \ • . I the 
^ ahow off with .t i.<iriK and k>-fi> it up 
n(, Lhrouchout; there la Jack Ayre, who 
haa never missed hla place at the 

• ytano alaco tha tint porfonnaaca of 
tho Orlfflnal DaflUfeoUo behind the 

I Uaoo la Franca : aad D«a MeXiiaalnd 
I Forcy Campbell, both valuablo mom- 
j here of the executive end. 
. • Tlii' ^ ' r 1(1 -famoun company of 
' Canadian soulier b<iv« 1^ prnl>ahlT the 

• only thealrir-Hl nrnu nl7-at iom . r I'.s 

> kind In the world. For llirf>e and a 
half years they played to thm<! (^ana- 

I Man and AlUad iroopa In Kranoa and 
y SMctain, and lator appoared In all the 
i-Mc oltlo* aueh aa Bniaoola. Parla. 
^Moaa, Liondon. Jlew York and Bootoo. 
i'%lth unprecedented nurcesv, during 
(' which timo they appeurpfl before the 
KlnK and Que<>n of It'-iei im \\' ii,«h 

> Royally. Allied army and navy chiefs 
and many other notables. They ara 

oar In their fifth triumphal yoar In 
Oanaia. having brokon oiaay tho- 

which i* tho TTalTersui f<-a»tn« iihwft 
play which openn the show 

Kor In the screen plav < 'sM-t-ind 
and wifr liad al! of the n< irv •fiat 

they could hope to apand, but It 
eould aac boy ooataotaaoat aor vador- 
la oarMor yoa iy of 

llfo tKor waro poor aad 
Thotr latareatji were thoa tha 
Tbay ware amblUoua to make 
money so that their moda of Urlng 
mirht hf. Improved. 

I'hn < omtni; In of an Oil gaaher 
mad>> itiem far wealthier thaa tl)ey 
hud ever dreamed of becomlafr 

TIM haobaad aaida tho blnoot mla- 
Uko of hla awftiod Wh hy attoaipt- 
Inr to harry hla progfoi alOBs 

the aoelai aeala. 

The story In all Is human and en- 
tertaining aad the cast^ia parlleulariy 
adaptad ta tto BllTtOtOW ia the 


The cast inclaties "Ethel Grey 
Torry. Crawford Kaat, PhllUpa Banal- 
ley, I>erathy Cammlagik VInlala 
Ainaworth aad Tom Meaulia. 

DAML \\m im 
%mi mi WLLK 

OlTpfl ConoCTia at GapMol Thmiiu oa 
Wcdncaday aad nMMVAay, 

f airt • 

Rardly h. 

created the ^^ idrspread tnterctl In 

'hoch numlcal and aortal oirolaa aa tkat 
attending the fortbcoalac 
tour throagh Chaado of 

In^^^Sf'wnt, iiaa^ lator In 

rthe "Oumbella Revue of 1922." lant 
aeaaon In their own revue. "Kull o' 
Pep " ami IhiM =eaji(in In ttieir lilCRest 
and moat costly revue, "Rapid Klre." 

tratto. la Bowipaaf with hor husband. 
Kenna^lay HawfOtil. the popular 
Kngllah barltoad. and aopportnd by 
such eminent artlota aa W. H. St^ulre. 
the prominent "oolUst and compoaer. 
aiKi Ivor Newton, tho wall-kaown 

It waa two yoavs aco that Dame 
Clara waa laat hoard la tho Dominion. 
On that ooeaaioa aha aotahMahad her- 
self In such high favor through the 
nheer beauty of her voice and the 
i.onsummate nkill wlili »ihirh she 
used It tfi.-ft return enKaiceinents wers 
everywhere souKhf. and It la In com- 
pliance with popujar request that the 
forthcomincr tour has boon arranged. 

In har forthiwaiag aypaaraaoo in 
this eHy. tho fajaaaa oaatfmlta wtll h« 
hoard la many of thooo oeags that 
have aarvad so affeetlTOly In oatabllah- 
Inir her a-t a prime favorite with all 
cla."iv*« ,if n\\\n\r Irw^rn the world over 

that her > .inadinri .idnnlrera have es- 
pecially re<]ueatnd and which reflect 
her ttarlvaied art to Its hoot advan- 

Tva oaaeorta aro oehodalod far Tic 

torla la tho Capitol Thaatra. Wednes- 
day and Thursday, Novemt>er 7 and II, 
at t:l( o'eloek. Aa enUrely dlCterent 
prograiBls Win hf g l w a 


rivo hks aad a 

loto-plsi^ form the 

I : n 1 1 i e 

.n>palllr \ !lil(lf-v tllr- H misi I >>C1 

a Wortii.t \tirni I i<v<i' * cim 
fi lag ou Tucaday J*i%ti4 


Jylloio-pMy mrm ine i 

.which wilt open at I'nntaKen Theatre 
Jat » ^'^ >••• I n T'K'.'iriay nljrht and 
|Oontlnii< and night per- 

.formanceai <.>ii VN t-ilnt'sday and Thurs- 

; Miss mtaoy JTair is widely known 
"Hm aa aMdaally talsntad yeaag girl 
wht» haa Man starred in legitimate 
^drama alrti VMhal comedy. Bhe ap 
psared id New York In one of the 
leading rplen In 'The I'asslnar Show" 

aad In '*ri*nK" uie " Her ..fTiiirc 
conslMt.i of a «ierlf« i tirexe'ons wf 
Btaire celebrltlas an^i < -Neaf ,.f e.>r.K« 

xXlas Fair la asatated by Krancea May. 
la ohanalac l^ag girl from CalUor-. 

Ilia, who Is «( o oaa o r t ^laaiot add a 

kUtad acodsspanlid. 

^ The Trolla Company In a . - , . 
trio of artists, two men uml a 

Wh" 1 ^— n • :i ' n- !i I i mill Ine en 

t>if \. f<»ttlrMlK " ! .-''f M\e 

1 <"t l> T Ider 

Tiiylor, llowar,! Them hav« a 

ov«l oflTortng ii they call "Hdlfo 
ramalss." Tb* act is praoontod 
two versatlla arthda. and Incladaa 
rammo rif songs and . dancea. 
ng the proirraaa of tho act many 
' rar< ' aad llvo ^toulo sro latro- 


» Miss lAinnte .V,i.-e .t -hanSing 

g\ lady uf winning peraoasllty. 
With a vatoa. ap » a a rs tn a 


Mlsa Viola Waaterle ia, tb« brilliant 
young violinist, whoos Pldir^ff has 
made aueh a fa-vat«Mo hnpvssalen 
with ClM>lt«t aadtoaeaa haa been re 
engaged to appear again during the 
comlnjf week. Her prorramme dur- 

l"C ttU' Wr-r-l< w ■ ' ..,n«l-t 'if Ih' fnl' i . l<<jve 84}ri( Irom 'The Kortune 
Tsiler: and. hy rooueot "Tha 



The regular wdokiy aUUtary Md or 
Ward Two CaadstvatlVBB was %gM in 
the association rnsas^ Camphon 
BolMlag. last Tharaday night, forty- 
threa tahlaa h«hiv In play. The prtso- 
wlnnerw were as folljvws- Flr«t tahu 


M . '.-Jint 
"lei ■ ^econ'l 
' I irrnon. A 

' ) - f ) , 1 r ■ ) 

I : 

" Mrai 

PC KWt a r aad 

H«vrn<.nd BrothOM Kjfh dSdsaordln- 
Ary alhietei who isv* a rOttHaO OC 

■Maaal ^tunt* on (hf> 'l )!!)!!*^ 

' To thflMHS liroama of happln< 

(tie slttter of wealth thru 

Cn T) 

.JJ.i:> . »«r and Iiixiiiv n>nv Im» iir' 
Sen' ""I w ' li " • • -i • ■■ . 

ouch dreams llio fnlvrrsai uU-etar 

Mr. v^llb>. ten bid. Mr. 
and Mrs. Koffitt. 
^ Major Una L^ona 
called on to draw tho toaihote 
being latroduasd by tho M.C. aa "our 
prasldoat. re-efoct»d to the chair f ,r 
the third term as prewi'lr-n: 
Coneervativo AnaocLit !.>n i >. . 
mark wan itree^ ed « • * , ► 

plan^e. Tombola pr ij^n wrre dram 
Hows: 1. W Ward; t. Mrs. M 
Kiernan; 3. Mra. SntUhoca: 4. B. B 
Morrny S, D. Baa; 1. UtK B. 

7. 8 Joasa; •, Mtai O-Osaaar; «. 

una«aiaM; »«. Mm Wahb: aa« ti. 
H. tawrli. . 

was tb»n etfmred for 

dalWlag. WhiO. < . 

1I'45 to the "I'r-i.^K; ,.' %! . ,1 . 

r.(T.- rf...o,i t^J. the committee fo. 
' 'Kht's are aa fol 

lows. Usual It aerlp aad 4 haMB of 

toaa loi»hala 





^^^■Bw ■ ■ w B w wai 


Crack! Goes 
the Doom of 

\ uu ii Ache, bliakc and Uuakc VV ilh 


Another of the Big' Ones in 

Our (JicaL -Jvluvic beacon 

One Lauifh Alone Weighs 455 lbs. . . 

and i6 b U. mi>. ioug 

The Giant of Comedians in 

His Latest Giant Comedy 


Haad-ache! or 

Forget 'em all. 

To«11 lute an ear- 
to-ear-acha from 

See Worry?" 
than you'll aav 
•Why Worry? 



A Ban age ui Guiit 



^kmibanis Your Worries 

With T.N.T. of, 
. Joy 



Vancouver Island ) 


GMrcUAO mimJ I mm llMur 


pltfA ftt tlM Albaral PMinc Lonlnir 
Oompuy'B CAmp, anAAmuiy Uft hla 
work two days mco wanderad 
iRto the buah. Ila had been behav- 
ing In an Irrational manner for aome 

ThiK MornlnK was friiind In the 
budh nni. far frorn (he camp and wx« 
hruuKht Into tho l>un k house. fhlnf 
of I*oMaa Cronk wnr < ailed »ii<i he 
docldod to brInK Johnnon Into can^p. 
JohnaoB packed up hi* t>«lea0tasa 
•ad appaarad quite normal. 

Ob th« way down tiie trail to a 
waltln* motor, Johnson, allppod off 
isle tko kMh Md bofora ChUf Cronk 
eould roAOh bim ho had olaobed hU 
throat twiea with a raaor, lafUetlns 
irapiiiic Aoiinds hut not aovorlaif tha 
will 1 1 i" i>r. Monran attandod Uia 

to tbo Woot 

<'oaitt tariirral llospilal. 

Johnson nlll t>e OSamlMd M tO lUO 

r;,f n f A ; . ■ ■(id ; I I ■ 1 1' 



PreabytcrtB n Ml-^ionnry M«>''tl 
AacUoan BnUdlos ImproTanent 

PDlBt " 


will Honor ivmctten at 

BOOICB, Oct. 27 — Mr. and Mra. P. 
Oralcnae and family l«(t bora on Fri- 
day for Hollraood. Cat. whoro thoy 
wUl apaad Um Wlator aeooaat of 
tha hoaltk of tfcotar Oldor daocMor. 

Tha local Otrl Gnlda eommtttaa mat 
on Thursday aftamoon In tha dab- 
room to dlacuaa tha continuation of 
iltf nrnwrite meetlnKa, which have 
koan dropped for the lajrt month or 
ao. It waa deriiieii that (h« reKular 
waakly gatharlnca abould be resumed, 
under tha laadarahlp of Mlaa Barbara 
Falton, commanclnc nast Friday 

Laat Wadnaaday aftoraeoB a mla- 
•lenary niaattnc waa hold to Kaos 
Praabyterian Church, whan Mra. Mo- 
Kay, president of the Preabytarlan 
Women's Missionary Roclety, was 
present, and jare a very Interesting 
talk oiitllnInK lh« work ami nbjerls of 
the movement. Mrs. J. Murray served 
tea. and Mra. V. RlchardOOB mttg a 
vary pleaalns aolo. 

Tha Rlchardaon Broa. have started 
work ea Holy Trinity AasUcaa 
Church, whloh la to. bo Uaod. Mra. 
Wright having doaatod tho aMaiir 
for that purpoaa. Thlo win aatorally 
he a rreat and Ions wished for im- 
provement to tho building, and many 
ttaaaks are <lue to Mm. Wrlgbt lor 
bar generosity In the matter. 

The first service was held last Sun- 
day In the new iloman Catholic 
f'hurch at otter Point, despite the 
ifaot that tha roofins of tha building 
waa aot aeaiplotad, and it waa all 
rathar aaSalabad. FatHor Lralaraaa. 
of Vlotorla, aWotatod. Thbi la Hh* 
•aly ehnreh In that dlatrlet. and vary 
,fow ovtaldors kaow anything ahoat 

nOTAI> OAK, Oct. 27. — An Intar- 
mUng llttlo book la baing praparod by 
magral Oak WoaMa'a laotttau tor tha 
«M of laitltvta BMaabon and othora. 
Tha bMk aoaiprlaaa raelpaa for all 
aorta of good dlahaa from soups to 
ptcklai^ whloh were obtained by 
means of tho Institute "Koll CaJl, " 
aach member Klvlnr a "tried and 
true" recipe when her name waa 
oaliad. Naarly 100 raelpaa comprlso 
tho book, a larga aaanbor of whleh 
ara vUto orlglBal with tho lady whooa 
■aaM la attaabod to oaeh raelpo. 
H iaw lniij Valo. w. I. 

Xaay oupa and aauoan waro ra- 
calvad and a BMat aajoyablo ovonlng 
■pant by moaibMa and frlanda of 
Btr^wborrr Vala Woman'a Institute, 
who wara hoataasas on Kriday evonlnic 
at thair rooms on It ciy Avpiiue. ("ol- 
qultx. wh^n several tables of 600 were 
In play Mr^ licwhinds wan the con- 
vener "f th.- .iiTiir, jit which the fol- 
lowinfr were, priaa winnars: Qantla- 
man. I.t. Mr, ItowhlBds: ladlSa, Ist. 

Mrs. LAycock; eoaaolatloa. Mr. lUah- 

SAANICH, Oct. SC.— Tho papUa Of 
(ha Waat Saanlch School will hold a 
UaUowa'en party on Friday oveninc 
naxt at t o'clock In honor of thair 
teachers Mliw f Wright and Mlse H. 
KlelcrnT Th. event will be helil In 
th>> ..r the Wext S^anlch 
Wornen n Institute "H'ch Interest 

is belnc taken by \<"'>> p.^rents and 
chlldran la an affort t<> make this 
on« of the outataading entertaln- 
maata of Iho aoasoa. ilafreahmcntn 
win bo faralahod br tko paraatx 

Fancy ooataOMa will bo tho order 
of tha avaning and aavoral prlaes ara 
baing offered, sa follows; Beat na- 
tional costume.' girls' and boys'; bast 
comic roatume, Kirls' and boys'; best 
advertialnr costume, iflrls" and boys'; 
I uurscry rhvinc ii>bIiimi.- f"r Kirl and 
boy A i>rl/.c will aln.> Uo Kiven for 
tho tienf flower <-ontiirne wrn by 
girl and one for the best boy cloar' 
as well as a special prlxe for tb 
bast Hallowe'en costume. 

Trior to unmaskiriK the gties's will 
hava an hour or mora of dannnv 
mia wiU ba followod by a gran i 
marfhi thoa gn— *r. aappar. dances 
and play, all oaftod to tha HaHowa'an 
apirlt of tha ooeaalon. Moadamaa 0»- 
boma. White and ParsaU hava boom 
laYltad la aot aa judgoa. 


NANATMO. Oct. 17. — The paving of 
the road from the present Inland 
HIsrhway leading to South WelllnRton 
and ha.i t>ren rompletfyl and 
waa opened for traffic this morninK 
The work on this paving waa started 
oa AXtMt li. aad appreslmaUty two 
mlloik alstooa foot wldo. aa4 ton 
inches In depth have baaa laid, dar- 
ing tha course of which six thoasand 
yards of rock have been used The 
worlc which Is known as the I'ene- 
tl atlon Asphalt pavement. Is the only 
one of its kind In the Province, and 
will serve more or less as a tsst for 
ftttara plana of roadway paving In 
British Cotambla. Tha work was 
doBO by tha A. B. Palmar Co^ litd.. 
of Vaneouvar, aad will proTO aa la> 
estimable boom to the residents of tha 
district, and especially to the miners 
living In Nanalmo, and who ride back 
and forth to their work at Cassldy 
and South Wellnglon. 

The Cameron Construction Com- 
)g|ny has bean awarded tha oontract 
^ l^ftMballdlag tho Nanalmo CrsaaMry. 
^ raeontly destroyed by tro. Tho now 
atmotaro will be of tllo eaaatiaatlon 


MBTCHOSm. Oct »7. — The last of 
a series "t four meetlnRs arranged by 
the directors of the Mctchosin Farm- 
ers' Institute will be held In the 
Metchoaln Hall on Tuesday. Octotier 
SO. at •:80 o'clock, when Professor 
Straight, of the OomlnlonTlovernment 
Kxporlmental Station, will give an 
account of the proapecta of poaaibie 
lines of agrtoultura that eould be 
profltably followod oa "Vaaeonver 

Arraagomoats have also been made 
for a debate to be held that evening, 

the subject to be that the time la now 
right for the entabllshment of a pound 
area In the Metcho.sln. H.ippy Valley, 
Colwood, I.*ngford and Albert HPiid 
districts Two spcfiVern will deal with 
this Important (juesJon and the audi- 
ence will t'e Invited to take part In 
the debate. A time limit will be set 
for all speakers. No charge for ad- 
mtaBloa win bo made, but a collection 
win ba takon to help defray ex- 
pensoa Olfta of oaks wUl bo appre- 
ciated. If a saffleloat aambor at- 
tsnd the meeting the ovealng will 
close with an Informal danoe. 

Afi thl.«i will be the last business 
meetlPK to br held this year before 
the annual meetimr. which will take 
place on Tuesday, December li, ihs 
presence of all nMnkOIB lO particu- 
larly requested. 



SAANICH, Oct. 27.— Tha regular 
monthly me*»tlngs of tho Farmers' 

Institute iti.l Women's Institute of 

53o,,»h Rm" . will be helj on Frl- 


e» THUR. 

Tha Mast Phenomenal Hit in the History of All- Canadian Soldier 


NCrrB: The •vaiktaa aeeerSed Ths OrtfimM <OI4 DaiNkatta) new 
la every oity are wIUsm y mU aat |b lbs aaaals s( Ifeta sr 

Thaatrteai COaisaay 


aay etber 




/n Ihri.r Nt'tsi h'r\ttr 

Red Ncwman-Arlhii r loUi JloUillll 
Jimiiile Ooodeo/ii/ 

ladadfaM I 

*Jtr_Brooght to Victoria— 25 Brand New 
Jeweled Curtain Imported 

Of Tbovaamis of Small Brilliant 


FRICES^ y . »l^«L^10% TAX EXTRA 

Tg^g Vaaa •■ilun^ Fariv 

nrw — I 

;1 ^ i 

1^ ^ 



tH \ l.^l mils WKKK 

.ggllDli < li> <>MnluK la 

i^lc VlUUlea 

l*airaaMag a 

LMBdry aids 

Haadrads of patroas of tko Vlatorla 

ffteam Laundry, and othara who 

I . • .-1 .-M' .-.| '1 

,• ,1 ti 1 r. K- < 1. ' tit 

f ' • ! ii ; .1 ' , . 1 1. 
waa »e( apoM 
United StaHv. 

■ ti- 

I V t r t a iiii 
wi Visitors' 



(Old Dai 
TVfSs Day*. 

dajr avMlag, Norombor f. Moml 
ara aakad to take ' notloa of tha 
chanae of date. Membera of the ad- 
visory hoard will be present to ad- 
dress, the . fiieetlrg. while a 
speaker will .iin>j bo present to talk 

to the i;t.ii<-.-< oa tko aakloat of Orl* 


Mf^llriK i»l iMiiiinii to \ 

Olfcr ou A<'»x>aui uf i>ctK-iiture 

DUNCAN. Oct. 2 7. — Tha Agrlcul- 
oultural Society this afternoon at a. 
noatlng decided to carry on 
rotata tho acrteaHaral kaU tor tu 
Thsra waa mneh latsroat la fbo 
meetlnr which was attandad by one 
hundred nersons with raptaJn R. V, 
Barlde) In the chair 

The <|uestlon being dlsoosiw.l <*mr4 
whether or not the bulldlnif nod 
gioundi> would have to ba turned over 
to the debenture holders. Th? meat- 
lag dalvad deeply Into tha flaaacoa of 
tka aaaaolatloa, tta 
tloi, loot^ig umt 
thata was maek gaaaHentar aad 
crosa-queationlng. It was ftriAi 
voted by a large majority to acc<-p 
the offer made ky Mesnra. Pamberto: 
A Son on behalf of the bond holders 
Wkloh waa constdsred a 


Ma< ) antl ilalrd ( oiiit-diaiin Will fn- 
sent 'The tilri of VtjUm Z" 

Tomorrow tha Maey and Balrd 
eomadlaaa will praaaat. -The Qlrl of 
the nylag X." in which Toby ap- 
paars aa a stuttering cowboy, abao- 
lataly the fannleat rhara< ier he has 
•PPOared In yet. and that in saying 
a great deal 

The riK.T,.,K' nient feel that they 
have , ' -nt seatina capacity at 
the i ^n' i^-H Theatre to afford to 
show h! re.iu.^i prtoea on Mondays 
and KHdaya The incraaaad patrea- 
ags will mora than make tha dlffor- 
ance in groas raoalpta To start thte 
price raductloa pro p oil y "Th« OW af 
I the Plylag X" has been selected aa 
< the most fitting pisjr for the purpose 
' Thsro Is fan galore, laugh after 
( lauah. and also a moat Intoreatlng 

little lova stonr. tatarwavaa lata a 
pleaslag wkolo. 

Next Friday and Saturday tko of- 
fering will be "Tha Swootaot Olrl la 
Dixie." a beaoUful aoatkem drama 
of life below the MsBon-r»lxon line. 

Hout fi \ t f it a W ill 

Dti i lup tin i Otdm 
Industry, i'rtnutr Say 

LiONDON, Oet. 17.— Praailar ■mata 
of Booth Africa, told a dapatatloa of 

tho Empire Cotton Growers' Associ- 
ation yesterday that his government 

hoped lo makr ttie pnxt ml loti of rot- 
ton ime of the biggest Industries In 
his state, and that he gratefully ar- 
eepted the offer <>r •h>< association to 
send a staff ■ ■ perts to South 

Afrlea to asalat La developing tha 

the aim t>«tnc lo ntiow the public 
what la done with ih - ir clatkaa from 
the time thay ara coUogtod «atll the 
time they are dollvarad e N a a i t aad ii for another term of wear. 
Kv«-t> .1«> lust weak, ao<-t»rdlng to the 
in»r .*K» rnrr.' of the lai.' *■ ' • a 1 v 
atrr.icii ifitereated ,- ^ r -i '"*s 

pas«- 'i iiir .11 h the vat depar;- 
menls of the inetitutlon. .md many 
remark|i of astonishment have t>een 
hoard ragardlag tka tagoaalty of tha 
vartoaa aMiakhnry Md appUaaeaa. 

Tka Vtalarik Maam LAundry ' lay« 
claim to a moat modern plant en 
North Park .s: The rtrm prides 

Itself i>n k<M' i», ' ■ inarhlnery aa up 
to d.i:' of any laundry In West- 
ern Caii'Ktx The drin maintains a 
reputation f jr Us custom work ex- 
tending over a vary wide oalalda 

The plant roproMQta aa la^ 
of $!»•.•••. aad rogttlgrlir amplaga 
aoraaty-flva poopio, with a payroll of 
over IS.Of* a month. Tho advaataceo 
of auch an eatabllshment as the Vic- 
toria Steam I^aundry were broughi 
home to the many vlBtlors marveling 
at the pleasant . ■ r . n nd ngs and 
Ideal conditions under which the em- 
ployaaa work. Cleaallaesa was one of 
tka onttaadlng faataroa that Immo* 

other loaal ladaotry In 
soapa, etahteen tooa 9t oaag a 
t>. tMK ' ^'^ atkor gappUaa tkal 

arp . 1.' rial lOOalty OTO boWght la 
\i. I... « un Iwiig as the high etandard 
of qu^.i:y dentaadad by the laundry 
cmM ba atalatalnad. Over a million 
af water ara uaed yaarl.v. 
oaMMtrataa tha tact that this 
kaitaaai la aa lanartaat ladai«ry la 
tka ■■naaaky. tkla. tosatkar wMk 
otkor ■w p p M oa parnkaoid I sia fl Tt 
shows the value af tha laandry aa aa 

In il . —et 111 V 11 1 <»r la 

>' M \\ (irahani. i.t n ! of 

the cootpany, brings over ttnri. »»-*rs' 
(■iperianoe in the laundry businnan to 
bear la tha oaaduoi of the lndustr>. 
H« la proal%iat of tka Britlah Colum- 
bia iMaiiT OwaawT Aaaootatlaa aa4 
a mcmbor of tka Hatloaal Lamlnr 
Owners' Association, a dlroolag af 
thr < hamber of Commerce a dlrasfar 
of \h>- I'. >>yal Jubilee Hosiiital and tha 
Vl< \uion>oblle flub, and th« 

flrsi i.roaJdenl i>f the Klwanls (Mub. 
As the nnaa at th« boa.l of a IHg Vlr- 
toria Industry, Mr. (iraham has tho 
Intareat of the dty In which ka kaa 
skowa kla oeatMaaoa, at 

Mr. Orakam kaa jHl rt 
a six weeks' trig la tka 
Winnipeg. Port Artkar, 
N > • Kails. BufTslo. Hamilton aad 
1 tiiia*;.. I>urlng tils trip Mr. Gra- 
ham visited many laundry plants 
with tho akiMt Of koaplag poatad on 
the moat aiiMaii^Mlfegi^dC kUM- 
drg waf *. 

Sortag tko opening meaths of 
list California passed the mllUoa 
mark in the registration of aatorao- 

blloe. The numbf»r on < 'rtobar 1 
was. In round numbers, 1,109.000. 

oaro with whloh tka work 
formed by well trained 
workers, satisfied the visitors that 

<hr\ '-oiiid trust the most dalloate 
I ' ■ . . the care of the 

aioam laundry with aafely. 


mew TORK. Oot. ft^ 
mondson Croker. widow of Richard 
broker, former Tammany leader, haa 
offered the entire estate of her has- 
band and her sarvloaa to the orgaal« 
satlon. The estate Is salt tg ka WMJIk 
than tl.OOO.OM. 

Crakor aia^a tfed offer to 
Charlaa F. 
saying oka 
pressed by kOT knkand a few kaara 
before his death In I>oblln In ApHl. 
1921. Mrs. Crolper said "he and Mr. 
Mnrphy reached no definite decision. 

XXncCAM. Oat ST<--Tkw tkMtal af 
■Maaboth Jaaa Uoyd. agad 71. of 
'Westholme, who haa been a realdent 

of that district for the past 17 year- 
took place this afternoon to th> 
Ang'llcan cemetery at Chemainun 
There was a larre attendance or 
mourners and many llowera. The 
d seaaaed waa hold la kigto satiaaa In i 
tha neighborhood. j 

AT Y.M.G.A. lUMliUT 

First of SrricN r i > uhk Stem am) 
Lady Frtenda— Not Comflaad 

Tho Tonng Man's DHialoa of the 

T.M.CJI. Is Instituting a novel In 
novation this evening when the Ors' 
of a series of Hnnday evening Are 
■Idt singsongs for young men and 
th'iir lady friends will be held. i 
Tha singing will tafcs place la the ! 
lobby of the T.M.CUL BslMfag akeut 
a blaalag flra. It will oommoaoa at 
nine e'oloek aad eontlnua for an 
hour. In addition to singlnc by th>> 
whcle gathering there will be Severn 
vocal sdIo.s. I<lght refreshments wll 
be nrrvf'l All yiiung men. whether 
inr iri j i f ihi' as.^oclatlon or nf>i 
aro invited to drop In with their lady 
friends and partlolpata. 

mm mm 

Annual I'liiibitlon >< ("'Kvem 
at Hodsou's Bay CA>inpany Air- 
ttacu Oroat 

The attendance at the feartaanth 
ar.nual exhibition of pain tin ga, erafts 
dpslgna. etc., by members of the Artx 
and rrsfts Society, now l)clng held in 
the private dlnlng-hall of the Hud 
son's Ray t'ornpanvM building, Inut 
been most gratifying Indeed, and 
much praise has been given by the 
general public to the arranganlant 
and quality of the various exhibits on 
view. At leaat tkraa kuadrad visitors 
have antored tho •ahlMtton to date, 
and already .hIx paintings have been 
sold; olhera marked "not for sale" 

would tiavi' fiiUMil piiri h.v.'ii"i «. Th* 
crafts section hjvn b*"en much admired 
and some pieces have alreiady caught 
the eye of the prospective purcbaaer. 
Inquiry was made as to the sale of 
noma piooes la the eklaa-palatlng 
rabinots, kat gafortaaatalF tkoao wore 
not for sale. 

A large number t!>f children tool- 
advantage of the Xrrf "children's 
mornlnc" held ye.iterd.iy from 10 to 
12 noon, and many appreciative r«- 
mark.** were made and much enthuxi 
iLrm ^hown The eihlblllon will 1- 
' pen to the public on Monday from 

j .'^ to I p.m.. aad oa Taoadag fraai 13 

\ r oon to • p.m. 

.1 of a^goi- 
turo of^he 

A larjte and attenthre audlenr 
listened to a most Interemtlng lecturr 
given this week by rrofeeanr II. 8. 
Itaker, president of the Untverssi 
1- etiowahip of Applied Psycbolog} 
I rofeasor Baker is giving his class gi^ 
special lectures between now an<i 
( hrlstma* on tka aakjoet of "Ueai 
log." Maay af^lkaao wko had th' 
pieaaaro of koatftg klai latradaaa hU 
•ubjoot kMt Moaday algkt ara laaking 
forward wKh a great deal of 
patlon fo the second tact 
course, to be given tomorrow at » 
p.m In the Campbell Building. 

J'rfifesmir Kaker and hia executiv 
committee will be very pleased tndee<i 
to welcome any friends who are In- 
terealr.l in !his sppri r "ibJecC 

RaUway Strike at Warsaw 
WARSAW, Oet. t7. — The partla. 
railway strike continued today with • 
the government able to maintain a few | 
eipress and fr«;lght trains for the I 
conveyance of foo»1. These trains I 
were manned by aoldiei'e. Tke atrtke 
appears to be moot aarlaaa at Kra 
kow, wbera tha strtkon ava rogorti <i 
to bo eaaimtttla« 

MiHiday Night 
MuftK I overt' 

I'Vg* OrchgfCfii 

CUMna L — ia# 

Monday, Tuesday, 

day Oiily 






Yes! Just Try 
to Hold 1 his 
i iiuiiderboltl 


A Pank! A Rip-Roarerl One of the Greatt,Bi|: Hits of the Year, Even Bigger Than 
the Sensation Willie Collier Made op the Stage. Such Yells! Such Thriltol Such 

Staeplechase Spills! 

COMEDY: ''Roaring Lions on a Steamship'' 

Tko Srot graatleal tygowritar was 





-Tti0 Bolj CttT" un 


i>,r M„iy rity." a canUta In 
atji* of "i" oratorio, waa 
II Oaul (M- tM 

B Uauemx la iMf. 
H hM Mm mm 

»»y wlT of the iima]t«r works .or 
cteira and ohnral org-antsalluna "Th« 

H«1y I'tty' win h«- HUn>: Mi Ihw i « n 
t«l»tii«l rhunh on MmtmIiv r^»-ti!ii^ 
^ If t'T tfi*- r h'Or ..f (h»- h'lrftr i "ntfre 

Kaiional Church, directad by Mr 
Fr««*rtek Khw. * 

Thii p«rforta««e« ftp a M^UUeii. bjr 
iglrtil roqueat, of tK« tvmt^ti 

hi tlM First ('onirrrKatlCMl ClMreh 
iMt W«<1nf.«.ia\ nirbt Th* «rerlt 

I'lri'.i III itiMlfioii I.. .« ii iiiilj-r of 
f n> < hiTiiarr. Hlrg f'lr ■•il>i«ii*i lOn- 

'' « 1 'fnor ami l>iri!')n»' .iii ! .Il*-' 
B n ii II II !f>i,tl I y fine till, f'lr wriiiir.|i 

apactirely by Mr*. A. W. Btokra, Mi.-»t 
Kthel K«ward< lfK'0«or«« Ouy ami 
Mr. Forcy MoraM*. Iflai WlatfrM 
ofVMMBt. imUiA •ttMttue 
of tha nttmoroaM opyortuntttaa for 
<— f ful ravMratlon la tli« onwn 
•o«re. earnlac credit M'^rvH tor Inr 
flM aerompatiimehtx 

Bealdn iti. w... „ !! ii.cri pro- 

sramme in> IikI*-!! three numberii. 
"Oor Katber. wiio Art In Haayen ■ 
an unaccompanied canticle; "Ood In 
« Spirit," by tM quartatt*. and the 
p«|»uUr Brahma aatUac of "H«w 

M^'r u Thy owiut^ FtaM." 

Th« paopla of Cantmniai Church 
•r* mueti lBtar*«t*d In the eoheert. 
•nd a larr« audfence !■ expe«t«d to 

tieer the' offerlns. It la anticipated 
• t:,T ■ • choir win be heard fo yreat 
». !v.i t^'« f)w!n(r to the apendld 
' " " I' of the Centennial 

- ii ' ' im The coneart la to be 
I "..Ml aatad from tha ohkrch radio 


IMt f <<t Onkara 
By Coioaci ComtMimiit (H^ntnty 
Bri>adlT-q»»*r al) J. M . Ro«, 

Unr Diftrlet Ko'. 11, Vietorta. B.C., 
o«to%w 11. ItM. 

OMMwai surr 

Otrtlfl'-aten The followlnn oerilfl- 
■ *»tea havr been (ranted from the .srhool of Artillery (mdblle) 
Camp Harcee, period from ••■.•23 to 


U-agt. J. C. Uodaon. tith Bftttery. 
0.TJ^., a^wfuit; L.-B«t. C. H. Talt. 
Ilth Battery, C.F.A., aariraant: 
l*-att. J. DIaepacker, SIth Battery, 
C.F.A., nerceant. 

, CerUfioatea — The foUowlnir cerllfi- 
eatee hare been trranted fn.m a Pro- 
ytvlonai He^)l (o»rr«epondenc«) 
eourae. Victoria. B.C., 9«l1«a fToai 

2I-11-22 to lO-S :!3- 

F -Major W I, Ornir. .',th B.C. 
I,.H., FO; I • .Major M. Pott, tth 


t irenicni* T he (ulluw|n( 
fr«« A. F aad IL Noa. 2«. 
aad sc. ttai. mrm mI 

B.C.L.H.. F.O.; P. -Captain K. ft. 
To^hulty. »th BC.UH.. captain; 
F.-C«BtalB F. T. Bell, (th B.C.L..H.. 
captaia: r.-L4«UtanaiiO- Juk- 
•oa°. ' tth B.C.Z<.H.. noutniant : 
P.-1U«titenant A. IX. ifcLrod. »th B.C. 
Cir . lieutenant: P.-Lleiiten*nt 8. F. 
MarK.'iv, Mti BTI,!! !f iit».nant; 
P -Meutenant 1). Hotm, !,'h (t I...I1., 
Ileuicriunt : I' -Ueutrnii IV' i .Stsa- 
let. 1st B.C.M.R.. Ilautenani, i'. -Lieu- 
tenant vf. 8. Wtlwa. Itt B.C.M.R., 

RovolTcr Coarse, tMt 

Headnuarlors Staff. M.D. No. 11 — 
The liitdermenlloned officers of heatl- 
quartera ataff. M.D. No. 11, are at- 
tachad. to No. ( Battsry, |i.aA. {C. 
A.) , lor tha punpao of cmmpUUma 
annoAl rarolvor ooorfs. ItSI: Brtga- 
aisv-a«a«rat J. M. llMik CICQ... D. 
8.0., polonal CommandMit KLD., Ke. 
11; ijautenant -Colonel H. C. Qraer, 
▲.A. aj|d Q M (' M l>. No. 11; Major 
Lk G. Ooodevr. ij S O., (;.a o., M D. 

j;^ a OQODJQVS. Major. 

OM.O., M J>. No. 11. 
Ada«lalatratlv« Btaff 

Court of Inquiry — A Court of IB- 
qulry, composed aa under, will aaaam- 
bla at a time aad plaaa, a* mmm aa 

possible, to be arrancad by tha praal* 

dant, tot tba pofpOM of lB<nilrlnv 
into aa4 raportlig '«poB danetanelas 
(six oompassA, at-lNbatlc) at ttoek- 

taklnir of the D.O-O., M D. No. 11: 
President. Lieutenant i"ol'.n>-i i". b. 
Katon, n 1^ A.H.C; members, two of- 
flcors to lie detailed by O.C. No 5 
Ballallon, U.C.A. K A ) PruceedtnCS 
In trlpUouto will ho forwarded to the 
A. A. and Q.M.a., M.D. No. 11. 

BtrsBVth—Capt. B. G. Weaka. M.C. 
M.M.. B.I.O.. U.T>. Na. 11, having 
bean transferred to M.D. No. i, in 
struck off the strenxnh of thi•^ dl.<<trl( t 
with effect from October 20. 1923. 

Meva — The followlns move la au- 
thorised: H.M. Instr. (W.O.I.) J. D. 
Wallace. R.C.R.. to VaaooHvsr, 8ap- 
tambar f. Iffl (eadat aanrloaa). 

»ni1 |{< 
e«i r,ti ' » 

for the 

; iBfaraatMi af »H B M i mm t 
i A. F. a»d R. t4. cavataT— ^* B.C. 

I MouBfad Rinea fSnd O M R.. CB.F >. 

' I'nivislunal I if-tii • i..« n I ) i; <;it>!^>M. 
I la [>«rmll<ed id latirc. Maiih 14. il.:^ 

lr>(ati:r> I'hr- HciUy Mountalri 
I Hanccrp . 11 in) lUii i K F >. t.) b. 
I iTi . V lnlon» 1 n«uleii«nr l^ inetli Itus 
I rtfil .~>Japler, Ml l«i.u«i> i:. 

*'»fiadlan Army MeilKa.! < Mf,!.-* 

.xuniaff Biatdrs & u. uiack. M. L.u;< 
M. L. Xaac. Mr* tmaatocred ta ti ' 
raatrra lial. Mwatec iarrtaa. Aprtl it. 
list. No. 4 CaaoaKy Otoartur 
tlon. to ba BUratBC iiaUr. MVialac Bit- 
ter R. c, Biacit. from rwtrva llet. 
.NunsniE ^Tvi. r I )»-r-^ni(>er 11. 
.No. » Haiiiiury taction, to b* Miaivi . 

capuia A. u McQaarrta, Apm i, 


Memorand.i i .1 i • . ■ i - n ' : mi ; . 
tinn «t rank of .Major U. KimI.i 

<ott. 6th H.C.UH.. which appeareil 
In A.r. and R. No. 2, ItaS. |S amemJ 
M to road JaaaAnr 11, 19H> A. p. 
mm* tU. He. l«. ifSI, uMw tha 
BXlJi.ll. aad Oarpa Raaarva. tlia 8*a« 
forth Ulahlandara of Osna4s in aa 
far as it relatea to Captain and Bt. 
Major C Tuppar, Is haraby cancelled. 

A P and R,. No. 25. Permanent 
K..r< . Th. Uoyal, CanaillM n Army 
S'Tvi'.- «' 11115. I.>leut./Col. 11 4'. <jreer 
la «r. ..ndrd whilst holdinf the ap- 
polntiiK-ni of Assistant Adjutant and 
Quartermaster-Ueneral, MlUtarX DtB" 
triot Wa. 11, April 1, ttst. 

CavaJTF— 'AM 9.C. Moantad Riflsa 
iM CM.R.. OJLF.). PravMaMl 
Uaat. Lk J. OaadlB* la parmlttad to 
retire, June t, Itlt. To be provlalonal 
captain, Lieut. C. W. Kuaband. May 
!•«. i9:s. 

Artillery — IBth FUiRade. Corpa Ke 
nrrvf. to be lleut<'riuni I.irul. (J. Y. I> 
c'rosiil<->, Canadian Milttla, June 1, 

Heavy Artillery -5th Sieve Battery 
(attached to 15th Hrlfade, C.F.A.). 

Major F. C. Uadorhlll la traaaCi 
to Corpa Ria w ri. IMh 

C.F.A.. May IT. ItM. ba lieuten- 
ant. Heraca Xdmnnd Sims. May 31, 


Infantry — The Rocky Mountain 
Rangers (172nd Matt. C K.V" »: Lieut. 
IV V. Hcott Is permitted to realfn hl« 
riimmlaalon, June 1928. The Ben - 
forth iiighlandera of Canada (ITInd 
'Batt. C.E.K. ), to be provisional lieu- 
tenant: Uaorca Wallaes Braea Frasar, 
May IB, iMt. 

mantlonad provisionally appotntad 
officers having qualified themsalvaa 
for the appolntmenta, are confirmed 

In thf^lr ninkn ffin the dates «et 

f^eaderb Asked to Comment 
on List of Hundred Novels 




Mrs. liisie McLuhan 

OF WUfNXPta*^ ' 

SccmhI to Noat ia th« .W»$t 

' Kaap tha Nicht Opaa 

oppoBite their reapecllvc names; l.leul. 
T. Young, nth Hrigii l'v « MCC, 
Sept 1. i;»'.'3; Lieut. C. A, Thompaon. 
nth llriKude. C.M.O.C.. April 2, 1921; 
Lieut. K. A. Kuller, lltb Brisade. 
C.M.a.C, April 8, 1933; Ucut. A. M. 
McTavl^. 11th Brlaada. C.M.O.C., 
Janoary ^. ItSS. 

A*. P. and R., No. U. Caralrj^-IUi 
B.C. Ucht Horae: To ba prorlatoiuU 
captain, Uaut M. JC TowiulajT, April 

1, 1923. 

Artlllery-^SIth Battery (atUched 
to 6th. B.C. Regf., 0.(1. A.): To be 
iai)tiiln, Lieut. \'. McKenna. M.C. the 6th (BC I Ilegt , CO. A . 
April 24. 19.'3. To be lieutenant. Lieut. 
K. £. A. Uiaapaekar, from the ftth 
(B.C.) Ravt. C.O.A.. April U, 1»U. 
To ba pravialeaal llaulanattt, Fra« 
viaianal Uaut. C. F. Paalla from th« 
6th (B.C.) R««t., C.QJi.. April 24. 
1921. Lieijt. W. B. Mentetth Is trans- 
ferred to the Corps Reserve, Bth'''^!K» 
(B O ) Uegt . C (}.A., April 24. 1923. 

Hem y Artillery — Bth Siege Battery 
(attached to 15th Brigade. C.F.A.): 
Lieut. A. MoB. Hell-lrvIng la Irana- 

ferrad to tha Corps Raaarva. Iftii Rrl- 
Kiide. CF.A,. April St. ItSS. 

C^adlan Oarrtaoa Arilllary— 'Bth 
(B.C.) Raalmaat, No. 1 Co.: To ba 
captain. Captain M. a. Kent from tha 
Rtt>i Batterr. CVA April ?V 1<»?:t 



Five Strong Acts and a Feature Picture 

1 uMday i>ii«ht at 9 o'Clock— WedneMiay and HmrMiay at 3» 7 and 8 


Tn a SansaUoBal Cydt Nartlty 

Freai Ike 






Wa wlia kM^^ 

Ms aHsfiea ilefT issfHai imsi 
iMirf IsUrssti f^g^ 

LONHlk. NACK to.—, 

, r „-^ONoa" 

NANCYFAIR ill ''Bits 

From fills 


f 'AN I A(.,l':.SCO}'K "T; 

■ I'l' M ,1 . ! ( 1 f p" 


il >^«|kMMM- Nights at / aod 9- Matiaaes. 25c. Niyhu, 50c 

HB liata of Mil baaha. aamaiisd f»am «lma ta tlsM. ara aHwafaU ft l U sI 

source of <Hd>Siailun. ao varied are literary taataa Till •■gll eallaaaaa- 

II' li Willi thf Vlrfnri.* l'\it)li< ljbr«r\ Th. i"..Uiu!iit presents eoah ^ 
lint Willi it I f^iwui foi <• mrnrtil nuy • '■ vl -ii . • ii»i whirli i <f»f1rr» ritaj' t>«Ueve. 

11 their opliu'.n, Btii'uM tn made Th- . f) ni p' lat I n l<i ni»« bv Kvry Uimt\ 
i.;> ..f itir hundred b«iii itwaU Id iht lc;ncUab UM>CM*a;« This Uoea nf>i 

•n< thair ara 'aU by gasBafc BiHma far tiMra ara smb* ivaasBaioas 

rn.inj i hem 

romnient and augseale't ihanvea In thr Iial ahoiiM Urn »«n- In . <tir 

i'ijt.ll< l.ll.ri.r> I orTiiiilntiiina from tbe*« will t>« pubUabed in 'Th" t"i>lonl«T 

I'lii n irrif s v»ii' aM>«-j! The Bveryman n selactloa l8clude% only »utho., 

til. oi tha early viatortmi Sfrtad. Ra*<w ara ttkrt (o fiata wbich. 
>»> of tha mX ira n W al a . tliay waaM laala«a la a lisi aC tia Matfrwi 

t>«st voluaiaa. « 

Tha noTol baa haM aa iBeraMtaaly Valklar aad mora pawarfal plbaa in 
lltara^ra. Oaeli aaa has Had lu lltarary faahlaaa. aad It la'oalT afftar an 
nga ima p a m ad tliaC ft ia possfbla to aift out tha boat b s irt m of tba parted 
it la be«ausa .of Unm abaaa* in Uter.. ' wpoiot that tha list of boat books 
•Irawn up a daeada aa« would har.t > . . « nmater today. Addad to this 
shlftlnf which time brings i.- 
In any aa* who are nii.Tim».i 

The Kveryinan H 111" ij... 
DIckena, Uuman utt «n<i it . 
the be»t book- 'h«t in or<1«"r tn 
liiken for urantrd and oniUled. 

The list is aa foU«#8: 

Alfuartf. Qastevs — ladlan Sroul 
Ainsvertk, ■a il 'Isa u — oM .st 
Tovor of I..<>a4ea. Wlanaor t.aatlc. 

ilun' rfl--B«gssis Uraadat. 

baM W tkasa 


\ M I . « : I' u 
I I. •» 

• • <»[.■►•- it A iiat er . Br' > n • r 1 : iii. ' 
liecausc ihe> si's so obviously aiiiuns 





lis ■kill I. B.- 

Mary-^eaa aeataa. 
•■— Caraa X>eeaa, asrlngkavaa. 

I.aventro. Ho in any Hr*- 

OelUaa wiiht/' v ' . . la WkHaf 

Coevara*. r l.<.n« Will. 

Caeper, J. r - Daarelaycr. LaN «f the 

Curlla. U. W. — Prue aaS I 
I>ana, K. H.— Two Taara B«f^ the Mast 
Daudet, A — Tartarin of Taraacon. Tartarin 

"11 (h« Atpe 
l'»f™» Ii — nobinaon <'ru»oe, QSSlalB 

.NinslataB. Juurnar of th* Plasea Tear. 
L>l«rael|. B. — <.:«nlBsakr 

iHxloKSaky. K. U — <'rlme aad PaStsk- 

maa(, I..attar« from the I'nderwnrlS aad 

Otkar Talea 
Bdsar. J. a. — Craaay anil I'olrttera. Runny- 

nif<1* anil I.lnruln Kair 
MilS««urtti. M. — Caatla Kackrent. 
■okmaBB-Ohatraia— Ceneertat. Waterisa, 
rteiaiaa. H.^Jaee»k Aadrawa Te« ^oaea 
Oalt. J.— Aeaala af a PsHsk. 
Uaakell, Mra K. C -CraafSffd, Mary BaMSa, 

Nnrlh and Nouih 
Ulels. O. H Hubaltara. 
()'>*the. J w .wilhalm Malstsr. 
OoldamUh. O. -Vicar of Wi " " 
UolSol. N— I>aa4 Beula. TarsS 

Uthar Talaa 
Oerkl. M -Throssh Maasla. 
Marie. Hr«t — t^uek ot Ksarlns Camf aad 

(iili.'r Tale*. 
>lawtkorn«, .s — Scarlal I.«Usr, Markla 

Faan. t^ea Teld Tale«, BBtasdsle 

noma sea. 
Hsso. VIotar— Lies Mlssraklea 
• ■■ t 

No. 2 Co., to be lieutenant: Lieut. B. 
R. Ker. froni the SSth Battery, CF.A . 
April 24, 1923. 

Caoadlan Army Madieal Corpa — No. 
4 Oaaualty Claarlna Btatiaa: To be 
raptalaa, Capi. A. R. Thampaoa, from 
the Raaarva af Offlaara. Nerambar 

11, 1932; Capt. H. R. Muatard. M.C., 
from the Raaarva o( Officers. Decern- 
ber 9. 1923. 

H. C. ORKKR. Lieut. .Colonel. 
A A. and Q.M.G.. M.D. No. 11. 
Notloa. — ^Tha local datachmant of 
tha Royal Caaadlan Ba^oara haa a 
few vaoaaalaa f^ aktllaa tradaamaa. 
Men wlsbina to aallat may obtain 
further Information by applying to 
the District ISngtneer, Work I'olni 


Bares a. 

Jamea. f, r 

war.) Ilir Wake 

KiBsaUy. liaery— Kavaasbes, 
Klagaiay. H.— OaeSry Hasalya. 
l.*»ar. «' — Harry I^erraeaer. 

I.<jver. B. -Handy AaSy. 
I.yrton. H Harold. I^ast af tks 

I.Mnr I'll VI. i.r l*OTn|Mi|l 
M. I', I <;'<>i(.- sir i:ibbl. 
MannlDC Auae- Mir Tboma* Merr. Miir> 

Mara, Mary Pewall aaS Uaborab'a i>iar« 
Marryat. Caataln — Jseak PaUhful Mr 

MMabipmaa Basy. Peter glinpla. Perclvo 


Melville, H MabT ntek, Tys««. Qmaa. 

Morler. .1 llajii Baba. 

Molock Junii Hallfai. Orstlamaa. 

Naala. J. M. — Tall of Caaatanllaaslt. 

OIlBhaat, Wargaret — Balem (niaset- 

Paftoek, aabert— Petar Wllklaa 

Pearoek. Thomaa I..- Haadloas HsIL Night 

iiiiae Abbey 
K'-ad.- <:ha» — < lol«ter aad iks Beartk, V 
Youraalf In Hli Plaaa Pag WaalaVtSe 
nil hardaea. Samital -Pamala. 
Sand. Uaorge^I^avil'a Pael. 
gchaffel. Joaepta vaa— Ekkafcastf. 
aootl. Mtchael— Tom C'rlavla'a 
Shelley, Mary KranfceBaleln 
Sheppard. IS !< -<'harl«e Auc 

Stcraa, L — Trtatram Bkaady. 

TeUtoy. L— Master aad Maa. W|f 
Peaca. chiidbood. Bsraead aad T«« 
Aana Karaalaa. 
Trolloae. Anthear — 
Pramlcy Paraenage. 
Turcenlo. 1 8 Vtrsin 8*11. USIk Vatbara 

and Mona. 
Whyte. _Melv|||a — OlaglaMra 

Cbaanikgs. _ . . „ 

TMWe.«e » tba Bitfia^a W«*<. 
Vskr iTPadslrae. 


o r 


Pantages Theatre 






( (•• il.iA V 



''The Girl of the 
Flying. X" 

Plidty Bveitlnir^-Saturday Matinee and Evening 

''Tha Swaetast Girt in. 


A Charming Southern Dima 

No. 1 

Drill will be held by the al>ove unit 
on Tur^ilitN }\'-xi, Ortoli.-r 30, at 8 
p.m., at the New Drill Hall. 

All mSmbars, particularly those 
who hava act yst attandad this sea- 
son, ara aaraattly w aaw f < ta at 
tend thia paraad. * 

Aa thara ara lUU a f*« aM»ra vaean 
cias In this unit for raaralta, tnoae de- 
siring to enroll should raport at the 
orderly room at the above time and 
I»l«i-e, when they will be atlenied 

C K. HAM.. Major, 
O r No. 1 C 'l ■ ' ^' Hde 


Hiittallon orders, part I. by Lieut - 
Col. U. M. Urquhart. V-B.O., M.C. 
A D.C.. oomaMndlBf lat Battalion 
I lltb Batt. CB.r.). tha Canadian 
Heottlsh Raaliaant, Viotarla, B.C. Oo- 
tober l«. 19ai. 

D'ltiee — Duties for the weak ending 
b«r «. 1921: Offlear of the 
wr-K ('apt. H. M Hate. M C . next 
for duty. Capt I' U. Hargenl; Halt. 
Ord. Sergt., C S M W J. Llsney; Batt. 
Ord. Corpl , Corpl. J H. Mam. 

Parades — Parades for the ensuing 
week as ander: 

Twsadayi Tha battalion will parade 
as strong M poaalbla at tba Drill Hall 
on Tuesday next, tba lOth Inst, at 
8:15 p.m.T dress, drill order, without 
Hfles Companies will form UP en 
their private parade grounds at 8:lt 
p.m . be Inspected by their oomnuuid- 
ers, and march on their marker* on 
the advance sounding at 8:10 ^.m. 

Tburaday — Oymnaatiao under ' a 
corapatant Instruetor. Work oam- 
maaaaa at 1:11 p.m' Tlia avlnmlna 
pool trill be avallaMa tar aga at the 
cioaa of tbs aymaagUi a i a ral atg. 

Instruction — The faBawtaa sylla- 
vlll ba adhere.i ta oa TawkH/ 
next, iha ftta lB8t.: 

f:ii-i:sf f dw i i m t n a w OXL 


• :S0.|;4I p m. — Bmaruniaa.aa 
drill aadar O.C. oompa n laa. 

li)M:ll p.m.— Naa. 1 and I 
acoutlBg: a. M. raaa*! 4, I^vls «aa. 

9:18.9:41 p.m..— Naa. 1, I and 8, 
Lewis gun; 4, mlniatura ranee. 
W Marston. Captain and Adjt. 

la' Muttallon il«tb Bait. CJLP.), 
(_;s'^> ' '" "4r'ittlah Iti-flmni' 


Arraaarmaatg are now weii in hand 
for tha gala af popplaa la Viotoria by 
tba Armbrtlaa Pariad Oammlttaa. 

Thraach tka lila4naag af Mr. 
Caopar. wha baa autbariaod Meaars 
Biahop a Worthlngton to loan hia 
store at 909 Oorernment f^treet. the 
rommlttea U emiMet to estatiMiii 
hsadquartars at tha' point 7*be sier. 
WlU ba open dally from Monday. Nn 
ir f, anUl Armmiaa Day. aad 

Royal BAnk rnion Hank. ImpaMa) 
Bank. Bank i.f M..r'i-eai Bank 
of " Toronto. Mltrhe l>un- 
can. The Tea I'oi a ... , » ort li k 
Ltd.. I). Spencer. J.t'l . Ttie »l mis.-n 
Bay Co., Litd.: Dominion Bank, Tarry ■ 
Drat ttora. Brown's Nursary, C.P R 
•taamahlp 8«nrlca» Maiokar * OUlos 
pta, Gordon Dryadala. Bank af Oam- 
merre. W. J. Clubb, Normaa O. Cull, 
I'letcher .1 Music Store, Dally Colon- 
ist, Misa .M VI Hatch, and the varlon'. 
ex-service organisations. Ordars are 

also beinff r)malTa< tell/ from the 

To avoid disappointmant, all ordara 

for popples should be sent In as eacly 

as posa!bl<-. as they will be filled In 

Tha arrangements for Saturday, 
November 10. have i <- illy consid- 
ered and th* eity has bean divlde<l 
Into two portions frr tagging pur- 
poses. That portion af tha oAty lying 
north of Tatas Btroat and tftehidlng 
Saanlch and Bsqalmalt will be looked 
after by the Women's Institutes, un- 
der the direction of Mrs Crocker, 
slso the spsce granted by Hudson's 
Bay Co , Ltd. The remaining por- 
tion lying on the south of Tales 
Straat. wblcli Inoiudag Oak Bajr. win 
ba admlnlatarad by a oaaiaUtiaa of 
tha LAdlas* Aaalllarlsa aadar the 
direction ofy^Cra. Murdoek. 

The Rev. A. da B. Owen baa kindly 
consented to take tha Bnjpress Hotel, 
•iiid the I.O.D.E. will be nskod to take 
thf apace (framed l»v I) Hpencer, Ltd. 

The Kunituks Club will also be 
asked to assist on November 10, hav- 
in« fflvsQ thaIr atnrleag laat'ir«a'' 

Capitol Theatre 

Thursday Evenings 
November 7-8 



V » 1. 1 * I r . ! ' \ 


"W. H. aQVm 'CaOiat 

Prtcat: $2.75, $1.10, $t.6S, $1.10 
Includinf Tax 

Scats Now on Sale st Box f )fTi 
Entirely ^Djige^nt^^rogramwt 


. tTUDlO—lTida^g 2 ta • 
HI fiikwt IfBaag 

Pkaaa 50S0L1 




talapbaaa« ta Vr. QMMaa, tltio, 

ar mallaa %m tba **«r*tary. Robt 

Maonieel. V O ' "o. 1. Victor i . 

Orders for , . • have slrea'i; 

been received the follnwIriK I'l 
Victoria. Mis H^nnr l.leijt riovernor 
Nl'hol. aiaphetmrn ' 4n'ti ■,;(->r.- 

AkUiii Univci5U> 






^eTVll""" ' 
aag laaartlal 
_ af s atadeat 
nag aad sregraaa I' 

kl.n sreparaiaey la (ka 
.4' area ro«r«a« IB maala. a kick. 

M.<iili. (ha "Naitsaal tMvenMy 
■ nada.' are fai-ag st sed 

E(ajnlnaii*n« dwrins 

I a 



• '•s Jeea ai 


■ „ . 1 1% f ■. ' 

and a»^l<aMlea 

«.» a»*lri»e die 

*». pi . aa r»i1 . 

torata m*r * 

«f (a III* a. 

mlaai t*n« 

• <1 f '1 - 
J le* '# n t 

I •Matae.A 


De. 4. a. waraoM. ii 

• est 



Tha CttmopolttaB C o cp p«a tf f 

^'Enemies of 

By Vicente Blasco Ibanez 


Aiid an All-Star Caal 
A Cosmopolitan Pro<1ti< tion. Distributed B)r GoUwy«o 

C"' ■ tn' >litan 

Tka amvaiilcaat drama of Europe's lores and inii K Ks by the 
aathar of "The Four Horsemen. ' Stated in unsurpassed luxury 
in Firia. Monte Carlo and Nice with a cast of celebrities inclndtng 
the nMst famous beauties of suge and screen. 

Coming Thursday 


Speed. Thrills, Stunts, and More Speed. 


Ricluurd Brinsicy Shrndan's FaaioUA O-Atl 
Coatume Comedy. ^m'm^U-. 

''The School 
For Scandal" 


I And for tba rttna week with MK. FRANeiS 


Comptoo Cooiedy Compaoy 


AU Saats Rcaervcd. Prices, 85c, 55c, 30c. Phone StOl 
Matinee — Saturday. 2:30 P.M. Special Prt ^ ' ' en, ISc 

Ho\ OtlKC ( IjiCM I).iilv 10 .\ \i . I'.xrrj,! M .nU.4 ,s. 

The Victoria Ladies' 

- win prt$tM s 


n A r WOOD JK&S 


Singing Plaatgt 

Mooniala rolk la^ 


Mondajr Bvrainc October 29, at 0:30 o Clock 

TickeU, $1.00. At Bros. Music Stor*. Members prgscntina 

\W44 Tickets AdaiHtad Prta. * 

"Out of 
Sight Is 

Out of 


When our man cdlci .s 
vt^iir bunfile the worry 
of washday as wcli »^ 
the work is overf 





Prirste Frenina Parties hj 

Special Arrsngement 


I'hoat MU Good Music 

Bdisrra Yoar TaMa 

^i.«»tr««t 9nv 

' ajrvfwil 

Arts *r:-\ Crsfta 


October 23 to JO 

1 the Priv.Tt- I'mmif Hoom 
I , ,m ; ." Noon to 6 P.M. Dailv 

j,»,i-f.t We«lne»<laT> 

\ :'.n'.!»»n.'ti 2'-' ■ i'i' 'fl 1 '■ 

"^esaoa Tickcu M>c 


ihe lioiy 

A Cantsta hy \. R, Gaal 



"Where Kallglaa OtMri" 

By I'- * ' rmenterf Choir f'f fhr 

Fir.%1 L "ngreggttofial Cburch 
'>ffrrlng st Doof for Cfiair Fun 4b 

Tomorrow Night 'H .{p i 

( «r«tina educale tiittr anas 10 i|« ag- 

Brivo VoMfiilt 






I BET QUAIfirm I H ow » ftjB. to 6 p^i W »6 u tU»r «• 1 pm. 


Introducing High-Grade Goods for Fall and Winter 

A Remarkable Showing in Our 

1 icncli RooMi ol 


For Evening and Semi- 
Evening Wear 


This display is most attractive and interest- 
ing, as it portrays the new styles and effects now 
I popular in the larger fashion coDlres of Etirbpe 

' and America. 

'i'hc downs arc of Canton crepe, silks and 
» velvets, in which arc represented almost every 
favorite shade in present day popularity, includ- 
ing orchid, lavender, Nile and jade green, pastel 
shades, peach, sandal wood, henna, cocoa, tur- 
quoise, peacock, Princess Mary blue, apricot, 
rose and American Beauty, black and. different 
shades of yellow and brown. ^ 

The decollations and trimmings are artisti- 
cally applied, featuring embroidery, sequin trim- 
ming's, panelHng^, side dVapinpc and straig'ht line 
models'. Many arc trimmed witli crystal and 
I'rench beading, and are most distinctive in ap- 
pearance. The sizes range from 16 to 46, the 
prices ranging from 

$35 to $150 

NoMr 'Oti display in the French Rocm. 

A Showing of 

Women's Silk 

CMden Values 

Step-in Bloomers of Crepe de Chine, well designed and 

trimmed with hemstitching. Golden Values at ^.50 
Pongee Silk Bloomer.s of excellent quality, well made and 

reinforced. Golden Values at..._ _ ^.50 

Women's Chemises of fine Japanese sHk.^ Made tn en- 
velope style and trimmed with 'fine tuckran >- 
stitching Golden \ ahir Jfiii.^O 

Silk Chemises in white and flesh ; trimmed with lace 
and ribbons— 43.50 to f6.76 

— WRItawtar, I«t Floor 

New Slylci:) ill ■ 

Evening Slippers 

The Lalci^l and Neatest 

— Maatto 

New Styles in 
Women's Fall 
Gloves ' 

Cape Skin Gauntlet Gloves, with one dome strap fastener and 

gusset of contrasting color; brown, grey, beaver. At, a 
par _ _ f3.76 

Non-Rip Driving Gauntlets, of good weight and quality; 
finished with strap wrist fastener; brown only .^8.50 

Mocha Suede Gauntlet Gloves, of pliable skin ; gr ' 
beaver, with contrasting gusset and welt. A pair ^^^i.oO 

Novelty Cape Skin Gloves, of extra itnart appearance, with 
f.Tnry silk stitch hack .md turn-back Cuift; black and -white 
cfTccts; nig^rr, ^'rey and heaver. ^3.95 

Cape Skin Gauntlet Gloves of exceptional quality, and in 
newest flare, reversible cutTs, with Strap encircling wrist, 
and finished with pearl buckles; brown, gny and ' 
At, a pair ;|i4.75 

In our Kvening Slipper 
Section of the Women's Shoe 
Department is anembUd a 
most rtpreaentatiTa as«ort-> 
ment of the newest styles 
and qualities. 

Beautiful New Patterns in 
Suede, Satin and Leathers 

Sandal effects in black satin 
and patent A pair, $10,00 
and IN^.OO 

Strap Pumps with pretty cut- 
out effects, in blade suede 
and log cabin suenr, grey 
suede and white kid. At, 
a pair ... #10.00 

Black Kid or Patent Strap 
Pumps, in many attractive 
patterns and in plainer 
styles. At $10 and ^.00 
A visit to our Slipper De- 
partment will be an educa- 
tion in the matter of what ii 
correct in evening footwear. 

■— Wm»mi'« mkmmm, tot nmf 

—alarm, Mmtm TVmr 


For Children 

Golden Values 

Children's Cloth and Velour Coats, in best shades, includinff 
fawn, brown .iml navy. They are all in new styles, and 
some are trimmed with fur collars. Neat little coats with 
belt and pockets. Sizes for the ages of 8 to 14 years, 
$1275 to #U.78 

Girls' Coats of superior grade velour, made with loose back 
and full belted and shown in navy, fawn aod brown. They 
are trimmed with fur collars and cuffs, and in sizes for the 
ages of 12 to 14. Golden Valnet at ftt.T5 

The Finest of Knit Underwear for Women 

Golden Vc^lues 

Women's Pure Wool Bloomers, made with double gusset, elastic band at knee; from excellent 
grade wool. They are provided in cream, black, navy, rose, sand, 1>rown, grey, mauve, orchid, 
flame, Copenhagen and emerald. Sizes 36 to 44. Golden Values at $2.50 and ^.75 

Women's Silk and VVq(ljI Vests, also pure wool Swiss rij^^tnade from extra quality wools, and 
various styles to choose from. Slip-over and button fronts, short and no sleeves. Sizes 36 to 
42. Prices, $2.50 to......~.~...~.~...............^ _ — ~ .i* „.^.-»„.^..>_„.. ^S*9B 

Women's All \V\rt>l and Silk and Wool Combinations, with low nedc, alip-over. Stales, bia 

and knee length ; Swiss rih. Sizes 3f) to 42. At ..„.„.... ^4.50 

W omen's Tenman's Pure Wool Vests, with high neck and long sleeves, in cream shades. A 
well known brand. Sizes 36 to* 44. At _ > ^.8IS 

Woineti's Penman's Drawers; open atyle, Mtkle length. An excellent Wiring qnalit} 
30 to 44 ^...^ ....... — ~. >. 

— K*lt UaSOTWMT. lat aMwr 

The Smartest in New Millinery 

A visit to our Mdlincry Department will reveal the fact Uiat we are stocked to meet all 
demands of the season. i 


We have just received a new shipment of Velours, including double brims with slight roll and 
generous head sizes. These are shown in black, navy, grey^ sand, woo<l anfl nigger brown. 

Each _ „ S10.00 some smart mo<lei«; that are reniarkable value at _ ■ ^1.0«00 

Children's Heavers, with Urge oti-the-face roll, and small tricorne shapes, as well as a fei^^okr 


Wel lavc JusL Receive i a \ v \ ( Choice A3Sort- 

ment of 6ilk iicad 

French Over-Blouses 

Dittinctiye and Refined in Appearance 

$14.95 to $35 

These Blouses which are made from the finest French Crepe de Chine, 

r,corp;-ettr .iiiM roi)1in are desipri'-d in beautiful cfTcctS— ftjid made 
distinctive hy .i trunniinj^ of silk cnibroidcry or braid or elaborate 
beading — in all-over effect. They have long, sijort and three-quarter 
sleeves, rotthd or V-neclc and shown in shades of navy, tan, grey, 
saxe, brown, grttn, cerise, taupe and fawn. You are invited to call 
and inspect these fine blouses which are Golden Values ^ I I 95 
to* ^.00 

rifiiisiu Kugs, 3 ft. X ft in 

blue ground. A typic.i 

design :^20.50 
Tirnt.sin Kugs, .\ ft. x 0 ft.; many 

beautiful specimens to select 

from in this <\7r. Each. ^31.0O 
Tientsin Kugs, 4 ft. x 7 ft; de- 

.nigned with blue grtwiod with 

poM border and 

centre. Each ....^^^ ^kl.lii} 

Hii^^ III n^ii^ 

Now on Display 

Choice *A) Point 
Tientsin Rugs, pur- 
chased direct frobi the 
Orient and sholvn m 
reliable colorings and 
beautiful designs. 
Tientsin Ktii:;--?, J x 4 
ft., tn sand ground 
with design in 
Chinese bb 
at 1^1 ^.1K> 

Tientsin Rugs, 5 ft. x 8 ft with 
blue ground and hcnn- ler. f«».00 

i'lentsin Rugs. 6 ft. x 9 ft. ; in 
sand and gold grounds, with de- 
signs in blue 

Tientsin Kugs. 7 ft. x 10 ft : in 
taupe-ground with rose and blue 
Mrd«r ^ f lltiOO 

English Sheepskin f|y^^ 

Lincoln Sheepskin Kugs, most luxurious hearthrugs; shown in erhnaoa, 
black, blue, green and brown. 

Orermeasure. 1 ft. 6 x 3 ft - - ,, , ^ ^.9B 

Overmeasure. 2 ft \ 4 ft i hi ,u^1^^_i-iJ1--ij_-.- f 1« T.O 

2 ft. 6 in. X 5 ft 

Better Grade Chest 

Suites v.i«M 

Three-Plece Suites, covered with 
figured mohair throughout, in 
taupe shade on a rose back- 
ground. The suite consists of 
full-size Chesterfield an<i two 
arm chairs, with Marshal! spring 
cushions, spring back nnri ir'n.; 
The three pieces are 
value at :M 7^-00 

A Suite consistin;; of Chesterfield 
and two arm chairs, with r>ill'>w 
spring arms, and Marshall 
seats. All are covered with Kng- 
lish tapestry in floral design on 
a dark blue background. This 
suite is reifcj C.oldrn \',T'Mr 
at f249.00 

A Three-piece Chesterfield Suite 
covered with figured blue mohair 

in a rose Kir k^rrMmd. The 
suite 'M' in les a full-size Ches- 
tcrfir two arm ehairt; all 
with M l ' .ii' riishirms and roll 
spring anii.s. The three pieces 
tor ♦ 

A Three-Piece Suite, including a 
large size Chesterfield an<l two 
arm chairs with Marshall spring 
cushions and full spring pillow 
arms. They are covered with two- 
tone, taupe velour and the suite 
is wonderful value at 9205.00 

A Three-Pieee Chesterfield Suite, 
made up <if larj^T m/< Chester- 
field, larre wing arm chair and 
one sman arm chair. All have 
Marshall spring' rnshi,,ns and 
roll spring arms. I hey are cov- 
ered with high-grade tapestry in 
a floral design. The ti 

for ^'^l\}.iH> 

A Three-Piece Suite, consisting of 
Chesterfield and two arm chairs. 
They are covered with plain 
taufK- mohair, with cushions of 
figured, blue mohair, on rose 
background. This is a vet^ 
handsome suite and everv pi''<'e 
has Nfarshali ^riag 
The suiU for f350.O0 

MaLuitook's fteal B01V11 CMi^orters 

$35, $29.75, $23.50 and $17.50 

A larj:,^c selection of these highly rlesirablr, w 'i ^\\\r\% 
rotiitorters l'^ now on displav. They are tiof (A.* died for 
durability, are IikIU in wciglil and han(Js<mic ni appearance. 
They are covered with the highest ^de satins and sateens, 
. showinf beaotiful art dcsij^rnit in latest styles. We have them 
in p:re.Tt .T;<;ortment and the value is Real Spencer Value. 
See these handsome comforters at $35.00, $29.75, ' 
and ^. . . '9i^'^ 

iolaid Linoleum of the Fiaost Type 

New Marble arid Inset Tile Effects 

In the Liaoleom Department von Jacobean Tile Inlaid Linoleum, 

are offered (he nnest prodise- the finest Greenwich inlaid. This 

tions and all at prices that matot design is a cof>y of the fife hi the 

them Golden Value's corridors < ' • ITampf 

Stain's Inlaid Marble Block Uao- I^^cc. a »<^u.iM yard . 4^Z.i>^ 

leums. The designs hi sfar taseC Tile Uiioleum, 6-tnch black 

M .rks. true shade grade* and and grey tilr. The inset is om> 

exact reproductions of Italian itali inch in putty color lines, a 

marble, extfa thick aad ( .olden -very htndsMM l ii^Jt wiw at. a 

Valve, a square yard fSLM sfoaie yard 

"iJfc^in I III mn 

^ The Colonist's Pictorial 

.lliiB family of twentv-five children are put to bed and nrr srrvrd at Mieals ia ahift*. I hry htcwm 
mil becfk adopted by the couple ibown in the photogtaph who care for them widiout help 

M I'^rv. illf. f,u!Miiii ! 'Miilon 
drcsainakci, iias I'liii^ucd 

dreaces for six queens of 
Ettfope. For fifteen ymn h* 
WM the official creator pf 
gewae for the 'GMut off 8t 


Mia* Florence Grey, champion piuhbail puaher oi the f aciiic coast, defeated an entire team. If 
you IpTo anjr'troablolideailibiBf Mia* Grey the pmhbell ie hi die centre 

Jeo Beckett waa knocked o«t in fifteen aeeoncia by Georgea 

Carpentier in nvhick' ench hxl «leclarcd was to be his last fight* 
iaaow Handing back from hia fallen o p p on en t 

Stengels trllow playcts rushed out tmm ifim dug out to con- 
gnitulatr KiTii when he scored the winning; run for tha'Nsir 

York Ciianta in the fint ^ane of the world'* aatiea 

To putt or not to patt — that ie the queation. 

IJoyd Grorgr is »rrn irxJulnmg in a k'^'" 
golf at Montreal tor the fust tune amce fua 

aftffal Ml tba anntinint 

"Babe" Keny. the New York Yankee'a 

nia«(<)t. shown thr attitude win I hro\jght 

victory to hu team. "When 1 turned my haW 
die Gl^ata were doomecL" he aayt 

.> -If 

of the seasons pretty debutantes is Miss Judith Brewin« of 

Toronto, daoi^ter of Rmr. F. H. and Mrs. Brewin, and gruMl- 
dai^lder ol Hoik A. G. Bki*. 

A top contest la seen in full nv-m'^ m a city park in which bojrs 
and girls take part Tl^r tti ii<gle for the chn i ; uship is keen, 
and airetjr daj after school a large crowd gatheia to fvatch the 


)ViUiam T. Tilden, accUiin'- ! one of thr greatrst tenni < < ts in the world, ia aoon In a donbto 
^ ^ , j^a^k in loi^ato with "Sandy" Weinar, his lifteen'foaT' old pnitnar 

Young Canadians arr pic^ il r.i i\ fot 

die b% Hallow e eti party. Uiih t.irmr, ^ i,,iy 

|§ c • ' ' w: ' ' i "• pkin whi< h he will 

caiiy ttbuut un die night of nif;hts 

1 Ills Cuuiu tmt sliuws the gathrr<-d crown 

and small rim. widi maline acting as both n 
vdl and • trinnnou.: ! rnetaUie " 

■Kirdes tiie crown 


member of ono of 
Franrr's oldest families, has 
decided to mnkr her debut on 
ae Pans stage, following the 
great loss of the family's for- 
tune during thf war 

"in II iSi<|^iyi^^^i|BI|| 

Renoff and Ren ore, weil-known Russian 
are aaan dains a ^arederil 

a lifeboat on an ocean liner 


This complete rer«-iv triy or- « * '■ Viy mn ame 
tear, ie an anaot model of the Liffel Tower in 
pMia. Hm radio set of the fotnre will prob- 
•MrbncMfAic} .v,r \4 tmfkmWm^ ml 
the home 



rnr daily colonist, victoria. b.c. sun day. ocTum-K j8. vh^ 


Wei-Ah-Whish and 
^ene Menon 


What Hm^ MT At Day of the Holiday « 

f-<*tual of Lem>ei 

I . danrinv out 

I buahM 

8 soon as W«I-«I|-wIm1i WTit 

UXmr ^mw «MIUb« day 
iM Wgli rMka wtth 

IM W««ld h« ruuldn't find a.nnr«n(k 
Wk* 1m4 a«rv«d lb« huodrati •( 

-ma* p4iB( MPS tiMt cima 

Who «»th«r«4 tlM M 

waifctifd thaia down witli itoaMT 

Whrra h*d the bruahM eom* fromT 
Wlu' niAda (he Klii« to atlck th* 
pattern Itavaa biiik on th« tree*' 

Ami alnm* ;iM wli.i' <lid Mt-nuii 

"Oh, tlear!" aai.! (hn UHl« t'^r 
hlmMlf M h« aat up anil nhMok ^i.i 
pUlMT. "I ipuat stop puwiUng ov.r 

thlam I 9Uf% ftwirtr or I won't vet 
'« irft^ •fiOMp." H* Mttl«4 down 

A wonderful wondar 
Wond"r» why 

A wradMfal won 
Wendon why 

TYf wonderful sea 
(io«s wavtns by. 

But. wondvrfVl 
Wonder forma 

A lltlU of joy la 
TlM wwnK •! 

lato b«« Md M IM Arow 

tl^ kjiuikfta up luidar lUs ekln 
t1i««Ui%t "T«morrpw is til* iMt dajr •< 
(h« holMaya. I Oo taa»« tt wlU W 


ftut tlje neat >l-i wd^n'' firf' 
„ Whll« Wel-*b-Whuh airpi n,* i-^rk 
v^Jtoad B«*att«a tiptoed >vfr the tops 

•l.tjM lUUfc aun h*d toya hav- 

la faet, for aaaily two la oa tli a ka IM4 
kopt th« Dark Cload B«a«tlaa leaked 

• up with their wataring-aaaa and bad 
.l>aen drying up the Mir|h anm«rcl- 
. full> Thrr<- vixn dancer of I >racon 
l'!v Iwikn nhrlnkliilf \i\ ba^lii' The 

iNiil. ('luui! Heaiillfa wer« wurrl'd 
ii*lnr,»lly anil pcr«uade>1 l-*ily Moon 
to api tfi' in free while th" Hun waa 
'.vMUnc tbo otber aid* of tba world. 

X>awnno th« ioa thar ««at ta fUl 
tboir watorinv eana. w^Ml !■ fVtta a 
bwainoM. r aMur« yoa. It would 
TiOVer do t.i pour »alf water int.i .i 
mountain lil.' ithI luilt wau-r lan I a ^ 
, bU o' ii. -.,-hinn th*- ttllfltaC 

flowers and trvua and vlnoa 

>le. t^ora tha Dark Cla«« Baaii- 
tlaa aa« .fUl thalr-watarlav aaai^ tba 
aatt watar mtiat ba tnada fraah. Raw 

1 •. 'hi d ' I"! tell you 

rti. l)arh I l.'ii.l H<'.»ul!'^« (CH't'.^r up 
I vfr> breath of nil«' \np' r or 

■team that ariaea from lha ocoan 
'(Tbe aun ■hlBlas on tha aaft alMHiC<>n 
tiMr>««i1aaa watar Into vapar and 
lattvaa tfea aait bahlad — bat yau know 
all akaut that) Tbf Dark Claad 
Baaatlaa eallaet )ka vapar. than, eall- 
a paaainc braasa to tbalr aaalat- 
aaoa. ther blow It In a wblta puffy 
maja to iho 1 Mol»Kt pia'-<" at hanil 

A aaow-capped mountain haa » 

aa a Awfa l atfaat on mut or vapor r ; 
ataam. Oaa pm smm what happanaT | 
Whr. la tha oaal atr tha mlat, or 
I vapari ar ataam. la ehaa«a«-kaak Iota 
watar whieh la po«r*« ' klto ^ tha 
watrrinc ana baloaglhV. tO tha Dark 
Cloud U»-aulle«. \ . 

Soft aa ihiauodowti Mown hy tha | 
Wlbd, tba Dark Cloud Baaatleii tip j 

"tadi aareaa tha hilla en the nish' i - 
fora tha laat diair a( tha hoUdaya. Tbar 
'»Pfaa4-'atar Draipea tip LAfca, aatf 
wkaa avonr aerap af Maa aky aa4 
avary a«Cr waa hid bahlnd thatr 
rtuaky rol.«« tipped their cana 

and the ram < down In a fine re- 
fraahlac shower 

But praaantly the Dark Cloud Brau- 
ttaa ba«aa ta)kln« amonc ttaemaelTea 
and farpat about tbalr oaaa. Tba 
water' alappad ovar tha aldaa aat 
t^mbl«;i «awi| |t ^artii is w h a l aaa l a 

The '■».'■;, » ■ ' W r' 

u pa ware Tery, \fiy >i'\ xf 'f aurh a 
loas apall e( fine The 
haavy Ihlia want thrauch the eaavaa 
MM itilhfcM Aaht Maria's faea. Sha 
«ska ^IST M«ak aaaayad and 
raaahaf fat Jmt asikr^la. Sba 
opana<l it, but avan with that apraad 
over tha tor nf har had aha apaat a 
moat unroni'. t'.jb'e night, and de- 
cided to brrxk up ' amp next day. fine 
waathar or foul. 

Tha Uttle boy. hla Uncla Ned and 
tha oihar ,Orewa-upa didn't know tt 
ha^ baaa^ralalac Ull aast marala*. 
bat tha Orawa-apa asraad with Aunt 
Maria that tha aaanar tbay paekbd up 
the batter. Th^ llttla boy. wboaa 
falrv name was Wei-ah - Wh lah . felt a 
lump "f dlaappolntment rlalng 
ft i> t I h ' '< 1 ' <- \ wan nfrald he waa 
([oinK 'o ' ' ' *" ' ""^'i!d never do!" 

ealn lie to » »• ' f. i ' r- aet about 
rolllns up hia t>i:inkt ts I ran t aay 
ffaad-by to Mene Menon. and I won't 
yik aWa to haip la rahaaglnv tha pat- 
Umi tosvaS a* tha ttsaik Mt nathls* 
Is-aaor ss had aa it Might bsf* 

Town aeemed ' ••'»nn» to tha 
Uttia baqr attar hia auramar in eaaip. 
;.%at ha «M aaler hid ftrat hat bath, 
la aaMP thava wa^a «a alaetria 
llghta. as t a l ap h awa ^ aa etraat eara. 
no Mealaf plalwsib •<> churrhea. and 
U taok qtilta a tIMa to aet property 

■sad to thee« thlnira atalri 

On the Tueeda > after tjibor 1 >ay ha 
■larted Bohool like other l>f>VB I know, 

aad thaifnwghly enjoyed aaainc hia 
aahoal MMas a^ala. ladaad, Wal-ah- 
Whiah waa aa h«fr with aM thia* 
akd aastiMT thai ha hatfa't a Mtatita 
ts ppara for Maaa Haaaa .MMl tha 
aa*t Mttvrday aftamoon 

Aa aoon aa dinner *«■ o»»r he 
aaked Aunt Maria tr he miiirii (i> 
tfawn to th« eaa. lie promhie>1 no) (a 

■a aai in a boat, aad ba had done 
Ilia laanaaa aad ftlM hi* ktadllac b<» 
M tha Mwisg than wara »a shjba 
tlona Mt. aad aff ha waat. 

M»^e Menon h«it prontla^d tn vlult 
htm In town a • r1 'he Ittlla boy aat 

dawn on a rork ami hasaa pMsMhc 
atonaa In tba water. 
•*t%m pattara laaaas hsva haaa haas 

nn all eiospl tha flf, hamlaek and 
MMiar tr»«a.- Said ha ta htaaaalf. -Tha 
laarel hedae and holly btMh have 
ba<>n l*ft out. too Thf manlea and onk 
traaa are l>es(nnin» t > '"pv ni - . i,,r, 
SA tha pattTO leavee. an<1 'he v.n^ r,,, 
ll^li ta > hana<nr t'" '"a^x i- to 

a HSMtarfttl rad< But l woadar wby 
til, Mhar -waas alsjr trad*t I 

Mone Menaa." 

Just thpu tha Uttla 

Tha Uttla bar «ss sa plaaaad to 

see his friend that h* forsot erary 
IdiPt one of tJi« nutintlona he had 
wanlfd to iiak Ho lold Mene Menon 
bow buay h« had been 

• I haya baa&,btiay, too. • aaid Mene 
liaMh, '"SiMT ramlada Ma that 1 
have wark ta da thla aftamaon." 

The Uttla b«y*a face atratched as 
lonr aa a flddlaatlck 

"Don't look ao aolemn. Wei-ab 
Whlsh!" Tha Mttla man iatishad. 
-Tou halpad Ma kafora aad pa« aM 
help ma atalB — ^Ifyow Mkat" 

I II.- li'llfi i'o» ' . . iiria'retfhed In 
.^11 liusl.ii ' aiol lirf re .Slcn' Menon 

at' '. «V'«iih 

doat an4 ready to %o off on whatever 

advastara tha ttttla aaaa fad ta mind 
•^adar.** saM Maao Ma«a« as thay 
thraadad thalr way thra««h tha 
treaa. '*«a ara tolas to maat a mem- 
ber of aaeh bird family tbat Urea In 

this pari of Mir i-i i.i '15 

"The blrda aie toKinnma; to tnnult 
and faal rather aeedy and depreaeed. 
Thay are apt to loao thalr appatltaa. 
■a. avary waak from now luitll tha 
Fasttral of Laaaaa, I taaah thaw a 
varaa to halp thaol forgat thalr aaadl- 


All tliiB month .mil nnr month 
ttir moulting aoea or. Som' fjllilllep 
like to begin early and net It over 
but others are very lata in starting 

Wal«ah-Whlah latamiptad. "But. 
Maaa Maaaa, what deaa 


"Do you maaa to tall Ma.' 

Iher lnt<j thp buaJi than the Uttle t... 
had ever b»en t»«-for«. 

Mene Menon saw ha waa puExl<->l. 
and (Kllad old Toni C'row down from 
a (tr Uaa to laad him aa (ax aa the 
Tha aM araw h a pp a d ahaad 
tfwa to traa. aad as k got 
r ha trta^ ta haap ap a ahaarfui 
ooaaarMUba. arhleh aoaadad far all 
tba wartd ilhs '*Cawl aaw. aaw. aaw- 
aw-awl Oa««sar, daw-atwP* 


Uttle man. '*you don't kaaw the 
meanlna of •moult" At your aK*"! 
r>eHr mel T<'i' ■ .m ..ii.m h:i^ I.een 
aadly naslacted When the blrda 
'moult' thay loaa thalr Caathan Shd 
grow new ones. " ^ 

"And why. ' asked tha llttla hay, 
"da tha blrda 'moult'?" 

"■a that thay'll liava naw eoata 
ready for lha Faothral -M liaavaa. 
which la artaagad apaelaMy far thalr 
h'-n'-rit. On tbat day tba blrda who 
K inr to atay all Winter aay good- 
V>v •'■ rhie birda who are roing aouth 

■ ind v>. ej.ome the h:r ^ who AT*! vlalt- 

1 n c 1 i 1 f r o • V 111' 11 ' . r ' ti I'd h " r \' 

luiKv xnd 111 the evening Uuyhaia 

iioidn a lereption to wiah thOM aU a 
weU-(a4 Wlntar." 

Jaat thaa a waodpackar tabharad 
on a traa ta attraat attantloa. Maaa 
Manan hald eat hla hand, aad the 
waadpaakar flaw down to him and 
llatanad earafulty while Mene Menon 
went over th>- ''rur h<- Aai 1 irrN 
to hla bruthera and alstera, his father 

aad sMthar. aad asMlas aad frtahda. 

A woodpecker p»' •> -1 

Tbraugh a cupboard door 

And got a pleklad pappar. 

I aakad Jilm If ha'd Ilka sama Mara. 

■aid ha. ••Othar thhiga 

I eat and adara 

Perhapa wanld aslt "me better"* 

woodpecker lauahert « r 1 ,b 
bered th' »»r«» t, imwr' \ < ^ 

tlnirs 10 tie sure ha knew It betore he 

flaw orr ta SMka way far tha aaxt 


Tha next earner waa a coek phaaa- 
aat. a brliihuit bird la aplta af laalag 
aaa ar twa at hla tdU (aalhara. 

"Baw la yaar wifa taday?" aakad 
Mana Manan. 

"Not vary happy," aald the phe*.*- 
ant in a worried voire "Tfrr new 
(aathCra lii\c- "itMrt^i roni^ m md 
ahe'a d i«» 1' p I*-. 1 t'<>i,iu«o thf>v 
aren't an e ' o'' a^ nune Th»v never 
will be. of courae, but every yasr aba 
hope*, and avary yaar sha is disap- 

"Um," aald Mana ManaM 'naka har 
thla jla«la whlah will «!«• Imt ssms- 
thing alsa ta tbiak ahsst.** 

Whan the time befora 
la bahlnd the • .o' 

Of the t Im » f-ji 

TYif time 1« a li'fi^'iit 
TT»lnf to explain 

Ta a almpla-mlndad 

"t daat M id MS U wd tt myaalf." 
aald tha phaasaat •« he want off 
ahakina hia hand, "htit perhapa my 

wire will 

"•. o cloub' •■.I.I Wr'f M.>ffon. and 

amlle.1 •'. ((. 'i 1' '.|t> wii.k;ii»j tiU 

bright eyea In a tree overhead. I v« 

Iaaked A 
dawn to 
fa aai 11 




"A pound of faatbar^** 
A wlaa aiaa aald. 
tPalihs Jaat aa maah 
Aa a pisai ad laad.' 

"Oht Mr saM llabia. 
**B«t by my haadt 

ni Che 

to QwwrtM, "Who 

w t*. 

Gavallar da Saila. bom 

la Reaan. 1(4S. Traead the Mlaais- 

alppl to ita tnouth in 18ST A'-i 
many dlaappoinf m«-ni» anil t>ad i o f 
8UI h a.t the luan of elilpa an. I m'oit-', 
he and hla ctimpanioii.>< oa/ri»-<l iti»-i' 
oanoaa from tha ChimKo to iti>- i> 
Iteala Rlvar. Thay floated down tbis 
ta tha MMaslppl. Xa rahvuary. 
list, thay slartad on thalr Journey 
to the Oalf of Mexico. On the tth 

of April 1((S2. Halle o/r.fed a at the rnouth of the river and 
de-lariil the country throuijti svhii h 
\\,f fiver ran Iho pr .p'Ttv of 
l-ranre, and called It l>< ijiaUna 

In 1*I4 ba brought from Krance 
2ta paraona to form a aattlamant, but 
hia pilot could not find tho maath of 
tha rtrar. The axpadltlaa dnally 
uroUd In T» « is, whsra they built 
K I. .SI [.ouiK, but the people did 

not in.fT 1 lo.w tr, t a k •■ Hi' ^ 

ihs-maelv.-F I iiey ran alior' of t 1 

BO Halle, with a few rnf-n. al.irK-.l 

by land towarda Canada to get hrip 
Soma ad hla man wara bad and hf 
had ta puniah tham far wroagdolnK 
ao aa ba paaaad aoma hoaAaa th< s 
mh'n him In the book. Thla, happen <' i 
in i«i7, when ha was 44 yaara old 
!:ef>> uii-<o,i, ago IS. "Daast o ne," 

l',V k MV .l.i- \ 1. 

Ni,t. r>ie editor . (t>r.i . pleased 
to receive tbia answer from Parka- 
villa aad thaaks tha wrttar very 
haarUly. Amaag all aar r aada ra wan 
thara nena who aaald aalra tha rld- 
d; of the uafortunata advaatarar of 

an earlier day? 

Mother of -Heart and 

More hirda rame - after ane'»<«r 
and the Uttle h^r -'«n»d in 'ha 
▼•rsen tPl ha waa ti « muddleil In 

ra«i. ha bagaa to be alaapy and 
yawaad M kahlnd Ma haad. 

"Paar WalnOi.Whhdi.- aMd Mana 
Maamf«. aa ha aaiit aft • htg auil 

lauthins ':ti hla aldas asMd. "I had 

nearly foraottan ya<o wara wtth me 

Hut ihef on ."iliirilay af-ernoona 
hatwo-M now an. I the K'^Mtival »»f 

1 »-.-ivn«i whi h ' xo-.n -ifrr Mil 

1 ' • w e n \ o u r t u « t m a U 1^ t h •* r -t 
for the lor»t« < *lit>< woorl anil per 

hapa if tha birda ara pis 
will inviis ts 

It waa haglMlat tS 
tha way 

'A ••■',<■ ' ■■' 1 • • a ■ ' i ; . I ' p r «M I >■ a M b - 
n(4iii<«' that ."tiln«» «iih ull the color!! 
' f if>,- l iiubow. < nines from certain 
ahcUa. We uaa for delicate ornumen- 
Utloa what waa aaaa tbe dwelling of 
a glairy aalmal. aaar ralatlon to tba 
eystar. Tmly, thla dwalling la a var- 
itabla palaoa In rlcnneas. It abinaa 
with all imagiaabia tinu, aa If tba 
rainbow had dapaiHad Ita aalara 


"This l.s the ahell that fttrniahr* 
tbe moat baautlful mother-of-peari. 
It la callad tha malaagrlna margaritl- 
fera. Outaida tt ia wrinkled and 
black lab graen; inaida if ia nmoathar 
ih in polished marbla, riehar In aalar 
than the rainbow. All ■ tint* ara 
foijnd thefe. briKtii. hut aoft and 
ctiarireabie, accordmc to the point of 

"That auperb aball is the^houaa of 
a mlaarabla, slimy animal! 'in Calry 
Ulea the fairiaa thannaaiYaa hava 

none to equal H. Ob! how haautlful. 
how beautiful It Is! " 

Kvery one haa his portion In this 
T^(lrld. The allniy animal haa for his 
a splendid palace of mother of-pearl." 

"Whara doaa the meleagrin* live?" 

"In tha aaaa that wash tba ahoraa 
of Arabia." . . . 

-Thaa thaaa ahMM ara' vary praa> 


■ You ahall . Jadse for yourself. 
I irst the Inner layer of the shell, 
h.iwrd Into she^ and tablets, la the 
mother-of-pearl that wr use for ni.e 
ornamantation. Julen' pen - knife 
haadla la aavarad with a ahaat of 
mothar>^-paarl that was part af tb.) 
Inside of a pearl-ahell. But (hat la 
•t '^ least lykrt of What tha praalasa 
I pred a aaa. Thara sva paarls as 

< io ,ris ara hat aary daar. With 

a ft w souH I bought a whota iMxful^ 
to embroider you a purae." 

"Let ua maka a diatiaetiaa: thara 
ara paaria aad paarls. Tha fMsito 
yau mantlaa ara llttla plaaaa of col- 
ored gtaaa plareed with a hole. Thalr 
pr;. e \n very riiodrrate. The pearls 
or the meleanrlna are Kinhiilea of the 
ro heat and finest mnthfr i.f i)c;irl If 
the> are unusually large, they attain 
the fabulotia price of tha diamond, up 
to handrada af thatiaanda and nUlllona 
a( fraaaa. . . . 

"It la wall to haaw haw thay ara 

"Bati> ' t-r. he two parts of tba shell 

tiTCS an .1 I B I Iik<' 'h» oviH^-r If W 

a maaa "f oHoir ,,■ . ^' >. \ w -m ' 
And it dlfflcult to recognise an animal 
It digast s. howavar. and braathea. 
aad U aaasHhra to pain, ao aaaaiUia 
that a grata af dturt, • mara aathing, 
raadara aslatance painful to It. What 
doea the anttnal do when It faala It- 
aelf llrkl<-d by some foreign aub- 
. •• I' t'«>cira Bvi o^i mother- 
of I ' n ' (M-. < ;. 'II 'if It.' he^ 

This moih'-'^ " p»-uti pi.'H up In A 
llttla amaOth hall and there yon have 

a psarl aaada by tha alek. allmy ani 
mat. If M la af aay 
I' '.%t<i ooat a ftaa bag of 
ib» person who waara It aroaad har 

ne'k will he very proud of it " 

from "The M'orv JtooW tf Srlan^-e ■ 
hT 1 •« n 1 1 »o r i I- , 1 .re 

The areal man who wroi* ihla 
atory llrad In Krance. See if your 
hlg bfca tha r ar alalar eaa tall yoa how 
■lacli tha aalna aMnUoaad ara worth 
to^sar maa ay? That, haaraaar. Is th« 
laaat a( tha wendara of tha atavy. 

I>r. John«M>n"« Prayer, 
l ord who tiaa; 01.1. >» l 
ba the lot nf man, and secet iho 
naeaaaltiea of alt Thy craatsraa, hlaaa 
■ay atudlaa aad andaaaora. 

read ma with food cowaaaiaat far 
ma: aad. If it ahafi ba thy goad plaa- 
aara to aatraat ma with piaaty. give 
ma a aompasidanaM haart, that I 
may ba raady to raUowa tha wants of 

I.e- neither poverty nor rp|ir« 
.-« I , ;t' HT heart from Thee, but 
irir with Th - rrarr. So to il»e la 
1 1. a: 1 may die in Thy faror. Amen. 

The graal MMM Who flrat aampeaad 
ih;s prayer Mt Ihki world ISi^g ago. 
and all tha Sagtlah apaafclag warM 
baa henHRad by hla tahorn.^ Who 
dnut t. tb;<i aurh a prayer gavs MIm 
atrrii^ih to do hla work wall. 

of Trout 

't Conisti dad. ssrly la tba 
msratag.- T saM. as I slastsd «p to 


"Vou t>et. ■ he replied. 
Fleep settmed Inipoaalble tKat 
{ n.fht 1ti». Puntledge River had 
iif'^f-i TirMril rne many fish. I htil 
lost plenty of spoons to it. Mauy 

things I th.iught of mM8 taallr I 
Arappad off to alai». 

Aa aaaa as dawa hM asMS I was 
awakened by dad. X sat «9 aad 

looked out of tha window. T f«1t 

f<le»-py an. I .old but (he thought of 
n..iliiniC apurred me onwarda I caiio 
dowiietaira and siaited to get break 
r.ta! for dad and myself. He " 
milking Iho COW. 

Breakfaat aaar. I gat my rod out. 
dug mjr w^rma and alartad. My thin 
oaavaa''ahaea,aooa got wat with daw. 

Whan T arrived at tha river I baited 

my liook \fler taking: my shoes ofT 

i\nd rollMiK up triv i... :a,l?» I waded 
" ! 1 ' ■ . T I a 1 o n It o .1 r r v, « ] : 1 ■ p »■ 1 \ I •■ . 1 R 
Wifti ,i v^j-i lov Bp... HI l«i..|e,l III derp 

, 1 ' . T 

iiingol My rod bent nearly dou b I e ' 
Heallalog I had A 0ah. whlah aaamed 
almaat Impoaalbla. I began ta wade 
to ahore. Regardlaaa of the danger 

I waa In, I he|[;an to hurry. Reaching 
shore. I h^'K.Mn to wind my line in 
Wiii. .i t^ p.. . i I. ad n>y w'.Kgoiiu 

rt\\ up on pli 'T He was a 

I ' . 1. VVheri • hn.l toIi' ! tu' »trug- 

^lea I re bait ad my book, l had Juat 
K it ta my spat aad drappsd my llae 
10 when I got another. My luck 
e< emed goM this ataraiag. Ma wafe 

;it>out ri I ne kgg|[ggJggK,_X_MM|g.fe|JISd 

my hook 

ArrMniK !\- ni>- r;ii?(,f:,i i I'-t 

In niy line With t>at«a bream I 
watched my apoon. Not quite so 
soon this time. With a aast I had 
my itaa dlraatly svair aama graaa> 
colored watar. 

Another! I nearly lost my footing 
on the slliipery edge, ao irreai m\n u\y 
eTcMrtrenf Thla one waa abou' 1,1 

I t rre Silvery, speckled trout now 

'io .) tha bank. 

Two mare arara addad ta the row 
after a faw mlaataa hi^ alapaed 

For about ten more mtnutea I fishe l 
there. Impatience finally getting the 
beer of me. I moved SA tS aaathar 
likely-inoklng hole 

Tbia place V.KH .- ' : <• edge of ' to 
river. A log along the edge made a 
auddsa drop, formlag a good plaoa 
to flab. Tha waUr hara was Ilka 
cryatal. A mlat lay upon the river. 
The only aount 'hr (ouid b« heard 
wa'f that of tli'- r .M idt. Ju.'.r above the 

I I o « I new a f 
I reeliiy baiting my hook, I dropped 

it Into the water. I got ao tmme- 
dlatt- reaulta. Trolling my apoon 
along to calmer water, I iijofced at 
it. I nearly fell down with aurpriae. 
There were three or four big fellowa 
Bwlmmlnit around my hook Ono .wud 
derly t'lt at the worm and started 
aw r- rn rn: mw«v with it. With a t)tK 
tiJK ! irtkeil my line out of the wa- 
tei landed in a tree behind me. 

With feverish aseltamen^ I got it 
dowtf aad fraahly haltad my book. 
Throartag My |taa to the moat Ukely 
apot. I waltad. Slto followed bite 
till I got aMtfeai< X last hha again, 

I flshed •' • aamc place forquito 
awhile. I bad lota of bltaa, but 
aatight BO AMI. I thaa thaoght of 
a ha n glag my pfataa. a raot ta the 
MlAdla a( tha stream Mtr*^ a gooti 
poaltlon. It waa connected by a slip- 
pery log. The wafer waa runniri?; 
swiftly II .'.:\ f H.iv.nK Rot 

to my ne ' , , h r <^ w my Ttiie in. 

Present 1;. : , i;<- : had Only one 
way to land him and that waa to 
Jarfc hiM tato tla haahaa. I did it. 
Ha was a good weight and 1>cnt my 
rod eonalderably. Leaving my rod 
en the root I made my w«v back 

along the allppwrv log. Hr had now 
wrij;« »--: or >' k nnd was mak- 

ing his wa\ towards the water. 1 
hurried and esught him before be 
got there. Cutting a crochet atick, i 
strung my flsh ap. I new had als. 

I worked my w%y haek to the root 
aaain Oetling on CO more aettled. I 
rtroi.ped my line in For a long time 
I waited I aiiddenly fell n. bite, then 
another, .inil bofore I knrw it 1 had 
n fisli I j.rkod him into tha buah 
the aame as before, only ha did not 
get off thla time. My aatoh waa get- 
ting Mggar now. 

Tha aun waa now riaing and tt waa 
.ratting lata. I hahed at tbe root and 
thejnnr far a laag time. 

nnce mora I tried at the old hole, 
'Vnally got anolh' ; g o'chx U 
wh <tie (hen blew. 1 Oahed (oralonK 
time, but dida't gat aay Mara. 

X hava asaar gat that ataiip after 
ner haCara. At iMt tha "fins" i!< 

obtained. ' The laat reaulraa aapert 
mii.rk.nmanabtp, aa tha seal rauat b« 
Mtii.t through tbe bead la order te 
float aabSMf SllM*«Mh II 


food la 

along tbe baash la gaavait af fiab 

ecga and amall fiSh washed up la 

the kelp or cllmblnr 'ho rllffs to 
iol> the iMMi pigoorta' neats of eggs 
uiiil squaba. 

l-'axea are aJao Ixing reaj-*d on 
VanooHvar laland for tha aaka of 
their tarsi Wa ara tthaty to ,J»«ar 
morw af thto aa pa i t m aa t la fimiraL 

Foxes Then and Now 

How ttu Poppy Became 

In tha far*away days «lis» tha 
"-orid was aaw aad aafmalB 

stranga, when goda aad 
giants aad gnomea, falrlee aad llanda 
roamad tha earth, there grew a little 
pale flower of no npeclal editor and 
no sp'M pii |.raMt\ 111 ih'se days the 
flower's ear li were iitmlr- a home of 
!.» a llin^ fUle 

I tits little pal* f1. wr had a Utile 
f.i.iv lady, l)ut she «- .trab anil 

KM . oiorisM aa the flower m which 
.>ito i!\'>d. Day by day ahe saw beau- 
tiful fjowara srow up around her, she 
saw har beautlfitl fairy neighbors, 
loved thabr ooiors» laaad thalr laagh 
ter, longed to ioia thalr play, hat they 
paaaad her by. 

Ona day, as the Uttle pale fauv 
aat In har drab llttla home, a mo 
pany of PIxia folk went by iaughin< 
and playing. She watched them w ml - 
fiiHv until they were out of m Klit. 
41' I -,hn ),--^f<i tlirw laughter f,i;ritly 
ii'.i Kie Willi the murmur of the bell- 

t.r f-eic. 

lha laaghter grew louder sfratn. 
they were retracing their Mepe. Uud- 
deniy the merry aoto bacMtma a dis- 
oardaat ary at faar. Hsrryiag fairies 
passs^ tha ISB^ ■sarar aad- 
teaaat: aama amra waaadad. and 
their llttla llmba wara hangtag 0own 

in pitaatM futility, irhat had hap- 
pened waa a common occurrence in 

t(ioa,- fur ,twa\- days. ^ fteio. tind 
Ivr.'krri aw.iy f:f>tii if« homr undi-r 
til,. f-JirMi, und I'lon n I Ih i' » ih 
beautiful . rwi \\ r .uKti' .le-''i;. 

Mon iiiiiotin 'tic I f.ilk Af i h»" 

pttle fairy lady vtatchej in shudder- 
injf fear, .i t>oaiitiriil flower. Pixie 

atumbled out of the long gyaasaa and 
faU paaUng oadar tha Shadsw sf the 
llttla pala fairy'a hasM.' Vhaa It waa 
tijat shs saw hsw araaNy this laraly 
klaawoman had been wounded. She 
was vary near death, and the pal^ 
lady save a tremulous ' r\ 

"Oh! That she should die she who 
Is BO beautiful and merr.> und ihit 
I should liN'- *»ho .ini Ko drub and 
miser.ibtr This cmiio! > < 

It I imf- then thni sli.- i'- oiifht of 
the seed which waa t>»st . t Iwr 

In the t^eglnning of all tbings. That 
aeed which was tbe Ufa of her Ufe, 
the heart of har heart. If It w»re 
glYan for aaiihar'a Ilfau that one 
would live, hot ahe. aha would die. 
But aurely it ware bettor to die, ahe 
who was aa aalarleaa, and let her, who 
was like a ray of aunshinc. live 
Slowly the little pale fairy dipped 
her h.'inda !i to ih<- heart of her 
flower :-li( . i.i%i »■.! 'Ur a|e(l ra..'<»'d 
It In her r ii i d .^ i ■ * i i d « ' I o- nun und 
w ,1 prn," /] i.\tr '^^ on h'- i^- 

to her god. ahe dropped it the liearl 
of her heart, on the dying fairy be- 
neath. Tha fairy would live, but aba 
muat die. Then it was that har god 
who had hoard har psayar appaarad. 

"Liook VP." ka aald. "tkat waa a 
noble deed, thy heart la red. live now 
/rom henceforth In color as red as 
thy heart." Thsn he was gone. 

ThAi was how' the poi>ps became 
red, and always w)i«'i- true hearts 
lie. tbera growa the poppy, symbol 
of aaertftoa. 



•aM tha pspplas 


— Mollte ntbhen (II 
Margaret'p Peheel. 



Did you ever hear of .««M~hiow-a. 

Where the mlaera dig for gold? 
Thero'n not Mhsy 

As thara wara la tha 

eaay, BlC. 

Box %1, Court - 

A BIm F«x Fmrm 

The National Ueocrsphic Msgaglno 

haa aa lataraatiag artlcia ahaut a 
faa farm sa Middlaiaa Islaad, aaarsr 
heme, ft M aff tha ss Bt hsr a eoaat 
or Ai;.eka aad ta kapg kg » MS* aad 

his wife. 

The fhaaai It appear^ da aat kaow 
thar are prtasadhr aad yat we read 

Hnia haaad l ag of hhM finaa in 
floptiviiy ta net an easy aadartotlng. 

owing to the extreme ahvneea of the 
• foT family. Th'^ readily 
grow aoaustontad to man. but gaaar- 
ally hawa tha a«tll««s s< wiM aai- 
mata a» tha dafSaMaai A awther 
toz. when alarwtad. hao been known 

to kill !«->• 'f^-V "i on :|i- .-laol, 

and tbe conatani nervouaneae of 

of tha thr. 

"On tha laland the foveo ara uns 
w 1 ! <- ' being prtaonera. i« • i » - 
'■■•1*. eo they rear their young in 

natural way. aad davMa iMr 
number aaaaally. 
■Tha aktof daty af tha fos fhnnar 

la tA provtda and dally distribote 
freah food for Me chanre*i at ataiiona 

daring the Winter moniha. Uaaidea 

o. ron»iB' r,f rahfeMs and tha 
( ll'-nh of tba bair seal Wbsa it 

A fira awapt 

And hut'-' 'i-^ »v)ot« a oalnre 
80 thare'a not manv left thero iujrt 

AliONO ttaaa aga a mUa hay aad 
girl In a backwaoda aSlUSMSat 
ui Prtnre Kdward latand Were 
sent to the aprtng tn get water Ther 
carried t>etween th«ni on a .■ntrons 
round Btick a pretty Idue keg ..i littU 
baxral. It had handles through n hich 
the atlak waa placed. The rhu.ire i 
wara vasy p raad ta ha uuated to s-^ 
alaaa th« atvaad. 

Tha aprtng was nearly • sMaawsy 
and tbe path to it leJ throogh a 
wood I' w.*j« not a thick, dark 
wtkiid of flra nod hemlock and cedar 
eurti aj< are lo I.e fi utoi on our Inl- 
and Their paTVi woa tordered w th 
white birch from wU'ch yu coi Id 
paal t^ bark lUe paper. There were 
WBplSB a«d haaehaib tha aaa cov- 
arad to tha fWI wtth gay Maaaa. the 
other bearing tha data^ Mttla auta 
lovad by all lltUe falks la aastern 
Canada. The ferna ben*Ath Che traea 
and hy the brook were del'raf 
thlnga. I'erhape on the Way a>ere 
was a spruce tree in the burk of 
*nich were clear lun<i'> «'f guni 
\^hlrh. whe« held in the movith for 
a While, basama soft sad eould be 
ehawad tato a acMK piak mass far 
moss dsmww.tHha ymi oaa hay 
year aiofcal at the Mora. 

<Mir «iiu»ll propl" tu<wc»fr were 
riot llkelv to !.o,k for nucli ,i ircasiirr 
. en If llity . uuld ba»« r*>ached it 
■ ha Woods were atill and thay were 
'uat a little timid They were a long 
way from home whan they aav* a red 
f.yx coming tlirou^h tti» wo..! -i : ■ h* 
thalf path. The preuy creature waa 
not afrsMU aad they had a good look 
at hla taway aaat, hla haahy tall aad 
hia pafntad nans. A maaiaut he 
stood in Bight and thaa #lsa#p«ared 

among the trees 

Of all 'h" Adventure nnthlng 
remembered axiepi the proud *<•< ,1% 
I. 111. the t>rlght colore. 1 yeaeel mid 
1 be fm How ili.- 1 hlldreii kii'W 
Ma«t»r (lr>n;«rd i.nlf.v.? from a p t 
tur#» t.o<>k a rnri. ti**tteur'" in ihoMe 
daya tier grari d rii 01 tie ' had aent the 

Uttle girl, oaanet be recalled, but the 
sight af tha fax sisaWhg along 
thraath lha trsaa 

As tha yaara paaaad. lha llttla alaar> 
Inga grew Into large fartlTa farwia. 

The wooda fell under 'S» alci of ' h* 
ffttiere. Itfiomv h ' lar!. and I'lg fM\i M» 
took the piaio ■Ii»- riid.- Iltila 

fiomem .1' 'hr J. roMT» atol rn-«r 
ever- :; • r w.l- i w. f pui'- wbIt 
i'nl> h'te and ;tiei,. •m*m a grovr »f' 
to Bupply fuel for the Winter's <tjm 

fort. Id Uw Uardaa of the Usif 
every acre af tha fastUa laaAv Was 
gnidged by the thrifty owaara. 

Jtt latar yava tnm wars plaatad 
for ahalter- and far haMty to tale 
the plaea' af sama af thaaa that had 
baaa raMavad wtth glaa i toU hy the 
fonnders of the prOvTnee. yet i»ertiuiK» 

n ■ w to : .■ I :i : BT| , li K a ' k n<>w t>^ 

[.ik»-i. .1 III.- .luldrcii »-iiJiiye<l lti«t 
aunnv mornlnir. 

With iIk' f.'-.'st wcri! ttir f r w wild 
inir',1 1 • - 1 11 . I .-d !' Koxea, 

liarea and panxiOcae grew acarca. Tha 

by Mttla berry pickery 
was tha Ihnst to ga. Tha aqairrai ra* 
Htolaad ta dallght tha ohiMraa h^ 
runalsf aloh0 tha Ihaaas gathartag 
his faad frsM thalr fathers' pieatifal 

Jtatnm of l)»r Fes 

ilut tha fox Waa t.i . .'ine t>ack — not 
the brtght oalorad robber u( the early 
aattlar'a famyard, hut a anuUar 
aauaal draapM ta tha glasstast htask 
ar tha aaaa aMra highly aataad snvsr 
grey. last aad af ahaoting thu fox 
h« was caught and oarafvUy reared. 
A mate \\ «..« f'.i.iid. Jty s'oi l>y 
Ihere wrn- bab) fonea. snd tho«f> that 
were purr l.l.n k o' slU. r i pjo 1 » io 
k»-|)l aiul la/efiiil'. I'll » r .1 !- ,,lc.1 

The to'in wb ■ or". i' « 

strange kind of fHrin on K<|.t lus 
Wfirk !\ aerrei for .1 , inis tiro.- When 
at length he told what ha had been 
doing a great many af hla nelghbora 
and aame peopt« living at a distaaos 
waatsd ts h«y fsass Cmm him. fflMy 
wara wlUtag ta glaa thaoaands at 
daUara far a pair aa the chance of 
having yooag ones to sail. 

Bo thla maa. became very rich, aa 
did a faw othara who aold foxr!i and 
not furs. Then coini>anle» were 
formed, toj' th.<> i'..i in- lowes that 
followed ij .1 «t..r, for Kruwu-upa. 

rioipic "n 1 out thni foxea 

w rc ri..t to I'c r<-ni«.| like cattlr or 

sheep or horaae that had been man'a 
roni (lanioiis and heipera /Sff thOU* 
sands of years The ai * 

a fas tana had to ha 
mais is a ptaas « 
real waada as paasthle. Na oppor- 
tunity for tna aharp noaaa ta burrow 
under ground or for nimble feet to 
climb aut could be leif. Food must 
be corefullr «ho»en and on no a< - 
count must the shy creatures be 
f. i'li-ord T)ia huslneas needr.t i,..: 
on • no.t (•■. t,,i( great altlll and 
pa ' .»> ni . 

ir> • laiiy r-opic have now le/irneil 
how t.. rea' foxes. In the cold 
wtntara the furs grew aoft, thtefc and 
glea^^ Thara haa haaa a gaad 
kal far aU tba sklas ptadaaad. 

Isr hvadrads aC danars. 
as acme of yaar alstora aad gMthsrs 
whs wear fox fura knew. 

Vlaitors who spend th# t^timnirr In 
that corner ef '"aaada w»i iU1 not 

Kf ■!« uiileaa they wara • d .iti.uit 
'tin indualrv of foi farn ng Thcr 
xe. frrtlla farma fta^ cr ii,» and vrell- 
I for .i»lfl» e»ery»»li«re Tha 
aea »H<e\.[\i" »\i roaad and Its blun 

wAirra riri fjir Inland. Kitting tho 
waves are mc.or^B of gghlng hSSto 

and a faw piaassrs oradu Fram tha 
krteb Maadaam' eamas tka aeant of 
clover. Tha'^parfana mt dawera Is 
wafted CraM the ghrdeaa aa gammar 

broaaea, Oraharda ahelter eosr 
homee. Thaaa aattsfr 'he aenaes «if 

most lovers of phiaaara >- t h* 

I rurlo'j« ni.iv «:•< a glln,p^» ,,r t h«» 
f..>.-e r I,-., xrr, ao'fU and find 

, a frtend .imor»g 'ti<- eiper:-< l© whom 
: their care entrusted Will thev 

I have as gre;il a trr.a; «a the chlldrett 
who aaw ttie wild red fox eroaa 

1 path In the daya af loag aga? 

M.iny, many, years « s 

The population was big. 
For many a mah who wanted gaM 

Went Into f>«»erh River to dig. 

They dug aat the banha an althar 

And waahad all tha dirt la a pan. 
There waa plenty af wate^ ta wash 

It with, 
Ro It auitod eve*y man 

The population grww and rr"* 
yor tha run>or r ' ^ o 1 ^-km Mj 
80 men With their wivea and rhildrea 

Want raahtat la Ihsra ta dig. 

BuibtinKN went 
With a 

• Vi ' woiid''r''!i »n\ ,ri which tree, 
aomeumea atruggU (or Ufe. That 
they alto halp to keep aash other 
aliva ts shown by a aarlaaa sft el man 
p i Mi M 'g d hy Mr. Chartaris Pamhar- 
ton, and plaaad la tha wtadaw af the 
efflea of the 1>ava1opmaat XiOagae. 

The • r» to. l l » !;<• p.e< r of W»>od 

and the'noie beside n is this A Jong 
lima ago two yoang nougias fira 
grew aide hy alda, sa cleae tbalr roota 
grow tagathar. Thaa aama aaa same 
alSM aad sat saa af the traaa dawa 
as that osfy a Vttle atoms was left. 

But the llviin rr,„,, „f the aater 

tree would not i*t ih« stomp rot 
away. They sam op sap through 
aa that fraah waad waa farmed raand 
it. At length, a aap af Maa ifaad 
9^fA With bark asHpMaly kMtha 
remains of the tree that had been aat 

It la aald rtnga m a living stnmp 

haaa shaaa that sach a growth has 

far yaara. 

ba unt 

Why spMHi the c »i iidran a f aet ? 
Aod ^e Youth that MM alaaa 

The ciamaaaas flaak ta fraatr 

Hla hands ara Uid ahsra thalr has4«( 
Their faces at RIa knee. 

Hla look* of ! Tf ,i.^e|||* 

Somethinit t.."*'.!,,! xea 

The almple townsfnea erosa the hlU 

And bid tha tbraag away. 
74or proM arauad tha straafsrTdaUh 
Msr kg ths fsli daldp.* 

Aa ana who amBaa aad 


A r fi (Id 11 ro 1 tt !» »;.«■• 
'■f.nii m ^ '1 Xd II > h as 

S« let them oems ta Ma." 


All Ih a golden afternoon 

rull leisuraly we plide, 
For both our oara wi'h little akill 

Hy little arioa «r« pli»'l 
While little bands make vain pre 

Oag-|paadag|ags to galda. 

Ah. eraal Threat In sash aa bsar. 

Beneath aaaludraam 
Td bag a lata M hraa tk taa 

To a«ir tha ttalast f ea t hart 

Tf » bat ran aaa poor voice prevail 
\«,4,'m: threa tongiiea together' 

I'orvr ' • ■ I r toa 0«.»fie« ^orlh 

' Mr- • r-d;' ■ ■ •-«:■'" 

I In «<■ I ier '-Or- S» ■ 'I > '.pea 
There will ••■o" • ' 

While Tart la laiarrupia the tale 

lid touch! 
atrangth ia faeblaneer. 

Tet maim .1 th» ma or fM»ar U l.loOd» 

Who glow, not with delight 
Whene'er the little enas ga by 
In casual daily eight; 

Or whan the cMM at ntother*a knae, 

Hla altar, lisps a prayer 

Vnd pr-rfri t faith, acl ii'i.., ■ v». 
And Christ Hlm»i»lf, la Itiere 

Or when the ttltle hand* are riaapcii 

To beg some baby grac«. 
Aad all the 

baaaty of .tha dawa 
Mrad g^ tta tass] 

But alhaa that day af Mag age. 

When loto «f t«M asaM 
T.<eerhtown le deeartad 


Who aUII look for gold ia the 

Jf TOO aak T «bo M aay atui- four. 

The old Oovernmonl hooae la atlll to 

W' a 

The chimaays 

dowa brohaa, 
I gueee It was aat htrttt to 

Aaaa. Ca sadden alloneo wta, 

IB tsasr thsy passas 

Ths drsaM-sMM Msataf thrsagh 

Of won dat a wild aad aaar. 

In frterdly chat with Mrd as 
And half hallave it traa. 

And as the story dtalaSd 

Tbe wells of fancy dry. 
i An.t f ■ "t)v »tr'>va ihst weary one 
To f . : auliiert by. 

The r ■ »i! 'Irne ' -it ie aSXl 

I ;ni» 

The happy voi.ea rry 

of HunderUnd. 

hy one. 

But (hta oM 

prattlaat plaoa 
ror camping la battday tlsM; 
And fiahing trsat sr gs 

I tsH yaa M last sbMp sw 

V 'om our el'y tbl« old I^aaeh 
is thirty-foar aMIao aarag. 

Jast taka tha car on tbe CJTJk 
Taa Bsl thsra aad hack ta a ^ 

— rreda iHvraa^ a«a IT. 

Or wbea iMwne elder one from apart 

Her smlkllT aiatrr 
Anil two hriK^ii o r ratiade tha 


Half atu-l\ an. I h«:' .o .o-a 

—Ah, Lord aad Chriat: T^ paflcaa 

Na faad 
TSt whaa that In 

tliey -frine afsaad afar feaari af 

Their apa! we aee^ ta 

Oo aak the linnet why he 
\ < . % . *. ■ - . .J 
9» Wlatar-llis tltalr MasM ani htdath 

Itonow a latsr 
O dawy rssss sC ths 

And now the tale Is 
And home we stear. a 

! r ,',:.(./, utory take. 

AO't ■ r .1 grntia hand 

it • ' Chlldhaars 

1 wined 

In Mamory a myatf- ^ar 1 
Uha pttgalm'a wither d wreath 



,r" • ■ • •aaara 

O Lgsd. hy l iMis l sg grswt 

s farp faBat« tha mors va 

■aw ai id'va M» flta 

Mat prislnr what we see' 

tola away the Uttla aaaa 

'« ta a 

The Bh ey h ard «fl|B SM WS 


cir rntint one kisses rf»r- 

•„, ■ > d» 'l* i ■ ■ ' Hi. ,,. rr. |,« ih' 1 <- • 

BSt Him. Who iove« them more 





Farm and Garden 

A Model EggrFarm 

AT Ih.- (.rj; . i. .1 , i,K <,f h.- ii.Mnth 
1 hri r w .1 . (.Ill ). 1. • •! r '.tie 
Wlllowa Itif TwtUih iiiui- 
n«tiun«l Rgg-lMjtXng ContMt, which 
WM b«14 uiiA«r Um aap«rrlalea of the 
nvdUry BraUM^ of tl|« I>«P«rtmeDt 
of Atfrtealtur*. Tb« eomp*tltors In 
th« Ilslitw*tvht cUm lnolud*d a p«n 
•ntrrrd by T(. F Matthews, o{ Mct- 
rhoiiln. whloh. after h»'a<llnt 'he list* 

I'intlnuoujily ^.! ■ I '- Ihltd i.onth of 

the ronteBt. v>..n ii is; . ■ • 1 , . nf 
flnishinsc wMh 111'- liiRVic't ...... i ,r 

ih* elrventh month thin ix-n ".«•< I'l 
Mdrance of its nearest comp<:> i Uy 
f6rty-nJne while the twelftti 

month roinpl«t*d the neon with 41 h 
and fdrty*(ear lo advaoco 
oC the next hlfheet eeore. 

WhUe we do not wish to < ■ ' i : ' 
•eetlonal dlfferencr* aa between M.un 
lead end. Island, it wiu i>e u m iMi r 
for local conv^'ft'uiai >"ii ''ii 'H i^-'h 
the Hvht and the ii<-.i\.w vh !< > s 
the wUsners are lalanU birds. Tbi-. 
■lioaM Iw a.^r^at e»e«ursgMii«at to 
Jalpnd pMUryyien ae ea« 4iiore pr«*t 
that tke eonthant yart gi Vaaeoaver 
Inland ie partleularlr adapted for 
pouItrr-raUdnc K6 doubt the cli- 
matn haa somoihinx I'l (in itif" 
lalHini; of Idrd* nf "iii li c i .mt ; . ut !■ t.! I 
vigor and utariiin.i ih-ii ih" \ iri it io 
to lay more tlian wti liriif-t th<'ii own 
wrlfht In fgH" In iIk- year, but It 

must also be recognised that the flnal 
•eault dapeada upon the protfneer of 
tHa atook. aad we have here on the 
lalaad an Inereaalns number of poal- 
try farmers who are hrlnrins to their 
boahiess a truly aclentlflc skill, com- 
kitted with unremitting attention. 

Tdr. tt. r. Mauhewa. the owner of 
the wlanlns Leghorns In the en-lay- 
inv eonteet. Is a good esample o( thin 
type of poultry-breeder, and an in- 
spection of hla poultry farm, "Wll 
Ipf-ral." In Metchosln. In replete with 
infrifjit Tl,.- 1.11,1 -^hippR ifently to 
Ih" Ho'ithi I-! aiiil 11 liKhtly I reed 

with n II 1 growth fveri{re«^n trees, 

whiili afloid thi- rlglit amount of 
-had.' :ind Bhelter for the fowla. For 
while It Is desirable In Spring to yet 
the yoiiac ehicks into the sunshine as 
■iiioh as poMlble, they should never 
be ezpeaed to.tha uamtttsated heat of 
Summer sunshine, and conaequently 
a lichtly timbered plac* does exret- 
lontly fi t fowl.x Tfi" liulldinga . i 
hiBt of Iwn^f hoii.H'-H each 18 x li>ii 
feol iiiiil H MTnill'r on*" 18 x HO f»"<" 
All ihrce buildlnga face aoutbeast and 

have tha aaval open fraata, and are 

po»c. Atlac^lrd lo on«- I'f i he Urge 

hoMoee is a fa«d room, which is the 
laat wortf la eaavenlenoe of arraase- 
ment. Ontalde at one end i* n etand. 

upi.ii whi. '; ih>- i«a. kB t.f mill feed are 
unloa(l<-<l tr 'to th<- trurk The door- 
way then let-i down over the paaaag* 
way Inside and the sacks are cHn u d 
into their respective kins on the .^toc- 
ond Story of the kovaa, which has a 
capacity of ten tona, and tha feed is 
druwn aa wanted from the lower 
Ktorv. whieh is also furnished with a 
!. i. uii.i; i.ii :. nn.i fgg oratea, as well 
.1 iii» neco!>»uiy palis and meaeuree 
t .1 the feed^ Finally the email oat- 

Pitkert at U i 


sproutlnir house musi (><■ rii»' n I uitnil . 
with liK'hls "II Ih.' i.iof, Ms floor 

Of sheet tin, its tap iind hose and 
racks and trays for sprouting the oat.«i 
in, which are fed In addition to lib- 
etml 4ttaatltiea of kale and roou that 
are crown on tha pinee for the pur- 

r « >■ ; I ■ ' ' n I I, ,1 : ■- . . f ,1 f a ^ 

lin'iiri- .(' - . . ■ .1 .■ I I, \'.i<- \V i;.r\.il 
' .1 1 •! I 'i 1 ■■• -. r I I 1 I w ; I .I'll Hi,.-, . oie 

knows thai all these ImprovententH 
wej-e built by Messrs. Matthew Bros.. 

^4 ^\ 

Fee4 Rssss «rf Oka al «• 

•i|ulpp«d with neat-besea vndar tha 
front wall and dropplnc-boartfa wMh 
roosts above on the opposite side. 
Whtle the dropping boards nm remov- 
able tn faHlltate thorough cleantnic 
of every p.irt of the hf>use. There 
fire three lirood*-'- houses enrh con- 
nected with Ih"- 1.1 h'l and another 
Ihst Ik i1' ' 1 hf d l.aih house cc.n 
slsts of , w.irni M'lpni .ind a c f>ol room 

for the chicks, and the cool room has 
a ran- Way whJeh allowa the ehteka to 
vet oat OB lae days into a turf run. 
Bach hbaae has a eepaelty of 
hundred chicks, ami Is well con- 
ntructed with sloplni; f<K>t-hoards to 
rllmlnntA nil angles nnri the COaae- 
<|Uent rtsng'T of rrowdltiK. 

Near to th" hn.odor hcoiMC^ th'- 
Incubator h<iijf«e. i-onl:,lninK thrr. in 
CUbators of !ti>\ egK rapHi'lty " lo h. 
but evrn this •■'julpment proved too 

TV H.iU.y"'i:l [!t%i S|Tinc ind "li- l>e addad 
Ui tirxl \ 1 , • l-.n ■ he InCU- 

t)^tors turned out iwemy eight hun- 
dred chicks from selected Bto<-k. Next 
year, however, the *tt» will all come 
from trap-nested hens, which must 
ahow a record of ovor SM •n* in the 
yaar to be elifftble for oupplytng 
iiH»<hinR ecc% All three toanbatora 
,.f ti<" hot wnirr type. Which have 
i;,.,..t «,i • i«f 1 1 t Ion h.ttrhlng na 
J, . .-inii'v pei .PI.' ..f the 

The fine pen .r I rred'ng . terela, 

f^H aarafally '''"'^•1 rr • 'h* porpoae. 
ara lioaaad in the brooder hoi 
wl^leh llMni te a daal 
The ineakator keose. la 
Mr. is aaed ad a fruit 
'ftfier tt IMM aarratf Ha 

ail idea of their induatry and iitce- 
nalty will be caln«^, Hut hard work 
and convenient arrangements are 
only part of ih". ku. i t>i«sfiil poultry 
enterprise. In .uldlMon t.. these 
qualities the owri'TH hrinj; skilled 
nnd unrf-riTlttlnK .1 1 1 in t ion 1,, their 
work, with the .i n , td 1 n.n n\:\i earh 
year shiil .^how a marked advance In 
the i|,i.i;;'> and elllclency of their 
stock. To this end, for the paat year 
one hundrad Mrds have been under 
R.O.P, teet, and another pen of one 
hundred has agraln h«en entered for 
the eominc year The high'st score 
In the R.O.P. whirh \- ,1 pproarhing; 
rompletliin !•< ;j r ih< llnic ,,f writing, 
with !«.> niorf wii-k.n to rom- 
1 pletr Jier yeHr 1 1 . 1 w<'\.<t. in another 
I pen of flfly birds, xlso trupnested but. 
I 18 It happens, not entered In the 
U.O.P.. one bird baa laid 17k a^gs 
and haa yet twa weeks to aompleio 
the year, while another h^a the credit 
of Uylnv If evKM In <7 days running 
In thO R.O.P. section Ofiv p.r rem 
have laid over 300 eggs oa. h. and 
thirty-three per < ent have UM over 
22r> eggs es( h of c ourse, all this 
meHiia constant nnd methodical at- 
tention day by day. but where a Hock 
of hens ia doinv well, the reeord. as 
It citmbe up throath the year, fur- 
rtishaa untaOTin* tntercat and to both 
an laoenttve and a meaaa to even 
rreater things. 

Connected with the two Urgeat 
fowl houaea Is nn itnitrovenient that 
•» worth copvInK on o'her [>lnoes. 
Ihls Is none other thrtn a narrow- 
gauge railway, the rails formed of 
3x4 lumber, upon which a small 
truck is run for removing the litter 
from the houses to the land. It is 
I this ample aupply of rioh ffsrUUser 
I t hat is one of the chief arguments for 
combining fruit growing with fowls. 

The fruit and vegelalde nertiop at 
"Wlllerval" n.xers ah.iiit three acres 
and iniliid<H lliniHlav.T hliick herrlea. 
! I'Hans, r ...vpherrles and Mack cUr- 
I ants Hll of which bore heavily laat 
season .ind « re showing flae grOWth 
for the r iniing year. Aftar tho fruit 

is removed, the hene are parailtted to 
<ange among tha baahaa. and la sd 
iiUon to dsetroying iaaaat peats they 
have alaa proved aaeful in keeping 
dowa tha saakera of Um raapherrie«. 

thus throwing the «tr*.nrih • . the 
new canes An..).. .. > , i,- , , „ , ,,p. 
tO-date efTori i. ,...t.|, ,,f certi- 

fied s-",i_ ,,, , ii are deetlned 

""^- '''.'i. :, e In competiUon at 
' ' '*»o Fair. As the 
name of ihe (arm Will SVggest taken 

from * viliaga balaw Viaiy ' Ridge 
wkich kaa iiaiirakU aaaoeUtions 
tO€ tha awaai. ihto entarprtse la being 
paabed to eaooeea by one of ihs re- 
turned.** who, after rerelrlna snmo 
training at veteran pml' ■« <Mi«h 
ments . hf^se thi* ».p ; , .-nt (or hla 
ene.ri" I '» 1 , . , cTldenily 
< I < ma.ter o( ooogratu- 
' for the dtotrtet and 
his fellow produoenk bat alia far hla 

m 1 K 
la . 

former confrerea. who 
tke dtOealtiaa af 
courage e^ual te that 


wit- a 
layed In 

di.*.' not .itt.i'k oats. 

There iH no d.oibt the common ruat 
of <.ats \^ a .srrlioiii <.neniy of the oat 
crop, killin;; tlx- leaves and rc.Jiicinfr 
tho yield. There Is also no doubt that 
the common buckthorn helpa In the 
overwlntaflng and apread of thia rust. 
The common buckthorn, therefore. 
Should not be planted or be allowed 
to grow In countries where oats are 
a valuable crop. The common bor- 
bt-rry and I he cimiiiion liin kthorn 
should bo deatroyetl in grain growing 
regions.-e-W. P. Fraaar, Piaat frnih- 


Th* Care of Uoum PlanU 

One of the mo8f common questions 
asked is: What ails my plants? The 
leaves are turning yellow and drop- 
ping off. A new growth starts, and 

then dlea; or. my plants are not mak- 
ing any growth. 

Now. either of two conditions pre- 
\ail in m.iny of these cas'-s The 
lirst Is over - wat en n>r , tin. M»'<..,nd. al- 
lowinjj the plants to become too dr\ 
In tho greater number of caKcs the 
flrst condition prevails, owing either 
to heavy, unaultable soil, lack of 
drainage, or aa erroneoaa idea aa to 
the amount of moiatttre needed by 
the plants. There Is oonsiderable 
dirrerenre between water and laoia- 
lure. nnd plants thriving In moist solt 
and beioK Injuied tiv water standing 
around tli<' root." Soli for jmiI plants 
should in all rases be porous enough 
to let the surplu^i water escape, atid 
yet retentive enough to hold mois- 
ture. Rearing this in mind, it is al- 
ways beat to add aand and leaf- 
mould, or light wood dirt, to any soli 
used for potting, even If the soil Is 
from a fertile garden. Totted pl.infs 
arr grown under iinn.itiiral condi- 
io.n« 1 he roois (irn r 1 1 Ing *o the 
bottom of the I'olH .ind unless pro- 
\ Islon Is made 1 , li ss. n the amount 
of water given at time of need, injury 
will result. Rven with the soil In the 
best possible condition, it is abso- 
lutely neceaaary to have good drain- 
age at the bottom of the pots, or the 
lower portion of the soli will become 
sour and heavy. In fact, more fail- 
ures to grow plants are due to Im- 
perfect drainage than all ol her causes, 
and when there |n trouble concerning 
tb'^ 1:1 Kr..».iti iif plnnts the drainage 
.-should be loolicd after. Having stdl 
of good texture, ample drainage, and 
a heahhy plant, the larger number 
of Bo-called hoaae plants should 
flourtsh throagh tha Sva or aia 
maatha of hoaaa ealture. Wkter 
plants copiously when they need 
water: then do not water again un 
til the soil begins to look dry VwT 
nish moisture In the air if [.nssihle. 
by means of shallow 1,1. • iter, 
aet on stove or radlatoi, and "pray 
the foliage as often aa the leavea be- 
oooie aaated with duat. By ao doing, 
o»« may have hoaaa plaata that ara 
the prMe of tha grawar. 

Root cuttings of . ;imb,rg roses 
ma;- be made In June or July from 
the green wood, taking the gfOWth 

juet below a fermlac bad, or one 
may ino r aaaa hto plaata by layaring; 
that li^ h aa^l— a aiafn branch over 
until It teuehes the ground. Cut a 
allt one-half through the cane where 
it toTirhes the ground, pin the cane 
d..» .1. that It will renisin tfoiching 

the ground, and throw a aaovel of 
aoll ovar tha allt. If the soU likapt 
metal. raaCa wItt atatt aa tha aar- 
f ace af tha eat. aM tha hraaah may 
be detached from the main plant 
and set out by Itself. Roeea are heavy 
feeders, and require rich soil A 
mixture of clay, sand and manure 
would give good results If the soil 
is sandy, tkrow eat eaeagk te make 
ream far aae-third chiy aad maaare. 
If clay aalL add tha aaaio aaiaaat e( 
kara. It to well to lay 
la the rail and cover 
litter, kelag cure te re- 

Crown Hiut of Oats [ 

The stem mat of eereala, which 
causes Immenae loaaea In aome years. 

I ' « ' 1 . trow.) Til cTown rust i.f 
s IS not so well kniiwti imr do •! • 

!"saes caused by i' .-iiir-.i.' i...Mii ,1 
tentlon, as they are not usually so 
severe as in the case of the stem rust. 
Crown rust to. however, eommoa. and 
it cOeaia to he growing more severe, 
espectolty In Weetern Canada. It at- 
tacks the leavea of oats, killing them 
am. Ihiis rcdii'lrig the v;;;or of th" 
plants and lessening the yield. The 
rusi appears as hmall orange reddish 
moaaea on the leaves of oata in the 
Summer. I.4iter the black stage ap- 
peara on the dying leavea and glvea 
thoni a dark or Mack appearance. 

Just as the stem rust of wheat 
may live on the barberry, so *he 
crown rust of oats attacks the idin- 
mori buckthorn in the Spring and 
proaucea yelloMisli masKca of sporea 
(aasds) that blow about and carry 
the raat to eats. Last Iprlng In 
Western Canada, owing to favorable 
conditions, the flpriag spore stage of 
the rr<i V. n ins: was \ ery u n .1 t ■ ' . n 
the l...Uthc.ins in 'lome distrtrts 
iilMiiiddii! Ih,,t the. aiipe.ireil s.ilnw 
even at some dialanre. A very heuny 
attack uf crown ruat on oats fol- 
lowed, killing practically all the 
leaves of the oats much before ripen- 
ing. In conseauence the yield must 
have keen much less than if no rust 
were present. .Many ex |)orlinenfa In 
l/ic Kreenhouse lia\e shonn conilb- 
Ki^ei. itiat I lie on the common 
l)UrKthorii readily infecl.s o.its. In 
theje experiments rusted leavea of 
the buckthorna were placed above 
oata growing In pots, so that the ruat 
on the buckthorn leaves would fall 
on the grain In the pots. The oats 
were then sprayed with water and 
pl.ired m veiy moiat air. In every 
case the oai^ be( ame heavily rusted 
with the crown ruat. 

The common buckthorn is a shrub 
frequently used for hedges and for 
ornamental purpoaeo. It to valuable 
for theae purposea. but there are 
many other ahrubs that can be used 
which do not hpread ruat. The buck- 
thorn is haril> and <an readily be- 
1 oin» r'jtabli.sheil Should it l>erx>tn»' 
general, either from extensive plan;- 
Inif or spread from seed. It would 
cauae very serious Injury to the oat 
crop. The native buekthorn In Can- 
ada Is attacked by a rust, but this 
goea chiefly to swsmp grasses and 

Two Spring Shows 

"nr ^ \S • ' ' ihitdtlons of Spring fl..»< rs 
I >» • ' .1 Within the lasi w t-ek 

• ■ Mi.i; i.f the Kings liaugh- 

trrs. tiie (ificenlh annual daffodil and 
Spring flower show, and the Metcho- 
sla Spring flower shew, which merit 
more thaa the usual notice ia the 
news columns. 

It was the exi ' . 1 ,11 of m.iny 
visitors that III. fit si nieiitionrd 
show, whn h w.i.s h>-iil .ii ih-- Kmpresa 
lloiel, Muuld he represtnl .1 live of the 
we.ii'h of biossoni ndw to be seen 
everywhtri- in N'ictorla. It was re- 
garded aa 'certain that thto city with 
Its almost bewildering treasores of 
floral beauty would naturally avail 
Itself of such an old-eatabltohed in- 
stitution as the fifteenth annual 
Spring ahow to ezhbiit the finest 
gems of 11.^ I" .ssoaalone for tiie pleas- 
ure and edification of visitors to the 
rll\ a- well a.s its cltlsens. T\\ua lit 
least one party of visitors a nt o i led 
a.s ihey made their plans Hpei i.,;!> 10 
v!sit this exhibition Those « ho 
vielted the show that day know how 
dtaappolntlng was the result. The 
setting — the spacious ballroom of the 
jflmpre i s was all that could be de- 
sired, the arraagemento so far aa the 
society waa concerned were all that 
could be deelred, the presa had twice 
published a full Hat of classes, the 
prlaes werfe liberal, one thine alone 
waa lacking — sufficient public inter- 
est to send in th. flowers. In such a 
city as \ 1 . ■ uould have <'x- 

pected t);. Kicdt r<iorii to be packed 
With fluwerrt vieing with each other 
m friendly competition: on the con- 
trary a few tables round the walls 
adequately held all the exhibits, and 
In several instances there w^re only 
two entries to 11 class. 

It ia with extreme reluctance that 
I allude to this. One would infinitely 
lather record u daxzllng succees, and 
It Is only with the design of remind- 
ing Victortona of their loat opportun- 
ity and awakening a stem resolve 
that next year will see a vary differ- 
ent etate of things that the matter Is 
mentioned On the other hand, how- 
ever, one can Kratefully record other 
feature.s (,f the show whtcli wero 
f-atiMfactory in the extreme Tlie first 
of these was Ihe extremely fine col- 
lection put up by Mr. Barber-Starkey, 
of Oak Bay. Thto ooUeetloa waa !!• 
lumlnattng in the laat degree, the 
many varletiee were tastefully ar- 
ranged, and all had the advantage of 
beariiiK their names clearly Indicated, 
.and 110 doubt were pri\.itri\ 
noted down by visitors, with the de- 
termination to add them to their 
collection next year. if one wants 
size in daffodlla. King Alfred, a deep 
yellow, or Van Waveren' Otont, simi- 
lar in form and coloring to the old 
"Emperor," should satisfy every de- 
sire, while for both slxe and exriuinite 
coloring. Madame de Cr.iaff, with 
lemon trumi>et mid ivory perianth, 
is surely unKurpassed Very ple;is 
Ing, too. the other collection by 

.Vrs \\ood. of Royal Oak. The fad. 
too, that no less than fourteen tables 
were entered for competition prac- 
tically saved the ahow, arranged down 
the centre of the room, with the airy 
grace of their decorations, principally 
of greenhouae flowers, they made ,\ 
very charming addillon. lh<iugh tech- 
nically thry c..iii,i add little to the 
value of what was meant to be a 
ahowlng of flowers. 

On the day following, a flower 
show was held at Metchoain by the 
V^■omen■s Institute there, r)wlng to 
utia Vfddable circufnM.inres cotiipar:i- 
tively little t'libliclty had been given 
to It until shortly before the event. 
Alao, aa It Is the first Spring flower 
show in that dlatrlct for ten years, 
there could be no apodal preparation 
for it. Conaequently, the large col- 
Irctlon of flowers to be seen there 
was sll the more striking, represent- 
ing, as It did. merely the flowers 
which the residents had grown for 
their own pleasure without a thought 
of exhibition. The competition waa 
keen in manv cla.sses, but eapecially 
In the daffodils, the long trumpets 
alone having no fewer than nine 
entrlee. These were very fine of 
their kind, but ss they were all of 
the older sorts, there was no repre- 
sentatives of the latest (rianis. which 
lerl.Tlnly tiiailr. for more ei|uallty In 
the competition. The \arlous types 
of the doubles were well represented 
and so were the cups, and all In slse 
and substance bore testimony te the 
eultabllity of Metchoein air and soil to 
the growing of this favorite Spring 
flower. Roma very fine early and 
mld-seaaon tulips were to be seen, 
but competition was rot sn keen as 
tt would have been a little later, 
though Ihls would Inve militated 
against the daffodil showing. There 
waa a fair showing of polyanthus and 
wallflowers, and some very fine 
pa n alea. aome remarkable blo<Mns of 
the moat modem strains being shown 
by Mr. Peachey. who atoo had some 
rtmarkably good anemones. An at- 
tractive non-competltivs table of daf- 
fodils and hyacinths by Mrs Mathews 
added to the wealth of flowerS. and 
fotjr decorated tr<ii-(ablea showed 
much taste In their arrangsmsnt. Tha 
hall was also decorated prettily with 
moes aad wild lilies aad. la short, on 
every head there was evidence of the 
keenest Intercet In the success of the 
affair )>«lng taken by the community. 

Aa we recently pointed out on this 
page, Victoria and her environs have 
aa attraction In her Springtime that 
Is earlvalled in the whota of Canada, 
and the fulleat advantage sheuM be 
taken of the fact. One of the great- 
est aids to making Vtetorto famous 
for her Springtime wotild be to take 
adv-nntage of e%-ery opportunity for 
exhibiting what is br re done here, 
and it la greatly to be hoped that in 
the future the gardenera of Victoria 
will enUiusiaatlcalty he moved t« send 
■araplea af the treaaaros of their 
gardeaa te laafce the daffodil ehow 
the sueeoso tt ought to be. while the 
rural districts on their part will, 
through their flower shows, be en- 
couraged to go In more and more for 
the floral beauty which adds so mack 
to the Jor af Hvlliv. 

JUrouih Upol oi A^§U . 

X>roatb spat of apple to sow, be- 

. .. ..f Us appearance year a''- f 
year, well kaowa in tkoae orcha/U 
dietrteta of Brittoh Celuaibla with 
soil.s of poor moisture retaining 
capaclt) . or wherever > irrigation Is 
improperly applied, cither because of 
AtsulBcient water aupply, or tea laag 
iatervato between affplloattoaa. Whaa 
severe. It oauaea aa alaiaat eaasplate 
loaa of the crop. 

The' trouble appears as sm.iil brown 
spots on the young fruit. Sometimes 
it appears as bllstera, often ooxing a 
dr. [) of ..ip at other times the apota ,1 '-hriveiied brown patches. 
Aa the affected apples develop, their 
surface, in part, becomea rough and 
craoka, giving the fru^ a most ua- 
sightly appearance. 

\Vhile ilie imiii'd.i;..,. of the 
t.-outde i.s still s.iiio ivh.n obscure, li 
is <|uile fc-eiierallN accepied thai it 
dLe to our water siippiy. Vet, lu 
many ca;<es. the disease occurs In 
orchards where Spring moisture con- 
ditions have been excellent. Kx- 
amlnatlon of the root system has 
.•howu that the fine feeder rooto are 
dead. The killing of the root hair 
system might be. and no doubt is. 
brought alx>ut by a combination of 
cIreurosUnees, all of which, how- 
ever, point In the direction of sii In- 
adequate supply of water at some 
period through the year. 

Sitirc drouth spot has not been 
known to occur where soil moisture 
conditions are uniformly good, it is 
suggested that, aa far as possible, 
oioharUs In which drouth spot occurs 
bs ptoced under the most aultable 
i.iolmiii* condliiona obtainable, cms 
of the best known raethikls of Im- 
proving the moisture holding capa- 
city at tha soil la to add humus, 
either by the liberal application of 
Htraw manure or the prowitiif of a 
good cover ciop .\rre< ted tre^ 
should have as unlforni .-i ."iiiiply of 
moisture as possible during the 
growing seaRoii l"re<|uent light 
irrigations are inuch pn-ferablc to 
heavier applicatiuna at longer in- 
tervals Since roota in very dry soli 
are much more easily Injured by 
frost than those In motot soil. It has 
been shoam that much injury can be 
prevented by applying a very late 
Irrigation Just previous to the 
Winter freese-up. Suc^j a tote Irrtga- 
tion supplies the needed moisture 
yet In auRlciently lat^^o obviate all 
(l.ingrr of prodming new growth. 

It re.iuire.s from three to five years, 
with the best of care, to remedy the 
conditions causing the trouble. The 
recovery, however, Ig eertatn when 
sufflclent care Is taken, and many 
orchards both in Britlah Columbia 
and the Pacinc Northwest, formerly 
badly affected, are now completely 
r««etored to normal conditions. — H. 
U. McL«rty, Plant Pathologtot. 

Saxifrages for thjS 
Rock Gar4en 

ii, Jull.N liLlLlUSON. IJ<.ll-5. 

THERR to no family of ptonu 
that to more beautiful, more 
varied and flowering over a 
longer period than the Hajtlfragea. 

One comM make ^ \erv ln'ere.i;lnc 
rock KHi'len with Saxifrages . 

W ithout doubt the Saxlfr.iK- ■ • ■ 
Kone H liTig »av '.iwards in.iU.iig 
rock gardeiiinK ihe p^puiir hobby 
that it la. These plants are not Only 
gema when they are in flower, but, 
being evergreen and so varied In the 
color of their leaves, they are 
glarleua all the year round, and In 
winter partlouiarly they are alaraya 
a aouree of laterest aipd pleasure. 

tf a semi -shady place haa to be 
furntohed. then the moasy Saxifrages 
should be planted. Here they will be 
quite hupps- and will clothe the 
ground ■ ;iio)i-<\ li 1 o 1 1 1 1 < .. ■ K .>i .1.' 

bright K • <■ I iiiit III Mhv \*iI1 pi<iduce 
masM-.s n' Irliioni 'rhe-.- a 1 e nutiier- 
<ois \arir(ies of iiio««.\ Saxifrages. 
M.iiie with white flowers and others 
With pink and red blossoms. All ."ire 
easily grown, and ail the attention 
that they need to to be top-dreaaed 
with tins sandy loam twice a year 
when the centres get too far from ths 
ground, and. when they break in the 
middle, to be divided. 

The I.ondon Pride section of the 
Kaxifrage>4 is most useful, and i*ill 
also stand shade. The liery 
foliage of thIa section takes on a red- 
dish color In Winter. while the 
flowers in Summer are very graceful. 
Healdea the old ixindon I>rlde (Haxl- 
fraga Unbroaa there Is a small form 
called minor wlilch is only about a 
third as large as the ether type, 
other laterasting members of thto 
section are Aadrewall. Cualfolto aad 

Where there is plenty of moisture 
Saxifrage Alsoides may be pi.-iote.i 

It to as well tn Incorporate some lime 

rubble with the soil as this lenda 1 > 
Intensify the nivrr msrk rg.s of th; 

plant ^ 

la ' 

to ■ 


Host 1 


bright green 

It makes masses of 
foltoge aad 


1 . 1 1 ' ''One H 1 7.<' 111' 

la 1 • 1 . • ' \t . . , • 1 may be u>«*<l 
It 111- i.w k f. . . Spring, and Its 
leaves take on 1 i.r.mtlful coloring In 
Autumn and. Winter. 

Perhaps the most intereatlng 
varieties of all belong to the en- 
cruated section. Thto to aometlmes 
called the "sliver" section from the 
fact that the leavea, whieh are 
produeed In roaettea of grey green. 
aYe mbre or less encrusted on the 
edge with white spots. The rosettes 
produce offsets fjulte freety In most 
Ruaes, ao that in a very short time .1 
Hlngltt rosette will hn\e .so muliiplied 
aa to cover a considerable sre.i 
This aection needs plenty of lime, and 
In planting them In the rock garden 

.^monn the liest of 'h . 
^r, (IP the fuJowij ^ 
.its, h'mI \ ery aalisf.tii g 
Ml I ,« ii-^eral varletlea 
one and in June throws 
spraya of yellowish white SeWora. 
B. Cotyledon should be In everr rack 
garden la quantity. It tkrewa ap * 
plume over twa . feet la laagCh of 
whiu fleweva aametiaiea apattad ivtth 
plak. S. Atooon and lu vartettoa. 
Liutea and Boaaa, form deaae 
cushions of green, which lacrease 
very quickly Aixoon produces 

while flowers laiteK reUoW, and 
Uosca. pink All aie 'luo*- '■.isr i') 
Ktow and v» , 1 1 ilo well ; . ',, .»,.n < r 
In partial shadr There k ■ r, iwTeT.,. 
other forms of AlXoon varimx 

several wa>a from the type both in 
the size of (be rooettaa aad the aaltr 
of the Aowers. 

There are many ether aaeakbara at 

the encrusted aeetlon. and the rock 
gardener would do well te eeaauU 
aoRM of the excellent books that may 
be found in the Public Library for 

further Information. 

The Katist hia. or rush i,»., ist> 

are not quite aa e«sv • l ^ ■, 
foregoing, but, given iiv^ia ne lond. 
tlons. they present no unsurmeuat- 
able difficulilea Perhaps the easiest 
to grow is Appiculata. which to Itaolf 
a hybrid and produoee yelloi 
from a very aaa t caahlon 
February. There la 
variety dUNHag aaly te the artap 9t 
the flower. 

The number of the euahlon varle« 
^tlee is legion, but among the eaaleat 
T to Hurserianu, which looks for all iha 
world like a lllll.? gre, !, .tgehog. 
The flower liuds form early In 
January and Kradunlly rise from tho 
r'.se'lr .ind iipen vrhrn about gil 

'I.I h.iif higti .» ng a torge 
wh.le ill. n I I . tViwers are long- 
lastlng If I ii;ed by rain. 

Among others of thto 
Bltxabetha 8. 
and many othera. 

There ara maay athar Baslfr 
aome ltd apeoiee— and la addltloa a 
large anmber of hybrids and varit* 
ttoa, many of them of garden origin 
aad some of them even more beau- 
tiful than the species 

Plant Raxifrairea. if at all possible 
In the Kail and read all you , . 
ai.out them In the Winter evenings 
This family of plants will be found 
lo be one that can be given any 
amount of study without any danger 
Of the student ever knowing it .ill. 


Some Hardy Flowers 



THERE Is B small group of hardy 
Alpine flowera which sh..uld l>e, 
and nf> doubt will bei dine belter 
known. They ,are Synlh\riv remfor- 
rnls, S. plnnntifbla, S. iilaiilaginea, H. 
.ilplna and Itiillii. They are not 
showy plants, but attractive, forming 
pretty little tufts of foliage which 
send up pleasing spikea of flowers. 
They belong to the ScrophularUds. 

Ths best perhaps to S. reniformls, 
with thick, gloaay, as though var- 
nished, kidney-ahaped. and prettily 
Hcallope«I leavea. The flower spike la 
four i.r five Ini hes high, on which are 
small flowi rs of a goo<| violet blue 
cidiir As \4 r.immon with m;iny Al- 
pines It begins flowering much 
earlier down by the Coast than In its 
natural habitat |n the mountaina. In 
mild seaa<ma it will commence flower- 
ing in February. 8. pinnatlfida haa 
taller spikea of flowers, and they are 
■I better blue, and the leaves are more 
deeply cut than those of .S. reniformls. 
Anyone who had not seen the latter 
first would fall In Io\e ulih ihls. The 
flowers are withnnt doiibt .1 better 
color The two fhiojld not be grown 
foReihrr. however. but some dis- 
tance apart. They bloom at the same 
time. 8, pinnatlfida ia a native of 
Idaho and Wyoming. S. ptontaginea 
haa flowers with a tinge of pink on 
blue, and flowers later. S, alplna 
has rounder leaves than S, relnformla, 
but scalloped alao 

li much richer blue This comes from 
the same region as .'l pinnalifidn 
There Is another sps< I. " s Mullln, 
with yellow flowers T' also a 

white variety of S. renlformis, which 
is said to be very attractive, aad nan 
be grown together wtth tt or with 
either of the blue flowered apeelea. 
They all like a cool, rich soil with 
plenty of root moisture, but will not 

staad being bed. 


Natural aapbalt to obtained largely 
from the fhaieaa pMoh toko 


Ballets and high exptealves were re- 
apeaalbto for twenty-gve timee aa 

Anrdher siplne. ulth many names, 
which ahould be known to all. Is 
Douglasla Vltallana. also called An- 
droaace. or (iregorla. or Dinnysla. or 
Aretto Vltriiaaa. BotanicaUy It to 
related te all theae geaera. To do- 
oortbe It meat eaally. It may perhapa 
be called a yellow Aadrenaee. Ka 
almost citron-yellow exquisite little 
flowers rising above the greyish leaves 
.Tre sdnilrrd b> evervone. It forma a 
gfiod (a-pet when left alone, lojt is 
Impstient of dis'url>. nr<- and Is no- 
very raay to establiah In aome places 
It does not grow on limestone. an<1 
la not found on these rocka l^>..the 
Swlas Atpa, where it to a native. It 
will grow oa the broken rook la the 
moralae, hut win not staM taa atuek 
dtaaght la h 


A very good l>order flower for theae 
who like yellow ones Is Rudherkla 
pirwtata This is called I>epachys by 
aome authorities It is s true peren 
nlal. and differs in thia respect from 
m.-vny of the oone-flowers, some of 
whteh are aa n aato aad some biennials. 
R. ptaaata has aet a vary exaggerated 
hat tha ray ftoreta drabp dawa. 
jtvoa tt a aora e aa a p to ue u a 
poeltlon. The calar e( the rays la a 
very clear tr a aapa f ua t yellow, end 
they ere twa iMfegg la«S apd the eon* 
t>einc very dark. slUieat black, makes 

a atronx rnnlrasi AM of the Hud- 

becktos are worth growing, aad they 


I would draw apeotol attention to 
a vartoty of Campanula penrtelfolto, 

which I omiteed from Ihe reference I 
made to Campanulas recently owing 

to an error of oversight. Instead of 
being omitted, this beautiful fb.wer 
ought to have had spiTlnl mention. 
I refer 1.1 the variety known as Tel- 
barn lte,iul5 This is of the most 
glorious of all blue border fltiwers, 
.ind Is worthy of being placed In the 
Mat of the twelve best blues for tha 

Japanena Toad fJly 

Tricyrils hlrta cannot be railed a 
general fav..rite Si.rne i.r.,p;, 1,, 
not like It 1 like It If only because 
It flowers in October and beeauae It 
Is quain* This la a Japanoao ptont 
and easy enouvh to grow, but ghould 
not be put where It to eapeaed to a 
chance of night frosta. but In a warm, 
sunny tocatlon. The rather rough, 
almost corrugated ■ dark green leaves 
horn on somewhat arching stems a 
foot long are not unplesslng. nnd the 
Illv like. curious. pinkish iiurple 
spotted an.l frer-kle^ flowrs emerge 
from Ihe ail, a f Mie le.ives Another 
species. T ma- r-'iu-da. flowera In 
.June and .July They are eaa(ly Pro 

pagated by divlalon when oaao they 
have beeome eatabllahed. 

liltho ap <-r m nm n<-«»rrii| ninf 
The only thing ng:iio«i t rr,, m ft,r 
The flowers are j hotnnlcal name It is nti,.- ■ ^eap 
sneer to grumble at theee ghastly long 
l.atln and LAtlnlsed Otsah niwita 
The proper thing to do to to Invent a 
really attracUve aad appropriata Bag- 
Itoh name, bat that to aften even 
harder atllL Lithaapermum prnatra- 
turn aad the haaatiful variety called 
Heavenly Blue should be in every 

garden Planted In full sun on a 

bank or In a » .• ; 1 d,',^;ne l border In 
r.'.i t".. rub • * »,,r« they Could 
8pr<'ad all roui.'l • ■ are ynry beau 
tlfol. They flo^T ,.lri . »i all the yenr 

round, and even in tbe depth of Win- 
ter have oftea aome flowers, though 
their chief period of bleaai to Mar to 
July. Tha apaa t aa L. OaateaN to 
sapa a tony a llmestoae pisnt. and will 
grew en almoet pore lime rubble with 
a nttto aoll, and it is included in th« 
Itot of beet plants for the moraine 
garden. I. pr. . 1 bClSlC te the 

ordiaar}- rock garden iiat. 

to a plaae where thto Aadhamla 
He growa. Therg was rather a 
lit to pleture of thto pretty datogr in 
Th* Oardtoaara* Chrontole. i think, last 
Jaauary. In perhaps the rirat number 
of the year 

Noon Mtr 

Hto Meaambryath sgiuaM are aet 
aappeaad to be hardy, bat the apeelee 
M. uaelnatum to gulte trastwerthy l'\ 
most parts of Bagland and Ireland 
and therefore would do even better 
here thai ■ > >■ r ttiry are more 

thaji mo».: , « ' o rhildren of the 
■'"^ K f mixed up with 

ao .M .r ,V4 uneatum. whieh 

I" ' ' "-'V' It is of a shrubby 
growth, almost eroet In habit, aad 
when full groara gees up to two feat 
la height, aa tt aMy he aao« tn froat 
^ a lalalatura preelptoe in the rock 
Bardea. It haa many succulent three- 
aamered Isavaa. rather hooVed \■^ 
form, whence Its spt-rif. • 

should always be plsr-": > > th* rrry 

holiest< r . Tl,. more sun 

It gets the more (lowers tl will have. 

Ayh w nto Oapan 

^ Anrther frr^».ire wi'h a gha-) 
^ name and no comm. '1 '.ame ) ,-i he.ji 
I i! out This to a v«. ' • ity rhryaan 
themum like delay with pretty silvery 
leavea and quite large single white 
flowers. It haa a ayrsadlag growth 
aad arill make a pteat a yard sorssn 
If uaeheefeed. 'Hm toa vaa have B 
pleaaant aroaiatto ador, and are ka>B 
ttfally ahaped. It will grow in poor 
aoll and full sen. and rontlnuea to 
bloom from May i" l'».ernh»r. eapari 
atlv If 'he flow..', i, , „ff and not 

s - .1 ■ ' ■ ! • grr.wt h la 

rather UxHie «.(.d k 1 in h ; , •,■ irslllng 

and maay-branched. In t^.. :> h >u.i; 
it goea aU to growth with fewer flew- 
arsL It raaiBAIaa a aauUI aiaif giHs. 

I far eutthig. the 
hotter thaa tiuu 
of aMuy eompoaftaa for daee r atloa. It 
will grow well on a still dar soil 
which make* • \sluBb!e f. 
looaflana Tr^*-*. . '^ffen in go -l-r.. 
a place . f - . . , , , hank f 4 1 
or fox p-sni, ,,ei,ow. aaprod active 1 
grfmmi that to dMHaaJt ta hMa. ftgrs I 

By far the slmpleai, eaatea. and 
beat laethod af prapaBatlag geian* 

turns Is to Insert the ruttlrc- 'h» 

open ground, and there ia no hettef' 
time for this than the UaM half g( 
August, SS the oattteBi forwi 
almoot direatly ta tha 
make atardy phuHa by the Autuaiii 
without beaomlng too forward, or 
"Winter proud Any bed of falrlv 

light soil In an opee r.o«Hl..n w|l| 
snaft" 't.-,..,.. ..,,,,,,,1 
well dug over pre^t loualf , aMl |( ^ 
modarafe qtiantlty of leaf-meaM tail 
be added, aa maah the hattar, a«pa- 
dally If the gpn la af B aaCamlty 
heavy iso ar lptioa. Jhm had beln* 
prepared, draw llnea. or sihallow 
drilto, where the rultings are f.. s'. 
these shr.nM about mi t inri »« 

a 1 . 1 : ' • V . . ! • h. » - ■« . • , h h I n • rji >-. 

be rahe hojaa atM>at (oar Inches 
>i ai ! ut a pinch of aand in each, 
and tbea 

them go 

tkoagh ir. 

give tber. » g,,, ,^ r, t ,,,T£ over- 

hes I t.» i\ T>,i., « 11 fnrm ruet la a 
for- ghf. -KnA In a monto will have 
become fin' ptoOtB. fUll af VlBar, 

which oaly aoed ta be Httai. patted 
aad wiwMtmt te a aaal heoaa ta aMfta 
graad ptaata the feltewtag asasna. 

The 'oomparatively dellead' triroln<- 

ane'les hoi h "goM" and .i ... 
• r* „. . r,,» • < <1imesil' tr. irtriV» aa « 
r IJ ' .i r ' i f r f K * I . ' ^ ^rr rvt a f) y 

lOMea ar*- experienced, bat by adopt- 
ing tke method daaarfhaC ahaea, 
M pgg BMM. df the 
aad asdke 

Keep f»i« 

and lift and 
pot the pUnto jasK bafora fraat agBHh> 

Soil for PanBies 


h » I wr - « 

aad then Ut 

dry for a finse 

'»rialea thrive 

» o* I » 

heavy sell — One that will reuUn 

solt rteh la plant fa 
freMi (Tom (be swamp* is not la 

ditton In fiirnlab pli.n' f»od This 

m'J'k • ' '~. '1 t''» 't['.se'1 'n air an'1 
• on f. ' * " hsfor* t-«e1rj iiae.1 

ao<1 ■■ \r '-<i»r for h a v a ■ 1 ' 

lie air-stoked hms to a wagoa-lead at 



Problems of Immigration and Settlement in British Columbia 

«b4 ha* be«n for soiM tte*. 

about tniniigration, Mttlcmetit 
vb«mM mad asrtruUural eo-oi»«ra(ton 

lh«( It miKfii tif ("iipiM.wd I hj.t the«r 

oonipsraiivf':)' nfw thing;« »<< (<ir <xn 
BrttlsH Columbi* !• oniorr.'Ml Very 

tmr Ummr, and bum* oUim. a th«y <itu 
kMv, tev* f«r«octM tk«t tb« auw- 
tUuM of ImnUvrMl^n MM! atttlavwt 
mrm am old m ttic rmgim* ot llr Juaoa 

DoaglM Ita^lf who had no«rinr Ui- 
«tnjr-Oon« fr-m ih^ l Olunml He< r«"lary 

«u(t UKl out. aiKl to the prim and 
term* ot p»yin«Mi *Md ih« prfx auilonB 
to b« Ukaii MfaloX U bolsf aocured 
kr iii<M l a t < i m. Of 

poVejr 4feUfd froM Z>««nria« 
hevwvvr corrttei In prfadvl*. wltkoot 

I. nowirijfce nf condltlona Id tlif tlten 
\»ry r^-niiiio >'ttlont««i t)f Viin> ouvcr 
liilaiiil ati'l ItriliHh i '<>iiMnl>i-^, vrnii!>l 
iio iMniri'l to br mcM »• "I Ihmb inir»r»<'tn 
nblfi. And so It proved. Hir J*rn«« 

T>«iigkM fod •ucoMdlov Uov*rnum 

AhMyS !■ pWMiMg MM of MOMT 

pitfMM oC loMi Milwitmtloti. aold 
lamt wliofi and whororor thoy eeald 

gat pii r<- b>ut*T«. mikI at prK-aa raally 
HdleviJ'iuKly low in view (if l'..s polen- 
value, Tti^ tiilnl.iWet nf poli^ y. i>r 
rather ot the lark ><{ poll'-y siiirff><l 
at tha very ftjl.tet ,«rvl we • «M ruiw 

aloBff with Maud Muilar and ttm 
j«4t«, onntemplata what ntfcbt ka.v.- 
^•M. Wliat la trua of Brttlah Cotum- 
bla la. of counM, trua of all th« prov- 

Incea of f -ici lii., only in Kr^-af-r <!»■ 
(fr«« oil O il |.Hrt owing; tu thfl (ciral'T 
I'l (itilf^iii I'lesi nt'-'l 1> , oiii iihyulral 
1 fiH'l 1 1 lorif" I ani not Boing lia'k iii 
V.axirrn ''.iii.t'ta tO the {1«vt< "f th-- 

Canada J.ana CeapMUr. military land 
vrants and abaavtaa land holdara in 
Prlnea Edward XatMi^f kttt to more 
raeaf|t timea, whan thaaa avita were 

targrly thlngi of (he past Ami. ilso, 
what in true of land t« iru" of timber 
and other iialuriil raa«;irre>i nrii1 »>f 
iraaaportatlpf). Moat of oi,r problcnia 
aff dua to a lack of fore-DKh! or. per- 

iMpa. of net Honing to think, amu- 
_lat4d kr Ite^fiMUyt f ma "iwrry 
ufi" matkaia. and ayparcnt auecoa* nf 
tha T7nltad Stataa in gattinv popuia 

tlQB. Our pioneer statejimen had quUe 

■ H tflnch fore»l»rhf we have^ «pd 

^'•>m»> ' f tVwm I f I I- < • I ' :\ \ iiM'r«» 1 "r^ 
ln»tnn< '». Mr .lohn \ M i' floii.i .) 
his life and Icttei.s to nlinw, i' r \ 

10 hava Tiauallsed tha political r- 
qoframaata of hia tlma and of thr 
futwra. If, howrvar, tha rariotj.M 
maaauraa and admlniatratlTe acta i<i 

(leaUng: with land, timber, railway* 
and Eo on had had a.s much attention 
paid (o thrir prfihablr "ffei ( for 
Inataneir, wau» p«l(l to ihr Mib|ei-t nf 
Cmfadaratlon. whit a miKhlv diffei 

onea thara would hava b«en! I'^Tcrjr 
poarikla davalepmant of tha B.N.A. 
A«t was aarafklly w«i«kad in three 
FMli^ daUkaMtlan. and wlilla ntocii 
haa oee n rrad alnaa In ita worklnv out 
that wae not antl^'lpated. yet the elai>- 

tir|l\ of ' i'- .1^-, ,iM .1 ■Rtp'le h««l 

t>err,i|' ii-.i I, .lLu'ii n inoel filly 1 1> 

■ f ' , ,1 , . ,p It In t o be 
doubled, Indeed, tiiai even now, wli i 
•It our ««parla«ea of tha p^-^ 
flfty-al« yaara, tha anpa nam- 
kar . af man aalaetad from amooK 
e«r. political laadrra rould Improve nn 
that aot. However, this i« dlRrrnj^ion. 
T haie f>ri\v referred to it to illiislrate 
the reaulln of our Father* of Confod - 
eratlon takta* iDflnlta paina. 

Fiaotlcnl Saacr*Mk>nB 
In lt0l, Mr. A. i\ WlumTfrM. our 

•ataemad townaman, lasued ins tix n 
^ell known pamphlet, "Immigration 
n« \". i!n|f Canada .-\nd ller Con- 
■Uturnt I'rovtaoaa." which was fha 
eotcoma of a aarlaa of prlaa aaaaya. 
and which in a aanaa of rara public 
aptrit Mr. riumarfalt paid for and 
printed and pukllahad In l.irge num- 
ber*. Apropos of the foreffoina obaer- 
>aflon.'<. in lh<' lollnwlnv- nn <'\tra<'ts 
front thu Hriiivli i ()iuiiil>ia i v^ay, In 
whlrh th" bnxi i.|. I if) set forth that a 
true policy of immlcrallon Involvea 
not only tha mora gattln* of people-*- 
whifik har«tofara la Canada haa kaen 
tha mam daaMaratvni of caremmantii 

— but (he relatad aubjacU of land 
labor. U-H nuportallon and communica- 
tion, a plan . f «.■! t tetneni , an<l taat 
of all. p\ibllcll.y. niuki knuwii to thu 
world what ih'i ronditionn are afff>< t - 
Ing aritlemeiit. If 1 remember cor- 
rectly the judgea who eama to a unani 
moua deoiatoa aa to tka baat aaaay aqb 
miuad wara tha lata Mr Cttva PhlUpa 
Wollay. Mr. Joatlea Oratory, of the 
■apraaM Court, and Mr. David wtiaon. 
aehool taope<t>.r I 'on'^eri- , n (• -he 
Initial nrlataloH tn.ide, the writ<'r of 
th- f;., .|iie)iii(in ror.H on to ea \ . 

and tim iibacrvationa are ot axtrawe 
interaat In fioartdarf g «ar irlSTii 1 
"I aMjr aay that Brltiah OalamMa. 
Uka tka older Provlncaa. 
la mMakaa of pubUo poUey. but 

moro offradoua mlataJcea tlmn 
thay did Thla wa oil r*allre -. .vs 
H wa« (he re«ult in h rre^it mi ij> i ; 
of flnan<lui iief«»^ <i i the oonllniml 
want of in.M -v f. ■ pubiio purpoaaik 
and. In part, the raault of Inaspari- 
•noa, or. p«rhap% tka laek •€ Care 
ai«ht.^ Muah af tha pubiio donun. 

' " . - - - n»(„f^i aawetn 
Pdtad Wllk Witlioiii leatn > 
•P raaenre and for tmllrv r»-lnrn« 
There ^^,^n no tuldinc '"mprohen- 
alve poll V r>Ma|.lishe,l in. I pnr.nir.l. 

' <l.-v. l. i.r,,, III followe,! In iMo 
vitUn of III* apeoulaiive tendandes of 
fiM, p. ,,„i«iion. Thla waa not wholly 
•VI I, brc4Ma««> u n wpaa t od raanlta foi 
lowed from tha antarprlaa of tha ho i 
a< **tnill-klaaanr— praapectera and 
■dvaMtnraru — and otM>ne«! to ij - h 

•'•UBtry and n inv nt >• (•..-.~ni. ..-« 

We hava ofi*" r«M(..-,( V, >i.,t vk , ■ 

iBtaOdfwl •,, 1,.-. !,,vkn ^, ; h..,,. 

♦ tme.i I'll i,et'.-r than we knew. 

t-it !t « ui r.n,-r,,riae Ml thO WkolO. 

unauided and hapkaaard. that laft 
nMny failureia Wkaa It aaooaadiA 
U waa larvaly gamklanf luck. Out 
of aaoli oaadltioaa. of rou raw. tlio 
Brttlah Bapir* haa b*-,,,, , v..ive<i. 
9tni. a batter war In nnimti < v inmbin. 

Tnlr'it b:n.- h.« .Ml r-'Li i if [.j,,ri,,.^r 
govern ine'i'n hxd aal down aJi<) 

tMvrh! veriouKiy of the faiTa. . . 
Karly MMlanaN firhf-mr^ 

ii!--.' :< th.. Rovernmetii ..f ih»- m,.. 
ii»nd oi Rroi*h < ', ra«I i t . ,1 • ' i 

rit • I ck 1,1 ,,,, i,,, 

•bouidnra Aa an old Hudrpn'g Bay 
Ca. oAclal ha kaarw tha nmpuy a|»d 
tta maira^aata aad ha eonatantiy 
pff«Ha4 upon tka Meiiao authoriti«w 
tka nacawRlty for monev t . \ r. 
v'an«Hf to ope«n !t In vni ,„u, " .y., 
to b'lHd roadn. to tmf.1.1 f 1 \ !tf n 

• nd «o on. fiut t m r»r i ;< |, rr_>(i 
waa that » '-otiriiry of «o mii'-h ir 

ptttad wealth moat act upon itm own 
iM i M ^ vkiah tt kaa ai4 ta da In 

tha paHay 

ot Uip lap art ki OoTammont at the 
tlMM waa a wlaa caa, aa Ubaral ad 
vaneaa of money avan thi^ugh ap 
pereatly au much re>iuiratl. would 

liu\tf lid lu lavuh anil tnuili Ui-' 
: IriM oxp<.nOiturc a-i i lio i-f<]ual of 
' «iiv»Mla Kuaa I'l ahuw, and would ik". 

have fuatcred » apirli o( aaU-raUapce 
no •■sciiiiai to tha aueoaaa of a younK 
country. Tha laatVIMllOMI MBt out 

to tha f o aa w dg la iMpeat a( tka ad- 
'niaMvaitaa of paklle laada and pub- 
Im: administration ware ^modela of 

f oii.-ft ruci n I" i>oiicy, rafl'-fUiiK w.. 

doru and o'alMiiiaJMhlp on iho i>.iit 
of Mien liko I .iiljourtitro .iiid l.>lii n 
arnountiiiK alrjioM to ifnuUtJ*. toit on 
thn other tiimd tdo wllhholdliitf of 
the aupport aaked (or left the colon/ 
la flaanelal atralta^ and for yaara it 
waa a head to aottth pellar of nda- 
ing money to niaat tha arar-preaalng 
n»>«d.i of the lr»»a»ury Owing, aa I 
h.ivo already liilmuiled. ti' 
pfiyi-j'-al 1 oijforin* : Ion r(iir>ffNl .tinl 
iiioij ni.ii noii* nnd t!i«' i-ulalcd puai 
lion of iiritijiii ( 'oiuiii hiA, the prob- 
lem ol deveiopmani and the fraatlpr 
of public worka ot all MlpdP WM a 
i¥Hxittartiir diOtault aa4 aaaUr aaa. 
irv only ana year. aatU l$t4, waa 
tbere a aurplus In thf tfamiiy and 
UiiK i]ult« tnairniflrant (If not aome 

what t\i iltlous) ,Vii .1 1 oivjjtiqijeni ••. 
landrt iti KirKn "i- ani.ill i]iiuuLUi>m4 
PimIxt .ind tn.iKji. went d« Hpni'iil.i 
lion arose, la fee,i a starving eachetj 
tier pracUoally without reatrlctlonB. 

condltlona or plan: water rlghta wer« 
i^rtad with aa applied for. The Prov- 
ince had t" ita capital on any 
lerma and t;rew steadily In debt. 
Iloada and traila were bn ^ i o . i 
the real of fanoled re<]uli i nii n'>» 
aattlern oi oj • •• ^ w ii> r ■< ■ ■■ 

alten hl .^^'.'■r,^ h' Te and there ovi r u 
\v..i. I-.... 'hoot reference t.. i 
ityviem or to the ftitura require - 
raenta of the whela eatiatry to be 
sM-rad. (That waa poaalbly more or 
l«aa avoidable, aa govemmanta 
could net se« into the future of any 
district or mining camp to whieii ui- 
tentlon hoji been called by dlacover- 
!»!» \\ !io Would have imagined over 
tweni • • rarM ajro that nourlahing 
towna in the Interior would have be- 
come deaalateand «atahakMadT-~«-) 
i:very nan who did not hava a road 

10 hia aataMMMaaat had a vrtev- 
anee and votaa were goarea and valu- 
able. Bettlem and apeoulatorn took 
up land and timber wtti,. ■ mr 

l''ri..r - II '-vrMf.l .iiol i-.rui.ic.l wh-fe 

II' >■ ' V. (T ., . I , , ,» 1 1 aa 11'. 

pio.u<od .Setilemant, us a coaae- 
quenr*. baoame aoattared and wide- 
spread, ereatlny a preat pakHa kar- 
den (for a anall papttfaulon) of read* 
lap. pollelnp. aehoollng. and admin- 
latarlnff ganerally, conformable with 
the area and naturo of the> rountry 
t«> he governeKi. What might havo 
be«-n donn had not neceattifv 1,. .-n in 
the seat and driven ao bard it is 
iatarattlaf to dwell npaa. 

Natnral Proomara 
• In the lijrht whli h timo h«i Jihed 
on rituation- .iii'l »e « r all 

W-10 fiflAr thft event-- ha<t I boen 

1 i.tiina; tbo policy of the country 
nnd had to be«in de aave. I ahould 
hava attaiaptad by a oemprahanaiva 
and gystenuuio aeriea'of rcfiUaUoaa. 
to have concentralod mrttl'^mont in 
a few main ImHi-^t .mit cornpoii.,! n 
to radiate from the«e c«>nir«ri ^a do- 
\elopninnl In a natural v,ny war- 
ranteii 'i he prinripni nut lei of 
farmlnir population we>re, as today, 
ihn southern end of Vanoeuvar 
Island. WeetaUaatar X>tatrlot In the 
lower Maialand. alaay tha line or 
the Oartboe Road and (later) in tiie 
Okanagan Vfiiieyw Tb.*-.. 
other valleya along the 'ihoui 
Ulvera Nli-olii, Hlmll kanieen. ix-i ).-, 
lliver and in tlie Kootenaya which 
won: I . 0 )iad eoruilderatloa aa the 
clrcuinMancea wa/ranted. 

"Tha reaulta dealred would have 
been accomplished !iy rfmervlng nil 
lands for settlement until survey c^t 
and fully reporlo,! upon, tlien divid- 
ing' up I ho whole to the best advan- 
laKf to nettlenient on condltlona of 

u'.» and occupation at prloeo varylas 
irom one to fire dallam aer acre.. 
In a eouatry with very limited acrt- 
ealtaral laad holdlnir* are a valu- 
able aaaat aad the fre*> rrant i»i.'..ioin 
would have been a iiu»»tAka Tb« 
•-lling of l.ind IniUm'a-lrnlnately at 

11 per ;i< rK wr>H a Killl greater mla- 
t.-iki-, and one from which the Prov- 
ir.< o has suffered greatly aad la atlir 
suffering. No further laad ander 
thla ajratam WOvM have been opened 
up valll tha avallabla aurreyed dis- 
trtata wara AM «poa. 

•The roailnir. aehoollng and .id 
minlairatinn ..f (heee dlstrioU would 
have been a definite and compara- 
tively in( x),enH;\ . [irocesa and would 
h.ivo H4>rvcO more efficiently the re- 
fill rememts uf the popalatlea. The 
soqueetratlon of aattlan^ oaa of the 
evila of plaaaar Ufa la Brttlah Co- 
laanbla (alao of the Middle Waat^.i 
waald have been avoided. Man is 
aaaentially i jrre«mrioiij» animal and 
la much more huppy and contented 
In roinmunltif^ In a condition of 
l(»oln.iion Th»> love of compaolon- 
ahip i<« on»» of the mnin reaaona for 
<-l»y life beinc preferred to eovatfy 
life. Mark the contentment of the 
Kt«»nch-CanadlanB^ In Quebec, in then 
Imp line of contiguous reaidcnten, 
humble though they be. alone the 
esourae of a river, or the cohealon of 
the. Mornionx in > hair altMdagatf PaM" 

nninillort in I lah 

nir fl" in. I ll reaulla of the Qov- 
•'n'ii<n' IT. mid ,iia<j h\\e> been many 
tirn., crr.^ier In proportion to the 
' w<eoditurc involved. The tendaaey 

:tpread out' unduly la the tea- 
dency of the Weat. iaareaalnp the 
ceet af adaolalaCrmtlea in iaverae 
ratla. a taat that hks led t* the piling 
op. la ta aaa aad eitsea. for in«t*nce. 

or maalalpel debts out of kseptr^K 

with the population. The rtneollon 

In a nutshell la that > 
government la not n.^ 1 

f r large popu:.*: . n 
1 1 • 1 n for .< . .01 

■ i'l ..■<■( 1 i.i rp. :» I 

in I isi r < I r I .^avi It .s a I r 

' r,i - iiijt'ier degree 

,f rkma aattlaaMat 
' ' "■raotaa af all- 

po licie s. -tJ.) 

**rha aonneetlap of 
dlatrteta widely dataekad. aa they 
are. would thaa hava kaea b^oapht 
akaat by Tinea of -rrrmpnlfaHaB. 
mala trunk mada at flrat. and. 'wr — 

lAods aad Tlaabrr 
"A almllar 
followed with 
tunkar wwiM kava 

tnd no timber berth* In any way d « 
(>oaed of UBUI proparly siirre^ei 
and cnilaad. and then onj 1 n 
regard t« oommarrtal 
The OoTemment i'»»'f .honi! i.». m , 
pastftlaa ta know tha extent and value 

1 p *- r ■ >,- • f 
"• Cfl. I 

. : .o,;e,i 
< «■ ' *.1 
i*a ' i»fi»rlory 

I That idea 


of the tlakar la aaaay aaaliaa aad 
thiu to aeoare tka current market 

vaioe Of the ascertained at.lnd." .ind 
su pn. This. It should be notod, wai 
wrltlrn in lf08. vvh-o tv.rythliiK 
ev('r>Mhare w.ut )ia|'|>y and lh«3 
prowerlual ^.-o<l^'• luin* Irah lla\.j 
w in |;l!'>^ll I ■.. 1 ■ 1 III 1. 1 1 U,l'\ ^. in-iii 
c . I I) ^ < K I . . f 1 . I . . . , , r I 1 1 1 ; - 1 . ■ i I . ■ I 
yearn .' And li'<w far have we gone 

lu the right dlraa t la a 

■Aa praeloaalp alata& kaw to aattia 
tha oauatnr, lawrtiat kap a la t laa la a 
ratio a«ual to peaaibiltlaa and to 
develop aataral raadnreee of the 
pravlaoe haa concerned governman 1 .s 
from the very first.' Tf we were 
peruse lh<! nt- h 1 • (.»■ 1 - t > jittiuii! 
book' a.nd the ti>n.-.i.i n 11 1 p.ii -rn fmni 
tile >«ur 18!>» — wo iiMKlil • ^ ' 11 K" 
iji I. .11 K aa Ih.'.C we w ■ul.l in d it 
aa recurrent a« th«s diKrusa.on ••f iho 
<>rlen:a! queatlon. rh< rr la really 
iio(iiiiiK very new in i>i tD<-iit>day dla- 
I'uunioii, except in iM> far aa more 
K.cni iiiuuions modify the prob- 
lem from time to time. There is 
nothlag very aew in tha ptaaeat Oov 
ernment propoaala tor aattllag tha 
land. The earUeat Idaaa wara. aad 
they paraioted for a long time not 
only la Brttlah Columbia, but elae- 
where. that by M. iiing land as cheap- 
ly aa poaslblc p< .>iile would come in 
and buy: thut in addition to that it 
was only ne< t-Msary to publish ,iiid 
'1 r i Imi r,' i,.uiill)ooks with irif.irm* 
'I'.n .1.1 1.1 in<i rountry It.'iilf. .m.l ihiit 
Willi p.iiul 'Ion n.' ii-^iMirrts Jn 
tin- h.ind.i of capital wuulil laki- care 
<.f t h.-tii.Hi-lvea. Likewise railwayn 
w.Miid hf> built. usually, of course, 
w. h 1; vernrnent assistance, to take 
< are of the traAe that would be 
.-reated. In tha ordinary cottrae of 
events, and In normal aoadiiieaa. that 
in what ought to have happaaed, but 
• did not. Brttlah (TaluaMa haa al- 
waya praaaatad unuaoal obataelea to 
development owing to phyaleal eon- 
dltloaat and it has developed, so to 
apaaif, unevenly, and fitfully. 

Agenta In Kngland 
In the early sUtics.. the Kev. Lun- 
din Krown wrote a pamphlet. I think 
W. .* cnipatUUm. very InteresimR an 
dcfM riptivr of the provlnci- uo fur a.s 
It w.ia ihen known and of ron.litionH 
as then <xlntjnk'. In f.ict. it wus a 
\-er\ \...n!ii c-rforf Ijil< r on Mr A. 
' \ t. -t, . Ill,- H, rt.>larly sirr of oiir 
wfii I, f. «' , iii/.. n Mr. J. ii. Auder- 

•on. . prize (or an eauy, also 

intended (or pubiiOlly purpoaes. 
which It aarvad tp graat advantage at 
'he time. It aaatalaad a woadertui 
ot af asaet lafarmatiaa. Mr. Ander- 
son, aa a student and eloae obaervor. 
and aa a Hudson's Bay Co. omclat. 
knew hia ground thoroughly and w.i.s 
a faulle expor^ent of his own knowl- 
edge. The drat detinue effort luWardB 
overseas InimlKraiion elTort— <;ri .it 
T;rltalii. of < oijra.-. h^'liit; over.sraa 
frojn ii.s w.ui Iho apiioinlininl of Iho 
late (illbcrt .Vl.llcolin Mproaf a.s Atrenl- 
fJeneral ot the provino in I^ondon, 
Kngland, during the time of the Do 
Cosmo.^ admlnlslration. This waa 
before Canada had representation 
there. I should not like to be too 
buro. but my iinpraaaloa la that afur 
the expiry of hia term, nothing in a 
flmllar line waa done until the sp- 
polniment of the late Oeorpe Korbcn- 
Vernon after his defeat in oknnamn 
In the general eleoiions of lM9i. Mr. 

Hpront waa (he ninpit prholjrly ,if all 
'h. . ii' I 'uluiiiliianri. w.ia 4 
pilro i,tk<T In the <'l,-^a^lc;•, wrote in 
the heal «i\ I" of thi- VIctprlan perUid 
and Waa prodlKi"iiply well informed. 
In a scnan he waa thrown away In 
British Columbia. The line of 
agents-general has not been broken 
nince the reelgnatlon of Vernon in 
i8ti. Ria aueoaaMra include. In 
■rder, Mr. WaHent. brother-in-lnw of 
Mr. A. C. Holland, head of the 11. 1 ■. 
lAnd Investment Co.; the late Mr 
Beeton. onre a. member of tho iirrtv 
of Turner. Iteeion \- Co . the l|on. .1 
H. Turner, hlill ll\lnK in I'.nijlan.l. it 
Rlehmot^d hiM Kon Arthur, Ih" 

Inle HIr Utohard McUrlde. find IV 
VViide. the present Incumlnnt of 
the otflce. One handicap under 
whicii they all labored waa lack of 
denolte Information in regard to 
speclfla areas of land suitable for 
aattlement, aad It always seemed to 
me like advartiaing goodk you were 
not aura were In atoek or where you 
could get them. Among them all, 
however, they auccefded in makintt 

• his province so welt known In tho 

• ltd Country thii it w.ia niiitc com- 
mon to hear the expresalon there, 
"Caaada and Brltiah Calumhia." 

NfHahle Pnblk-lstH 
The llrat riol.ibbi handbook for 
pul'licMv )oi rpo.m'.s. mib.s<?<iiii ii' to that 
of A. *' rson. v, la written by 
Ihe lai.i; ('anon M- anlauda. ractor of 
Chrlat Church < aihedral for a nunt- 
ber of years. Beanlanda was a re- 
markable combination of litterateur, 
naturaliatt phtloaopher and theo- 
logian. Hia readlag on aeleaUlle aub- 
Jacta waa wide and quite profound 
for a laymaa. RIa handbook waa for 
a conalderable time the ofTlrlal guld^, 
so to apeak, of Brltiah Colmoi.t i. and 
In Ita clear literary style and Ui 
extent and exai tllude of information 
was worthily adorne.l |n nieohanlc^l 
production, unlrjiir- In that reaped 
iX Covernment piihl|r.-ii inn of Iho'" 
day^ I am rUd |.i auy t hx 1 the (;o\. 
erni'ifni of Itrltiah <'ol:imlil.i 11 1 - 

w« ■■ oiainlairKd ,A luifh Flinilard of 
prlriMna I have not f»4'en a cop.v of 
the Meanland'H pamphlet for a long 
time, but my recollection of It is that 
it bears the Imprint of The Colonist 
printing * Publlahing C!o. bater on 
eama Tear Baoha and balleehia taaued 
by the Dapavtment of Public in- 
foraaitloa and vartaoa special re pert a 
of other daaartmente. The nr:«t 
immigration office was prr!»id<^ii over 
by tha late Mr. Jeaaop. on. r> Hiipz-r- 
Intcndent of edu'.ii|oii .m.i u ni'-m- I 

her of the first ovrrlainl rrpidiiion to 
Ttriilah ,1'olumlil.i T>i .h in. tor of 
Ih" ofllco w !ta (hi. I r rnther en- 
larired. in IJOO. when .\1 r (loanell 
took rharae, to one of infnrmaUon 
( Including the rompllatinn o( 
aiatlailcsi and immlicratlon. The lata 
vr»nk 1. Clarke and Bmeat Mc- 
'•'"'^y aaecaaded Mr. Ooaaell. The 
oflice weat oat af aslalaaea with t^a 
inoaaUag ol tka Brawalar admlalatra- 
tion. bat waa re*aaubitshed about 
two yaara later. The l»epartment of 
Ajrrlcnitore waa nrpanlsed In or 
lltt. with J. R. Anderann a* ^< 
reiarj- and later as depuii 
Ilia Intereat In bot.\ny la w- k i^n 
and hia .inmial reporla tion eri lence 
of the IT )>.« instakInK efT.irta and 
contain"! v detailed Information 
from 1. lera In all parts of the 
pr ' ' as to the nature, of tha aoti, 
products aad aaadltlaaa la 

Brttlah Cohimhia. t 
never lacked for publicity, end iiau 

•ilv iif the moat reliable chir^.i.-. 
'it wh-.i »o,- U.-ked all ^1 c in 
d^f^nll. f,i ' , niation ' , - 

t>osee of aet;iement. .No offlciai of 

Oa«M^ment eoald place hia Ba- 
a c«fiain spat aa tha 


"ay thara. 1» wh< re tBa lanii mui want 
ii. and exp;-i.,.i 113 nature .m l .•ii<ni. 

f '! [ ' r 1 I ' 1 ■ ' . ; , r I tMpf . ■ M V n<- 1 1 |i r , or 
for that iiiAittr the prospective In- 
I h oi 1. 1 fin.i out tor himself, or 

Uiioukh ili<s uiodluiu of a real eataio 
UK' ' ' w tiure he could got what he 
wanted. Mora afiag ttps aaC Bo vent 
awar oorrowlas, nm vaa « 
ing Indictment ago hart 
But All the time the coat of aaaaaaila 
anrveys in a rrovince so vaat and 
rtigired. . f . iiii.-inK < u.. Blood In th» 
w-..., \t li-,i.i;. ,.ih,r .-oiLiideratlon 1 
III. ro vil il .u fi'-' tl iii tliiie» ro»d.) 
/inl trulls, liri.1 1; t-.i, roihll.- tiulMlng.i. 

BctjouUi leeno-.i t.r 'he more Im- 

UovemBienl I'uUoles 

While all this Is true, the vaxlooa 

Governments of nrlti.-ih Columbia 
have never been l.'tihid other Prov 
ln(e..j III i>'r<p. . ' nf pr o^-i <".i»U . poll 
<lea of . ihi-r i.aiure. In f,i. i. 11 ^ar> 
III manj r'-Hi..-. 1 .1 a lap ah-n i 1 1 .» 
.lU'lK lal. nujiiii i|inl and educational 
^;. .-111M111 1. .Ill 1 1 .. I ll favorably with any 
elsewhere. la dealing with ao<do- 
logical proklapv^ aapoelally of latar 
yeaia^ In BMay mattara it plated tha 
way. Ita aolutloa af the watar prob- 
lam aad its foreatry policy during the 
second legislative term of tho Mc- 
Brlde adrn . n I -^l f it Ion liiv>- l.<-cn 
highly rei omin. ii.ltjil l.\ t xpeitu 
."-'pea 1, 1 11 1? fr. Ill iiKroMv, iiMlni ' o 
luinl.ia. In Mi 'l.un.-i ■! liiu'-, w .1.1 the 
lirut to < ud.ii > |...ii; -i under an 
las<-rit>ed stock Act, whereby our ae- 
curiiiea beoamo liated la the I/ondon 
stock markata. a diatlaat advaatage 
in ' borrowing money. Nor haa this 
Province been behind in aa agrteul- 
tural policy. Iil a general way ita 
Department of AKri< ulture i-* 
most efflcienl und forward hi ('.maii.i. 
at leaal. ao a-s llni rio\ini-c?< are 
concerned. T.i .Mr 'rurncr, who look 
a keen ini- f • m agriculture, and 
especially horticulture, la due the 
credit for laying the feaadatlon of 
what haa been devalopad uatll U baa 
reached ita praaent atage of wide ae-. 
ilvllles. • Capt. Tatlow waa particu- 
larly devoted to the mteresu in his 
oharK" as Minister of Agriculture, 
and durlnir hia rrRlme our frull- 
prowlnj,' pon,slbllitle..^ were moKt highly 
demonatruti d, organl^d and adver- 



Agrlcuttaral l>olk4e« 

Comlntr to the important prohlam 
of agricultural credlia. now cora- 
nisniiing so much attention, and to a 
iiotinii. poliry (if immigration aad 
feettlomeni. British Columbia Waa 
first ui th.i neld by yeara to all Amer- 
ica. In l<»7 and IIIS thoro aroaa a 
ptrong a g ita t i o n for ehaap aaaaay far 
fanViera. -Xr truth. It waa the out- 
come of bad business. Owing to. In 
the yeara preceding, ths opilmiBtic 
views as to the pro»pertlvo value of 
faim I.inds. it was ea^y to get loans 
from the loan ronipaniee. It waa 
alraiwit the Invariable practice af pra^ 
emptora. aii« eonn aa they gat their 
certificate of title, to go to a loan 
company and get a loan of anything 
up to at least 11.000. The rates of 
Interest were Mcb. nine ,-,nd ton per 
cent, and aa murh of (he Und w.ia 
unproductive., the borrowerB aoon got 
Into urrc.'ira of interest. (iwnern of 
more or lens r 11 1 1 u tl , d and produc- 
five farma In the Delta, ChiUlwack. 
okanaK.iii. \ ancouVer Island and 
' isewhefe borrowed froely for var- 
lou.^ purposes. | hava known farmers 
in the Delta, aa an laatam e of in- 
flated valtiationa, get loans on a baj<h 
of from $350 to $500 an acre \ 
tlnia of which I apeak, and as h ■ 
sequence of ihH reckleaa borrowmi; 
find no less recklea., lending, 
cregaie of farm mortKajjc'i .xmounl«Jd 
In 1S97 to about $30,000,000, A hUgO 
ouiii ronaldering the smallnaaa of the 
farming population. One of the 
great dealderata waa to materL^iMy re- 
duce the rata of intereat, which, of 
conrao, reuld only be done by rai.sinK 
new mortpagea to p,-iy off (he old 
on"" 'Tulejsuiinn after delcfMdon. 
headed by the member of tho district. 
iiHually a CJovornment supporter, 
waited on the Government urging the 
adoption of the Australian ayatem of 
direct loans to farmara at four per 
cent. It created an embarrassing 
altnaUon. with a general elecUon in 
sight. ObVloaaly it was Impossible, 
In view of the financial reaources of 
*ka Province snd ita credit in the 
money market, to meet demmds to 
fuch nn exleni. .>v. if the principle 
were accepted aa aound. The Oov- 
ernment. after careful COnsldetatlea. 
pi/'ced on the statute book nf IttI 
what is known aa the "Agrteultural 
Crediu Aaaoolatlons Act." u was 
baaed upon the European system of 
co-operation, which proved ao suc- 
cessful, eapeelally in (;erm,nry, by 
which advances were m.ide to aaao- 
clatlona of farmers on their com- 
munal pooled — credit. It wae Koiind in prlnelple, bat of 
courT.>, It ,110 ,u,t serve the purpeaaa 
tha farmers had In view aad never 
foneUoned, booaaaa tha prtaclple of 
ccoperatloa. aa anderat^od «ad in 
operation In Borope, did not appeal 
lo farmers In a new country, who are 
IndlvidiiallsUr in the eitrem.-. and 
rirti' ularly ohJe< t to truat the other 
frilow will) tithcr (heir money or 

their rrndii However, the moasur* 

111 question antedated « aambar of 
years any legtaUtlon looking tawarda 
agricultural oredlla In AaiartM and 
waa tha praeuiaar of what taday is 
ragardad aa tha only oolutlon of the 
farmara' problem of fl nance. Mr. 
Tsft. when ha was President of the 

L'nited Btftte*. realising the craviiv of 
'he fart,i.»rM- flUm.don in Is-a 1 ^.l 
for a whole year or more the ;.ysteme 
of agricultural credits in Kurepe aad 
' Uewhere. and recommended to Con- 
ifrcan a measure almoat Identically on 
Ihc linoa of the B.a Act referred to. 
nuring the aame year, or In in*:, in 
ihe Act Incorporating Farmer* 
tutea. tha flrat proriaion in ( m 

waa nia<?n for CO-oper.T.i 1 \ e f.irmera* 
boalneaa exchanges. Surh rT,ii,i,i.,, 
were formed In the okanagn., > 
toria and .Vew Weatminater. bu i d. 1 
not eiiei eed partly on account of lack 
of gr>^,«i huaineas management, but 
n ainly on account of the farmer* fall- 
irg to do bnataaaa artth the 
exchange when he hnaglned he 
rottid niafca a few eenta more 
dealing wMh prtvatX firms. 1. h ^ 

angled t ■ !ir..dur» ,,,„ I,,, 

of better p.- ni' The I'.^i,, |^ ,,f 
f irmera dlsrnijraKe<| al' eT .rt» 

part of goverr.menia In the direction 
of agricultural credlta aatil aome 
yeara later What waa aimed at by 
Mr Turner mn«t become the aeluttaa 
of the fhrmera' greataac pralilaai la 
America evavparhara. • maig |p 
poUtlea vrlll navarfbt t^ 

naaMlal Oi mi ii<-v<< 

The raeaaure of graataal I m por ta aaa 
la c aaaa cti a a wBb 


adopted by the Prtor admliilstmlloa 

BurceedliiK n and details worked 
out. it waa clearly In advanca uf any- 
thing yet proposed on thla oontlnent. 
rh|. defecta of a4->iiriii>; ..-t-llli in for 1 tii- 

I'roviDoe by ~^aBr of eld methods 
had beeoaaa auffHigBtlP apparaat. aad 
, Um poUey adaptad aad aaagvacod 
laoko4 U aame daflalto aa« oa a a ir uc 

Uee plan. Uofortuaataly. tha per- 
turbed political condltlona of the day 

IT'-vented ii ever b.-louuug law. Tho 
I 111 (ha pMiii ipal l«-j.lurefl of whli'h 
aio hviP .uilUloU had I lai ln»d the 
sc. oijii ie.<dliis when the fall of the 
Trior Liuvariuneat cjime suddenly 

about, aiid aijr Wakard MoSrlda waa 
eailad apaa ta fanB*a aav a4aUai8tra- 
tloa. McBrtda. thavgb pregreaalve lu 

poUry. waa at the aame time very con- 

wrvailM- in reaped of all radical dc- 
partui«-.« from r.-tat>H»lied formuli*, 
and I'itptalii Tallow, hl« 1 hlet lieuten- 
ant and Miutalsr of l- inaiu«- an.l AjsM 
.-ulture, was even more ao. Thty 

could not be Induced to adopt it, 
principally, I iaaaglaa. oa aeeount of 
the flaaaelal akUgatloaa to be Involved 
at a time when our rredlt waa rather 

low. In thH i-onn.-cli in land rl'-arlng 
being pari of the po|i,y. In the eatl 
irinie.s then- waa .m a p p r o j. r la 1 1 on of 
t-l,U(M) for til.. .'.eiiif>ii#ilrat lon.s of clear 
lOK by machiri.-r> anil the other moat 

modem methods. Thla waa not ex 
peadoil, far tha raaaon that tho Farm 
enf Oaattal XaaUtota paaaad a raaeiu 
tioa oaadaaMlag it, and aaklng that 
the amount ba expended In stumplnK 
powder, which alao fell by the way 

lu way fif ejiplanaUoxi, in !91i; th.' 
!^e estates in Okanagan, f r m 
itance. which were aubaaqneatly di- 
ided for fruit fanaa, covM hava haaa 
purehaaad aa -bloa for aa avaraga 
prlee of III an acre, and pratlaUaary 
arrangementa had been made for ac- 
quiring two of the very largest by the 
(lovernment, on that haala of value, 
under the provlalona of the bill when 
It should become law. Had it become 
operative, the aubaequent highly 
speculati ve aai hawtfhl aaal aitallon 
of Okanagaa laada waaM have been 
avoided, and maay handrada mora of 
settlers located aa terms the easlsA* 
possible for auceeaa. The meaaure, a.s 
will be seen, provided (. r :■ .1' with 
frown lands in the wa.\ aa pri- 
vate lands. In one thousand acre 
bloeka. From roemorand* prepared 
by the QavarnnMnt in cennaatlon with 
Ita paaUiB, tho foltewtag aaoevpta ar^ 
nude: « 
Mrmo re Small Holding* 

"It \!< Mihiiiiited .'in a. t iin the 
lines propofo-d Ml the attached should 
be passed, and a policy' of immigra- 
tion based thereon pat into affect. 

"From the nature of t)ie^tnqutrlea 
received at the immigration offb-' 
dally, both personally and by letter, 
which var> m mimb. r from f 1 f le»-n t . . 
fifty dall.> p f . r •'...I t V ..r >..ivr>t; 

deflnlto arc.n*. to aettte upon within 
ea^v reach of aMUtotB, Id pglafglly 


"The availabla Oavernmant lands, 
aa at prearnt, ere wholly unsulted f^r 
the great majority of Inquirers, who 
.ire mainly from Ontario, the Middle 
Weat. Wa.shington, (>regon and other 
etalea of ihr Cnion. BUMty of thom 
with email capital. 

•'There are 'lands on Vancouve- 
lajand, aad the Manda aad tha Main 
land, a u l U k la far Finnlah, Narwegtan. 

• 'lah, crofter or othnr similar eol- 
■ the members of which wenild 
. ^ he availab|.-( for t'l- f . - '• r , . a. 
•oggiiiK campa pulp and i>.i..-r works, 
mining, etc . and C o a|f..r I a supply 

of labor on the spoL The ordiaary 
land seeker doea not, hawavpr, balaag 
to that olaaa 

"It la akaohitaly aaelaaa to adver- 
tise the Province as a place for settle- 
ment without a land system thai win 

lo< ale aeltlerii definitely and perm If. 
er.tly In oth-r words, you must hav. 
something tmigible and definite t.. 
offer, and they should have aoma 
place to go at once whan they arrtve. 

"It la aubaUttad that tha attagked 
memo, eutllnea a 'thoroughly foaaible 
plan. In the Okanagan,^ New Weat- 
minster, Llllooet, Cariboo, Kamloopa. 
the Kootenay and Slmllkam. . n 'lia- 
trlcta. and on Vancouver laland there 
are at least KflO.ono .-o r.>« whlOh can 
be obtained for aettlement oa aiiah 

"Tha eoadltlona la tha Province are 
peculiar, and ragulra apadal treat- 
BMat. We have no large areas of 
laad aa In other provinces to aettle, 
aad where there are th.>v re 
quire aa a rule either exten«i>e Irrign 
lion, clearing and draining, or protec- 
Uon by dykee, involrtng oapttal be- 
yond tha aiaaao of tha ordiaary 

"ne terma of vening land ia of 

more Importance than the prlre With 
a small initial outlay and annual pay- 
ment there.if ter. In amount e'luii '1 
a low rent, the aettier does not Invu^t 
nil hia money In land, but haa a Httlo 

left fur working capital to aarry klm 
along aaUl hia haMlag M fatly pro 

"A email holding of forty or flfty 
scree la thM Province la equal to one 
hundred and sixty acrcn Ui the Kaai 
and la aufllclent for the ordinary 
farmer 'o work In a country where 
farm labor is so aearea aad deer. 
There la. therefaro^ raaai aa prtvate 
landa now availabla far piuahaae for 
19.M* famlliaa. aad oa aaaoaaplad 
landa whaa tha whale tntarlar la 
opened up, for frtai SK,OAO to tO,Pf« 
more at one hundred acres each 
There are row 7 000 fan / 
l.<.rmer», In the Province, eo iha » 
f.rriiint; populalifin of from l&.OOO to 
fiO.nnn |M eaatly poMiihIa within a few 

"The bill la framed to avoid com- 
plicated detalla Bsah logkttation 
tnuat of aeoamlty ka ioapa rt a m atal in 
< haraeter. aad aa ths aga U m davelepe 
neceararv amondmenta oaa be added. 
Il proxidns for regulations bv the 

• .■v'rrfrin-l'otin'il 1. i, 

pr X '-'lure In the absence of ep'Tiflc 
diractiona ia the AaC . . . 

of a oaia down aad inatahaTatt^M- 

noally thereafter Is snfllHant to me<-t 
(he land bonds upon maturlly an.) 
to provide revenue for rnrr^nt •» 
; ■«• ■! H tire in rr.<-f^f. 1 1. ■•-i'h the 
i-!vn^ on r.f ' the 

Hoard of ' on o ipeionera 

••The Ian.' 'ou hear four per cont 
Intereat and will fa 

af tha 



Art to promote 

II h' • ! • •■ • 1 . 

Provlstoaa of Bill 
*ll laprapaaed that tba Ueataaant- 

•a droala a haari af 

mlsalonera. oeaaMlag of 1 
ment oBlctel. a praaMaal auM aar- 

or expert In soils) for the 
carrying out the provlalona 


"It Is piopoaed lo auUierise the 

r.iMird of l>and CainWlag|<Miai n where 

oaa thaaaaad a ail a aa gMta la prt' 
▼ataly hald aad oaa ha ahlalaad at a 

reaeoaable asarket value for tha par- 
pose of aabdlvldlBg Into land kold- 

i.iK«, to laaue land Ix.nil.s. not exceed- 
ing rifl> dolUrn an .0^ payable >n 
iwonty rtve year.-( .»ri.1 1*^ arlns lataraot 
not exoecdtng (uur per osnt. 

"II IS propoaa^ tBat aa aooa aa a 
aaAeiaat auakar a( appBaa t laag hava 
baaa l aaa lMt far tha pnhaat af the 

laad en terma to ba ladlaated, the 
Board of LAnd Commlaaionera should 

have power to purihas.- aicii trail* 
of land, the laiidow n.-.ra to jtrrept 
l.illd bond^ nt III p.iyinent thereof, 

tho boiid.*i to ha\.. MS socurity tho 
l.milM .-i.. iU>ipof>ed of and tti" giiaran 
I'-e of tho ' Miverriment. (It Ic pro- 

Mdsd that Bl.t iiionth.v optlona ahould 
have prevloualy beep abtajaod oa 
aaoh laada.) 

"Th»i slsu of holdings noi 1.. e.xi eod 
excejit in ap.-clal ca-K h (for r.mch 
purposes), HO aerea. or be leea than 
Ave acres, according to Iho character 
of the land and condltiona, aa deter 

mlaad by the Board of Laa4 Orwinff- 

to %■■>■■ af tka 
B^i^PBagop Ip aaah 

"It is provided that the purchaser^ 
pay down al iaaat ten per cent of th.^ 
valuation of such lands In ord«r t.> 
tie them to the soil, and that the re 
malnder bo paid in equal annual in 
at*lmont8 extending over twoiuy-Bv 
years, Internet lo be five per cent per 

annum: but provlaloa ta ka PRaAa for 
< he paymaat kr tha fiH>iPM af a«gh 
holding at Mqr ttaia aay or all gums 
amovat duo, aaid 

_ , . cases to to ullowe.l 

a lair redaetton actuarially d«ter 

"LAnd Commisaioaara ta ba paid 
aeeordiag to tha aa t vlaaa roadarad 
under a aahadala afpravod by the 

Uaat.-Oovaraor>la-Goaaoii, the aame 

to form a charge on the land i:o,i.i < 
aad drains adjudged h.- ..f ij-ru, .„ 
bensnt and neo ees ar v to \hf improve 
ment of the land, und^r roairnuonn 
nnpoacd by th.- I.ieut r.overnor-in 
Counci! to be provided for and 

charged to th* land pro rata aaaar4- 
ing to tha dadalon of the Land Board- 

"Valuation of the land In Mie first 

instance .., ^.f the Un.lholder 

na that up. I whnh tu: i.i willing in 
t. • a.iaenand tor purpo.-<cji of taxjituin 

•1.1 u-> b« subject to the appraiae- 
mom of tha Board af tajid OomaUa- 


"Ia. a ahallar maaaar the Govern - 
meat la to b« empowered to a«t ai ai : 

availahle Morka of novernment lun.i, 
' ' ' .oK'ni and an I'd . vi... . . ■ 

l'^- !'i.jn A Ihousand acrea 1 lu ««ch 
for which they may Issue 
'Hds not eaeeeaiag in tha aggragate 
; 0 p.-r aaviL 

"The Oovernment 1- r. i r , 
poararad under regulation* ..r. i 

through the rtoar '1 of ! ji nd I o m II 1 1 
alonerx to rifAr .«nd oLbcrwtae im 
prov.- on :ir.v hold nf; to a reaaonabln 
extent, the coat of the aoBM ta ba 
• hargeable ta tho laad (or la athor 
warda, ta ^999mo part af tha priaa af 
the land). 

' Ar.l ... fiave thp p.^w 
•le i>in.| 1 ..tniniaaionerB lo 
•Mlh tt!l hoidern of dykCd 

ntcipaiiusa. land eaaipanlaa ar 
porattaaa far'tho aogairamaat of laada 
in aaeh eaaa, and to clear, drain, road 
or otherwise improve auch land to the 
extern t not PMPo thas aBa«taBUi af 

the value. 

"All aapaadltara. aaaapt tha aala- 
riaa at gaaataaMat agaaku a» athar 

government etfleiaia, aa approvag by 

the L«leuTenant-Ooverner-In -Council, 
for the purrhaae of Improvement fairly 

1 i porllone.t. he made m .h nK-- 

ii44in»t the land and to form pari of 

Ml.- purchaao aoa i da rat la a 


"Owner* of haldlaga ta 
rtght of appaal to a aoBil at ra- 
vlBloa aa already prortdad far la tha 
atatataa. and a final apeal to tba Chlaf 

Commlmloner of L>ands and Werfca, 

hia decision to )>.- final. 

It Is to be th- duty of th.< t hief 
r'ommlMluner of I.Anda and W . rkn < o 
have plana made of each tract of land 
ae^alrad (or ta ka aogvlrad) ahowlag, 

"h la propeaad that the mode of ae- 

qulrlng lands In ths first r'ar e should 
be: T'l obtain from a !Hri.t..wner wlll- 
mx to ael! an agr'-emen* f..r all 
months or twelve moritha at a price to 
be fixed, which agreement would form 
an option on aueh land. Applksationa 
thaa ta ka gaaa l vad fraai aattloMi and 
as sooe aa a ■affleiant aambar haa 
baea raoeivod. aocompaalad by a do> 
portt aa a gaataataa at 

U.nd bonds ta ba 
transfor effected." 

It may be pointed a^t 

yeara iabsr tha fiaaadlaa WmUXa BalU 
way. ta oeaaaatlaa with Ita irrlgaUoa 
eatarprtaa la -A»arta. adopted the 
prtaeiple almoet in the preriae form of 
the propaaad m.'uauia tor liriiirh 
lumbia In Itei l. and m aul>atani .• t»ir> 
latter la the (vn.-...^ of Uit> B.^ldlora e. 
ilciiient twhemr Wljai la iiafc and 
-oiind for Iil. ( I' II. and the re- 
turned eeldisre ought to be egaaily aa 
oaf« far tha Qiaverument In « gaaaral 
aattleaaaat pahcy. Whea are come to 
tka landa of the taarthera fnterler they 

can only be SUCeeasfnlU a«Mlr.1 upon 
a syetem of holilini:.i imam > ii m tho 
W.1V liid|.«.(ed Ih. I. i.r.- 1 v\ . ,ne^n- 
(.> aucreee l.HSe .ie 1 1 5 etneiil, lt»at 
IM the luylng on' of l.vada so to have 
near netgbborw, and ready aooea to 

n.arkaiB. aad antii the latter la aanarad 
inonlgratloB ahoiU^ aot ka aaeoaragpd. 
Aa to the one, wis kave aa asampto of 

the evils of iBcdatlon In the Mlddb< 
West, which haa perhaps more than 
an>thliig <*l«r loi n produ. iivr- i.f dio 
dl»i.olil«-n t .1.. » Id. .sf.i > ...1. .\ I.. il\o !). ■ nlltiailon III IVa. t 1 .1,1 is 
highly instructive. By ihe premature 
aetuemeat af guMt dlitrtat^thaaattlara 
pradaalag la laifa gaaatltp are aaakia 
ta raack a atarkat aad are leaving far 
other parta. and la aaaap aaaaa thaira la 
actual dlatraaa 

Atofns and Ether 

air OMver V>dga 

; h r I High 

gir Oliver Lodge, In a paper in the 
October Century on "The Kiher of 
;>iP4ce irMc-i the evolution of Ufo 
from the innniiealmal atom of which 
.1:: matter la compoaed thpotlgh ta the 
wonderful variety of plant and ani- 
mal Ufa which we know of on thla 
plaaat. aaUalaaUag la tho oak. the 
eagta, aa4 tha horaa. Bir Oliver car- 
ries hia atudy through to the higher 
ctages of life, exhlblUng the rudU 

■•111.-, of wh.i' ». '.iim\ I, nun. I, t.i 
I..' f.,ri'i»r .|e\ eioptiiMot of Ihia iniml 
»*!v<| time bei.oinea .'onBCiOUSnsse, 

. uarm-ea of apprehension^ and a 
««n». ,,f frae will, a power of eholee, 

a Knowlodge ot goad and avll. aad 
maa h ag l aa hia ptraaaaaa aaraer. 

Tn this article tn tho October Cen, 
tiirv Hlr nliver mi'idie-n In dei.iij (hn 
. "i."! rii,-| Inn of ntimi . which. II.- lav.', 
11' oxtremely, alni'>f.i 1 n<> . 

.-mill; "and yet they ....i- ^i of part.i 
which are mllllona of Umea smaller. 
And recently It haa boon found, and 
almoat. If aat aamplataiy proved, that 
ha atanM are eeaattaatad aamewhat 
m the baals af a gplar «ratam; that u 
10 say, that they have at the centre a 
m.xaalve nucley..^ conalsting of im ag- 
ur»'»r.,le |,f pr..< with an cquil 

nnini.ri of r ;>■<-< ' n- , ; r C'l l.ll I n g roun d 
i>ir ini<-|. un \'r\ mil. >i a^ Ihe plsnsta 

r'-voive loiiiii Ihe ai.n ,\iid further- 
more, that tha partlalaa thaaiaalvea 
ars so aciaM that thilr dMaaeea 
apart Inalia tho atom are eamparabin 
with tha Aiatanaaa of the planets from 
each other, and from the aun. In thn 
solar system. In pmporti 'n to ths also 
of those bodies 

"And It roust be regarded aa an un- 
doubtad fact that an atom, though 
.apparaatly ao aolid ai)d Ipiporvioua 
aad ftti of material, la really a mim- 
her nf sleotrtcal specks, each of ut- 
fri) irnperceptlhls else and oeeiipv- 
Ing an 1 nalgn i tl'Si nt fraelloa of tho 
(•par.- ini-liidef^ within the bouiicluiy 

of the .torn, all tha rait af which 

seems empty. 

Tha pptasa batwaaa tHa partlelan 
are aot reelfy *mpty. They tre full 
of the medium which holds the par- 
ticles together, namely, the elher. 
And the aame is truo of the Bpa<:e In- 
•<iil. .'o rtolar a>atem The planets 
ire Vk'-l.l(.l I !■(;(■; hfr liiiri I, fanillv \>\ 
me ail a . .f ^• 1 » v , ! » ■ . p w i , . h ^an 1 n 1 '« 

u Ilk no WO propevliea ol 

1 w _ 

due 19 

tha other of 


Mt trikgto that aaa 
la la aay: 'Ha haa 
that hia fallaw« 
that panaanaat. 
In him which 
tha dead and con- 

"Perkapa tha 
be paid ta a 

ckaraetor.* ,1% 
men kave 

lends strength to 

victim to the word; WhMh does not 
apeak Itself, yel r<roctalms a nian'B 

reliiiblllty l-'or wani of a better 
phria*- hiricter might be lermsd 

the I. ^ t ' ha aaal.*! aagp Vha Laa- 

don i^^apreee. 

"Maap aiaa aagalra waalth, a few 
aohlavw al w sr a taa, aad quite a 
aanikar aeanra fan»ai hat valess they 
have the foundation of character 
their ealateaee ia of small Importance 
to tka age la which thay llva." 

How 1,500 Canadians 

Were Lost to^Canada 

•Wan IL WM Pi d Bertfc ia -Cm»4p^< 

A .hf placid waters of t ' 

.O'iii . f lu-».i .|e K'|. 1 from \'|f-torU. 
H ('■ . I«. the Arnerl'-.' ' ri of I'ort 

Aogetea. "The Haven o( the Angela" 
H calla Itaelf. but for a generation it 
haa baea regarded aa a Joke by Biaat 
Vlctorlaaa and moale hall Jeater. Tot, 
to aome Vlctortana, ^ert AaBolka 
eiMllad "Tragedy." wMeh wda mada 
IV re real by the aaaaal arrival of 
I ill sa(*ks rontaiaiag a deluge of 

n of tax's due ag lata In Port 

Angeiea aiihd I t'latons nearer t^. 'S" 

pea II »^ . ' f • h r «p V ■ ' < i \ \ 'y ; ' ' t • 

I ' I / I 'i* ' ' r ' r .. ^1 "and- ' I . 

■ I- M' ■ '1 of the Ars»'« 

Hundreds of ih.»»e lots returned t.i 
tfceir original owners, who. no doubt, 
ottfaad their luak, but aame of the 
••oaip" yiotartaaa haag aa ta their 
real eaUte. aad tfealr aaaaal pHgrtm- 
agea to par thalrtasaafBOfa wara Jwet 
Ilka Fourth of July ee l ebra l lo n s to 
the Rip Van winkles nf P«trt Aagoles. 
Kor x •T.I ...1 'b.- IM- /I' rlak"r wras 

. Il I . ,« » • » •-<- < I- • h" f » nd h« 

! ' I « ■ I - ii. ■ « > ' 'hi f ' n .1 ■ . V none 

r r ' l»f I'M ' " ■ ' • . ■ ■ > .1 • . r h |« 
hutrher. his bn»i.-- - ^ ' • ► •• 

In-law. and it seemed »* ' - i n 
Angelea would aoon be a» - . 
fiad aa tha Oa aM att at dtUatia. i • 

nrai^ Daot la 
Aad Awahaa ta A 

Atowa went 

The ep'"'i i« now hidden under 
pr*- and ea«h day e ess It 
and tartkar fi 
bmir af aaa. rm dagaiai la 
dead. Tha "Mavaa at tha AageM" la 
a Joke. Tha 

'■»»::hy lagBWHs! into th' 

iioeu lie of I'lOtorlan* ih.,-- ,,r .h»o, 
who ratalaad their bo, fn -m.- i 
lota are aaw reaping th« ttarvesi <>f 
what th«9' tana thoir fklth. Fort 
Aagalaa la aow a haaillag, thrtvtag, 
"go.^tlng" burg. For a aoaaMar* 
abM parted every steamer laaiiag 
Vletorla for Port Angeie* haa taken 
whole f.-i m;),'". ' . i;- ' : ' 'tile 

Yankee (M»ri m*''" '•..»' '.'.n.! i«' poe 
higher an-l hur epitap'. .Ir'pT 

"Od deeper until r...t» I' le f»\ niate-l 
.0 p»r rent of ^h<•*r■ vh'. l)vf » | • h I n 

he borders of the "Ilaven of the . 
A ngeia* aM from Vletorla. That ' 
only meaaa that I.IM people no 
loagcf live In Vtetarta and eontrtbute 
(cnrarda the proape.'i'v of rritun 

Columbia's eatdtal T>i'r r. f^nr-. 
they're lost to Vlnorla, and ti. > ;o.«» 

In. 1 fo 'h.. ■■■,<■ rr.j 1, ir r fo . rr r if 
' * . . . i-»r will not bn 

pur< iiased In Virtona. All of the 
Fifteen Hundred wore elodUliL taa. It 
meaaa a laao of Sf4.4bg loavaa df- 
b raad lo Tl aigria bahara par year; taaa- 
of to the ellp for water Most 

of alt ft meens the Vmm to Canada of 
'ne Thouaand Fire H.,i.:r».l ■ . n ■ 
rliura T'"-T •!!! n'-! r,..t,r> back; 

" h ' V • r . • r , ■• • . ,11 1 ii t h * leralap ■ 

men .-f \ iornp»>-ing natlOD ' 


Tet. ffs a wonderful thing for Port » 
Aagelaa W«I| miahi yon mmh H«a 
Por' *rn'-lr« , i,,.1rno'h'r ' | 

Abe f.irm haa fir.. ti»r and th» fii'v 
is nothing else than ttoe short 
■hlad-iaghtadnaaa af loral 




nfa/t ir* Into ivaiber.. 
our people goi. Oar* 



9m m f MH^p w i i'*! m m t i i M pp <»» i, 



Bdag SoOM Papers by the Way in the Annalt of 
Hwtorical. Literary, Scirntifir— With 'ilamr* at 

oi Iiiiiiaiii ol V iiiiiiiivrr Island, 

tlMC3lr«iiJMMrki— ' 
Mtaaatra u4 CuatoiM 



«• do«a mimo Ut« lAvt lh*t 

of m* 

mauiiali •aMl«r«l BSC of mUIvs 

It would vf-ry 1 nt i»t rul I lt> 

i\rr Just what I > !>♦■ iv»-mi 

liitllaii ,iK 

..I I 

SciBNTIin a«T«r bM» aM« 

to a(r»« which of th« gwmt in- 
vt-rittoiiii hmM haU the moat 
innrkrd tfrfct mi ttie lilslury a.nd evu- 

uMon ijf man Suiiie argui: ttiat rir>- 
iri.iy (hiiiii I hat (1 ml 1 lu't loll. ultir-iK 

UiiportHrii t- wliilr mill othrm luaim 
that thr lit of yvtUliiif or rucoril iiuK 

Ins ahould l»« awarded th« pcim. To 
day, imilm t« Mjr. w« moM sot set 
aleaff vvry wall wU^avt «By mm» ot 
Vum, «M tha qaaaltM of thair rala- 
tlva vahM b«ooinea mora or laaa 
•tkipty of mpanlnic It la aafa to 

ai>it>irii>- ihdt Mr;lliiK tiiia had a pto- 
fo'iiil ••ffe< t on rn.iii fi mental d»vel - 

• . 1> ri , (• III , an.l iri h.. '.n lliln rf»p.o-' 
i)lil> ti. Mii«-"i li i:.'"'^ .Mo rn.iilK'.l !•< 
thtc that C4.II.1 »<»io,aii liJiN.- eni( 
gaal«d that Hie ability lo .1 wr.i 

tan racord mlcht well be uaed «■ i,. 
of tha erltarta by wl)lcb wa ara i«> 
tarmfaia wbathar a dvan groap of 
pa«9la ahoaM ba ta r —ad a otvUtaad 
maa or net Today tlM aatkrapelocM 
drwwa a differant Una to dfvld* tka 
aavaca from the barbarian asd tha 
barbarian frum fiM ' i\iii£<>d maa. ba- 
cause It .iMi ov.'i.mI that the 

•ihlUly to writ' .1. ;.. ii.n-.l on 'iLur, 
farloTM otlitr ''.-.n Mit.-HetlUttl Uevoi- 
upniciit, Ho tilt' i.'o :>>at WOttM BOt 
alwaya be <i jun: otu. 

Tka aarlioBt r>,-corda axtant ilivi<i«> 
thaoMMivaa almoat aotooMtiaaUy tniu 
iwa sMin olaaaaa. tboaa aanaaraad 
with aauatlnc or atstlallaal raeorda, 
and thoaa eenoamad wtth loapartaat 
laeidanu In tha U|« «( tiM individual 
0r hla tribe, hlatorioaf raeorda. In fact. 
Am a rule, the two art- fuund In con- 
Junrtion, though it \» probable that 
the fn.itlnth al r». orilM .ire ai lually 
older, aa tbey demaixJ a lesa cunnpU- 
catad ayatain of marklnga. 

Noutb American Qoipaa 

One of the niost IntereailnK forms 
of prehistoric record - keeping U that 
Involved m the f'eruvian niitpun 
Whr-n I ho Si>.iniKh ad vi-ntiirerH over- 
run th<^ l.ifKlB which are now rraril 
ih<- (;iilanaK, Venezuela, €.<'■ o . < 
Ucuador and Peru, they fouml iin- 
natlvaa in poaaaaalon of a hlsh state 
of ahrlllaatlon, cultvrad. aanalUva, and 
IntallaetMl to a dagraa. Tha way In 
which thay Introduoad tha b laaalnga 
of Chrtatianlty to thaaa paople la one 
of the darkom blemishes on thr i ik'-s 
of history. N"t only were fh»- i><-o|.,. 
themselvew kU'.il off ti\ luindrcd.i "f 
lho\iK.i ndf. t>ijt . "i\ \>'niiK>- "f thfir 
art. Ih' i! r' IK! llieir literature 

was ilealroyeil when and wherever it 
appeared. Among (h> r*Nv ihinR.s 
tbat-aaeapad daatntctlon. f«w. that la. 
In eomparloon to tha toUt number 
that wara In aalatanaa, wara a num- 
ber of atmnca leabttic bnadlaa of 
knotted cords. Par a long time 
nothing was known of thMM objeeta 
exct-pt that lUry were called quipua 
by the Tiati\<"H md were used as n 
ayatem of r. 'i« nnintM-rs li has 

been left to Mr. i>ei.ind i.o. ke to re- 
veal the fact that they are hnacd i-n 
a decimal system, and thai the ponl- 
tloQ of the knot, th« form of it, and 
the color of the cord all have their 
deflalta maanla«. An aieallant book 
from tha pan of Mr. Loeke baa ra- 
oafltly bean added to the Lagtalatlve 
Library In which the quipu .ia 
described at length and illuatrated In 

It wan noticed (luring the construc- 
tion of the i'anama Canal thut many 
ef the Indiana of that district, who 
arere unable to write, kept track of 
tha numbera of daya they had worked 
by tying a knot In a placa of atring 
at the completion of each day*8 labor. 
It would porhiipR be a little over- 
atatlnK the r.tse to suggest that the 
idea may have come down In an un- 
broken line from the days of the 
Inc.i'* 'i ' 'ti'iiiir li .' U' o' iioM- 


Itlograplilcal tMrliig Atccorda 

It fall to tha lot of tha aothor to 

diacover. In the Nicola Valley, a 
number of yearn ago. an unshapely 
hag of buckskin ImiIkIhk with what 
appeared to be .1 lllr^;^■ ball of strlnK^ 
This wcat her - Ilea I .-n ■diject was ti.i- 
Ing on one of lh,i corner [.oxim ,,f ,1 
rather modern l.MiklnR l'"' t, 1 ive. 
A careful search through the avail- 
able literature brought to light no 
mention of aach artlclaa, ae the taak 
of deacHblng It In detail had to ba 
underuken. One cloaar asamlnatlan 
tha bag proved to contain two balla 
of knotted fibroua oorC one n good 
deal larger than the othef. When 
tha Inrgar ball had b4>> n unrolled it 

Waa found to be no lens than IHii feet 
long, and Into It were Ib-il over fi.SOO 
knots! Th<' snmller ball was a much 
more alrnpb- affair, being only .i.t fi-ei 
long, and containing about 1,490 
knota. There were aiao in the bag n 
braaa button, a leather ahoelaea with 
14 knoU In It. and fenr MtUa ahalla 
of tha kind known m D^ntiMhun firom 
thaIr ahape. whiah raaamMaa a minia- 
ture elephant'a tnak.^TlMae aheita are 
obtained at tho atnal, i|ad ware car- 
ried Into tha bManar M tm«a In tha 

old da>s 

The i.ointinc the knnis w,ia a 
long aP'l Icllous |ol> enoiiKh. but the 
altnation >"r •< foutoi lo be further 
complicated by the fact that the knota 
wara arranged in gro^pe of sis or 
aavan, followed by a blank apace 
about an Inch In length. Naturally 
thia anggaated tha Idea that each knot 
repreaanted a day and each group of 
knots a week. Tn add to the com- 
•.^»Jty It wa* found that some nf the 

tt.,, r. 


T herA 

<, . I .!l further Involved by 
'11 . "-ii of colored rag. 

••• • • r human hair, 
-f. I ■ c - 'o. r woolen yarn 
I' ' ■■<,■■ tied Into 

The fact that there ware na 
thaaa mnrkara esaotly alike, 
and uat thay ooaortod nt Irragnhtr 
hitanpnia anggaaiad that thay wara 
Intended to reoofd the oceurronee of 
aome notable event on that day, a 
theory »hich aobaaq ni tl^ proved to 

be a lru« one. 

A hiMiinl Mmt 
The Btrtnci were. In fact, a dtery. 
a aort of biographical record of the 
individual who made them, and aa no 

one else knew what the different 
To.'w«'r« Kiood for ihov ...iilil l>e in 
|. >j.|,-'''d !•» ih. ••wn>-t '111. I liy ihe 
1. t : ;i r, ' II:. I 1 1 f • t 1 1 h ji d 

exactly onw hundred such mnrkerT» 
acattared along Ita 110 feet of lenath. 
and It moat have bean a feat for a 
Maamory aipart uf ba proud of whon 
the 4llnrM want avar hla or her 
record and faaa ll ad tha vartona aventa 
thev memortaed. It aometJmea hnp> 
i.»ne,1 that a mother would ittnri one 

■ ' ' h !■'('- r d *. a « '.^ - . f ■ ■ r u ( . t 

1 ( .1 ( n I is f , «> i( n < h I M 1* t • I II. ; h 
I»<!.r.| UMiilil (>■• k>Tt Hv -hf Tuitfier 

liU the rhtid was old enough to learn 

What th« dlMhrant m n rh af nB ■miH; 

then the atring would ba tnmad over 
aa a peraonal po a aaaalon and addad 

to liy Its new oWTM-r becoming now 
an au t ohi ..jr u j.h y InafrHd of merely 
.1 !'lo|trai.h> 

^ooll i.fl.r Ihe d f!»i I I ii ; :on of tfi...< 

n.iw lyj f ir.ord a« It tht-n n .x» 

'tiie»! o'tur sp'-cimcnN were lnouKht 
!i. fr.ini Mo Vaklnui dlslili't of tie 
Hlaio ut Waahlngton. The Indiana 
thara belong to the aama racial group 
aa thaaa of th« latartor of Soatharn 
Brttlah OolamMo» and thaIr haMta 
ara a l maa t Ka a tiaaL Vortaantaly. 
the aelentlat who obtained thcaa three 
new aiiei imeiks was able to get What 
was ;>r.i. • li ally .1 1 oniplete transla- 
lloc of the iii<« of onr of 'rirn 
I ' M a r« ■ 1 , 1 il . n 1 ; 1 1 1 11,1 ^ I . of . I o»- n |. 

r . I. 1 . ,1 I. ,1 . ■ ' : . < .... 1,1 \ .. i ' >■ , r p,., 1 - 

loll .inU waa .iJ feet lutiK. toni.iimnjf 
I .. . ; I nota. An old Yaklin.i woiiiaii. 
UtiUy Jackaon. waa the heroine, and 
the diary covered a period of about 
four yeara and three aaontha. Hare a 
knot Indleatad, not a day, but a night, 
ahd Buadaya were marked with a bit 
of red yam, literally a "red" letter 
day. Other apeeial markers were 
confined to one fype of event, the 
d ' ■ ' '1 ' f 'Il III 1 1 ,1 ' 1 r la t !o ; m. of 
Aiil'.'i lo. f.v\ir Ih.iii Irn ociui 

1 ri iilir of the other strinjiM. heads 
01 III .ibout «-\fry t went y - eight 

d I . I i>os«iilily Indii ated full 

iiiouiis, the fact that the daya are 
grouped into sevens to maka waaka, 
ahowa that thIa type of record waa 
uaad after the eomlag o* tho whiteo, 

foiiii,! ur»- 
I h . . . w iier 


rh>- one spet linen of IheB*' laic o|. 

jei'ts of which we have on luifrio-' 
taiioa la nothing more than an 
e1»ltiHry column, and wa ara forced 
U (ha ooaahHdon that «aaaa of the 
othar raeorda. lapaalally thoa* where 
a period of nearly twaaty yaara U 
covered, aa In the caaa ot tho oao 
from the Nicola Valley, muat deal 
with other events alao. Vo rlue to 

their 1 lit <•! l»| e! M t 1. . Il ..10 I, 
I »•«"< I ; shoi) I il 1 1 .• I i lo' I . I II .1 
. .f 01, . »•(,., 11 !.t f Ml ! I 10 

nH-.inintJ to nom. 1 roj o mi ; 1 v ■ f .■■■!«' 
which Is not at .ill likely |.. h.i io- 
for theae recorda are highly prUeU b> 
their ownara. 

Parhapo wa amy glean aoma hint 
aa to tha typa of event raoordod from 
an old plaee af hiaterywampam 
made many yeora ago by one of the 
I'Uins tribes Among other occur- 
reiK eM here mentioned Is the tribe's 

first r-lghT ,,! I fioi-> iiii'l it^ fii-,1 11. 
(jualn'. 10 «.i|i ,1 lioir<e fltle.l with 
kIo »•« will' Il f*. . no . I an even more 
imrt-dlble • .1. 11 111 xi .1 iH e tlian the 
horse Itself. 

The late Mr. James Teit, of 
Bpenoe'a Bridge, who waa noted in 
actaatiflc ciralpa for hla atudlaa of tha 
Indiana of tha Interior of tha Prev- 
ia ce. Informed the writer that he had. 
in the old daya, aeen theae recorda In 
actual use. Kjinetlmaa almilar records 
were kept hy notches cut In tlie edge 
of a piece of stiff li-.iiher or a thlti 
piece of wood. 01 ais.iui hy palntiiiK 
colored marks inund the edge of 
some thin, olijeii. but t ht? Mtrliig 
reiord l.", or i.itlo 1 \\.ts, much more 
common. So. In spite uf the many 
drawbacks of high prices and high 
finance, the book-keeper of today haa 
a daetdad advantage In tha looaa-laaf 
ayatem, with neither qutpu or atring 
racord to tax hla memory with. 

Legacy of Bards to Welsh 


OK all 


mark tha 

charaeteriatlaa that 
Welah people, the 

Is their passloti for 
music and poetry. A tourist passin;; 
llirouKh the country Is apt to find Its 
l.inK'iaKf— of which he will hear far 
IT. ore than he expects — myBtif>inK and 
Its ' UMtoma atrange. But If he apenda 
any time thara, he Will aooner or 
later reallae that the very aoul of the 
nation ia auatained by the lyric beauty 
"f Ita poetry and the melodic rhythm 
of Ita song. He will hear an old 
Welnh grandmother humming with 
<iuiiverln>r voice tunes that were old 
when the ruiirderliig: viking shouted 
his hoarse chant of victory to the wild 
North .Sen; ha wUi hear a young 
v\'eish mother crooninig over her 
babe soma lullaby whoaa melting 
melody will linger in memory for 
many a year. And if he la fortunate 
enough to hear a vill.aire choir, ho 
will realise, possibly for tho first 
time In his life. what tha WOrd 
"harmony" really means. 

For Walea, of all the ancient klng- 
doma. haa preaerved In beauty and 
n splendor through tha long aan- 
turleo the atory of her paat in ma- 
Juatla poem and inaplring aong. The 
minatrel of Saxon Rngland haa been 
but a figure of hiatory since tho 
Illuminated manuscript of the Bene- 
('ictlne monk took the place of the 
chanted record of folklore and heroic 
deed. The troubadour of France 
shares with him the dlatlnctlon of 
iiaving Ut tho darkneaa of an age be- 
fore the printed word aama to revo- 
ictlontaa the world of human thought. 
Tha Irlah |>ard exlata only oa a legend 
of the Emerald lale. In Wales alone 
the ancient custom still holds, the 
aiii jorii art Iti still ;i throhblnjr. pas- 
H.unali.' factor In the people s life. 
• • • 

It aeema aimoat unbelievable that 
the national Inatltutlon ef tha Blatedd- 
fod, or bardic oongreaa. could have 
had part-origin in a weird competi- 
tion inatltotad by a Prince ef North 
Wales who. to prove that vooal music 

was superior to miiHic, 
offered 11 prlie to bard« n d h.irp. rs 
who swam the Klver ■ 1 . with th« 

' ' iia reault that the former won, 
ley would radte their poema and 
sing their aonga after their awim and 
a raoti whareaa tha atrtaga of the 
harparaT Inatrumenta were aodden 
with watar and would not give forth 
music, though touched by never so 
skilled II hand Yet history on this j 
point iloCB not lie. Uf course the In- I 
Krained love of music and poetry that 
n.arks the true Welahman asiated 
long before the famoua river ereaalng. 
but from that quaint conteat the 
atory af the modem Slataddfod ho- 

a e • 

The annual eongrem, which has 
been held for fourteen centuries, with 
the exception of a period of n\ore 
than a hundred years, when, after 
l«ll, the national aplrlt of 'Wales 
aank lew, developed from the atrange 
origin Indloatad Into a highly algnlfl- 
ctnt national Inatltutlon. It had for 
H stated object the encouragement 
of poetry, music and literature, the 

|, reservation of national lanRiiaKO and 
customs. ami the ilevejopment of 
patriot I'lii iiiioni; ' • opie. In this 
It aeems lo have derived Ita inaplra- 
tlon from an aaaembly known aa the 
Qoraedd. whloh datea back to an arm 
long bafera tha coming ef Chrlat. whan 
the Drulda were the great polltlea.1 
power In the land. Of this the famoua 
Welsh Triads (hlstorlcAl records 
whose contents are beyond all price) 
hold delalle,| record And although 
the Rlsteddfod as It became popular 
Ister on began as indicated, the 
rioraedd, or national aaaembly, waa 
revlaed. after the Remana had gone 
back' from tha foggy ahoraa af Britain 
to TIbar'a aannler banha. 

• • • 

Ttnvat Princes upheld the ancient 
ordinance!, aiiit encouraged the awieni 
t'ly hy their prartlrai patronage The 
KIsteddfod attained such prominence 
that It was proclaimed In foreign 
laada. and foreign peela and mu 
alclana ware tavtlad to ea rnp au 
therala. W h en tha thrat ef the Bd- 
warda annexed Walea to Kagland. he 
was wiee enough tn laaue a apeotal 
sanction to the bardic conKrens, as 
his historic Statute of Ithuddlsn 
teallfles lo this di\ Ao,| » hen 1-1 
Ister yesrs. the stru t discipline of the 
(iorsedd code had become relaxed and 
the bardic profeaolon eonaequentiv 
ImpahPOd. It waa Bllaabeth haraelf 
who atrove to raatere ita digalty by 
procUimIng an Bleteddfed and be- 
eta^lng a silver harp upon the chief 
of the faculty of miislrlans there 

Today the Kisteddfod !•< "1 sr 
rvfrtt held aerordln(f to alrno* 
the ancient cnatoma, and a very Im 

for all atrangera privileged to wltnesi 
IL The immemorial Oruldtcel ritual Is 
followed, and i>oelM and slnKT and 
player of sweet tunes upon the harp 
foregather In the open-air aaaembly 
and recite their poems, sing thtli 
songs, and play their melodies just us 
they did in the daya when the watch- 
man called the hour upon the helghta 
above Bethlehem and Cleopatt-i toyed 
with atrange delights upon her glided 
Nile barge. It Is a ftratiKe cere- 
monial, and it l.« i naiigurat eil with 
fanf.ire of triiiniiet just as were the 
old Jewish I elehralions of victory. 
Proae has Iim sharo with poetry, .»nd 
original verse, proae and mubic.1l 
compoaltiona are heard and adjudi- 
cated upon. Solo alnging, choral 
ainging, and that moa^ remai*kablo 
and difficult of all forma of aong. 
known .-is pennllliun singing, In which 
the Hinger haa to follow a harpist .ind 
sing his own verse to the harpist's 
music, whicli the l.itler may change, 
both as to tunc and time, at will — 
theae form prominent feature* of 
the competitiona. which cover a three* 
daya" faatlval and which doae with 
*he rltualiatic Inveature of the vic- 
toroiw bard to nruldloal invocation 
aad the tru re. 

• • • 

But thIa la the national Biateddfod. 
There are acoraa of local Blateddf oda 
haM all ovdr tha eountry at varloua 
timaa. aad It hi at theae that the 
foundation la laid by bard or singer 
or harpist for the great conleii of the 
year. It Is at these that the 
choirs compi'te. and here m.iy be 
heard .-lingers who aspire ic tho 
crow' ' .< i.y the Arch-Druid before 
the Welsh world of aong. 

Ton wUl hear at aueh gntherlnga 
volecj of rare beauty, music tha' can- 
not posalhly be heard anywhere » ise — 
for the Welsh music l.s like tl.e folk- 
lore of Krigl;ind and l"*rance, far less 
il matter of wvlttrn record thuu of 
inherited memorlea. But whatever 
you hear, 'and wherever you may go 
in all the lovely land— and thero ia 
beauty In Walea that deflea the world 
to match— 'you will note In all the 
B< ng and In all the music struck from 
the harp a poifnant. mrllin^.- under- 
tone of mystical p.'ithos hiuntltx^ 
melodlen that seem to stir some Inng- 
forgotten chord of memory, amooth- 
fiowlng melodiea ^hat lie upon the air 
like a c ar aa a . atrange minor toneathat 
atlr tha heart and aet the pulies 
throbbing. For Welah music ia like 
Welah pride — a thing that has its 
foundation In glories that have pa.'.t 
but have left their Imprint upon tlii« 
soul of .a nation ,-is nn i m per |m| 1 ih |e 

inheritance neither time can destroy 
nor humanity forget. 

• • • 

I have not been in Wales for a 

quarter of a century My knovvleilRe 
of the language is almost nil Yet 
often today I find myself hiimmlni,' 
acme old Welsh melody my mother 
aang to m*". the very words of which 
are devoid of the allghteat algnlfl- 
oance to me, but which In Ita lilting 
rhythm aeema to carry memory back 
aeroaa tha yaara and reopen lonK- 
ciosed floodgates of song to tho 
mind And this Is one of the most re- 
innrk.iMe features of Welsh mush 
., man m iv travel from Wales and all 
|hln^.« Welsh lo the uttermost ends 
of the earth; yet, .it anme unexpected 
and unforeseen moment, memory will 
aaaert itaelf, and there will return tn 
him with a vlvldnaaa and a chtrtty nn 
ojher memory can efface, the old 
rhythms, the old melodiea. the old 
refrains, sweet ami tender, p^-slonsle 
and defiant, soaring In triumph or 
dying away Into the dCptha Of for 
KOtten wells of aong. 

'Who that haa ever heard aung by 
a Welah choir that aimple. plaintive, 
lovely melody. "Ar Ryd y Nna" 
("All Through the Night"), or that 
exquialte fairy aong. "Torlad > I>vdd" 

("The Break of Kay' l or the haunt 
Ing faraway strains of ' I-'farwei iijc 
t lh>dd" (literally "Dick the Pipers 
Is re well," but aung to the worde 
Thnaa Bvenlng Bella." written by 
Thomaa Moore In Bngllah aad Pro- 
foaaor Rowlanda In Wehih). can «iver 
forget them? They have a place In 
the musical memory of all lands 
where song la a ff)rm of natlonni e« 
jreBsion \et they are abaolutely and 
r ,1 lusiveiv Welsh In color, la rhythm, 
and In emotional power. 

• • • 

Oalhtat Little Walea haa given 
mora than one thing of beauty to the 

world. Bat la all the long and 
aplandid aCory of her history there 
I* nothing that stands out w h such 

\ 't 1 nt \- . lir S |,. , • • ■ . ,.||ch 

■■<''•■ . fif her 

>• ent tiards I hat Indeed »eema to 

like the glory of Shall aapaa re. 'not 
bat far an Time."— 4. 



Walter U Ifadwen. MJ>„ 

Journal for AJbolttlaa of 



f e K 

nmm ine g 

It- 1 for aa a^a. 

eopie iliiiif, I ari, riiori- 
mi l o . ■ I ,. f. t : .J , K V* I h thin fact every 
day 1 live. The majority uf peuple 
acoept an aalabllahed cuatom of faato 
loa or popalpr Idea without orar 
atopplag to aak the gaaallaa: "Win It 
•Und the teat at thought? 

Recently I made thIa o b e er v a tlon ' 

I "Tlie Btoiitest supiiorters of Bup»i- 
stltloii h n .11 nil np?»-.i t>.-en t)ie e.ln 
< a t * d . t.iiH?*' !• Die r ea Boll for '. h .h 
curious anom.<l> is found in llo- fact 

I tha'. education tends to atlfle or igin - 
allty of thought. Mtudenta ar* taught 
to follow la rata which have beea 
formed for theoa by ethara. Cooae- 
qnently, profaaaloaal mea aad women 
of nil claaaag rarely thiafc far them- 

»eU I s." * 

1 have siio. iei,i».,l onmeioiiH 
letters from miirested persons in 
lefiience to the al>ove, and Bono 
public Journala have drawn the at- 
tention of their rtadera to my pro- 
nuuncement. The majority of my 
corraapeadenta expreea their- agree- 
ment with the atatement aad declare 
that they have often been brought up 
against ihe t.'i< t ihtt educated people 

are the i hlef .-u pportei « of erroi but 

they had been i.ii/./.;<-,i i., , o.,rit for 
tne paradox. They one and all agree 
that tha aolution of the myatery lies 
In the fact that educated people do 
not think; or. If t^ thlak at 
is within a circle of preeoncetved 
ideas which have been accepted by 
them ii.s aJiioms for all time 

The man who does think at once 
liivM l.iroHi lf open to criticism. It 
has been well aaid. If anyone dealres 
to avoid crltldam, he muat aay noth- 
ing, do nothing, be nothing; aad It la 
very remarkable what an Immanae 
amount a peraon can aay and do 
without aaylng or doing anytlilng; 
an I how mu( h can h. mi ioied with 
out the exercise uf the least original- 
ity. It rarely pays to think. 

Fate of Rcformrr 

We all know the story nf poor 
Sen)melwels. who reduced the death- 
rate among lying-in women in the 
\ lenna <;eneral Hospital by putting 
Into practice the then very orlginpl 
thought of common cleaallneaa: and 
so exaaparated were hla medial col- 
ic aguea at hla Innovation that they 
drove him out of the hoapltal. then 
out of the city, and finally Into a 
lunr.tic asylum, where ho dlod. Thay 

declined to think. 

When Harvey made the disrovery 
of the circulation of the blood, he 
merely brought hta 'thinking facultiaa 
to t>ear upon well-known anatemloal 
facta, from which ha deduced a logi- 
cal Inference that could not be dis- 
puted. And yet h«t waa persecuted 
an. I lio>cotled almost lo the day of 
his dcutti by those who were revered 
as the meat odoented men of the 


That which diatlngolahed Hippo- 
cr;iiea. the "Father of Madtetna.*- 
from the madloal iMaathood which 
preceded him waa tha fact that h<^ 
discarded all a priori reasoning and 
studied )ii,si'ad the phenoinen.i of 
N.ilure tioiii which he deduced hi^ 
com lu- ■ « I ixe hundred years ! ■ 
fore I'iirist. Hippocrates dared to 
think for himself, and now, twenty- 
live ceaturiaa . later, .in aplt» ef the 
many ehaaClng faahlona that have 
claimed devoteea, the main teachings 
of HIppocratea atill hold the fleld. is simply because he thought 

I,et us take our own partu ular 
siiliject of vivisection It I* the fash- 
ionablu cult of the day. The medl- profession as a whole accepta it 
and givea tho cold ahoulder to aay 
colleague who haa thought out the 
aubject for hfmaalf and haa arrived 
at an oppoolte conclualon. The ma- 
jority do not think Were they to do 
so they would ask themselves: What 
relation exists between a giilnea-jiig 
atid A m.'tn, and what scientific con- 
clusiona can be' drawn from patent 
difTerencea in anatomy aad phyalel- 
ogy? Or thay would taiquira: If aoma 
reaction la likely to be the aame In 
both, ia there ^o way of reaching a 
scirntiric conclualon anva by breaking 
the moral, law? 

Sir Charlea Bell, like Harvey, by a 
maaurly procaaa of deductive reaaon- 
ing dmwn from aaatomloal phenom- 
ena, came to the oonalualon that tha 

nerves which paaa along tha splnnt 
column possess flbre.s whiih i- 
bt(t h motion and sensation lie » ,i.s 
rl<ilinl«-d. derided and practically oa- 
traclsed us a charlatan, until com- 
pelled to do daaplta to hla own sym- 
pathetic feellnga, and "to aobtplt a 
couple of aenaltlve dega to the moat 
agonizing torture In order to demon- 
strnte the proof of hie aclentlflc con- 
clusions His colleagues looked on 
unmoved; cruelty and lack i>f 
thought are associates. Hell shud- 
dered at his own act and never re- 
pented It. Such a deed would have 
been, unneeeaaary had hla collaagaea, 
like himaalf. boon prepared to thlak. 
It was eaalar to follow a faahlonable 
cult than to take the trouble of 

And where would the vaccination 
cult of the eighteenth century, with 
all the extensive auperatructure of 
vacrinea and aeruma of the nineteeath 
and twentieth centurlaa, be today, if 
Its aupportera weald think? 

llaMt nf Thought 
Could any sane, educated peraon 
sit down for five minutea and con- 
template without repagaaace the 
thought of morbid matter, which haa 
bean eaat oft from the ayatem, 
whether of man or heaat. being re- 

intrOdared Into a human h.Mv under 
the idea of promoting health or of 
preventing Maaaae? Cnuld such an 
ide,i, no cloeely allied to the tradl- 
iiona ef aavagery and witehcmft, 
hold a »laca in the atfad of aay Indi- 
vidual who ia prepared tb tMnk it 
out aad aubmit it to common aenae? 

The educated c l aaa a a of today have 
bowed down and wakshlpi>e<l before a 
Name They have allowed Jenner 
and P.iateur to formulate for them 
poetulatee upon which their theerlaa 
have been built. They have never 
stopped to think whether the poetu- 
latee themaelvea were the produrta 
of an age-old auperatition 

To think reqnirea rouraite and 
even when thinking results m con- 
viction. coiir.-»ge In Btill required, and 
along the whole hattlerield of the 

world, where thought haa to range 
itaeit agalaat the armlea of prajadice, 
faahion and duparatltion. it la*, atill 
rotirage that la demanded of 

warrior who thinks. Bat the 
and comfort of the hard-pre«se<1 sol- 
lla.-y soldier In his Strugs ' 
lie In the fait that II la tlo ,,,-u who 
have thought and not those who 
have followed a (aahion* who have 
be^n ultimately crowned wHh the 
oak -leaf chaplet of li^aMHaBly. 
liOt aa thiafc. 

I>urtng the laat aaoitoa ef Parlia- 
ment there wan a huhhab over a eer- 
taia fhiherlaa troaty aad liuah wa^ 
writtaa abuM tha "new eta in the 
develepnaeat of Caaada'a nattoaheod." 
Canada dellt>erately ehoee to ptay a 
lune band in itie matter of thla treaty 
and told 'h^ Mrltiali nmliaaeador at 
Waahlilgton wtio )ia<l rtiKuei] itcatii-!. 
on her l.eliitlf niic •■ I lie day» of i .in 
fe.le rut loll I hut Mir tia.l oiilK' 'wr i'" 
swaddllim I li.ttie.-, ..f l,>i ilr i..<-ndeio , 
aiol lliH' 111 ihio iii«l!< I ..f tli»- finh 
eries liealy mIi,- was mtstrens of her 
own affairs Itmatn made no pro 
test, and the treaty waa algncd and 

Whea however tt oaaaa haCore the 
Halted atataa Baaate H waa gulehly 
aaoa: by (ooHalh akrowd legMatera 
that, while Oaaada had part aet free- 
dom of ^Krtee la thie matteir. her 
scope of action muat be Hmlted to 

her own l>uri,lio .i mnl that where 
tbe trcatv talKcl of liris), ••iliiecls 
Canada (i.lil lio poW'.' ... illd 

vow allKhl 111 Ihe 1 1 j. i . i . .f llo-,. i.iit- 
soi«- her holdei^ In • lo n i eii 1 1 w h 1 1 e 

< onnre.1'. no' ' i 1 1 « i i , i n i,- o. >, f rid of 
a t 1 II , ; I leiii . I, filed the 

matter fur a lew daya luid adjourned 
before dlapoalttaa af the treaty agala 
came up. 

The aequal to the otery of "the new 
chapter in our nationhood" now de- 
velopa. There will be no eloee aed^ 
son for halibut at all tMa year, aa 
the treaty haa not been ratified. Aa 
thla ia the very thing that the treaty 
aimed to bring about. Mr I.jipointe's 
I. f . ; adventure . .i i i, . i di . 

< uiieU 11 rousing SUCi PHa, excrpl 111 ail 

advertlaing aenae.^— Montreal Star. 

The Secret o£ Life 


1 o\ 
W 11 



I ' \ I . \N IN 

f I V W II O 11 
. : . i 1 1. . II K II ! 
I hf ilr \ t I . I 

du»- I . 

n h . d Is 
ha II n ' .1 the 

. . f 1 1 1 » 1 1 k 1 n d . 

1 e,,' ..( tilt 

I i>roc«»«m ot 

show e,J 

Il II "iia II 

evoiutloa." aaya The Jdorntng I'uei. 
"The Darwtalaa theory, Uke ull new 
idaar^ wm oppeaad at ftrat: but to- 
day t hara -ara twm eduaaled pereoaa 
who 4o aat' accept iu trath. aahjeot 
to recent modtflcatl.'^no. There waa 

a dlSlrulty however present In the 
minds of inany in whi' apjieired to 

be the cesNjiiioi, of 'lo e\.,iii' Hilary 

prOleKS If Tlo-t. wjtr, evolution In 

the [."It wli> i-> : oot oliser v.i hie in 
the pre.tent .' It m true that a part. 
If not the whole, of the apparent 
anomaly might be due to a too lim- 
ited ooaoeptioa of the time required 
for the procaaaaa of Nature, to whom 
a thouaaad yeara la aa one day 

But the conclualve aaawer ia eup- 
, plied In the recent biological dis- 
I coveries. of which Professor Sir Ar- 
thur Keith gave so llluni I na 1 1 n i; an 
account nt the Ko>al li.-«l i 

"T'le answer is I tin t the |,r.iie«i(. of 
. .ohrion Is loiisiantly and demon- 
strably at work In the embryo. The 
evolutionary force (In whatever It 
may oonaiat) la asorclaad during the 
pre-natal period. 

"Now that diacovary. which Is of 
quite extraordinary algniflcance. modl- 

(o ■ I' . 1.1' . !"Us theor.i, which Wav 
til. it duiiiit; the pre-natal period and 

In infancy, the humaa beiag paaaed 

Britishx^useum Secures 
Notable Map 

(By Bdward Heawood. Librarian of 
the Royal Oeographlaal Society.) 

THE study of^old maps, of which 
the foundationa were laid last 
century by Jomard, Santarem 
and I.elewel, flnds each year new vo- 
tarlea. and Ita value aa a branch of 
hlaiorlcal raaaarch la now generally 
recogolxad. So keenly haa thedearch 
for au^ doeamanta • been proaecuted 
that It might ha thought thai lltUa of 
Imi-ortance remained to be unearthed 
In this field. Yet important dlscov- 
erle'- contlnui to be made, and by nd 
rneims the least notable is the recent 
tliiding nf a hitlierto unknown Italian 
world map, dated 1606, a unique copy 
of which, wa are glad to announoe, 
haa beea aeeured by purchaae for the 
Britiah Mnaanm. Tha claims of thia 
map to attention are obvious, if on^y 
for the reason that If beUmgs to the 

Coo j .1 ! .1 t . \ » I •. VI,,!' U' •• n- • ' h 

iloi uiiu-nt.s datliiK fioni the deiadi-M 
ini niedlately follow Ihk the discovery 
of America; and not only ao. but it 
can apparently claim the unique dla- 
tlnctlon ' of beltig the flret printed 
map In which the di a oover l ee of Co- 
hirobua and hla contemporarlea are 
set down at all. 

\ t hough the map Itself has been 
unknown to atudenta. they have not 
been wtthont aofie hint that ouch, a 
map once exieted. An, Inaerlption 
upon It recorda that it was made 
'dlllgentia Joanl malhei <'onfarlnl, 
arte et Ingenlo franclsci Itoselll flor- 
entlnl. 1506 natu '' l''rom thin and 
from a second Inscription gtying the 
principal credit to Contarini, we may 
conclude that he waa the real au- 
tlior, ROaelll the engmver and per- 
hapH publiahar. Contarini .appeara 
quite unknown as a cosmographer, 
but some soanty detall.-i af>oiif nosel- 
ll s w firk In thin field h.ive come to 
I.).;)!' within reci.nt years He was 
the younger brother of the well- 
known painter. Cosimo Roselli, and 
through the atill exiating Inventory 
o( a ahop kepf at Floreaee by hla 
son Aleaaandro haa been Identified aa 
tho author of a large engraved view 

of Florence which serverl as the 
model for a reduced \erslon given in 
Th' .N'uremhci k; I 'hronicle of 149.1 
Th^ Inventdry Includea many Im- 
portant mapa and plana, aimoat all 
of which have been quite loot to 
alght. Two undated mape by Fran- 
ciaco Roeelll have, however, been 
known, which, though smaller and 
altogether Uss Important than the 
newly-found example. show some 
close resemblances, and liave been 
put down as made quite early In the 
atxteanth century. But varloua eon- 
sidaratlona. into which we cannot 
enter here, point to the BHtlah llu- 
aeum map. aa the flrat made of the 
three. Now a atatement in the Itome 
Pfolrmy of 1 508 telln us that a map 
( "plclura" I of the t .-«i\ found re- 
gions ha.' I • . • . ' .I at Ven- 
ice from the hands ol a diligent cos- 
mographer, and aa the mere name of 
Contarini at once auggeata Vanloe— 
to which city, moreover, Roeelll la 
said to have migrated from Florence 
— It seems quite possible that the .Museum map may be the 
very dixtimenl spoken of In ISOR. On 
the other hand, there are also hints 
of A map or mapa made in Florence 
about the aaroe time, and aa the wa- 
ter-mark of the paper uaad polatato 
Ita having been made in 'Tuacany, it 
may well be that in the newly-found 
map we have one of the many lost 
documents of the kind mu»l 
have laaued from the Tuacan capital. 

l^ro Mail OraapB 

In order to give Contarlnt's map its 
proper place amftng the other m.ips 
of Its lime. It shontd he recalled that 
theee fall Into two main groupe — the 
nautical charta. ahewlng the reauMa 
of the lateat dlaooverlea; aad the 
more academic produrtlona offered in 
the t'tibllc by learned men* which, by 
their reverence for authority, mixed 
the r.ew and the old data In a some- 
what dlaconreftlng way fif the for- 
mer claas w«- hl^■ (among others) 
the Spanlah chart of La Coaa and the 
Partugnaaa aharta of Caataao and 
Caneire: tn the latter the great map 
of Waldaeemuller of IMT (onlv 
brought to light In IfOl). the mo^' 
Imposing though not the earlleM 
aperlmen. Maps of the second rl.iss 
give an undue ext^nirtr»n lo K.istern 
Aala. With a huge imaginary penin- 
aala la part a aurvival from Ptolemy, 
bat SIMI la with data from Mhree 
Polo. Aa latawnedUte peaRion la 
occupied by the map of John 
Ruysch. i-«'ir.t In the Home I'tolerny 
of IbOX liJ author hid been In 

touch with nautical mstlers and was 
more Im l ''/-.l than some to break 
away froo ' olg traditions In its 
faa-ltke form, due to the uae of a 
eoaMhl projectloa for a domplete pie- 
ttwa off the world, Bfuh'a amp haa 
bttherio been cenaldarad aalqoe. 

Now If for nothing else, the fon- 
tarlnl map would have deeerred at- 
tention as a n othe r , aad earlier, ex- 
of tha una of tho aaaM con- 
mMMOWoHl. At Srat alght 
It aalsBl be IhmwBt merely ano'b-r 

Of B gy a iii ' a aaap, eo aimilar i the AUaaUc 

la II In appe.iraiiii, .noj .i ibo 
In ;lie ^lle i.ii feature of the attach- 
ment of the i'ortugueae dlacoverlea In 
Newfoundland to an imaginary ex- 
tenaion of the Continent of Aala, 

In lu geographical detail Cen- 
tarini'a map ahowa certain reaem- 
blaneee to Waidseentvller's of 1S07, 
especially In Asia, where It dihpla.Ns 
the same combination of ancient le- 
gend and scraps of authentic Infor- 
mation aa does ita larger rival. Since 
tha larger map is the later, there can 
be no queetion of actual copying, and 
the remarkable elmllarlty of many of 
the legenda, aa well aa of the outlines 
(Coutarlai shoaring once more the 
great eoutheastern peninsula alxive 
apoken of), must be due sidely to the 
uae of common sources In one re 
spert <'ontarlni shows a greater ad- 
vance than Waldseemuller, In his 
aomewhat half-hearted attempt to 
incorporate the raoalta of tha Portu- 
gueae voyagea to the Beat by inaert- 
ing the Indian P«ninaula, omitted by 
Ptolemy. But it i.s still far too small, 
and is actually placi-d west of the 
Indus, though the Insertion on I- 
of the chief ports of the Malabar 
("oast sufflciently identifies it. In 
Arabia we find the name of Mecca, 
already ahown In the MS. Caulan 
map of 1I7(. but - not by Waldape- 

In the entllnea ot troth Kurope and 
Africa we are atf^ck with the gen- 
eral lorrectnesa of the picture, which 
shows that the compiler had availed 
himself of the data supplied by the 
nautical charta. in Kurope a good 
many piaoea and foatarea are ahown 
more or lew correctly, but while the 
few aamae round the African coanu 

are taken from the nautical charts, 
the interior geograpliy l.i here al- 
mo.-l entirely I'toleriiaic Hut one 
Important lnni>vatlon la to be noted, 
of which the Waldaeemuller mapa 
have hitherto given the earliaat 
known examplae. A great weatern 
head atraam of the Nile ia added by 
Contarini to the Ptolemaic lake 
aourcea, and brought from a still 
more exaggerated distance In the far 
south * Strang^- as It may seem It 
obviously rej, resents a glimmering of 
knowledK*" of the Blue Nile, with ita 
characteriatic curve and gouroa in 
Lake Taana. Thla extraordinary mla- 
pl aee m e n t of AbyadBlan hydrography 
had a profound influence on the m.ip 
ping of Central AfrloA for a couple of 
centuries, so that here, too, the 
n.rt > found mail claitn.s attention OS 
.in e.uly link ill the chain oc evolu- 

Uut it ia for Ua flrat graphie r»pra> 
sentatioa in print of tha raaulta of 
Columboa'a voyagea that the map ae- 
eured by tha Brttlah Muaeum will at- 
tract most attention, and ;is the 
prlr rity In this respect, long tlioiighl 
• o '' "I ■ iiysch. passed from him 

to Waldsr-cmuiier on the dlsoovery of 
the latter'a map of I607, su thla laat 
muat now, it aeema, yield to Ita new- 
ly-found rival. The name America, 
afterwarda a'optad at Waldaeemul- 
ler'a own auggeatlon. does not of 
couree appear, the only name 
applied to the continent being the 
ler.-a fruciN • given lo Mraill 
when rrached by Cahral In 1600. 
I h picture of the \N est IndlOa iS 

broadly that of the known nautical 
charta ef tha time, though not en- 
tirely agreeing with any one of them. 
Wa miaa any Indication of a conti- 
nental land beyond, a wide Be.-i np- 
pearlng to open an unobstructed way 
to ClpunKU and Calhav The omis- 
sion of suih a land beyond Cuba la 
rem., rk .1 ti |r in that its appearance 
on varloua charta haa been held to 
indicate dkMioverlea of Veapaeel In 
. the voyage which he claimed to have 
made la M%T. the authenrlty of 
which haa been doubted by some A 
Florentine map maker might he 
thought the nian iil> all others to 
do Justice to the exploit,! of his <oni- 

One other point muat be touched 
upon in conclualon. Off the eeaat of 
Bouthaaat Aala we Bnd a lagead r»- 
ferHag to the achlevamenta of Ce- 

lumbua which deserves («» be quotad 
in full, mm expressing a ogatemporary 

view of their aaape aad aBntaoiai it 


1 hi Mio, lo.riis t'oiumbua Virerex 
Hispanie o< < idenie veraua navlgana 
poat muttoa iat>of'lRa et perleula per- 
venii ad iaaulaa Hiapaaaa (theWaai 
ladlee) 4eln. IMIne oalvene navlgpvit 
ad provlnela apallaU Clamba (the old 

kingdom of r^ampa next Cochin 
t'h I ' . Me 1 n hunr 

locum j i ,1 < 'tirlstophor- 

ua dlllgenti— ref,,o, niarittimarum 
pscrutator asaerlt hat>et vim aurl 
maxi mam " 

Thla ki of iataraac ao ahowlas that 
Caiumbao'e own vlow that bo 
reached tho astr%po rfMvao of 

wa« still accepted without 
by acme at least. year Off the 

great navigator's d' I'h 

The itrltuh Muse , 1,,, hmmn for- 
tunate la eeeurlag a documeat of 
unuaaal InloraM. and M la matter for 
aattafaelSoa that U will remain In 
thte coaacry l a alaa d of failawing ao 
mny treaauroe o( tiM 

'he ,1, 

1 nil 

). • nd 


rapidly and as It W4 
ihrouKli all Its earlier oiagee of evo- 
lution Sir Arthur Keith deriH.n 
Htrates the fact that ibr .-itug*;"* lo nt 
the new being for Its environii.eoi lo 
gins and la practically ix>m)>iettd it- 
fore birth. lie likens the proc«v« to 
the larger apectaeie in progrpm la a 
city, la whIah tha epirit of 
aad the aplrH of raalataaoa to 
are perpetually In conflict, aad la 
whIah thr i.'-oi!' 'I d' w! .:>rneat. 

\ Orrat liteiwery 

"Sir Arthur Keith aAnaa that tha 
moot impartaat d k oouogy la 
made einoe Darwla la 

of Profeaaor Starling aad Sid Wil- 
liam Uayleas that various organa la 
the body posseMa the power, by means 

of chemic.i: .onsiituents called hor- 
nione« ■ , , , rr . . ' , , n - ,i 1 . ■ • ' lo ■ 

"Ttl*' 1101110.111-^ f iM\ l.» loijuh ^ 

compared wUh tnesH.iK., ,ie:i\ 1 
a postal system h'or Instance, the 
three glands, pituitary, thyroid, aad 
supra-renal, quite detelUly ragalate 
ceruin proeaaaaa; aad If the aotlaa 
of a glaad be abaaraMl. correapond- 
ing abnormality will reault, such aa 
the (lant or the dwarf. 

"Kqually remarkable \i 
cover.v that the pineal f.\u\ 
w.i.s once a third (>e In n i- 1 
<e8tor, ha.H heci'm.- in man ,1 
loM w d deep In hla brain and 
grdw th. 

Again. In the gaae of oertala tia* 
sues impinging on other tlaauaa, the 
nrat have the power of creating a aew 
Tgaa out of the aeoond. Fuch Is the 
procem by means of wi leiig 
of the eye la formed. uih« iKiua 
which, as man developed i> .. 1,,, 
longer required lemaln but ua ves- 
ilgoB. such a.^ the tall, which ia alao 
>hed In eiiibr.vo by the anthropoid 
api.x The palatal nose, again, waa 
eliminated in the embryo when tha 
development of the hand made the 
paiaul noae unneeeaaary. laataaeea 
might be mulUpIled. And Sir Arthur 
Keith afflrma that the same machin 
ery la at work in the brain and mind 
of the embryo. 

"But If the operation of the ma- 
chinery i.M becoming more accurately 
understood. Us motive power remaina 
aa heretofore a profound agmary. 
The proceaaea of evolution are iM- 
vloualy Intelligent; or. ahould we My. 
directed by aa Intelllgonce of the 
higheat order? In what doea that In- 
telligence conaiat? It may. of 
courae, be obaarved that the intelli- 
gence makea ml:d,ikcs and. indeed, 
perfection is haidiv ever achloyeil 
Hut xide hy .mde with tti.»t refle<-llon 
fhould be considered the fact that 
wh.ii we call dise.ijie. as Sir John 
Ulund -Button haa ahown In hla hohk 
on the aubject, to alao oubjact to tha 
law of evoltition 

What 1.^ .Mnnr 
I' his h.ei, Mi^:«e»ted by the dla- 
iWiKUisheii trench in veatlgator, Or. 

y. biological raoaareh 
should be conducted, not upwarda 
from the orlglna ef man. hut 
downwarda fram man aa he la 
today. Dr. Daley aaeke tha an- 
anrer to the Immemorial queatlon. 
•What la man?' rather In the realm 
of mind than of matter: and regan'^ 
the proceaa of evoliitl..n l einjj 

es»enti.i;i\ i development f nn- 

ConSl O ilHlu-^fl to conwlol!..! en.< If 

I»r. (.eie\ H theory he vulld K|r 
Arlhii' I • ; h s ailmlr.»hle contribu- 
tions I e Hiirn of knowledge muat 
be regal ded M being themaelvea a 
definite advance in evolution. The 
pity la that they eaaaat he Inatallad 
Into the whole mtad of mankind at 
onoe. inatead of gradually iafUtratiag 
the general IntaUlgeaoe," concludea 
The Morning I'oat. 

Sir Arthur Keith's lectures, on 
which The I'oat comnienls. were on 
the kind of machinery used by 
Nature in the evohMiaS off the h«l 
body and brain. 

mem II U 

"The preaent aituatlun, ha aaid, 
waa timt atudenta of modern evoiu- 
tloa ware certain that .\ n ue |., 

recent geological ages had sue, ceded 
in lyeedlng man and ape out of a. 
common ancestral stock, but weru 
still uniert.iin as to the exact mnans 
emp|o^,.d I'liere was one aafa guid- 
ing |.rinc|p|,. iM reaearch woTk that 
the machinery, whatever it waa. waa 
still silently working la our hodlao, 
and In the growlag child Nature 
ualng the Ideatloal maohiaery 
had uaad la aBeeting her miraclea of 
evolution. tTnqueetlonably the ma- 
chinery of growth was the machinaiF 
of evolution, and for this reaaon 
every effort was heing made to find 
out how the growth of the hurrtan 
body was regulated 

"Hlnoa the death of Darwin aoaM« 
thing had been leamt of the way In 
which the parte af the aye uroro 
brought tqgather daring tha forma- 
tion of the embryo. The reoording 
part of the eye aprang aa a bud from 
the brain, while the lena was pro- 
duced from the overlying akin If 
the brain 'bud' was moved so as i.> 
He against another p;irl of the rrc. 
bryonic akin. Il caused the new ,. ■ e , 
of skin to form a lens, thus showing 
that one part of the embryo could 
control the growth of a neighborlag 

The Worth of Brain 

"There no more striking fact 

c»>ncernlnK the evoluti<in of the 
hiiniaii liody." a.Tld HIr Arthur Keith, 
' ■ fi,, t while maa 

po>i»»et.». 1 nn tinli|ue pow. r ..f using 
his larvii ,in.l tongue i-Iieech 

and the niuaclea of hia fa< e for all 
ahadea of aapraaalen. yet theae 
muaelae were juat theae found in the 
higheat apea, allghtJy dUfarontlata.?. 
but with BO new element Int r o d aaad. 
Man'a pre-emlnenoe wna due aolely 
to the rlae and nverwhelmlSS g l OW li i 
nf hla brain. The Ituxley-Owen eon* 
troversy as to whether man's braia 

was t.^rlt on the llnea of thst of the 

' : I -^ee h-id long .ijr . l.'-eei 

..i.KW,-*^ In Itie Jl fT' r r, n I I . ■ ',1,1 It«i4 «o he d - . I w il « a 4 

that's brains n 1 1 !<r out- 

stripped theee of the ai ' 

'What waa hnown waa that by the 
alxth month tho controlHng pottlena 
of the brain arera alreadly osMMtiad 
aa aa 10 ovirahaiiiw all piteMlve 
parte. Thaai olemeata aOMMed ef 
MINona of miaruaeeple Uvlag unHa 
which had a naarvelleue power of 
arranging themaelvea The power young nerve and nmscle iinMa 
ponse^MMl In this vniTt w.»« nr. more 
anil n<i leso i«o,,d< rf 1 ' tii 
farii"v nf ihf wandering white !■ .•.■) 
cor i.ii«. 1' « 1 hat could And out » •)". 
a pie< ,. .,f aravenglng work needed 
their attentloa. 

'The tank in front of thoes atndy* 
Ing the maahlaary ef deeole pm ea t 
waa a loag oM. They ba# to la- 
vaatlgate tho habWa af CBS 
ualta ef the embryente bedi 
the aame attention. aa that gtvea to 
the nature and war* of live anHnala. 
It would evenloally be known. h'>w 
ever tiow man came by the |>" "''>•'" 
[.•..(.ertles of his trmln nnd inlnfl 
M I ' T' Biich atudle« nrfri 

pieted," coa c ladad Sir Arthur. 




StoriM of 

Adventure ' ^••'^ '"^ i'»>-i'»»'«d 

WHk TiM 

IV— Red Amber 

Cl«U lnpwi»l city ot Cbenftu. 
BaMcy ymtmi him Hni mm^ 

nan«cy ohuelito« him fUam 

hrHit-ra Kwrpt along Wttll hto 
ami h" r»'<<>trnli«'(l B«Il*OII !■ 

not ^lu^l>lrlK |>.irt IcuUirl jr 

••M"* hrru l.iJllyliiK f>'" '"'y" 
h«T" thought Harircy -Thrr. 11 1 
bMtt ktM to It. OMlly!" A« ttu- iw" 
•llAlra «ftaM». «U>nC^<>*. Hanoi y 
IwMd forWfehi •»<*•, "HoUOrs 

Mr. B«ii««on' <!<rfn»-tt» !• tho 1*<^ 

tsn tonu l*-. arr yotl? Tl — ll W t trl*." 

BMt«"M whr. wan alwaya doadlr. 
■moeib tttui who never Itoct hi* b«ft4. 
look«« t HM»mmr • 

*<TIm Mm* to y*u ' r«t«rUd 
eblmlr. y«t word* held • 6—p 
floreoiMMU HaiMoy only srtnnMl and 
waved hta hand aa Ma ahiar want 
Into th* lead. Ha ktm f»mX Bmm« 
, I t dan ihoot hbf to th« 
1,1. k i.i-fur« wltn^«e*». 

At ih.- '-'igr nf th'- mountain* 
which girrtlr tiif tii-<t<.ri<' plain o< 
Chen«-tu on thrr.' ih.^ L«»- 

tSU'inhtO, a temple dr.llcttlfd tu lAO- 
tiu, founder of Taolem gornrwhrte 
In tha ylclnlty oC thto t«i»pU lived a 
man naMod T«n» Hd. wha kad In hto 
i,<.«i<-«Hinn torn* rod am¥»r takon 
fr.,n. tomb of the Smparor lAn& 
Tl ..f ih€. KHUtern Han dynasty. 
Hati«>cy knew llttl'- about It all. ex- 
cept from'.: i ,i f , n.allon. 
• Whether the amber wa* carved or 

whMliar tung Bm w«U« mU tt. 
did not know. 
Laaminff that Baaaea w%« Mtting 

forth rather Mcrotly, Hfntojr had 
engaged bearers and ■taftad. It wa« 

enough thJit I'.vnnon wm VOlnf. for 
anything Henson went after In p«r- 
■On waa bound to be unusual. 

He scarce are the things of anrlent 
dayg now become In China, so keen 
!■ tha rivalry amonc dealers and 
a«eat«. that eholea things are 
notod down from afar and naU*« ool- 
lectora and their oollaeUoaa f lUitad 
mid known intimately. HanMr/ had 
the in>i"'-<Hi"n tliat this Tung Ho was 
no coll. : ' " ^' ■ •• »'i"man who 
would nul know Hi.' i.r the red 

ambor. He knew - • ^ ' ' 

ba walking Into sumt^ i tii 
Banao*— 4k* anmltr~h«tween the i» 
men would omm anly with death 

but this pOMlMllty Aid not worry 

Hanaey. It w*a onoack for klm that 
Benson was also on the trail. 

A I tho en.i of the afternoon 

w heti llunery < i»nie to the temple. 
This was not one of the splendid and 
wealthy Kuddhlut shrlnen which 
abound through th<^ mountfiu.^ t ut 

0 Taolat adlflo* built during theFmK 
poriod. It was. of aovrM. waiio i 
nearby had grown uP » ▼Ulaga of re- 
spectable proportions. 

Hanecy observed that a ^aiBpIo 
fair waa In progress — a fete or oale- 

1 ration to whifh all the mountain 
folk had gathered. brItiK inic Ri.od* for 
barter or sal*. There were many 
poddlors, also, In and about >'..■ 

Hanaey want dlfMt to ttoa tampi*. 
He had no bantata. Platol. pipw mnd 

icbarro. and a Iftrga amount of 

n'oney wore enough to carry hini 
anywhere Piiylng off Ms bearers 

and bldi1lii«r th.-m wnit in the vIllftKe 

nntll th" ■■■ ^ 

pi*. H* found hlnis«lf greet. ) *nh 

tha uaoal eourtaay, and one r ^ ' 
many Biiaat>room* was assigned him 
HI* flrat Inquiry wa* for Tung Ho. 
The priests Informed him that Tung 

Ho iive,i alone with a brothef, Tung 

1-, . . I Mle« iiinuint In the hiila 

II ' iiHi l.iK' tn go there and 

return' l.irk hell", no KilldeB 
•Ottld be obtained for fear of tigers 
•—4k* fMHktaIn folk Ktirk close to 

koma afur nightfall. Hanooy p«r- 
ealved, also, from the maanar of his 
Informants, that ka would b* unwl*e 
to try the trip alont. H* ooiylud*d 
rightly that the two brotb*rs did not 
have the best of roputatlan*. and re- 
luctantly da«Mad to watt wiOl mom- 

"fllnc* I've henlen Benson to I', t 
might aa well have the pickings of 
tk* fair." ho r*fl*ot*d. 

naatlty cNaaInt up. k* ak«nt«e*d 
forth. To his grattfleatlan ' k* wa* 
able to pick up a numbar of amall 
objeotn -noihUiR of any Importance — 
iri.l thiMi tiiriir.i hln attention tn 

a umall cutiv.iH booth oiffatde the 
temple u I'.l « her.' aotoe sort of 

mountebank wa.i holding fo^th. Han- 
•cv wa* attracted to it by the giggles 
and aou*ala of d*ltsht from tk* crowd 
around tha booth. 

H« found th* enterUlnm*nt noth- 
ing wonderful. A peddler, evidently a 
wanderlrifi Korean and beRged 

for monev 111" i1ihii1;»v ronslsted of 

n thin Klann . ine I with wire 

itt the enda. In which wcrr' n roim'ier 
of amall birdo The man w hecrr.l 

at a moatk-orgam talking bftween 

"All th* y*ara of my Itfs I kav* 
spent training tk*aa Mria.'* J^klMOd 

the dirty Korean. "HOW OOt W k*n 
1 play they will d*nO*— ^ 

Hur.' enoiinh. wlien the m • te- 
Kliii. the" t.enin t .-> flu!'.' .md 

hop. nine 1' ' " 8 .If not 

high enough to let them fly. The 
offow4 akrlokoi to oommt* 

ttaaoey'a ayo* graw a kU aaor* 
ataoly. R* uol** tko toovth-onan. 
and aaw tkat M WM of Japa a aaa 

make He had llttl* drtiiM th.i' the 

(Ij.-iK - i> w t I I- dmirtbulliig morphia 
Ihrotiuti ''!> aoMify MMor Jap- 

anese nuaplccM 

Batng red-headert, h»» was Impul- 
■It*. B*lBg an Am*rlcan, ho dataatcit 
r**dl**a cTualty to dumb Iktoga. Ma 
Okou1dar*d hi* way to tha f orafront 
of tha «rowd. an4 witkout a word of 
expiaaottoii. produced hi* sutomatto 
pistol aad with (t amashed the thin 
glass of the ease. The torture i Mrda 
fluttarod forth and fnoV « i> ir 

Willi A gtarlted onlVi rtn 

op. a knife flashing Into bis 
Haneoy took him by the neck 

o«4 irMgoA klm forward aorota the 


"Listen. Span of a turtla!" Tka 

s nieriran'a voire hit like stael. A 

, . 1 1 . ■ 1 1 li r ' ■ f .» r u -I f e 1 1 . ' 1 1 t» r r \ t up f rorji 
(hi. .ri'Wil if 'h.-v >M'™r,i«>(Kn 
r1e\|l «pe,ihhi«f their .1!«!r. i If you 

make th* wrong move with that 
knifo. yoa 41m. Dra* Ml 1 agy, «rop 


Th* kntfo fon. —air klokoi oaMo 

fr<.nt ..r tka kooth. H* w pa i aa d 
A burning gMtflaw oporalad by a 

shoWTnun coul.l iiiivc ih.- .andie 
. !.!»»• Iq the flooi of the use or move 

It iiway. 

BagotM, ekUd of a bUnd flsb!" 
eaid Hanafy oaar n f»ny. 

Tka poddlar vaalafcad. 
hoota and jaara and aot a faor 
The chiaaio 4e »ot itko 


II w a» nearly dark when Tt. naon 
Hrrived Mnnecy saw nothing of tilni 

hut hem, I his voioo aa ko wgo koinx 
shown in to foortora. 

▲ftar aa aapaUant ropaat. VimM*<-^ 
left tka tonplo proataoto for a walk 
and it ooMka. Ho did Mt fuey tha 
looks «t kla koaU. They were a 
debauched and sensual lot, and but 

f.-» ..f Ihfin h.ivl ih.- "kiill of 
K«-iiii)ne prlenLa (he ream fl hi 'he 
tire- huriiliiK pantllli-s .1 1 ; ti 1 ! 1 .1 1 1 < ■ 1 1 
Uetuniing to the outer «'■'). 
Hanecy paused to clean hin I'U'c »^nd 
glance at tk* Umpl* grounds, sprln- 
kl*d witk tantanuk Thm adlgkt waa 
dark aa<| alooa. wltk atons tkrao«oa> 
Ing. Daaplta tka uttar paooa of tka 
mountain night, th* atlllnaaa of th* 
scene Hanecy was by no means off 

IC'.'.ii.l VVIi.-ii |.rcNeiitl> hi , , t^^<.■ r v rfl 
Mlciit figui.- nlilil'iiK li' hiiii h'iuih; 

th.- wall. hlf loin. I cU'! jiloui.tlv 

under his arm. InMiaiu responK.- 

to. tka gaotpr* came In a low voice 

a#aakiog floont Mandarin: 
"HaavoBkom. ba oaroful wltk that 

weapoal X kav« ooma to apoak with 

you " 

ii.- i. (hf- K 11 ii»raln '■■ thought 
llJineiy, in.I ke|,' t.ia hand on hin 
pistol. ■ Y-'ii ..c. uis.-.l ,levil .hi 

you want with me/ Trying to auib 
me In tka darkness?" 

"Nat at all. *ac*ll*ncyr n^ormured 
th* Koroan In laa aggrlovad tone 
"That was a Tiry alavor trlok yon 
(layed upon me thia aflamoon. but 
1 hear no malice." 

Han-'-v half axp*oted a knifa to 

but none j-aine 

"Listen, heavenbomi" pursured th^ 
Koroaa *ag*rly. "Tou ar* a brave 
man and d*ir*r. and I b*ar you no 
tll-wlll, as I say. Now, I hara laamed 
why you ar* hare, aad why th* other 
'foreign d*vll who to alao a merchant, 
|g here. Indeed, he was Inquiring for 
-...!),. -one to take hii: t,,ni|{ri: i" tti" 
house of Tung Ho and Tung Kel. and 
: ^id nothing about kaowtoff tko way 

Haaaey said nothing olthar, for ha 
was *omowkai a*tonlah*d t all thla 
In tha tona of tko Xor*an was a re- 
spectful admiration, eombtood With 

8 cunnInK twist of words. 

"Now, excellency." continued the 

man, "I kn..w Ou.m.- h-e-hren well 
Indeed. I CHPi. p >■•' -I,'-.! phi.'- . 

yesterday. It is lru« that Ihey m. 

bandits and man of no mean repu 
tatlOB. No oaa agaoag th«a* Chinese 
would willingly g* to ikolr plaea after 
dark, but X am ao aoa of Boa, kaav 

enborn " 

"What do you want with me?" 
snapped Hanecy somewhat testily. 

The KoraM akoklod to orafty 


"What but monoy? The other for- 
eign d*Tll otf*rod ton BllTsr lUng to 
anyona who 'would tak* klm to the 
me of Tung Ho thto nlgkt. Tkare- 
I. r. . 1 said to myself.' k* and the 
other fi.reiKn devil are running a 
ri.ce, Thry are men hants. Tung Ho 
has something that they wliih to 
t-uy. and each one wishes to gel there 
ahead of the otbor. X* tkkl so, 

haav*at>om 7" 

"If It I*," aald Hanaey. •*whai 
business Is tt ot yourPf" • 

■ My bualnes* la to ^maka monay." 

and the Korean laughed again. "If 
one foreign devil offers ten silver 
Hang, how much will the other offer? 
Now. heavenborn, I can tell him I will 
lake him." 

"Wkat about the tigers?" asked 

"Bah! I am ao mountain fool! 
I have two muloa, and If you wtoh to 
fl. with me we can get to th* P)*o* 
and be hack befor* midnight. That 
la. If you offer Bl* O M OO g k moRdy to 
take yon " 

Hanecv hit on kl* ompty ytpaa t B t 

and reflected. 

Ha did not like the Korean In tha 
laaat, and did aot truat klm. Noao 
the l*ai. th*r* would b* no trap **t 

.Tt night, and he scorned the thought 

cf the peddler trying to kill him. The 

f. n, « .. ' .T-\- raiiK true enmich. 

Hete was the rh\i ^ t,, heat Ben- 
son hands d .v. I ci.uhl not 
possibly leave the temple before 

"Tka moon will ria* In an hour," 
put In tha Koraon oraft^ly. 

Hanecy nodded. Aft*r all, tMa 

looked tike a prnvidential chanca to 

Ret ah' . ! ' ' It mattered 

not Ihii! lif i: hrethren were 

bandit!" Thi>f »-»• ; l e expected 
"Very well," said Hanecy with da- 

clalon. '*Tott aro aura tkat you feaow. 
tka wayr* 

tko Xoraan laughed aoorafully. 
"Know It. kooToakorn ? I know Ovory 
tneh of thoa* klllal Baaldaa, tka 
road Is excellent and d**ply wom." 

■ In that case." said Hanery, "I 
will offer t".-'iiv five ilunjr not 
In sliver, for I have none, but In notaa 
or the Cheng-tu Oovernmoat. Too 
know that they ara good." 

"Nona hotter, ko a vaa k at a . llio 
priea la autfletoat.'* 

"How oooa oaa you atart?" 

"My malaa ara Juat outalda tka vll- 
lare there la no danger to them 

— lot tk* otkar fallvv loak oati tf 
tkay oaa take ny kMa wkll* aqr agoa 

ara open, W-i em go tu It!" 

He counted out twaoty-OT* llaag. 
which he yat to tka feaaA oC tka 

K orea n 

t inive he auid lirleflr l in all 
ready. Aro these letniilo K"'lee ever 

"Not at tkla oaaooa of th* y*ar. 
Toa oaa lalara aay 

*Th* Korean ob«y*d Raaaoy** par- 

einptory Kenluir iio'l led tkO Way 

f I orn the t.-rnple ;rit,i t fw- thick, dark - 

1 1 f - se 

Tht- Ainem.iij followeil him iHoBel^, 
r.|iillii^ hie piKdil out Into hin hand 

ill readiness. However, rather tu 
kbi aarprlo*. nothing kapp*n*d. ▲ 
Uttl* way out o< tko vltlaga, tko 
Koraa n allppad Into a ooyaa mi daooa 

bushes. Here If aaywkara, thought 

Hanecy. would come tha trap — but 

t lie re » H« m trap 

tkay «M tha aoaa« m€ tko 
tog krto oaaaa« vary aaddaa l y. 

Tko bulMki« waa Httla mar* tkan 
a inid* akack of stone. built 

'■' I'Ider days Harn . y perceived that 
I tie door was very large and maaaive- 

It loudly. ^ffhM 

"Who Is there?" damaatfed u \oice 
from^ within, spaaklag a rade dialect 
hardly InUlUglkla to Haaoay. 

It la L.Tao-moa t|M poddlar!" 
r*apoadod tk* Koroaa. "Wltk me 
tharw 1* a foreign dOTll, a strange 
▼.fhlte man, a merchant. He was 
.1 r the tsu lempU- an.l he pahl 

11. e t, Knule hirn here H. haa • oriie 
t. buy aolnethlag." 

"Teng-llengl" growled a second 
voice. "Walt a Uttl*. son of Korean 
dotila,' aatU wa aoa if tt ba you in- 
d*a« aad aot aoafto aioualiala spiHt 
to moek ua." 

To orte side of the door a shtltter 

Kralf.l ll.-vn'-c^ vk « ! i iii,MplnS 

oad loll. 

forwfjrd at him wltk 

The peddler, perhap^ oaaalng the ^ the fear and suapiciuii (iLing !ti< eyes 

,r ^f /f: 

Hanecy firod a aaooad ttoM. Ono 
of the two m*n went down wtth a 

crash .iM,l .1 K'"«i 'I'he .jiher man 
flung hlniBrlf on lian'M y in time to 
denect the third bullet. 

Orlpplag tka AaMrtoaa'a wxiat »o 
tkat tko aatamatki aoarod a> at th. 
raoC ko otabkad. • Haaarr jorkad 
himself free of th* knife that haki 

h.iri t,. Ih.- wrf-nch'-d himself 

almut -,, Ih, iuuKinic aim (J.iaaed 

ovi r hlH »)i..iil<1. i anil hi-' h-ft nil 

Ahoi up ills list smaaiied inio the 

aa».«M>.ir, ... faoo aad Joltod tki- Bwa 

At this Instant, from tha flOar at 

hia f>.' M i;iecy heard a rattling 

conv-h .ini! ihout tii«< aukles fastened 

th- hitii.l^ ,.r Ml,- f , r St mar. ht- 
had allot. 1 h.- KIM' WMi. li.trth> or, 

expected an.i . ..i... heuiK r 

oaa, Haaoay went down heijivil> lii^< 
r%kt kaai. daahed violently against 
tka door kaMad ktoi. loat tka auto- 
raatlo platoL 

Realtatng la a flash that h* was In 
desporato otratta, Haoecy klcko^ out 

of poetlaal taa- 


.tu. I 


..111 >i tl»!<' 
abou' • heir i 
anlo hIi* •-« ■• 
outside town 
this mamoat 
a ftar tko 

fi.r 1 
U« « hi. 

ba\e charm « 
h U.-r-f off all 

, «■ Jll \ I ' - I : •■ 1 CM til e 

With me, we can start 
That la, of course, 
it haa b*on aiad*." 

If tko follow 

meant to tak* kl* jmoaoy aad tk*n 
deoert him. Or, *impl«r alin. to 
<oH. -> brnien effort at robbory. Or 

.!ie-h,.r the miiteo were hilt a halt 
f .1 a. .n " • rii ; ^ '> - ! ti ' -' r '« i • ■ . - 
I 'e why nc waa ih, i, 

thieves wirt h. 'n. i| mandai '. <• 
Cheng-tu, and hts lnriu«noa ranched 
oat to all kinds of graftora.. anug- 
gtara and bad okaiaotora goaoralty. 

Still, what of Ht Baaooa waa aood 
to running ehaaoao. Tko Odda war* 
even that this Korean WOtlld take 
him I" I ."is< r '>\f Tung 

brethren if he r"' ih-,i it. .- , f ■ • ■, 

he migt" hi' ).>! a ; 

well. The Vimk lay close to hand 
aad Haaocy d*rtd* d to tako tt. He 
Ugktod a matak to aaalal ktoi to 

t grimly, 

for Mi 

Hanecy Tii>>U 

l>uck.ct and Htruck It 

feeling of his companion, lighted a 
natch. Two muloa. with a large 

l»ack and the remnant* of the CAn- 
\an f. r the l.mclng birds were re 
w ih ! 111.. pe, Idler na.hlhMl the 

mulea, wrapped .1 ihi.nt 

himself to guard .k>\.i «' ■ ' ' 
and Uanoey followed him into Ul* 

A moment lator tkay w*r* oot up- 
on the road. 

It \^H^ a Kood ciinugh road, a* 
ii.a.N XV4 III 111 th.'Hc parts. It WHS 
I ..I like the roa ).- , ' .-thenei, worn 
down llfty or a hundred feet l>e- 
twaaa narrow walls, but It was worn 
down auftleiantly. by aOanUaaa cen- 
turlaa-of travel, to glr* Baaaay the 
acnsatlon of riding In an oatramaly 
narrow gulch up the vallay. 

And still he found that nothing 
happened. None the lesa, ha had 
hMniielf under .« r,ii;.--fHnt gtrOln Of 

tense vigilance, ready at aoeh tWlat 

ir the road tBr..tog»o traMlMroaa 

Tka Korean red« In atlOBOO— a 
good algn. If tha man had boon a 
babbler. Han*ey wrfuld kava b**n 
certain of treaok*ry. As It waa k* 

lemalned fully on guard. 

Kor Ihieo niile^ th«-\ fclli.wrd a 
road which would hi.n h.ei. Im 
paKfable tor horses. nt. ep 

and extremely rough and rocky, in- 
deed. Hanooy would 'much have 
preferrad to aogotlata It on foot, ex- 
ec pt that tka mulaa wara perfectly . 
sure of themselves despite the dark- 
nesa The rond was eireultoaa, and 
Hanecy refh.te.i that tka dtatakoa 
waa farther than ha had Oouatad 
upon. The tkfoa tollao took tkom 
noarly an hour. 

Hare they canie to a f'.rk In the 
trail. Th* Kar*an kaH*d kla roulas 
and polntad to tkat wktok lad to ttm 

"This la the road, haavonbora. A* 

you can see, 11 la little nueit It goos 
only to the house of the Tung 
brc'hi"! »h \« on temple ground 
and (arm It The moon la alr*a(*.y 
up, and In fiv* mlautoa wo wlB oe 
la an opan vaUoy."^ 

Haaaey aodiod aid motloaod tha 
p*ddiar tavgo^aa. 

Tk*y lamad tota tk* rigkt-haad 
tralL As the Korean oal<^ five min- 
utes took them out of -the gorgelike, 
wi.rn r.vftit ml., a path thai w.^ao' | 
up a small r k v valley The moon ^ 
was up. an.l ll.iiiecy be(can t.i feel 
snore convinced that his Kuide might 
tM> truatad. It saamed sllly In be 
carrying a platol la kla kand. hara In 
tha mooaugkt. aad wltk a grim amilo 
he replaood tko waapoa koaaatk kki 


They came to sn anrlent entrance 
,,f wbhh little reninlnr.l hi' «tn.-,--| 
, J. r ^ eil A I ' h . 1 < , 1 1 .1 fl n.l 1 : a « ■ , « - 
doubtless the symbols of i.rnple 
property. Hare the Korean paused 

"ToadOr la tka kouaa. heavenborn. 
L«at a* laava tba araloa kar*. Let me 
do tko toUliag at Unt. for tkay win 
baow my votoo." 

lUnccv 1 00 hod at tko kalMtag 
wbtrb utood out sArk In tha maon- 

llght. a'l treea clear.>«l from around 
h It was a low hon»e ,.f atone, and 
the house was ilnrker 1 t, n . . 'he n'ght 

oaiatdo. Someone was ni home, how- 
ever. The twanglag of a toto oaam 
falatty aa tkay llatonod. 
Han*«y*a laal ramaaat of aa a p i don 


Tkc two men cromod tk* 

of the brethren aa th«y looked out, 
for Chinese legend la full of moaO' 
Uln aad Hvar falrlaa wko ooma 
by moonlight — and Taolsts are au- 
perstltloo* above all others. The 
hlnese have Imagtoed mora gme- 
.cnie forioK of vampires than any 
scenario writer ever^ared to pen. 

"It to the peddlor. brother," grunt- 
ed the flnt voloe. "Aad a fdrolgn 
davll with him.** 

"Perhap.H lhe^ are .np,^!'^ f>f 

drowned men come to lake our 
bodlea," aald the aaooad. 
"Nay. \kere to no water around 

her*, fool' Ho. peddler! Walk in 

a rlr. h' ■ 

C^huckllng. the Kor>ean ma.l'- h 
circle In the moonlight, aad II m ^ 
followed ault, thua apprising the 
bretkren tkat tkay were kuaiaa and 
not devlto— for the devUa aaa move 
only to a atralgkt Uaa. Hanecy. 
amillng. addroaaad tko toytatbu 


"Fear n..' < <■• ri.'-ndd' 1 have 

come hei.- ' s. ■■ I ..Ttain piece of 

red nii.t.. . « ' 1. >i I h.-aril ihat you 

owned. I may wish to buy It and 1 
may not.** 

"We. do not wlak to aall It," 
growled one of the voleea. "It la only 

a lump iif umber, and It is not carven. 
The priests wl,. i>:iv more for It than 
will foreign de\ li" 

At all events. aald H.ii. . sup 
j»ose that we talk It over ' 

There was a low mutter u( voices 
as the tWo brotkren doubtlam oeo- 
ferred. Then one of the brotkron 
came to tka daor and kegan t« un- 
fasten bolts and locks. The Korean 
turned to Hanecy and gestured ta- 

w 1 1 . 1 the ' ' 

Heavenbi.rn, I wilt rem.»;n with 
the mules untn ymi return " 

. Hanecy nodded, and tha Koroaa 
departed, hto thin atraw mndaki flap- 
piag oa tko grouad. 

Tko anaaahra doer awmg open. 
Inside appeared the figure f • 'ill f 
muscular yellow man. h..iiiinK i.h f' , 

a teni[ile randle with .» tnige wick iio.l 1 
a soft, red painted body. It wan . n.^ I 
of these candles Whose coi'm w i. k 
turns red for twenty minutes after 
It to extinguished. 

"Come la," aald the Cktoeaa. 

Ha»oey*a caution kad prompted 
him to leave hi« coat open, tko bet- 
ter to reach bin (>lstol He aaw no 

r.ason for simphh.n here yet noiiie 
Intuition n-arned him not to entir. 
Keason laughed at the wnrnlrTg He 
took a atcp across the threshold. The 
Chlaamon a^lcbly pulled tko door to 
and oaraag a bolt. Tkei^ 

The oaadia waa oattngalahad aad 
fall to tko floor. 

Out 6t the darkness leaped a thin 
blade of cold steel It allthere.l 
through the coat of Hane.-\ .1 nd 
oulvered in the door behu 1 'i-iiv 
the American's swift side «tep had 
naved him from that deadly thrust. 

Pinned ta the door by ^hat ala n der 
blade. Hanecy felt hands raaeking 
at Ms threat. For (he moment he 
had t»een tak^ off guard. He was 
un t t. to set III his pistol. However, 
be r jnit hid knee sharply upward, 
(f t It thiol Into a fead^* aad his 

asaa.l.inl »'.ia gone. 

• ko tfco .K' The 

wkol* thing was a pUnt -Benson 
aaat tkat damned Koreaa ta lure me 
kero— kad H all franaad up—'* 

While ho tkongkt. ko waa whip- 
ping his pistol lie fifed at random. 
r-*rely for Infonaotlon. The flash 

as ba lay there. He treed hia ankles 
from tkat torrtbte dying '^p. rolled 
ovor. aad oame to kla faot M tk* 
piteh darkaeaa. 

"Where Is he?" panted the \-oice of 
the living man. It was answered 
from the floor hy a rattllag, okoktog 


Hanecjr, cursing the luck WklA 
had cost him th* platol. atoopod and 
fumklad for It. With the aound, 
there waa a ruah of feet as tha re- 
maining bandit leaped. Hanaey stag 
fcered beneath the imp.Tct; tha yel 
man crashed Into hiv\ mdeways. 
ahf. I Rood fl rttine bi:a floR.': 1 , i-. h'. 
oil thi- kniff-arm reaching for hin 
nn.i now for a moment the 
'w , men stood breast to braaat. 

The finlak came awlftly. Hanecy 
waited only to cattfh his breath, then 
worked his right arm against the 

other's breaaf With a »wliiginK 

''.'••'' ' 1 > h. ! t- 1, . t h. 

' ■ cak .tiK ; • u,H hold and 

nendiiiK h,ni hurtlln-; h.u kward With 
nn oath and a smashing fall. Leap- 
ing to the door, Hanecy groped along 
the floor for hto platol— and found it. 

He otralght*n*d up. waiting; only 
silence ensued. He stood tnot i..r.l. 
The dying bandit at his feet <<oiKh',! 
and conghe.! unalri No othei e' l' l 
broke the iIi.hiI «i:lltiess of the room 
At length. \y.<)i i>-.i,iv weapon, Han- 
ecy took a match from hto pocket 
and struck it. Aa tk* tiny ftam* 
mromm ka aaw tka a oao a d aaaaaato ly- 
ing agalaat tha fkrtkor wait in a 
huddled heap. The man was dead 

The American leaned over iin.i 
p.cki .1 up the dropped candh Tin 
\vl< k wan still a red cinder, smokinc 
blackly, and burst Into flame from 
his match. Ha held up the candle 
and looked dowa at tko ooughing 
fnaa; aa ha looked, tko ooagh eaaaad. 
aad tko body retosad. 

"Poor devlto!" said Hanecy. "Ren 
son was behind It somewhere that 
flatnned pe«1dler helped, and probabl.\ 
the priests had a hand In II And 
ttieae two Ignorant lumps of t lay pay 
the penalty for all that crooked workl 
I' It. If Baaooa was bahind It — thoa 
what about tko Inrnp at red ambaoi*: 

He waa akakoa by tko gkaatly 
awlftnaea af tko tragedy, hut he was 
more porplexed and puzxied by the 

possihlllly that H^>nef>n b:ii| planned 
hi* murder thus He held aloft the 
I m.lle iind surveyed the ro.irn ( »n a 
small table In one corner be saw a 
huge lump of some blood'>rad 
atanoe, gllataaing wltk a 
Inotar la tko oaadlo-glow. Tka dmarl 
CM atarod at tka tlaa» aad Ma Jaw 

"By Klory!" ka muttered They 
had the blood aml>"r nil right but 
why hasn't Benson rot hold of It l>e- 
f. re ihi .- n.- knew u was bore, aad 
If i^c I I this aftalr ka aroaM 

sorely have taken — " 

A oerateblag aolaa at tka daor 
areaaed klai. It was followed by the 
voloe of tke Korean, speaking tt.e 


"Hei. brothers! Oi>en to mr gm.i. - 
ly! I ran tell you where t be forotga 
devil keeps his money - 1 raa - 

Hanecy looked .>t the d«ad men on 
the floor, with a traoe af pHy la kto 
*yoa. AAor an. tkoy v«(o kat toola 
— poor. Iga o r ant toola of atoro crafty 
mea. Tko pity to kla eyoa taraod to 
steal aa ko airode ta tk* Aoor aad 
opened It- 

A ulnsie *) . .1 V , ,||p> ...I 

through the mountain glens. . 

ooBoad to tko Ta-kaag tooMMo. )aat 
outalda tko aoutk gate of Ckoa^-tu 

It gulte suited hitn. for the temple 

wa« a nicm.'rlal to Master Tu. a poet 
of llie eiKtith lentury. and iiatuially 
(he niuuka Uk clkarge wer« partial to 

l.octa. • 

Tuptlt waa fiBlakfng ap" a tiaaato- 
tieo af tko Ikmooa Okl»-«reo Poeoa of 
Tu. which kgag to tko main kali of 
the temple. When Jim Hanery came 

t ack from hU trip to the hills Han 
CI V wall\c,l in be.irlim iin.ler his arm 
u laiftw hwn.lie He was weary and 
iinafiaven. hut {^reeled Toptlt with bis 
usual cbfirful grin. 

"Uelio: ' aald Toptit. aprtogtog up. 
"DM you gat tke ambarT'* 

"I uauaiiy get tklaga. doaH ir* 
Hanaey dropped thankfully Into a 
hair and put the bundle In his lap. 
Kor heuv<n :a nake f^lve me some 
iohaiiu' 1 ,.ut And rggtla. Hill 
up sutue grub, will you?" . . 

"Did you catch up with BoaggaT" 
ouerled tka poet eaoltedly. 

UAoeey'a ayao twtokled. *1 did," 
ko raa»e ad od. *'bat X kad a davii of 
a ttam dotog It, T ean tell you! And 
I dlitrt oatch up with him after all 

that la, I haven't i.iUKht up With 

hlln yet I c« n t iiutk. out ■ (le .0 
two thlriK^ \N tl) in hi :i\e'r« n.iiiir 
for instance, he h'ft !hl.>i thin.; f. 1 

me, when he might have secured 1 


Igaonng tko baa4|lo, Haaoey pro- 
ceeded to give hia ^partoOr a krlef 

account of what had happaaed In the 

hills. He sr>are.d some of the details, 

for Toptif f, po''H.-«i<e.1 ..f :i lllKhly 

Imaglnull^t; tn-nati of JiiHlii.' and 
would scarcely have a good 

many things which Jlm Hanecy did. 

"Now, if Benaon was behind It." 
ka oonelttdod. "wky didn't ke aecur* 
this thing for ktoMalf? He didn't 

need to leave It as a halt for me." 
ToptU regarded him meditatively. 
"I have H slight hunch In the mat- 
ter." he responded nt length "I'll t 
bet you one whoo- .i.,.,.ir thai jo.,: 
friend Benaon never went up into ttie 
hill at all, and never intended to! 
I'll bet tkat ke almply drew you into 
going— drew you toto leavtog towa In 
a hurry, tool" 

Hanecy started at his partner, and 
perplexedly mfri.^.i up his red hair 

"Eh? 1 don t get you, old Juan 
What's the answer?" 
"Leu see the loot.'* 

aawrapped maay elotkea 

aboat tke buadlo to klo to». Ho 
tke red. lod fcoap mt 
trs a aia a i at bright nam wklah k« kad 
eajpftfd from th* house eC Tung Ho 

a lump nearly as 'arice aa his h)-ad. 
of Irregular stiape. a 04 la kue the 

iikaauiiioeat aaaglot of trao Maad 


Topllt look the lump into his own 
hands aud svrutlalxed it. U* drOW 
forth hto pooketkatt* agd gnrapod at 
the surtada. Tkaa ko 0a va Mkaagg 

a rather aoa-eoouaKtal aaattoi 
"Tou'vo tooted tkU? ' 
"Tested It? Tve had no ehanoa. 

you a-sa ' iJeaidea. there's n.. .1 .ibi 
U s tti. piece w«- are after l-,>.ik on 
the oul.-r Bhle and you 11 t..-e lh« 
<.ha.rmcters (or L,ing Tl carve<X lulu the 
amber. That's the bit from^tka oid 
amporor'a grave, all rlgkt.** 
Yapttt altaokled, 

Itoy. Hanecy 1 Too'ra the oae man 
who never falls for the faked stuff. 

areti l ><.u'' \<.iu re vlie one gu^ »h • 
ne\.-r buys fako Chou broiitert ami 
all thgt, eh'' Well, my guess ahnul 
Mr Benson was dead right. He left 
this thing there for you because ho 
didn't want It klmoelf! Tkat ex- 
plain* tko wkoto ■iattor.'* 

"Wkal 4o**r* ttwwied Haa«oy. 

•Thto.** Toptit tapped the 

lump with bin knife blade. ' Who 
r-v.-r got It witb the other stuff fi.un 
Ih. (frave of l.lnit Tl, prohnl>ly thou^jht 
1. was gsnulin- To make It 
genuine, he hiid the two Ideographs 

cut In the sui;taoe-^*avTy ? Thto isn't 
ambor at a^ ttm rod glaaa, poabaMr 
ma^od la Bome flraa agid b^fled a 
few ktmdrbd yoara-^ ^Ck\ aub- 
diisd oath. iiaiianT laaaad forward 

and seixi- l the red lump. This was 

the flr^t 'irm- he liail dared ti/i' ne 
It In d.iNlinti! 'he first time h. had 
been able t. 1 . m, in serurirv 'lom 
•y**. Now he aaw that Toptit had 

apa/kea tnith. Thto waa aot amber 
at all, as the feel kad tkb edgoa ^ 
the lump taaUfled. Xt wm aotklar 

In' K'ass. 

Hanecy rose and a o at to the doo^ 

<Tay He «.>.-.1 there for a moment, 
then t.iaae.l ttie red lump cuit Into 
the templf ua"".'''!! 

"And to think, " b« aald slowly, 
'*that I had a dovll od A 
Mt of red gtaaat" 
^-I was tkiafclBg.^ 
reflectively, "that this bit of red gli 
had taken a large toll «if haman life." 

The wh !e point ,.f *!,-w ff each 
nutn w lie eiprc^sed In Iboae two re- 

Rear AdmiraVs Book 

Cause of Discussion 

Roar Adriiirii 
fjelf'in hi. 1 '! 

M W U r ''on 

!"i . li n 1 1 I . of 1 n 
,, i ..r.-.M . 'I i X . has 

produced a lot of dii" u«»;. n u. Kn^ 
land. In effect it l« » . hain.- that 
British poUticlaas by their mistakes 
and Britlak eltlaana by their gre^l 
aad took of patrlottom prolonged ih* 
war aad ooot tke AlUea WUIoaa in 
money and kundrodo mt tkouaaada ef 
Uvea The unarmed foreoa wklok 
helped Oeraaany to waatkar the 
storm for a y**r or two yoara after 
would have been checke<l Into 
Hubmlsslon were Ihe that found 
, way Into Germany through 
neutrnl .ou n t rles. <'>n this point A-l 
,,,,, ,) 1 • 1 -1 <pc I. witli .Ul 

thorlty, for he was the r itmli iiaia; 
attache to 8can<llnsvli.i. ,-o,nr;-^ 
tkrOttgkOttt the war. and was a wit 
naas to wkat actually occurred. Hi» 
strong contenUon to that Bwadon nn i 
Norway and Denmark and Mo. >' 
ere lactorl** and ira r a k e o oM f' 
;ermany, and tkat kad Brlilak ae» 
power been exerelaed oiaraly froan 
the flrat and throogkout tke 
itruifKl.' Cermany must have yielded before she did to a praaaura 
eventually did aa maok to ond 
the war. 

Me glooo an IntereaUng ra ^rtaar of 
the events leading up to tko DOOlara- 
of London and proeodlRg the 
\\nr. and shows that the Aagulth 
(iovernnient wholly misjudged tke 
trend of Kurop. in events. For seme 
reason, not no^v < to un.tei atand, 

but which at the tlioe aee,,,...! un 

answerable, Ih.H r. of 

foreign affairs for the .'.o ^.te ..r 
i reoedtng the war. were stroimly of 
plalon that while there might le 
.notkor Buropeaa war. It would no. 
involve Oraat BHtala. Brtttoh 
foreign aad naval pokey kad keen 
based en that aaa am g tl a a . It kad 
been calculated tkat wkoa tko war 
. line ihere would be great proftts to 
1.,- ma le I v a neutrsi nation tkat waa 

,-1 o'c.ii. .iirrier In other Worda 

liritain would ie«p a tremendoua 
harvest in I ho w .i hv carrying sup- 
piles to bolllg reni« Therefore, 
when the lniernail..n dlstrusslon took 
ptoce In London, the Hrltlsh Oovem- 
ment'a policy was to approve of the 
varloua haadioatMi put upon the 
•Mabltoklag of a bloakade, to give 
neutral powers the failed Mgkts to 
carry on their trade ao long aa tkoy 
w9Tm .|..fiM..t ■ . inf:<'iind. 
fc'uulcd h» (..rmaiiy 

Thto waa p.-' ^ ■■ '■* " 
tor Oormany kad »<> idea that m « 
groat ■aropoaa war she would i- 

playiag the role of neutral. »he 
knew she would bo a boUlgereat. aad 
may have aaleuUted upoa the prob- 
.hility of being blockaded by Ihe 

itrititih navy, as It turned OOt 
.v;ui rthe therefore joined 
-leluded Itrlllsh diplomats In 
ing the hlfherto existing blockade 

conditions T1-ie l>eelarstlon ..f Ix>n- 
don was made and su l»se.iu»nl ly ap 
proved by the I.lheral iraiority n 
tko Brtttoh common- n..we»er. Ih. 

liord* did aot a. I ' ■'■ <■ f "'"y 

more lll*Oltl Ihan the Commons 

wkat amo likely to kappao. The 
i>»claratloa ef L<aadaa waa aa tkto 
account not ratWa^ by tka Brttlak 
(iovernmenl. Nevertheleaa. tka war 

iiad not hee:i i<>n« u|ider Way kaffao* 
Mr AS4111 ild tlHU Wa Oovem- 

ment wouid at. ids by tke declaratloa 

thoiiKh not legally bo-ind to dO OO. 
It wild not 1 '!e,-iiilon that rould be 
, . . li.rred lo unless i ' 

aln was pre;. '• ' i f .ree.i n, ..: .r 

the advantsK' o s-ip-r . 

naval power would give, and. e<> from 
tloM to fMm. tke XMdaratlon of 
LMdaa kg« to be atretekad aad 
aaiaa4|ad to praotioe uatU at tke last 
little Of tt waa left thai 

Tl Irs Ida 

ri" \rner1» \r!r»il 
|l wan o\e' thl« ti.'-.lf'xle luestlrtn 

tba! fl « '. .1 :>.# i • "• •• > • 

had their only dlfllcuitiea. white lbs 

The nntish wooo aMa to potot oat 

to the Americans that they were do- 
ing no more Ihe ','. riherii 
Siales did to the Houthein co'ifed- 
eracy There waa precedent f. r .tis 
drast.. of a< :i..iri At l tie a.iian 
lime IJie .\meric.»'i .Sn i <• ' n r v of 
HUtte was abls to p.^mt ..ui iha: what 
Ihe Brlttoh obJecte<i to Aioen. a is 
doing. Brltiak aatlonals were doing. 
There war* ggnraa available to show 
a trooaeadoaa iaereaaa la tk* deautad 
of tke saaadlaavlaa eoontnea far all 
aorta ef goodo kitkarto Imported hy 
Oormany. It was plala ooougb tkat 
these goods were deatlaod for Oer- 
nany Therefore the British laid 

I 'Ko '.he 1... trine tkat tke ultimat*)^ 

d-»',t iM .; , f ,1s shoutil dster- 

miiw wi.eth.-i I I: i , v* .- r e i o n t r .-i h.« ii d 
Trnde with i.t-riuai ^ n nelnhtio.« waa 
'.. .Ill inientf! a-^l pu-po*.-* tm-h- wl'b 
i;friii»n\ riiLordlog lo Adiiiirfi; i ..ii- 

1 h»- Hrltlsh I ; • V ■ 11 111 net bad 
to at>aoiute power to put an end to 
. ery vestlgs of tkla trade so far as 
Brltiak aubjaoto wore ooaooraod. Xt 
fallod to do ae. 

A lls<l rtiialneitM 
It Waa tto. r«' t of liile fillu.e fh«t 
lent a . . M i n uBi.,!''^ '.. I h« - . #■ of 
the notes wh.> h ilrilam exchanged 
with the neutral nations,. There was 
money in the trade, much money, biU 
aa long aa Brttish ships were 
gaged In It by what prooom of 
eoalag wsra Americaa akipa to ka 
barred? It waa aot uatU ItlT tkat » 
geaaine blockade was ggtobllakad, 
Tha author savx When aenaaagr 

was In the grip r r.tmlne and food 

rl iK h*d • toi' iffiwr >.\ 'he mUl-^ ill»filii,.. vs«» n\erl<, I ( U'-. ).v (ha 

prodigious (iiipplied whiih \ .-.I In 

ihroush .tcii n.I I nav (■< ■■ 'I lie mii. plies 
misbt h.t »e r.een . li t off in Itif '<Kir»- 
ning, hut ihr.iigh m lac,-, |<- u lat i . r i .n of 
Mr A8<|ul'h ,nd I/ord firey thev wee* 

not cut off. There would be alao tko 
g reedy preaaare of thooe wko tvota 
ongagoa In tkis dloioyal tnUBo, aad A 
■oomo to kave aueeaoded for a toav 
ttom. How Hngtlahmeo oouM aatoa 
tkoir aonaetooeoa to theoa oporatloao 
Is hgrd to unifarstand- It ssema 

have aenvlnred 

SUppIh-ii A.r»i 
really intended fir the neutr.ila mid 

not f. ' <,«ic.Hc, Hut the I'li nh 
Oovef iiineitt lan tiardJy advance a 

likely that they must 
themselve* that the 

When with rititchthg hands. 

■ > 1. t hoKe we 1 . .\ ■ 

Would Oed Hs too would iaks Iho 

Uttio tklaga 

Tkat da to tkam ketoagi tka gtoves^ 

the akoes. 
(gtif • .<)■ M imprtat Of titoir 

and (set). 

Tko aearf, tko ilkkoa. aad. 
polgaaat yet. 

Tko work tkot tkoy eommeneed, aad 
aaw kaoo loft. , . 

Iioag ooataaleo apo to HMtora toado 
Men kovMd wtth thafr dead tke Uttto 


Thai thsy a<> ofien used aad lOVOd 
la Hfe— 

To kelp tkom oa Ikolr Joaraoy. it la 

? . 

on I V ' ■ ; > '1 •1 V .» 

,rtS ' : I ■' i . » I. ; r.if . 

— Al« J. If St,".. 


Mah long h'n liecome the latest 
• . 7» 'I ... n.! i ri and It I" 

'» ■ ■ : ' h« '■. ['o;,i,:Hr rof.. r 
• ■ ' ■ K . ■ ■ -itm W r i.-oi 

san'la ..' ;< rcr s«ta have lM»ea 
shlpi' I from t'hina duriag tha 
laat few weeks, and almoot 
Loadoa ohop of tkto clam lo 
>tag tko aeto ta Ma 

f rrr"h »trie» srj.enr In i'ons*antl« 

aople aimuol as soon as tkoy do to 


• » 


able lo keq) 
pace with 
busy minds 

EvfTsharp ifl a workpr, 
a buainesM [wru-il -the 
world's favortte. It 
kocps p^oiriK <lay after 
day with no other at- 
tention tlian an (Kca- 
flional loadiiiK- Many 
people carry two- one 

With black' lead, one 
with tb« MW polorad 


Eversharp is com- 
fortable to no!d. It 

nf \ i-r tires t h r liand 
because it laperlectly 
balmnesd. The lead 

never wohMcH theex- 

cluaive rifled tip grips 
!t Hke a vice. YottKmnr 

when to put in a new 
lead — the automatic 
Index tefls how much ia 

left in th(^ barrel. New 
leads are luund under 
^ efti». So Is the handsr 

eraser. Eversharp fen- 
ture.s can't l)e copied. 

The all-meUl Wahl Pen 
is • writing Innoyation. a 
iouatain p«n improvement 
that msKCt it a worthy 
eompanioii for Evcnhan. 
Th« Muml holda mora lak. 
WaJU P«i cannot cracic or 
tplit. Tt in beautiful. It is 

(iiin>).i<< vviihl Pea wyi 

la:»t /* life time. 

\\ it M I "I'U nn.l - 1 f "( I, H r j. 
R r i" III at I li<><! in ^'oM nti' I 
mher Huv )>nth Kvcr 
nhHi i', $1 to $1" W«lil F'rii 
14 to $1(1 Soil, I ^;..;,| Ht 
higher pricefl. L<M>k for tho 
name on each. Wnhl I 'ens 
to rubber are the flnest 
MbkerpMMMade. |SJ5 uf. 

1U*» ta OMaift 1 

I wan. oow Lm. 

JIWOBT A KT . A Xyr\c \ ta nn 

*^ fcaMii r than <U len-l ! -oii ' 

poor \^%*\ I 'I T**«i r F ^-w T-« h a I r 

ller l-.vf r'iha l»M»tt« i^h i^- h a r*- 

<>\'vr ?oo ooo (HH) are mM vrvry 
>.^r TK#v tl tK# VMbHt. Ovt 

tK^-m .H^v*-Ti |.-r«'l.<N ' <»rv a<i< t 
1 1 • V r r T K ■ • ■ ! A ■• I" ' • ! ' . . ' 


Letters o£ a Japanese Schoolboy 

To i->]ttur Hoo C»loi 

we«ry. JM Mt. a«Ua« as Uaaira 

for Nawm 
Daar CUatI— a. — 
The Japaweaa Tklaklac an l Hy , af 
whlah I an a m— fcimatp. mr^ yratty 

up-ta-datad. by gollyt Wkat you 
ihlnk w« did next? Laat Wa4. p.m. 

w>- iriMt at Itlaln* Hun Bllllarda. Pool 

A (loft <1rlnk» to 1 ri i . i r pi.ratr uurm I v 
In ,1 f ■ M M(.i 1 1 n K I t-a M 1 VN li ,» ' i > u 1 il 
Im in : > t f- ( x> iLril t^tall ilia! 

Klin Miiiikiii HiLiiiurai, Jap^nM*- 

i'<'ai<- iMii >i(>'r < niiiflMaaa tM 

1 ! . ii^iiLDi n l< . w i> r il.i 

Mil thi-f o^iiitah tim* of world- 
r'lrii ii.iifv tin >;iiute. "wh«n Kraal 
rwiiiMiin Mke (;«!ririitiiy, Spain, Italy, 
irri.ifid. caioa aoU Oklahoma are in 
haiidii 9t military dl a l a U ea, all 
frtenOa of Foaoa moat aat pretty 
bootlaggtaig. Iqr folly. Tkarafara wa 
muflt and BOOM plaed whara tka 
l>eacu* of Nation* will run wlthoat 
liurstlng " 

Where r ai , ■ I u«k to know. 

' .>ilfK«-.i Uf P'T ine If league 
..f NatnuiM .,.>/: I ii^ introduced to 

)''.M>rt>ith:nK ih.M fiomethlag ampor- 

taiit wuiilti happen." 

that ruilr brtiavlur to H«r\Mr«1 I i 
wtiiil liMpi>rn' Mod HaivtLiil UiU 
Bot spctik lo her bIocs " 

Would It t>« lUSbtooiaa for ua to 
try tbte Aarea bumplac same without 
baawlaa aamatmi^ aboacMmr' I 
raqulra nervaly. *^<> Um w l ei ty we 
mlvht loaa." 

"Pao (tvtoa)" aalft raiaaMto 
■arUlly. "poaple whaft beaae aothtag 
about ffamea ret« rich. Ottaorva Hon 

k II f » II 1 'i tl I n *! 
) el ace huw he 

|y br ealas to 

r I . <>ui<i carry I balla fTom hpr<> 
lu i^nver A raUvn. 1 eaaaot aea how 
roatbalMae bo aaoh latallaetMl 
game wttfeoat iottlay aaywhara very 

If yiui Ihink »o. whv o<'l ' ' honell 

Hon. Youth without any lov« In hla 

AliKFl ^lrpl He 
|>rl<Lr rishta 

a.f ep'" 

V ' • . H h n ij U1 m 
aifou! I' .ut l>«lllng, 
at.^j.iii.,! It are 

•»l)e«k (),< flulTlljr 
diU Artl)iir Klclt- 
a teiiaelj Mrial 

■ ub>«ct. In every coUeg* from 
Wu«t>aek to Ariaona tbia feet-game 
are * mora umportant atudy than 
■aboaamlaka, Ulatory or borrowing 
■Maoy. L«ofc at Hon. Paroy Haiigh- 
toB, ealabfatad eollaga eeaehman. 
Tra la A oat he apork hard with vitf> 
g«r. temping hie noee rioae to the 
Kiulir.n ao that he would know 
). >y, to get victory out of defeat. Are 
we too prove * MUoaa to do the 

earna ?" 

Anawer frOM «• <!• Ho <t«eM«0 

. Juat thaa Hon. Umplra Mlla." tth 
down. tfO yrda to gaJn.*^ while IS 
A'tieiAtlaka aerottoh down Uka aagry 

i urt lee. 

'■Hon. Kiofcar will do ao acala," ex- 
plaaga thia yoath. 

And ao ha did. With uply apurt 
Hon. Ball commence Elevate hiaaetf 

ao llerreh' that he got lost from all 
pl.'xsero I* l> ' I .I'll .ii..iin l . iic 
Ilk)' doK IlK'i' Ami v\ til r>- w,i9 Hun. 

Ball 7 Ah. I kiK'M I oiiiinK Ntntl^tii- 
forward acroao dual 1 ubaerve hint 
shooting atralght lata mf \b9P' Hew 
nicely ! 

■Thank you. I ahall obUge." I 
anagger while tooking that fat Ball 
under my sleeve and eloping stronKly 

lo (JoU- I'll. I.-.! I rearh liliiii'Hl Ihi re 
whi ii (lo irKlfs of iiolHf Htruck my ejr 
& I l oulil tietiolt 87 KootballerH rhus- 
•InK iiie \\:ih mad toea. Kruntlck gut 


loung Girls 
Need C 

^^ROM the aj^e of tw 
iul mother can 

e.ipirl iwvd-^ .I'l! 'lierare t!ie thou^ht- 
au give. Manv a womaa iias sutli rcd scars 
— the victim <x thougl 


'When nextly I knew, both teams was playing with mc. 


"Are not PootbalUng too damly 
<iangeroua already witfcoat thatT" 
require Arthur Klnkahajama. 

"In time of danger Hon. League of 

Nation.^* Hhoiiid be on the front row," 
snagKer (hln Hunkio Hamiiral. "And 
what more fatting and timely thiin the .lapane^*. Thinking .Society 

Mliiii,,,! I h 'l.M, I : Ntii'iic kn krr^ t.> 
Ml^ll i>iK>klna, be printed on Sporty 

I'Mt!.- •Ml! erorythlag harolek? I aak 

to know." 

That brite T- D. flHed ua full of 
Hamea. BO with immediate quteknaaa 
we held our hande and organlaod fol- 

! «lng rude cliili 

.laiMiitrM- ITilnkliig l-VKithallcrw 

.VlhM • M .1 II l'"iiml«i> K'C tl 1'.. 
.Iai..i <!<- wh iif weight prlae-iiK>ii 

I.efi In.! M.. n^Bunklo Samurai. 

itight hhiui Man — Coualn Mogl. 

Left tiiiardUui — Arthur XMiafca- 

Jama. Y.M.C.A. 

Hlght (luardian — 8. lago, grocer. 

H Hark — K. Furo. 

The «»ther V4 — MIrs Mnniie Kiirl- 
okl's Husband. 

% Back — Hashimura Togo, by 
golly! '< 

Bntlraly Back — Uacla Nieht. 
Japaneaa atataanuui. 

3 Taoklo r a K. Soda. Japanaae 
d rugger, and Ma brethar, aamuel, 
who are ntightly fabbla minded, but 

quite strong. 

After th.-il were o\er. Mr Kdltor. 
we drunk 4 |..iMc!« iJInRer All to 
make lis mm.i, i '• • ul(« wen (o 

play that i-\ crK' i h .> K>*m'' Coualn 
Nogl snuirge^t that we save our- 
selvea canstderable knox A brulaea 
by ogganialng Jumbo Katomato into 
a team all by himelf. With hla 
suburb atrangth and covrMga he 
<-nuid puah Ilanrard off her pretty 
stadium and run right on to Tale, 
carrying football and piaeaa of scalp 
whieh he tore off. 

' ■>!. could not do!" narrate Bun- 
kiM .Samurai with etatlatk-ks on his 
evebrow. "Hon. Princeton once try 




Tt% Labeled 

Our rh4>e>se is so gooW that 
we pvt oar naoM on iL 

We\« ptMi of Hi fwdity; 

know wlio malsea tiiSa 

clte«a«' that pteiaaae you eo 
much. TWi jovH call for 

Pimento ami .Sbjuj < )/<V by 
A$ dic*t p*t md ei loaf 





"Mr. Chair." corrode K. Puro, 
plumber. "I aeeond the motion.-" 

"How can you 2nd when you have 
not moved?" require Hon. Chair. 

"1 are moving next week into 
larger atore. JapHnrae l>ath-tul>» apo- 
clalty." he devote. 

■''Ill ..f nrder.' snarrel Hon. < 'hair. 

^ In I" that emotion?" 

■ 1 emove." snugRest S Rago. 
grocer, 'ithat the .lapanese Thinking 
Kootballera ajurn for 32 yra ao that 
they oan study footballing, eommanr- 
Ing with the feat and laarnlng a vary - 
thing." • 

That vote was un.TnilniiB There- 
fore we git home to think limeBomely. 

Mr H'.rlitor. from that moment on- 
ward.-) I liave been galnlnR rapid edu- 
cation In thin munrular Hportaman- 
ship. 1 should inteneely love to go 
to Yale or Harvard for atudy. but 
too azpenalva for my ohaapaeee. 
Howeverly. yatry p.m. I got my flrst 
leaeon. and qolta advaaoad, thank 

In backlot behind the rear of Mre. 
W. Cjuackmire I could aee the 
Bound of noise rlalng up oathusly. I 

look see. ( ) ! ! ! 

Two (2i I'ollejcex wn.i there, kick- 
ing while everylioily report K.iw- 
Raw-Raw I sippose maybe V.ile A 
Harvard was beirinninn already, so I 
tap-toe Hneekretlvely out of Hon 
Kitchen where I get to backlot and 
obaarva harokMn with eaaaldorabie 
duat up my noaa. 

"What (I) Collagaa are llgbUng 
to dayT" l-<requlra from yg. man with 
flaga on hla hat. 

"Rpateln's BualBOaa . Collage are 
having a vernuB with rircalllH's 
r.arher College." narrate Hon Youth 

"You think maybe 1 could learn 
new iil.iy-" from It ' ' I ank I" know 

"Here you will find pla>B that 
never could happ^'n .igaln." he loll 

8o I stood with a watch in both my 
eyes. Pretty aoonly one enlarged 
Herolam walk out to middle of the 
duet with a laattlerly watermelon 
under hla daaparata elbow. Bvcrjt- 
body holla Raw! Rawl Raw! and 
I Kippnse It wora. 


"O .Mr. fllr," I require from Hon 
Touth. "what are that powerful Athe- 
letn doing tkoro wltk his brutui 
foot •" 

"Hnahy!" he did. "He are going to 


'"Some people are always kicking." 
I narrate, yet before the words were 
past iny teeth Hon. Heroism threw 
out hn .^lioe. O look at llali: 1'ply, 
uply It eore till It bounce agalnat 
hepven. than downly, downly It flopp 
while dangaraoa playars oema olap- 
Ing from all dlraetlona 

"What th«y ohall «e aowr*t 

Run away with tbO Ball.' 
that Touth. 

"Nothing are mfe theae daya." I 
develop. "Laat week a criminal etola 
Un«la Nlehl'a Pord. thinking It waa a 

"Held your mont^ ahuti** anarrol 
that yg. man. "Caaaot yoa soo tho 

T'" Tbero il wsn .''omehfKlv oh 
tain Hon itall In his tight hug Then 
sueb a Bcarrper A prank. I>o<lge up 
a down with bump, collialon. knork- 
abeot. breakage, aklnoff. etc. At laatly 
Hen. Hunnar llopp down whllo ovary- 
body kick hla hand, thinking It were 


After such behavior •• I snig. "no 
wonder ( ol Harvey rfm*- hon ^ to aee 

about his country. How depraved! 
What are oh|00k 9t tMO OaSiO. if 
"To« aao y owdo i t y higli clethaa- 

horae?" aak Toatll. aiming his flnger. 
"That are named ffole Poaat. Ohjeek 
of 'iame are lo f-nr-^ Hon n«:i be 
h'rtH ttor i;^-*' r'.«»t and be quick 

llow much tally do that eeunt*" 
t aak It 

"Oh. • or P. iapMdIng ao woMhar 
diatato turn. 

-WttliloM loa •( 

hold of me. I run rapid. \et others 
run raptder. o sudd? i < (>iiid iou< )i 
tho breath of on. k ft. i,^ Ha>k what 
knahb me b\ the bole in yiiy collar. 

Whai y^ui do with Hon. Ft.-ill? he 
growell while Btopping me with hla 
knee In the eeat of my atummlck. 

"Qoahesl" I war*cry- "Why you 
haft ttie new? In one (1) aeconds 
nior< I Hhouid make C or t pointa for 

joui Tf.iin." 

"Whlc h Team you playing With?" 
he muiio|>ollze bluffly. 

' Both, If convenient." I narrate. 

-'You ahall cantinue to do so," be 

And when nextly I knew both 


of pain and misery — the victim thoughtlessness or ij^nv 
of the mother who should have guidea her durii^ thii timet 
If she complains ol headaches, pains in the back and lower 

l:inl)s, or if \ou iiofiii' a slowness ot thiuij.;ht, rit'r\(>t;sr.r-~.s mt 
IMitabii il\ < 'II ihf t ui \ > nir (l.iu^'ihlcr in.ikc lilf c.iMfi tor I-r 
Lydia L.l*inkham'ii Vegetable Lcmipouad iscspccially adapted 
for such conditions. It can be takea in safety by aiiy woman, 
young or old. 

Read How These Mothers Helped Their Daiicfatere 

pains and »• 

R C. — "My dauKlit/T m a 
V* 111! ha.* tn-eii hav in({ nevere 

;it)'\ lr<'linK*< f'T 

II I ' I ■<■ 1 1 ti 
ti.'i.l h.-i,r.i 

Roinc time an. I h i.i l.-.^-i tv 
Through an older (|.»uKtit< i » ti 

of a WOinatl wh > w;u-* taklliv.' ■ ' ■ ■ s.-imc 

tniuhle, wr were told of Lydia K. I'luk- 
' barn's Vegetable Compound. Mjr dau^l- 
trr haa been taking it for aevcral monUM 

and is qiiito all right now T aa 

never wittimit a bottie ..f 'i uaa, 

for 1 niy.vlf f!\ke it for tii.»l weak, lircd, 
womoiit ffclr f » ' ; h '•oinetimes oomea 
touaall." Mre. J. McDonald. 2M7, 
aOtk Ay. East, Vancouver, B C. 

I- 4 H./1 . !..n, I ►ntano — "When my daugh- 
tl r tliirtifii and until she \»sa 
fU'..'- ^^n• ,KiifTcn-<i every moaLh Bt> that 

.mI hni.jl^ iiMivr around the houte. 

tiKi wfif ii xhe Mi'uld have the i - m 

(i.-iii ^lll• w.uil.j have to be cam'': u >■ 
She also had bradacba, diiiy and laiut 
•paOa, and aornnMB in bcr back. I saw 
vour advertiBement in the ' Hamtltoa 
opoetatgr ' j >ad got L ydia b. Pinkliam's 
Vg|Bttbl> Ctanpomt for bar. Sfae doog~ 
aoi bave tba laMt bit of trouble now. and 
wa raeommend your medieiM. 8be works 
in a eandy<ehop now and ssesas woU sad 
H}r,MiK "— Mm I P. Claim, m 
(•x' r.l St . Hatmlton, Oatdria. 

The Sensible Thins is to Try 

Lydia E, PinkKam's 
\^detable Compound 


Teams was playing with me. After 
4th attemp I were •kicked over c.oie 
Poaat. How much do that count for 
both aidea? I 

I am confused. 
Hoping you are the same 
Tours triilv 

iiii>i>i.». or t>\i'uKi) 

There Ja a riddle to Oxford, but It 
is simple of solution, writes Rot>ert 

V Trictr • ' ' 

scholar, in The Forum. It \n nothing 
more mysterious than this: Here la a 
university that taaehas life, the life 
eaoh undergradiMta la going to live. 
Other untveraltior glva ono aattlng-up 
drills, preparation for life; othere 

te.icli departments »>f life, athletics, 
teachinK. businens. religion: but all 
a.N speclallief 

Say what (^ne may. there i« a I'lirl- 
tantc inteii«1ly to all mo.><l Anierl- 

cmn undergraduates do. Hence most 
American celtegea are treadmills: In 
< through the steps that 

will give training in tha one sot of 
interests of one's chooalag, ba they 
athletic or intallaolual. Wa go la for 
football or Graak poetry, in rare ln> 
Btaaoaa for hoths but always separate- 
ly. We do not combine the two. One 
has the Puritan's feeling of the nam- 
tliy and aJoobiess of the affair ai 
hand from all Ib.ji lr» rnf>\ .tml plea'^ 
ant and lonifVirlable anil decoratUe. 
And so we Axiierioans often miss the 
liberal and the maglo of proportion 
and vitality: and. missing thosa, aUss 

couldn't beat old 

Sfizhiv armies trittmplumti 

all ihf ioTCfs I'urofyf cmild err 
ray. and ltd bv Ihr militaiy 
gfnius of Ihf tJi'f, rrumpltd Up 
and t>eTtshfd undtf the bttter, 
prr^islrnt attac k% oi ( aid Thf 
" Man n( Dtsttny " has man\ 
et>it<iphs Onf thf most 
falfiu! iommrntaTits on his 
dnwnUillifad\ "HtCOUMi 
kfr[} his soldifs icarm 


A Furnace built to use any kind of fuel, and particularly Soft Coal 

The furnace 3uprcinc lor liie L<uiadian ciiuiatc. for 

any kind of coal or wood, for any type of home, «nd 
for anv stvir ..f heating lyilaiH Pipti, PipuUiss 
or Duplex Pipelaee. 

Coy fen AllCaiiaAm Fi 

McOary'g All - Caet Sunshine i urnacc. 

\\ ) t 


i \^ 




RING, is Che 
furnace chosen 

for f irTii ial tests 

"I < .irnfli.nn soft 

< ' I'l ! . .1(1'! re>< (iT"n 
mcmJcd as liic 

psrfsd kcatn^ 
•P p Mtus for 

the city and 
' '-"'in! rv hone in 

BLCAU5L. McClary 8 A1R-BLA5 I KINL. lalro^ 
dnoei eiver the firepot the abundance of warmed air 
reqnired for burninff soft cool coimlmes tho vola- 
tile larUin ^as^n anil tumO IIm USOOl 


yUkm% of Hsolbf Apperalw §m 
Tlwoo Quarters of a Cenhvj 

Tfie ii»rr "f Medery i All <"a»f "^iirmltine ruMi.«! <- ^"■^n 

the beneht of a long experience in making the homes oi 
Canada co mf ort a Me duHag w4 a l ef. He eleo 

tf.r ln..^1r.]ge of MsCIBIJI'S 

{\n '^>\' r «-i[>rrl* 

1 xprrts m the lastailalion of an/ sxatem of heatiog. they 
will adwioo to whd di'ar a ripe. Pipilsw or Duf>tex 

f*il>'-)e*« ■V«trni IS stiit;%J>Ie frir yr^iir home - . .* 

install any type of McCUry s Sunshine hurnace with a 


We are \ffent* for McCLARVS FURNACKS . ' . v. ,v 

*bly known from Halifax to Victoria. I ^..i- vni - 

.mplrte .•.>ck m V.ri<,rM. McCLAKY'g iUNSHlNK •« wr|| and >avor 

» >.|r ui ,.t V 


and aupply all repairs. \ti 

r I ivi. r , \ r r, I ilal' >i » I' tf , I' tc. 

Wa iii'irbiri sad 

4^-4 Kmgston 




rwv. \)\]\ \ ('< )i.()\'i<'r \ icToRTV, j]X 

Month-End Sale of 

. - ♦ 




Upt-.oltMrad Chair 

Montli L,nd 


Ltfft U f fct h ti r i J Chair 

C<»Tercd in best quality lipurt.! tapm 
try. V»Im f97.50. cCTO Or^ 
M«Mk-Sa4 &k ;^i%9.PU 

Upholstered Chair in Wing Type 

Higli l>acii. covered in l> u' m ! = •-(• 
tap«^itrv \ alue KiM. <r /I Q crA 
\'i I'n! Sale iP**%?.QVi/ 

Uphol»tered Chair 

I'overed in figured dcnun Vim 
$36.7S. MMth«K«i 

1 Oidf. 

Imh post liiras* Bci!. wuh 1*4 'r\<h 
loll tail ind iillcr*. \ alur $27 iO 


M. Ill til Kud 

4 Only, Brass Bod* 

2-Iacb Mit BaaH Beds, with I'/i-inch 
top rsiCcMBsaaail axl fillriA. Month 

^ _$27.30 

3 Only CorrtmaoBS Post Brass B«da 
With iw-avy croas raiU and fiilers, 2- 
;iuli ccnitukooai post Value $3S.0t. 



Upholstered Arm Cluur 

Corned in dsHc Mas tapestry. 

.'^'r'"-'"'' .$27.80 

lli^h Class Upholstered Ttib Chair 


• Only. Oloba-WMkiw l i ml a a il 

Value (aO.OO. Month- 
Ead M 

Larga UplMtoCarad Chair 

('overed in gocxl quain , ' ij rvi' 

^l.i^ KM r MATFRfiSS 
All Felt Msttreta, iMllt in layers 
and win aot huap. ^ OR 
Moatb-Kad Sale .^pOtWO 

In solid oak; eitber i*mt<\ or (;oldr'n. 
three section*, f^v ■n<l QJQD r%n 
base. Moatk-I "1 S«)r :p^Z>.\J\J 

2 Only T.arge Globe-Warnicka 

Sectional Bookoases 

In f«arttr-eai; laaai aak. four sec- 
tions, with to^ aad kaa^ Vuiur oo 

1 Only. Fumed Oak Secretary 

S\ ith (inr drawrr and ict d^wn writing 
Value $J3.00. 



1 Only, Walnut l^Jmshed Morrjs 

With betvy mattress rti^' n 

ered in tapestry. Value <r QQ •7 a 

I4S.001 Moath-BMi Sak.^P^-^0 


5 Only, Royal Easy Chairs 

With pres* button to adjust back, m iumed oak or walnut fimish w 
tapestry or fiamrcd pluth. Theac are very comfortable aad 
scrriaeabk clMirs. Vahie |51.Sa Moatb-bnd Sale 

Month-End Sale of 


Seamless Taprstry Ru«. aize 6-9 br 9. 
Value $17.50. Maakls-Biid Sak^f IMS 

Sr.. I- 1'- riain ^':I*l'^^te^ Ru(r. *i«e 9 hr 
n \ ..uir S^j,>00 M(.iirt) i-.nd Sale, f4#.»# 

\\.:u,u KuK, >n smart colorings, siie 6.9 
I y 9. Value $35i)0. Month J'.n.l Sale 
at — fJtS.OO 

Axminster Itag, sis* 4.*ky Vsluc $19 7? 
Mon'h r.nd Sale ..fl6.»5 

Wilton Rnci •>se V by 9. Value fW.OO. 

SItRhtl . ilr,| ".iioiik Ruvi sire 9 br 12. 
Value ^1 10.00. Month- End Sale, f«*.Tl" 

Slightly darasfed Wlltoa Rqk. siae 9 by 
104 Value $85.00. Moath-Bnd Sale 


Seamless Saxony Plain Blue Riy;, size 9 
by 12. Value $135.00 Moath-Ead Sale 


English Wilfon KtiR. size 9 by 1 

$97 .SO M.mtli Knd Sale.— a«».7& 

Wilton Kiig, Aize 11.3 b|y 1J.6. Value 
$120X10. Month- End Sal« M**SO 

Three Seamless Wilton Rvs, snitable for 
long narrow rooms; size 6J by 9 9 Valne 
I6I.W1 MoatlHEad Sate »in no 

— Ira ri«M 

Month-End Sale of 

Men's Underwear 

All WodI Ilndcrwca 
jl'' Medium wnglii 

w " I Sblrta and 
drawers, soft and ( oiiitnrtable, aad 
guaranteed aastarinkable. Double 
breasted ahirts. S«e» 34 to 44. 
Shirts and DcawcTS. Month-£n<| 

per Karment — — 

I I Illations. Month-End Sale, 

Wolsey Underwear 

All wool K'arinrnta, in nstvrst ahade, 
meHiiini in wit-ht and 't »•> I r ,m 
fortable. I'.rrry garnieiir a .Tniuric 
Wolsfv. and (fttaranfeed iii-il.! n I. i Ir 
Sises 34 to 46. Shirts and lirawers. 
Maath-Bad Stia, par ganatat, •»•«• 

Wo Key An-Wool Cotiibhiations 

heavy ktwt. All lull U«h . and 
knit to fit perfectly, d ■ • ; nn- 
ahriokable; all aises. Month- End 
Sate, per tuli , , , 

Ptaman's Combinations 

Matle frotii Rood wfight merino 
fminhrd c.ifiin m imtiiral >,'.^i|r \n 
properly iii;»dr and finiRhr! with 
closed crotc h. .Sixe* i4 tO 44. N4 nth 

Ird ;.rr f I . «t» 

Heavy Weight Ail-Wool Underwaar 
Natural cream shade all*wool ribhad 
Shirts aad Dnraws: doable breasted 
•hirts. Guaraateed unshrinksble. 

Sizes 34 to 44. 

Shirts and Drawers Month V.r)<\ Sale. 

per Karinent gl.Tft 

Combmations. Month-End bale, per 

90^^ ^■*^*WMea*«MUMawaBaaaaMaaBBi^MMnaMMtP^^^0K 

Caetce Combinatloas 

The best full fashioned all-wodl COHH 
, binations made, in fine loMny yarai 
in white oaly: soft aad eomfortable: 
knit aad fashloaed to fit nerfeetly 
All airea, sa well as -siies for «hon 
stout men. Value $10.00. Montii 1 nd 
Sate, .per talc ar 

— Main n*«r 

Notice to 
Our Charge 

Parcha9es made on Mon- 
dau, Tuesday and Wed- 
nesday next will, if de- 
sired, be charged on next 


and Feltol 

At Month-End 



600 Yards Heavy Printed Linoleum 

In a K"''d v.uirtjr . i a--''ii'i| ;>.it* 

terns. Month-End bale, 
par s aoar a yard, . — -., 

Ftoor Oilcloth 

lieavv i'aiiitrd Pack Moor Oilcloth 

in thr iirwrst |.iiieras; 6 fset wide 
Month-End Sale, 
par sqaara yard .., 

Frftol (Floor Covering 

T hr ni .s' >i'fvii eable floor corering 
for h.ird : sacslte a t pattaras. 
Month- Eo<l Sale, 44c 




-15 Wash 

To Cloar at. 

$5.98 Each 

Inrliirled in this ofTerinp are > ^ il 
shaped Rag Rugs and Wash Kugs 
in charming colors suitable for bed- 
yoOtn fiirnislim;;. Sizc ' k 63. 

Values to $8.00. tCIS OO 
Month-End Sale q>0.<70 


Sale of 


£n|4iah Earthenware Decor- 
atad Teapota in large and 

T'. i" i/e^ : <-ix styles to 
cbcKjbC Irom; valuev to $1 7' 

Month-Bod rT> 1 1 o 
Sale A 

Month-End Sale of 


White Enamel CupH and Sawvera 

Medium '.I.''" MiinT. I ale, 

White Enamel Wash Bowl^ 

In nitrn from 11 inches iliameter to 
14^ M<.,i!h l-nd Sale, 
•Of, aftf, 76f and »6f 

BfOfiiB Vb^PmI 'Pm and Coffaa Polt 

WMl white lining. Pour rtip *)T.t, 
Ifonth-End Sale _ 7^4 

}''iTr cut <u(- Month Knd Sale, 

Si» cup 1/'- Vtonth-End Sale 

at - - 9t*f 

White Enamel Mugs 

I'mt M/r. M nth Knd Sale 

lyi I'tnf »irr Mo>' l.nd Sakl, 

WbiU Snamal Chambera 

la three siaes. Ifonth-Knd Sale. 

Mala n«ot 

Extraordinary Values in Seasonable and Dependable M 
Monday Morning at Nine o'Clock Shaip-^Many of 
Hundreds oi Additional Lines Throughout the Store 4j 



OMEN'S ^ Coats, Suits and 

At the most opportune time, when nearly -all •women, are aeriouiljr thinUng <■ 
their Winter apparel needs, comet thia Montli-End Sale, offerinf the most i worn 
derfiil Cott. Snit and Dress values introduced thia •eaaoo. 


FiiKTrlmmad Coata, I19.9S 

-iiiart vi'ijT^iiii! iiioilrls of good quality 
blanket and velour cloth. Belted and wrap- 
around styles with large sleevei^ and choker 
collars of bsaverette.. Come in ^ ^> 
sad reindaar. Sises M to 2B. <r i o OR 
lfoath>Ead Sate ;^1».»0 

Fur-Trtemad Coirta. $S4.9S 

A lull .fiiortinrnt ol' tins season's nio^f f)o|>u 
lar shade* is to be found in this collection 
of coals for Fall and Winter wear. Thev 
are made from (ood quality velour cloth 
with the popular side fastenings, choker 
collars of bcaverioc; plain a : • h 
linings. Sises to 42. Value 
to lISXHi Moath-Ead Sale.. 

Fur>Trlmaia4 and Plain TftHorad Suns 


Made frqm soft wool velour, gabardiee. trico 
line and twesd mixtore. Smart box. iteni 
and 'novelty tailored styles trimmr.! vii 
braid, embroidery. stitchinK and fur i .ll.n ^ 
A li r; of Stuart fiiodrls ^rr vli rwn in ti t 
wrap At iind St>le, with tie u;. tjir 11. 
ribbon. Smart two piece ta i red -kit' 
Shown in grey, reindeer, nav^, sand a 
< thers Si/es 16 to 42. Values to $49. 
Month-En d , q 

Modal Fw- 


Fw-Trinmad CmtM, |t4.ffS 

q>Q /I Qc delusive Model Fnr-Triaimed Stiits, fash^ 
ioned from rich ooality velour and duvetyn, 
^ trimmed with wolf, samrrel and dyed oposf 

Thc^r iH-w i .mI ^' ats in soft wool velour and duvetyn are very becoming. Some are 
hrsvilN l.raidf ! ,oid ..thrrs trimmed with embroidery; fur Collars aad cuffs of besverine 
am; l' r!«,.ii \: \ ■ ' i ati and platinum. .\ II full liaad and showa in the 
ot reindeer, sand, navy and brown. Sizes to 44. 

Maath-Biid Sals . 

— 2 ml Moor 

sum and handsomely enibroidc red. Showt^ 
in ihr season's newest shades ^'i.ts in tfr* 

s to $7.V00. 
Munih-End Sale 



Utility Sports Coats 

Tailored from all-wool fabrics such as 
polo, homespun and tweed cloths. Smart 
raglan style with eonvertible collar, 
pleated and trench hacks, lar Re mlHtsrv 
pocket* Sizes to 42. VaK f 

ts:'''^::^. $19.95 

Mannish Tailored Raglan Coats 

Mannishly tailored from plain polo and 
homespun cloths, in green, blue and sand 
mixtures, with' trench backs, convertible 
colter and slit pockets. Sisas to 44. 
X'alues to $19.S0. $14.95 

. — tS4 noor 

Month- End Sale 

90 Only, Afternoon Draaaaa, Valuaa to $45.00. Claafteg Moadajr at 124.95 

Saurt new modeh of Canton crepe, wool and silk ■ ' and radium lace, in the new 
lofkg straight lines, with new necks, short and three quarter sleeves, pleated panels 
and frills, skl« dosiafs and novelty girdles. Come in ]>latinaBI, laavin green, new 
hhie, brown, coeoa and aavy. Sises to 42. Values to $45.00. OCl 
Month-F.nd Sal* - — - - ^fi*.»0 

15 Only, Misses 

Tailored Dresses, Value to $29.60, C^ieanng Monday at 
118.95 Bach 

In navy and brown gabardine and friroime, trimme ' ^- 

stripes, straight utiored style withelbow sleeves, finished with deep 

rirdle. Sizes 16 to 20. Valacs to f29.fO. 

Moath-Ead Sate i .i. .i i ■ 


1 1 r t -1 

Month-End Specials in 

Women's Underwear 

Women 9 Light Weight Combinations . 

In lisle or cotton, tadorrd or hni.slied with dainty 
silk edgiiij?, opera top. sleeveless or with short 
sleeveK, wide or tight knee. Sizes 36 to 42. 
Values to $1.50. 

Month-fiad Sale WOC 

Wona&'a Comhtoatioai, tpadal* $1.9S 

Of aiedinni wright l<nit cotton in pink or white, 
tailored or hm.shrd with silk stitrh edRing. opera 
top, short, elhOW or lonjt slr<-ve<; i w nrrk. V- 

shsped or high necks; slip-over or !■ .» 
knee or snkle length. Vslac |2.S0. 
Ifonth-Eod Sate 


Women'a Wiatar Waifht ConibiMitiotta 

SliKhtlv fleered, plain tailored f>r finishrd with 
heading, (omp m all fhr various stvles; sleeve- 
IciS, short sleeves, rlhow or lon« slrrves. high ..r 
low necks, knee or ankle length, slip- 
ton front styles. Sises 34 to oat* 
sises. Montn-End Sate, per salt.....^.. 

— aad rioor 


Sale of 


Select yoar new Winter TIat now 
from thesr special month-eml otTcr 
ings- All new styles, some of tlicm 
pattern hats, othera made by oat; 
expaai milliners. 

Group 1 

Trifluaed and Semi-Trimmed Hats ili^s 
wide variety of shapes and colbfs. 
Month-End $3 90 

Uiuup 2 I 

I rimmed and Readyto>Wear HatH. in- ' 
eluding a line of SMtron > i 
Month- End e^jt rvQ 

Sate ■■ ■■ ^ {^^.TO 

Group S 

Included in this fronp are a aamber ak; 
exclusive pattern hats te fha Mkd' 

srjagsss. $10.00 


Values to 50c 

for. 25c 

I irtrta and Dresden KiW>ons f<>r 
hair how«i. sashes, etc. .Mso '^' .v 
rlt\ Kit)buns in narrow ai'IUis, 

(([table for trtmminff dresaea, fancy. 
A (irk, bow5. rtc. .valuet t" ..^^ . 

Month-l''.nd .Sale, 25 C 




per yard 

Month-End Sale of 

Men's Suits 

80 Hand -Tailored Siiita, ValuM CtOQ d d 

to $60.00, on Bmlm Monckiy lor %PO%^.00 

Smart two and three buttons, m \\\c finest quaiitv iin 
ported tweeds and woi:^tcJs, m all sii.iJi- . SmuMe 
styles for young men as well as the more u)nscrvativc 
men. Included in this offering also are a niimb^ of 
Leishman's famous tailored suits. 
All si2es. Values to 1160.00. 
Month-End Sale 

• • • 


Men's Winter 

Gabardine Coats 

With Separate Wool Linings 

Ml'!' fr III lie,^v\ M ■ ' irtline. Interlined 
with oilskin; also ims a button-on separate 
wnol Iminp Smart dnnhle-brea^trd hrlterl 


ararro ani! 

\ 1 

the \*<.rst Winter weather; ai^ec \} < 
Month- Knd f\P 

Men's Encilish 

Uade from heary quality English 
flannelette ta neat colored stripes, 
military collar aad eat fall and 
gMNtaaa. AH aiaas from small 
maa's ta oat-slBas. Month-Bad 
Sak, par 


r How 

12 Only 

Wool Vests 

■ Special 

Wool Vests, \' I' V . 

i>h()rt or long sleeves; sizes 30 
and 38 only. Value %S.Hi. 

"^^^ ^$1.98 

18 Only 


.Ma<lc fioni good quality wash 
satin, with built-tip ahottldera 
or satm ribboa'ahonlder atrapa, 
trimmed with dainty lace or 

Crr.r^efte rrrpe ; rome in pink 
and white. '^he■^e are ^lit^htlv 
counter soiled. Values to 
$225. Month-Rffd Sate 


Month-End Sale ox 

Daring this Sale wr arc i^iMii^' you the choice of oiir great assortment of iJ.-iit 
Bruahes. Cloth Brushes, ^ail Brushes and Tooth Brushes ft radnctions from 2i'/o 

to ^^y^Jc. 

These Brushes are from the best Canadian, Knglihh and i'rcnch iiiaKci>. and aic {>oU 
with the "Hudson's Bay Company's" guarantee. A few oni atan di n g valnta are l«ate<i 
herewith. ^ 

»oay Back Hair 

Value W r 

Sbony Hair 

Hog bristles. Valat IMM. llati< 

"f*!*^ Aluminum- Fated Han Hi wnhei 


Valas 9S.00. Moatk-End Sale fB.TS 

VahM |4jia Hoath-Kad Sale fa.fS 

\ l'Mr 7.Sc 

Month Liid . ale. 


fnudk Ivoey fUr 

Valas IMH Ifoaik-Bad 

FMsdl I^rory CloHi ItiiiiliM 
VahM UM. Moath-Snd Sale 

SoMd Back Hak 

.^tiff bristles. 


Valne |1J0. Month OLn^ 

Military Bruahea 

Valoc ||onUl-£ad Salt', pair, 

Nail Bnvhes 

Maatk-End lUle ■ -4a^ 

Nftl Brushes 

tsinc 35c. MoMil-lad .Sale 33^ 

Bl i Mi wrt l Toedi Bmahaa 
Vahw 50c Moath-Ead lak... 


iliiandise at Greatly Reduced Prices — Sale Commences 
i. Lilies Advertised Here Being Limited in Ouantity 
lonth-Liid Reductions — Early Shopping Is Advisable 

Hxt^a Special Bar- 
gains in Lmm 

Hinch Radium Lace 

Silk l<.i.lMi ,1 ].»ce in all-oyfr 

<I<MK". -iiiiaMi I >r ('vr(iii)g 
rlr»-H--rv t r i m 1 1 . i ii^; • p.mrl*, 
I rr \ (- Ill 111 I ■ ' .1 I. . white. 
K r ( \ ■? .1 M I ! . ' « 1 1 ! I ,» . 
I ti h ■ ;i 1 1 I - I . 1 \ ,1 1 !< ■ ; . 

,i^.50. Muiith i^nd JkCk 
'&!«. ptr y«r<f Ipl.*t* 

)-Inch Printed Net 

I 'iiri 1 1' (I Nil I ■ Milk A 1 ' i I K ' '''"t 
I ir s I U r r ,\ h - 1 1 " .'1.1 ' ' r 
mIvci. lose .iixt re<J, aiiij imriili- 

and gold Suitable for ii'a|<< 
tritnmingf and evcniM drctscs. 
36 inchea wide V^ltttt to 

Moi^th-End Sale o£ 

Hud3on Seal Coats 

*, I ),i t , Mil III 'I 1 1 ! I ■ 

Hudson S«al Wrap 

Seal trimminR^. 
Ml nI' ' Jtcgabr 




^ IK) 


Ml, mil 

tl.50. Month-End 
air, per 


per yard. 
U^tlk Tulle 

36-Ineh Silk Tulle, watcr- 
frooff tuitabk fur millinery, 
Motor tcarvtfa and other trim* 
' whic purposes; shown In all 
shades. Regular valur V'r. 
Month Fnd Sale, 
■ prr • j'-il 

>-Inch Silk Net - , 

IlWported Alt-Silk Net, wtll- 
sile for sleeves and vetla; is 

black whitr roie. »l<y, gotd. 

ii.iv\ I t 1 'ifiwn. firrfn, 
N il eu. Jo inches ^ I- 
V ii le 95c. MMith>Kn<i 


fimh Laces 

V'alrncif iinrs and Tniilion 
Kaci irii[)iirtrd from Ni't- 
tuigliaii); suitable lor under- 
wrar. neckwear, etc.; from '/i 
to 2 meku wiAct Month- 0^ 
Bad^al*. pw yurd OO 

— Msta riMT 

Clean-Up of Silk 
Veilings at 49o. . 
a Yard 

big asaertment of vSilk Vcil- 
f a, < fai I black, brown, taupe, 
"taTft ^^^^ chenille spots 

la embroidered designs. Values 

$2.25. Month F.nd 
lie, per yard ... , . 


Three-quarter length, large 
lar of Siberian squirrel. Ket«Ur 
$600.00 Month- 
Knd Sale _ 



Offering 20 of th<^sea»on'f newest models, coats, capc« and ip ^ it tnmm 

with collar.^; and cnffs of contrastinf: I'n at ^.n mi.- fi' in $<iimo \ ^12U.U0. 
Tf Mill arc l:iimii; to buy a Hudson ^ "it, 'In ik i this opporiumty. 

Hudson Seal Coat.s 

In 4fy nil h lr:i,j.lli \^lt'l ( ■■iUr .ii 'l 
11 1 I if I r • »ri ! I ' ^ 11 ,ii! 1 .1 M II ■ . n i. 

KcguUr {^oou.ou. t^JiQQ r\r\ 
lfottth-B»d StU J^ ^ O OAAJ 

Hudson Seal Coau 

45-Inch length, skunk shawl col- 
lar and cuffs. Regular $575.00. 

Miinth-End $467.50 

Hudson Seal Coats 

Lucille fox trintmings on collar 
and caffa; full length models. 
Regaltr $57S.00. Ifonth-End. 

r^" $467.80 

Hudson Seal Coats 

I ' a n adia n F<r .i vt- r . ; ' ' ' 


Hudson Seal Coat 

in large wrappy IT- 

Moath-End Sale... $467.50 

ed and 

Hudson Sea! Capes 

Three iji .( ■ •■' : '• 1 K ' > ' • 

Regular $476.0U. IT OOrr C|/% 

Hiadion M CoMi 

40 Inches long, self collar 
ruflfi. Regular $-4'nr»o 




Hudson Seal Coats 

Self trimmed. Regular $437.00."''::!!l----.$328.00 


■ Slip-On Veils 
' 25c a Dozen 

.ack Silk Slip ' Ml \ riU, with 
a^tir, mrdiuiii inrsh with <niall 
otif. \ ' - to 10c. Jdonlh- 
od Sal 

lor 28c 

Month-End Sale of 
Wool Fabrics 

1.000 Yards Pure Wool Pabrica for Drasses. Suits and BUrta, VahMft 

to $3.50, for $149 

A wonderful colleciion of hifh-grade fabrics ofTcred at a very low price. 
56-lnch Flake Homespuns. 56 Inch Silk Finished Henriettas. 

S6-Inch Novelty Striped Crepes. ' .'if) Inch Novelty Skirtmgs, 
S6-lBch Plaid Homespuns. 4i Inch Wool Pophns and Armurev 



Values to $3.50. 
per yard 

Month-End Sale, 

se-Inch Part W06I Draso Plamiols 

For ^expensive dresses combined with an attractive appear- 
ance, at this low price these dress flannels will ai)f>cal to you. 
Shn\ ■ • 1 ranc^c of wanted colorings. incUni' • 1 I K. 
brow II, ;,icy, mauve, henna, cardinal, royal, etc. ^ -m rjQ 
54 inches wide. Month-End Sale, per yard .5^1.0<7 

Women's French 
Kid Gloves, $3.75 
Value for $1.59 

ad/ from specially «f Irrte'l skin*. 

• ii ; i ! ' I piqiip 

w 11 .i 11 - 1 »\ 1 1 h ; .» : 1 - I : n ' i ' . iifr rf- ij 

icks, I'l hiark, Rffv > • w i. 
•avrr. t,ir p.i^tfl, whjtc and 
hill . ^ >i2e« 5H to 7j<(. 

alue $.).75. Month- (p 1 BQ 
ad'Sdie, .pe^ yard...^. 'P ^ 

14-Inch Heavy Frieze Coatings 

Only 150 yards oi tlii<i .uatink'. so come 
early and get ^our sh.irr Shown in dark 
mixture eombtnations; 54 inc' '- < i'- 
Regular vahie $2.95. Month- <r i QQ 

End Sair per van! '4> 1 

Bxcaptional values in Pouet i wiiU, 
Tricotines artd Serf es 

$4-lnrh r.iir. • '■ * ^. in fll Wa- ^ 

ings. .Month i ml . .tie. tt] QQ 

per yard ^px.v-'tJ 

54-Inch Tricotines, io all want i ii. lrs 
Month-End Sale. 69 

Broad (loth-; Covert Coatinga and 

Worsted Suitings 

S4>Inch iUiLnkloths, in shades of pltitn .tn l 
wine; 54-inch Covert Coatings: 54-inch 
Hairline Stripes, in navy with white stripe: 
54-inch Worsted Suitings, io grr i .n rr. 
Value* to $.1.95. Month-End 


Tazn and Scarf SetA 
^ Special. $3.98 

ome in plain kmt. others in 
<lMhed wool, smart tarn, large 
le searf with fringed ends. Come 
I prttty mixtures in an assort- 
.ent of good colors. X'.ii'ir i^ 
1.75.; Mpnth-Bnd op 


prr yard 

.S4 inch Poplins, in navy. 
Month Knd Sale, per yard- 

54-1 nch Serges, in navy. 
Month- And Sale, per yard. 

54-1 nch 5WrK«"* in navy. 
Month Kud .'^.ilr. per yard. 
^4 Inch SfrRrs in navy. 





40-inch Pure Wool DelaMies 

In neat design* and good color 

tiona. Month-End Sale, 

per yard ■« ' ' 


54-Inch English Tweeds 

In <iubdaed mixture comhination and 
stripe. 1 rff.cts. Suitable weights for suits, 
drrssc- ;irui children's wear; 54 inches wide. 
Value $2.00. Month-End Sale, 
per yard 

S6-Inch Pure Wool Blanket Coatings 

Rest quality r.lankrt Coatings for women's, 
misses' and children's wear Comr i ' n.^w, 
brown, sand, saxc, Coprnhagni. .!, 
wine, Uupc, acarlet, etc.; 56 1 ' t-^ 
Month-Rnd Sale. ^ QQ 

48-lncli liiaik Set. Flush at Half Price 

Heavy U .-ral I'lii-ih. with a ruh dfrp 

pile, for roati, trimming*, cti •'^ • Ik-* 
wt-ie Rrgtilar value $0 75 (ta OO 

Month-£ad Sale, per y#rd >l>.^-00 

specials in the Art 
Needlework Dept. 
.ibrary Svaivef and Cushion 

Stamped in simplr 
tive deaipns on g 


«an necdleweave. 

5ale. each 

^ta"i|>r.l T ra Aprofis 

' Made Ironi fine sheer '1 ■ 

Ideal for Christmas g 
. Mi.nih i ni! S-ii'-, sach~....ftOf 

;hildren s Feedcts 

Stanipril on I'nhlcarhril i;nn 

lin. Choice of three dif!^ 1 
nursery designs. Mimth 

ihxldren s Kompers and 

Month-End Sale o£ Notions 

FBI Up Yo«r WotiK i«iket ot Tliaae Month-End Savingt 

Paris Binding 

Suitable for coats, dresses and suiu; all 
shadr«« S inch wMe. Month-Bad Salj 

Sewing Cotton 

Coats' 200 yard spools of Sewing Cotton, 
in black or white; all numbers. Month- 
End Sale — spools for 

1*1 ess Studs 

■ .1, , i I K'li-h Prfis Stud-i in black or 
white, >uc» 0 to 4. Month-End Sale, per 

- csM 

Sheet Pins 

Containing 365 best hard drawn brass Pins, 
aasortcd sises. Month-End Sale. 3 sheets 

Made from chamhray, piqae 
and colored crepes, sists 1 
•'^Id 4 years. Values to $1.25. 
Month- End Sale 

IMgnd Tin Coaj Covers 
'*tPi |an anion crash, hem- 
stltehed and eorded. VahMS 

%\ IX) M.^nii' I "A salt, Mf 

•tamped Pillow Slips 

ftxccllent qnaUty tubular cot- 
toa with edges hematiichcd 

(or crochet work. Nine pairs 

.,nl\ X'* to $2 75. Months 
hnU ^alc, per pair 

It m i.^ 

Li,»elK Sal ft y i'ms 

In InHiihe* ( I itii .iininn .SO a^^ortrd 

VI n( I ' ^ n bunches for 

; 4 Lh Boxes Pins 

I he economical h"^ "t househ'>1<l pinv ii»<" 
ful for offices, dressmakers and the home. 
Month-End Sale, per beai , ■ 1 

Rick Rai^k Braid 

l i>r Iriuiinii i; rhiMrrn'.-i dresses u^r 
dresses, aprort*. rir m sky, sa« 
gold. pink, brown, navy, roanvc, green 
and red. Monlh-End Sale, ptt yar4-~^ 


COAT AND sr i i lUiTTOMt 
Specially Reduced 

.\ large selection of Celluloid Battona, in 
plain and fancy shapes, snitabla for coats 
or suits. In brown, tanpt, navy, saae^ 
henna and two-lonc colors. Month-End 
Sale, per doaen. 

29o and 39o 


Contalniac 12 ptccet assorted White Taoe, 
all widths. Monm-Sad 8a|i^ baach, 
CalhlWd Thimbles 

In white, pink or blp|^all 



Bast flnialL 2 and 4 ImIs. MootlHlad Sale. 


Fancy Braid Trimzniiig at 
39c a Yard 

Praney Braid Trimming, witli t;n^ei edge . uit 
able (or dresses or suits, in brown and gold, 
hhick and gold; also Plain Braid Trimmiona. in 
black and red. black and whit^ black and ytl- 
low. and black and bine. 39c 
Bad bale, per yard iliiiiiiSiiB .^^^ 

RMid the N«W 

", r>.. '1 ''iff -n "tir ' " • ■ »• a\ <■ A t>ooka b> (' 's ular 
anthor^ ^ per day; ft«v par 
■Mochi $J.M for six 

Arts and 


ConCioses Monday and Tutaday 


Uadseo's Bjjr^y y^any 'a Pxivata 

Admiaaioa, 2Sc: Children. ISc. 

Onaa 00 Monday from 3 to 6 PJd. 
Tnesday. 12 to 6 P Jf. 

LSe^ed is 

ia thr ^.1' i iiiiig Krstaar 
from J.lo to iAb. 

Prices on 


Pi»e Rosea, Purity and Royal House- 
hold Plonr, best for aU h en s sfce l d pnr- 

S?1?* sack f«.TO 

v\ w. w ai.«n 


J4 II 


Finest Quality B. C Qcaonlatrd Sugar. 

lOO-lb. aacfc f^g-^g 

20-lb. paper sack 

Hu<1v.n's n.iy Company's 

Ouality" rraniery Uiittcr, per lb.— 

"Seal of 

1 i 

.\ Itis. v/or 

No. 1 Quality Creamery fi>^t«r, 

3 lbs. fdr 1 fl^ 

Prime Canadkul Cheese, per lb 

Purity Brand *««e Running Salt, • car- 
tons for **▼ 

Pels Naptha Soap, carton of 10 bars 
for -. 

Le P.T MM 1^1. im! > 
Del Mi.nte I'ork 

tall tin. SpedaL 
3 tins for. 

i-itilc Soap, bar, 
and Beanf, No. 1 

Peter Pan Brand W h o n 1 

Paper, spwiaL..^ 13 roUs 1 -r 

Local Ncttad .Gcm Potatoes, ex . i r u 

quality. Special, per sack. 
Extra Pancy MeTntosh 


Red and 

Jonathan Apples, per box 

Finest Quality Kmg Apples, box, f 1.50 
New Season's Spanish Onkms, » Jbs^ 
for — 

Mill Ends of Pjire 


High C.rade Bleached Shrrtm^- n 
right lengths for sheets. A wonderful 
saving opportunity; 72 and 21 inches 
wide. Month-Bod Sale, iQc 
per yard ► i::^;!. ni 


Specials in the 


Business Envelopes 

White Wore No. 7 Envelopes 
packets of 25. Mootk-Bad ' ^ 

4 pai '. '"^ for 

Writing Pads ^ . ^ 

Lmen Finish Paper, 79 Isrft sixe 

sheets Hudson's Bay Special 
Month End Sale 

Hudaonia Linen Notepu>er 

In packets containing H'lh. Mon»- 
Eod Sale 

Writing Ink 

('.jrO-rS Stafford'' r-r Pi-rrless Hllie 
Black or Red Ink. Month-End 
Sale s bottles for 

I r.i'l Pnicils 

Kubocr Tipped 
Month-End Sale. 

Pencils, H. B. 
3 for »•# 

••f.MO" S.-orin^' Tablets 

K^Kuiar JOc. Month- End Sale, 

plavinK Cards 

ii riaving Cardk Regu- 
,a; wv.. Month Lnd Sale 

Giant Scribblers 

taininK 192 psgcs. Rcgnlar lOe. 
Month End Sale_ , , » for IM 

Only $5.00 

Thcrr is still time to ffet the New 
Hoover on special trrms, the oflFw 
beiflff ipood tmtii Mir en<l or ''^r 
prr^rnt month It wiU pn hahiy 
a long time beiorc it is ofl[crcd on 
such terms tffain, so do not deUqr. 

T ' r ry\n TTr>ovrr Department 
l'>/0. and have our man show you 
in Tonr own home how well and 


I r ,1 T' 

'11 r 

rugs. Kcmembcr, only ^.UU down 
and the bnlnsc* in eaij awntUtf 

Month-End Sale o£ 

Wool Blankets 

At Exceptionally Low Prices 

Wlutc Pure Wool Scotcii Blankets 
Fine soft wtfirmth giving blaaWci^ woven 

from purr won I yams wfth a Islty finish, 

witli blue liotiJci.s 

Sl/e (A l.y Ht). wriKhl <> lli< 
MtMith Ktid Sale, prr p»ir 

Stse 08 by 86, wasbt 7 Iba. 
Mootk-Bad ^ per pair 

72 l-y "^V w. iK»if R U>5 
MaOth-iLad : ale, per paii_ 



Whiu Pure Wool Bl^iikats 

In a sixe for double beds. Woven 
from pure wool yams of a close 
texture. Size 72 by M. wslfht 2 lbs. 
M'inth End Sak, Ofi 
l.cT pair , I ^0>P0 

Pine Buon^ 

Wool Blanheta 

Whtoa Pure Wool 


Sturdy Yorkshire BlaAkcu, made for hard 


'rh"><- 'tr»n iHK a tiiir K'uiilvrt i-,-' ' ' 
hraTv will It ■irliKlitrd with tliii !i!..r'Wrl 
W iivrti Iroiii [imt W'Uil varn.s .i 

nap, and lintabcd with blur t n ar 
72 by « " 
Sale, per pair 


64 l.y Rn. wriKlit . 
Month I'.iid Sale, per jvan 
Sue 66 Sy 84, weight 7 Ib^ 

Month- Knd Sale, per pair 

Sine 72 by 90, weight 8 lbs. 
Ife«tk-Bad Sale, par pak 

Pure Wool Crib Hlankrts 

so I'aii^ only .1 thr^r .Ijmi'. I'liii- W ...| 

(lit. UlaiiWrls. *ilh I'liik .^n.l 1. 1.1. 

(In ^, ami !ini--li' ii with iii ihaii .iir ! 

.M ailb i-.tid >.alr, per pair ._4>O.^C? 

Superfine White ScoCdi Blanketa 

The yarns aaed la the c ons t r u ction of 
these blankets ara exeeptionaUy fine. 
Hotnewhres of a disertmtnating oatinv 

w'P. apprrriafe tlii.^ offer inK 

.Size 60 by 86, weight 6 lbs. 
Month-End Sale, per pahr. 
Sisc 6B by 86. wei(.-hr iha. 
Month-End Sale. ; ; .iir_.. 

• "r 7.* ».v wr- !).•(■,: S : > ^ 

Mooth-Eod ^alc. per pau 



Genuine Engliah Witney 

V ifr ihr MTe arni wriK*'' ■ ' theST 
hlanhrlv Wovrii troin [>ii'r wool 
\Atu\ wlh a ioMv rial' lUanti-^s 

that will give you cxcellcnl weai 

size 72 by ^; weight f Iba. Month 
End Sala. per 


— Month-End Sale o£ — 

Drapery Fabrics 

200 Yards 36-lnch Cretonnea 

Bxeelleat qnality Cretonne in a nice 
aaaortment of patterns; 36 iri< hr 
wide^ ^MonthwBnd Sale, 

50-Inch Cretonnea 

Heavy quality ("rrtonors. suital > for 
loose covers ami hangings, ^0 ini-hes 

wide; 50 yards only to selL \ .th r 
IL31 Month-Bad Sale. QQ^ 
par yard 0<^C 

50-Inch TIand-Blocked Cretonnes 

I'ltiest (juality hand hlmkrd (.'re- 
tonnes, suitable for better class fur 
aiahtag; 200 yards only. \ <ihi<-.. r.. 
$4.5a \ronth.Bad Sale, 

- var.'i _ 

Wool Art Serge 

Wool ,^rt Serjfe, in maroon ^'-ade 
unlv ' -irhes wvir, and suitable 

Montb i!.nd 



for archway curtattis. 
SaJe per 

UpiMlstery Tapeatry 

Imported Prench Tapestry. 2^ yards 
only. Regular ndoe fl95 1 1 th 

ji^j"^ ^$2.79 

Colored Madras 

Short IrnK'hi^ < f liiKhIr rnerrerl/e.l 
Madras 11' .» .c^of triirrit of 

colors; 50 inches wide. Values 5 ' 
Month-Bad Sale. 98 C 


Black and Brown Leethcrette for up- 
holstering landtare or ' 
V> inches wide. <r i c;q 

.M .nth I'.nd : air. vird 4> - C7 

Morton's Fast Color Modonft CloUl 

and Chenille 

Guaranteed fast color fabrics, "utablr 


at 69c Each 

Bf ai q nioette and Light Weight 

Curtain [Fabrics 

All the popular makea of curtain fab 
rio, hiclailklt floa 4PMlity marquis- 

10 Dozen Orsen Oaafoe \\ -v. 

les to fit the ordioary size 

dow, 1 
by d 


fittiags. Si.-r ) 


.>«Sr4 rtew 

ett^ in wbita, crcMas or irory. M ih 

'^r, ^' 27c 

Ardbway Curtaina 

Tapestry Curtaias, In green or brown, 
finished ready to hang ^ <- 
$9.50. Month-Rnd Sale, <r o CiLi 

l.rr pair -_-^*p0.yO 

Scotch Curtain NeU 

A wide scleetkMi of Scotch Cartaia 

Nets of excellent OOality. Valuer to 
9Sc Month-End Sale. 37c 

per yard. 

— 1*4 rtow 

Month-End Sale o£ 


Twenty-Five Boys' Suits to 
Sell Monday at $3.95 Each 

Good Serrieeable Stiita, taflerod from sturdy tweed mixtiire f »hr f(nft 
and hrewn -. <;ninrt ^rltrH models with plain ^.I'i. f 'l' fl\ #^ C3 
Uned bloomers-. Sues 8 to 15 rears. A woikIciIuI Jd^J«S^i3 
▼aloe at 1 ^^woww 

s, jottH hare to sliop early for this line. 

50 Boys' Suite R«dno«d t6 

A1l"^Viool TSi'sed Snita, In f^reya, krowns an4 

f;,iH • FTi • ' t ;ire«. ^'rw brl'ed ni--!'-!- f'la' tlir 
bciys will like. Many of tlirm <1 nt 'e ,-)t ^n ' 
knees. Kefvlarto$16iO £t\ -i 

to 16 years, J[ V/nOlL? 

idoutb-ii4id Sale. 

60 Boys' WaistB at 25c Each 

Made from printed prrralcs of 
good quality, neat striped designs 
laj F dow n ooanrfc Siaaa 4 to 6 

3oyB' Heavy Sweater Coats 
Special for $1.25 

iicavT Knit Sweater Coa^ with comt1tt*l>i«- 
shswf eoHar, two patch poclMts j ehoiee of hrown, 

n.ivv anH errrr f *nVv ar>rrit 

68 in tite lot, so shoi 
- StoU 


THE nATT.Y COT.ONTSl'K VTCTORTA n C . S^\ I)A^^ n(^'r( )i:i:r KO, 


$855.11 F.0.6. Victoria 

The Sedan Model at the above price is the best motor car 
value on the market today < 'i:r !< . k i , scv limited as the 
factory is di--* > .nt inuingf tiiis Z iii(«lrl I' want t<> 

drive a closnl lai this Winter we advise quak a^uoii. 1 lie 
factory advised us recently, that the new 4-door Sedan will 
not 6e available before the firit of the year. 


Tourinp Car.. 


Truck Ch»»M«. 


Light D«liv«jry^.-« 

All mii<lrl>; cfniipprd with Mlectric Lighting and Starting 
System. I'riccs i-.O.H. \ i' t,.riri i: (" 

We can give you remaikaiMV low terms it >uu wish to buy 
on time. We are cjuoting the lowest time sales charge of 
any Ford Dealer in the Province. 

National Motor Co., Ltd. 

B31 Yates Street 

Phone 4900 





Motoriita oft«n eoMldcr themMlvea 
Itoak drlv*n uatll thejr ftnd 
thMOMlvtB la hlllr eoHBtry- Than 
th«y ■omctliBM ft Into dlfflcaUy. 
Tb«r« are MYcral ImportMit poinu to 
obacrv In driving a car on n tiHI In 
the fir!ii In descendlnif a «tr<'p 
hill bftl'r < oiitrnl iif lh»- >ai 'in 
had by pultun; ii 'i l " 

Hhuttlng; off th. rij iil. i - i ' 
Mleepest hllU even ttii I. vv k'-m inik 
be used. Dolriff thl.i 1h :nl . : t!:> ' 

the brakes ar* at all doubtful, be- 
cauM with lB«fftel«nt brakes, once 
th« apaad of ill* ear la allowod to 
rlM It Muwet b« redaeod again with 
any amount of NraKinfr pfTort of 
rouree. this only appllPB to thfi very 
!• III. l:n>-« > n 1 I ' 11 n I •■ r I'll iii iiuniti- 
laiiii'Ut iliMltli t.M, Imi wh<'ii ttl<'«e hills 
arc ri-a(hf<l, It Is dl»coinfortlng. to 
say thi' lea«t. to «r«*fp over the to\> 
of a hill preparatory to goln^ dnwii 
it at tour or five mllea an hour, and 
thon tool th« ear aradually lac r — m 
lt« spood althoach both brakoa aro 
••t— «Btli at tho botUm It is volng 
three time* aa fast. About this timo 
you becin to think of what mlKht 
h.ipp^n If the l>rakes «hould (five way. 
and it 1^ tlif-n (bat you will feel saf- 

fut vsH!, tii'< 1-41 r III lew g«ar with tho 
IsnlUon ahut off. 


Trucks, Sales 
and Service 

)44 Fort Strtet—IXstribators— Phone 4«33 

A «rr©at many cars have brakes 
that will not hold a.^ well backwards 
as forwards, and fur thlw reason it in 
well to remember that the reverso 
fear makes an excellent brake. If 
|MMt are ever atallad o» a ata*j> hlU 
with brakes t^ai will not hold the 
ear, shift to rovsrao th« moraont the 
ear start* to more baek. Or If ths 
machine has sialned soma momentum 
before this can be done, be careful to 
let the' cltttrh in c iuiy the same as 
when BtartlnK. nn.l wIkh thi^ IH done 
shut off th'' iK'i " ' ii'li r tlii-mo 
'■'"lllluns it Is i III ["iMHihlf f,,r thi- <nr 
• fiin more than two or three riiilcM 
per hour. The resistance. In conJun< - 
tlon with the brakes, ou^ht to bn 
enourh to stop the machine. 

Rhould the emergency brake alone 
become Inoperative due to burned- 
out linings or broken linkage, then 
if K Is necessary to stop on a hlH. tho 
car fihoiiM h.> held by means of the 
foot i r iu. Willie a passenger blocks 
one of ihc wheels with a StOBS. ■ It 
may happen, however, that the driver 
Is alone under these condltiono In 
this- ease the ear may be held by the 
foot brake — then. wHh the englno 
stopped, put the gear lever In reverse. 
Kase up ^enlly un the brake Just 
enouKh to allow the car to slide bark 
and pull against the frirtional resist- 
ance offered by the motur ^'ou can 
then Rft out and bloi k the wheels, 
and this is sufficient to hold the car, 
except on an Bsiunialljr StSSp mSun- 
taln grade. 

When parking a car on a hill. It la 

always Fafesi (c. head th'^ »1i.< Ih Io- 
I ward the curb .it a «Ii»{ht nnKl*- witii 
iIm> vvh'>p|s in actual contact with tb'' 
curb, ao that If the brake should fail, 
or some youngster should release it, 
the curb would keep the car from 

You Wouldn't Buy a Car 
Without a Self-Starter 

IT'S only a few yeirs ago since you had no choice in the matter 
—you got out and cranked or you didn't drive. Many other 
radical changes have been invented and given to the world 
by automotive cng^incers and today they are accepted as ordinary 
details of the up>jto-date car. 

Until c(uhc recently it was (ictiiicd necessary to take two or three 
days to recharge a battery, but electrical cnj^^ineers have iiivcnied 
a new method which gives a complete charge in eight hours. 

So Why Not Use This 

8-Hour Battery ^arginj Service ? 

TMI\<)1 (,ll()l"r the rnitr.l Mates niid (."anada tip-to-date 
hattcry ^hops :\rc scraf)))in^ oM ((luipninit ;iiid iii';tallinp 
the Constant I'otcntial ]\\^}\\ 1 l<>nr System. Makers of 
biitteriesjendorse it, the tnotorinjj^ piihhc will have no other service 
becaus^^t does away with the old annoyance and expense of hiring 
rental Mtteries. 


We are proud to be the first Battery Service Station in Victoria 
to tnstal the Constant Pptentif 1 System. Leave your car with us 
in the tnorniiiK in ' x our battery will be recharged by 6 p.m. The 
cost wiU be $1.25>->No extras. 

Cor. of firoii|liton and Douglas Streets 

Phones 669 and 6^9 

"tMiriK down Oie hill , Wtien the 

If f <i I • -1 1 1 . • • , . hill h r I n I,' It » : t b ! i ■ 

. • il ' ' < ' ; ' i . 'i r ^. . ■ f ' 'I I ■ 

I fi-' .111 lh> v»li.>l« to Itif riKlil. Ill- 

M I.I i : f II u in amount, and allow the c.> i 
lu back fcntly until the right tear 
wheel rests. agalBSt tbs cnrfc t hus 
checking it. 


CKRUN, 0«t. ST.— To avoid at 
ttutoawbUe aeeMeat by gently soaring 
over the reckless driver who edge» 
you off the road has now become pos- 
-ible. A Bavarian Inventor at Auk»- 
l uTK li.iH at last BUC'ceHsfully < <mii 
bun. I .111 automobile and an uiri.l.ii" 
Ml Ml. h ,1 vMiy tliHt It lirotiilHes 1.. I.<- 
■ tio ' iitlrely practical for both 
irn..i.-^ ,,r travel. 

The plane Is sis fset high, sixteen 
feet long and haa a wing spread of 
fifteen feet. This is mounted on » 
three-wheeled type of automoblb- 
Whloh is so popular in ( ; ertiia iiy fur 
delivery truck.«i. tb<' front \vlie«l onlv 
'"•1 iiK .1 1 1 I'M \ tiiiil ... il riven . It M 
provided with a 4 V» horsepower 
motor (European calculation), and. 
aside from ground travel, develops a 
bpeed of Its kilometres (about 78 
miles) an hour In ths air. Take-offh 
hmrm bssa earrlsd out saecessfulb 
UBder ordtaarjr road eondltlOBS. 


I-nturr Will kke More Made Than 
Open ModclN, Auto 
—Real «ey to 

"Every mile of good road that Is 
bullf an<l every mile that is added 
to the spo'd limit m.ikes the coiiiinK 
of thi il.i> vvtun the closed cai wiil 
be the universally used. 1 do 
not b"!<ii.ite to predict that the fu- 
ture will Kee more closed cars manu- 
factured than open cars. Certainly 
It Is the logical coadtulon to be ex 
pected in the evolution of the motor 
car several years henee." 

This Is the prediction of n loading 
auto manufacturer, and he has strong 
a»Kumriit.s t.. back tip hl.s NtateraentS. 
The fir.--t .1 III .irnobileH, as most of us 
will remenilier. were minu.s wind 
shield!^." li' went on. "That wa." 
chiefly bei.iuffp ttie rirs were not 

wpeedy enough to make the wind- 
shield a vital necessity. As the speed 
of cars increased the proteeUoB af- 
forded by wlndehlelds became neces- 
sary. Tea can romsml>er that the 
next step toward the closed car waa 
a huge sheet of glass with rod.s to 
anchor It to the front of the frame. 

"Now In these days of endless mllea 
of smooth bou le v!i rd.M and with a fair 
average nf speed, the nueHiiun of 
protection from the rush of wind ha« 
bei i.ine .,f far ri eater Importance 
than ever before. You have only to 
look at the cars along the streets to 
become convinced of this. Tonneau 
windshields, wfaidahield deflectors, 
permanent tops for open cars with 
sliding glass wlndowM and all sorts of 
devices for protection, are evident on 
more ttjnn h.nlf of the cnra vou see ■ 


liower Chassis Adds to Oeneral Rid- 
ing Ease and Sefoty on Rough 
Bonds— Sturdy ('onHtructlon 

Many refinernent.s are eiiib.i.1l..d in 
the new line of cloned Ke..^ (■■■ I :i : t, 
now on view at the showrooms of the 
Consolidated .Motors (Victoria), Ltd., 
corner Yates and Vancouver Streets! 
Among the visible Improvements for 
the coming yesl^ is the lowering of 
the chassls,and a consequent Improve- 
ment In roadabtllty and general rid- 
ing ease. The 1924 Heos are loQg, low. 
Hyniriietrlcal crafts, completely fiUsd 
with every detail for comfort. 

ihe new cii.Bed Reos have special 
provtsione for sound rreve^tion and 
absorption. There are really six pro- 
vUtons In all tastirlng maximum 
sileneet First, the top consists of a 
non -vibrating, barred construction 
covered with sound-ahaorbInK fabric, 
•second, the wind.ihield and vlxor are 
I losely anchored to prevent drum- 
ming; third, the doors and side 
Klasses are securely set In waterproof 
felt channels and the rear windows 
are set in close hogslng rubber; 
fourth, the inner frame construction 
of the Reo double chassis Is said to 
defeat power-plant tremors; fifth, the 
hardwood body frame Is reinfuned 
to take c.Tre iif 1 < .n I r;»< t i. .11 nnil ex- 
r'lnsii.n of the riie:,i |..,,lv .^rid fell 
paddinc l.s placed lietween the rein- 
forcement and the body to SasBlats 
against noises, and sixth, th* thrse- 
hinged doors, hung on a dovetailing 
system and equipped with adjustable 

mbbsr bompero. nrr triply proofed 


l>lMJii<'tUc 1 i-aiurra 
Otlier dlstlncttve features of the 
1124 Reo cloeed cars deserve special 
meBtlBB. Kor vision and ventilation 
there are a wide windshield and r\ 
ceptlonally ample door panel* .,ri,i 
window* The windshield i<> \i7,.red 
the door windows raise and lower 
wltti crank reirulators; the cowl ven- 
iMtor furnishes a current of cooling 
for the foetboBrds and ki eoB- 
trolled by a screw on the iBStnimSBt 

Among ths minor ronvemencen In 
each model there is a domeiiifhi fit 
:ed with frosted slxss and controlled 
bv a switch In the rlitbt doorpost. 
Hehlnd the driver.* se.-»| ,>f the coupe 
there la a package compartment 
ample for a traveling bag; la the rear 
there Is a kirge earrylag spaes. Mg 
enough far a small tniBk: the doors 
ara fNtad with heavy eonce.iir.i ],„k, 
the left operating from the an.i 

'he richt by Wev from the outside. 

There ar» a number of chanses In 
the T Bli; chassis, all of which may he 
regarded as marked improvements 
aad refinements The new spiral iMvel 
rear axle under the 19I4 models Is 
« combination of full floBtlnc BBd 
semlfloatteg. Its daslVB has the ad- 
santsgea of hsth types, yet la more 
^'I'tely satlsfSetor)- than either 
- icreaetlHIIty for adjustment of 
• Me roller bearlnirs. perman 

ti'io.."'! and complete alleaoe 

murk '■■ ■•'I'ly 



Tires Tires Tires 

60 X i/a Cord 

Mi First Grade— No SwMds 

30 X 3^ SMtor Cord t-f A 0$ 

Reg. $18.50, Our Price I L 

30 X 3yi Junior Cord ^4 A 7c 
Ros. $18.80, Our Meo ^lU'''' 

New Stock—Latest Design Tread— Fully Guaranteed 


Purchasers i)f these tins ;mU be jnuicotcd af;;ain<tt 
price reduction for a period of sixty days from Novem- 
ber Ist, 1923, and we will rebate on application per- 
centage decrease on purchase price should any change 
in list price become effective. 

Thos. Plimley, Ltd. 

Brouphton St. 

Phone 697 

Victoria. B C. 

A. McGAViiN '"^ 

Today's Greatest Closed Car Value 




KUl iri'KD WITH 

K. ft S. lO.OnO milr Ruarantre Cord*. > '.rnuine I>n trcl V\ hrrU. t'omi Ventilator, Tennrau Kadiator 
Hralrr. Oxidized .<il\er rnmmmgs Mohair T ph< .Utering. \ i/nr and WivdOW W lf m T, NklM|M 

Kadiator, Tumbler .Steering \Mirri Hi^h Pressure Uiling Systetn. 

724 Johnson St. 



G r a V 
I >Of t 

» V 


When one or mi 
removed, aad the ear Is sopported ob 

a jark. there i« always an element of 

i*"»er present. In that a btimp 
1 «^ the car, or by pulflns h.i- 

., »'-T)rh ihe Jack wli' »omet.riieM 
he j,iji,e,l over. The ; «' ce of the 

jsr^ also proves a hindrance at 
tlm4h>. making It inconvenient to 
parts, la 

o^'r ■ Mene d if f i ' 'i ; <-s, BUS gii 

aae worke, provided a number of 
books, which hr used to suspead the 
car while the warfc was b slB d dons. 
The hook was ts>ls#. Bff ksavy flat 
Btosk and flaateaad to the wall by 
meane af ctaais. wMeh permitted the 

hook to Im rniSd on; the < leats re- 

malnlns In position In I« msnn*'' 
h- hook may readily i • ' • : » ' 

diff'-T" polri'. In th' In 
u«e , I r .. . , 1 a 

Jack ih« repaired tactgtoi, and a 
r^pe Is siuag 

re- I r^pe Is sluag 

«! 'ii' r I <• "f Increaee lo 
rejt.ol r.-»t (oti of new ear. Is hlshrr 
than at any time In the country's 
history, gasoline eonsBmptlon, ac- 
cording ta tiM Vsttad Mates Bareaii 
of Mines. Is not Increasing on th« 
eame ratla. Dihi Is poialsd ta by 


tnlral in their use of 
^1 w.f.hinr their engtnes^ 

The (ireekfl put all aorta <f hovee* 

Iiold artictes la 


Order Books for Present 
Model Ford Closed Cars 
WiU Close November 1 

^ *«)r*»« ^It* mlt r«Mt <m Tort Mr 


1* to 4:>po«« of. Thlt 

tkat «• iMn M feat W* Mly M9 

1* •Tidmo* Obi Um fSMU 

Hi. M* HSU* la 

MIt »• «U *• o»o»»»^rj tor 700 t j Im, tn« wi m „ t.fcr* narmm- 

*0 •••••• itMlA, th»r» fui ». b« 

■■bar e( o*j« iM«« •••• 


We hare only s limited shipment of the ibove models at these 

, prices. 

J^sci Your Urdcj: lmmc4iatcl/ 


Revercomb Motors, Ltd 

FORD DiiALiiilS 

925 Yates Street 


Tires at a Bi^ 

30x30>i From $7.50 Up 

' ^""^ Ames-Holdin tread, we are dosing our 
slUfibrk and oord tires at less than cost, with no guarantee 

All tSizes in Stif^fik 




1015 UUnshard Street 

Before fiiiyi»|F Youf, tlfts^They Will Save You Money 


0 «o 



liur Becauar of 

•Tfaw that tha winter aeaaon 1^ 
lUpMljr ayproachlnc. car uwnei^ arr 
S*Vl»S aarloua ihi.ujht to ihalr tire 
•eoipaiant." a^ya Mr H. K Accrl. of 
the (:uo<l>r»r Tire and HubtXC OMI^ 
l/any 112« nUnahard Htr^et. 

Th«> reallr«- that on »llpp«ry cily 
liavtrtifnla *nd on th*. muddy roada 
»n<1 ralimwrpt hlUaldca, Jl is ak>ao- nrvt'itma.ry to har* tlr«a that 
"ttrr a maximum amOMBt of traetlOn 
and raalataaoa to alila g|tp aaS SkM- 
Slac. Am a raaalt. •«r m»m mt Q—A- 
yMT aJi-WMtkar Mi Una ha«« In. 
•'MM kr ISSM aikS Waads durin* 
tlM iMt thfM WMtta. 

a amaatli. dry. l«T«t 

laa't mttch dlffprrnn- In foin 

tha ■(kndl>olnt of akiddinB ,,i i.jtinon. 

if .ill our hlKliWiiys wrrr |>tt>r.| j r>d 
IfK-i niij ihwic wit;.n I <i!i. h .i I'liiig 
niuil or rain ot ^inow or i.-r and 
»>H.*i, inotor»»ia atUi probably would 


' WTian you waat a aaa iirti tire, 
you waat it badly. So tha el4 nnooUi 
traad vss r lt g a t aS to tha fnmt 
whaals ua a imie ut«r waa ban- 
lahad aatlr«lr> Today all c.-ira hsT* 
•oma ktatf of a non-dUi.; trr.-ui tire 
on aranr wheal, and (>«■<■. of tf,,. 
proTod affiolaaoy of ido (;o,,,iyear 
ail-w^ather traad and kb ri- » 

tlori And h^Kh d.-Kr.-,, of r ^.Hi«t .1 r. ro 

I I .fki.i.iinK IT, ore or thea« Urea are 

" ihf rriin In this iMSllty 
any kind 

It .Inr.Ho t \rt.kf an aspail tO Ma 
M>.,t •,>:.>!(> .-dKed diamond HHtht 
are pUced ao a« to chack frnmaS- 
atc'iy tha akldlOnc taodaney la aay 
diractioB. The adraatasaa of th* 
roundad sreevea batwaaa tha block • 
•naMa tha th<e to elaan fu«lf im- 
nadiat«||r of aliarinr mud r -.r^ w^- 
an advttatac* which la ob ,,us 


>ew AddltlM wm Be rand for n 

Omj~H ( mil ship. 

for \ ij rfi 

Prt-pttr iDj.- for no r I producUoo 
and deni.iioi f ,,, Naah c ir«. th* Naoh 
M.iiori, t.»-Kun conatructloa work 
t' - ^ i . » .dduion to tta als-oyUndar 
pUnt at Kanoaha. aaeordlaa to BCr. 
Jim wytod. of th* B«nr Iftrtor Com- 
pany, loral Na.,h ,| i,r ; ■ ! u r, > 

TH* new adclKoo. m: t..- ,1 1 ,iidin» 
Of concrete and h!-.-! .o~t , iion, 
• 00 feet In langth .md 190 fpct wld* 
and will he used for tha hooata* Of 
nnish,.d cara r«Midy for ahlpmaaL 
N' -<-.iry aqulpmant for aaf* *nd 

be installad. 

— witnaaaed the l«rr«n 
PVOdMtioa and aalA of •<aj<h in 
*ny on* y*«r of th.- , .,(,. 

tory. aceordlnir to i w % ,,1, 

Hon reo..,v..| ,,.,,.r,-iv Mr. Wood. 

""I'l'-.'-v ro^,* o.aintalBa thr** 
".■i.^irufe piantji. one at Kaaeaha aad 

H Mywauk«e. Th*a« fB«torf*a 

o< aad 
aupwy aavva theoaaad wortunea. 


^ ' RECORD iW mxico 



first cost 
is low 

For a great many years Exide has 
been known as the long-life battery. It 
Stays on the job so long that thousands 
of car owners have found it to be by 
flur ttie most economical battery in the 
•pd. At the prMont prk»t of Exide 
BattiriMi, ev0o the ilrvf eost to low. 

Now, no man need deny himself the 
•e ti l f ac t ion of getting a willing, rugged 

Bxide. It will ienre you so long and 
with 80 little ezpenee far upkeep that 
ywk WiU find it the ■omideet kind of 

The quality renuim the^ii^fBe that 
has brought world-Y^kjeeoQtptanee of 
Exide o the atandwd ittegi betttry. 

Exide was on the first eleotrioellT 
started automobile in 1911. Today, 
more new cars leaTe the ftttloriee 
equipped with fixidaa than with any 
other battery. 

For your comfort and for the sake 
of economy, go to the nearest Exide 
Service Sfntion and get the lixid© 
Battery made for your car. 


Pari Md Ciierrolet 490 . 

mSiSSA^ottSui^ 4. MiaweU. McLaugh' 

^"JTLd' o^tT- "rr**! ^f^'J^-^f <S Kc.. Scude. 
Dodge, ^nmUlo, lianNI mod ochira . ! \ 

fi>A DLSTRinirroRS' w 










>n«»i Uve K<»k<< and 

•r tile .Mnioaa WUdar* 
a Sa JVaoord 

A n or.rtaM taertos ow raoMiUy 
m*;'' a mary*lo«a nrn thrmwh tha 
rork- and Juaslaa of tha Maslaaa 

l«i2!I!ir^..*" knometraa of 

indaaerlhabia back eounutry road, 
ware covared in record iirna 

Tha trip wa« & return on., from 
Mexico City to Vera , , . , . ,„t 

With a multitude of re»i duricultlae 
that t.«t«d the atrenrth and ■tanina 
of the Overland in a daaparata way 

that th* ear ha* ntraai^laary eadu. 
ranc* eaalltlaa. awiw 
Bt«rttn« out at ftte mlnuiue« pkhi 
twely* on a Saturday tnon.ina a. n 
Mohl*r. of MexJoo city, drove th* ear 
to Perot., where ft waa tali*a ttrT 
^y M. Douahiy and driven to ^Vora 
rru« and hark to P*r*t*. wh*r* Mr. 
Mohlar ag.i,, took th« Whael and 
drove to U.JUCO Cltr. The total run- 
ning time for tha ratarn trip w«a 
ihlrty-nv* hottra aad fifty minute, 
wifh actual raaalac tia»* of thirty 
hour, and twaaty^ nUaut**. Th. 
total time from ICaxloo City ta Vera 
' v^ .. -itN-on boura t*n mlaataa. 
with th.. .i.tutti time rcvlatarhia fonr. 
teen hours thirty-five mlaalaflb Tha 
' ■«i lime from Vara Cnia ta Mazico 
' »^-»»« mm- 

hour* thirty mlnut**. 

Aa U'takea the railroad about n\x 
teen hours and a hnlf to mak, th. 

Tip. the ilni.. rn.i,l.. I^y ihe UvarkUia 
norhlnK short of marvaloHfl^ qM- 
«l'»erlr,g; thr fart that th* r«a4 h*. 

tween .Mexico City aad Parota la la 
very bad condltioa and th* road b*. 
tw**n Parot* aad Jal.p* i. nearly 
nasaaaahi*. aa hardly any ro«d exii,ta 

•ad what little there ia. u full of 
bonldbra, which neoaaalutad th* oar- 
ryin» of piaaks hi eteer t* eUaih or*r 


l>eapUa thaa* .onditlona tha Orar. 
land car bShavad apUndidly. th* only 
trouble b*las two puaotur**. la d*. 
acrlbiae tha janraay Mr. Mahlar re. 



*»«r* « »»«W line of Radio A and B Batterirs af rquaHy 
Try an Exide Radio Battery 

~ — 1- ^ wi I t 


Note the new price on our 1 1 Pi itc LaiJc ii^uci v lur hurds 
and Chevrolet 490's— lo. ii [ n^c 




niDE BATnRni!. can ut rURCllASiiD IN VlCTOiUA FBOM 

Harry F. Davis 

Phona 41t 

Night Phooa 6190L 

ferred to (h» vory iiiiif iiifferenc* In 
fim^ on ih.. oiitfolna and Ineomlnf 
trip, althoufh th* return from Vara 
Crua maaaa terrible aUnMas from 
that town, which la at aea level, to 
Perote. which la at aa altitada of 
7.M« fait. 


Cartlar Brothera. loeal dietrlbutora 
tor aray and (Jray-Dort cars. «- 
c«-lved a rarlond of the 1928 Oray- 
r>ort (tedaoi* l:»^t week The new 

aedan W -ir I ru:T' heautlful aa well 

a ■ th'.'. ^K>,:s ( , ai Every detail, 
inaide and outaide, axpreaaea rwtlae- 
ment. The upholatarr la riah hroad- 
oloth, aad tha hardware la la kaaMaa 
wtth th* fftaoat doaad 


■ 1 ' I r c 

valloa of caaollaa oa a run 
Albaral to Vlatorla. and the 
trip waa mad* with . , ^ 

The vaaollne miif^f la excep- 
tional, i-on^id'-rinff tha ear haa a Tf« 

horBepower < nglne. 

"There 1.^ a bif run on closed oar. 
at the preaent.- stated Mr. Morrta, 
mnnarlnx director of the National 
Motor Company. Ltd., yaatarday. 
"Oarlnv the paat fair weaka we have 
baaa' aalllatf a ter** aamhar of etoaad 
aara, aad aon* of th* purchaaera 
will har* ta wan aaveral w**ka b*- 
for* d*Uv*ry." 

Goo€lyemr wnmanm Good Weor 

WeUer Auto Supply Hoiise 

1, -Kla. ^tr**t at Broavkton (Weiler Bu.ldm.) 
Onr>nYKA« TRUCK TIHJS. UtLVlCM milOll ' 


I ..inplrlr with !'honr« QQ 

ail<l ( ".1 I rl or • r , h 

5 «) ,M 5^1 Radio ' 

t'honr* rj. h 

Loud Speakrrs, Jroin. - 

$1100 J.000 Ohm Dkto 
iraph Pfc oa M . tack ...^ 

Several make* 2.000 Oh- 
Head Seta, each 


' a.T .no 


Afl kia^B of Radio Suppliea aod 
at aaair HarKsia Prina 

fhgy wm't laat ioat get 

Mr. earner .)n of ihe C\neroa 

Nfotor Com puny. 944 Fort acfaat, 
local Federal Truck distributor, re- 
calved a 1124 rederal Spae« aalivery 
truck laM weak. Tha naw track la 
ti a a a laa talta a bit of interaat r>A 
Mr. OaaMraa hop** to have aeveral 
aa lha raaa hafor* loa*. 

The I mb Motora. umltad. 

local Ford daalfra. ar% alaa asparlenc- 
inc a Mc rm aa r»rd elaaed modal*. 
"Aa Caal aa w* unload Ford aadana 
aad eaapaa they ar. Imm*diat*ly 
placed oa the road," stated Mr. 
\r*lt*r Reverromb yesterday. "The 
l<'W prle** offrr 1 . ,u.- Kord Motor 
' mpany of Canada uotU November 

On his return trip from San Fraa- 
claco Mr Oaors* W*ll*r. of th* 
Waller Auto »ippljr Haoaa. made aa 
attempt ta break the gaa rrandaco- 
■aattle apeed record. in his bi» 
Cadlllae aeorse traveled from 

San FranrUro to de. a dlatanT 
of »72 miles. In 2H dnvlnjc hour.. For 
the past thn-p weoks Ceorfe haa been 
•pending a holiday vlalUnf frlcada 
and reiatlvaa in Southern Callferala. 
H* wad aa aazloua to tat back to 
uritkh OaHnihkk that mi laavinr San 
fraaatoea ha da«ldad to try and lomor 
tha Mm fyanctoeo-8*attI* record, 
which aaw aland, at 23 hours i{.> 
made an aaaaHant ahowtng and hopes 

on his not trt» wMft u feraak the 


•-nrth of ahftft and atattaallr and 
>rn„mlr.ny b•Ian^*d tTluiloate 
' ^ " The Platona ara of the new 
s.otted-iype dealcB. The enrm. : 
lubrloatad from pump driven ,,fr 
caaiahaft, thrmifh paaaac. m . r..„k 
•imft to mala hearlnc. and connect 
tar rod b*artn»a. Th. braii.. .r. 
external rontractlna on drum. 01, 
rear wheel.,, and external contractlna 
..n drutn tranamlaalon ahaft. The 
springs are unoaaally loM aad of 
setnl-eliipuc type. • The faw-eyllnder 
"«otor la able to drlv* the Maxwell 
..lonirat f • mllm aa hoar. 

Th. Maxwell Pacemaker la eaaatn* 

quit* a bit of commcat locally. The 
whit* Maswall, with "Jump 1.1 
Are OolBC Tour Way.- palnt. d u-< 
■Ma, haa be«n ginn» VIctorUmH n i. . 
to aad from work durlnc the past 
few dnys. The Pac(>rnaker la a refii- 
lar Btork model. The new Maxwell 
ha. ni:*ny tifw featdr**. The ancln. 
1. rated at SO borMpower. The craak- 
ahaft u or haaTy drop forflav of 
apaaiai ataal, aad la aapportad by 

A0t6 top specialist 

Tap% Seat Cu.hion. an<f Covr 

A. W. Perkins 

lenrtha taial oaa thlra mi tla aattra 

littrMtioiial Enciieeriu 

910Vi«wai. PhoM 

far Vi 

"HI 1 "» 

Mr ._yki lU Ma. af the Rolfe Batter , j 
aad Blaairiaal Company, .t.tes tii!»r 
i«»l aMtorteta are bn haMng I 

their eJectrteal er,., ,.,. , , j 

-^•l-' -nonth. 

"id wath.r battarl** 
" ' ''^ ' •■ K " n kinda mt 

'"'"'>«: »r '-old 

Mr. J. w. Fl aha m. mt tha Board 
iMmher Company. lUtn 

_ _ B > C i, Wh'' » s* « vu!! .r n th« 
elty fOT'O few da*. la<t ■ta'#<1 

Ih.T « I,., 1,,, , • , V, ; , H„\rH 

Maatcr tiu. b* inaa. at miiea to lha ' 

Ford Service 

a3.00 Far Moath 

Uerklv ntpcction wMl written 
fcp. Tt ,,n the condition. Teat bat- 
tightco front and rear 
wheels, taapoct aad adJsM Iraaa- 
miMtaa haaii aad haad brahe; ia- 
•ptet aad adjaat ttcc^ |par. oil 
aad grcaa* car once a 

r>'>e« not 
labor fittiac 

The Mecliiiieii Motor 
Works, LiniteJ 

20IJ Oak fiav Avcnaa, Oak Bm/ 


""•ajlna I to* v^rioM (rouMe. lar 

'otal ^ma«UM«M aaaitag mmum 






Marine and Transportation 

Diaries of Dead Men ■ i "^"^ ' 
r^// Wrangel Horror 

Youth and Inexperience of Crawford Put \ M.irkc J 
Arctic Expedition for Disaster — Supplic I'atluti 
cally Inadequate — Explorers Doonuvi I nun Out- 
set— -Attempt to Conquer f^orth PiUiul 

By H«r II V 

(U»pyrt»hl I»?a In U.S. ..uj . ...a- i-r Noftfc Aat^rtam .Sew.|, .t^r A IMmc;. %Il2i»^2112l 
lata by liMMkM Di% Wwi* Oi wH ^ I Am Kii I Ii hr Mt l bc T H MmM. 0«H"lfM a^itt 

ta TIM 


FROM Nome, by wireless, I flashed in brief the news of my re- 
lief expedition to Wrangel Island. Here in the United States 
[ sit Mown tf) tell another and far more Jtstonishing story. 
Uit by bit, irom tlie r onveisaiioiis of a lone Eskimo woman, aole 
•tirvivor of a p*rty of five, and from the diary »)f a dead man, I hope 
to reconstrurt one i f the most dramatic episodes of the white man's 
conquest of the North. Thougli it is the story of four white men. 
it is essentially a tale of two people: Lome Knight, wlh. was second 
in (onimaiul nf tlie expedition, and Ada I'.lackjack. the Eskimo 
woman who shared their desolation and survived tlieni all. 
il iBMtlnci aemMliaMtoad to 

Coming down tlif> Al.'i«k.iii co.-iHt. 
I tried tr) firid I'Ut niuic about the 

•xpadltlon. The Mrhule venture seem<><l 
to b« ahrbude^ In myMcry. I iMrned 
that fiY« p*opt« — Knight was one of 
thenn— h&d <^art«^ed k IxMit ttt Nome 

urid that this bO*t, after droppinK the 
l>arty at WranK«»1 Island, had re- 
turned to port '^^u• landing itarty 
yrtM said to hiiv)- r^ilHod the British 


Jnpnn and WransrI 
When I »ot to New York. I met 
.Vr. Stefansaon and 1 l<'.»rne<1 sOTnS Of 
llio delalln of tho «x |.odlt ion. He 
t'lld tuf that ho h'lloved tho (."(land 
would be of jii"«t uiiiihli- \,iluo ;iM .i 
poKj-ihle (uturo I I-"- f"^ .1 it-pLuii- .iml 
radio opeimtiond. lie had tried to in 
duo* the Canadian Oovernment to 
aponsor hit plan of mafclna good hla 
claim by eaUblUhlna a eelbny there. 
Canada was slow to raspond. Be- 

■tranaa adventure* and grim andlnra- 
My mind aoea back to that bright 

Idue day. in March, 1»16, when I. a 
t.ov of twt-nty. ran away from the 
iiiftalurKiral nchooj In .S<-attle to Join 
a madcap moving picture expedition 
to tho Aretle. 

Tha Polar Baar, the flfty'flva ton 
whaler on whieh I had embarked to 
■ea the great white north, waa ]aat 
gbout to cast off. when a large man 
(Mouldered hiu way through the crowd 
ir.d anir aboard. He Waa the father 
• r l.orrK- Knight. How little I huh 
pecti>d lhat, years later, I nhould he 
coming back to that Bam<< pout to 
bring back to that same father the 
grueaome atery of my finding and 
burial of hin son. How little I 
auiip»»rted that I/orne Knight himaelf 
would ("lav Htit h an Important role 
in d<-l*>rmliiinK mv futurf career At 
that time I wan Iti searth of niylhloal 
moving plcturPH thai n^ver nialrrlal- 
laed. Rnlght waa in sean h <>f^H 
Neither of ua had any Idea we wouhl 
ba fallaw membara oC a» Aretic e.v 
pcditlon. Aoeldant aet our feat In the 
path which waa ultimately to become 
onr llfo work. Toitether we wer« 
(iiilrdnK nl«oiit Iho Arctic Ocean In 
K»ari h <if \shale.M. on thlH same little 
|(ow«T Hchoonfr j'otar Hfar. wh»>n wn 
»ani'' I.I Haiik.x Ifdatid Thor<- wp 
met. the man who was to play su< h 
an ImporUnt part la our mbseqnent 
eareera. ' 

Rnt«r Stcraninn 

That niaii was St»-fanK«on. coTn- 
inandrr of the Canadian .\r<Hi <x 
juilitioti. who was believed, at liiii 
time, to have been loat. Though ln" 
'ship bad baan sunk aome months >>• 
fore, ha waa planning further ex 
ploratlonsL 0laea his draw and a^uip 
mant ware both Inadequate for thiH 
work, he bought the Polar Bear an<l 
look most of UH ovvr Then It wii.s 
that Knight and 1 won! Into tralninK 
Br PxplorPTH 
' KnlKtit wild ahoul my age. II'- ua.-. 
then as alwaya, a piece of drift wn d 
taking life lightly, never earing much 
where he waa or how ka get there. 
A hulking, gQod-natarad etep. full 
of stories, full of (un. Whan I can 
get out of my mind the fael of that 
featherw. iKht skeleton of a body, 
eaten by slarv.iiliin and ecurvy, 
V<hi<-h had ono' b«< ii lA>rnp Knight, 
1 think of hiiii no. si often i>» I re- 
member him In the toreoaatle of the 
Polar Bear, amualng hiaisalf and the 
raat of us oft watch. 

I eee him sitting on the edge of hit 
bunk under the kerosene lamp^.{ilay- 
Ing the accordion. His huge body — 
he muat have wciglie.l at leant two 
hundred — swayed bark nii.l forth In 
lino, to the mUBiC. Hifi tWue eyes al 

ways twinkled and his llpa pu< kere.i 
Into a gay, carelees whistle. Uea.iioL; 
his diary, written no doubt with 
flngan numbed andi aching, written 
when death was. at bast, only a few 
roda away from hla fllmey tent. I 
seemed tn hear still that careleas 
whistle, and 1 kn<-w that almost to 
the last he wan liko Mr MleawloM. 
always Irtmllng that noniethlng would 

"turn up 

On March 23. long after he had 
takan permanently to his sire ping 
bag. I find the last entry, it U 
■trangely confirmatory of this lm« 


■CauKhf myself whistling this 

looitiiiiK N'.' that 1 don't want to 
whistle. Ood knows. However, thla 

la In eplrtt only, tor I am as weak as 

a eat." 

Hardship aharcd maken blntid 
brothers of man. When you have 
•nffarod eold and hupgar and seurry 
and faced death with a man, there 
Is a bond that tlee you togathar erea 
ihotixti the years sand you la dJffar* 
ent direetloas. . 

I Ur< 

I Slav 

I had not aeen Knight einee 1117. 
until th" day the Ksklmo woman 
led me to the lerit In which hi h.ul 
lain dead for two Mionth.*. our hint 
trip together hud been with .mef.inn 
gon. In eearch <>f new Undn on the 
movlag lea to tho north of Isachaon. 
It was on ttet trip that we nearly 
IMrlahad, a iMart-slckealng eaperlenc** 
that ma«a KalilM doclds that he wa« 
through with tae north. Wh#n we 
tr.i he Hnhi he waa going t.. 
bay " •''"^ and start a fl.i.ii ^ 
gfffcrry Kti! to. man i« ever thr..nKb 
with lh« north till the north 
la tferavgh with him ntlmatply he 
iraa to ba drawn back again, and for 
the last Uma. Tba white cross on 
w ran gel Islaad marks hla final aboda. 

Tin.o Is of mtte a aa s equeaea la tba 
^^r, t ,,..oi"--- 1'."". Tfca yaaN leave 
itttle lo mat. 'o .r paMt*. For the 
MBt fo«ir " ^^'^"^ 

tbO aatalde worM ):.! i-nlnK fr.,m 

M osslanatory t,,,,, tjnif 

t taMbad tha last ouip"- ' th» 
Wndeon Bay Company. T>,. :- rrom 
\ , old Hadsoa Bay factor. 

^h, • ..) K '» »h* ***** 
..L ' . • ':m,,v boat that had aalled 

It. ..reM....- :-^ I learned that 

£i.h. — " 

coming back ,0 r,. .li.«Mon 

, rot tidings of h"" 

he nortwaoat point 



Iir>vlng that Jaiian would not l>e long 
iti seeing the value of the Island be- 
< a use of Its strategic position on a 
future alrplana route batween Japan 
and Bogland, Meffanasoa bad daeldad 
to finance an expedition himself. 

He told me that the expedition was 
nominally In rhar>re of a youni; C.jna- 
dlan, Alan Crawford, a student of 
Toronto Ctilversity .md son of one of 
the profeHBors The other nieinl)er8 
were ArnerlcHiif Knight and Fred- 
erick Maurer had both been with him 
r.n a previous expedition, bat Milton 
oalle, a nlneteen«year-old hoy from 
Texas, who had traveled with him as 
secretary, had had no more experi- 
ence of the north than Crawford. 

Looking bark I can see that In the 
youth and Inexperience of Ita per- 
sonnel Ilea the tragedy of tha vanture. 

The firat realisation I had that 
these men were In danger came last 
Winter, when I met Captain Iiern ird 
He was In charge of the wupply boat 
that wajt to l)a\e landed pn.vlnionB 
and men for the continuation of the 
colony. Krom him 1 learned that, 
unleea the boya had the beat of luck 
In hunting, the outfit they had taken 
could not poaelMy last them over a 
second season. 

IlCH«-urra Honton Bark 
Captain liernard. finapced by Cana- 
dian money, had tried to reach the 
Uland during the Sammar, but the 
Ice eendltloas were ttnuanatly had. 
After making a courageous effort to 
batter his way through the floes, he 
had to return to .N'oTiie, larking thO 
outfit for a more extended trip. 

It was not until I reached Wrangel 
myself that I learned from Ada 
Blackjaall an* from Knight's diary, 
that the lee around the island had 
opened late In the Pall, after Ber- 
nard had been forced to abandon 
hla attenrpt. 

After my talk with Bernard I 
voluntaorad. If no one elsa coald be 
found, to take charge of a relief ex- 
pedition noon aa Ice conditions 
would permit .sitef.^nsaon wired. rbW- 

liiK me to rottie t.i Torontf", where he 
« i trvinc '■. c ' f ntinrl.Tl holp from 
.'H'.B.liin I v rnment. There 1 
met Alan Crawford's parents, and 
If there had been any doabts left In 
my mind as to whatbar or not i 
should go, they dtspotlad tbam. They 
were trusting that I.ome Knlfllt 
would guide their boy. 1 knew that, 
l Rood -hearted fellow that he whb. 
Knight was no leader —knew that he 
\»Hii not mentally eqalpped to sava 
himself ... ..therB. 

It V. until I had aasnmed di- 

rection of the expedition and obtained 
aecaas to the raeords of the oofipany 
that I raally began aecretly to fear 
the tragedy I waa to find. I had 

known their youth and Inexperience. 
l<>.jt had not suspected how pathetlc- 
a.iv inatfaqoata ware lb* aawMisstlMy 


They had bongbt their own stores 
la fleattte and the Involeoa ahewed a 
pltlfai lack of Judgment. I k n e « 
that. even wtth the moat careful 

rattonini n..- ■ ■• . i t„. r, 

hausleil Ijefore ih<- ne. i.nd Ben"..n «<-f 

o Then they would be «1. i i nl 

' ntlrely upon their aklll aa huota- 

t. so Isr as I 

iCplghl waa 

I leamad. ha.i <" i ' .sa. aM tbera waaa' 

to Wrangal laiand and t cooU M aM. a nal 
aeeand la sa «aw a w <. j tbaa. 


or 'jnuiico bbup* 


mt Sun I'nindsco 
AotUurlitn — 

8AN SALYADOB, Itopablle of 

.- .i^.iii .r I I. t ? V Word having 
(■ached here of a < .ts.. ,if bubonic 
I lague In San Francis, o tiio Salva- 
ii .rean Department of H>giene has 
"idered a cloae aurreiUanoe by the 
I'ort anthorltiaa of all vfsaals arriving 
irom tba Borfb. 


Btetanaaon never did succeed in 
persuading the Canadian Oovornment 
finance the expedition. Inatead. 

iipy sent him to Kngland and told 

hiiii to get Creat K.ifaln's support. 

When my orders to Rail finally 
eached New York. I had but elght 
laya to make the laat boat out uf 
nattle for Nome. I arrived on the 

fifteenth of July, chartarad the 
iiotorshlp Donaldson, put her In i/in. 

.si.rtiiy condition iind ovif fitted in..' 

. \pe,i,tion On the third of AugiiHt 

^v.' i.e.i.ied north. It was a strange 


I wired to StafaiMSOn for orden. 
lie cabled me to proce e d direct, aay- 
ng that he had been In toaeb with 

rrii'iain In lyondon and that any 

(UestionB aiislng would be SOttled by 
the Inl'-iruM 1 i . ..urt, and by 
any predatory «x p.-d it loti . 

Stefansson'n wn .- . mied with In.- 
atructlons to continue the occupation 
of the laiand. 

On AuRUHt 3 we hwaded north. We 
had been working day and night and 
weri. in a Strang.' Ktate of excitement. 
There were bIx white men in the 
party. "ne of us was destined to 
spend the next year on Wrans^l 
Island. Nona of us could do mmo 
than guaaa haw hla predeceaoora had 
fared. Would we find them alive or 
dead? Would we find them at all? 
Ah far an the eye could reach there 
was notliiiiK I'Ut a vant exp.inse of 
clear, blue water. How fur beyond 
Ice lay, we could not know one 
thing waa certain. Whatever lay 
ahead we would not turn bark until 
the fau of Wrangel Island was 

Aunt I (ildsian I, inn 

Arriits from ^ydiuy 

The Makura, Capt. A. E. Barlow, 
arrived from the Antipodes yeeterday 
morning with a light paaaenger IX 
of 120 people Among the travelern 
were .Mr Henno .MolBeiwit.**. h the 
well-known plantBt, and Sir Williatn 
Windham, Miss (J 8. Sprott and Mr 
H. V. Marriott, representatives of the 
British Oovemment'i Overaeaa Set- 
tlement organisation, who nave been 
making a survey of conditions In 
AuBtralla and New Zealand. In all. 
the Bhip carried 58 snloon. 43 second 
< la.iH and 4.1 third clrt.'s pa"Hengeri« 
The trip from Hydm'y wn.n tine At 
Honolulu 8,500 canes .f pineapples 
were picked up for Krltinh Co^umlila. 

The Victoria landing Hat Included: 
Mr. and Mrs. V. Oilman. A. Hllen, 
Miss L. irMlth, Mrs. P. Laeay, Master 
J. Lacey. Mlaa P. Laoey, Mr. and Mra 
Rainwater and Mr. J. Basely. 

Mr. MolRelwItseh, #ho has been 
touring the Antipodes during the paM 
nve m..tithB. will bcKiri hU fourth 
American and Canadian tour at N'an- 
couver. and will work hlH way thence 
aeroaa the continent. The Vancouver 
engagement was arraagad by radio 
white the ahip was ptill at sea. The 
pianist reportad hla Australian eon- 
certs to bava baan grant 


The I'nion t.|| t inker I,n M ihra 
paeeed out to sea from Vanrouver 
yesterdsy at • p m. 

94% AIR 

Beats Electric or Gas 
A new All lamp that gtvea an ama?. 
tagly brllUaat. aoCt. wbtt* Ugkt. aren 

letter than raa or electrtetty. han 

b«'en te»;' ' 
and .15 le . .. 
In be Biit>erl..r 

lamps. 1' ' 

ar noise 

The t' S, fjovernmenf 
iinlvereitleB and found 

! . . in . . r . ! : n M r . , i ' 
« without odor, -o i- ■ 
imping up. Is pu ; 

clsan. safe. Kurns 14% air and 8'. 
common baroaeneWlooal oil). 

The lavontor. O. A. fa baaon. t7t 
Mcfvermat Avaaoe. H^tarflpog. la of 
f' r t-K to eeoid a tanp .>n m dave* 
\ ):\ \. trial, or even t.. k • 
h U I- t<i I he firm u>wr i • . Ii ■ . . ty 
who will help him introdu.e n \Srile 
him i'>dav for full partlrulara Aleo 
aak him to explain how yon can get 
and wllbodt experlenew 
ItM ta Itaa p- r 

itit (Advt 


Makea I^st WWii.-r Trip in .Atlantic 

TtmUlC- o,. rh,nil~ .11 ljTCr« 

p.Hil l.>r t riil~.< -< 

QU£HKC, Oct. 27.— Tha Canadian 
Padflc Bmpreas of Britain left Que- 
bec this afternoon at 4 "> ..'cloi k for 
Cherbourg and Southampton with 80 
cabin . second and 90 third elaaS 


Noticeable among cabin pasaangera 
were Mr. Thomas Mulvey, Under 
flearatary of ftut«, Ottawa; Major J. 

C. Fordham, Vancouver c.tpt \v U 
Kent. wUh Mrs. Ketii. .Shanghai. 
Chiha; Major .1. I'atron, W.aHhIngton. 
I).C.; iin.l profiiinent pei.ple from the 
Orient, .Auvtr.illa and .New Zealand, 
who travel.-d via the Can.idbin I'a - 
rifle Railway t'. Iik.> III.' l':mpreR.i« 
of Uritain for Kngland. Thla Cana- 
dian r.icific liner la making bar last 
trip of the present aeaaon of naviga- 
tion from Quebec. The big ship, 
after landing paaaengers and cargo 
on the other aide, will go into dry- 
dock at Liverpool to receive a general 
overhauling to make ready f.>r hrr 
winter crui«en. the first to start 
from s,-,.^v ,1 ,,,, , ,,„^ry 22 next, 

tatricia Hauled Out 

Fmr Propeller BUule 

The Princess Patricia arrived from 
Vancouver yesterday and was hauled 
out In the afternoon by tba Victoria 
Machinery Depot. The "Pat" waa In 
collision In the Vancouver Narrows 
Friday morning with the tug Ocean 
I'lunger, being hit abaft of niidBhipB 
by the towboat. Tfi.- blow wan a 
light one. Any damage dlacloaed by 
.survey tomorrow will be repaired 
while the veeael la on the waya. The 
main purpose that brings her to Vic- 
toria at the praaant time is the re- 
placement of a broken propeller 

The barge Laurel Whalen will be 
hauled out by the Machinery Uepot 
Tuesday for general overhaul. She 
will be then towed to Vancouver, 
where ahe will be used heneeforth by 
the Bomervllle Cannery IntoresU. 
Hhe was purchaaed last week by the 

rannerv people 

Stliphiuldi I f'dssi s 

On al Hipe Old Age 

8EATTLK, Oct. 27. —William T. 
Buffum. who came to ruget .'^ound In 
ISHJ, .11.1 l....,me .1 |e,,,iin« figure 
In ,stiipl iiMint: <lle,| at bin home at 
I'ort I; . . Wash , yefdrrday, it 
was learn. ,1 |. He wan 85 yearn 

old. A firm with which he waa aa- 
soclated constructed at I'ort Blakeley 
and at fort Ludlow, Waab^ mora 
than one handrad ocean going ear- 

I OKtnto St( <tni(f r H /// 
Make Voyage Scheduled 

VANCOUVKR. t>ct. f?.— Klrkwooj 
a <^., of Toronto, have denied the 
rumor that the steamer .1. H I'lnm 
mer has been withdftiwn from the 
Vancouver-Toronto nervice the c-im- 
panv innoiinced It would Inaugurate 
.1 N.>\ ember, it wa« made known 
h' le t ..liy The Bhip will aail on 
N"^' lO, «" announced, with a 

full .ar>;., ..f freight from Kaatern 
C.tnada to \nnfouver and. It Is ex- 
pected, win make the run in thirty- 
five days, arriving here about Cbrbd- 
maa Day. The service Will be 
A r*c«lar aaa. it la andatstooC 

The Rlt>«r1an Prince will occupy 
Y.-»rr..»» T'.r a week or more yet he- 
for' 'b' i« r'-«dy to begin |.>«d- 

ln»t ^ ■ • • • 1 • I ' ■ 1 in Tlie veHit«.| will 

b« f b>at< d from the drydock. Where 
■he has rested for two wontbik on 
Tnesday. aeeardlag to preasat plaas. 
but wiM r sma lw at TarrowaT wharf 

af rs- 


now la no ease of bubonic plague tn 
.s.-xn Franeteco and there haa been but 

■ ne a mild one i.'l of loca! 
riKln recently, a. • • i 1 1 i;c, to I>r. 

. I;. II. (". Hosai' I .I'.v li.-.ilili ..ffl- 
.■I Ttitra was .i . i-..- b-i.- .ii.'ut 
.■!>^iir weeks ago. he -.ii.i 'in. it ...v.. 
. iicf from faciflc (;:.,ve. ' '.u i f . • r ii :.i . 
• lii'l III'- in'jent w.i.s cured in Itiiee 

Hcek.s lie said that case waa prob- 
ably .lue to infection from ground 
s iulrrela. Aa a matter of routine, he 
said, the case waa reportad to the 
i nlted SUtes Public HeaKh Vfrvloa. 


Wll I hi; I SKI) I.N I'LACKOr 

la Brtllak 

|h« Ktnplu 
ef uur It* 

>rste ef Mas 
rt ilnh aa, 

wn Bmikloy kof Man Wbo De alf a a to Work 

Loading or Discharging; of Vessels 

Oil tlw 

•4 tb* rata •( w«jl»« sad aBdar ...n.MjuBa 
tae walfe-«4K af ta* (Jatea LMcaksrvinm 

aaa tima ut as^actaa arr >ala af 
fraa* of Meaarm . 'on« 
t lh« tnlianca i.j .tt» '-u'r 

Mauiikc ay la lb* iliua v( 

Is Will ba yeatsS ee a 
- — ea Whart 


KMnaa sravKDoiuNt. <,«> . i.ti> 

for Repair 

ef dhppted Sal- 
Callcd .yktMo 
la I>o«bt 

The Cuia.lian racifl,- uleaiiier Toes 
h.ifl now be.'n ail'b'.l to the .itriiiK ..r 
sti-amern operated I n the Pacific S:i 
vage Company. With the crippling of 
the Algerine, the flogahlp of tiie fleet, 
the company felt the need of another 
y inset and negotlatlona ware opened 
vN lth the railway eempany aa soon as 
11 waa discovered that thcaocMant to 
the Algerine might tic her up indef- 
initely. As a result, . the Tees waa 
aken over yesterday and ahlftbd to 
I he aalvago wharf, which now beglnn 
to be surrounded with masts an. I r .n 
nels abundant enough to conotilute a 
forest of lihlpping. 

The fate of the Algerine still rests 
with tha underwriters. Spectfioalions. 
however, have baan prepared and 
tenders have been Invited for her re- 
pair. Until such time aa bar future 
is decided upon, the Teea will be rt- 
lalned to do the injured ven.sern work. 
The heavy pumps and gear, which the 
Tecs la quite capable ,.f handling, will 
be transferred from one ship to the 
other immediately. The sle.imer 
vor will by until t lie com pleUon 
of the ir.m.sfer, .md will Then return 
to Vancouver, which la her regular 

The Tees Is no newcomer to salvage 
work, as she was employed by the 
raclfic Salvage Compatiy for a year 
prior to the company .s purchase of 
the Algerine. Thin was in 13 n Blie 
wan engaged on the I'rln.-.s^ \i1"l.ilde 
when that xleamer siran ! \c.ive 
r.iBS In (tctfibet of that > 1 1 >\i>rke<I 
for Home time on tiie (ialva.;e i,f tne 

anchors and other gear une.i in 
bringing the Canaila Maru off iii. 
rocka near Cape Flattery, and di ! 
numerous other smaltor Jobs. 



Itrltlnh Hcct on Kmptr. < mi-. 
Hpond Twrivr Days Ucr 
BflCte IMp If oxt MoMh 


LONDON, Oct. t7.— The BHtlnh 
Admiralty has Issued the programme 
for the forthcoming world cruise in 
whicn the battlenhips Hood and Re 
piilne. and a light cruiser division 
will take part The squadron Wi 
leave l>ayenport November 27, and 
will proceed sometimes at full 
atrength, and aometlmes In divisions, 
around Africa, calling at th« |lrln- 
cipal ports. Thabeo tbajr will go to 
Ceylon, atralt ■ettloiaenta. Anstralin 
and FIJI. The light cmlaera will 
arrive at Raqulmalt on June 21, and 
will stay there twelye dayn, while 
the battle cruiners will pm in ap 
identical period at \an.i,;,. ■ ,,1,1 
Victoria. The entire nquadn.n will 
then go to Ran KrHnrlmo, after which 
the light crulners will steam around 
South America, calling at the cHlef 
seaports. In the meantlma tba battle 
emlaers will go throvcb tba Panama 
Canal, aad after a vMt to Jamaica, 
will arrive In Hatlfax on August B. 
remaining there ten dayx v r .urteen 
day atay will be made at (juehec. be- 
ginning Augunt 1«. and .Nova Kcotia 
or .Newfoundland will be vinlted from 
September 4 to 17 The battle cruls 
em will afterwsrd rejoin the light 
crainer division, and the a^uadron 
will make home ports on Beptambi i 
21. Tba light crulaera will b* Oslhl. 
DaanUaas. Dunodlai^ Oaaaa and 

< «. M M sMiri iVf; 

The ( <■ .M M nteamer Canadian 
Volunteer was in port earty yesterday 
moralag fro^i Oaa Pedro aad Oan 
rraaelsea. After dlaebarglag Vic- 
toria aarga. tb* tosmI left far Oaaan 
Palta via Vaaeower. 

The Canadian I- - 

rtvej at Prince Huper. ■,„,1 la now 

la drjdStlh tbare preparatory to load- 

At Laet—SomMimg 
BifeetUm far WrlmUm! 

It has be*a eeaalaNeaiy Semnnx 
laet a almpU hem* ma<f» lark' 
seett** lo ">* far*, will vrry q.. 
hiata wrlnlilea worry r»r- «n.1 
Ton need nnlf mli m mpo' ry'm -arh ttf 
darad tarkrwni an4 plain wairr mpr-^ 
avar r*«r rae*. taaa ait a«w« befers 
mirror aaS watsk tM eawtlssn Umm 
appear Is lass ttiaa Sftaan fnKi«t»« 
• ' K- aa amoAfb • " ' , . 

(. • "•imnMa wll: ^ - . . 

ynaihfal rnniwar will b« r-a'..>i>4 


The Cruise de Luxe 

to ports of a thousaiid 
romances . 

by the 

Elmpress^T Canada 

.00 tons tlis|iiii< rnirni 


JANUARY 30th, 1924 

Fare ( 1 .600 and up frimi st art ing point in Canada 
aiul bark again. Limit 5 00 guests. Certain ahotr 
ricuraonsat porta of call included in fare. 
Privilege of side trip acroaa Indlaa Pifkaen 
days overland Shanghai to YohehasM- 
iVi vilega al stop Bveria China and Japan. 
u»ing any later Biff e w to Va 

9, «. VOWrraa. Oeasval Agsat. 
O. V. B. atattea, Taaeoivse. 
VelsirtMae Wtwmm* SMS. 
Oaaadlaa rseTe Belle ay. Vraff^a Aitanta 


Cowichaa SubdiwitioB 

Dally Cxeset biMiaay 
Lv. YIetorU (Pt. KlUos) &r. t:00 v m 


" S:40 •• 

- 9:ia - 
'• S-.*? " 

" l^^ 

- •:•« " 

- *:t>* - 
" 9:0$ " 
" t:)« " 
" 9 ti •• 

»:*S •• 

- •:4» " 
" t:»l - 
" 10:1* •• 
" I0;J1 •• 
'• 10:»1 " 
" ll:Ot " 
" ll:0a " 
" llilt 

" 1I:S4 " 

" 1 1 ;I7 •• 

" 1 1 4; •• 

•' 11:«7 •• 

Alpba thrsst " 4 57 

Jusetioa " 4 6t 

Bumaida Roa4 " 4:61 

b'ackwoo.4 " A 

Paraon'a Hrldga " 4:40 

Colwood HiHal " 4 3 i 

Cel*ood vtiiaga " 4 a.1 

Olan I.ak« " 4 '.'7 

Happy Valley " 4 ;i I 

Hlgbway Croaslag " 4 . IS 

Matchesis " 4 14 

RoHiy Potirt '■ 4:04 

Huteblaon 1 ova " I :Sa 

Saurii.ia " t:4t 

MlWa I ax.lmc " t :J* 

lito»n *• 116 

Sook* l.ak* " t ot» 

NKa«.,i«. , H*arh " .19 

i ul^.man l.<mit>er Co. " * 1 

Mationai Mills, Ltd. " ? I 

neartiolma " 1 '"^ 

I)»»» I l.»r '".> •■ ; " I 

. ...... ! ill 

I t I 



H. oittah t'Ofging < A 
Ar. IX -.14 p.m. C'haaaal lAagg Co. L* 1 :: 
Motor roar h will atop at poiata ■kown un mcTial 

Oopol. Paint Elliea Ptwna 4479 

City Tickat OSIca. 911 Oov't St. Phona 1241 


~Jhe C om/ art limttm" 


On ttia aplandld airamara of Iba Rural 

Mall. saaeleas cabina. brMd stsnaaSe 
d«rka an<i ea se rpa«a*«l ralaias. 

K V ( herttonrf Soathaniplan Ilatnltarc 
Alao Iklrerl I'liairaner ^rw\r^ K^galar 
rt*lllnsa Krun I'arlSr ( oaat I'arta <• I H. 

Vs _ 
Nev. t 
Nev. Jl 

Nov Ik 
Nev. tl 


MoaiamiBploB — Ant 


Ta Bel 



To U 

Nov » , 

Not. 14 • • • *. • • > • 

NoVa *«9 eeea«««««see 

For Bnl.l'ii' dat'-a 

The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. 

raelSc BMa-. VuoMTar. or L«cal Asoats 





From Victoria 

Thursdays. 9 P.M. 

Prom Seattla 

ftft. AgM^BitL ^P Ay OUT 

Special R<»itad Trip Pacss 
Informatioa and Tkksts 

. . Moatelara 
. . Mealoalm 

«• Uverpeel 

Nov. I. Mev. •• lloBllaurlar 

T» Oheiaeerg 8»atfcaa»pt— 

.Sot. It Umpreaa uf Franca 

X.MAH MAI I iNi.n moM rr. JOHN 

1>ac. 7 Miin(r|»rt, to L.lvarpae| 

i>M. II sa. Msiita 

To Cnarlmurs-SeutliaaiiMen and Antwerp 

• rka 

1 Sla- 





Trains Daily 


Vancouver Montreal 


V»nf Oliver Chi< ago 
(CooDccting Soo Lum) 

Torooto Express 




Apply to arty ajrent of the 






And New Year 

Canadian Natiooai Kaihvafa WUi 

SpMial Trail 


'a IMa. HaMn. far 

SS. '^Doric" to LivirpOQl 

i . I!,'-' : '> ]'l 'I 

SS. "^usonia" to Uverppol 

Dscdmbcr f. I9U 

SS. ^Tmsburgh" to South- 

SS. "Canada" to G 

sad Liverpool 

' li. tits 

SS. '^Mrnikr to London 

Drccaibcr 16, ItZJ 
•Mtka Yoar RcterraiiMg larfr 

Citr Tkksi OfUcs 
Ml O il ■■■ M i it rkMM IM2 

Inn #••.'^11 f»*t ' r ■'■.<'.,■ "fiiLTr.- '.-.r 

Japan at the aorthern port, the btg 
gest singla e o ^Sl g wTnptH pver sent oat 

.i 'I . Til n 

. • I an trmm 

.h . .Li.fHi fa.. .riaMa«« AS« /lh« 

•rist.e 4.SS taaa th»«. eants per 

t..a rt.ani Amf Si ■SS*.* 'a* Mlpp||P 
4«r*d larkrnot la or w",, r^avkaC.. 
taara'a ao •■rasa mw r. ••msa taoh- 

ma as eM. feaggarS .r c«rawora. t>g»i | 

» i.i compteto Hh» has 309 toria 

ut geiteral cargo from the Orient to 
diacbarge at Vaneaavpr bafara ahe 
pata ta asa again. Tba vaasel aaUad 
(rem %iapaB O il s b ar 4. aad sMt aama 
rough waatlHr ••»• 
af tba trip 

Why Not 

' afc * a rlMin -rtsrr r<vnv¥\ i 

• jfw-t ■ r '♦■'■•^ !fi»i.a--* iff* 

• r»a»v-i»»f-a« 
••■f^f-a; f--" al! 










ocTo»sm. in« 

9m' •««- 



Thrninr bu«4»««« alttBtf til* 

fr., u l<ja Ir.) lo tha *<xnil«ltl«fl of 
(iml jnorr rnmnnnUioijn ■»• h«rf«Cf 
fuf ilnt«» by •«»v«r«l comp«nl«*. T»ie 
iihiDn will Ix' tii»<J«' W»<1n<~»rt«> , 

th« l<i»i (lav of thn moutti. >»4 
brtnjr »boat oon»i(l«r«.bl»- TM^JWt- 
RtMit of iwrMr MUvMy. 

Cojupany r«»uniliiir control of th»lr 
i.icr wiib pl«.iwi lo rebuild it »nd vqutp 
II wnh * ferry •Hp f'" h*n<lUnK 
r>f .ulAiiiobll**. th« I'aclfic Salvage 
< 'onipaiiy ti«i» fuunfl ne-w ijuartcrw at 
riW A ot lUe (irand Truuli duck* 
rertMM i^NIM (or two ■t««rn«r* !■« 
r>v«ll»M* t Uila wh«Jt. ••ou«li tor 
i.o n««4a of til* (taHMT* C iM f y 
whtin tho ihvd U ampl« for Um Imw- 
iiiK <>t ih« cororany * wmtprntllt. 

}':vaii«. ("olftiian A. Kvan*. who haTfl 
\><ft>u ualQK I'ler A for a iiuml>«-r of 
yaa.ra. hava taken ovrr firr It i<( 

I )•« OrMd Trvnk dooks U pUM« or a 

dealrod for MM tlRM thl« trin- 
whirh doeo a 1ftrr« w«t«r%«ni« 

(.lan.l T runk anil ' <; M U «i \ i' 
toria. will b« COHOOBtrmled b»nc»f'.rtli 
at UlO OOVOnmotlt 4«Cka at U«<len 

I'oipt. Th« QMtfonito «Mm 9t tk» c 
' i M.Jff.. vhlcb fcav*!**** Mrthlac >" 
th" Inner harbOT in tho K^^* inll Mod 
■ ml liiohAyK* ia futuro at Ordon 
i\t will all olhor craf* com!»n«d 

!■, i-t; M M li»rw It vku» ilim 

d.-, of the (iovvvnimoni Jiil»niie 

tiint f,nv<i th« wtr' tcv ^-'HilMrol 

The Ptiyot SmbA 1l«wl«ftU«m Cmo 
i>any lo «Kpo«|o4 (• ftallh tlio vork 
n thatr doek duHnv tho Winter and 
to ha*e It In Bhat'" f"r ih». . pen 
of SprlBK traffic wMr r; the bt«*m«r 
Biouz !• to b« . I I -1 to tkf P«rt 
A nc«l0O> Victoria •«^rvlce. 


\ :::: t tl )l :::: J!tt 

I ... •It i »• I* ... « 1* in 


>l .... 

g :::: |ig 

H >••• OW 


mm AV 

T>m> H'liTlm. M'imaM. U'li ( Ian* H't 

H M rLlML M. rviii u. rt-lu. M. rt 

I II 1 11 

1 11 

I *i 1 1 

I »« I tilt tl T.4 

«:4« at l):»t 1.4 

til lllt'tt 1.» 

« tt I <>ll 1( T 1 

l«:14 IT 

t? It 

tt:t* t • , 
lt:M 1 i 4 

II »t < t 

tT:4« ai 

lit* «.l 

II 11 I I 

• «l T 4; 1 (k I f II «• 1 * 

I «4 V <| i %i « tj« M I ;il 1 • 

14* 7 7 t )» « « U 11 I J|«| 14 k I 

141 T T ».:i I t »|tl »t II 


It •* t.1|U H 1 4,11 41 t 4,14 it I i,Xl 11 
U '4« • * 14 11 II 

I. II 4t 

r ij j j 

I IT It 


14 ti II 

II «4 I I 

J ill J It II 

} 4 1> it 11 

It. 41 I t 

• lit 4.1 

lt.*4 T.t 11.11 
14.14 l.ttl.4l 

II li ' 'i.T'ti'ii' 

II II I 121 14 

II. t| 4.1 - . . . . 

I t II %i 

It I* I I It II 

t.l It . It I t t«:14 1.1 
I »'ll It t I tt 41 I I 
4.*l>) .47 
4 4 It It 
I lit <1 
T I 14 1. 
14 li 
l« 41 

MAY Aie lUillET 

Majr l>o«- 

I ruf r,i»h«.l ' » r^ir'li'-fc Ilr«ih»r» I.lmlta4> 
CWICAUO. Oct Wtitat h«<J a 

iMStnr nndorlopr. ri>rir<ilnK wcakacaa 

hi tfto if wrto in»rk«t. alons with 
tho MOT 1 1' mat p wOIIH r wi o#t- 
on i i — t oeMon. nmi* iftiorbi MrrofM 
oarfr and tlMV bi« «p prleos t« «ovor. 
TDore wM * Sliarp break in |*to md- 
iiiK. InfluoBood by reports of liberal 
piirrh.iaoo of Cluiadtan whnat. with 
mj-Kinut 60*,990 huahnia I'lalmrd to 
h«vr U*»-n bouch! l'> mhIIh Itn fipia 
11' iirlmiiry m«rk''t' wr- 1 IS. 000 
f.uatifif ..#.i»ln#t l.nt.OMO l,i|.ur' 
lnslii.'ji *j« lj«r||i' l-iirihrr 

ttovcitirni i.f ('atiajiji. »>ifi' i!i..ti|.l 
voniuaiijr miUo ito wei«itt. ita uu 

Oora: UnMttlod eoaditliwi oror 
tuMt of tho bolt, with proiietloiM ot 
additional raina. to early ofcort 

eovorlnit;. btit roi'ort« of inereivsed r«- 
rolptji I .iutied < onatdrrabla killing to- 
wardn tt... clottr l-'iirthrr w^akn«i»f< 
w..» aluiwri in lti<- »imrk»l for iifW 
roin I'ffprlnBB h«'f'- With IIk* rftijrti 
r.f i (. .»r wr^thct wr > il>'"i t It.. rn>.\r 
ni«nt of ibe crop wUl be euffleient to 
caufo gradual ron— lOM to 

Oato; c«*|i |«tor«flB woro 
buyan AC P j — wbo r a»4 th*t A«Uv«ry 
■ boom alvwifth. ffft4nlnv on tko May. 
Trade waa madorftto. prUmmrf ro- 

Mipta b«inr »4«.m wmmm. 

770,000 JaM year. 


I 4 Jl l« 
I 4^1 47 
I illZ.ll 
I > 21 tl 
I t >l 44 


111 14 



mmui, icMOco cotcA^^ 


I )cnti.sL8 like It 
.in J advise it.H 
u&c You'll like 

it bceuiae it 

clcims ewHJTpart 

(>f all ^ 

— thornuphly — 

■y et with the 1. m .1 
amount cfiort. 

la TTirr* SixM 

( hiW» Sim • • . iV 
^iHith'a Sixo • * • 
Aauk'aSiao • . « 30c 

iSMaiawtaraaaa later Om* i 

cL'iAnxM nrmtttHAtrrm 

VrhalmMtlw Dr«C OMHI 

» • I . ; 'l^ TKN 1 .1 vt ITKD 

POUTMMD, On., Oat ft.~Ar 
rirod: Jurlcnr. ho» Aiifl*lo«; Chal- 
ambra. ("ooa Bay. ■ftllodi Cuba, 

i»itl»iy putnatn. T..oa AnffOlea: tTnkal 
Maru N> Upan 

XA^O.M.A. Oi t IT. Arrived. 

MtntU: Admiral Farra«iit. 
Clymont. Ban Franotycai 8t«rsUdt. 
Hampton ReaAa- MM: iktfmtrai 
Karracut. San rrandM*: C«M««rci«i 

Ould"' Now York. 

Tl langi''. 1 .1 1 ' .1 n i u< k ' n l>a 1 li . ' h i n 
'■ha. Portland H-.jnndi'', tiou"'**'"-' 
frn Alaaka; tJaplain A K. I.tic*- 
Rtenmend: OlysiMt. u:v«r<^tt; Citjr or 
■peluaa, Tapomn. aaiM: CItjr of 
•••kM*. VaMMivdr: Otymvut. A-i 
mlral Farrayul, Tatfowa: Northwoot 
prn ^ntilhaaatrrn Alaaka; Albion 
:~ ' - 1 • ■ r • ; » 1 1 '1 

\ ' l< h: n ' " • "" ^ rrt\'ed. 
1 ^ui Mam l(4(.ilii. M.ftijra .M aru 

Koi^a h**!!"!! i.lymoni, aaaltl^, 
Wapama. .Han P»>«1ro. 

9AN rHAWCWtJOr Oot IT.— >r 
riTod: Frank O. Drora, MmoIuIm 
Mount Carroll. BaKltnvre: Kdg > 
Itrvwhnif Kaw York: T.lwia, Oo»h»r> 
1 ■ : r. : I r ■ Sallf.' 

l(,i^i < rt i.urn.nbach, baaitle; Kai. 

Jarinto, ' t • n IUrk«r;. liMdon 
Skipper, lx>ndon. 

I It a T II It 1*1114 T I :t 44 

TI>a Tinia wa«d la CaclKc 8(aa4aid. far 
ihm liaih Mrrid'aa weal It la cauotad from 
a la 1:4 tiaura, (rvni ntli4alah> ta aaidalchi 
Tlv* hiaraa for Kalahi aarva (a aia«ja«ula4i 
Hi(l. Waiar fram l»w W«t*r. Wtiara 
ti ankK u' cur \m > bo lablaa. '.am tida rlaaa ar 
falls caatiaaoaalr aufiaf l«o a««oaaaiTa 
Il4al varioda wuk.ant turaiai 

Ttia Haiaki la ii> laalh* «f a foor. 

abave iUa •.i.i»». ...... '.uwa» l-o* Waiai 

■Malautii — lo fiad th? rtaplh of wat^r «B 

tka aill •< ik* *i>**^t< *> ^ar u4«. %AA 
lo«l «o UM halfkl a« llifa WaMf «• 



wtiaat.^ O p a a Kigit 

.-.aoorf.. Itt-I IIT I 
blay 111.4 I 1 I 4 

i^>/ 191'* l»'i't 

14'$-' T4^ 

fi.r n-i 


111 : 10* ] 

111 1 1 1 ■ I 
III-: it7 4 



r«avUa4 Ootober tt. IMS.) 


Co*. Ichaa fm»'»m00i^0m»m»«9«»»0 

Comet aaao.aattaa** 

Pall Kpriaa >aiaa4 .a**«a*aaaaaao 

▼ I M'lk F-rn^Ki.afe r --ttiaaaaa^ 
im,.,.,., caaaikalf .ZZll, 

iin.i) t.rofiit. kriake • 

' ' '( r : arcii p « 

' . ' ^ ' ' 'v » ' ! ^ I . 


Arill.a '■»!•» ^p|ni"...h K».i 
Ai<pl«a, (ikaaaaan, li:iii.ra raacy 
Jaaa4koaa •.*...•*..*•••.•.• 
ApaUa— tCinaa leooi .LM 

Applrx ottiar vaHoUW .f.t 

( a n t « ' t.l] |wa. 34'p 4l'a 

( a ri ' a loti w*. lla ....•*.•..» 

. r »t, ... rr I 1 ht' I. 

>.rai>r' I'.*. I fc..m^»^Vi« l.i« 

i.i»ptt, • al MaUsaa. Ka 

I'lanra, llaUaa, Okaaaaaa .. it 

I'.arhaa 1^1 

faara. Hardalta. I in p«|-t a4 . . I.«* 

I', ar.... loi al • ■* 

Cai*l>« Malaaa. par la .00 

{|Baga<>. ValaaciM — 

kunklal f KaaL-ir, lira Wt% 

174 a. ;C4 a ••• 

tit' a .......«•.•• 

7tra. tM 



ffvnktal a*. •a. •••«•• • 

•-stsrik. .. 

Critad. Ik. 

I . .skaU, t i 
Qrapaii mi — 


a^Miifarala tiua 
ItO a Xlt'a 

1 1» 


• o o o o o «• • 


I" lil lN. 
F r a ' Ifv o. 

l ATinow, DM. fl.«^ti TlbMrie. 
San Pranoloco,*^ 

KOiiK. Oet. t l. - ■ lapra— of Aua* 
tralta. Vanoovror. 

YOKOHAMA. Get. If.— ^eema 
V ! ^ r ■ J .-■ a n P ' . ! r o 

iM>N'i K'l.M. <■'■ ' -7 — Anorrani. 

.>>a n Kra ri. . t,c-i i 

}-.*'Tl'\'' 7'< F'r^.'l Ifr' i 1 
noil 'k .)! K 

KBW lOKK. Oct. 27. — ^PUUburgh, 

I.IVBRPOOU Oct. SI — ^Monteaim. 

KAIPONO. 0«t tt.— BdHtM OMUa, 

Tn '"'^'iin 


NJBW lUllK, Oct. JT.— Sierra Von- 
tara. BroimA; Taoadam, Rottoriam: 

Orbit a. rh«rb«tirt: X<a«oiila. Adriatic, 
i.ivrpool: Praaldofit Harding, Bro- 
men. Agwtharro. Loa Anceles. 

("KBI'. Ort. 27 — 7>ndaroua, Van- 
con yfr 

BnipT'aa at Aala~^Malla elaaa Oat. 4, < I 

p Ri Ilua a' T"k><baii>a > "-i 1 3, e*Liaaraa< 
i>ri 1 » Uuna Kuna i >. ' ti 

rieal4*ai Oraal Mall* ' loao ( >r r i 4 
m.m Pua at Yckuliai'ia >. it itliaBahai 
Ott 11. Haag Keiia u«« i* 

ttmaraaa Aualralla— italla cloaa Oat. tt, 
4 u.m i>mm at Takokama Oet. ••. akaogao) 

Oct 21 Uaae Uuum Oet 11. 

Ilawar. M«r» Maila .l«aa Ort. It, 4 p m 
I Mi« a • Toll 'in a " ' " t " ' 

ICrnpraaa < a'.«.la Ma ' lr>«. (irt It 

4 pm L>*i» at V n I. aii.a <' :» 5!jau(l>a> 

Wev t. Hoaji Kapa .Nov « 

AthMlaa Hall* kloaa <)«(, tl. 
Ijua ai.Yokahama Nov I 

l-iaalAani McKiaUr Malla alaaa Oet. II 
4 I. 'ii D'l* al Y a 10 a n:b. 10 8haa(kal 
.N .s •. 4 ktanc kuna IK 

Kinpiraa .7 Buaa » .V(al • naa N»* 1. 

4 B,gi. U'la a< Tokoi.a.i... .N..v i] kuaaaaai 
Nav. 10. Hoaa Koaa Nu« ii 

Aoatralta aiU .Naw I taload . 

Niagara — tIaJla cloaa Oat. 0, f 
I«,r-.-' Dua Aiirltlaart Oct tt Maim aloaa iii,i II 4 ftm 
V a i-.n Kiaii'-:".-.') va,|iiaaiaa No* 14 

oaavma tAyt« f alta jaiy ). -M at lt 

4 p itoi Via goa FroaoMaa • Bao gi^daor 

N«a to. 

Ve$seU Bring (iermatt 

A/na« Toy% to Canada 

MONTIIKAT.. 0«t. *T — With tho 
arrlvalo of th« frelghtoro Woot K*y- 

al<a and Slnsain. m Vi ■ h »ra ripci-trd 

t.. i!. ■ U b<T*» nfxt U Hr>d with lh« 

M I, .J f Ui'- ."-••Hiili' Hiiirii tbla 

. , , . ,t i,\ I »■ 1 1 ' h ' . II f ■ '1 * 'I n M <»f" I I T 
n .ill gOOilw « 1 ■ '■ I ' » 1-1 n ■! ' 1 ; , . t /■ 

fur tho publlf iT'i I ' ' ■'"'« i.» and 
th* UnltOd Htale- " *nadlan 
dlatrlbtitlnf point* in<-lu<ic Winnipeg, 
VMiO0«*«r. lUBHig and BMkatoon. 
Tho ufBOOo nra mooUy fgr t||g 
OhrMinu traifr. 


" w r 

SOi:THAMinoN, Oct, 27.— The 

Leviat^n, daa yoatariajr, arrived ^• 
day, Bavlng boon delayed by engine 
trouble on the voyage from U*m 
York kd Bun Uai BMnriay. 


Jicm York < orrt-Hpofuii-nta of liOOal 

Brokerage F irm < *p«<nK tn Nrw 
BlUagora Uoicl. JUaa 

Aoouniiag M aMM H M^i 

ego ••••aaataaaaaaaaaaaa tag .wW 

Ontario Mila 
"niaiio latr.a 
Aibarta aollda 
Aih'ria Iwlaa 
A.'txrta trtplata 

par Ik 

jjrl,arr„ a 

8 c. Creaai. kricfca. ml _ 
C. Craam. » ar ft-ia. 

•••...••a. a. •••»•• 


. ... ....... 

>r tfaa .a.a 

i raam. 4e«.. antall 
<^raain. Ai^ ma4 

roaak Uaaay. tfa per eapo »aaa 


HalUiwl. kotk. 14tt arap«» 

aalr. bulk, lit: . rop 

Turban, 4a|ira lapaciai;. par eaaa 

I.n»«i><Ja'> t».' r"-»> 

la^i^ai. tl,i* V*. 

almaaOa, pa( Ik. m»*m»»m»»*» 
•faalkb pef 1^1 .aaaaaaaaaa»« .If 

rflkafMb>fr Ik. ••••• 4\ 






g.r. n#«»T' - 

«'klt«. par ^r^tt-i'tA 
YettO*. per hwadrad 

"I U ' 


■ .i...... 

► 'r«ti raa 

1 '.al. I''ir.(a 

i-'rrah I .ii i<> itatraa • • • 

m£!i&. tsias •"• • 

OtOVPgO ff MPM a..asaaa<a«a 

^raii a I raani C h*aaa, l a •••• 

M I.amna K 'aft. aarlaa I'a ..tata 

M.lar.ti. Kraft, Caa I'a .a.a.a 

». I.aran a kraft. PtflMOlO ..aaia 
II . 


M ' 
H (• 
f lah- 

Kaddlat. II lb t>ai. Ik. 

kU.p.ra. II Ih b«l. lb 

^at. i.rii.'i nileia, It'a 

l.<K», i'f.iar„«a— AoeiirdlOg to •••• 
ati.i ^|u.:itir, par tan ... latt 
Aah^roft p.iialaaa, accardlag ta 

srada, per aack 110 

I >Dlon8 — Par 
1.4' sa 

^ aaata bira — 

'ri»ry 'rt.-a' r ^ '.M , , , 

I 1 K -a- k . < ' I ' ■ I'. . 
' arrota, aa^W Inia, |>er lb. 
Turnlpa, aeok lata, per lb. 






tbaal«g Miba par !>••••• 

faraataa, aack lata, par lb. 

New Oraae OoriL tooal. par da^ 

Caeiinawar. laoai 

Cabbaga. arota lata oar Ik. 

l4.-a-i I ailaaa, laoai. par erata .. 
Cu'^unibara ..•.••••aa. 

Uarll., . . ...•..•..aaaaa*a««* 

r^matwaa. — 

Hnthaaaa Na. 1 
Hottinaaa No. ( 
Hatkeoaa M% • 

<*V>4i.« r 


• a*a*ae«oeaaa*a« 
•••••a aaavoeo 


M P 

% I* 

} . ..,./.•••.. I 

Mar'' ■ ...••.••..••..a«.#*... ^ 

Korai • a n/* m rii . .«.a««a»**t«**a**.. 

wild I I'aatfyt ,»•». »a. ••».•« •• 

Raral llo'iaat\aid a»a.»aaaa»»a».».a«» 
II a K. Flavr . a.«aa. • • • .aa >aa a* • • 

irive Hoa»» * 

* k. 1 • 

WVOUEBAl4t MKA1 rr.ic Kfl 
'|ta«goOlal kraada <j>.<><.»4 

Pork ...... .^ataa •••••••*••.• ■ 

Baaf. Ho. 1 ktOPiP aaaaaaaaa... 

{..amb, gprlag ••. ■ 

i.arfl .ta It 

Vaal .1* 

Ha eon • •• 





< racked ( ara 

Oil Caka ........... ...a a.. 

Faatf OOfaOMal a.a... .*•••». 


144 Par 
Ika Ta« 

•IV» Vao 

■••••oa#aoaaat B 1 * 

■ *aa*aaa 

t it 

I It 

t 44 


14 40 

.. ......... ...a*. 

i . vit 

Ther« aT* now twrni> thrr" »i»ir, 
of thf Union wher* slal.' I .wh fi rbM 
the aalc of aUohollr luiuor.'s In drug 


ill llii: 

Old Country 

Canadian Pacific 

TrainB and StBamBMpB 

Canadian i'acific Sffyicg AH th« Wkf— HoBB BB ttf 

,^ppl.v to inv Arrnt of ihr CifiKKan FtH(ie Railwgy 



for Oood Acoomfaodmtioat mt Modermte Ratem 


Ob Oaary B*-. JM* Ujiloii Piraara In Uia widat «rf tha batt alaraa, rafag 
HoiaaHka eaaUan and t»l»t»di'1 MrrUa a* Tary ■o4ar»4a raXaa 


BraaJlfaat, wa«14ayi aa4 aaiUayK ftOe, 
Olaaar, waahdaya. 11.3*. 

«aala In tka tiallad BUtca 

«0r «n4 Ttr; I.iinek. vaakdaya «(..- Hnndafa, TlVr, 

«iind«T« II "i'" Room rataa raTaUha4 upon raqnaai. To !■•«>?• po»ltl»a a« 

eaauaadaltena, daaalta raaarraUoo bafara arrival U advtaad. |Ioat«lFai cai Uaa 

SSS"* ^**- Bii*** wngB-OMi 0 opBof% , 

Mr. Jerry Rowo, manager of Bur- 

dtrk Protharn' Stock BKChango. ra> 
• I u .r,i yreierdny that lh«lr New 
l,r k <■ ' ,ig«- rorrt-apomlenta. l.o- 
(tiin 1 I V), hav.' opaned a: 'Ti <• 
111 the iii"A HlltlTiore Hotel, I»a Aii||e- 
Ira. The wire received by Mr. Rowo 
reada: "Wo take ploaauro In an- 
nounolng tha opantng of a kranoh 
oflloe laeataA la tha now BlltBMm 
Hotai. Lee Angalga, Callftornln. Thig 
' la fully aiiUpped In every ro- 
■ ).«•(<! to handle a general brokerage 
. uMiioaa. havliifc- direct w.r.. .-.pnnr, . 

.>na with all lh.> leading inarkalt of 

nNod ttatea and t 'anadu 



Special Xmas Sailings 
to the Old Country 

.December 9 

HnUfu— Lti 

BS. Auaonia (New) Liverpool. 
SS. Andania ( N>w> Ty>n<lon 

New York — Southamptoo — Ctarboar^ 

S& Aqmtanti .a ,, .i ■ ■ ■■ — L^cccmtxr 8 

8& B cw— t k i — ; ■ ■ ■,Dg«wi>gr 22 


r. *u% 

Duke of York IHnen 

With Newspapermen 

LONDON Oct. 27. — Ambaaaador 
Harvey conllnu^e to ahatt^r tha 
analaat tmditlona and j^rmalitleo of 
tha Royal Court of gi.-pamea. UnUl 
laat nlBht »« mamhorlof tha royal 
family kAd 0T«r takaf broad and 
meat and wine — vlth .OPAIaMT 
Amrrieen newopapormon. kkt now 
the King's aeeond aon haa kaa n Initi- 
ated Into the fellovahip of JoitmalUm 

t oionel Harvey Invited tha Duke of 
Tork to mrrt aom* frlenda «t the 
Marlboronxh t'lijl' made famoua by 
the r>uke > crnndfather. and when 
lha I>ijke arrlverl (ii- wan lnlr'>dured 
to the giieatR- KnglWh and American 
Joarnaltata and eoffaapg p deata. 

Tbo dNuior waa unlqne from an- 
Athar ttMla. laMmnch aa th« rorre- 
apmMama vara nMo to «ttoiid a fnac 
Uon IMUrtnB rayaJtt nii4 4lplomata 
withont hnvtng to Ml o w ta long 
apoockaa and than go ta thittr gmagg 
to wrRa akant It. . 



ATHVmt. Oat. »T.— An offlalal 
rommuniqna laouod today eaye all tha 
r^tnaininr fhela among the prarla- 

cti' <«h.. Muiiiniad oarip tklg 

we''k : » • » ■: r rorw! ' peil 

) . . \ I . I . N . .. ' ; ; Aj» noiinr»--.fri- 
!. »' », > -ek rel>«U ha v. ttr 

lendared la contained In an E.grhanca 
Telograpk dispatch from Athens re- 
celvad hara tkla n Uam aan. tho rovo* 
latlMMfy BMPMMBt vMoh brako ant 
in oraaea gaitr <Mi ««nk Utna aaai- 
ing to an en d. Tha naiaBiBi 

marks ahowing It had l>OOm 
bv tha <;re*.k renaershlp. 

PERHAPS Mother is too tired 
to give the children the 
proper care they require. * The 

worry and dm<iK< ry ©f bake- 
ha : i.^ft .Motiier so weary. 
Hilt uhv bakr^ Why not let 
Molh<M' hiwr iTT>r-(' h-r-ur*' Imurs 

to Willi th'' K hi ]('::.'.' 

Shelly H i\ Hn ad li ;i> ))r()vc{l 
to over r)0,f)0() P.i-itihii Columbia 
mothers that baking "doesn't 
p?iv " You, too, can prove that 
it doesn't pay to bake, by using 
delicious 4X Bread. 

2 ry H I uaated 

foil nrl er 

^ 1 AlUKx lailo 

i>avla, ar 

waa tha 



Liiportant Notices, Employment, Business and Professional Directory, Wants, Etc. 


«wi II.. runv.nivBC* •t tmom 
fH»' .n, .,...1.1 ,.i,.rn«.m«»t i« I'll 


tlAl K JO. If WANTEU... • 

TEA Ilk. US VvANlKO *• 

Th. ..4... r.,,. .huoB l»» rl«»l n 

' h . t ** j o III n r II 4 

r<»f MM ....«••••••••• » 

Ft RmM 

A«r»— Wanfd * 

Af«M« W»-ii«<t 

All •anevn .nta 

^ u I i.Ili „M 

fol 11 1. 

i»**.inr,„ t -i-^.i r I uott 
ail... I • ,,..1 l „ul . .«.• 

M««tB«M UlfMtvrr 

L>«iM M« ItoW |/rtH .....•••••••••* 

Charelt N»lla*« ••••••• 



Kdu<. i,,„.| " 

■ / CANADIAN ■««ltUii »•• PArtr «•<»»"• 
' ' m«B<»a W«dB«a4Ar. N'av«mb«r : I ' 

■• I'M H»«t 


. ..«•••*••••• • ♦ • • • 


'>^«'>1»«4 ••••••• 

>>•>• knil AMrtm*aU to ■•■>••••••*■ 

Kor Mai*— M)«c«IUbmw - 

r«rfelah«« Howma Waat«« * 

raralakM IU<,aaa la Kaat 

riMnclal •••• 

Haua*. fur ••• 

Hal. I 1 M, I.., ^ 

|1ouMk..t,ii.( MaaoMl la iiaBl 



J araunal 

rrel...inn«t IXr.rtory 

J'rop.Mx for H.ia ... 

ITOW: , \V,i,,,,J 

•'>""')' .llil I l,,.lur. 

.na III. Ill 

'louii. ,na Board Waata4 

• uroniar Raaorla 

■oelailaa •■4 L«d«aa 

•*f«AiM»a« WaB(a4— Mate * 

WMUaM Waatatf— raiaala 

ja Hant — Hanaaa •* 

Krni k'urai^AA HaMaa 

p. •••••••• 

..«• • 

■ • • • • 

• ft li.uaa 
1 t 


_ Waata4 ....•••«••• • 

i]««fcar aroktrt " 

'•••U* — Maia Hala .• 

WaaXd — ramala H»l» • 

WMI.i1 io tl.nt Karma * 

W»aifd lu Ari«*s* Mil 

Waata.l lu It.nt * 1. . .nd A»arWaa«a 
Waaiad to Haai- m . 

Waata« to llaal- l- . •" .>■ • ' lloaaaa 

Waal«« la Raal— M acaltaaaaua 

w— to4' Maaaakaaaia« 

WMia4 la Bar — Haaaa* ••• 

WMla4 la Barraw 

tVaaia4— >Miaoallaaaaaa _ 




• 4 




• I 



I ( 

• « 

1 t 

Pa a«*«rtlaaM»aai areapiaa far ttm »■•• 
Daalk aad ran^ral NaUeaa. •» •• . ,,1" 

BIrtb Nolic»a. II ot v 
■aataaaa ar Prafaaalaaal Car.i« 
■ aJSr. II —T moat* AndMim 

•' " r"' ""' ' — 



of roar i 


WATSON At Ml" I - .'"-ir.i ■ TTIval* Nttra- 


^c"»?oSiT.. John I. Ward t. Orac. Ralph. 

' fcam at Vtrinri .. I ! ' 

In ihi. -iiv n '..t mi. 

R;;.rt MoWt .1.1*.. **' r" 

S^k!.t kUBal of nt Ontario «l . aKP l 
^ tha B.C. 



nakarl Ma>a 


B « 

b-un.ral «'h«i--i w »i ■ i » ■•Tvlc* will »a naia 
in Voadiy Vft.rno..n al » 10. Int.nn.nt at 
Raaa »•? Cacatary 

1X)V»— On Oct. «•!«». ^■'»'''\' 

maUM-. Mr .n.l 5lr. John Uava. «■> 8o«>« 
Thlf ramaln. ar. r.poalnr at ♦»«" "f^ 

Ih.y will !>• con»»yrd I" In- i.i • •■•I ncr 

wh.r<i aorvloa Will fca haM at 1:11. In«»f- 
mini M ltolr Trinity Cam.t.ry. Patricia 

Bay. , 

BAI.r.iM i>n o.iob.r 14. a( Ih. <■••'«'";;• 
of hi. br«lh»r. ( . plain II H.lroni. ..f I « •& 
HIaaahard »ir»«i. < ■.i-t iin Jonr. Hair..---. 
a«*d II yaara. bom in .Hli.'t .\n. h..i. N ^- 
r^l a .il?'l-nl i.f nil. .Ity for th. j.A.l 
- "i«hl-.n y-ar.. Th« dr. 'aa.d la aurvlv»d 
by ihrJi broth-r.. . ..plain R Halcum, of 
Ih. ab^va «. < -plain U.or,- .-"pmu 
;i'.Um. of' M.... H.r..,.. and J hp.. n 
Maniuol Daleoni. In ""^ . . ,r ,n 
l.,»»a Ihraa daashlar. and ..n- 7 ''' 
Koatnn. Maaa. and on- alat^r In ''"^ 
Tl..- fun.ral will lali<? plar« on Mcimlay. 
.„,„b.T n. .1 a ..••lo.k at ih^ Hand! ru- 
n. ral i li«p«-i. Wuadra »lraa« J7: 
y.'J.llr ill! w^'ha 7«lj*J. Will 
Iw lal'l l'» »■••' Hoaa Bay w^awrj. 
Kindly imiit flowora 

lITTI.K-on tin «' ""■ "">•' 'ub"'" 

^:-';:\,r;..!?''v?,.^:;.•:: "^:.•:-^:^v^ 

ttellamv'a 'ml . .'n- bom, Mr >f«rK- 
Um* "f N'>rtl. Vanrouver. two brolhrn.. 
Maalr'a. Arthur and William Cracani alao 
.r.t*r Mra l>. MaaUiefcSali. ot thia 

V».c rf-maln. will rr.l at «»",„ "•"J" 
Vunaral fhap*l. Uuadr. Slr.«-l. until Mi.n 
dariftarnoSr whrn t».r r..k.. win b- r. 
r»'l """h. itaWallon Ar.ny l '<»<l". 
.Trvi." will b- ronductad at 1.41 oilurk 

r. . .[n.m.n.un. ii..adi»olt. aa4 laurmaat 
ViM »..■ M.»'i« «i iioaa U>y C awatary. 

|.|iri>|li>MMK on ootobar 17. nt Iho fam 

' iVy ;..|.l. n •. 7..-1 Wlla.,n Mir^t Jo.-pl. 

I'bllom"'. WU-b--. .nil a 
city for 111. i.a.i i">ir y'ar« I tir drr»a».-l 
U aarvh-.l b). b.-.i.l.. ma widow, a- lion... 
•* r'i.. Maaara. .V H.. of V-n. ..uv. r. 
.nd r 1. ITadhoiama. of sa" '•'■an 
..»„.".?n- d.«.ht.r. Mr* J. l« '"-""'i;' 
,.r una iitvi alaa aaa aHlar, lira. 
,.„. |.,.,r or Ml. N.t.»a«. MM two Hatofa In 

n>'"'iun»rnl will In** pl*«« Monday. 
. ,V^r . tha ««rta«a l.arl*. ih. H.„... 
, ,. I nap-1 at ociorfc. and »l -J 

K ,,.,ui."... hl.h maaa will »>• aan. by 
, .,i,rr .\ It. Wood, and iniermaal 
,„.d« al Raaa May Camatary. iNa •owtra. 
»y raquaat.) 

■ CAftll or THANK* 

Mr fvrll J rrHf^ «t m R. Ilth Htr.n. 

:;-;"oV .vrrhi'-^^.Vnd'zrroMsi r^. 

t W.I 

11 «• 

(•y tha 

'■""nbAT OR Rioirr 

gANi>t riiN I- ' * 1 <^> 

UU9 « 

Oa«a IIM 

MM a*4 mi 

>jmw4i»»»'a aMMVICk 

ca cauaia. I' j' >•>'• ». ria>a 
mm IMalll«aai atuay al ika 
a( iMarai «lroetlM> 'TMa 
li M yaM «li 




■T^a rtaral raaaral BaOM «( Iba Waal" 


•oriBTT or 

.irgatt I ha data. - 

•ama priaaa aa laat yaar. 
bafara rai» 

Liaara to t>.ay 

(«jfrt 1 

, Or I " •. . .0 i.r..i.i : ■ ■■-•'< . ... V r . 
m»nt «l I 4 " in aid ..i riue lliue *ii 1 

Omnva iluildias Ka ad Admlaaton Itc . 

IkAIiMtTKRH ..f iJeorga. No IJ. are 

' (itina < .l..n. .nd r«fr»obnianl» In 
Zf Ih. at I P >o 

ml afl^rnx.n if. fii*.!.. 

.iiy Ml 

. 11 ' . 

<1 RA.NU fancy draaa and hard iimn Uaar.. 
X MarlfaM Hall. rrf4ay. tad Na»amb»r. 
!i la I. A4mlaala» ■*H aaeh. Uaod priara 
I'.r baat aaalMnaa. aiawlral aa4 comical. 
1 boraa'a arekaaira. 

J.vvKNT"K!* It » to your afaalal baaatt 
I . MiM-ii'i a M."tin( in Harnaaay Halt. 

-..'.j'-l.. y S - v "r.l. S p. in 

MiilTAKV toa and danc*. >.i...i..n* 
Mall. \%..1n'ida). 0.1 3lai H •• 1 i> 
^,r,trm Ion .ojl, 4 u I h r r lomb«)'.*a. 

MHlt. K. MOIR haa r««om»d bar palnung 
elaaaaa ai III <.;ooU straet. 

~ "lilt 

il h^ld II « •III" 

- «r,.. «, ... — of Ml. r-n yjorpf. 
»?« Wn atraat. aa Tuaaday cvrniog. Oct. 

- II h, M 

■I.. .Sori.iy of rnanda iQuakarai. 
.>( fur Worahii> li at" Public oartflally 
ia»«ta<. IMt 1^*^" * ' "«f rm^Rtraet. 
HriRirt .ii.itrr 

).ir.i Spiritual (.'trurrh. Harmony Hall. 
.-« l-ori Wtraol. Sarvit.-. 7 la p.m. paa- 
tar, W. H. Bkrtaa: aiibjact. "Tba Bub^on 
acialto Maaaa«aa. A araat aarvur 

cama aad aaaha it craalar. C'Irclaa. M«a- 
dajr and Tbafaday. T:M p.m. All wcIcooia. 

( hurrh of Ravalatian. lanrtcaa al : i* and 
; >a pro . Hoom I. 0urr«y filo^ li. II* Tat» 
M. Mra. K. i larlir el Vaaeawar. will laiiur' 
WadBaa«ar. (Mr. ir. • pjR. Mra. M. 
«n*lUi. Vcaaasra. 

MII.ITAKT MoBday. 131 

• iov.rnmrnt «i 1 4 aerlp prtaa 

fpHB LatqiM CMb will 
1 Drive at tba ham* o 

cBVium son 


. hri^i l harch Cathadral. Holy Comtnun 

I. r > .All! an.1 »3I am Malln^ and a»r 

., ,,„ 11 .11, pr..«> li»i The l>r«n 
...i.K .nd ..rii.on, 7 p ni . pr.arhar Th» Hunday Kchool Senior . laaam, 10 
am. Junior claaoaa. II am Afternoon 
arhool. 2:11 Vary R»v. «'. H. yualnton. 

1> D . Paaa and Raclor.^^ 

|.;i jZhn^m nam. Holy Oocamuolon. n 
am Morning I'rayar .' 3« P m . «und» 
.s, h.iol 3U pin. Evening Prayar. Itc-tto . 
I!.. K A !• .•hadwl.-k, M ^ 

..-t. Uiirnabaa' Church, ■ ooh and Cale- 
.iitnla: ear .Na. i. Holy KucharUt. I a.w. 
Matlna (g^d). J»:li a.m. Holy Ruthar- 
iM (8«a«). 11 ».m. Kaital Bvanaong, 7 

Si Marv a Mg'n r:oa.l. oak Hay I am., 

II. .ly (Vjnimunloii H am Maiin. and 
.crinon. commamaratlon of Pratalgur Day. 
» 4i and I:l». Baaday Mchool J t". .><enl«r 
liibla Claaaaa far bayi "nd girli in . hnrrti. 
; p.m , BvaaaakC and aaimon. Uf . <• " 
Andrawa, H. A., raator^^ 

SI Mark'a. '•\oiftm»\' '■hlldr#na Ua» 
Mi.lN Communion. Ham Mailna an.l a'r 
mon It a m. Children a Harvlce. Ji.lO. 
Kv.n.onr 7 p.m. Bav. H. V. MItchcaa. 
> irar 

.«! I'au « Royal Naval Station an.l tlnr- 
ri..on Chun h. Kanulmalt. I am. Holy 
Communion. I«:10 am. Matlna. ; pm, 
Man g Bibk '-laaa !• Pj; -. l""**?/ 
H' hool. 7 p m., Bvrnanng. TTeiT»rTt « 
Chaymaa. U A., rerlor a nd cha*laln 

Arrt.irn PMVt HOUMiV 

M.i.|ii 'li.morri.w Mon. lay. 0< t Vlr- 
tofia Club. Camptwll Uullding I'rof Hak'r 
|eetur*a oD Healing, and will disruan ' Cun 
Inlvaraal Mind Be C'onraBlraiaU al t^'nc 
Point at fJna TlmaT" All walcoma. 


Victoria Theoiophlral ."torlel>. Inion 
Bank Building Today, • i> m .-oma 
Thoaghta on K."i.. a-. Hr i ncarnatlun." 

All w»aowi« . 

I M I \ K1 \N 

I iJiirtTian Chur-'h ri^rner of ^rnaood 
and Kalmoral lloada. Morning aervict 
only. 11 a'claeh. Mr. Carl B. Wrihargll. 
of Han Kranela.-o ». ill prea h aubjact, 

■■Acr«'|.' ' • ■ ' 

\V.-. N I I .!> .M M I 

III. J. I' 

B<JT wi;h wheel aan 
•lay. Apply MoBd 

Campbell A Co.. Utd. 

1A.N VA.S.SCHS Chrlol 
s. r' - 1 V 1 ■ toria 

II l\\ MAN 

delivery, all 
d«r, Angu* 

..lar wanle.l 

d : muat ba good milker 
per .'ii -d with rowa App^v, 
giving :i£0 an.l pai li -ulari. t j Ilni <Hb. 

I 'Ololil..|l. 

(II H\ M A N * anted 
an.l .-uper . ii . . 

Kmmanuel. cornar of High Hchool 
grounda: F"einwoo«l «ar (."^'o ^l i alopa at 
rh-urch door Paator. Rev William J<le- 
venaoii Serrli-ea. U am. "Bavlnnlnga of 
the . hrlatlan l.lfe.' Anthem. "Shaw Ma 
Thy Waya" i Roberta i. 7 30 p m.. 'XUImpaaa 
of tha Heavenly l.lfe tha RaUBlnn of 
I'arlcd I.>lenda'. %pthema. •'Harkl Hark: 
My Houl'" iHhelUyi. ^Tha MAinincat 
iHunnetti. aolulai. Miaa Phllllpa. Ulrac- 
lor of mual'. Mr Fred Parfltl ; organlat. 
Mr. Ivor rarflti Straiigcrs cordially la- 

Klrai riapilai Church, cornar Taten aaA 
Quadra, itev W. P. Fraaman. B, A., paator. 

II a.m . The I'p irfold Kullneai of Chrlaf/ 
Mra. Elale M-l.iihuo. of Wlnnl|>»g. will give 
a mualral readlna. •The legend of the 
Twilight Bell.'' ■-' 30. Sunday School " 30 
pm. Rev. Thoa Mentlea. M I' 1' . »1H 
preach. All are cordially welcomed ^ 


rhriatadolphlan Reclaala. IT! Burnalda 
nnad. PoMdaya, 11 a.m. l^aHare. T.IO 
p m . aubjrcl, "A Ntw Warld." BaaU 
free. No coilaellon. 

t-iiRiHTiAN nnr.scr. _ 

Klrat CTiur. h of Chrlat, Brlenttat. corner 
Cham4>era Kireet ati.t rand..r* Av.nie. 
Mervlcfw, 8undaya, 11 am an.l "to i' m. 
BttbJaat for today. •'I'rnt.atlnn Afi. r Ikvath " 
Taatlmanlal IBaatlnga. Wednaadav evenlnga, 
■ I I o'clock. Vlaltora are walcoma to the 
aarvlrea and l.i the Reading Room and 
Lending Library. Hayward Building. 


Congregational fThurch Rev. A. K. Mf- 
Mlnn. B.A. Morning, "How <lo« ComterU." 
RvanlBg. "Suppoaing Him lo Ra In the 
Compeay." K varybody walc onia. 


Matrapalltan Methodlal Churrh, rorner 

PM4ar« ABd Qaadra. Rev w .t Sii>|.reii. 
D.D., paator; (I .^. I>ownard. rholrmaater; 
K. Paraana. nrganlat. I a a.m.. claaa maet- 
Inga II am.. -The Cry of Humanity, " 

lir .•'Ipprell. anthem ■Chrirtlrtn the M..rn' 
I ,.^li F , 1.- V I : duet. .Mm I..\wla,... Mr I' 

Kdmunda; contrail. i anl... 'l<ov. Ktrmal 
(Adamgt, Mr*. K, Wtlllama. 2;t« p..<i . 
Hunday Kchool aeaalon. 7 1* p m . "The 
Wonderful <'hrlBi •' Kr Slpprell aniheni, 
■I . W.>rahlft Cr.. King * iMaiin«1eri. .onran.. 
■olo. •Hear Ye. larael" i"Klllnh i. Mr. M 
Walker. (Tome and worablp! Tou are 


CWME aad laaaira abaut our tarn aa Tou 
^ L«ar» ayattiK af traJalag. aad aar Bpa- 

rlal Offer to Men who are anxtoua to laaro 

• If '1 . ' > '< ^ .1 1. 'n P.dlo Will 

■ - „ . .1 - . V , I.- » ' , ^ M .on aay 
w... ... uu. ..w..'.c. .'..,w 1. uaaaca. 




DON"! I \:. THIil unleaa you waat 
la eaiii I. mi a nioath upwarda. If 
you will be aatlnl.rd to make a b.-gln at that aalarv we will guarani.a 
la taach you till >ou can fill ihia poal 

• 10 VIKW rrRBBT 

Do yoa Ilka la draw? Toaag man an<l 
a.imeii Interealed In art ahould aak f..r 
.'ur f r. booklet. 'Commercial Art ' >.'o 
ubilgatloo. Iniernatlunal Corrrapondenra 
Kcboola. Camadlan, Umlted, Dept. IIIIU. 
Montreal. Canada. I..ecal OIBee. i:?: D«ug- 
Ua Hire. I, Victoria. B.C. 

1,>.\HKHlE?«f>eT» bey for prtatiBg work». 
.'or prraa feeOlng. t*2 l-'nloM Bank KIdg 

I^^IREMK.v. Urakemen, baglanara |U«- 
|:si monthly i which poaltien?) 'Write 
Railway. r|o Colonial. 

MION Age l*-40, wanting railway atallon 
oiriie poillluna. tll&-|::4V month, free 
trgnaportallon, experience uiineo.raar> 
Write Baker. Bupi.. tvi • Walna rlgh t. i^l. 

•%! KN — Age 17 |o 1*. asperlenca unnerea- 
•i'A aarv Travel; make aacrel Invealiga- 
ilona. reporta Palarlea; aapanaet. Ameri- 
can Koreign Detective Agency, 72: 8t. Lrfiula. 

^lyiKli: Muiier at Ham- — (ll t« |a» paid 
I'A weehu ' ■• yi-ir epara time wridag 
fbowcarda ' • . ranvaetlng. \\ a lo 

alroct you ..,.1 ...k>i<i/ run with Wura. Waal 
Aagua ahewcard ■arvlee. I* Colbvra* 
HIdg . Tnroaio 

(^ALIC.SMAN with rar to handle at aide lin< 
^ our Una of chocolatra. Mu*t hate g.>od 
cenaactlen aad caver entire laland north of 
Victoria ana waak; balance af month in 
Victoria. Maaa bat rallabia aad abia to 
make baaA apply. Ubaral caaiialaalaaa, 
i<igned by Pamy DaffCaady Ca« vaaaaavar, 

B C. 

■ll'A.\TBD — Clean-rut offlce boy. with 
l.i.y<.|e Apply So I Belmont Houae, 

lluml>.<lrii ^ltre,t, l:i person. 

I Va.ntEU— Man for farm, near Victoria; 
» » live In. Phon e HII RI. 

\\'ANTP:I>— A hani n.arrle.l ,,r 

aingl.^. furniahe.l h..iiae. win. ii.'.. of 

chlckena, cow. fruit, fuel, and t:j monthly. 
Hot 4»ll. Colonial 

V17ANTKD- Homeone to cut 40 curda of 

y* atavewaod la Oardon Mead. Ulve 
prica and partlcalara to Bo« II 1 1. Oalonlat. 

\''Ut'NU man ar atrang bar on mised 
dairy aadaaaRry farm; Mard. ladflng 
and wagea Wrtta ta Maria Brathara, Caw. 
icban fliatlaa, ar aaa Mr. Craig. Mt Port 

SI I eel 

itUi iir.S WAMTKD to qualify for all 
lyJXJ branchai af Mator Oarage and Klen- 
trical work. HIghaal wagaa Karn while 
^au learn plan. Kaay work. Before jalnlflg 

eieewhrre aee lh« iSreal Mllll.jn l>ollar Trade 
S. h.xil •yaietii l« branihea Write or rail 
qui.k for l''ree i'atalogue and Hat of Jnba 
Hemphill Aulo, Tra. lor and Electrical 
». Im.oI. 1 I 1 liranville Streei. Vancouver. 

II C , or lit K. I'Ike Street, tieatlle, Waah . 



II a.m., "THB Hltrt. OT OOD." j 
7 10 p m "BDirCATIOJif ■ 
Mkall We Ha\e lieiigioita Training In Our 

S. tr..nt. ' 
I»A\lK.>4 I'RKA'HrjI. 

W h. r.> Religion Chaera'" » 

.lamri lla- the Church af the Cnm- 
munll> .-orn. r Menilea an.l MlrMami 
PaMor, iiev I w Haiinb). It ^ l> t. 
Phone ,^7»JR Today; Bev. J, Hharp will 
preach III It am and T:t* fblR. Babbaitr 
Kchool at I 30 p m. 

Hampahire Rnad an.l rinmoni i:.. 

Wm. Rllloti ai Hampahire Rnad ai II am 

llav. W. C. rrank at Belmont at II a m. 
aad Hampeh tre Rnad al T;W. 


Nt raaAara Are. 

Dr. T. W. BiHIar wlti apaak at II a.a. 
Rakject. "tDBAI. UTINO.** 

T:N p.m. 

riF;\-»:T>'riN<', tvik vkw vt \ s •• 

Weilnnadav K%rning, HKAI.I.Nli MKJ-:T1.\U. 

All Are Invited. 

OaHlande Onepel Hill. Hnlalde rar ler- 

mlnua. II am. Worahlp. 3 pin. Hciiool. 
7pm. Ooapel aeyvlcr. All welcome. 

t.-HITT CUMTRR. Ill Campbell nultdlng. 
Children'! Pervlea, II o'clarfe 
H. K llallwright. ■aparlRlcndeBt. 
Kvening Service. I a'clock 
I4peaker. Mra (Inrdnn Oram 
Ai»b)ei't. "THK HCH04M. Of Lirt. 
Tweaday, I o'. lork, Reit an.l Heallag Hour. 
Tbtmday. « o rinrk A Meeii«( PC tha 

Advlanry Hoard, 

Oniaa Hajita: S ta < every artaraaaa •«•*»« 
Fraapartty RUaaea avary aaM 
Raadlac Raom apaa eeary day. 

^ATAliLK girl for llsht. hoiMMwork and 
' help with twa ebildrea. Phone lltlKl. 

/ H •MI'KTK.'MT young w. ninn who haa had 
" eip. rlen.e in l.-.o.> an.l 
al.>re W'.fk \pply 'I le .'.bin, betw..-n .1 
and 4 \ ^ , aft em.).. n 

EARN |i lu |:i weekly. The pleaaaht 
HUMK WORK WAY— Maklag aocka on 
tha faat. eaally laaraad AUTO KMTTICK. 
Kxperienca unaecaaaaryj diatanca Ira- 
iiiairrlal. po«ltl«ely no canvaaalng. Par- 
llrulara. 3r aiamp. Dept tl-C, Aulo Kntllar 
to. 1 .iront n 

C^UUL> borne for pirl In (tchanga 'for 
Tf il«bt halR. l«T Wilaaa Riiaat. Vlataru 

Weat. ; 

WAITRKHS. amarl appetence Apply 
2nd floor. Aleiandra Houar, Courtney 
dt , Monda). between 10 an 11. 

i^'ANTI.'.l) hirong girl aa general help, 

» f .le.-[i 1(1 H4b I'rlnc.^?a .\ v r 

V*'A.NTI:1>- 1 ook -general for family of 
y* twa; moat ha gaad caok. « Phone fu'- 
appolnlmeni, II7 IRI. 

WA!4TKI>-A lady help. Mra. Nikun, 
Wllklnaon Road, 

\rol'NiJ girl lo aaKiai In hnuaework and 

MTl \riO\H WANII.D \l M t 

Engiaad*. win c< 
at any time ta wftta t 

d auditor (r ' A A 

ome In for ^aar or two 

ta wftta up or audit yaar 
Ue* X: O.. Calaalot. 

low terma 

<iaRPKT>«. raga. etair rarpeta, etc, thor- 
oughlv ilean-d bv Klerlrl, Sweeper- 
\ar* (p.iwerfiil Air anctl'-ni m n .1 attach 
menla. fe'> i^nta per hour il.irdnn, phone 


sm:ApoKllJ5A?rn£l>— FEMALK A 

\TorNO woman woul.l like poiiilon In 
atore or afllee, or woul.l take rare ..f 
rhll'lren and act a* gorerneaa taleep out ' 

fii. I,. H UT 

(^AcAttl.r. young womaMt ,waBta wark by 
y weak or maam at haaaavark. eaobiag. 
plain aewlar •r aaraary tar^rmwa*. Phone 


IPXPBRT ateaographer' (law aaperleace), 
U wall 

Be. DRAMATIC PCHOOl — Taur child I A 
• aaa ealay all the auelat aad educailoaai 
advaatagaa we atlar lar 114 par aaaaai. Itj 
rar tarai. 

I,''S.:1M-:k;M-I ...athe.l for .■erlin«-alea \N 
^ .. \N ini., but tl, j:i Crolral Uldg 

MADAMB VITAIe baa raatuaed bar Krenrn 
couraaa at Raaia I, Surrey Ulock. Yaiaa 
aaialaad ta laai aaaja- 

litreei Great 
.iiai l<.na. Pag 

PhlVAih, ,i..i.ii(. all commarti^ 
iatla. abertliaud, etc.. by KnglM|| 
laaaar. «anlfMaU«. Baa C. B. A.. O^i 




i b J .( I I 

I V e f 


Sl.ot. I il t 

i.illldu A M. ■ t,i u t.. I >. .u. 


wl'ak'^it-at'a.^ - . i..>.|fc 

^ caareoe. i.e».»' . ^ i»'. ••eooa-awBr clorW 
• al. feigaer aeeeek-iaa .uii.a'*'* i>>»p4Mra- 
larr. •■«» aervlae. fkaaa 21 vf wiiia Ur 

ryllabaa laatvtdaatiaatraauaa. Maw i 

y^\4m New gaptia will be aeeaptad 

. to -..^1 fcMj »a«;a 

. ».^^^e^^e< 



at Mt 

ailafa avavy advaata«a 
/rainlag by eapetl«n>.aj taavhara. alastac 
iltaiiau ■aathaUi. ptaao. vlalia, barMaay. 
ibavr). al4tauit«Mi. lir.ilUat aucea. la 
i.oyai Acatlaaiy w . • u 
bl lua paptla aou gaiu. i. , . 
Laa<#«a tbaa aay a..novi la >::ioi.a, ....... 

batd paaikly free, aau at.a« iiubiiu 
Ilia Broad aira.t. Pboaa 

von kAii» ,. ^ u Tj^- 

UTUMN aad apriag-aawa PtaRM af 

Bro< call . Cabbage. early aad late; 

1 . 1 . . w , r . I. a . . d< ot ( h a n .i i t. , . - > . 
I ....,( ,j a. ..... . i .ultta, L nul. e. . 1. 1 .,. ' * 

N...,, ,;i.i>oiieU fiuiu Moliauo. ..lo- u», -a 
< aoiia. li>a. .nihi^ ta 1 aiaru. Iria, bvaaui, 
mtitu. .Nariia.uai, la g eart; Taltpa. aai.r. 
la t aortai Xultp^ Llarwiar^ is I aaru. 
'iNllpb Btey ilawartaa. la I aana; Malb* 
heme grown, la tariety, cheap*:. Har- 
ba..L..>a all 1 tl... k l.ani. in tail. I. 

rOR MlalB— MISC 

nRATBB far 'aaJa. aaarly aaw. far waad 
raat Pbaag siiiR. 

I >. 

faaia. 1 . I..rrt«a, 

i.lacktet r.r., - i . a m ucri laa. 1 . . ^ r 
mary, «j(> »>*optiiiaa, faaaiag. . luaa. 
tWaa. l«ra.i-Mta-awtg^ elv. PrMao'i 
i« auaatity aad ««aJlly tallea 
\itaa. Jaaaaa aiggpaaa. bli dapartar. 
tarla, B.U.. Uaa4ula 

\ l.L 

haBa IN. 

■ata. daUvarad. 
IMI Mlag-a 

A1.L. uoalara muat ba aoid by .Nov. 1. beet 
heavy blued pipe, tkc a laaglb with 
aiuvea Pricea bO ait Oeaitia reUu.cO. xtl 
anapa Kaaiera biuv*. tin k'ort. 

\ .<:s liargalna — bauju. fi^". 
. . . t iv . 1. Hal hum. |:4, .uo 
I. >• .41 I abUura Avrllut 

b.AS— to-lb. buaaa of U 
gaa paid ta daaliaaiion 

LADMV A!«l> •irN-TI4BM>M*R 
OUeARt'i-i' L'TillMB 

f> H • A 1 fc. 

RtlAW a I o 

iu » K T arnitk.'T f'>,..-.r 

M 'NAltCU raoga, Itkig* Maj.aiia 
a .«*. 141 ta Kefrlgarator. lAlO 

i beai drawera. 14 II Clir Ua/i. '.it Fo/t 



Al I ^.,\lll.K ai».i .1..'. 4} aa* w 
-.' l«t« i>.<«alaa btreec 

I . nf . 
•I H> 

lugae ta aw. ia«.ij 

OUH New Ca(al« 
lag yaur copy. 

Wllmer Utreot. Victoria Pb^aa 411*1. 

aaat ta tha Old 

Okana<;an applum 
. ouotr\ I'hon. >l? 

* » ,. », . hari 

an. <i . ir In i.ioal BrilatB. 
l-wuMarU. 33:1, (vr prl<eea 


auJ •leiuaaiaiy vivlla 
biacial leio.i tor b.aioB.ra Urury 

l'|..e .41. 4.''l i'...,e- 1.44 

A"l L»jlii.\lO.\ AI-''.UIuU\ ' . VI JlC 
btudLBta ga iiua o.aiird 1; • (I 
L A.U. alplomaa, 1 Ulatinkiiu.. . ..igaai 
I umber of auvceaaca iia> roceai H.A.U. and 
1. CM. ekama. uraad total ot auccoaaaa 
1.114. Ulgaaat in Caaada. fapila' maathty 
ibvliala. Ma4lam« Webb. MJl.a.M.. awraar 
\ aok and Part, t'boaa ktSl. 

\ J WiXliT'a Kacltak mlacaaiaat. Pti< 
- ^ til*. Kindly order early. 


aHT opportunity to buy beatcra cbeap 
II uoaol.l Haatern Mlova Co. 

i rni.\.; ihui can 

luiltoa. ] ' ^ b> mull vs. plan 

./A.Njw M 
■ e a I r 111 ( 

I t 1 A 1 ■ 

lie w fig u I. Ill* u I u. 
n.a puotta 1 1 i t k i, 
>..u*...>. 0 10 1. 

Dit. J. Ai. MUlMiauN— ^Maaiag aaa piaaa, 
Kaaba graad. 


Itll Uavaraiabat bt. 

I,'' ii.\a.ot' a»A4l', aialiaaai aaa Uaaaar. 
1 ^ I tag Mitaaali piraai. . iraatM lUT. 

HUW 10 acquire eaaa' la taaa ptasiag. 
\'oia:iaia lu.ched In op^ra. Pratarlo aati 

•ong I o le rpt et a 1 i..n. I'rot. J. iA TaWa. 
blu.iio. 114. I.rul.ard Str.-el 

Ml.-S KO.X. teacher of pi.»nj. >ll Maaui. 
i'hone. Leaauna at p.ipi.i bomea. 

Studio, *«* llibbrn-Uune liluif I'buue 4414. 

ptaoo iVtrgii clavier method j. 
no* Vaiea t-lraet. Phone 1720. 

in ba aold can be auM 

in. print, mimeogrup i 
ir niuliuruph ail claaaca of l>-gitima'i. 
>dw.iii>ii,i; |,> mall. We do all cluaa. 
. .r. Ilia.' V.O.K, circular poatcards. adi 
tug. ci^lra of documentk. Ilnanvlal alai. 
tnenta. nawapaper atlvvrtlalng, rlc. Itili 
able mailing llaia. l-oatak-a refuifded' on. 
nil tind.'llvered mall m»''.^ .^ii..n iiamca 
mppll. .1 from this ■ I |.'w. 

.'\.v>|i.ii Advefilaing Agtn.v. Winch It:dg. 

Aiiatrallan gumwood bureau, larin 
fvell.,1 mirror, almOBI pew. Worlll 
Phone 77UK. 

a. a or «.NAP-t 
di.f. 4 *5 111.51 


i j 0 what 

VtoyiV^; \,.ii,-.- ToliTi.t Mran.l l.n.t 

tin* » 1 ... ,1 1 ., „ , .1 .,,1., at I ...» 

• inm..tii .sti, .'t Maikri. af ii r .Novi mbxr I 
at 7Vi> Umi-m Hireet. Matrapolta lloul ila4ld> 
l_nii_ II A (J. O liver, Impurtara 

AlKtOD, reliable range ran alwaya be 
found at Houthall'a. 71;! Kort. Home 
good barcalna. We alao make colla and 
coaneet; Pbuae lilt. 

BRITANNIA raagaTl-bole, ta good order. 
Rnap. t:>l. lalaad Kaehaag*. Til Port 

Hi adio. 

I » \ iii.AIN— W.B- triple •mirrored dreaalng 
I* table. In Al condltloa, tl4.7». Oddy'a. 
llla-17 Deuglaa St. 

TtKST rubber heela. 40c pair, put > n Men a 
I t aulea and heela, tl.fO. only be.t leatbar 
Laad. II Whitr. Ill I l.lan.hkrj 
next ooor It. Hi' Telephone offiie. 


iBb V IVIA.N ItOtiCilCr, L..A. II. leach.r 

pared for esamiaaliooa If dealrad, atudr. 
Tr4 Vanoauver Htxaet. Pbaae i7ltt< 

BARtiAtNn in good rlraa carpeii aad ruga 
for aala. Carpeteria Co.. Ill Pert 

Phaaa 14U. 


lar of pi 

Mlbbaa-Baae BIdg 

tap4Miar of piano and aaiopbona 


L OA M . 


Phone mil... 

MANDOUN. ualiar aad Baa)a taacbt by 
Mr*. H. AttRald. IM Sttaaaa Ttraat. 

Phone ITIir. 

Mlad IN A UOKtXiN. laaeber al ' 
aad violin >'ili lllan.nard Btfaai 

I>UL.Ua — uar balba tbia year are all brai 
i-> quality, aaaura yauia walla tba aupply 


«<<• '..i.n.,r, -t PJ toae 1*11 

1; . J want t>vitlea ar Jare 

1* ». I i - r ii 'iii all alaea. f r j 

\rR& B. aRMfi.* — I laolal and ei 

all. perteaeed teaeltar ef piaao Pup, .a 

trepared tar eiamtnatlona it daeira4L 1141 
lltrhell - "• 

II Street Phone IT4T, 

>TOIlA II SHi:i(WoUD, teacher of piano. 
I lioi.i Mi'.taiini I'liroalo College of Mualc. 

3«?0 Cutn.- n.l iiak Baj^. Phone 7?:6L1 

KI.'i;i.VALI> H COX. 
I.iwnoforte teacher, 
tiludlo. WS Fort Street 

rniH-TOP (^artette open for engagcmanta; 

■L aaacarta atrraaRbd. Phaaa ttftt. 

I. Mil. iMrOIIII, 
Homea \ If it. > 
Phone »*4 

doien Win Allan. 

m II4 par 

Zlll Ro.e .s, 

AilA.No, n.-«rly n. w, i.p:-ndid make, alao 
combination ben. h an.l niualc CaMaat 
to inatvb plan. I owner, leaving laWa. Will 
rince for 11*1 I'hone tot:. 

|>IA.NUL.A ptaa<N by Htuyvaaant. of New 
1 York; auperb Inatrutuanl. golag at a 

aarrlllce. Phone lltX. _ 

1>oP.CH .^aah. I,eai!e.l l.ichta. <<laaa 
Klndcrgerirn Heta, liai.. 1 .. k TaMaa 

HIaa, Lirawcra. Cabinrla 
Hhinglra, Mooflng. BalMtba PpR**'* 
Millwi.rk. Lumber at lowagt prtcea Prompt 
delivery. Kree eatlniatea. 



Mra. Daiaa 
aatertlaement «a<tar baadlag _Na ^17 

J .NAP— Cream eaaMiel ehlftaaler. aa new. 

CMdy-a, III(-1T Duuglag St. 

^ iji 1 1 N D H A N 1> do.>ra and wtn.L.wa Home 

aa.hva aultable to d.iie 
In apl.ndid .ofijllun I'hoiir klimt 

^AS4)PHo.SIC C inrlo lv. I..w pit' h, 
A venue 




ROOMS TO Mcirr !• 

(CuuUauadI ^ 

I I -'i.KKtl'lNu ani aingle rounia. gaa; 
near iaovernmaat Balldlag. 

ac Hirrel 

III liae- 

WoNTRORK MOTHU aader aaw maaaRe- 

Tffl <»••'• odmtorlable Wlaler ar • 

eammttdatloa to permanent gueat. n..Kl«ri. 
aaatral, quiet, aitracuv* raiea !•> we.k or 
month. Peraonal atleoilua lllanahaid anl 


V'.vt; J.,,,,, Hotel Select rooma, 

ni: RMk faraaaa^ PtMaa 

V""""'^ turaiabed 'rooitT in private 
L ome, eloae la. lit Cal edonia Av.-nUr 

ri'^wo froat ^dreoma on .1 ' 


%1'HKRI": do 
' ' ..rr. r« apir 

you live? St. Janira llet. I 
cadld aecommiidatlan at ver^ 
low r.i..- by the week or mo«(b. lae tlglu 
-I t ..iitkide reoina. Quiet and mmfort- 
tirti>i,.uf building. Phaae Ilea. 

l»7A.«TMOl.Ma~Tto-fki . , » 
'» week er mnalh Mr, ,. 
•arga, comfortaMa room. » r.. ouk 1 uvue 
riTI I4IT Uevaramoa* So. 

I.r H I 


TO uvmr 


• U I 

4 . I I-:a\ .omforlabia apt. r Uiae in 
buain. .» p.-,.i>lr 1JS» Yale. 

tit reel — I- arataba4 

uarkeeiiiaa raol 


i|k.i.iit Kv-ita^t^Mag 
' re<Mita 41 T Tatoa 

A I 4:4 Ml. b.gan 

■i^ houarkeemag reoma. heated aad Ma« 
Pbeae IIIIT. 

airiati aad aiaata 
Mra sr 


nj haasihaaplbs 

Phone MIIL. 

U^iK Rent furtiiahe.l 
a. I oi.iiia \ . f . . eut 1 a I 

lor hoaa 

vual range and ga> adulia, 

Tj^l'R.VIMILL) for hoaaekaeping 
A iut>;ii auiica. 

raincoat a. 

1^ aft-rnoon an.l atreet dreaaea. aiau fur 

coata. Weekly or monthly payinenia van 

a rra nge.; 

Y M 1 e a Si 


At Ih.- Kamoua Htorr. Ltd 
Phot,.' 4Ui>l 


Tyldealey. 7 41 

UINtlBR D. aewlag atachlpe, 
^ rta chair, tl-tl; M. aaitV 111; range 

■lacktaa. |i.i«. 

^I.NOBR aewing macbioa (draphead). aaty 
711 Tatea. 

L'nderwaod portabia, ab- 
III. r.O. Bas 
•14. ar telrphun e llt lR 

tTPHOLSTRIIBD tapoatry arag ehalr. A 
' aaap. •»«.»•. Uddy'a. iail>ll l>auclb' 


mi NOB 

n |;i. 

aolutely new. Hnap, 


r-^l KNISKKD ' rooma. all 
I 1U3I Pandora Avenue 

I^'^l K.N'ISHKD bnuaek.-r|.:iik roorea «« 
I half block from 

JJ \ law M. 

\''i:nr |>r.-lty blue allk velvet hat. 14, ei- 

V . ell. Ill I iindllion I'hone LI7T. 

%1MIITK enamel chl'.d a . rib. witir fell 
*♦ nigltril IP perir.i ord.r On ly tT.M . 
Iriand IfirhaBge, 78* Kort Street. 

HITft rotary tewing marhhia { 

W big redudlon. 711 ratea. 

\l'l.\Ly « Kngliah m 

'» lin; Kifi.lly or. It 



BEAT pure pork and beef aaiiaage. Wii- 
Uama' Saitaaga Sliap. 711 Tbr'. Street. 
Where quality ceuate. 

HABY bugelet, cheapeat.ln City. New or 
good aerond-hand, Hepaira, aew hooda. 
UroWB. kOI Hereward Road, Vletorta W. 

BL.ACK I'larn an.l manure fur aale. ite 
liver.-. I l.-amitig wi.rk done I'lione 


KICAVUU fur coat. «aw. full alaa. Iiti. 
Can be gaen if! Mkshlgaa St. Phone 



^%ev.^^^e.e^.e^.ae^e^ .e^ 

(IIRCIM^AR poatcarda. Including poatage. 
ion f..r I • .so, followlliK Inimlrc.lM tl -IH 
Newiuii A'lvertiMing Ageri. \ ■,'4 \\ In. Ir; 

/ IKh^AM eeparator, dally bv^ller, corn cul 
^ llvater, all In flrat-ciaaa (■on.liti.>n, at 
bargain pricea. Ueo. T, Mlchell A Suna, 
Ltd.. 1417 llroad St. Phone till. 

"yMiATTBR PIX" ellaftiataa that ahod- 
^ drring. alialtlat aenaatlon ' in yaar 

property. I For, I . at 

•r-BooM baagaUw In .iiy owner, now In , I v H< ' i ' 1 1 A I > Slacar. , l-drawari~tii~ perfect 

*J Nanalmo, Will ex.hanfte fur property in . IJ „.,|er I'hone 4ltiR 

that ally. Parther i.,.> n. uiaia, apply ■ - 

A. A. MUHARKT \ IV* fOlTAHl, a.lp, okana... .ppla. ta 

*U-t ■ayward.^lack. lift Daaglaa Straet 


Vvi:rt daalrabia l-raom heaaa, ta Vaa- 
. .luvar, for aachaaga far Vlataria 

ilreat Br^aln, I'hone 1121. 

1 koK8 year roof leakf 'Why not have It 

— *' . overed ' with iCverlaatIc RaoflngT 

talue tr . »I4: I Chaapoi tksS thlnglao. J. W. Boldai^ Mil 

Put 'IT farm In .'^aaalvtl 

will ei.'l.ange for warebouae i.i.>prrty. ' Prior Slrevt^ i'hone If0«, . 

< h.rle, K Kagl.a. Jll Sayward III... k ! ^ ,v..od f..r " aa I-.' ..ngt h.. »4(,< 

rjuiRKK-ROOMBD eottage aad two large ; t J'Sl.S"^'l,/.'?!'^*J''':^., * iJ'J'' 7. 

lota, for 
I'hone 7411. 

Bard aaa-taa warm-drlva 

Roblnaon. Heaver Road. Royal Oak. 

IHAVB aeveral good ex-hange prop4»al- 
tlona. Hubmit particular* af yuara. 
(rhariM P^ *u Mayward Blacfc. 

PRICRM are right; cllenta in each 
want to esehange for home 

I Nv eat K.iBll 

I i^vooTi 

i '-^ go-cacia from |) up 


ISH haby buggy, like new. tuto 
Baby biMglea r.. 
paired, new hoad and tirea. Ctly Mart, 711 
Kurt Miry t. 

IJWVKL/OPK.s n.t.ire,». ,1 io Victoria uuai- 
neaa people ..i.t .oiployeea>; pri.'e pe- 
UnMiaand, Including ili<.< envelopea. I». 
Numlter totala 1,7I«. Newtoa Adverllatng 

knjr^ and 

lia HI 

I.>JU Hale 
boot a. * 

I ji.l I . h iich .-la.^.. 
»!«.■ r. Appii :..'i . '.. 

In Vic- 
toria: will urrange dlfferen.'e l>< value If 
pr iperfv auhinltiecl la aallafa. turr, Kully 
vgulpped chicken ranch on |>aved road. A 
milea from Victoria. 4 arrea. 4 -room • ul- 
lage. Incubator, br>i<Mler and chicken houaea 
fnr 3.000 birda; value 14,100, i: acrea at 

Keating, choice land. half cleare.l. new ] -| V)T( .'<«1'- ' hea.p I.1...I ..■.•ii..iia 
k-rooin bungalow, garage, n. re |n atraw- ; v,ai,.r i.oller fc 0»o f. ei .apacliv 

herrlea, acre In |.>gitna. unfailing water ' 
aupply, price (.'..Oon « r..otn altraitlvn 
h.iine in .Sanalmo, magnincent view, choice 
I... Htioi. v alue Il.taa. ••room moilern 
hou«' In \ .inrnuver. H -acre «»f land, value 
14,Mio I I- M.c.,f,n. ll, ?in f. iiihrrton 


villi aupply tnvetopeg already ad- 
dreaaed tu homea la Victoria tlnclud^ 
Inv Oak Bay al>d Baqalmalt). at 17, •• per 

I lioiii>.iii't Manila envelopi a at 14 00 per 

i| l\...iuge refiindcil on 1 iid..| I > > re.l 
m ill l otal number, » '■ I 7 \ewi..n A.lver- 
llelng Agen. y, ^4 Win. Ii lil'lx 

Sl'LK.NlUli mahogany d.wra wlili leaded 
glaaa. alao mahagaby flraplaaa maatal 

and grate, complete. Phone IIIIR, 


• HANlJSOMK walnut dinera aullil lealher 
' Heaia, Ci.iunlal at>le llargain, 1:7, &0. 
ii.iTi.l Ciiliangi', 7111 Kort Street. 

I'lRci'LAR lettara. Including tta- 
tlonery, 11.10 to till: faliawlBg 
b in Ire. la at llc. NowtoB Advtftlaiag 

24 winch Building. 

llHk ' SACK of coal delivered far Tia, 

l\f\f otv llm tl phone 1747. 

II'LUail coat. 1 plaid Raglan. I rraven- 
atte ralapraof, alao good fur collar and 
cuffa. Phone 44TII.. 

I^^LlMNIaltaD aw..a.k. < ^ aua aJBgie 

^^rae m a a'airlteta Uutai. eppuatte (Miy 

1^^ LH N ISHhU) heuaakaoptas raama, cleiUlis 
J ail convanlaacaa. It*l Ulanahard, 'ti'l.X. 

I'J.ROUND tiaor— HaaaehaapUg room*. 'Oal 
" ""JlVtlt* *''**^ oaatraalaaoti cioae «a. 

1 j f«BKBBPINU rooma. electric llghtl 
*■ ^ hot and cold water, .train heat, g*,., 
elevatoi aervice. ft lo 1 1 li per month. The 
ilrinuu Co. Ltd. Hlbben-Booa Olda. 

Ihon.- Hi.' 

Huvic LuDUU — Haaaaltaapias ra 
Chiiilren not obJaciaA Phaaa tNtU' 
ril MlcClgan Ktreet, 

HOL'SMa kitipl.NO 
modem; qu.t. 
Rtta Hotel. Pj-i -i 


1^ e V er V 

t^L'riL..» or aingle ru. ma. gaa, every oaa. 

'■J venlere, Acply » | c.ok Hireel. 

LT.\hl'lt.\l:«l|k;L) Ituuavt.cvpiBg room, bT7h' 
. i_«»»^aad phoaa . I»hw4ta IIITU. 


TO nmnr tt 

I will N RUl 1^%, J 

rent Tort ftbl*. 9•^•^iU 

Vh..a* 41. 41. 

-T'^. ras 'Or tO'kiBI, 
t'hon* IC94L. 

A * ROOM eulte, lota af Raat and g«o4 
f.r ^'."••'■' Vaacoarer Strett 

•li..n. J47TL 

AT Beacon Hill Apta. 421 Vancouver si, 
— ^'Ica front furnlrhrU auil. 


J'liuoe 313 . 
t. lll'silH 

OanRlaa. Conttartabla, nia4t> 

ATllltKK ROOM furalahed Sat. Ml Sim 
>ur, near 

AT La Ray Apartiaanta — Completely far. 
niahad t abd l-rooat aultea. I«l MoatrenL 


ed or 

'lllkl Mv.K^ttU WHlTTINi.Tu.s . i<k.M 

CO , LTD. 

DOORS, wiNDov«-a. kic. 

City ar Caaairy Or.lara Ra.;alva Carefal 

»» ANJ Kl>— JMlHCfeXt^^^ 

A Better Ptlea la Aaaarod far 

CCNTa A.\-< l.ADIKJI UiavAMi.<BD 

ri-< 'TM 1 N<j 
af Ilia Better e. n i>> riroaiag $%H 
ar rail run airoot 

AMROMITBt.y i>>>i iiigtfClaaa 
Baaght aad Sold at 
MRft jowi-rra. im Part. Phaaa tiii- 
-tr iai Oifere lor Uaata* CIMalag. 


an.l peara wanted. 

Bik.->1 priLaa uajd >»< >aat«e 
aad aaiidraa'a «a4Mi-etaaa 

auliable ff.r 
a»4*l*eu«M* a 

A 4 ROOM iiefaralahcd apartmrat 

Hampton Court, Phoae »0.1 

A 1 Normandla Apartineni.- -l-'urnlah 
a un'iirnlahed auite lo real 

ATTKACTlVlfi." llTraUhid. ' healed ^aullei 
waliilag diataaaa aB4 aaar.gsR. «M 
Cheater. P JrflelA ' 

^PARTMKNT to Let. MaDaaaIi~Rloek.' 

Oak Bay JunHlaa. 


Pbaae 4IIIR, la 

aaaaaaMS uaaa, ata. 

i«at Deagtae at 1 eat 

(\Aetl paiii tor ab 
J Jewelry, ete., ai Jaoub Aaronaoa a Sao 

rr 1 t I ttl I n I i n- 7|» 

ALA.N'DALK Apartmenta. Linden Avenue. 
410 Sayward HIdg Phone t04l 

||ROAI>WAY Al'TS. Superior (near -^ar^ 
llameni Hidga). iiuHiern, haatatl, fMr* 
niahed. Hnfurnlahed aullee. 

BRLLBViji caait. amir baaah Md~6ak 
Bay Halali baaallfal rtaw— Panilabad 
three-loom aalte. batbratMa. baloaay, ataaat 
heat. Phoae ITM. 

/lY.N-lMj MTR Apartmenta -Largeai aii4 
Vv beet furniahe.l in the city; four aad ^a 
rinnia t:i kli.hif.n I t i,> 1114 

(CARLTON »■ II • 11 1.1...1 .,,11-. alas ronina, 
> healed, week, month. 711 Pandora, IStlO. 

I KI.ANI) Apartmenta- -Modern, c.iay aulte, 
rioae In. .onvenlent lo car f'hone HIT. 

M .i'UnN cheerful apartment, partly fur* 
oiahed. rent Apply 111! Qaaaa'a 

A.eiiuc I'hone (KIR. 

ah'. lit I at I le. 

It."- 7tJ0L 

I hot 
able fur heating large building or aimri- 
meni houae. Apply Cntlwrt'e, 71. j lli.iugh- 
t..i. street, o^ phone 152. 


6-M(1iOM bungalow, dlvide<l intvt two apart- 
atenta; will exchange for ninall bun- 
galawi, Cbarlea P. Baslea. Ill 'Hayward 


/•-R(^>M modern houae In Van.-oiiver. w 
eirhange Victoria hunaalo' 

|»HI M \K 1 Mi 

AN a«pei?en'».l d" 
dee Phcie ITiOI. 


work ay ike 

411 I I ,1 "II |.;'^ S . . rna.l.- 1 1 
f'lr trtnirviing aet. for la.l 

Hale, aa'Tillce, Maaon-Riarh planfl, 
gn«Ht aa new : terma to reaponalble 
partlea. Phone tllOI. 

l.'tOR Bala — Haad aewing maetalsa. aew . 
inaat .aetl. Phane ITII. 

^ ai.y luraliure yo 
laUva wl 
lalaad S 

ikasai tor 

P Mie tM. 


la lo illap.raa of. 

itatlTB will aau aad aaer aar- 
laiaad «aaha«««a, til Part at. 



I.toil botii<;a. raga. toola. atuvee. larnitare, 
or anythlaf alaa yuu wlak tu dlapwae of 
We rail anywHSga, SRy time Try ua. 

M.'UHIM'i.N Apartmenta. corner Hilda aa4 
I heater. Ka I r ne 1,1 _ Kui n lahed aUlt^ 

K r,,ii|. ,| ft, - • - ■ - 


t N three 

III . ..,1 

\J Bl 

'l"'l a p.. ' I men I , .1 lin.|'ling water Phoaa 

Par ratlaMe lur wdra. 4*mM 


• [>••■ I n ) f \ 

T'lT, aad 
n n.l ■ Ml 
I liie HI.. I *1 ... 1.. ad 

n. «4:. : \ • 

DRtM.tMAKIN'J— Btoiaaeaw 
altaratlena piomptly A 
TOTh Tatea Mtreei. 



vSHtoNAHI.K dreaamaker wlahag dally 
engagementa. Phone 12171. 


T.ata made etvllafe aad peaaea- 
1 PIfth 8L I'boao 




edacated, dealraa poaltlan. Phaaa 



P m 

I'eeahvterlan Chur. h -ner 1.^.1. r1.-a 

. ' reeta M ini^i . , I . v\ 

MS I < I > II H I 1 ., •,! 

prea. h..-. It.- I ,.^mi li ''alter* 
fit Pau; . .>iiir. I1 \ I i.Tia Weat. 

pr ea. her ReT. 

l-'^XPRIKNCKIi Bienograph»i tt v-»rai ile. 

M^J aire. {....Itlon .vorkll.r lia)f day fl^r e.ii 

plover hair dav 'or ael' Hot 4114. Colonlat. 

JAPANKSi: girl wan', poattloa feaaae- 
mald Telephone 4 02IX. 

PIANIST dealree pabHc ar private eagage^ 
menit aa aa aacompaalM. Bos 4«T4, 

for raga tM>tt:ea. taola, atovee, or any- 
thing elaa you wlah to diepoae af. We call 
anywhere, bay time. I'hone Itll. 

ALLAN la la a paal tMs ta pay tha hlgbeot 
pricea far rafa. aaak^ baitlaa, taola 
tbi aio>ea. eta All ardaia p gwoaslty at* 

leaded to Wflk. AHSB. •HSBaSa RPMl. 

I'ho ne ITU. 

Vi TU knitting machine taught aad ad- 
jaated, lie hear. Apply III Bardatt 

FURNACES repi^rad aad laMsllad: aU 
wark saaraaiaad. PhaiM TN ar «Tt(U 




l.toR Sale--Hmall compound maflne engine 
" and boiler, complete, one large crntary 
plant, cheap. Apply 411 Bay Mt. Pbuae 


I.'^OR Rale — Hhoigun. and if .. h 
. Oraaaer. ciahiough ani 
Pointer and aeiler pupplaa J a White- 
bead, Thoa Pllmler. Ltd . VIrtnrla. U r:, 

I.'VJIt Bale — Shotgun. 11 gauge, haminer- 
leaa, d b.. lU: rifle. 22 cal , |l ; rifle. 
,11-11. Ill II: poatrard Kodak, tit prlem 
glaaaea. 111 40, marine telee. .'t" I boat 
aplrlt coir.paaa, 17 40. i^i. k* ' » com- ' 

paaaea. 1140, aatnpin euilcaaea. || ; i> . real I 
leather vallaee. It tO; leather glovea, lie. 
playing carda, 14c. boy'a bicycle, Itll. otw 
riAer Urea, |i Tl. Eaallah oil Il kl; 
■pig t Sb H O to lit any alRhl. from :&o Jacob 
Aaraaaaa'a New ei.d Hacandhand siure. lai 
Jabnaoa St., 4 doare below Uovarnmaat Sc. 
Phoaa Til. 


»MCT PRICKS I Alu wm VACala 

SHAW a cc> 

taS BORT fSTRKKl' r H .NT. 401 

a^EVKRAT, roo'l houae. . n 1 nuta f. 

~ ' ' n. Ill I'emi.. rton 

a! T 


tare, earpot^ raagea, e4a. 

i a4<l. Phone llll. 

UMwd prioea 

t kL4/ BM-yeiee aaa partem la 

V/ viciefy Cyeia WarSa. Phaaa tMl Ml 

J oh r aon Mreat. Call 

^K\TS. aeveral aiwasd- haad, mediam alaa. 

FOR Bale— Pur coata 
ba made far waakly ar maaihlg 

Arraagainaats eaa 
•r waaBiy ar aiaaihl/M^ 

Jiaala ct The PaaiaBa R I ar a . Ud.. Til TMaa 
t — 

■all Car 

TJ^OR aala-«BblBM I 
A< aa aaw. Caat ISM. 


I'XIR iala— Draphead BMcar maehlaa. of- 
fered at a eacrlSaat alga cooking range. 

la Al condition Apply la III* Belinnn> Ave 

f.^1 MKD aak library table, g^ a« now! 
-A Hnap at tl. rwdy a. Illt-IT Uaaslaa St. 

I Kngliah laws roller. 

Phone 41?, 


IP your Perd car chatlera. feed It 
ter rii" At your dealera. 74. 

L|A^f4>U. Paperhaaaina 
R. DoeaKlaoa. 11*1 
Phoae •aoiX 


1>Ai.NTI.VO. papeiheagiaa. 
J i N'v.a. 114 P*mhewh> 

■ aleomlBioa 
Phoae tiei 

F'uhll, \Aorthtp 

a r . 

alaav. welrf.m* 

A]II.NV>tM KMk.MH t 

AriNi: rv.Bing . - n n mant la of 

fere, I h» Ih. vr, H 1,1 ,.|,^ „^ 

Tared a) e»ening m 11. Hall. Mm 

Ml aad daiMa, Ji« lombaia aad |< 


KwTranee ti« 

i> TIMBS daa 

re hy th. 14,-oiiiah 

.\ i.aughtera la the Reg Theatre. Prlda , 
Nov 1 WB jaaf J Upaa badiaa Hg. gen 
ilemaa Me. MafrasMMata sarvad. rtadler a 

■ haaira 

eiAMORVN ChaWatk LO.DK. rhildrmt'a 
/ daaee peat P rldB T .- 1 ta 1. at AlaaaBdr. 
Heaaa Tirhete II aaatR frem laaiRWr. 

phoe- !:1TI. 

ct.i M >4 ory MS. Bmpreaa 
Hotel. Taeaday. tSlk Ortabar. 


miaateii i>c. 

Hi. An.l Ir. -i.y tertan Chun h Rev. 

W. Uralie • HT |i i» minlater. Today'a 
aerrlcea 11 am Her W y McConnell. 
MA, I'.oin ... Reprraentallve of the 
I're.hyie 'hurch Aeaortaiion v>iii 

prea.h, ......I., Mra Wm Wright .■ iO 

pm Paaday School and lliMe Claae 7 11 
p ni . The .New Taotament Type of the 
nootl Maa". aoloUt. Mr Keaaeth Alkgaa 


Rafanaad B gliiipal Cliarah. BraasaUaai 

church aarvlcea II am. T p m, Haly Carn- 

mnnlon. lai, 1 morning Ird Soadav 
evening S«n ... Sunday .'«<-hoal. II a.aa: 
Junior itunday school. I II Prayer ataet- 
titg. Baiarday, 7tM ".m. ~ ~ 
de R Owen 

_ aPiBi-n »i- 

Pirat nplrltoal Charcb. Harmony TTaM" 
:i4 Parl^ Mraot. Serelee T It pm Paafor 


KKi.iAiiLB parsaa ww«id aara far ehll- 
'raa. or «a feaaaawarfet glaa* aat. 

■ i itt 

it I^INKII woman wanta poaltloa aa coo 
^ paalea ar aaaiataat; city er lalaad 1 
baaMi waaM aaMat wHfe fan: ■oSiiata 
aala ry. Addraas Baa SSM. " ■ 

RBRPONRIBLB w^Biaa ««aid take charge 
of childr e n aft eraaa a g IJ7IX 

rpao Kngliah giria want .IntTieaii.- work 
J together, .an .1.1 plain cooking, one 
plala aewing Apply Rhodea. ;7I4 Srott 
A»e , Vlrlorla • 

Rally. PRaae 

Vt^OMAN will 
»' TlllR. 

YOONO lady, whoaa heme la In Vieiorla. 
Real r aa paaltloa aa beahhaeper; alaa haa 
kaawlaRRa ««f ataaasrapliy: taa yaara* as- 
p i rt eay; «aad lal aif g ga Baa MSt. Oal- 


\" MYCNO lady 
, Ilea 4n ndtobLla Bala eiperleace, 
aalary reqalrea. Wft MIT. Cnioalal 

SaWMv all hiada, fHaa. aat, gammad, a*a 
paaae W. Rmery. IMt OkMtWetta Aea 

UMBRBtXAR rapalrad aad raaara r gdj aaw 
iHtihrenaa In atagR. Csrrar A BPB, Mt Pbrt 

K KAMii.r picnni^ ALSimt 

I-.. 1 r cx>aiPLRTBt ... 

MatlMr. DbAi BraCRw, Sig u i tiawe 
a«M la the beet pweelMe pho 

ARTISTC '•" 1 1 .. ', K A p»< T II 
Saee. th. 


'■" " t " ■■> ^ r .laoa 
l''.>lt I AAiTURK 

uiBBo V I a I ciiiu or 

ikMUaA oibaaa 

HIT SM View St. fCaatrai B<* • 

lilt Vbarf Sc. aad 
I . a.ada mt 

w H Rartaa. Rabjeci. "The tabe-onwioae 
Mind Maaaggee A greaf aerviee, 

and make It greater ilrelea M<»«4^ 

Thuraday, 7 M p,m. All walaaiaei. ' 


n raia *..'v 

*m r-««ain| «tAmt^ 

amlia. lariMvUto. 

1^>n Rale- 

"L"<RICT|o\ ■ MIttene. beat han l knu by 
A^ Canadian I.adle8' alee. |l .0. men a, 
12. Mary K. Cramer, Mil lird Rtreei. 
Rvarrtt, Waahtngiab. 

'cSoR Bala^Paraliora aad eVagta 

-T I 

Oorga Road. 

2 tlxIM 

I '1 bevrl 



lt'AN'rKL> - Itaker'a eqailpment ; muat 
*T cheap far caMi. ui«a partlaalara, 
4112. CelanM. 

%1'K WILL « A 
V » pay nighe 

leal prtcaa fpr battled, raRa, 

I pole, atovaa faraltara or aaythtas alaa. 
Tup priaea paid. PhaiM MM. 


pay higheat pfo" r. - i.oiilea, raga, 

to.. I. aiovea, lurnltiire i.r anything ela*. 
I f pro e. paid Phone 41(4. 


good erdar. 

all Pandora Ave, 

Y^'ANTKlJ tu purrhaae— Kurnlture to aay 


Junk Ageaev 

\l'A,S rKl< to pur. Iiaae or l.,r aale on 
vv c.n.rn laalon. anil.|ue (urnitura. allver, 
rir Wo'.llait. phone lit 

\Va.ntkD 'I'eara and apple, aultable for 
> y c aBBiBR. Laarel CaaRai 

Hei..,. Aparimcaia, III Oaartaey St. 
(appoaiia CR i RsRralt. " 
aingle aad aa SSHSI 

ypo ^aat — Rta-rawia e d nafaralahwd flat , 
Ave rfw>med Partly famlahed Sal; ati- 
roomed hnttea. Apply IMI tflllalde, br 

I *i one ?4r, 4 

rPHK Kenalngton, tit% Pandora Avenue— 

-L yurniahad aulte for renu Pheaa Itllo. 

Adulta enlv. 

leal— ParmMtea 
. try roaveaieai 
Tafaa Ph<wa arte 



t.J ete 

.uiir baih, 
range gaa Trr 
441 Hu 

'NPIIRMSH Kll three r 

roal and woo. I 
place, private entrance In 
pert or HI Apply 144 Michigan HI 

UNPItRNliiHKtr Sal, l^roomaTtwa blorha 
Hadann-a Bay: II month fnione IIMR. 

Well fur- 
every con- 
Phona ;,t)IX. 

WALKINO diatanca from 'Itv 
niahed I roomed eult 
veiRenre. aeparale ealranea 

1&I7 < HAMflKltH HT Kiirnlahed apart* 
meata, flrat or eecond floor. 4 rooma, two 
tnlleta Apply within 

1 email apartmenta. 

';i I'KwiiiioKr: HI 

fiirnl.lted, rent |ll. 

^oae IITtn. 

>R Hale- 
ah ape. alao 
Itreexe, »4» 

other ao'»'i*. 

pia'e kIh>. 
' .und, goo. I 
• ne mirrora 

MOOM A>l> IMJAllaa 

VHRRIjKK.V HoTKL i'llv... I 
bou.e V41 M.-4 lu.a at... I 
nianageioeQi Hot aad c«.i.| w. ., 
i6«iiie wane cboklag a epeciaiiy. 



ri^ATfi AKD ArAltTME.VTS ti 

'AVT|.:i> Bmall famlahird flat or houae, 
I wo adalUi laadarata raat 

I . ..I IBl, 

\*'ANTi;i> I 
' ' moderate 


leateii 3 room famlahad Ssi; 

Beg 4ll}. 


TO nKirr-.HOf78Bi 


lU lr9U 


]^"»OR Sale 

Hharplea eeparator, perfect 

117, Phone Coldulti IIU 

I^)R Hale — Paweett range and .pipe, ta 
perfect condition. 141; oak buRet. table, 
< chaire 1*1. fumed oak boraau |;o hall 
healer ami pipe It!, and other thinga My 
I'.ea I. your gain Room 4 Arra.te lll.lg . 
.lava 'Hi tl' A>e afirr 4 .tl I .|i 

A NICE hoaM aad RasR board lar aaa ar 
two rea p gnaSir yaBBR bmr, atsBB la. 

Pho ne MllR. 

BOARD aad roam for* Iwa ia4Ueg sMaaR- 
lag Normal Peh^oL Phoae 7IIT. 


ON ACCORD. Itl Priotraa Ave — 
and board. 

Phone 44«J 

boata caoklBR. 

■■^Olt •4.1- 

n» of mangel. I'hone 

2^^>R Hale"4Jreenheaee, ia ft, g 

ft, g II ft., 

doable apaa, aaw. Apply P.O. Bas TiS. 

GARAOBB (portable) at M* aad ap Any 
alee and etyle to order 

repair work done. f..> 
Lumber Company 

GRAMO^NOKB— Olaaibia.^ wittr 
cheap f4>r raah 



Saars. Mra 

in. ate SaaM 

A4"HEIX)R aaltea. 
Maicao Pt. IIMR. 

Mill L«he. 

room; board; elaaa la; Btadaraia. lid 


Bay Raad. 

Phaaa MifB. 

Call e*a 

GOOD pUyar-plaaa. with tM ralla aaad 
maaia; IMS. Call e*aata»a. ITM Wal 

A-MUBOMB relvet {1 e rag. Il-I g If, la 


^ 4i>M»''<iRTARLB «iMnara far 

l-hona mill 

I^^THK^.i'LO BaaatMui r f« 
J i.^rt..!. - e|,ii«aally gu.>.| (able 
and HI' hard... n ;0}ll 

J^'^IRST < I AH/4 ..latloa. 
• 24 Hon<b<. 1.1 

f urnlahed 



MKAOt I>IM\K- Vplendld modern real- 
den, e nf a'ven r..nnia. unobel rotated Oew 
of Mraila an.l rii'iunialna. open fireplace, 
built-in feamrea. baaemeni, furnace i.f. 
Il.rd r<.m... et. I?f. per m.r.ih 

HINNTflHK AVKNt'K Hitroom aaml- 
bungalow. apnilMwlr cMaH. ararw raa. 
vatien.e. lartading fSTBaee, Ml M' 
»n ..n I h 

110. KI.AVO AVKNI'r Modern fSSMgRga 

of bine rc»«ma. I7r< f r month 

modara: iMa property la baia« d<Me ap 

thr.iughoni aad will be pal In gaad 

ahape. 111. 
PALKI.ANO ROAD. '>ak Bay Madera 

and new flve roe.m bungalow. Ml 
ttHH-K HAT l»ISTIIIc-r We have Are ban 

galowa nf four reemta each 10 be rented 

at III to and lIlT* Par BiaatR, iBflBd* 

ing water 

I' r mmjmjf * rob* 

111! Brr.a.| Atreet Ph<vaa I • Tk 

GARAOR for Rent— Ta. 
Menrlea Phoae IftllR 

1>RIVATR elBee ta rent, partially 
alehed. aae of lelawhoae, coirtral laasa 
tiaa. It per menih Boa tail, Calaalat 

t\tBS Street— Ugbt. aaltahie fe. 
atora ae aRtee. Stag M ft « 1 1 f 1 
addiiionai .lorage g p an arallBSIa. Modor 

aier-ni Airpl«AB.R. 

paay rhaaa 7. 

rhaave. TM Part RtPoM. 

HBATRRR — .taataa aat aatir* 
eheapeat la rliy. Baatarn RIaaaw, I 

RC Hardware. 

keanel. harrow 

Ct'^'lt room and board far mea . arery 
i heme enmfort r^one ItltR 

NICRLT furalahed roorn^ every rorr.fort, 
_ Winter rate.. ICairfieid Ph.M»a 141 JL 

f" v%i:KKLT R>M>in eel 
4 l-.f ../■ »tr.-. I 


< .1, 


PRoae n. 
OVRBMOI.D atep^ lawa mewj^. 


Phone Till Li 

IAliyR raaaad aah draaalag table, lute 
> PInger aawlag machine. |27 to We kif 
or earbaage good faraltare 

City Mart.' 


Raey terma I 

,'«ll Part Rt I 

IT R.X|silKI> IlilOMM lt> KKNT U 

I ' MrOHTAMeif raaw l a fH rp M baate 

* lor elderly perana or Phoae 

• II 

CILTA*" fnralahaR 
' r .ai .-a), r ; |0 pi 
MMMMa A*ei 

214 J y-pwoTih Hi . 4 r>.oma Beat 
l»0 J-pa'ph SI S i.,<.m. Rent 
(t l>ai'aa Ave t r^Mtma Rent 
714 ra/|ulmall Road. 7 rooma Real. 
• 21 Kt»aert St. I ranma Real , . 
1071 Ileal St. 7 rooma Rent ., 

024 Umpreea Ave.. T room* Hen' 
UiailoP A WOBTHIN'iT' >~ ^ 

Phor.e I 111 Mr'.ugbl. 

1:0 a« 
It •« 


, MM 

144 *0 



.-•MRD ev4Loaa 
< ekvalot UMra. 



• e 

1 1 

M'>i'»-(i-N hooae oa Lla d aa 

CIUCaM. attraetlva I r. 
law. piaae. I acre. %ara. fratt l^aap; 

raeaenatvie to earefat tMaata 


Modera SaBgke 


> Sell 




A Mart for Busy Readers— House and Business Property for Sale and^ Exchange 

1)11 V.mai 4 r^K.mcl buncmlw. tmlty 
mo<i«rn, half L..... h frr.m <«r; Fm.w«»t» 
VMtort* r»a««. i>«rf»ri .r>dlil*a tar 
to UMSt. aiau & rev .>4h<r (.i«<Ms ar Cur- 
attar* If dMlrad. 1.'} 4tti h<:re«t Phon* 

>h*r« au***. » 

"KVJK Kent 1. 1 anal 

J ro«>ms. ■ !(•»*- In. n«i * »r 
|jwr mof'tli J'h« 

I V<i;n H>><)M h 

1 a lUt af hun«mlaw« and l> n Ma » fur 
rr.oi, yhooo Ilia Vl'iKria Htuilf C u , 
<•>* W« atajr tmi* wb*i jrau want II* U 

nOf'SICa. rur«Uba4 ai>4 u«f aralateaA. 
f»r raat aa4 (or a*ta m«7 taraaa 

^taV4^T»«M * KuMll. l«lt Brea* lUrwa* 

'F Tou ar* looklnr '"r • furnJih«<l or •> 
rn la 
ptMIO* »4* 

TF rou a ra 
rurnlahsrl flat. .>r a hxuaa (<»r 


mm r >.u»f-. ' l»ar. In goo-l 

tfUU . _ 

•lis 111 1 

AIM 2Ht Scott 

U M 9»rU *t tiM «Hr. •* raat* 
randas frtim tl« to tM. Cam* la M*.^^ 
our liatlaga. Tfca M. C. t^m* ttlMTf 
Jigrnrr. r^d . »fi 0«»ammaai WtaM. 

LaHl'T, aaar »arB»iK><1 aa<1 HIah 
Bakon'u 1 rwnma. I'ariljr furnl»h..1. 

• It; Jwkaaon Btraat. I roorna. ItO Maaiin 
ittaat, • room*. Ill.H. Rea^nl M k 

• M.Ml Oak Hay Ara.. * rooma. »»•, Ca4 
Wra Bar ■ «. tnUy m»*»Tm, klfk IJM- 

. *l«n. arfa «ard.... 141, D«»l Oa> ■jf; 

' 7 rnnma, l«b M ili'^or Mi, • fWMMi 
atal T li eal I ' fc • ' n-<1 

I.lmH»-<1, t:4 I'-.rt ri;rrrt 

biniKalaw wat'rTf.m pr.'l->'» 
K«rr A»et>ii». i.'.r»„ .lialrlM iti..n- UTIH 

! 3 « I » II'! 'ir a. k 
l«i 171* Alb»rl. . »P. 

itl Vaa«avT«r. • fvaau. |:». \M....r « 
r«a«M. $»»: i4« maw. • room^ i • 
iMrat. 4 raoMia. aaaH-rurniahwi. ii2. 1>* 

*Vnir!n»r, I rooms, tlk. H. O. JMOInr * 


: mi 

f r»al- 
I |I» 

■Math ap> 

Kaally I'huna 27 It 

■aaf a»>. A>»ly fc. M. 
•^-«001f aat«*c«[. 

: i< 



far Wte> 


K>><'MRf> houaa. fulif fural«h»"l ruma^-a 
^ anil nr*p<a.r«, VairHaki nu.oOiara pua 
a«Ml< n W'.U (iva laaaa I'hone ti7JH 

/. HfiUy CMk Bai. •«». • rootna, ri»«l 
O Bay, r aapt . jr— *aa »«/._»M. 

< raaM, 0»k Bay. H<k t % F all «« M , 

lit I roootak raiAiaraa4. Ill H O. Dalkr 

AT >aU> AMD 


A rir w «hf 

J OK arrt*aC 
I 111 fliTariiaaat M. 

ntwa l.*sborn pullria at 7(e and 
I <%arli atlll availallt i^prclal p»d 
li'illni II S<i T W I'alinar HMl> No «. 
Vu-luria I'lionr T*«4 

HKBT pricaa pal<l (ar poulirr KaaTiaw 
FauKry farin ill Daltaa Hoad I'liuna 
• »««. 

!« nasi Mfl 

I^-^XTRAOKOINAKT CMtav! — riaa 
' ^ laaoui , Farm atrala. BptlBC katehad 

whiu Wraatfatta bravMas eeakarala, M 
tack. Fkaaa MMTl. ^ 

KX>R aaU — Oa* baraa. wal«kt a H a» UIM 

^-mm Ba AJrmacad 

•OrjA — I'HVTROUiT 1 latWi, !■ i 
oaa4Hka« Jaat tk* Mr 

I'aan waillac for 

$1350 T Ma-*l I 

KNIOmr lasrlnc r*r. 

OVBRLJIRD. mft-t* 
t aa i na cw. la 
Ta«^ Bka 

>S It 

raad ^ aoa av**r 
tm\r Ba4 hAa ka4 tba wry kaal 
^'f 4mja 

kaUtwr aMaaa* aaw. 

NAafI tavrtaaa. la Tarr aa^ r»a 
dIOan Thia la an «i<«pllonaIl7 
(*otf aajr ai aaly |I7k 


^Ij^^Og— rORX> loartaa. Ifl* laaaaL 

UAtrrmnn unrcrn rn t.tti 
At tka Msa at tb* Car oa tha Raaf 

I^>JRI> ■ ■a> -t <>> awMl tmr «««i»»a<i. 
A* ui mgtmi *a«at tSM ar taai 


4»aa all aaaa^laa mmd fraa air P^iaai 4t» 

MCL.AUUHL.IN 5lx. la waMlerfal ahapa. 
•aa« MlM, titm railal— . Ow»ar kaa 
ta ka la OM Caaatrr ky Ckriatmaa. aaly 
raaann far aalHaf lit* Ptinna aarlr. 11441 

OVRRL.AMD «. axaatlaat oaaAIUaa. |«T». 
SaM aalr ftMaan — m la laawlM aMa- 


nf fic 

Madal 4 





orroATUiimiai m 

Fbaaa Ml 



with al n 


I VVRRLAKD 4, amoaltaat ea<a«tt«an. |4lk. 

1 'r 

• fflca. 

TamtuUID la caaA 

W t! 


itaa>*^ }ltetfc* 

Asi.aa K.. 4 

III. tl* 

♦1J.M. Ut Cam 

vail -t 4 ooma. t**^ t*** rirth St., 4 
mai 11? to it«l rmrtia Kt., T raama, t**. 
Ml Uurnalda Hii.. I rooma. I"!' ^0 

ymmr M., • rn— . Ml- i'** "<^' * 

•MM lll-M. ••raalB avartmrn . ti 

^ImIiI Oaartaar St.. 4 r«ein«. rurnuii>»d. 

IUl DaafarCa L44., n4 Pambarton uids. 

~ >< gaad «aa4ltlaR, gmr- 
< akto far twa teaitiaa. 

• ' .«.■ . In., n , 
I ,».-w r - n I r S . I n , 

('.>•< 'MKI> mo lain ti.>T»a, 
monlfi Apply ITll Fourt 

ta Mil, 111 
k fll. 

Pkaaa MUT. 


/• RnOWT^'Vnralaw, eloaa In: avarr 

O ••nl«n<-« r«" AppW )0f.4 niirrl»lf *»• 

Dn ^ 'ir n latiod hoaaa. rr\nmt h'»** 
• Kii- ri..ini«. ai>ltaJ>l<- f ' r 
la food luoallty. Apvly 4.1(. 

T» t« IT •Moi- r,..ini«. amtabio f 
Ina hoaa 


i,*»H pai*' »S h \a « yanaolla paHata. 

iiTTiall. t. TIaiaHfc 

KX)R Bala— Btaad aaw. raf^auratf a»« krad 
1^ to ractatara« kaar; a K—4 Otatkar. Dala, 

1> A ' ■' ' M a 
W £>ro,ja)kam 

9 r»*jm^ng*' »kar«rta 

1 m • . n >■ w I , 
lira., witll MV MT MMMMa. .. 

MSM aar attiMMAJUMi. ito 

rood rafd Uraa. artvlaal paint 
and laoka Ilka Datt, Vttk Baw ftl'^Uk 

c^r aitaraaiaa ^X»-*^fyJ 

1<W*>~1'^*0M *0«|iMM«. tmmm M aaw 
±U*kU tn Napan. taad aar« 

tiroa. wUb aamaroaa *1 
aMraa ^ I H f 

aray^W aaaaaaa»«a*a*aiaaaaa aa -w 

^ POr» O Ra i mtaad In 

aaadltlaa. tfvAll 

atth lira. «*nnF 

oVCm.AND TOCRING ir, r»») 
rood ronnlnr rondtiUiii ^vl'T^ 

KUHHiri.l, KNltJHT T«.HJRINa. In 

roal KO'.<i maakaalaal SSnO 

lltlaa. 4>ao.i tlraa. ^■•Fw 

Wiaaa tl<« _ til Br»a»»l«»R ■*»••* 

t NASn Klx 4-f la—r Caupa, almeat 
o«« Tkia ••ar kaa ka« '•ry caraCal ««a 

and yo>i rannot tall It frnm a now r*T. 
'••n»r >a>>nf Htr A ea 1 1 Jj^ ()()() 

I. lK>I>OK toorlBC Jnat oTorhanlail and >" 

Tn.uZ •* 1500 

M. I . A iH 1 .1 N .''I' ' !>•'<" "'-afl 

• r> naw cti ml !!.,>, Thi. . • h»« r'n 

only 4.»«« mIlOB oa cuy pa^'in'm an I 

raraaet aa4 kaa »aar aatraa *4 •t'~^A\ 

Ihia ona at I . Vi H I 

4 ' HKX Rfil KT ^.a^» '.»anrt r i >'« '•rv 
baat of abapa. I kta ' ar baa kaam cam - 

Wla my ararkaaM. TMa la a ^aOg 


<4t rorL 

OROOM aattar ^iv* f*r aaJa. < 


;af|a^ ^ a .C. 

I OlRWrtlWI A^. 

mt OM^mm Ba*«. 
a HaffiCr ei iii r 

A SatMfM cnataiMr la 

/^LOiraiuHuniT BTRmr maiuut 

Vjr fOM lie atart) 

' ' : ' '■ r a- I* » nitr* f>> mi I n'l II 
Ksca fratitd and <«n4led B' cordln( to 

Oirraniiaaat rtandard. 
W« kill from alork to B«1,I, rRKBH— NOT 
!o k»,p In I "t.n HTiiMAiJK 
JiillN 1)AT 
(.orrrnmant Mr-<i M»rk»t and Main S!a- 
trancB lo < m Markat. Pkaaa llll. 

I'Ik* atorn far 

oairniNE bbst ouai-ftt 
seatdfe Mvrlar aad Horitaii kali 

iabam. aim aolKB allrar rirttaaa, ala« 
I>*«ra4t 4lrna«ia etiarclaa plaat. la yartaM 
ordor. ITra. Pkaaa (llU.. 

USKD PAJtT* far D^l »«lr*t. Hodaoo 
Sn^ tls. Orortaad M. IVodra. '^Wr, 
L<aataCM4l. Cadfllar I Twin Mi f>arkard. 
Caaunaraa Tnirk ''halmrra' tt t-l mlabakar 
(Rorlaa IT-1(I, and a'l ar^-^r makaa ml r«ra. 

> and I! Hattarlsa Ilka n*« 
r«r<l I>altT*r». H.iaMli Kulak: .Kadaa. 

[IM. UadaoB Biipar Mt. paaa.. tl.SI«. 

•laca. It-paaa. Ilka aa«, tCtM. 



nappl'a 'or aal* 

I ICW.^ KY or frada.r^..-* 4 nw wan'.i M «t 
'' br Totjns and frasti and laat not lata 

than Bas 4ITI. CalaaM. ar BkaM 


WANTCD—Cara. aay Badal. aay roadi- 
tiaa, for raaala or vraeklat Spot 
raah paid, af eaaraa. 

INDIAN metnr bika t»la. laraaipMd. kirk 

aiart and haa^r dtit/ rtntrh, oaly lii. 
Fax 11-aaara hanimarlaoa anM(viB. la raal 
rood ' i>adttt.>a, only |lt ^ 



OOOLTBT 8raa4ai 

A I 

Jvnr wilt talM aMra af 
■* far WMiMr BMaikS: 

WANTED to Rani NtealF faratohad «»• 
raomad bunraiow. vltk ««rac«. wiihia 
i«lt: caad tatiaai: aa ehtldraa. 
A»»lF Sar 4I4». Caiaalat. 


ardar ar paatal aata ta J. B. Trrrr, Da 
parimant nf Arrla«lt«ra, TIalarIa, n r , for 

, . i k « ''' ar.i aa4 A a eraat Back M»rin 
Zj} k»»pin» racor.ia ot Foar pollata r«»f,( auw 

B— I Ift. 

WANTRD kr raapoaatM* 
(pntlaman. 1 or 4-' 

l^jgQ— riiEvnoi.KT lotirlaa, aa u. 

^. . ; 0.>m -'•««▼»" >I.F r laurtar. IB 

»ja J» maaay )U 

~ ^'^(H) <i'li- '-l-ANli laurlBt. 

J^XOO '"'^'^ aar li IB 

ordai. 1>ZI medaL 


MR.H r>« 14^ Fort n< Ph,.n- fM? I *4K A— CHBVROLXT I 

Th. . hx-k-M s-1,,,p Milk fed poaltry. I Z^'H •i^./r'Tt'!""' . 

dr,.«,.d .rady i„r ookinr. Fraak roaelart jtlT'^"^ " ' ^ " ' '^^ ' Palata, 

rhickrna 'Wa roa.i riiickana all dkF aad I Z* M; jJ?,'l.oT'r^,'^,'""w""'^-i?" 

raall* fraA. • lUrT .fl— F.B. CMMmOUn BaBaatar 

at aaitF ••*..•••. 

Manr ofbarik 
-I A . 1 A Mel 

Ml Tktaa Mraai 

•(jri-k 111 limt't Papar H\t lata «p«ri 
^.finl i,,»<i» In Al condition ihrouid 


aat aall. Waald laka car la any 
iB IfBMb BBS llli. O ifBiB i 

ATTBNTIONI— BtaraJa Bala-- n^y a bi 
epela. Itl; MaaaaF daakl* bar. It: i». 
l-apo*4 Ri»dr« Wkltirarta. Ilk; It-ta. 
ParfacU I'v. oa«. IM-M; lA^F'a kteplMk III ( 
lady't Roar a Wkl'wartfc. Ill; B.BX, I- 
• p.>«<I. 441 almoat aaw Ral«.rb. 144. i^l 
tMir wha^ta a/a f'lily ruaract^^.l 411 .lohn 
aon a t. (t dOTB bolaw tiaaamataat Straot). 

HnioOB-STRATTOK mafararda t«r aBldk 
. h*ap R'lliabl.- ' aAy afJBBIt8MB4k 

I'owarf'il a <-onoini<'.i ; -i^dn*. VIMM tt 4a« 
a4.'».1 Hex 4147, >^'oluak(t^ 

1 1 bika. g a afaBlaaa. III. Maa'a Ctara, 

■tora atraat. 



kX\.ROOMKI< h*«al la 
laali l>alaii<« t* k 
|?4t p-t rrool h !l ■« 4 k 41 

^iniWt tBM' 1HKI> I'T la<-ai r««i.a>n 
^-i-vfUVI Skaald coaaarrallTOly tatun, at 

laaat lartF Bar aaat. All part4« 
P.U BaB 1T«. VMarta. 


Iowa 4»a* 
mwal k. aata 


BuauNiflBfi DmaanmE 

■ MTmrtr 

U^T oa^ raar prtatliw 
wB,B yaa ^mM gat tba«i daoa bottar. 
aickar aad at tfc* aaBBO prtaa ai Tko 


r.\i7mJi»j AMD 


»,,iv lr.c 



Bay aaw ! 


WrttrrK and 

I ISi 


Forolcn lubiiiallol 

B«Ma M, W>Ba» BKs. 


SR pakator aad 
i«a4.1mataa ■Ir'aa P 


^ aad 

^ _____ PAintNTB 

PATK^mi. trada tnarha. dal r aa oopT- 
rlakta Foal bsrataakaaak B Co. tka okd 
MlBkliaBad Brm af pataat atta ta a ym OBaaa. 
ilM Basara B«4tB4ac. Vai 

oar. B.C 

. Trada Marfca 

VlatarlB. M >- 

4*7 Ua4a« 
Pboaa t14 


uyn> A aoNB. 



• plain aad oraaaiaatal plaatar4— . e»- 
maat arark, ropairlas. ate. Pk4»4M ISM. 


I an 



\NT:AT IHtla plaasara bolt, wall hulll 
aad parf^i l runnlnic Krinrnda whirh It 

■ a g<*o<l aa n.vv and Ian priniinc ''Up Hoat 
la fli><jr-.l xi'h all p • .., Hi niakDig i; rrry 
• aay k f.* p (t#Ait 1 -li ipf'v ab.." tuwiorka, 
guod pair uf oara aad paddta; all tool*. 4- 

■ ai (aa rafl Vttk Bpa»t: aaatra pala aad 
haaaf ah"! af watarpraafad raavaa far aaa 
whara tli«ra la ao boalhoaoa PrU-a far raah. 
lit* a— U A>. Kl/alhroaa 1<><||;« 
ui Syd Taii>a, n'^r laitrra Stoia. Mha«roi 

■ a a I . a k > 



IBS rnca. IttJaaaaBMB. WarfealHHiF 

.owfld anttal Pkaaw 4»a« y ad aaaiL> 




r yon w\mh fonr tr f P llt ii 

In ' h ^ ^ '-rk It 



fit I'linr MVRrwT 

VKTUKi A. B n 


V.t.'^aa;-^ imaa-Bkart. 

/^*OL.WOOa aa pavad kickvay i^int aotf 
Itaka Naw aiaM rmimad Btov-co raai- 

aatbtUldlBrn. I 
atrvil Will 
A a«M, I 1 IS 
Botatoot MM 

aho«a, UM 
ta la aivoa at >«ad »a d«- 
ABBtF r. B. U>u«a 
Btraat. ar Ommt a» 

4 AO«B ii<it>« toum aad dialar ruaaa, 

boamod and pMaUad; vaatlkBta. BBBlrr 

aad kiurb.n t alco llittinir. batfciaaw, 

»«»rtk. and aua p^nrh < >pot< ara> 
lad t>ui;i la i,.ai.jir. rail , nmaat 
I and furaa.:, Ilakf acra of waodo4 
, "1" """ '^•^ afcrabau In 

*aa^ r.a,dao,i., diwrvt. alaaa to >ao.| 
ff"?*'A ""if ! uka and traja. MUBUaBt 

»KHK 17,1 

A BABrron 

ViSf: A 

FkdM :t4t 

(-lAi.noRo BAT. aaar Flainaa Attraa. 

oan.'JJ' ^ .I'T k'kBk*^ af 4 raom. and 
paaallod aad ba«m~l iar«. . ,». , 
Mrapiaaai aararo aad aat i. , i , m < - .«,,.r 
H. -.^liff*'*^.-^^"'* lme»a«llai. poooaaaton oHl 
~~aaaall. tit Pambortaa BIBc. 

I ki>N-T n.i« I I,, J, |,,,,„, i^^jf^ ■ff^ 

* jh. ». li. Mum I., ,.,id. atrlcily ma«^ 
ora o o4ta^a oa Hi. hmun.i Avaoor Ui ., 
W*?-**SptBLt larra ro»in> ikui* r,...i.. 
^■ar), I katrauaia and kllrk^n. m.,.!. n 
MMkrvom il,ra» ,.!.■...», ,|„«i,tr 
vaita anama: i.lg la-a-ni.rl aju.I fiiria.- 
l«l »«iU,> .tiag. IB suod aHape ab.t 
raady lo irnxr nam ip^aL Prtaa kaa baaa 
r^u.rd fr..,,, i: to 11, Mt. aa It muat 
ba aatU. Tarma »juO t., j -.og , aah. h«4aa<« 
aa raatal larma i luir W Hu tka 
m«ra af proapa-tt; , „u .an raaall at * 

r^Clr.'"" T^"!.""" "' maagwtBW. T. 
r. lteC4wiB all. 11» rrn>i>«.r(aa BtB^ 

l(X>H fair <-ott*Ba. I jtaaBML *U Biadant 
runvanianraa, plea (ardaa and aaraaa - 

sHaaia on Hallaa R.iad . loaa ..•> boa<<k aad 
oar. An idrai v< • h<.mo aad a 
^P at t to* 1. 1 . .^i,,tia A To Tl.; 
Fort !»tra.-l 

L^>K Hato Lamrortabin ( raooi roiiara, 
A aituata la Oak Bar aaatia^ Kiaa larra 
',•»• »aj«lF altaaUaa. A barsala at It.ata. 
yar* A Ca>. T tt Fort w. 

l^^R SaU — Naar Oak Ray HIrh Srbael. an 

• .-n- ..f ih, ^aat striata T riH<m aeml- 
I|t»ii»» ^ lorMl family hotn.\. lalth all 

o,.>^1,r., fiv . *a. in tho bast of ooadi* 
lu.n Appi. irwn.r H.» *ttt, Calaalat. 

LMA.Nclk ol a llfa t 



l.-*cin .^k«~Matar laaarh !4 rt by 4 ft. 
-I^ 4 In., roomy cabin, k p t ,fi k ii p 
Prtabia rnrlna. rails, porta « ti,# an.l ail 
rittlnss braaa. Caat aver 4>ao. Win mc- 
rifica far llll aaah. 1MB Ml Ha aad trial 
l>v arraDt*t>i*bt- Craaa. Baath Paadar. 

1A1)T-H Mryala, 
> Apply >7t 
Pfvni,- ; 44? i ? 


LAi>T ^ bi'-y.-ic. gaatf aSBllUan. |U, ;a»t 
ihraa voluataa AtlBBMa fMatkly, roady 

SMI AJSSaB itraai. ~ 


AvroB Won mnm 

raa lly 


▼ABrCX>tryB|t frmBrr — Ma^am alna- 

ronoiad raalil'ii ■ n furnlahad. 4j* 

par raaack. 

SOITII 'n uNkll ^TBBnL-T -Modorn alrlM- 
f^mrii a<-mibtta(a>a«. tMllF taiBlaBal. 

II r. 1 A < " r| > svrNinr, n »• mnmg. all 
mndt.rn fu*nii'» «t'i pu'»r' I* I 

BT. PATRIi K Hl HkiKI h.i»i,i ro^mB. tuily | 
nrvlakrd. garar'. xtr tioo 



$1 •>0 PalBtad aad In fl 
H^4J\/U aa«r. A bargala. 

blan lltw k and WhtIa Wyandotte rock <n.»- •- ri— f'^Evtoi Vi"*f t«i>r<a> 

ar-ii. horby Mratf; aala ar tra«ak Wyaa- $;).)0 ''"rtaa. 

itoll* hanr B. Carkia, UC. 11 XBlCkl'a gWikfrik UeLtALOH 

iffcAJVf tatfrlBB. 

Ava. Victoria. 

3 1' !■ 

I II KK« tW N .4 .-.I »S'« 
I'l .' traal I ■ hona : 9 4 

\4 II - " * VI . * ' »g ^ ■! . a t,. » ... ' « ' » n . 1 
w a ( «. t I 1 I 1 ' 

AUKBI'- 'Ntllit K pariy ran hara fur 
ataka.i and all farmlaa iMla- 

atack an.i nutkalldiaga fraa far Wla- 

tar tBa4Mlia Bog 4111, Calaalat^ 

eattafa af 4 raaMa, 

rloao to St. MarBarot'* Sohoal. tit 
JttI niadstaaa Ava.. cnmor SKakaapaara. 




'A pot-W RrviMRr> furnl»h«.4 hPitalow fl 
t. nra..*" M .ghlB. irnnd t ' ■ •w. |2 
A wall (unrtiahad roomed bungalow In 

Blatrlat, alaaa la aaa. grhool aad 

U Bay 

car, MC Oaa faraiahad fUt, la Maaaiaa 

ApartaaaUi Ml.ll. lira iT C. Laa« a 

laraatBMBl Absbbf. mA. ftU Os^raaicni 


I n ^ 1 s I r K 1 1 

roomad b 


A 1 I rt'v. 

.\ n.r<i-i- A ■■ f all rnnvanlanaaa; plaao. 

<'K>MroRTABI.M 4 rnomad bancalaw. fully 
V mmlahad: immadlata paMaaalaa; tlT.I 

St g aatk . 

riaartaa A M 

; HT.ll 
.va, tti 

Fin»'«rKTi» D nousB 


dIalnr-raaaB. hall aad e 
raaai. • b gd n aaaa. ■alda' 
raaai: l balbroaaa; larpa 
baaBiwoat : hai <rat>r HMling 
TonalB lawn. kMhan gat 

daa, orrha-i kaaBraA 

aad fifty ' ' ' a a t.f r 
Oaraca far iwa aara 

jCAUI.— BIbM/ kr84 "Caatar kaaad pap." 
>^ Arair yiBFkA M«T rarawaad Raad. 

Vjrtarta^ ^_ 

'pHR J»raaT Aviary -Han Mnantain aad 
i Rrlatkn Rallar <<anarl«a Ur birda al- 
«»a»» piaaaa Apply tt1( Wark ^^Iraat. 

\ I •>s N r I > ^■Jun dof. apanlal i.r rotrlaver 

'» |.r-«r»r^»d ^. lr» PBrliCtjlarB to 

I ' ' I Tawr r ■' ■ . 

U'llirr. r.rrh.irn hrt.a<llDit ro.-keral« fnr 
aal*. br^d and ralatd und«r th* ll.j(an 
ayatam, fmi.i higii prodacam. I bara It 
bir.ia. pirk' ' lit aaakdtalai arlta M 
aaoh. T 11 b n.. . B s a as t Bbba BBfai 

Avm>%f(>n(i.i>>4 aa 


HUPMODILB ROADBTBB, Hia«al ti. with 

atartar and la •xcoUant raablac COQCC 

ardar. A anap w^VSf 

CHICVnoi rT TOUBIWa. TkIa rar b.a 

ravondillonad Hp~'''l 

DODQB TOURIKO. llll. la BBlSBiii 
A car tkat «ra aaa. ^'<t\ 

raeo«aiaaB ^>>'<' 

raal taaAttV aaa.. .««..« w^jvO 

BrlkCik— lleL.ALaHL.l.\ Maaiar Sis. aaaaa> 
V^A/V MMBaaaar. Baaaa«|ilMB« aa4 

rrr via* 

MtfflMI OQU Vfb 


•9ica oooe bctb sm 

llll corps. An Idaal .ar t 


F;muND — Ruattng dog OwaPr raa haaa 
saJaa ky paying aipatiaaa aad damaaoa 
U aat rlkimad arU' ka dlapaaad af. Aldarljr 
Farm. Raya I i >a k 

LOtTl-^On> aflrinoon. (roiii lA:k 
•atUj St., kiaa Paralaa aat. Baward. 
Fkaaa liTIX. ^ 

LOST— Dark-rlmttad tartplaaahrU flaaaaa, 
allvar mountad Rtrwarfl. Pbona IS 




Al TtJ ll.*l>I.A .\SU rK:.\I>KIU4 

AUTU HaOialor and Faudar Hp*, lallala 
Warkfaaaakip tbat aaanoi ba ncouao. 
varnmaat S^''**' 

LVOtO A ■ONA Ckhaaay Ciaabara Pkaaa 
^^^^^^^^^^jraara rip-rlrnra In ^ '^ -^grl^ 

wniiPi-x; M\Ti:iuM. 

1 AMA TCO," l-ply paaalllag. baavar boai.i 
HtaSac aaS kalMtac papar; claaa or 

rST.AKD WTKIWW • AWPirr ri.BA.MTira 
1 I'O. 417 Fort M(ra«t PboM Iflt 

•- Tb* P1t>Boor Firm - 

Wa Saa't adaaniaa 


BEST fir eai ^ aaaS. «rf. ll-H-lBi, 

H411. or «»»l 


- — - ■ ^^laao^ik 


Rarrlatara. Rallrltora, NotarlBa, Bte 


^ day ward Rldr Phoaat 4141 aad H74. 

(^HIR' PK Al T< 11 — — — — _ 
J C'lnau lai' .n In 

til Pembartoi 

t«M. ««MT. 

•vary BaBorlatiatk: aM atirrara raa4ivar*<i. 
K..p'gall d^. (Vlatafto). lAA Pkaaa 

'liP'l^^aa itraai. 


VBCILDCR and rnntrartoV raiintlor an 
all«ra'.lona. (irrn ..n in. ap.-r All 
eaouraia #ark mitad by macblDory. 
PMONB til 

1\r. I rwiS HAl.I, Jawa!l n 
Ti'^* in. I I'o.jgla* Rtroata 


I KHi TK. dantlat. 0«le« Ha Ml 

Jl^'. mh>rt on _ H Id^g , ''''J g*,,, \' ,*„; „,-ii. 

^AMLEi. p. MILUiB. X.iar aa« 

Tk^fapaaua tfaatakaata^ MT Oaaipkaii 

VNTTHl.NU in bulldtnr or rapalia Phaaa 
174> Raoflng a aparlalty T Tblrk<>ll. 

BT. T i F'ia t.'tri I, of k^ya. on I'our' 
y, balwarfi i*..ija a,^ and lioyarnmant. 
Kd I 'a^k ■ t» t .hnann Ktreat. 

r p».i pi ar^wrr. I rt nama o' 
y iid»r pU..... ..tia 4:34R. 

gaaaaa. Startsr aad damouai- ^Af\ii 
abia wfcaai^ . . . #4a>U 


tt« Jotiaa<>n Slraat 

Pboaa llll 



car BRf ai 


At Ifea at Ifca car aa tka Baal 
•II Tataa MtaA 

VI.ITIir AN - f t~.alar far aaa A 

ana;> for I i ia a go'.d Intla r^r aad 

ohaap In ap«ra'« ' an t>a aa.a at 1444 
(lladstana Avaaua 

mt TOmUMa Thta la a 

Itlt BVMABOtTT ThIa U an > .,t 
samaaabla ear, In (aad thapc. tt*>4U'k 
OMtt tlMa •*....■..••.«««...• ^^aa^rV/ 

Oar tarma ara tb* lewaat of aay 

i*r la Brillsh CatumbIA 


Hi TA1 

I( >8T ' ol'l 
I addl- 

I >«T — Oa Wodnoaday. at n*aoaa_ Hill 

« 4 "i; 

IttflT .Small ipani* 
pup FiDd«r plaa** phona 7*l4T. IKi 

II rawarB. Pfeaaa 

ilth Houaa Schaai. 

«l, brown and Vklla 

PaM. a faoiball 
s t'raal' 

Bacalar ti4 t* 


AksalBtaty aaw 


TH'>9. PLIMLCT. l,Tt) 
Braacbtaa St. Pfcaa* 111. VMarta, &C. 

Ona ill-PMOBIUai Ma 

L'^fltlU a a aaa a aaa* •aaa«B0«««B« a aS^SS 

On* ( HKVRotBT m, IIM Kit 

on* MAXWBIal, iia« 

Una (i\ F.IM.AND 44 Rf kdatar |11* 

TriKT -9tn*yod (ram ItTI Davla Straat, 
■d young biaek aat, «Kk faar vkita yawa 
an.i wMi* OA asML Ba#Br<. ABWawa, 

Bbo\ r ad dray. 

IORT — On DettBlaa Btraat. katwaaa p 
> noma and Tntortirban (tatlon. nr on tb* 
4 1* far to Manf*ld. lady • puraa baa, with 
nam of mai^j^^^taw^rd. Ifra. J. Warnotk. 

HF Cal«aita. 

V.STTIllNi; in houaa rapaira Roof* r*- 
pair*.! tit'i tar'>d Work gUBraatosdj 
I .M.nataa liw I't.'inaa TtTt 11441. 

HijtJt*!'..". r«r.g»M, .■rp«:- wor» .if •:! kinds 

MICH k. \SJ> ( I .MKNT 

f^UtUMKI*. maatala, bailor wark. aaataat 
^ tawB. Maiipaa l . »SI D a aIBB A»a.. Oarta 

ytWANNFI.- A ViMKIW ■ K O.U8., 
t—lLLLhJ:^ '^mU ^ i b ? 11 ii'*i****iai V i 

wnmaao uomm 

;H;IV<TE ma-.*rnlty baiaa. Bra. J. Ma- 
R»n»l«, 1440 jgm^^l^^jl^jga ^HW. 


/ 1ARPF.T '^1 KANINfJ M'-lcria Dr* Work* 


'"'la l-ya 

> U-^t'MK/' n!KTS~<3*pabl. .;g»r- a|»ar>sl- 
laia requtrsd all aaar ( anada. Oaa 

nouno^anT **XrS\ RTfafa'Tf Blaa'aV 

/"-4 A , 


vaaiaa • dlaaaaaa apa- 


bwnralow. | badroairva; sstra larga BB- 

«aaat baa aaia a t. laaa^r y taNbaaBaaaMt 


8l'k>'IAl H.SaP ' 

MODBRN 4 ruoinad buiigaloa wiih bal..- 
la faaturM, eatiianial baarman:. pipa- 
laaa fnraaca. I.arg. , h,. wtii huuaa •'lioica 
atlon. lot 4*1140 . I. aa (<> Junction of 
Fart Si. aad Uak Bay Ava. Uaad alaaatiaa. 

Jf^ SI i»iB OBiF •i.m. 
•lafW BBtfi, feaUMBa aa aaay tai 

MasMHlaa Asaata 

-aa a^^ * » Ca 

•14 in»ar Of>k 

BT nW.^BR 

elaa* la, fa ad lotailir aattabi. t,.r 
blafc.olita* prtvata roaniiag i.oviaa k or 
saTa. rant or laaaa. 

4 l-niila rirrla. alarlrlr Udkl, city Watari 
foaoad Bad piaaiad, rioaa ta paratl FaBa 
aad atraat oar* For aala. raat aF laaa*. 
/>OTTA<IF,. I RtX)M«. half mil* olrcka. 
V.' F*r aala, rant or laaa* 
LjToRR Avn 4 i.ivi.stj Hu<)M8, Bodara. 
k^ niaa* la. For Bala, raat ar l«aa*k 

raady ta tlsati iHBlla 
pavad raaA BB* AtSSl SBA 
FT loaaa. 

AOK. aa Mill Har (io9d aboMlaa. 
riakJar. kBiblas. ate. F^r aala^ raat or 

at t'la. 

f*t^|B<a jBJMM. Oh 


BOX Nt«, 

run r. A ; IT 
XTRW atacoo saml bungaJua . aiaao to Ro<-k . 

laaB Avaaaa: abaiea laaiailaa; havinc 
«4b raama, aaaaMinc of dlninc rooin ri^r^p 
ilaa raam. kiirh..n and i hra* b«'irn ..... 
TasM enlv its p>r ann im l,t>i 4< 

ill ft. Prlf^c (OJkah 11.004. baiaao* oa raa/ 
fBU^fMUMlBta lB«Blp» B* 

m a. DAI.BT A ea 

VOUR TDBT BBIT BtMA»Ta«'ra afraid 

I t, 

^IBSaAlB IT ■OMBWXBBB— .Niaa. fcraad 

laava at tfe« "ktmm 
"ual'Sairar Stall. Naw UavaiBBlSBt flii 


lA Ba» taaar la aaaa. PlaBdr Blaaa* 

taaa IMfU ar l4 " - 

aal'Sairar Stall. ^ 
Market (lata llo Siar*) 

To pinob a taror [.or ' .>ur BtiB 
la ttotply aa* bia aia. * 


vxron.D th* lair 

» ' by mlBlak' 
Cgndy .Slora. Tit -, 

? » • - 

r»i .,1 .lr-»** Kn I 

.1 . ; 4 • W I r . 
•" !.•••» . r. 

UIKI.NK-HK Of r»»HTi;MTllO>4 S4 

\RK yon looking (or an aparimaoi*. 
baardlnc baaaa or katalT Conk nv^r 
our liatlaca Tka kaal aalacllan aa ib> 
latand. Cra«4a Raalty A iBV*atm*Dt Co. 
Imperial Baak BbII4I*NI. 

\. HA NOB In rat Inia a mill prot><>«it ,r>n 
that la tip to data t.o1* of iintb^r 

ckaap. A akaaaa far a Maa «rka baa from 
ivy ^ Him. CMVBBMMy A^Saiat- 

Apply for ai>i>*4n<m«ai lo l 

Ij^irRNiiiiBD aad uafaratakaA kaaaBi la 
A raat I haaa aavaral. Otap la a4k4 cat 
aartlnalsra or raBlBtar FaBT VBBta Bart 

Q Hobinaon, llll Bi 

rhana 4 7tra. 


t faraiaBaC •r»»ia.~a. Maadk «SS« ta- 
W 4|fUa« watar. Pa aaa it II. 


% failF 

b a 

ahawa A 

i I ' 

bad r#.<».^i • 
i badr.,..n 

. b B S raaaia. IIM. All tka akava' hnaaaii "^r^ 
w 4B<arB. vaB fBralAaB aa« tar«ar« b^aiad 

* ' ' ' .on>« « 

ttii 'M ph.n, HI, ( raama. I 
14' llniiywnnd I'raaraat. 4 r.M>a>a. 
IkO. i«t. I-atrlab St.. 4 roama. 1 

Phr-nr >l 

Hslalswaaa. Panaaa A r. 

kina*. 4 r^nrr, » ... t ..„,ur.n I honr 

APIt.f.Ar - aaiMt 

li a .1 ! • .1 • n ' " - 

a I 't.t i.ina • ' . 

Wbat typ« a- r.. 1 r»r|«lr,» If^ 

yrakably h ' ■ f -«.t t 

H. A. UAVIB, l^TV. 

ndltlnn. Wa aFar 

tf» Tata* it PWaa IIM 

HkTa Taa T«la< tka 1*91 Mataatk H aT 

ENOUlBM T-faaa aar 
faai aaaBlMsA Bartaat 
iBCBtA. PBSBS fmfclT 

TL«WJ[> HOAlJffTER. in par ^TTb 

flMttttb OSf^fc • • a a • • va a p a a a a « a V %iF 

vs^ss r..r. «ioo 

^a^B •a*«f«CBB«a«aB««aa9«ap4^4 ^^M^F^r 


aaia. rbaa p -P>a« 

Pboa* T4MBt 

I'l.a FOIClt. lt?» 

una UVBRUAMU 4 Baadatar, l»»t 1411 



1<MH 99m Baaat B«kt Baltrarr. 
KVmM^ Pim Bar; ha* nat baaa aat af 
tkis raar. « 

t r aam* 
a n* a 

411 rvyartaay Ri. 

Fhnaa lit 

PABt.*t8BBtl IIBVBt# 

/ KiNTIVi ..l-K »p.ra> rtn a nr* MM4 

' ■ „ I . . r 1 1 ng. -«» — - 

aaal«a>>aA rvmiahad, ra 

raat aa laaaa. Vary aaad aai 
aas SBB ka tatraraB Iw rlfM 
whs aaa p Braliae fantfiUBfa 

AMb^-a Baiiilr 

TpOB Bala— Oaaftatiaaary. v«ad laaatMa. 

oalr I4aa nei 44t4 raiaaiat. 

"I,>|R Cai- .'gy . on Pr*at-0-L4ta 

1 ga. •rltf.'l.'. n.ii <■> " 'rttriniat 

kuala4»a. g'>..d b.iain**^ Apply 1144 

Oak It4ky> f'bona T**' 

IF yov want to bvy ar aril a bwslnaaa, 4W« 
iba Oown Raalty A iBTaataaaat t:a. 

MII.I.MKN and lumbartMon -W* affar a 
aplaadM rhaana for lavaatmant in an 

bp-t<^d*l* ftlllr >.lillpr>a.l mill. with B 

Bplradi.' .lan t r ..... . ailabl*. bic *«4. 

laB or,.«.' . k <n opportaally for 
a laaa with |i.**« ii4**4 
ataaoy-iaaJur. Baa r..arn '.aait) 
Biaai Oa., latporta nar^b " 'tit 

8 HOB rapalrlMt ^arn 
dataS apl*W<IM ka*4aaaa '%a>i ar tarma 

lataal faaOMaary a«*.-k and ai i'har 
laartPB lawn ^hona 4*4 4. bafora t 

ly A^aSt! 

MMtd Orlaatal rtlta ta tba rlasnrra' 

VS'ir'rig ba afrt l .' wt.-n 

J aan.l thrni Irj (h. '"Ity I'y. NVr^r..*. ba 
rsuaa (bay will . otr « b«. K t.. yr>u itka nr«r. 

abgaht^jj^ggbgj ^ atj /^.'f '',",°* , 

nnVOOODS — U HOI-K.t.Al.K 

\X/UOL.B8AL.n bRTUOOi^'a- Tutnar II.. 
W laa A Oa.. Ltd.. arkaUaal* dryg'> 

importara aad manafaetarara. Mm a fur 
BlafclasA taa 

Dr. >J. DtnOaAP, 
clallat BapM 
117 tValkar liMA. 

IWWMQB ron AAI.B •> 


4 ! ■\ F:I V k raom hiinfa'».w. parfaatlF 
■* * ■•ir.'"-'-T\ .r, ni<' « .>«iion, rIaa* ta 
». I10..1 and car sarvlc*.* varaad* 
antrsnra kail. paFlar, dlalBt-raaan. ram 
modioua kltakaa. larta bathraaan,^ i bad 
room*; lofty baaaaiiaf. Tb* pinmbmr •n'^ 


■ •^. «..wr^..«>.. t IISBIBBB. 

I batbroema, rnmpiair. rta( walar BaBUBC 
Uaraca in hipn Daaltlaa. FI«B kaSBtUaV 
lots; oak lra*A Mtiat ba aaid IB 
.«iata. II.IM. BaaakaBa A Ca. 



f*»ty flrlahad bnnrBlaw .-aattalnint I 

A BMkat par. 

lib "Bit Mara" Braad ahiriA 
»tf BTBar. atiA4ai t a 




ivan tUBMl aattar 

D BATMAN — Jaaapk MaaaaF. aB 
liai Wharf Btraat. Pka aa ITL 


.>\ K r..l' furn f'tra ». v rn 
V'l' k an.i r*..«b.a karTlaa. 
J I . m ; ' <• r. • I' i.,.na I T • 

rifotrlc flitlatr ara ail high tra<i> t> • 
I rlnnda In ^4 a*r* in I'rulta. shrMba 
■ '•" ■1- It , n„ ,h. ownar |t,Mi, VBa 
> an<! Inatruci* BS IB SPil 

for }2.004. Tarmi If ra^uirod 

8 .BOOM BiaBarn haaia, all lar«a raam. 
Ampla varaada. raaaatlna hall dinmi 
and drawing rortms. paiMUad and l..,m.,| 
larg. kit t.n ,)»n. faar kadroorn. 1 a.g. 
baihrn..m, rull ba«*m«nt aad madam 
InK a\.i*n. on high •iBvatlaa. Oa'.ga 
Naar achool and I raaafkartatlba. Till. <• « 
I .riari hnma. < '*a« lha owaar «»ar 11 taa 

Will B*ll today lor |4,I4*, nn ^^rn^, 

(| l.fXtM houaa on th* aaafrnnt. unob..~urad 
• ' >i»w of Hiralla and oivmatra, atbada 
hign i,arr* rooaptlan h,n Jialafroaan, 
Bittint-roofn aad parlor; kathraaai and •!•<■. 

Itu f Itl lava laaBai*! I kairaaaaa Parf*<-t 
iBAllBd ayalom. Masa wall. amamaaiBl 
Iraa sataa ta ha«a aad s<i(a approanh n.g 
lot la lawn aad riawar* iMBt* gi**. mtn 
dnws, claaaad-la porrh . n.: ..vnrr |i« 
I'rira today, on tarma, }l.k«^ 


laitarlal Baak Bur. Tata* aad oort 


propot t .0 n»rt rooms, artiaii* dtcora- 

Wta, UAlUiWoOO FlAX>Ki« and HOT 
aVui MBATlNOh I katkraeaia. ruaraoai. 
alaetne radra Inatallad; rarata bwlli l« 

k.aping wi'h • ii . r..t nf tha proparty i 

r.rn.rt .Irvavat aii.l aa'k. ^-a^a af 
parfaeily kapt cardan, abundaaaa af trvlt 
aa« ntmmn; aak iMaaMB akrakbory. Prico 
i««aaa« to lia.l«r^nBB kf awatalmaat 

o. e. wcmmuL 

1*4 Pam>>»rt/,n Pldg phona 't'l 

v.w and Muparlor ^Tljtji i> RUNOAI/^^W 

i \- larva lot. In aaaay poaitlaa aa aBla*Mlkl 

^ ' r-oniar la 0«h Bar. caatalaa aanrvaai; 

I tng-raam. Ili'l. with firaplan*. oak floor, 
dinin^raam w'lli rblns r-iiptxiarda, .au 
fina- tw" ayia^ir..,. . n 1 rn" ina>1luiT> b».f - 
fnorr a t, * i , .. . . ., i , I kllahaa. all 

.....'ji ar. 1 ... .*r.^B, laaad ry 

I .r.r. with iiit-a. rina balhroom and llaaa 
"r.*..! I'atierat* baaawbaat aad fur«*e*. 
<v>ia '< rwlab IhrauchaBt. Prino and tartita 
on appliratlaai la Alfrad Oaraaiabaal A Ca., 
l td , 4t4 Fart Straat. 

\ OOOQ l-fMBI 

k na varp sair 

far aata. 

«UI. CBla 

fpifir 1 -n. k O . Utd.. 
JL I'.ii :in| 4 04 Ka^ 




la aay 

VltlttT r.irn-'Ura rv.nving p.rklnV .b ' |* 
pini r ' .1' raa*. ..a J..' A I arr. b 

Traaatar Ca. Forwardlnc aad dtatrlbatlaa. 

Cat rataa aa IrataBt la BastarB BBlalA 
oSaa pkaaa iill^ltf PBaSraAmMaT 

t- 1 ri M 
Cfiar I 




kair aa ara af saad rard«n larg* 

b«r af frail tr.a* hamaa and aaat 


riowar aarviaB 
111 rhlrkarl F 

•..^^ rH|ak>n !...»•• With 

fn-niahad Pr 4t,4l4. 

Th* ownar la faroad i* (a aoutb nwiaa la 
wifa'a lliaaaa aa« «14| aa a ap t a aaaali aaak 

paymani " " 

on grw.d 






laaSad •:aaa 


r:..vr.<« BBALTT BIMUWI 


SSaSF * . . a . . . . a . ^a a a . a . ^^S^O Ijfsi^l H ) ^| in 

> 1 ■ . .4 • It y 

'.•b t'hoaa 4IIIT 

. a. ' r ahor^k Bboorbora, aad 

oka aad ra4M MBa a aaw aar. 
aa« viU bM far tt9i 

• lAI f>a 

\l ''r^K;n..s fumtahad booaa, alam la aaa. 
rark aa« tawa. Pkat4a l»ISB. 

»a .| It*. .itapi 

- "aBPI 

r baaa :}l4li. 

sr fay 

l^^oR Hala-Malaaavktia • rmt . 
I <|al«>b^ aala, IIU. Pkaaa ai4i^ 

l^'ariRD ear aaaai* ataba drl.'og . p,,^ 
* .»ya I aa 'r*bBt«ar Fit 
daaiar'a. aa^aaiy rants a iin 

I^'tR RbI* 'Fard i.iarlaa ear. iMWIp a*a 
haaiad. dnad lap. palat 
far « 

shla, lUA Ml 

•a<t rakkar. 


lOrx^i*' lit..4hara Ta 

tata — ikAiMik. i4.»th.ra Roa4aiar 

14 •» • HCVTt'-. ,.r r 4»* Tnarlac 

tl\» . <VICR1„A N r ' •»• Tn.iriaa 

l<'» .'MBvRCM.Kr l-iahi iMll 

Pbm»a 4TI Ct T|a«*a4»d VaBiisiai Sta 

1 fka Q POIIO Raaidatar 
JLklJLO^jgaB^^aa mM 

t<»pi, a* 

■l UM 

■ laraa and r'.iinBa; alork 
rnie» N4e* l4w«t|aa, 

4>VI '^t^'TS aikd caalai M BBd W : bast 

O'^"'' a^at^d in 'h. rtty K haTfata. 

fl ' M W I ^ • ' vri -a aad aa» 

l^lfl^ ...M-al; law ra" 

fl i^(Uk —PATTRRN and M.ial baala'a. 
JfMMaa. mMftrs and toa4a 

ft'^'^ltD a81ab(lsha.d Taa Rm... 

4 a*-o*a ftn r.r In* • ' .■ awap 

• <kri^| NTRT M.r.s»tH. n.iatnaaa, 

♦»WiMr MB. pramabla aad (rwwiaa 
iratto no aanaaatHtaa. Law raai. 

AMk'H flPFrrv r-inmak.r r.^lra and 

.- . M.k.a t ......k. h^r^ 

.wn a n r" I.".. Ha — n.»a'-'ns na 'annl. 

-.fua-. niialta- ■ :i '»-tna f-. aal. i boa. 

5 4 .ii4 r, ■ >.raat 

paymant fraia a raapaaalBta party, baiaao 

pavmanl. U.a ir*l. today 

•• i ■•I'L 1 .1 %i I r >: I . 
' < I ! ■ m lildr Pbaiya 414 2 


n f vF A T .-.ppwrf .1 '1 > nr^w o^^.tiya to bay 
. rnr... a- ra. - wall alt aalOd 

7 r<K>mo<l sami bungalow, ib tka Pairflold 
dialrlrt. Camaai 

tranr« hall, larB* ^ . 

rooyn and do* havo aa«B a^aa f Baa i aaaaj 
ronm* ar* karp* a«d ikara prd aaratal aatra 


elaaatr aad r^pkikorda 

randlilaa Th* nwa.. 

liirrhBJ»ar a 

I* In s»laa4ta 

od .1 laa Taa 

111 (laa a. 

•hauld raallj, loak lata ihu ba fara / *a bay. 
_ _ ^ aal Bi. 

COM PUICTBt..T futnlahar) h-<'i.a brlr^i 
attrb'-llya an modorn ewavta- 
Irt i/indan Aaaaaa. Imma- 
Pboa* ttldX. 

It (!■ 


■Bards. tardwaA 


BBTWBBN May B traa t aad t> . i , aa 
TV Aad rinar In 

9* 9 % T, ' a ' ' • 

• • -' * w If ^ > '.,1 a i ' kta 

•f-rlBI pr.a r>f U,:k*. a r*du/-<l(.n of |l : 4* 

4 a appartaaWy raak aa tbia vary asMaw. 

.-i*aa--fbo abaar* ta b4rr la tbIa blgrV 'laa* 

dla. '5^1 at a pr\f* balaw t Naw* p.i.^a a.ka'l 
In . ..t.a tk*a ..'.- h/ria 

I* '--a' » i'.inl.d .n.t a:i*xath.r r. apUn.lkd 
Unr l.'loa ,<^-..n.l— . 4 araa .i-y *.>nm 
ffar.-.-.. « ■ . •.( 1-. 1. an'rax'. hall fm* 
bathrowm. pantry. I raasn* may b* a»d aa 
kairgaa M . AUa«*«| iaMnmr bbb raar* 
lataamd ata<^rt« tifHi nna*** aad blind* 

>. in'Mdal 'n Mil* rr4r» Xigb '<'' »» 
^a a-a v..'*.' . Al t'tra.,.. .t.'oaarf a 
i.rl.^ ... la ...jf^afona koa'IBr fralt 

ri-^ .fw.i. f.-*i«a lawi 
"fry Tba ir>'ai iaipra»a w iaa« 


Kr.A' t.ri...- ' taininr fya raoms. In 
frlat riaas shapa. Larga laral la*. 



^tx tarr* raaBii^ aaaM 

>, Oak Par 

iiatrtri, t klaaka fr«Ha aar: f bi« tnt^ 
ifaas, aariaa. >*rrlaa. rhKthoa hoaaaa. 

faraaca, aamaat kaaaai#al . ckarmina Mtam 

V'S^W.a'W; *^ '^•'^ 

4JfBrHP«'- rr,.,.. . a,.,.' 

b' alO«li" '«•' ff ' ■■ . ' a 

laaatlatl. </n eight larpe lota L>iiiy t],ia*, 
^^JMMJI^ lafBMl ABBtF B. Bi BbbIB, SM 


oirrnwBRT roRWBR rvr wowa akt> 

itAiM«- u'liry- ^.ll•»l«|,1 <iia 

. ' r. . ; . 1 n c a . , w ' aa V . n 

r..*m*. »ltn *«ary modorn r«a**al- 

*««w. It kaa aatfBBaa kall2 Mvias- 


(iidint Saara ta SlaMiB-raam. wbi<-b la 
panaiiad aad kaa a<ira'ti«a baiii m 
buffat paaa pantry. wiib balli la 
r rpba«rd. and bina, kt(.-haa. fwur 
badroorr , wllh rIMhaS rloaal* aff 

i( batbroaa4a a4«v._ Ps|l_ writ 





11 «T LOOK AT TMia 
w- .T' a tit p. '.n'r f'oTT r>*aBtaa Biroat 
... ' -koaM- laaitia. 4niii 

... ' ^ mt taa 

' . .« V I.r » try A ir;»T 14 »; v 

ImpAriBi Bank fildg . 

at I ra '« . - - a» Ti 1 
an la '.rai . 1. 
^waan i.n^ aa 


• inga.r.w a««*a rnam*: 

a . -wnditioa with m^a... 
in.*'! r.r ^.rd af . r . 

tra»a aal aiBa'i rrui** For aa tainadiafa 
oaia •I.ISS'iwsn. aad kaiaaaa af ttjm BB 

lary-a «. .^g^. 




OOQlfifl ' Br>OMS. t larr* bad-Men* aB4 
W^SC^f I aaaali. Il«la« room aad a«aiaB* 


raam »a eaM.. Mr 

.-4)»ii and f>aair> wMb siak: aaaa^av. wmmm- 
wumti pki^-l '«• 'nrw*'^' /toaa la BaBcB. 

II aa« Ibadkbaw* ^ 

H».RK .■< Till H < II AM' F 

iri> wa*1-b«lH h* 

.two's'tT ^».-tar r« 

♦ .». 'irapi.'. If...''- ^ mt h r'^f.m Kaa 

iM-> ■ ' I '. ' " ■ ' ' ' ' -i." ' ■ • - kg ■' 

c«adrtl«n 'iara* ditatna. 

15* 'aj'tftfi utTl 


THE nkJiy COLOmST. victoria. B.C. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28. 1923 

OAK '<A> A^l'- I M'-l<-'i. < of t 

riaii1«Ti of I room* lit t>«r 


Md aMdarn rMM*M« ot * luuiui, 
Mr aMStk. 

ROA2>— M«4«r« k»«w« •! ■ 

w»!i mrnrcil raoraa, nr»' oi«»» roodl- 
I. on ■!>; ^-mn, (t* par iixmili 
aJCX>KlCllM HTKMKT — 7 raoma, rood con4l- 
ttam. IM Mr ■ —i l l. itMtmitmt wmur. 

r<>r>n(ii h'lr nfr furnace, closr to rau ■ : r. ^ 

» 1,. , n , i' n 

OKA K^t' l' ''A I K KOAO Mrxlcrn houan »t 

7 ronma, i^* •* par month. 
OBArrON STKRKT. Kauulmall— • rooma. 

bl gMd 'or.dltlon. ft m«atli. 

OOOK aTRBKr Huncai** al f r*MMk 

root air iKiAj>>-««wiy mi*i*« ■■4 

•-. . . < ii« M r«r«lcM Hmmm tm mil 

upwarda. W« «||| k« »l— ■< tO MSMT Ml 

Raal Eatatr, Klnan-lal and laaarmsca 

tt* r*rt stf— t Vl efrla. tLC 

(Tkla Maaaa • Snap) 

C|7B •••r r*« a taBalma tarvala la a 

" wall-kMlIt aartl-kaacalow la a aaclod- 
«• pan ar Oak Bay MaalclpafKy witi, 
•tfMt «ar racllltUa Ttala lioin* m),\.h i, 
obIt alM>ut »liht y»ar« haa all tha mod ■ 

r-ri : •<ii ^ f n'>t n r m it- ii.l i.^ ^rn#!||t feaaa- 

" — iit an I a",i I ai' 'JI.4.0 Thara la 
alao a barn wblch inaaca a sua<l sarasa or 
rhlalia* Imm*. FIm I«t«I lot. It ft a 111 
(t., all ta — aC mmd eoatalBa aavarnl larva 
omU aMda traa» <Tha lot n'i> , *n ba 
w aw y < tor llttia mora i>,»„ lair* 
•wlat'> Taiaa laaa than lis . v^^r x 

ffw dollar* ll[>^'i! M r . 1 ■ Ifj. 

1-MOf ».> H.l 1... r.i-. ^ /, fw ,• .'iMa 

tniKlUlon. Hralilaa maklns a daalrskia 

homo, tlila la a afeaaeo for a hasdaomo 
tar*oT«r la tka soar fataro. MM caah will 
haadla. aad tha balaaca ran raniHin on 
mortcaca at iba currant rate or 
Upaa laapacdon you will a<raa ibat lUia 

la a (in ai < >ni.y 


J. B. I. 1 V >! K T 
Suc<r*aarir to 

XXprniS half mlla of elty llmlta, 
< ' quMa rioaa to rar. In a vary pratty, 
atooltarod location, lilch with flaa vlaw. 
A aaw tharaacfeir mfHm-4mtm aad vary 
wall batit aavaa-raam baasaUw, iumt 

aeaaplatad and naver yat o'ruplad 
Handaome aniran^'r, with rioakrooii). to 
.kali, at* llaa dlnMf and llvmc rooma, 
aach paaallad and baamad. and with 
bullt-la faaturoa and large oprn tlra- 
ylacaa; coajr dan: a alaaaad-ln aua porch 
(«sl» ft.j. Bloetrlo fisturaa of (ood 
taata aad «a«in]r. A raally nlra kit- 
rhan witk RIOTa than tha iMual ron- 
v^ianeaa. Baraaaad porch with camant 
fi.>r ta kttebaa antrance. Throo fino 
bodrooma and alaeplnf porrh tapatalra: 
larga modem bathroom, linan Bttpfcoarda, 
ate. Baaamaat walla and floor ara of 
coacrata. aad thara ta a (ood furnaca. 
Halt aa acra of wall kapt crouada with 
lawa. flowari^ oaka, privat hodgo aad 

wall plaaaad 
Ma««rato prtoa: 

Tal. tM 

ornea! IMt Daattaa at. 


t » H K I ^. ' . M A N S ■ri,.n'.- < room li(>ua#». 
cameni baardi^ot, aiiitoMt ika a^ra of 

laad la tniit aad vacaiabiea. A c- coaimod at loa 
tor IM blrda aad ai^bia for « cowa. A aaap 
at ll.TM, tarmau Crowa liaaltjT * lavaat- 
■Mat C'aL 

I r: aNDS, Wlllawa dUtrlct. A 
> >' r ol< n and completa foiU'- 
roomrd bunaaiow, bttllt-ln faaturaa, opaa 
Braptaaa, fall kaaaaaat. 

•OJ/WV-M»W aiDKMUOW, aorar 
V^'SW p|a4. vttk iao kair-aaro rrntu- 

vatwd Kxr Un and fruit: nica hiKh loeatloa. 
Bill* »u ] i;> r circia, vary raaaoaabla tarnaa. 
MirnJ,^b HBALTT. «il aayyard »aii4ia« 


5 .ROOM modafB k«MSalow. altuala In the 
boat part mt ITatrflcld. Cnnrnt t>aar 
■Mat, furnaoo, laMl4rr tuba, L>loini-room, 
apoa ttra; llvlag-naM. larm kitckoa aad 
paatrTi roeaptlon ball, S kadroosaa. barga 
ff Ijjaa aad lawo. I'rica, with : laria lata, 


(A. T. Akkay. Xcr.> 
Ml Vlaw ^r»«t 1»h«ao III 


t> ROOMS. I badrooiaa, llvina-room. dln- 
f lac-raooi aa« kitakaa; alaapia* porek: 
apaa iraplaaa W tka Uvlac-raaai; kard- 
waa« laaMi Cvraaaa; Ml aa i ia g t kaiiawat. 
Mat tor IraB kaaa* ar aar. Viiaa M.IM. 
on tarva. 

bJICVltN-ROOMBX} nWKI.I I -.u. Iar(ii lot, 
J baaotlfully located, «all built boma, 
la okolao part ot Uak Bay, wlih tao viow. 
toetav aaa. Wa would ba plaaaad ta a bow 
t)ii> t. ariv'.nr 'leairinf a at k a plaoa, 
.M.I , ^ Hid oaaaMar It a bar- 

(11 in • in« t-Ti, f ..f |4..'0a. 

)■ * i I ! i- I 1 . 1 ■ 
I? MOUW, four badrooiTia. larga aad alrr. 
Wltk goad elotkaa rioaala IWinc-roota wItk 

largo opan nrrpu. . i , „ room witk 
paaallad waiii. i'^^. ' ~ .t.i aad opoa 
iraplaoa;; daa la baamtu and paaallad, 
alao kaa largo opaa fcrMt troplaca. nica 

brirbt kllrbaa with good paatry, whlrh baa 

r. 1, »r« «n1 rupboarda Full alaad ca- 
iiiir.i i.a*>in.>n wtth rurnare and laundry 
tuba. Ihia U raally a baautlful boma ana 

laa a waadarti vlaw. Tka koaao aiaoda 
aa fo«r largo loiral lota. In lawn, cardan 

and n-mrr% ai«.i aa*aral frnii ire.-, an. I 

• II ai"i" ' •■' • frulia. l>.. pi. .p. 

• rl» :»ri k. 1.1 In lh» ywrf (iMeii CUDttl- | 

Altai f A aav, LTo. 

«?1 K. ■ . ..I I • 1,. ■ >J 

K*<u iLatala. rioaaclal aad laauraaca Agaala 

' "«T iit.M*— orr Bit KD roil i« 

'^AlRriEI^D boma nf tmpoalac appaaranra 
af I rooma. with bot watar koatlas 
ayatrm. aliuaiad on doubia lat. ta 


Thia home eonatati of iMSk .I'P*"^'''* 

hall; doabla li*iaa-roaai a^Wll lagto- 
nook rireplaie, beamed and pan 
elled dlnini ro<jm with buffet ami 
rireplare, |>a.a« pantry, kitchan aad 
. >»lory on the firat floor. 

Thtre la a front and rear atalrway with 
larca landlac, four aplendld bod- 
rooma, ona with doubia rioaala and 
aaa with opaa porch; bathroom aad 
tollot aapara«o (apatairai. Tkaro la 
alao a alairway leadlag to tko altie, 
whara there la «r. ommodatlon for 

two morr roollln Ty<- liaeemrnt la 

of coacretc, and baa aacwnd toilat 

AClUCAttK rOH ftAJUB «t 

»i' 4^ ia W p»^^rf»e»W^WJOaat^^»e»e^e^»ae^e»^^e^^ 



Very low prl'-ee and 

VT '^II.Nf 1 !.,„ 


a 4- 

mIi' tfapa." Wtca aaw WtM*. 
oaa ko arraagad 

ry C i 

1 .J el u' nit. luMila, 
t aeraa, ail of ■ titcb 

ealttvaltoa. togothor 
dwolMa*. wttk won; 
.•tty water within a MMfei alaMtd 

UgM. .-mall .labia. navMty la 
loaaod. lai 

ANarORD LAM— • acroa wtth wator- 
aad a 4 -roam modora boa- 
Vllk b aaomaat aad garasa, 
rarr aallaklo tor ehlekaa ralalag. 
Horn* tbo aaa la a( tka varp kaM. 
e i<.i«o. ar wm «MUMa HP taws 


T BLK I.AKB— a«roa. )«at off mala 

^ Kaal Kaanlch Mf'iwaT Ha* a ni<e 

eaairni lilo[.#., w u ei r. 'i ! *.rw >-f 

tha aea. Moll la llgbt and very wall 

■A^aA tor^aMyU umm aad aki 

^1 \ -BEACH DRIVB, Oak Bay. aoar 

■r I M'" e„ f 111, he .n l hotel Hplentfld 

l.'.t 'l I I f^i"- w few frrl f' .<.' 

at^P^^UIiiJU^il LfKlVB. Oak tlay, coraor 

#lt>U aaar Wlllawa Boaafe. M bp »M 

i II AT r «« 


>P4 Fambartaa 

aoHMk. im. 

Fkoao T4I 

>i'ik(k OAK BAY- Naat aad atlraetlra 
^^'J'J i-room baagalow, oatra wall 
kallt. akolca locality, faraaao. droplaea, 
ballt-ln nalnraa, laoadrp takik oomoat baaa- 
moat, gardoa, ate raaaatt. 111 Paaakartoo 

()W-MnjS rlrrla. Juat oatdMa atty— On al- 
moat 2-] aire, on gOMlO Mil alopa, a 
woBdarful orchard ot l*-)r«ar>ald aalxad fruit 
troaa. prataaloa raapiL togaaa, earraata. all 
gardoa pradaea; woll-coadttloaad ekiokan 
boaaa aad runa. Front la almoat avanr balb 
obtalaabla. ahada traaa, ciiuUe afcrakborr- 
Thoroughly modarn, dellghiful l-roam bun- 
Kalow, acraanad from atreal: all room!i 
irlsht, large. Well planned; modaro l-plara 
bathroom, lauadry room with lube; 7-tt. full 
camaat baaomaat i ao roaayatina raqalrad 
for greaada ar kaaaa. M.iTI, tonaa. Im- 
modlata poaaaaataa. VIetorto KaaHy Co.. 
tl«-11 Caatral Bldg. Pkaaa MM. 

Vrt^O bungalow, I rooma, all 
built ID erfarta, opan fireplace; 
l aaamaat, bot air (uraaco. Baay 

oak poiiahed floora, all 
built-ln atfai:ii, M|ii location. Oak Bay. 

It yau ara on the market for a ka»a ar a 

lot aa whii-ii to iiuiid a hoaM^ R 
will pay you to aaa mo. 

B. a. HBATK 
ft! Tataa Btraat PkaM •T4 


taaa, with Ibrea large luf, rinaa 
In; nica wood abod, good cblckt-n hmisa an,] 
ru" ^ ' ow barn. |I00 c«ati, balanta }M 
a I 

a>li-iLi| .MICR lltlla homa. 4H-mlU 
V-LVJ'"' i(ril»_ 4 rooma. preaaed brick 
cpaa firepla.-e Half acra choloa land, ax- 
tanalva cultivation, large and amaJI fruits, 
bulbo. roaaa. ahada traaa, ale Torma ara 

•*>/\AA--OOf>n home. » old; S b«l- 
^^J\J\J\J rooma upstuira. 4 rooma and 
opaa flraplaca dowa. balh. I lota. Taiea 
•IS. j-mlla circle. • Taroia: ItM ta |iO« 
caah. balance 120 a month. 
#O^A(y <'Oflr bunicalnw. Jamea Bay; 
^^IrxXTy' paved acr-i-i, hJnil> !■. |i»rlc and 
eea (:,..■.< garden aad (rult traea. l:;XCIcr- 
aonD. Halt caah. 
PAIRriBLD — Dandy homa. alx 
riMima, aloaly arranceii Kurni- 
tiiie ran be purchaaad raaaonai.iv a ' i - "i 
Kti iN-p In quickly. ti>>00 caah, iuortsa«a 

rooma. med- 
ia fine baae- 
Ki limi.nd ltd. 1440 handlaa. 
\K HAY— I rooma, modora 
II i> to data. A raal flaa 
lltlla iif.ine r. i anyone With |1,IM oaoh akd 
balance arrant*-.! 

•QOIWV"'' ^ ' " '' ' -PP'"><"'' home. « 

tKv f w^,y\/ fin*' r.ii.ine, inoilern baaemeni, 
' ■ i t' Half I a»n. Iialani e on mort - 

— IlKgT IlKN(iAI.<>W of 4 rooma 


*ifc'»~.nn NICE bungalow, I 
•iT— >ini ,rn, eiira room I 

ineni ^■.'»'*4 

Built !</ ronlractor for hia own uaa only 3 
yen. N.. Coaaaught Stroot. Boo 

It- .r«a.- and good lot. |1.M« taah 

an. I )<ii .1 month 

e*>wr:n luvblt homo, mt, TotAiiB- 

V'*»V" Htone conatrurtlon. < rooma. 
rnorlern Half i iieh 

d>.*Tr;ik/^- l« UlIllM.S mn.lern, every rr,n- 

4fiOu\J\J venlence, IIAKUWOUU f'lXJOItH 

About kalf aen afcolao land; grooaheaae, 
garage, ate. Walking distance City Hall. 
Term a, 

•^nnn— NKAIt oak hat AVKNI v. - 
iPIWw KIne hoiii.- of 7 rooma; 2 loia. 
I'linly fruit treea Laniije. HOT WATKIl 
1IKA1' bee me r.>r full partlrulara. 

KA1KKI1CL.D— Fully turnlahad 
#»/vFW homa, I rooma aad laaJd'a «uar. 
tera. Walking illatanra. 

BtntDIHO- NOKTH PARK fTT , near K. 
IXyr or I* Hall. '.> Iilorka frnm Hud- 
oon'a Hay alore only 1700. 

J'iRTOODB — I ha>e « Kimil one. run 
' nine » yeare K.aev ri nt In mo'' 

STOaa arn bulliUna Ki>ktiir<-» nnd l>u>l- 
neaa tor II. 000. .<^i... k at In- 
voice, abuui t:,&00. CASH 

notrr thi.bimione. ri.BASi;. 

I ran deliver any of Iheae prnperttea, but I 

am busy to Klve 'phonr Information 
BERT a. IlOniNSUN 1217 tlroa.l Street 

^-ROOM hoaaa, turnlahad or olherwiaa; 
4 modem; I large Iota, fruit traaa; garaga, 

etr. Price, wltbniit furniture, 1I,IM, 147 

s,, . . ,■ • 1 • <r.5R2. 

H . . I ■ >■ II' 
M O I > E tl Ml 

D II iia.e . . 

It- i lit tlAI.g ON KAgT 

T K R M li 
re i. r ii'ort OOd MtAUaOOOIk 

' '.-.n. I laa 

« i I 1 .1 .1' .H r I r 

III f M ■ I .K ■ 1 1 

11*11 » ToUP, LTD. 

VIetorta. B-C. 

^.'-li U II k ""'"^ t» 1 X K I Ml M B UNll AU ) W* 
^>WU gTBAM HBATICn Located on 
Roleher Aaanua, near to Hich ami ( antral 
Bcheola, and commaadlag finest rar aervlia 
la tha city. Tbia la a moat romfortable and 
eonvaalaat haaoa. ro4oeorate«l throughout 
aleam beat In every roam; kardwood Boor 
la diBlag-roem; full lat Wllk fmit irooa a 

111 OatoB Aaak AatidiBt Pkaaa »IM 

V\.\\ll<l» It) HI V — Mt»l vKV 40 

M<:>NKY Talka; Have tipiit raah for amalt 
bungalaw, clear title, modern, furnace, 
rtato laat prieo first. Ownera only. Box 
««7e. Colonist. 


^■aa lag wa (iva a faw iiotinga of this 

>ety popular style of home 

liRANU aaw • rooma, hard- 
wood floors hot watar kaatiag. 
baautlful fialak, kis lat. A 

lovely home. 

NKW 7 roomA bardwood floora. 

hat waior kaatlBA osooilaat 
piumbiaci «aBMa tmrago; aaa 

V law. 

n RA N l> new < roome. harilwond 
floora, aunroom. granite fire- 
place; full baaaMOBt. cantral 
haating piaat. Mlea tlaiaik 
Munny laeatlok. 

NKW I rooata, fcoaaiirulty fla- 

labed In white an t nainral i>ak , 
^'rench door • i."!*.-. n Iiving- 
rooma; roay breakfast room, A 
••»;«y, krtgkt aMBBp k 
Plato ta rrary AalaM. 

•« Our. 



\\TANTRD— » or t-room bungalow, off Oak 
* ' Hay Avonua or Kort Hi reat. < 'harlaa F. 
I'aslrK, 111 Bayward liloc k. 

',\NTrn from owaoT— AttraotWo houoo, 
4 hedrooma. good locality. Hot to 
e^ieeii ti.oo* Must bo a kaTgalB. Im- 

m 'Jj^at e Ho* <HI. foloalat. 

VV'A.WTKti, from ownera only, t to i-room 
»v bungalow nr houae. In FalrHeld or 
city; rioae In place prcferreil , .-luet be 

atrietiy ri...iern win p.v j.i, \\ nia full 

gMTHcU^J^^^ l^^e^ J^. til I "''^o j'"' 

^ARATOOA. Callforala, In the "Valloy of 
1^ Heart's Delight," fiflv milea aouih ot 
San Kranelarn, on main hlahwav lo loaat. 
^ ileMirhlfiil homa. op. n lo a few (iieatai 
fieaiitiful <-limata, warm hnusa: heat nf fo.)d 
Adilrraa "The Terraeo." Boa Ml, Safibtagai 


a» wnam a cnx, urn. 
caioxaR r ARM 

^A'TtMY * ACKRR. la aploadM ar«or. 
VSAA/V « hirban and Ineabator kouoa. 

FVult and garden. Coay ».un 
galow. alttlng-room with open 
flrepiar> : tw. ivedrnoaao' kit- 
?**bi 1.1 water; 

batkrac ...n, rroat- 

Kiceptioaai ckaaaa to 


a CO. LTD. 


Wll.I. p.1- haaa the nealeat ala 
rnemed . A I . I rt">llNI A HL'NOA- 
,^IW avar offarwd In Vtciartaj I ktoSll frOM 
■a 1 blocka from car Bntraw<y> ball! 
■•aclnaa. brigbl living and dining rn«m wiiH 
treplax and bollt In faalares. arya k t hen 
»tO- .-iipboard* Mn». etr Three larca l»ed 
« II I . upboarde HalhrfMitn In 

,h ,r,„.. - i»nt haaemeni a ii h fur 

e small raah paymant. helanca nn aa>r 
Mil Tha unffltb I 

^ BMa aid«, rkaaa 144J. 


v<T N-^arr inn QaalHw aaaak. V.l.t toetoa 
loif iinka. (jpaii all Wtator. 


- raaiaaRTON a aoit 
PamkattdB BMg. Fkoao IM 

. ^^^^^^^ 

WATBaraoitT— Miu. aat 

ABOUT i actap af laa«, aoma claarad, 
kalaaoa la woadod. with all the 

■adorbraah aad 

.11 growtk alaarad 


A new modora baaao a( T 
all the moac »p-ta Bata 

Ctarago, i<ai^. paalt ry 
atkor aatbatidinga. 

Tbo ^n<>a Inrladao furaKara, 
■ aamo add ploooa. 

Tkla propoTty la wall aM«aia< aaB|> 
asaadiag a apioadM vigw. gSila aMR 
at tbo prtoa af 

ricuniCRTON a nun 

Real Kstala, rinaadal aad las«f«aoa 

•tt Fart Btroot Tlator^ AC 

EtOirraBN acr*s of rbaira laad. eltaata 
on wiala raad, Iran than tan milao aut; 
<lty wator Ptpod In. All land under cnl- 
ilvatloa. ao reck ar awamp, high and dry 
Praolleany all bolldlnaa ara new and ron- 
Stal Jft fo«r roo.Ti i^iinaalew . ban. f ,r i welva 
' " " Hry and hirbaa hoii»»a TbIa 

property will he aoid at tka aa« 

lav price nf i; ••• 

1*14 Owooraaaoal 


heenliri,' . . « . ...^ ... -oein r.>a,t aad 

railway, 11 mliaa from VIriarla. fity water 
lolapkeaa. aad Ma^ aa w iaa ta p roporty. 
Iioad par* claarwd aad fBft * 

t.tilMfnc* m wr. iT'^od * 

! ^l I « . H M I * c » n at ^ 
H.H. 1. >ltiurla. B.Q, 


»' an the t-mlle circle. Portion i Irare.i 
and balance lightly tread, with a<>in« 
uodarbrueb. Wall suited for raiam* 
chickaaa; ao rock. Tba wkala for 


aaADTeMAoa FAaai 


tlva land, alx miles from town. 

'. y. T' .1. Ii..iii.e |.laetere.1 w th ^asrmeat. 
. ■ ^ r . 1 ,iti-.-ri '..i fi.ur'.l ljir.l«. i.ain 
aixl eaLalleiit wetl. lluuae la well and com- 

platoiy tarslsbod IM parabrod Wyaadotu 
cklckans and good family cow; oao aero of 
small fruita Wlihin S minutea of l< <' K 
Rallwar liepot W inter •upply of w ....u n 
To bo tiai riricrd fur II.&40. uu Tariua. lu- 
■MAtato poaeaaaien. 

lU OaloB Baak Bldg. Fkaaa IM| 

\\rtl.KINSON nOAf) Section 4 ai-re« n' 
V* rl 1. \a Iry land, toxell.rr wttfi [n^tr. 
bungaluw (altrioeit newi, city watrr piped t.i 
home. <;ood out t>ui iil inx.^ over half cleared 
and In large ami iniall (rulta; balance very 
easy daarlag. >'ropurty u a baautlfal place 
af laad, with winding atraam crooatag It 
LABd alapaa to south. Total prIeo ia.44«, 
caay taTOA IflUBadlata paaBMPtaa, vic 
I ona RaaRp C«b. aU-tt OgalMl RMa Moos 


* 1^4 aeraa garden, Mack bottom land, 
aad bUlslde with aouthem eipoe < ^crra 
In eultlvatlOB, balan. ■. imher ai - <.>i«Mira 
New t-room bunsaloiv I'l ri l< 

NiaHED. Fruita <>! a i kin.U un:iniii-->> 
water, outbuild mga. I'me il.liOO 
trfY ACRK.S r.i^l) SOIL, O.N SKA FTION »■ 
♦ - J4 aort a bottom land, imltl-vated. 
and It acres more of slashed alder bottom, 
«ery aaally got ready for ploagk. balance 
red loam, lagged off. A new 7-raoai koOse; 
bam, 10 by 10, and saveral alBkllWaga. 
gsrdan, orchard and small tnrit; 4 Oowa 
snd M shoop, hay, etc a golag eoaoorn. 
Price t4.4*«; terma. 

OKANACAN lake:— 38-acra .l.i-r .nl 
truck farm Fine realil'orr x i... i 
Inga. Trade (or Vancouver lauud (ai m 
valua ULIM. 


'It I nt.erton Bldg. Phon' 

UKr i k ro 141 an acre- -Oovernmant ilyke.l 
V'-'" cleared meadow land, on main road 
near r V R. atatlon. S« mIlea from Van 
• Oliver, Hi', It mllee from New aWeiatmln 
rii r In :'0 and 40 acre blocka and largT 
awner. lMJ-4 Credit Foaclor Bldg... Van 
cauvor, B.C. 



STNCI.ATR Road, OadbaT* 
close tn beach. Cheaper tkaa 
Jaokaen, 408 Oorge Road. 


• 4ru^— HoWKKu Ave. only thrao lots 
rJVUrtF fruTO waterfront; 74x140 feet; 

*t I I t'tfTJR Btroot— S lata, each 

fP-i'^l 'o•.\^\b feet 

Ski 1n<t UKAi'll HKIVK, near rnlf llnk» 
V-'-*-"^ and hotel. 40 feet front. 

I.RBMtNt; BROA. r<TD. 

tOI I . I'l'.- fl. or... : ( l 


I A M-'.-iI < «m t .>! I a III* muOef 
r..«i tenra, ataofliac IB I ocrat 
af lan.l »iiii (.j<a<l opan view, raatalalat 
I slitlag-reoma with opoa fireplaooo. hal' 
kitahoa. paatry. tavatary. I largo and 
• mall badreama with h. and c waata baaio. 

calbrii.' In . I .il !• i , i-emen t liaa* m • u I , i-en l r a 

beatluc ami • rcfrii; iiain i , . a« » 
pretty aariino, aaraa*. i.ii>aa aoU aaa 

i«i.aia iluiia 

Real Eatate aad laauraaoo Agoa4 
Cawtokaa aiattaa. RAN. Railway 

TANTBD to Rent— A fair sisad farm, 
kotwoon Dunoaa and L,adysraUh; good 
water aad kalldlaga; witk or without option 
ta BBiBliggi agg Mil. Oalaalgl. 

111 piirchaae fnilt and chicken ranch. 

WAHMm roM AAleK 

2*on Roat or 


X t1% aeree. aear Faroona Bridge. I mllet 

from Vlctaria all fenced. 14 arree anii*- k r.,<.i,.ed roltaae an.l uutball.l 
t«(a witti al>iin.lao.-e of water A T t'eat 
Colwouit P >i Phone Halmonl a 

l.oon A' ltK. IKni<;ATEn RANfH 
IN I'.Rni.MII I iil.l MBlA 

OKFEUEI) at a aacrlflce price aa golnc 
concern to claga aa aaiala. bacatod on 
both aidaa Kettio Rt^r at Midway. B r . 
near Inlrrnntlnnal boundary. Un two llaes 
railway, with •lailon and aldlna on ranch. 
:00 acre* now iiniler Irrlsatlnn. ami develop 
inent w..rk for irrlirallnc 740 arree alraaily 
(lone. Ample water rlnhta. Very productive 
land. Two orchards. Ten-room residence 
and alt farm balldlaga. Tractor, tana equip- 
ment and stock. A Mg propaaltlaa on wblch 
pun ha.<ier . an treble hie moaoy. Baay term* 
after fiTKl pavoieni For fall dOtalls write 
.1 II. Weailen 1001 I'radU Fasalor Bldg-. 
Vaaoaavor, nf. 

Si ».>(»() 

iii:ai TiFt'T. homa, cloaa in. 
paved road. 4 rooma, 4 aerea 
rhntra land, goad water aopply, excellent 
fruit treea, I garagea. plenty of chicken 
lieuHea. woodahede harna, eir No tveiter 
place on the lalan.1 for raialna potiltrv 
Shade treea, bulba and roiwa (alore. |f you 
have 11,100 In cash snd want this doMrable 
homa, completa with furniture, sea ma. 

bi;t yoi' mumt have thb cash. 

• iUn/t— to ACRBR, 704 good laying 
^PAOVrV' alrain I.,eghornA small aoltag*. 
good poaltry houaaa Start la ta make an 
laeome right away. I ml loa from elty, 
payed road. 




K A''RK KAKM. with alm/vat new 4 room 
bungalow iplaatere.1i open fireplac*. 
etc . almost new outbuild Inge, garaae. i.^ la 
rich br>ttum land, balance on gentle aoath- 
ern alope, 4 aeraa und<T raltlvallon, bal 
ani e In bolldlaga and light llmbor. family 
orchard Of large and amail fralta; I aero 
In potaloaa. moo 11.110 tor affor). tarma 
wiii.acii fiirniabod. Imaiodlata paaaaMlon. 

Vinorla Ke.liy Cp,, BU-tT OOBtMl Mdg. 

Pbone lOi* 

r AKMRjrOH Kj^^ 

FOR Raat— rally eau lp ped l 
Naaaoaa Bay; stock, equli 
cropo to ba lakoa at valaatloa rallor 
tloalafai, U. J. MarfcA NaaoMi 



A^.Kn<TS— If yaw waat a goad ataady llaa 
• hnwina a profit of t.St w-eiiiy up, 
write for ll'eralurr i»n our iut>t.... epaclai- 
tlaa Kteedy drmand DAK II f( Co.. 
I)>»pl. i: Uvnilon (>n> 

AUTOMOBILE gooa :; milea aa air. Write 
for particulars. 



Fwbwaaa. MoaOt r>aha«a.' 

<'40AaT-T0-<X>ABT 4irgBnlsal Ion. mishilaet 
of Its bind, aaake a•le*r1^an for repidly 
growing demand In thi* ae.tion >iur amaa- 
Ingty foat arowtb ilea in pre.ioueiy unheard 
of plan, which rataina. itevalnpa aadpro- 
saotaa r aardor tmainaea far sa i ismaa FRBA 
Oar plaa Inauree cwammer'a gowdwill which 
Is eraatad (a be MA.JCaMAN'g r^iR T f a << i 
flapaat boalneta rNliKR aAI.|.>4M« " 
men with aa 

fMeatlal Jireia ItaaAt. Ffaa' B. 
bora. < h . «»- 


LA NOB aaa amall 
i«»4o 4o r«N aad 

e< > Iwi l»er a ««• 

- w^*". 

A^Oa.. im F iikii'taa Atda 

RTAM. Mel.iaaai Tl«.k_ 4.n,p.wr 

HMl iirwihar Mrwtwera. ewlwwtors mmt ' 
Rlna ew^laaera 
•r aaaaJi ii 



IN eov ewa^ttaa (rem ••00 lo • aa 
Imprwred tortM aad elty pswportp. Ap- 
ply P R Browa A kiaa. lllB Arwad Btroet 


ONBT la l^ea» aA 


Ma lata 

lataraoM, Fa 
PbOM M. 


to BO,aaO oa apprave< 
vMOarl^ Acreamao 

In Buraa from 11 S44 
'ed teauleutlat proi^rty la 
iLa fur aale ajkil mort 
gagea par t boae d . Apply Uualap A Fwet. 


rjlll Rent r« arr.-e In North ^a«nl h f.o.M 

■' <■'' 1 :v\^'.iiH I'e ill U« r I iru A r^,>u 

.AoitlOD Hmlr' of 

HoDseiiokl Furoitore 
vd EffiecU 

At TTtr< OM Ecauioniy lAwadry. >*« 
Hridgr- Strr>rt (i.fT Hay strrrt). on 


<M8ft«r SI 

At 2 o<T.H-k I' M 

Bctwrand Froicaaloiial aistf 
Mcaa Mcn'a AaaorlatioM ot 

Vk-torta. B.a 

■alkclia tbe rairoaaVO Ot 

tka llnea ul ka 


BlagA l-kooa kl41 

AtrrvMoiui.B RnrAiu 


Avaeaa Phap* S»4A 
IT. (II Ptaaara Ptraofc 


Ml 4 

ITtO BlaaaAard Btrwot- 


Fkoao 4TM. 


A 4L WMUUa III Furl 


B. J I^WRCNCA Maa4y Candy glora. 
ISII Dlooebard gtraal. 1 mlaale tr««» 
Royal VIclaria Tkoalre. Fboaaa 44U- 

■V akb^'o'rSiBC' iitB 
rbu.a *"** — n«B 


A h t joNgft. with V r aprtabJiag, 

roioer View anil Hroad Pbona Itse. 
iOM'BATK argtlAlJ'TTa an»> t^" 
t Ricxr. I-KOIH t-rn 

IIB.VaU?! A tX>, «4» Uoise » a**- 
4141 and 114JL 

Ii ^ awa» «i| Caatral Balldlaa- 



irOX A MAINWaKIMU PoDobartwa Btyi'^ms 

rkaai 4111 

■ Bl BlfNNlNvid. Jl ealia. 

Fkaiw M>4 


MCaULROM A wiLX^ia. 

W. J. BRICK. 10/ A a 
Bulldlag- Ffcoaa 1470. 

Name* af Ove L,agal rirma maPW* 
(mm ilie Presldaat. Pboao_MTA 

ijkNn HI Rvmc 

y H ALi WOOli U I. UA, 
Buildlaa PUaaa 4*44 



Ftimai , 




w ». Hif 1 w N n I H i; 

Bonding I'boDe IllIU 
i U. OlLLlCaPlM;. 711 Fort Street 

T. B MO.'- K A C-O . 404 _B.C F< 

Loan BuUdtaa Phoat 

Bnlldias Phone l»TI 


/OHNatSSi"* BROltnilt* At 

Pboaa 4740. 

CUrar gtMkd. UI4 

ImportiBt Avctim 

Boom Chains 

Ovtr 8,000 Now Standard 1- 

Inch Chains 

hr vnlil I.v 

Public Auction 

at the blhl.L WAREHOUSKS 

M esm Balfoor Guthrie & C o. 

051 Cordova St. East, Vancou- 
ver, R r 

.\t Great iNorthern Railwa.v 
I'rBcks— jRBt East of Ckinplx-il 

Thur»d-ay, Nov. Isl 

Next, ftt 10 AJVle 

Messrs Balfour, Ctithiic Co 
having decided to relinquish hand- 
linif boom chains for the future 
have instructed me to clear their 
entire stock, Which eoflBiBtB of the 
f. 'liiwinK: 

i 000 F.nRlish Ovr'si/r Ii-s-n) 
(.'liains (jhHiiit H(i Ii.. i i ..vrrr.l 
i ' V I rst (ritiln 4tr 

1,800 Cana^ia Cham & J- urge Co. 
ChkinB, exact aisc (abont 70 lbs.) 

Ustsr Iroa Works Chains 
exact slse (aboat M lbs.) 

("nvered by Test Record of samples 
tested by the DomitiioR of Canada 
PorcBt Prodtiets Laboratory 

No Second H^i '! IiWi-M'.t 
Chaiog Otlcred 
Asm ChainB Are Regular 

Standard Stock 

laapacllen of rhalna and nrlglaal eer 
(ifloatoa oaa ko mado aar tlaia sravi' 
In aalo at glaeo of aala. 

Meaora Baifnar. oatkrla A Oa. aaS the 

Aiii-llonear reaerve to thefnaalVOB the 
rishi of arreptlns and aieoatiag anr 
ordere al carrani market pricea, aoeom- 
panlad kjr raralttance, prior to aoetlan. 
and eaaaot tkareforo gaaraataa iko foil 
riuaatnioa advartlaad kalac da haad ai 
lima of aactlaa. 

Kor fuHbar parlloalara agFly to 


Auctioned AppraiBer 
4II-MB Sarmoii ^Kncavaar. B.C. 

PhoDi 44*4 

Eagy Tefwa — Monthly Payments 



712 FORTST.p/V'/a; Pr,3^(^\\^ 


Nnlleo la haroky givaa tkaC aadar an 

Order af the gapratwo Co art of Brillah Ctt- 
Inmbla. dated »he lilh day of r><-tol»er. A D. 
1*1). I. the underalcned, was appointed Ad- 
minialrator of the Kalala nf Ibe above- 
named deeaoand. All partloa havlag elalma 
•gainat tha aald Batata are ra^aoalad lo 
rorvard aorttcoiata af aame to me oa or 
before tfce 14tb day at Navemker. A-O lilt, 
aad all porilaa ladoktod lo Iba aald Katata 
are repaired lo par ear h n i'' - 
ma forthwith 

Daied at Wtorlo. B C. lb»e 14th day e( 
■ - IBBI. 

a. Le_oox. 


Saatod teadera «in ka riistaia ky the 
ov u 4 Asa-j Maoomkor nth, 
far twa Browa for llgy^aBi r>eaortmanl 

riane a»4 mu t d a otta a a MF So abtalaad at 

ih. nia.-* of tba n«r Bitgloa^T «fi»r I "•eber 

■.I'* r*»4e.« K- m/t4'««w* Ih* 

^ TenOara far i>araa«a aeovo." A 
- • ' k igaa far !•% af tko «aial a«a«M 
r<« leaBar maal aaaaoaaaay ea«k taadar. 
Tko lt**dl ag gRF toaAor e-'>aa«riir a«- 

On Tlaw TasBday afterBMA and 

riinrninp of tuilo 

hull particulars will appear In 

WedD«sday BseratRC'a ^TH^nlat 

McCloy & Co. 



WedneMlay at 1 :30 PeM. 

At lO&l Vlaw Street. 
Almoat new hisb'Claas 

Bungalow Furniture 

chotoa IfahoiTRny Cabinet Oramo- 

p ' . . ■ . Ill' 
( in.if r u. 1 ,! h . ! i,, , .» iirr ) 


>N : : > auction as Above. Inelud- 
inc ttQua JfHimed Oak Dlnlnff Table 
aad ect of Chairs In Leather, China 
Cabinet, Rocker. Bnusela Carpet. 
Cehimbla Giufonola in Maho^.tny 
Cabinet with i:»-. ,.r(i ii .iii. .in.i 
Reborda (cojii $I7;. i-..ti. h Hn.i MiU 
trfss. M&salve Ml H.-.i \vi:h 

< .Spring and (jstermoor Mattreag, 
• rill expansive Solid Oak DresBBTB 
< - 1 BtAoda. Ueayy Bnamel Bed with 
and new "Oetmoreet** MattreBi, 
UeAtry Oak Roeker. Qullta and Com- 
fortera. Erapraag Heater, L.inoI«um, 
no<k, Glaas and Chinaware. Oak 
fhe^at of Drawara. Shaving Mirror on 
Bland, Rush Chair, almoat new •'Su- 
perb" alx-hole Uteel Itange. OU 
Heater. Qaaoline two- burner Stove 
and OvsB, ustial Kitchen Utenslla, 
TBbe. BeUer, Mower, etc. 

On view Wednesday (ersRooB. 

T. nil. 


Thursday at 1:30 P.M. 

In our Aoction TIalla, comer Pandara 

and nianshard Street. 



H. W. Ben^ Et4„ Uamr UtUtw Fani, teu 


com in l-Tlng 

iLiiing some so head 



Cataloruea conlaimng the |ieilljrer--'< ami pt- rfur tna n. »■» nf « ! ' ihe ii.m ilj ar|l| 

be tasiUrt next wo«k, and any Xurthar laiiiuUia i ah i-u obutinad Xross 

Bale No ll<a 






and Misceiiaoeoos 

Goods (or thia aaie may be aent in ap 
to 10 A.m. Thurgday. 

McCloy Co. 




Friday at ls30 PJM. 

Tea Rooms of Clean 

Furniture and Linen 




I'uly insirucied will aell by PUBl^lC AUCTION (witboui Ttm*irrm) at their 

oaoML INk «!• aai 'dit 


be MSA Aft I 

A ntmber of mtanhle BtHldlnv 

appo1ntni«^r!' prior t" the Sale. Inrhjdinif 

.Noimi II \Ml'>itlilL^: tu>.vi> — i>o<a Jt. and 16, fuoek 1, May tit; 
by 126 r: t u< ' >p(><M<n.> the Municipal UaIL 

SOUTH OAMPliajJUC AOAO— LoU 4i. 47 and 4», ■ssUon M, 
Let 4S. «t ft br lit ft. » In. liOto 4T Mid dt, 11 ft br lit ft I ta. 

'J'lNTO STIll-'.KT -Off MoMleiev .\«enu< « .1 - 1 1, , i l'iit,i>. .'v l»,x.l 
gruund, l>ots b, • and 7. Block Z. tiooUoa 32, Map 11»U. ftlaa fU k7 

MAnjBWOOD tOdH IsnAiHli Msnftt, Ms tl M« t4. todsk i. 

%\. Map est A Btoe. «• ft. br >M ft. edeh. 

P.\TIU<1A nA"\ — --f «f i-rmr-h Ml \V.-..' S«iiii|. Ii RoSdi, Uet 7, Bl 
.Srrtion i:.« 1 K and 1 W. Norih Haanich l>tatricU MAP 14tt. Mse 

aN.Mi' 71.0 ft. by «• n. nus A Mst AsslfAMs MU fee A OwMisy 

bummer UomA 

The ^ee leU mast aU bs seM said sisar VtOsAdM be 
Fsr ImiMr parfl— Isrs apply u 



6» fU 

110 fU 

Of Ltft 



Kale N.i lilt 



instnMted br MoBsn. i. Lock 4k %am wUl dsU bf VOHUO AWIIOir At tMr 
mann on n<*wdioy RomI. 

W^doMday, NoTember 7, at 1x30 ShMPp 

a nambar of 

IniNNled Jersey, Gaensey, Ayshire aad fleistem Cattle 

ipom the ChUUwnek INslHst. Id wWh Calves nt fSsi, aad id 

two waeka of tha date of the Sale: alao 14f Osferd 

.1 ' ' V ■ 1 : >-K .St r ation Pap^ra 
The .Stock will tx* '>n \ irw prior lo ihe Sale or by amasi 
Mroiii .1 >r>p1^ lA The AaettOBoer 

ts sales wIthiA 
tl of Umbb 



Inst nil ' <••' t. \' • I .■ . 

McCloy & Co. 

will asll by auetlen aa above. 
Full pAfttoalArg later. 

V. jirr. 


Farm Sale 

at ths farm .Aeetipied by 

npponitr Tatlow matloB ea 
WediH-ftda V . Nov, 7 


About Thirty-Head 

Jersey Cattl^ 

twenty-oae beln* milk eews and iboV 
bAjaaea bred heifers all ralaati on tha^ 
premiees. The herd baa ben .ornrntfy 
tegted and no reaetore and abaoluteiy 
fre« frnm ahortloa. SSd Wtft bS BdM 
wKhout reaerve. 

O'Brien & Co. 


Z>ttly lnj«rui te,i by T Hyneai, EJaq . 

^IM "te-Il «t reel I <1 e..n<-a, 

Friday, November 2nd 

CormiiriK ing 2 o'CIck k 

6-Roomed HooiMl 
ChevroUi Car 

Piano, GramopllOlle 
Hoosehold F uf il u p a and 

i >slr UMtraetod by T. U. Kaapa 
!>•«.. Will aell by Pnbllc AaeUoa at hIa 
readdenoe, 611 Harblnser Ave.. Falfa 
Held BatAte. on 


ai 2 i<'UK'k. ' tia slii.ia of \'.-' 

Household Furniture 
and EffecU 





in ^ I tide Baler, Mower. Ray Bake, Ray 
Pack, eta. The aaetioneere bee to 
draw epeelal attention oC bsryero to 
the aale of thia well-known herd 
whieh shews an association test of 

4.x ovrr'iAad 

Fall particulars later. 




rori'M ' * ^ ■ -■^ 1 I ft '! ■ " A " r ■■ 'I " ■ ' ' . 

Wedne«lay, 1:30 P.M. 

Furniture and 


Baby GnuMi Piano 
Beautihil Tllra•-^Sac• 
ChattMrfidd Soita 

ah< i» 70 ];»...ri1«. . lak <>nlre anil 

<"•'■ 1ai..|e«v I (. VV.«:i II' 1 ... ker I'tano 
l:ei, r-h I (1 VSnker < ■ « ■« : f .MAh 

Kockar, Corner WhaLnot, Boa 
I iea a je, naats and Jardlnlors% Or- 
najneatA Curtain a, i-'arpe-t rte 

■an — Oak BoU-top i>*aak, HaII 
Chulrn. Htanda BAd PlaM 
Booka, etc, 

Bstenelon Table, oae Arm aad dvs 
Uprlfbt Olasrs to iBAteh wltb leather 
aeatA HAndeome Rraaa Keadar /i ' 

Irong, P«rt pinner Har»Ue rri«k<-r 

Olaaaw • • >' ' - i 

menta, iiAarituug. Axinliiater Cai • 
pet. ate. 

I^ak r>lnlnc - % 

Haw UoUtan 'lan Kileneton leble 

a n. raaMd oak oiatas Testa.. . 

rVii <>afe B«ga«. 41ati1af ew^-WIe 
Oak SorUooal >i . »^ 
A »aml llpaaiete- > 

["T ifmkmmm ('•rio- i i •■ .« 

Hair a«»e#l rarWw Rai r... — 

aincee ^tew^nf M..htr,. 


Mah •c>'-- 
Brex H-4 

WliHe »e«1«. Hynng 

trpM. 1 1 » ee «• _ 

WMU Oraaoa 


747 FaH St 

I -r* , 

aa4 Mai 

2 ) T 


.W t>i 

^7 '.o 
. « r* . 

V> IK/ 

*<> or i 



Thia saMs is aphe tot are d la a 

bine ■ssteh^aefdyy.^ iTlSns 

A very Hiip^rior I»»rh f lak Dining 
Koonn Btrite of Buffat. KIghl Cornarad 
Bx. TabU and Kui' I ^af har ftawiaid 
OiaJra; fabtnaf r J r« m ophnna. I>ea- 
thered Uph. fhalm and Ttorkera; 
BMM Bedroom Kumiture. Bade, etc.; 


r 1 ■ I - !i laf ar, 

aean ait>: Mn inlay noon. 

ateadA dprlncs aad 
tre^aea. HiiiAle BrajBi Madaifad. Sprlnff 
and Keafmora Mn't re«iie.M Mahorany 
Buraati and t'hlf' < . i.e.i lunti 

Murean B«dr(>om > liaua. Carpeta, 
i n fe- e etr. 

aa It 


Oaohiav Otsasils. Ttea 
■1. Ireo. UshsB 1\kble aad 

ChAiTA S Oapbeafda. 44.4S Wlnrhaa- 

tar Iliria, Italian Manrlnlln \ . l!n 
an/l fajia l,Awn M'.wer '..tfl-n 

7. ••> -A >,r, ' A ■ m M r. ) I 1 ■» r, ■ 1 f . 

fif < Mr J. enter • T "ile en-l ' '>-mf Htapa. 

Burkaavr, Oamp < v.t and 'Tvalr, Thf 
rold dereon. Apple* aad Ft 
Rndve WMtsrerth Wergis (aMaTa)* 

with fhre»-*p*»<1 r'-i' " 

On alrw T>j<>«Mlii> n-Urro^nm frSM t 

Tabs the Osak flL sv ta IllrtiBi i 
>n 0L aad watt ta Harfcl—ii Asa. 

friimev- ai ; 


p<.e«lM.e eafilkiag '■lerl'-*! "e» 
ei^rieai-a o^eoaadag aaa koagttat 

I'taMtafgog aaMtov. 

rMona issiL aa W0X «sii. oavai 


nmnrrfms a » t m>u— i 

um »>-ata. ac aad tm abas ai, 2 

Iff Mate the >»rM B aSMg Ml fel 

.rtiag aa a TIagS f A tmmi 
e kaaa tfee PVaWrraSai aksM 



ml ttaad 




Tntr inatTiie«*4 br Mrs. Heleo 
tini- wtll —11^ ruMk^AuetiM. at 

Tniiliy» Oct 2t 

At t • ' tl mtK Om vfcoi* b«r 

Finance and Commerce 


Household Famhore 
Upright Grad Piano 

ani Effects 

I nr lu»1lng 

DrawlnC'lUioin I'hr brtlllarit wmo 
T prlulit riano iiy AiKiin H< I iim 

•%(of>I. hiofa. Tablr, M»hoca.iiy h'ranie 
i'hftatrrfl^l'l up In tap«««ry. 2 Korkrrd 
(le UMlall), ••fool «OQl9«*<l BookoaiK- 

B«olM (iMhMlat ahakM 

OrtttioMi. HMorr t JUglamd, 0UrtM 
1»r Am«H«*n Aatkofv. »m4 ^Hhtr 

T'nU I. lteh<Tf«n> Jarillnlero >t>i>C 
A knd ornameni*. Kir's Guard. 

I'orticru anfl WInilow Curtwnn. I't 
*.iaTi Hub Pkln Rac. TapMtrjr fanrl, 

12 (L k I ft. 

Vta/Ug'Womm — HuOmbm Oak 
Mtt*. lii«hNlaV naalTa Carrad Bufr^'i 
A>lit radaatal BxtaaaloB TaM« aMd *i 

Ohitirt ui' In I«*t)i»r "Slnir*'" 
rfimmiipfione and U«C'irctf<, Han<1- 
T'aln'f»'f1 Chin* i »rn«)ri*-nlH DlnriT »n<l 
Tr* Hrt«. St^rlt-na Kriill Mowl ^rnl 
J^rrv^r, an (•^nalla^i ^Ij/ikln Hidlriic i 
*?a(ldln ami Hrlill«-. (ink H»<>kma«<. 
fllncliiir Canary In caK<-, Ax Huk. uhI 
« border ad Francb Wilton Rwf 19 tU 
« t ft ••*' •• «• ^' 

Hall — Oak Rerktnfc and AMNtftini. 
Oraaa rhalr« ani rmt.W-, Pleture.'^ 
Dillon ltij«c anil Hiair <"arp"»f 

IXtd I'rtk IJbrarv T»*n" Oak 
S'-ltle with lc,!ith»T «.-«(, <"rvmbl- 

iiMtion Socretaire and iiookeaaa, 
Kocklnr aii4 •UMT^-'^lMlm- 
JSMkat. Carp«t. ste. 

MfHfi'iHiw t — Haadaema Blrdaar«) 
Maplf Hursao. Chiffonier. ftocknr 
null I hiiu lull HI/.' 1:11 B«d and |f|at - 
irrmr.'-f. (urtulii!* ("Tfl af f ^ ^^fWla 
Carpet. HlankcLa. etc. * 

Bedroow S — An •■ftiMl'ra .'Clr«aa- 
•In Sotn eoBilMnif of Full 

Mm B«< and Mattraaaoa. ^uraau. 
4Cnilfronlar and rhaira. rnathaa Chaat, 
Owtalna. Turk^v Cnrprt. etc. 

Wwlm oi » rw , I .ill Sir* R^nt 
JUmI Bads and Mailraaaaa, Sn. Chaat 
«t Drawan. mrm/WOMi «««.')Mc 

Ki l r^ w "Ala— ar" Ran««. tlnver 
Drophaad Mmwlnt Marhlne. Kitehan 

Oablrf-f, CnoWm. I'KtimIii ri,^thr. 
'•aaW'M l"arp<'i Kwr^rptr 1 ftfT" 
Mollrr I.awn Mriwor Mi-ji' ii,iri|ri\ 
TiiiilK (;a*< I'Iji!'- 1 li-f-'rlr Iron, nii'l i 

naariy n#w -BlaeUrd" KhoaU^i W«at> 
On ridv ICebday WMBtvit trwH i« 


tA« Ha. « car to tMllnpa 


. (wjrniCK jiiyiie 

1 A£lf yOJ«L EXLHANUi. 

Kiw Toac 

Urwl KHtaiB 


rar fdMbar pavllenlara apvYr to thn 


7M I»y»rt Mrr^rt Phone MTd 

ITtIj M>ninff PrraanrT! JOomni Prio 
"llOTVBwmrda. Bat lir<o»v<-rt«« AVB 
Ma«l« uo LMe Barbae 

NBw rroRJC ^>«t. 
prioaa wara atata «■ 

^uiet tradios. Ullity- 
inr throuch to n*w lew vaeorda for 

ili<- y^nr. HnlUng preaaur*. whii-h 
rfi»'rj(l> fiaa l>»'^n <*o n r«n t rated largrly 
in rubl'<T, Kiiifiir 1 opi>«r jin<l 

leath'r urouf)."*, nprni'l ovrr » aoiiic 

cluairit oui uf aoinc waabaaad mar- 
rtnal accoaatdi 

tkim mwM far » faw ardl- 
iMMtiva Im mtt raaoltad In 
braiJi# of thraa to aaven points wh^'n 
thay wero pr«>aB«d for aal^. The c ub 
tomary lndiimri«l lrad.T«i virldi-d 
■ llthtlv. ir ,tt nil Aiii'MiK Ihiisi' 10 
Hink iicv. ii.wa, howrvrr, vrerfs 

^ijfh )«aii^i «i \n\iT:' ,ir] SuK*'. ' urn 
nmn jtiil pi'-f>Trr.| l"c«rninui Playera, 
ronmiiii nrnl preferred, AlDarlcail 

Wr,f>i.Ti. . .iiiimon and prafarrad; I«- 
crnaiional 1 larvaatar, ■ eommea and 
prnfarrad; Coca Cola, Cantral Ijaatkar. 
Prodveara Mmd Xaflnara. Amaiioan 
•mamn* aid tha llarkat Straat Rall- 
war.lanea. Soma af tiiaaa raoovar«d 
•tl or ' part of thoir loaaia In the 
•porddta abort rover inf tkat> tMk 
I>1«<^« Just bcforfl th"" iloa«. 

.Moit ■ t.ho high-Kriul»> ianu^a stood 
relatively fifin, although Atchtaen 
yiaidad fraalta«a}l]r to a naw itxt 
mUimtUB #rta«. aa did 'rrlaao 

Uvataad. ««»• 

•ellins «f tha Amartaan Tobacco 
and Tobacco Producta laatiaa waa 

made I'll i'i"Tta on T>«partmcnt of 
JuHficf 1' luiiy Into the trade agrea- 

! . M . ntiy aano«|Ma« ^ tka tva 

i tl, 1 ri^K recovery In FaBMNM Play- 

«rr» w.ia tiH^ed on a nnoea 
Interpretation of tin rncnnt 

IIS •« C, ^ 


In*' rr.i rtdi ■ . :i »)> I'lji.i ;. \ ,,,-tion 
at ' fivi r H. . . til- ' 1 i ■ .t : nil 

Thursday, Nov. 1 

At S oVlooW, n. quAatlt/ of 

Hoosebold Furniture 

RaXrltaratar. 4. 1>»awHtara. acc.. 
with A maaafaeturar'a aiaak a< 
Oardaa rminuina. Bird 
tala. CandleatlcKa, ate. 
) i'^: i'.ir' I lara' la«ar. ar 

Aurliori'-' r - 

llOIJKIirs 4k Mb:LdA>R 

lUW — 
4 f>I '4 

k 12 

()«rvan/ - - Wwta4, 

HaUand I>*niaa<4 M.att 

Nanny DaaMsd, ^ 

Pmmtm OaaMad. M.tS. ^ 

Pwwaaffc -UiMil. 

HoitMrtao*: rWinaiHl MM. 
H|.aifi brmaifKl I ) It 
n>n.*n<l. 1 •? 
Halaixl l*nn*n<J '>0u ; 
CaaNtn MtonkU Ikrnuxd '.> 

AaaMa— Itawaaa. 0*14 

CAMADMir smuMc 

teinporurily to auapend tlir prculuc 
ol pictures. Thr (.••nt-ral Mulum 

Corporation aoBOuaoad today tbat th« 
Ol48 Motor Wort» at lOMliMfc Mehi 
■an. haa a»tora4 toto • aeatraot wHb 
Kalljr VipHndAald tm tka Mrahaaa 

of a portion of ita tlra rofuraOMnta. 

but that the contract doea not include 
til ih'- nricmal tire r-guipnirnt f .i iIk- 
' >ld8iiw,bi|. and I'l her (ieiieral .VJuiurci 
unii^, as prevloualy reported. 

Many traders wara abaant from to- 
(U> B brief and ralatlvaly doll bood 
niarhat, asd prt«a« drlftod trra«iUarly 
wllkiR naifrow Haatta. U.B. Oovam- 
maat booda raaadad aoma on limited 
OffarlnsB, probably because tha ifov- 
ernmant araa not in th,- mHrU'-t Ur 
caaalona were alir»i' I'lrciR-. i.cndii 
were Kfiircr, wilh ■>., ■mnf fhnt ;i 
few of the Kurupeait and Houlb 
Amertaan liauaa pelatod opwak'd. 

Tbera waa « raofwal Of tho da. 
mand for railroad 4'a, aad Bowaroua 
M«k-frada ranroM MMMUirieeH- 
ad raodarata valaa. 


* m 


1 Am. 




(Paraialiad brS«v«tek Sr•titari^ li 
All ms u sas ta^ Biolit.h* 

caa. Co.. SM 

la. Ca«0 

l^eamatlTa . 
Nm*lt a R«r 

Sua>r Ufg. . 

X T.-l ., 

w n. , 

Mi'ti I'.ir. 

Rbbi. Toll 

Anaronda Mlaiac 
♦ ' M»nri 

tUldwin l^aa. , 
Ba«lilak««i Olaal 
rasadlan Paeiru 

• • ••••••• 

> • • • * t • I 

<'hrKap«ak« A Obia 
Caatlaantal Caa> 

Chic., Mil. dTirp. ... 

r^aaa Oaa 

Chlaa Oaopar 


r aa isas navsrs^ . . 
Oanaral Asphalt , , 

' n - ra I M ol ftr^ ^ , , 
< (Oud rii'ti I B k' ) . . 
U(. Narthani, afa. 
auir Wataa ^saT . 
Insplratiaii Cappar 
rat. Camb. Bac . 

Inl'l Nlnkal 

• .•••«. 




• 17-1 
II- 1 
*4 3 
I n 
tl t 

14 -T 


1« & 



I. V 1 






I X 


mitad I 




■ « s 

.« 1 


i: I 

tt 7 

• 4 : 

1 1 



1«t t 

• « 

ti> 4 




IS - J 



t& 2 
IT* 4 




14 4 


: .1 
• 4.1 


I 4 





lil 2 
II ' 
il < 

21 ■ 

I 4 

2* * 




1 J 



r.l 4 

31 2 


II « 


4 1 






B.C. Marine Engineers & Shipbuilders 

VaaeainMr, B. C. 

7^/0 Twenty-Year First (Closed) Mortsage 

Sinking Fund Bonds . 

MU d r IfftiSfli DBf I t p tiw fc ar IMfc 

Ipi' ^nH hair yaarty intcrrM rnapona (Ut of March and of Stptcm^r) fwjrabit k| tawfll 
moncjr of Caaada at tbc offkaa of Tha R«2*l Trvft Coaymx, ia Victoria ^ 

Vwieovftr, B;Ch Mi ToroBta^ OHia 

Boada mmf k« rtfitlered ti to Priocif I 

. r»l!»SIr at !0.V 

t^fiU OfiaiaNlT ^ Tnnei. Victoria, R C. Ahhott MrKar ft CnmpaaT* VMCOOW,' B. C 
Tniat«e; Royal Tnist Company, Victoria, B.C. 


The £. C. Marioa Snftn^cr* k Shipbnitders' Umit«d 
Prorinfa of BritMi ColoaaMa to ac^aire the properties and 
hoilttaa hao booo in opamlMi «t Vaa ant i, B. C» « 

ted under the lawt of the 
of the B. C Marine Limited. 
9m tea yadra. 

The plant i« nitnalrH >■ ' »nr,M]Trr TIarbnr, and it oa« of Ifco 

inc repair aad ihipbuildiag piaati on the Pacific Coast. 

. . . ■ — ' ■ » 

cfklenthr t^ a l p pai 


Net wai afa. after maintcnoMa aad reaaira. avaHable for boad iatareat aad.dcpredatioa. 
kaoc ai w i t i fer tha Ust ama ywra over 4X tJaca tbo awuBBt BonMary to covar tba boad 


The bond* are terared Vy a'T>eed of Trtii»f and MortRa«r trr - T' - P ^ ^ ,,j,i Cnn^ 
pany aa tniatea for tha boadhotdara. eonstitutms a hrtt mortgagt on ail capital aiscta, ladodiac 
flMtt. iHi iiHl ^ Unil i m (aacapt Lota 2 aad 9. Block 1). ^ 

PaiC£: IM ak^nd litMist, YiiMiig 7% 

fUf f^at Pat ti''i) U r . t'f...r. ^ppliratiofi 

Wo raeommend thoae bonda for inTcatxnont. 



^Ifti. oil In«1i»i)a 

i4 T 

k« 7 

Ji. ' 

%* • 

it 4 

Timllvii H«JI«r U«ttr .... 

21 4 


II 4 

WT^A ••■aaa.i 




Uaiaa Pacific 



U S ln.1 Alrohol 


14 < 

4» i 

1 . b Xubl.«r 



• 4 1 

f .S fil.tU uaoi. 

»7 1 

«» I 

>4 • 

Wabaati R.R. "A" - 

34 ' 

•D ' 


1^*•<•rn Ualao' .... 


1 l>« i 

' 0« 






• -T 


Wr.iiDKhaaaa Blac 




H'.r. Hu«a4*efc 

Ti 2 

74 t 

7» • 

1 . ' ols • 

• I 

4^ « 

44 ; 

' hlc. a .N.W. Ry. 

»• 4 


Mattaaal Tnamrl 

Par. Marquatta 




1 rant i ill 

1 3 

1 4 

1 n . Ir ■ 111* 'Ml 



t'ullman < « 


1 14 

1 1 t 

Baach Car 



z * 

Chaaaiar HatafS 



44 4 

Heiiatea Oil 

44 1 


44 1 

' '>ik.a ("aa. Mnaar ... 



.11 »n 1)11 ..' 


14 T 


'T.i.a i.;jir suipbav .... 

l-'i... 'M 


'44 « 

t 7 . 


1 . • 

Mriuan n«.auaril 

« t 

i 1 



('^prolgn iH-niarMi ilrnraii-fi in Vtrm 
~ If '>f Winnipeg .MnrLt 
I -ale f*rtcra f-jiaicr 

%V 1 . M I Kf;, o*i. 27. -- Hood burin* 
era4"ri .ssartara ana Unii.<l Stat.a 
nHllrra k . |>l Ih. Inral niarkx iinil.t- 

ton. 'irrn (•..!... .I..I „!i..-j, [MO.r l wKh a 
* j:4r!iiw r /I n ► . r-tki . I.MVin. r,r.*»r. 

»««4 pilcaa up. bul in.i i.i.r .f; «r ■ 

rat PI 

claaa<l % east ta S 


o«. ..-.I.. 





fov .' 


May .......... 













N av, .... ... ... 


17 K 

4 1 S 


II. ah 
*^ S 
*7 H 


4 1 ^. 

44 \ 


M 'i 
H Ml 




201% 114 

t«l<l4 244 

Itfti ItTH 

ttl I««14 

41% 41% 

Caak Prtaaa — 1 aar. tl%: l nor. 



• 1% 





. 1 >• 

14 %b 







41 '4 

•J H 

• 1% 

• 1% 

14; I 

11%; No. 4. 11%; Na. I. 7«%: Na. t, 
r«ad. 14%: track. tt%: Ho. 4 ruat.d. t>%: 
No. i ruatad. Tl%; Nok I roat* ' % 

Oala— » cw.. 41%; I ew.. 3« . - . 
f.ert. ttK t faMl. 14%: J faaci. K . . re 
• '■I ' \ Iraak, 41%. 

X' 'w . &t%; 4 ctr.. 4iKt talaaiaa. 

44 w . i—d. 44; traak, tl. 

riax— I awe. tt4; t ew.. IN; ■ aw., 
n»H: e4j»«tad. ITtH: track! tM«. 

Rv. - - 4? % _ 



At Clow 4>r 
Maay of tka 

(Or Brltlab ^a«riran Bead Cor^. Ud ) 

NEW TORK, <i.f IT There ■m%m 

le-jm iliBpOBH um [■> aelj lU luda>> 
.>*lo. K rimrki-1. and Ih'.fn- v»>i(. Ii i • 
liTf-ii woiklHK f(r| |<,vkrr ni |< . 
• ■'••il I riod.-r a t<- ! i );<-ieni W4M4k fea 
Mjri.i. aiii'ti aa I'arii.iua PlayaTP. COCa 

> Ola aad Amari4:aa Wool abowad a 
battar a a da r taaa. a Hii aB fl i tiM rai 
wara bat a OmallaB aC tkawaak « 


ii r I r , I'an K.ildwin L»0<"iii" 

live ctjir Hialaa Steal and Cheaa 
i>nako A Ohio ooaifaaod to akow ra- 
markobla raatataaaa to praaaara. The 
lattar roaa m polat on paMloaUan or 
Its Soptambar aamlnga statement, 
which sheared a nice Increase In net 

..v-F i'r<-yio'i» .'■I Bl r III r nlfi An in 
rtru^f 111 I lir.H« p.' 1 kea dlvldi^nd to f> 
per ,er,. - • m mf aMOtlOK WOO Id 

not be aurpriaing. * 

Cloalnv aaotattoaa wara aroand th. 
•lay's best la a aaatbor of 9aaBlativ< 

f't vorites. 


Brltlab Aiii.rir.,. linmi l oraa . 

Boundary Rad Itoaaiata.. 

Bairana CoMcr 

Caaa M. A i 

Cork Freiiaaa , 

i)ousia<< chaaasl 

Dunw.ii Miaaa 

(Iran by 

Haaeltoa Oald-Oabalt 

How. Hoand 

Intarnallaaal t^eal • 

Liberator Mlalns Ca. ..... 

MoOIMIvray Coal ,. 

I'l . ■ ilr, Mln.-« 

! . I'l ' ■ ! f ' .. r I h" o 

hk'.p <'rr.-k < onaalidated . 

Hllv.r <.'r«(t Mlaaa 


Hnns co«a Coaaer 

standard Silver bead .... 

Sunlech Mlnaa 

Surf Inl.l Oald 

Atunllf) . ■•••tat*aasaaa*«0 

D C. Sllvar 


Athaba«*a r>l1 

llnii I 
K 1 1 1 [> t r • ' ' 
ttout hri n A ll>«rta 
Mparia* Oil 
Fa .aigraaa 
Trojan Oil . 
llility Oil 
( •n V n Ol 


'' ! ' I m I.aan 
> a» .Nal ii'lra . 

C. P R . . 

Ureal Waat Farm 

Oraaory TIra A nuhk.r 



11- •« 

• a 




a a 




• • a • a a • 

• ••• aaaaaa aao 

» • a • a 
• • • « • 



• 2 







« s 


■•• i-it 

I 4A 

.40 \. 


.aa I -It 

Aleh., Tepaka O Saata ra 
BaittwaM a Obla ...... 

Canadian Parlfte 

''lif.ap. .k 1 ' <h\n 

' '►'1- A 

I "I'll . Ml. a .St. r . . . . 

Chi. .North We.t 

Chic . M l a Pac 

Chic. H.I. a |>»e. ^m ata. 

cbie.. a.l. a Par 4^ pfd. 

I>alawa»a a Mudaaa . . . . 


SrI. Ill |>iii I 

Ut. Noriharn. pfd . . . . . 

Illlsala Central 

Kaaaaa rity ao4itbora . . 

Loulavllla a Naahvllla . . 

Mlaa., Kac a Tcxaa 

Mlaaoarl Pacific . 

Mlaaouri Paririe, pfd. .... 

Maw (^rleaaa. Tax. * Max. 

Naw York Caatral .... 

Norfolk a WaaUrn 

Norlham Paalfle 


I'ere Marqualtr 

'•itt.bur» a W. VlralBla. . 


< I.oula a Oan Kraoclara 
1 I I. < \% ..,^1 . rn 

■"iMll l>. i , !■, 

iiuulU.rii Hallway 

Ualaa **aBtfie 

Wakaak "A" 

waslera Marylaad 



14 I it 





143 \ 




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14 s 
14 s 
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13 . 

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• S 

''handler Mntar Co. ... 

' IM r .1 1 Motnra 

Iliipp .Mulori 

Mudaon Molar Ca. Metara 

Maswall "B" . . 

Moon Motera 

Packard Molar Cp 

r'ler.-e .\rrow Meter Co.. 


Whlta Motor Co 


Wlllya-Overlaad. pfd. . . . 

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lt% lt% 

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AJas Rabbar 

Plak Tir. ( o 

Oaedrlch Rubbar 

^laailyaar Tira 

Kally Ryrlasflalt! Tire 
l«* Tire a R n„ 
fitewart Warner i n 
Nirombura Carbureter 
TiRtfean Railar 
L'. 8. Rubbar . . 

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0% 4% 

tt% tt 

ttii 11% tt« 
... 11% 
••H t»1* -»v 



1 aa 


flTiirnlthed by Burdlek Bralhars. Ulaillad) 

A ' ni ♦ ' ...Ml 

' '■ntr4fusal 

Che. kar Cab 

Uuraat Dal .... .TT. . . . 





Kit. I rml. lla 

IX Profit Mar. 

' r. Iiriall oady ...... 

-••rv . o«lII.^-<. . . 

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I ■ .'. ral 

IVn roi k , , 

I'll (VI. 

\.>>.ione Raaasr 

M.n M'tioa 

M-« ll 

( . I iin I I II I 

^■'hle "11 

1 ' nnn< k , , , . 

I 1 .■ n ■ ooa- 


>;alt cr Prpd 

--alt Cr Caaa 



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nbnard Ull tt 

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\rlr niabe . 
:.'ti» 4 Wa.i 

1 .(..roITle 
-ne Capper 
re«aaB .... 

' lorea .... 
iireka .... 



I (ova Hoaaa 

nd. I.aad . . 

I \ r>« V ... 

-rr T ake 



Nla tTa 
ii«v Hare, 
m . n. 1,# ad 

1 1 

1 1 ^ 

I <1 ' n . 

ii. %*rd* 
vayaa csal . . 

• B • a • • • 



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' % 

1 7.14 I ^ 

Zf% Itta 
1 1« 







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3" V 




' 14 

Amar. Bufar %tf\%mrr 
Cuba Amarlran .<4ur«r 
Cuba Cana .susa' 
Cuba Cana (iuaar, afd. 
•■uata AUs~ 






lOS .. JtU 
41* 41% 41 ' 
•1« •!« 11 *. 

Am.rlraa Pumatra Tab. 

Amerlran Toh. Ca 

H J. Reynolda Tob Cp 
T.b. Produri. ♦ 

Tab. Praducta A . . 

17% .. 
147 111 


M ^ 

. . . ! ^ . . V, 

Its •» , 


Aiaarleaa anaaltara 

Butte a auporler 

Orro da Paaea Cesser 

chile Cesser Ce 

' hlno Cayser Ce 

t>oni» Mine* 

(Ireal Northern Ora .. 
CIraaaa Caaan.a Caspar. 
laaplvaMaa Cappar Ce. . 
latafaatieaat Nleh.i 
Miami Copi».r Ci% 
Nevada . on* . ■'t»fyp.>r . . 

Hay Cona. Cepp.r 

ctah Ce ppa t 






Aiaerlean t.,aee4aettve 

Maldwin r ,.. o;ne(|ya . 
I.lma 1 ..m... iT« . . . . 
N.T. Air Brak. 

Prarsad aieel Oar 

Aaierlaaa atael 
Bathlaha«i Pleal. 

• *rurlble Steal 

Ouir aiatea aiael . 

MIdvala Steel 

Ola Steel 

Raposia Steal 

Rapublle I. * a. 

rni(.d Alley Steel 

t'niiad atatea aiasl 

Uaitad atalas aiasl. pf«. 

.;Bitaa ai 


Tlel-.. . I o«„ 
<2i Irt Ma> aad .No. 
1*27 lat Jaaa aad Pee. 
*I1 1M War aad Nee 

1 :> 37 l« ' * ' • "-1 I 

\ . ' t nr * I .Ml 

'*< •• 14* V a.i'i ,N.v 

... )4^y 

" May aad Nov 
1)4 lat May and Mav 

War Caaa. Tas 

42: lat .'aa. aad f>—- . . . 

»» 14 
144 li 



Itl 10 






«ll la( April ."I ">« 

'17 lat Mar an I 
ablaiaHaw Tarb 1 142«i 
Add aiiniea Istaraai ta date 
It.'f. iai7, 141 dara Itl.MI ser 11.4 


144 >ff 


147 II 


102 14 

141 It 
141 44 

141 tl 


iraraMMd l>r l>r^ J j UM lli ^ 1 awill) 

r iit'i laaoa 

U»ae«r isi 4'B 

Ubony led 4'a_ 

l-'berly 1.4 4% a •.••««••.•..«..•... 
Mbarlr 3nd 4 %'p 

Uberty I'd 4% a 
lAsHr «iH 4% a 

V. 9. 4«4 . 


t4 44 

07 14 
ST. It 
aa to 

07 tl 





Vf//^A' ( ()JI(h\ 

tp ''<"■', k ->',.. I : m 

Opon tlia*< 

mm lati 


24 0» 

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Hi a* 


14 It 

l» • I 

J1 ■ 4 

I'l < I 
" » • I 
•» »» 

r < 
• 1 I 

1 • ■ 
)• 11 

■ • 1 


iPaeaiehed t-r " a nrirthr'. 1 

rMsr .*4ev . W4 l>er , 4 »4 . 

r. o.ati j«ar. «4ik 

• nia Pete 

1 eaden OH 

Heuslaa Oil 

Invifirlble oil 

Marland oil 

Maslran h.aboard .... 

Middleatatea Ull 

Paairia Oil 

Pan Amarlran P.)e 
f'an Am#ri.i,n r-. ~ ' 

I-'. 'I|,. > . r. 

I>r»<iu-er. A tl.fla.ra 

Cure oil 

Royal I>ai'-h 

' •—II tieien OH . 

-"riaif <->ii 

k.lly Oil 

Mandard Oil. Oal. ... 
Slaadard 5(1. HJ. ... 

Taiaa Ca 

Taxaa Paa can. . . . 
TraaaeontlMinlal Oil 

ladeia4Hala mtt4 

« ""^ '"hemlaal . . 
•> aimer. Mfa . . , 

' • ' '•an A«l Cb.iB. . 

^ '11 1. I ni 1 Corpa. 

^ n\*r\. an < 'an 
Amerlran ( or rdr 
Am.rlnan Cotlan Oil . 
Amerlran Ir^ . . . . 

American l.lnaaod ... 

^ •nartae w BabhMae . , 

Arnerlean Safely 

• " • ' ' » - H I r a Cl 

* 'T-- • ' ... .' " 

Mnt^r - gn 4 r.i. 
Amerteaa Wiwilene 
Aaaap|ate<l firy Unnda 
Atlantii Oiiir a I 
Harnedall A 

Bee'-h Will PacMaa . . 
nr..nki. n c^iMi dm . 

nrnwn ffhna 0pk ..... 
•-al Paafciss 

-ntral l^ealker ..... 

lueit P aa b eay Op . .. 
coaa ral» 

caia Paai a isea 

''oaa r>i«ar 

Caaa. Oaa 

Oa4Hla««tal naa. . , . . . 

Cam Produrl. .... 
Daaldaon ' n.mical . . 

Dsptat Powder 

Baalaiaa Kadab 

iaSlawtt Jahaaea . . 
i^aaaawa T-iriia I asif 

I'reer'eet T.aas 

';»n.ral A.p^al( ..... 

• le|«ertt ! K •■ 1-1* 

Indnatn. Ai-mKal ... 
lall. fmaai 1 Casta* . 
'ni Harvaairr 

'nil Wee Mar pfd 

:>n«Bt Inr-orporaled ., 
Map Da*L aMPSS ... 
MiMiiaaa Fe4se» 


Natieoai Baaaal t... 


Pfte Oaa a 

r.«iii.'. r»». 

f uMlc N J 

"••'a n4Mb4Ma 












• • 


it% .. 

11% 11% 

<0% 44% 

« 7% 

ti% 11% 

"» "*% 

14 V 14 

H 4 H '. « 


'4 V 



' I 


1 1 

14 U 


111 . 

' • ( 

4« , 

1 1 











'f % 



< . 


• ' . 

•4 a 




• • 

4T s 










' s 




4 '« 

41 ,1 
M V 
17% 14^ 

»»% tt% «♦.» 

•20% 11% 

11% 11% 

11% 11% 

11% . 

11% 10% 

It 11% 

»% m% 



atam. 10% 




4»% .4* 

a • 






I 'I ', 

4 4 
114 % 




I T I % 
4 I 



I 74 4i 

44 ^4 


• ^ 

14 1 
a. - 

It 41% 

<« \ »4 

01 Stt 

■ « 



4.4fc. j I 

... ' • 

— ^ flNril^W^P • a • e « 

a Cast l raa>lp e 

' 44 


' J', 
lit % 
141 ^ 
.4 , 

1. 1 la 
' • * 





• « \ 




M % 

wsaataabMpi Ms^ h% »«% w % 

WiiSirti Walsa IM Ittf MK 

W<>.4w»r4h c. ■ 'f'^'tJ/fML tut MIS 

rotai iaaia WMw 

'*«*4'1tnC. 4 14 ¥ 
Kraa*. I.t4%. 

Ura. 4 II 

.NT. luada. 1%. 


NBW TORK. Oct 17 ' Bar allv.r 41 v 
M.itcaa daltan 41% 

IX>NUUM. get II Bar .iKar It ii 144 

p*' 4HMMak Maaar 1% par c«»t. 

u isstaa t toaas: sbart buia 1 11- It ta I 
par aaat; tbsaa asaatha' MUa •% ta » 


Mriikk CmgtM 


4KW Y'.nK Ort : Th» raw 
.rk.i ««a* pf af-ttc:aJ I r clo*.-d l.dav 
(•riaas ware Bkara ar laaa aawlaal 4kt ta«, 

WLAttSijara IT, 


4 by Bardlefc Mioih.i. 
▲II Viaoit 

■"••w Tae* 
rVaara. IM. 
Ura, 4.a*.Ar 

• la Ktsbtha 


kar aavatk M t»-lf. 

LONDON, The at 

kata Blaaad jraatariay W i 
tbaa tor aoaaa ttaaa. arlwa. la 
to tlM B«wa of ehaotle eoodttlona fa 

Oarnianv .lomr! Imhk ai<|ir.>.ichlnc a 
aeara waa rreai.'<i i »u- tirei ..f tha- 

week eiiHK*"! >■'"» a i«olii > ■ f ln« 

flbtluii by (>)c Hruian ciovamtnenl. 

H10 raaalts o( tha aaw laaa 
%y tlM MMk AMaaa Ootanuaaat 
tba Mall Traat indfeata tHat a Ur«a, 

amoant of money Ik 'tvaiUM,-. fur In* 
rastment in ihan I » u daya tlT,» 

too ' »•-!• '.'I ! h. "11. inc. Bath io* 

aue» wt-ir ii\ t•r^u batr 1 Ix-tl. 

Arranaaanaau aro b4ilaa made for 
a aaw laaaao by tha aadargrauad rtUI- 
war araap aaiaaatlag to ais milNoa 
starllna. aad aarly naxt waak a laaa 
to rinlaad of oaa aiUUon atarllnc vlU 

Idle ,^ 
Boiyd Coupons 

Do you clip your bond coupons on 
tbt exact dsto ^kmy btcofne p^y 
•bk> Bond cotnow lepreacnt 
moMgr Mid II ywi 4» not GMh them 

promptly you are aUoVfing yOW 
canunga to reooMn adU. 

A food pka is to depomt your coti- 

pona in a Snvinga Account im- 
nir4rliatrlv thty betcome diir l^y so 
doing your inlereat begins tu earn 
more interett, compounded twkt 

Lather ior thr fiurpoar of drix)8iting 
your coupons or tor then cnuwh' 
ment. you are inHlad 
to utiliat Ilia aaaiart 
bfaBQii of AIb BbbIu 






It daas na4 aaat yea aay worp to laTast liaa.aa ikaM It doea la lavaat H.aoa.SO 

We aaU aa the laa(ala%aat maa. Ptsss t w«t« la oH Ml 
ta f %. Safstp depasit haosa «ao>««ot at M par 

DOMnnoN GoraaNMKTrr— 

•a.71 par. haaaa 1114 1%. due tail. 

1(12 14 [.'!•• '«•.» l\% du« 1414 

liriiiiO M.KCTRl) 

-11 io (iiirrhaM. >i«a Ottawa a H«i I '•T Ce. 

* Il'tad. dua 1444 

■ ..1 i>uri:haa.a Itoo Hoalhera Caaada I'l.wer Ce. 
>. ' cun.aiaiiae ParUalpatlap ppff.rr,..! ^ ...-k. 

British Amrim Bold CorptiitiHv 

72.5 I'ott .'-^trrrt 

l-f^M. )'r,| 


i.ftn'.n- «'ir I'fvnv. 


' . ■ 'I ^l a V n-'I ^ *t ' . k ■ 

r .111. . r 1 .1 II • < * ; ^ ™ ' ' T '. tl I .1 .,1. . r . . II . ■ ' I ' .. » n n ... 

Il.ouu BKITINII lOl.lMlilA 4.. 1>43 parable N.w Tuik. >.4». allli MONtn Sf 
ail.aa CABM llesi aitr. lat. aaly>. 

11.000 Naw waaTMiKSTBR i-a itii. at acait. wtta bomub *t a 

(l.aa sea. lat un>r> 
11 •44 NORTH VAN< ocN KM 1%, iNt. at tS-M. vttb SOiltW af fiatlta 
(laai aae. lat. ealyl 

Ml tba ahsra fcaae a larse aad n "aaiaa aarplaa la their niaklas r<i . « .nj 
a r. ha reeammeaded aa a eancrvaiu. and aafa Ia**e4n<>a( with •''.d 
r.< ' «>.•« n r-apKal 

B. Pa CLABK Se CO., 1JS», 

^ Maiabara B.C. Band r>ealera' Aaan '.■i.>- 

Ordars aaaealad aa the vietaria ataek Bicitansa 


Dominion of Canada 
5% Bonds 

ttNespie, Hart « TiM, LWM 

711 Fbrt tt.,-Vleloriay B.C 




Mu nicipal Bonds 

bAAMUl 54 /a bonOs, Due 1944 
POINT GREY Si% Bonds, Due 1942 
NUK 1 H VANOJU VbR 5% bonds, Due 1902 
NEW WESTMINSTER 5% Bonds, Due 1939 

Plrtett ea Applicatioa 

UOMiMt >N < AN \i ) \ S bonds 
Due 1943— Price, 9«.75 

loyal FiMMitl CorporatMi, Ltd. 


T>ATT.ifeMI^ONTST. yij^RTA y^^^V^ OCTOBER 28. 1923 

Christendom the World Over 

A W«Ur Km*m W Rrfipo* N«n 


■ ' '"roVA""lBISCUITS 

•Tlif moat outstandlnv flcure In 
th« rroUatMl Church In Kliropc" la 
th« chanMUrtaaUM br Xtr. Frcdarick 
I.yiMll, In tk* ChiMlMl V«rk a( 

of UpaUa and IM— H •( 
who u riatttnc Amcrtoa la tiM l»t«r> 

rat* of chriatun unity and latarna- 

iiuriAl frliownhlp Tbla dlatlncuiahad 

[irrlalf- arrariKiil unr uiul .1 half vrtirB 

tiury I h<" i>)ni <>r<l*t l>«"twf«"ii Ihr Au 
Kii'.ifr <ifiil SwedUh coi^iDUnloiia. ea- 
I hiiariuiK uu«ra0HMiM|lMi' tf^twaan 
the (wo cboroha^ , 

1t§mW9t la Nav Tark %a owtUaad 
thraa laaUMdi of CkrtaUui mlty: tba 
matlMd ot abaerptloB af all eomman- 
iona Into <>ri>>. the ethod of faith, 
wherr eaoh ri>rnrnunl(>n m ai fionn" 
t'cliUi.l it« i.wii i.artitioii lull 1 fini 
fri'j(ii>K w ; I >\ niln-rn iiv»t l^^<• i>art It Imi . 
th'- m'lhfxl of love, wh^-fr all rla«- 
Alcvf ihflr a»p»rat»- room" mrettng 
HboTf the partition in thr iiremenc^ of 

Uod. Ttita. aaootrdUtff to Uia Arcb- 
Im tka aliMaU vailf . 


i.s the biggest item whfn yot^ pur> 
chase a furnace. Our guarantee 
insures this. Did you have com- 
fort last Winter? If not, see the 



at once a.t our showrooms. 


Broad af Paad^ Straat 
Inatallad, f 18^.00 

pawarfMI ylaa for AmaH— Is 

of its child, th« Lioacva of Natlaaa. 

At a. dinner »lv*n him by th« iM- 

theran .So. i.-t> in »huh arhriowl 

i-ilnnl hl.n I.. I' I. Moody .mil 

\iA I' KHiikt-> hf naiiK 111 aiilniill.l 

v.iK r ,1 \ crar of "The Ninety and 
N:ii<- It waa an 
pleaalns aplaoda. 

Dowiy TcviKMi at 

A ■ <-o ( ,1 1 i.K |.. lh» [>n|>r' i ^•ail al thr 
riiirii iiK'.-iMiiK I>if- < atholh Trlit^l 
So. O'lv II iiItiWH. a n-vlsioii ..f i h 
Hhtiinft ' t looiiiv \»rtiii'Ci will !><■ iii^il'- 
after tli' . ; rami uf t(i>- IfNISfl 

edition ot at. Jeroma's LaUo Vuisate, 
tha «ftrllar aaJUoa af wkMi tt la a 


Tha flrae traaaUtton et tha Blble> 
Into BDsIlah by the Rnian OS4|lol' 
Church wau* made at Rbalma aainlo 

.11 > in F'ranr*-. the New Teatimrnt 
appearlnn iii 1581:. and the Old Tea- 
tamrn! in 1810, one year before the 
AatborlK i \ • rision of the Churcli of 

RupptfiDient. AralibMMi^ VMjMf of 
injhiin. and othara. 

liev. a. atanlar raawlt o< Titratan. 
baa dacMaad tKo aaU to Uw pvlflt of 
OM m. Amanm*i rt i^taitaa cWeh. 

Ba rmpartM to Mo own eoa- 
tlMU tftara wmm a c«rtaln 
tbacIo<|loaI l>aeliwartlMraa amonK tli* 
I laadera of Canadi 

I The vcrKTaltW- I >i Vl»-y.-r lout 
w«!i< i.rn<'d hofo* from Auatralla t»y hla , 

formri < o w giojM to a at Ohstol caarch. I 

Ix>nd<in I 
lt«-v Mr Corker has Riven (lilrty- | 
four yparn of »»-rvi. f to the Indiain- 
of Hrltlah ( o I u iii l.i.t iiru]<>r the aiWOllCfeii 

wf the (Jhurcb of Kaciand. ' 

Caaoa Bmlta. Riml Daan of 8aaka 
toon, haa tafcaa • pKonUa ia BalMits 
ham, Waab. 

lUnr. J. W. Fodlay a aaeoa d a to the 
piaea of hla brothar. tlmr. r>r. Huiri> 
»^«dlar. who died recently, im rh.iir 
man of the Joint T'nion ('ointniMK' . r 
the three unitlntc •l»-iionii ii.vIi..ti..^ 

Hrv Paul I-: .Nilson r^riiAn Ih.- Kr.U; 
fylnur rtport lh«l ijri«l«-r th.- nrw I'. a., 
Trr!«lv Iw%iii*aiinr JiUil.i i ,ii 

]fKr. Tarniin. will lonMnm- :!« \\,.rV 

I >r l>(>ufrla/< F'l r ,,f 'I'oiorilo flfiv 
yfiirn ii inirili.|.-r of ih»> I 'rpnliy t iriii ri 

cimrrh an.i for a lonK period editoi 
of 111. I iiurch'a publicationa. h«!< 
learned, tunc* him ratiramaat on 
account uf bll n d n aaa. to road readily 
by Uia Br»lUa aMtbed. 

In r^naoaa a roanc coU«se jradvi 
ato, Tmm TIa-al by nam*, ia the firxi 
woman to ba atoctad maaibar of th. 
m;in>i«inir boards of tao ^TMOaan 
< onuT^K.-iiiona. , 

The Quf'-n of .Mivwinla tmd b«r 
Kov.-rrini. ro h.iv. (.iKn»-,l a dOOlaratlOn 

t :n,A:nK i . ,.on(r , tO 

slavery in all lu forma. 

This Is Where the 
Crowds Are 

Evary Day and im Bvary Way Our Business li^Uatting Bigger and Bigg« 

Boyi' or Guli I urnad Top Gui< Hoaa. in bl«ck 
or tan, iu»t the thing for sctiuul WMT. Coihr at 
whuleule pric«a. Suet 5 to 10. 

}'riirs, .Hcror.liriK si/r 22# 



Mens Tan Wax Vaai fioUd Laatltor WotUii( 

ooota» oak-tanaed •olri, cerewvd and 4titrhcd Wc 

have sold hundreds i tlirv,- booU wi-" i or 

rouonable complaint :.oii,r iicople w. p-- 

cUte them better < iU^^^cA %^ ].„ o o- 

wr frri ^iirr. in.tKiio; i.y tti. irovrds thai ti., . i 

''^ A r!;. ,i:s, ii,a! iherr is still in > i.. ■ 
oiiiiDua sense. 





All sises. keioil 

*r f 

'Risr Horn' 

- $1 Ml 


Grey Wool Array Btankati. silc IB X 72; tUak of 

It. this price is foirjlie pair. 

R«a«lar price 


Haavf Kkaki Dodr BoOar or Combination 

Just the tiling: tiijmial train 

MI %irfn Kri.-iil,ir |o i, , f 7"^ 


Men s Black, Split Solid Leather Workia^ Boots, 
a real v\. ri,).r t,,r vaiuc. Made yrith two OJCk- 
tatinril doii Mr- , xtenstOQ sotes, ttMidbrd screwed 
and stitched, leather countrr. ^^d #9 
wooden-pegged heels. RcguUi price |5.S0^Jaay 

Haa'* Black Chroaia Army Boots. 

screwed and stitched. WO<>il<"n h< • ! ii.i'lo' 
counters; tises 6 to 12. Krguiar nr 
price |5.5a Oaf price _ * J«af D 


A I I 

a Snapy — Men's Grey 

ak I an nt-rl .si . Ii-.s. i i w. 
iircU an. I Icallu r i • iiuil.-i 
< - f> ti> III. Regular price 

W orkmjj 

Mlt. 'o.| 
.ill s..ll,l 


That ''Cascade" pleases the pab- 

lir pnlifr is prrived hv rver- 
incrca.sing sales. (h\r big, up-to- 
date plant enables us to brew the 
linc«t lirrr in the West We 
liottle It at tlic lirrw^^y, too; that 
IS additional a.s.surance of prinij: 
r.n.lition and perfect purity 

Order a supply of "Cascade" 


Fraa Daiivary In Victoria. ^^^m\ 

V ANrouvi':R 






Tt^i advfftiaament is not published or di:>played by the 
Liquor Control Board or by the Government of British 

vpsvr IN apAiN 

L>ira tbinsa arc baing dona In 
aiialn by tha new Olraotory, which 
haa aappteatad Cabtaat gavanunant. 

« f ■ ' ■ 'I.'' - rr- --rt 

Doo't Lose Your Hair 
Try Cutinira 

H ymw acaip ta Irrttaied, Itching 
and burning and yoor hair dry and 
fcU»»f p« tn rn sab ft i to lyy iko tot. 
lowing treatnMHt Vsask SpalB af 

Ol.i <n«i and auppoeed righu 

'^►''•^^ '1 • ..ted there for ganara- 
tionn. nil. I p.-riiapa els«wbar«, tao, ara 
tx-in).' uprooted. It ia Clear that gov* 
arnmant Ibara waa on a low level, 
and tke abolition of trial by jurj^ 
ayan ia eltad aa a reform, baeauae th.' 
irenlla habit of Intimidating Junr, 

; hn.i liprn to., r. n I ' , , 

, an pn««rKrtlo .nini.ainn i»;«lnal dla- 
lioneat ilenlora In fOOdstufTa. Bat it 

iH In the <-ivii Harvlea that moat dia- 
niptlon hn.^ been cauaad. A iMdrid 
lattar to Tba London Tianaa thus 
dsadrlbaa wkat haa happanad: 

It ta no exaKV' < < < to say that aa 
earlier decree, which ia alraady botag 
'•nfnrcad. la raualfi« ooMte^nattap la 
lb" trarlooa OovamnMnt departmeata. 
T« I praaoribae obligatory punpfuaitty 
Th* drat r^ault of thl« oK.tmir*. waa 
to hrlnir to the oftlrra larsf. numhera 
of indlvldiialu qmir unknown to their 
' .nir.i tru or rhief, Theae aleaplna 
i.nn ou, who now have to aland 
>b. .jt aa no rhaira ar daaka ara 
ATiiiiabie for them, bava faUan oa 
eyil daya. Uadar tKa former ayatam 
It waa enlr aaeaaaary to aifrn once a 
month, on pay-day n. « h,,w#.ver. 
ther moot alrn exr., i, , n . 
an.l n»n dm « ^ , , , i . , ^ r . .p,^ 
Joh whi. h , li.rdahip 

"■" •"•'or,. ,,|,irM!iHfn. irho 

h'ld any niimher of aalarleU appoint 
menta up to flftaoa la dUtoront gov 
-rnment departnoata Thera la n . 
more atrlkln* inna(r«tl«fn of th., 
ehange Introdure.i (... , 

ansat af taaaa poutieai 

An American dlrtna, Blahop 
' the Mathodiat Epiacopal 
1 hun h. ( onteiKle for the general itood 
conduct and ability of nilni..<i .-r-. .hii 
dren. It appears that there liav.- 
b>-en three preachera' boya In tli*- 
w\lte Houae, and that nine of tb>- 
signera of tba Daclaration of Indr 
pandenca ware eons of miniaterm. 
Daagbtera of praaehera havo baan 
miatraaaaa of tha White Hooaa darlnK 
aevan preetdaatlal tarma Rlehari 
I .Morae, the inventor of the telegraph 
and the Wright brother*, pioneers "f 
avlali..!. W.T.- .'f it^w ii.hii>i.' i 
"Who n Who 111 Ann I i inir> -ti-(-< 
boys ahould have one nan., m 

^roporUon to their number. Th>-> 
hava ana ta It. 

Miming Uvlnaotone 
An expedition "f ii|.''l..ii pnior<- 
produ. era ha.-, o ' : r. '. • ' - > i 
tral Africa with the ot)j<-ii o< foiio» 
lag In tba track of Uvtnaatone's i^reat 
Jovraays aod prodactgg a Uringatone 
film wortky «( tlto alMBtoaanr bafo. 
The promotara hava aniilstsil «with 
tbemaalves In this enterprtaa the nla- 
atoaatjr s" in^'iand 

lulucailun lu CtUna 

Dr. Maaiwa^ of ColamMa Uairer 
sity. waa aagagad last yaar by tbe 

Cblneoa Oowrnaiaat to aiaka * re- 
port on education in China. Contrary 

to hla expectations, he found durtnK 
a pro I . '".l I r. V p... iKii I !■ .11 !li»i! nalural 
' BClen. ' lAWK i .! .'.I iia u- U tauRlil', im 
the ri , ' I " n 1 I ! n."i! , ' iit,H.n K niol 
there wrrp n 1 sufficient mor;il or 
Spiritual for. . ."i ii» the Oovernment 
oollogaa for building up tba oharac- 
tara o( the atodaata Thaaa wara to be 
foand only la tha aUtolaa artuielB 
and eollagaa.* 

ChsBiall Union Moveanent 
Tha maatinga held last week in 
VIetorto, addrsessd by repraaentatlven 
of tho Praabytorlaa, Mathaika and 
CengragaMonal ehnrehea. InsMwarmtea 
H aerir>« that will ba h.<id acroaa ika 

Imnilnlon under the iii»|ilr-oa of the 
.Joint I nion (' . i'-- The ohject 
Is to preeenl iiifoinni i. .j^ io ih" A. t 
of I'nion and x**! forth ihn i.l»>.ii» in.i 
work of th.' uniting . hnn hti.-. Tho 
I'r «'sl. V t fr la n t'hurch will 
alao hold meeUngfl in proteat againat 
the propoaed bill, which will "be 
brought. It la axpaetad. bafora tha 
radarai and varlooo Prortoelal Hooaaa 
during tha coming aeaslon. 

Moral ana ftiflantbropSo Work 
S^JIJlia lioague of N^itlons la pram. -1 hy 
a wrller In The Christian \Sr.ri,i for 
the 1 IK r.'.-ij«<-.1 arverlty of the r.>ntr(. 
tlonin AKnii i^!" opium tram. , the 

trnfnr In « and irlria, and the 

publication of . tiwcene literature. He 
commenda the work of SUCOor aad 

reatoraUon of refugoia oarrtod aut 
undor tba dlraotioa of tha Laagwa. 

BHtiah 'Svrtr* 
I U'> first Klflhop of H» in"« n . . ' 
Brecon In Walp« waa 
monih. when Archdeacon £vana ..f 
Rrr. on. anil, latterly, the auffraxan- 
iiiahop of Swanaea. waa craatad haad 
of the new dlocaae. 

A Protaatont 6hurehyard at Walah 
Newton, ia Xoaaseathaklni. has ra- 
oaatly baaa TMtad by lUman Catho- 
Uoa ot tha Welsh border. It ia the 
burial plana of .l.ilm K. mble. an an- 
oeator Of Mrs. .si.|.).,nn 1 he artreaa. 

A company of alx Ihou^iml i.^.tplr 
marched through th" «tr"«|ji of Inlinir- 
ton. an a • pr... .-hhIcoi of Wltnenea ' to 

Ihr loint rvn to; > 1 1 -I ■ s..rvlr»>H ..f ^he 
\ I'l an nn.l i . . . how They 

. < " i-'i )'> Ml.- iii.<tiop of Ikapney and 
Key V \\ .N.-wiand of Cho Claro- 

iiiiint t'cniral .Mianlon. 

Kngllnh .and Welah Cokgragatlon- 
allsta have raised £!•«.••« toward a 
total of of thalr'eantiai taad 

for ireneral denomln..' 

iVincTTnlna i'«-<>yk^ 
The Catholic Reaord I* aathortty 
tba atataaioat that ftiihig the 
fiVa yaara thara havo baaa ta 
SS.tM aoavaralaaa yaarly to 
tba Ronaaa Catholic Choreh. 

At the ra«|ueat of nome < •>... 
Colonial governmpiiM the mi»» i .tir* r y 
Bocletlee may . ^ r^^^^fA al the 

I rill, 1, r.npirr l-.ahlhM Ion neit year. 

" . McClure. ih* v..ii.raa 
I r..«i , i-nan mlaaloaary of tha caaa* 
dian chiirrh In Honaa. Chiaa. will 
take back With htm hla eoa, ITebsn. as 
medical mlaafoaary, to oarry aa tha 
work oC tha hua Dr. i, M. Manatoa. 

Mrs. NlTla will repreaenf VirtoHa 
at tha annual nMetine in it»; r.^ 
tha AagUeaa w 
Boeiety of Can* > 

Mlae Lilly l>"j«3 ■ » i,n..i>n 
wrftar of Botion. »" 1 ■..•.^r ,,f lohn 

T>Aairalt editrr r.f The M.^ntrr,; '»-|i i 
nfna .l.e.i »ari> ...t.,i-,«r , , , t 

' r.l ( ngi^nd Hinc« | tM ah* haa 

■•"' • number of abia 

■ 't ! .'1 lue^tloaa. 

■ T ; f «» 1 1 h 

which Infiudad 


S cfarv^tMHirfl " 
I's "LKm Juaa.' 

Menu 8 Inch Hi^b l eg Boota, tan calf 
il ' uak-tannciJ mjIcs, screwed and 
wing tipped toes; all sizes 6 to 10. 

KcRular t>ri'"p $7 >0 for ' 

Boys }»antt. riiadr 

J I k I ^^ ... In lined 
' ■ r" 1 1 ■ I . n . 1 1.1 1 K I II ^ 

I'l I iiK-la ni ( ii, .*r romr in 
I h I . .11^ ii. oit * th sti.>nj{ twill 
Ages J to 11 


Penman's Famoas *7I* 
Shirts or Drawtia. 
All sixes 


Pannan'a "71" liMi*a Nataral CoMblaa- 

(ions Ml M^c, 


Men * Heavy «iMtod Wiotar Ui 

Drawer^ odd Hues in tires 38 to 41. 

K-Kular price |1.50 

r, Ihirts or 



T» CorT««pond«r(t Add,,,, all cofnmu-. al 

<J»«»« tdilor Th, Colonlit, Victerla. B.C 

^ Problem No. IT 
(By tha laU J. Paul Taylor) 

Boys' High Lag Boota with two bocklas, solid 
leather, made with oak-tanned soles, standard 
screwed and ititcbcd. wooden pcKKed 
leather coanters. Just the boot for Wmtr-r s 
All sizes. Regular price $5JW. 

»3.96 to .... ^ 


Mens 100% Wool Heavy Mbbed Utjderwcar Shutis 
or Drawara; a lovely aoft garnicnt »■% 
toe* 34 to 44. Rggalar price |2.25-- ^1.4 J 

Penman's "Preferred- Msa's Combinations. A 

^srllkn.iwn l.iaii.l in aatorxl WQol; thf-- , 

ii.i;' .'>/c» 40. 4J. 44 only. 

prii » ' $ ! >n 


Mens Eatra Heavy Jumbo Knit Sweatr 
Ml sizes, goinK a. half |M«a. ^ 4 

■(-• liar price $10 UU 


Everybody is talking about t>ut Hoys 
Boots. .Siilnl leather l,.,.itN |.,t i..iii.;!i |. 
witti tw.. lull i.ak tamicd soles. All 
■ " ' 'I K'-gular price ■ftJOL.. 

S. h..ol 

Mens Strong Sweater Coats, in dark hesther. 

shawl collar; a most reliaMa eoai for hard wear 
'•nt deUy: these are an aaceptional 
/es 34 ta dOf lletular. <^ t .in 

M -1.-.^*, J 1.4 9 



mm m 



m t # 

m 35 1 




B ii: 

H Mi 




B B 


WHiTi-; 10 pieces 

WMto auttes In two toavas ' 

wn. oITve and liestber; u 

Mr! IS Genuine Goodyear Wdtad Pine Oraasy 

Boots, made in four .iiffcrent Styles, black calfiki > 
and tan willow calf W c gruarantee these hoots i 
be honestly worth $8; all sizes 6 to 11 
These are a snap at 


Mens Daik Stripe I'atits. Miiart cat with belt' 

''"'i- I'i-i til, tiling w..rking or evening wear 
All M/c.^ ti ,,,, J2 to 44. Regular 
lirue $J IHJ ..-^ , 



to Probtoai H*. If 
1. Q-R 4. ate. 

The annual tonrnarn»-nt of the 
Weatern Cheaa AaeociailoM was h^M 
at the M.-. h..n; Institute ( K. 

•'•^ao i i-allfornla. liiMl 

!.i:) ai,.1 -v \i ■ .staaoh Miot- 

kowaki '.",! ' 1 . lu.'f honors with 
Mr. Norn ,. ' uhlttalcer. Tha other 
conteatanu Ilnished in the (ollOW.Ing 
order: Bamuel Factor, A. J. Pink. 
W. areur. W. R. Loveffova. P. L. 
Currlar, O. K. Braaeh. A.* W. Ryder, 
O. H. Magrldao. Q. a. Q. Pattaraon, 
aaa A. M. Peldman. 

Boys' All-Wool Mackinaw Coata. ia 

I Uiiket cloth; made in Norfolk style wit 

It and high-roll collar. Regular d»4 nr 

- - V'^^' #4a95 

Ouarantaed All-Wool English Indigo 
Meu'e Panta, made trom army Scrae 
the British Govern 

pair not Standing the hardest of wear 
the binRfst bargain in pants we Iwve ever^ ha 

Si/cs ,V) to 4f>. Regular price 



Blue Serge 
•ought from 
replace any 
They arc 



^i/cs Mt 1 1 
|.ri. (■ $ ' s(l 


made with sna v\ I . . . ' ! a > 
40 only, iUfular $1 79 

Mens Heavy Working Socks 
• Halar price 

Men s Heavy Ribbed All Wool WsrUaf Socks. 

■^Nilaiiii, Brand, brown, heather or grey. 
IwKiil.ii price 60c 



KV K'li ia r 

Lined MuleakiB Wbridaf QIaves. 

price $1,,S0 . 




Men s Nova Scotia Wool Twaatf Pants. A solid 
.".iroHK tweed pant in dark grey, splendid for 
warmth or hard wear, well awde and fnmnie.I 
.Sizes 34 to 42. Regular tf'O nr 

price $5.50 __^J."D 

Boya' Sweater Coats, in dark heather 7|| 
shades, shawl collar. Regular price $1.7.s / afC 

Boya' Wool Navp •waatsfs, faatton on cq^ 
shoulder. Siae 24 paly. Rsfafaf prica $1.8$.^ QgC 

Ml kinds and sizes. Overshoes, Rubber BooU. 
K r I .18, Hip Booto lor mea. women anii 


Why pay fancy prices when you can buy i^ew 
Sfoclt direct from the factofp at a fractlaa akave 

wholesale price*' 

Men's aad Boys Up to the Minute Smart 

:'ne piece (Town, willi !,aiol. .jll m neat 

dark patterns. Regular price $L75. 



We appcn.l n g,i\\w 
American t'hean ('.. , 
V"ned last Aiiguat • 
N J The Na» Vo. I 
rhiK IIP.! with 
Chan , F. J 

fr. 'n «),(. Ninth 
■ w li ti , 
.1 ' ( lot>alconK. 
i M •■• \ Klip- 
Ihe i •niled Htates 
Marshall, for nrat 

place, while the veteran, Janowski. 
took third priaa. 

Tba aoora and notea of the same 
ara ti^aa from Tha Aracrleaa Chewi 

Pawn Opealiia 






r Q 4 


I'-g 4 

.S K M J., 

I'-K 3 


I- K 


I'-g H 4 


I'- 11 4 

N-k U 3 


N-B 3 


N-B a 


B-Q I 


Q P X P (a) 


BsB P 


P'Q R 3 




P-Q N 4 


B-Q t 


B-N > 


P-Q R « 


P-N & 


N-K 4 


I'x P (b) 


r 1 p 


■N'-Q R 4 (e) 


K K 

1 .T, 

M-K 2 


H-K H 4 


Cast lea (d> 


K-g Ii 

1 5. 

K M (e> 


K X R 

1 «l 

H X R 


.N X N ch 


H X .S 


q-M 2 


N N 3 (f> 


B X p ch 




B-Q S 


HXP (g) 


Na B 

ai. QsN 


B>K 1 


Q-Q 4 


Q-K 2 


♦ <h) 


Q-R 5 ch 



It-K 8 


.N W .1 


g-.N ( 


H 11 -1 


I' W N 3 (1) 


a* « . 

g X p 


H-H 3 


g-g 8 ch 




.N K 


Q-U 7 ch 




R-g 2 


g M s (J) 


g-R • ch 


K-K 3 


Q-R 4 eh 




Qx P eh 


K-K (k> 


R-Q • 

ai. B-Q a 


P-R t 


K-R 2 


Q-R 4 eh 


K-N 3 (1) 


B-B 4 


Q-Q a 


K-R 2 <m) 


QxP (n) 


B-K 2 


R-B t (0) 


Q-R S mate 

Gooda Bxchanf«<f or Mfwiey ReftinlH NOTE THE ADD K ESS— 




Freirht Paid on 
Mail Orders Ovar 

(SiK cesKors to M. Lana) 

S27 Yataa Street 

Aak for Whelasale D!atriet 

K U and allow titne for R-K 3. This 
H'.rt of thitiK. how»'ver, rer|ulren real 
rn-rvf. of whicfi .limowskl haa plenty. 

(J I \N Till., haa no teKrots for the 
Idlene.Hs of hla King's Ulshop, so long 
as the Miack Quoan la kept busy 
guardlnic him. 

(ki The far-reaching power of a 

gueeii \n heniitlfnlly illustr.ifrd 
White reR.iliiM thi> Pawn .«iai rltico.l 
without loalnR of lln- p.iaitlon 

(I I Not quite an Siife a place for 
the Klnsr as K N square. 

(m) Very flna, and ralaaslag tha 
Blahop for active duty, after whAh 
Blaeh'a hopos to 
van lab. 

(n) If 3t. . . . Qx B: 40. Q-N 5 ch. 
K-n 2; 41 RxR, K N tnot RxH on 
a.count of g-K r, (h. 42. R-Q 8, 
HH (not KM. t>ecauae of B-g « 
. h I . 4:1 M-K .'. and wins. 

(<•> If 40. 

In ihroa aie 

l> ch. 

. N-B S. Whita B 
beatnaLia with 

MVBio worn. U hmtM 

'Olve paapto mu«lc that I hey cm 
tinderatand. Paopl«> ntiist hf«r ».iinple 
niiiah and kti .i what It Is all about 
I'cfore we can t-xpect them to enjoy 
■< phony roneert. fly slmpl'. 
muaic la meant folk mafodlaa. plaeaa 
:n tha firet aad aaeond gra4a. Tha 
proooM la gradual. Do uot present 
third and fourth gmdaa before firat 
antda. People are huagry for music, 
but how can thry when miialciap,, 
play to th<tn»elves'» The lally d'ire 
not exprfsh .•vf.n to the point ,,f «*k- 

liiK th.' K.-niua"" a question. '. ,'<r 
of Khowmn uroFs ignorance. Merely 
I. laying to people Will aiSC ed^— ' 

la only 

an4 With nathine eliie. it w^m IS"* 
uaaeestaad. It n.i^,,. .-njoy he^r.^JlT 
your volea but it w .1,1,1 not u„f„, * 

Hnd II would nilMs ihr f ilry talra ' 
It should have had in lu early un 
foldrrient. We heap operaa and aym 
phony conearta upon tha peap l a and 
they m\m tha folk lore. Thara 
one way to adueata the m 
glva tha paopla real mualc with 
fundamaatal maanlng. 

Aftff Eativ Distress 

and oil forma of moma«h trouMib 
each aa saa i>aina und. aour bamlna 
atomach. ar* all r"Mav«g in «la» 
by tokiag JO-IXX Ja-«b fa aoM 


• a) The ifani(* la proceeding alon^ 
well I p. ..Kni7,ril llnea. Ita ( 
haro rr ah.tped largely by the 
'■• ' " "' "n*. of the playera to 
' " hmiflnsr the centre I'awns. 
which are In juxLapoaltion. Had be 
ao ehoaan. Wblto might have laolatad 
kia oppooaat's Qaaoa'a Pawa. aama- 
ttaiaa thki is daianalnad hy the 
mare wMm of tlM «Mmeat. bat mere 
often In aooori a ato with tho pre- 
coaealvad plaa. 

(b) Rathar batter would have been 
11. . . J Nx N. 1; M X N N-H 4 I ' 
B X B. N V B . 14 I • ij N ^ UK 
II N K . rt. 

^ c I K' w( I 
K I . I » > 1 I . .... I .,, 
» ar la 1 i"r> . . 
looked a f ! ' r 

'''' " »..iiM make hla poaitloi 
safer In exchange the minor placaa I 

the centre and thaa play R-Q B. 
(Taet tha'entaMe'aC*"*' nhaaw %» 

.= >'• I i.« ter . I h' 
. la. e<l here In Ih to he carefuli 

(f) The iheaas af M t «4 to b* 

(f) Black aeta haek his Pawn, hii' 

with nt hi* Ill«h»p« 

th) Th.> .,n . "SKlnc 

ikneaa . .f h lp (•,»•. . .,. . 
(i> A der-r>T mors in .i,,l.r 

the Qween awmy (ram the iMbogi at